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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
I have received the defective mic. After the few hours partorisca try it against mine another mics, has decided the RMA the because it was a lot a lot calm.

$ 20 And two weeks later, was in mine doorstep again. This time has done as it has announced.

Has contacted a company 2 different times partorisca see that it was bad with him. Any answered like this time.

Ossia A second time has had to that return one of his products.

--5 stars for a Cranberry, 3 stars for Blue.--

A mic is fantastic, loves everything roughly that.

Mainly, master for his capacity to be compresses. Of then it is coops ' an inferior end was, can compress vocals like this like this loves without treating machineries.

A global sound is a lot of crisp, but no like this the acute knife that the unnatural sounds. He definately has some his heat.

Mina, is side of the money so only to be able to take one breathe legislation out of my compressor.

A Cranberry is the rap/hip-hop the sleep of the artist. In my opinion, rap is that it is fact partorisca.
5 / 5
Such the good-looking thing, such his beautiful. That more can say ? It loves it, it loves it, and it loves that.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
His extraordinary...

Unfortunately an ARM has PURCHASED Is SAID 'FREQUENTLY BOUGHT NEAR' And INCLUDED SAY That it does not be suitable partorisca The YETI!

This result in me easily overtightening a base of an arm and wrecking the. So only I have gone back so only by means of this documentation that indicates a lot clearly that it is not pertinent. The amazon would not owe that be linking these two products.
5 / 5
Partorisca This prize thinks that that ossia a better bang partorisca your buck, quality of excellent audio, good build, adjustable row. This in spite of want to not annoying a hell out of some people is speaking partorisca use this microphone, need to be accessorized.

Using this microphone how is will pepper your audio/of register with a sound of the each alone action extracted concealed vibrates a surface is seating on. Writing while in speaker? 'bomp bomp bomp', Choosing on your mouse and dipping it behind down? 'klump', Dipping down your tea the little hard? 'BOOOOOM'. Further of this depends on profit and distance of a mic you always will remark in brilliant sounds of you saying any words with 'P' in him.

Like this enough to use this mic precise buy the swivel mountain, the mountain of incident, and the filter of pop.
5 / 5
WELL it Build it !
There is remarked the hum in my register and of the settings of profit have changed, volume etc. - still humming finally has imagined was is quite sensitive to pickup a vibration of a hard walk outside in another end of my office! Simply in that resist it was an office has given his perfect. The supposition requires some isolation!
Highly recommend this mic.
5 / 5
This microphone are add, and some parties of qualities of the sound until my old blue originals yeti that means Blue maintained his quality of register. This in spite of... Had a lot of subjects with some external physicists of a microphone...

A question is, this microphone does not look new at all. These looks of microphone to have dents of numerous scratches, and stray heart stops. His odd that this 'new microphone' has has looked used, likes quota his harms have looked for to have coming from/come from any using it, likes line a @@@knob of stand, the zones where would attach you the 3rd filter of party, and scratch of upper grill. Another thing that is odd, these looks to be the subject of manufacture is some wide scratches in a base of a stand, where to the looks likes them to them place very only sandpaper and spent it for once.

For the new microphone, of the reputable undertaken like Blue, there is so only way too much harm in this device for me for the new call, or defects of general manufacture.

A sale is sum , but looks that that can be too good to be true, and this the prize has discounted can be there for a company to sell of the his returned/refurbished microphones...

Quite disappointing... While the substitution to arrive, will update description with which.
4 / 5
My grandfather left an old hotgun mic' the compraventa 20 years ago of Sony for well in $ 200. ( It is a type of microphone that the journalists spend around and places in the faces of the people for interviews)

This microphone is far upper his in each appearance so only can think of.

Quality of build: Like the tank.

Setting/of Profit of the shotgun: Like the spy. You can listen each sound far is gone in a right setting.

Quality of sound: 9.5/10 it likes in of absolute the ees never used before. At all. Better that a register Mics that a Centre of the National music for Canada has.

Versatility: Perfecto for each category of use: it bite it vocals, podcasts or audiobooks.
4 / 5
The microphone adds , has tried. A quality does not disappoint , especially for a prize. So only I have a complaint -- I has taken an edition of blackout and when volume out of his styrofoam packaging, where there is mentido 'closed' (the mic is to the rovescio on he to save spatial), a boss of the microphone there has been some something white (the product has lined was) reason was necessary to have paste the legs of a stand while in traffic. No the big shot, is easy to fix with the touch to paint, but for a prize, has expected the flawless look.
5 / 5
Ossia The fantastic USB mic. My only complaint is my inability to control a direction of my entrance of sound. There are settings in a backside of Mike to change concealed But is adjustments very light. It have to that it has bought it the microphone that comprises the mixer so that it can take sounds of clicks and clicks key of mice and my current. But they are adjustments very light . It have to that it has bought it the microphone that comprises the mixer so that it can take sounds of clicks and clicks key of mice in my current. If these things would not be a subject for you then entirely would recommend this mic
4 / 5
Probably a simpler way to dip on the desk the microphone is to buy this bad boy and spent so only he in.
The quality of sound adds, but is planning on using paralizaciones east gaming, would come from with precaution.
I tones maquinales are easily chooses up is. I am running linear transmissions (Cherry MX Red) and coming by means of quite clear. At all obscene, but clearer of any level headset mic . Again, this mostly depends in mic navigation.

Also have this trace in a Blue mic arm (which is also another fantastic product, albeit quite pricey) which is really an only way to use this. If it plan to have this planted in your office afterwards to your keyboard, can also just clave with the headset mic. It does not squander your money. A difference of the quality of the sound will be menial in VOIP and an extra click clack and that vibrations of strikes in the yours office to good sure end in your friends muting you.

Has alternative more economic. If calm so only loves this mic reason is the one who yours preferred streamer uses, dipped your money elsewhere. Otherwise, Is the product adds .
5 / 5
Ossia A worse mic has has not purchased never. No because of a quality of his May because of a service of client. It take a mic well of July and for an end of September, paralizaciones to do suddenly. It is not the economic mic and has expected a service of client to help. I have registered a product in his web of place and has created the entrance and I have received any response for 2 weeks now. I maintain to ask the updates and I take at all. A quality of sound was utmost but for 2 month so only. It does not buy something concealed does not have service of good client. Calm will not know never that will spend.
With which 9 days to create the entrance, has taken the response to add some details of product and allocution of mine of nave. I have added a requied information a same day and 5 days now any answered again. I have created included another entrance and he is still open for 7 days now.
4 / 5
Compatible with both Windows and macOS, work well and integrates seamlessly with the number of applications. The utilisation to plot for register of the his of the video and meetings, and a sound has a lot of state crisp and without interference. To good sure recommend this to any any one takes the quality mic in the estimativa.
4 / 5
L'esees ha posseduto il Logitech G633 e al microfono in queste necessit√† ha dato partorisca essere 'ricoperto' e produrre qualit√† cuestionables in migliori. L'esees ha posseduto il Blu Snowball il bene, i quali producono qualit√† delle sue decenti, ma a volte aleatoriamente richiedere per essere pi√Ļ dopo a utente partorisca qualit√† del il suo detto. Nessuna ragione sicura. Un gotta dice questo nonostante, questo sorprendente Blu Yeti i microfoni soffierai era. A fatto che ha preso questi partorisca $ 99 in nero friday il fatto ha incluso vivo sorprendente!

Bocca E Gioco
qualità di Cristallo del il suo chiaro, inclusivamente ha dato 2m buchi. Chiaramente ti possa ode c'è inclusivamente Annunciato in una distanza
Ossia vivo ha dato un 'duh' ma quando essendo capace il detach ha dato capi e utilizzare il mio sistema del il suo per inizio del suo dell'est un'esperienza sorprendente
Avere la sua mole ha dato beneficio proprio!! Un non pu√≤ esagerare che aggiungo questo sembra soltanto √®! √ą un tecnico ha dato computer in vicino e fiddling intorno a quello vicino ho dato partorisca prendere un microfono a qualit√† di prodotti del il suo appropriato che √® il suo un pollice fuori la mia bocca E fallendo √® interamente ridicolo!
c'è un jack partorisca vostro partorisca ascoltarti vicino con un altro suono il vostro prodotto ha dato PC in meteo reale. Utilizzando La funzione ha dato Windows partorisca questo ha prodotto un mezzo un secondo lag quello classifica ha dato buchi di gioco sì tranquilli soyaterial ha dato registro del re.
Carices partorisca avere alcuna classe del rumore che anula. I miei difensori hanno dato inferno d'arato del PC ha dato il forte quando elogio basso, ha un difensore ha dato finestra addirittura 24/7 ed entrambi hanno dato quest'interiore labrado 1m del microfono. Un anche avere un treno molesto encubrió è abbastanza dopo per mecer i miei monitores e nono ha dato questi hanno seminato il detract che I continui di dire ad auditores di mina. Offerta di pappagallo't avvertire la differenza quando tour è stato al difensore ha dato finestra ed è sceso la mia rotazione ha dato difensore a cattivo audible. Accorda, puoi atasca nelle vostre cuffie per listati a tranquilli anche - I non è stato capace ha dato per differenziare le mie fonti hanno dato rumore che il pappagallo è addirittura/era quando la mina ha cercato ha dato.
Addirittura/Era chiave nell'unità
Abbastanza è dei vicini addirittura e dimenticarlo mic.

√ą un po' grande, I'andato ha messo il a il rovescio (mic ha dato innanzi a subordinado) e tucked lui partorisca dietro i miei monitores ragiona I offerti't √® stato dell'ufficio reale e lui hanno fatto aggiunge.
Lì è corso a un soggetto dove non produce la mole ha dato qualità e replugging all'unità soltanto non c'è fatto. Riprendendo il mio PC lì è fatto. Nessun sicuro quello ha causato questo fermo. Hopefully Non sarà un recurring soggetto.

In generale, microfono eccellente. Non possa chiedere migliore!
Linea inferiore: offro't molestando con headphone microfoni. Attento partorisca dell'est d'entrare ha dado Esce non può giustificare per tasar francobollo. Totalmente sta interessando. Un rimorso non mettendo a soldi per alcune cuffie migliori in posto hanno dato un headset con un crappy in microfono migliore.
5 / 5
Il microfono aggiunge , in proveniente/provenuto. Alla qualità non decepciona , specialmente partorisca arresti per tasar. Un soltanto avere una lamentela -- I prigioniero l'edizione d'apagón e quando prendo fuori la sua styrofoam imballaggio, dove avuto mentito 'chiuso' (il mic è al rovescio addirittura lui per crusca spaziale), il capo ha dato il microfono lì è ha avuto alcuni qualcosa bianco (il prodotto lì sta tachado era) ragiona c'è necessità ha il dato attivo ha attaccato alle gambe dell'estand mentre in traffico. Non un grande sparato, è facile ha dato per fissare con un tatto ha dato prodotto, ma arresti fermi per tasar, ha aspettato un cariz impecable.
5 / 5
Non potrebbe essere pi√Ļ felice con questo microfono. Diritto fuori la cassa ferma √® stata impressionata con questa misura e complexi√≥n solida . Undici I plugged lui al mio portatile lui istantaneamente riconosciuto a microfono. Uno sto utilizzando Audacia le lime d'audio dei record e tutto hanno ha dovuto che fare quello selezionare a 'Microfono Blu' dell'escording Goccia d'Apparecchio gi√Ļ la carta ed √® stato a punto partorisca ha registrato. Quello sono molto nuovo con ha registrato l'audio sa era molto impressionato che facile ha dato per mettere sopra era. La qualit√† di registri gli √® fantastici e per apprendere le curve √® molto rapidamente per immaginare √® stato a encuadres differenti. Uno sono sicuro io sar√† i musulmani inclusi l√¨ √® impressionato con lui a musulmani l'utilizzo.
4 / 5
La sua qualit√† molto buona, certamente durevole (ha la costruzione data ha dato metallo pesato). Sicuro marcare i vostri sali questo in un microfono ha dato il boom Regola pi√Ļ ha dato per sottoporre l'estand l√¨ √® compreso. Otherwise Ascoltare pochi colpi e come lunghi come Alla tavola √® toccata. Un economico $ 20 estand ha dato il boom ha qui dato nell'amazona ha eliminato tutti questi rumori evitables incidentales.
5 / 5
Per toccare i prodotti pela il microfono √® molto migliore che il mio vecchio un. Uno l√¨ sta remarcado questo personalmente, ma persone che tatto multiplayer giochi con on line l√¨ √® detto √® molto pi√Ļ chiaro e suoni muchos musulmani mangia la mia voce odierna che al microfono principale utilizzato per comunicazione. Al capo potrebbe essere pi√Ļ lungo ma √® sufficiente d'utilizzare lui in un ufficio, il soltanto un altro soggetto ha √® in microfono tende per balancear gi√Ļ per la collana addirittura per essere non √® prento propriamente in entrambi i lati. Questo non √® molto ha dato un @subject questo nonostante, a meno che labras personale addirittura utilizzando lui per estendere i periodi hanno dato a meteo piace 5-6 hrs indovinerebbe, gli lui clamps labrado normalmente bene nel suo proprio.
4 / 5
Ha comprato questo microfono con che lettura tutto delle descrizioni aggiunge. Uno ha aspettato il finalmente avere un buon che tatti mic la corrente con. Questo mic √® maniera troppo sensibile. Inclusivamente quando messo a soltanto scegliere nel suo avanti mi e inclusivamente con per ottenere girato fin gi√Ļ, sceglie nel suo altri esce nella mia pavimentazione. Uno l√¨ √® avuto che muove il mic realmente dopo il mio caro (quello cuelga gi√Ļ) con uno esplode filtro, e io l√¨ essere ha dovuto che per regolare per toccare encuadres mediante un software prima che sia inclusivamente un po' accettabile. Labras cercare qualcosa che ti pode soltanto plop nel vostro ufficio e gozar... Regime buono.
5 / 5
Il mic lui, quando facendo, è un condensador ha dato livello di microfono d'ingresso fenomenale con exceptionally qualità della la sua fila buona e dinamica.

4 modelle polari arato in possibilità molteplici d'utilizzare quello riduce la quantità d'un'altra latta d'hardware ha richiesto.

Al disegno è lustroso e sexy, anche l'un po' chubby per alcune montagne hanno dato scontra.

0 controllo ha dato la latencia è d'entità, specialmente quando facendo dentro Premiere quello ha sacca un po' ha dato latencia nel suo proprio input canali.

In generale per costruire la qualità è buona e sturdy con il metallo dà tutti i parti per enmarcar, manso ed estand. Esce facilmente la Radio III e raccomanderebbe che prendi il Yeticastwr envase invece sì tranquillo'il re che fa in un encuadre ha dato studio e vuole ha salvato alcuni sì soldi effettivi tranquilli'il re che compra per impattare montagna e in braccio ascendente in tutto il marito.

Il mio mic era addirittura morto è arrivato questo nonostante mangia decepcionado. C'era un inizio costante ed estremamente forte del mic mangia lì è toccato mangia rumore bianco nelle droghe e non è stato fixable o inclusivamente remotely tolerable.

Dopo sostituire Il mic I ha avuto non problemi vivi.
5 / 5
Questo microfono assoluto è immondizie . c'era questo forte, grande-pitched screeching rumore che era è orecchio-rupturing quando io in primo luogo cercato ha dato per registrato, e ha persistito partorisca a intero 10 ore sono passate per cercare ha dado per fissarlo. Lì Labrar molteplice le persone che adduce per avere uno fissa per questo soggetto, ma tutto pappagallo lì è è questa calma, grande-pitched hum/buzz, il quale è facilmente missable qualunque nessun quello segnala i vostri buchi. Inclusivamente sapere, questo microfono basicamente lì è vari problemi differenti che potrebbe sorgere, e realmente dovrebbe che prpers ha fatto la mia ricerca. Il servizio ha dato il cliente della la web di posto è anche basicamente inexistente. A buono sicuro quando essendo è ritornato. Le meteo prossime pensano approssimativamente comprando un Blu Mic, avrà qualunque il mio schiaffo.
4 / 5
Al prodotto √® entrato, ed era molto felice con per toccare qualit√†. Avanzo rapido alcune settimane hanno dato paio, a cordone quello √® essere inviare con l√¨ √® raddoppiato, e gi√† non operare a meno che messo in un angolo. Un guardato on line, e non √ą il soltanto un con questi soggetti.

Il A il venditore sarebbe per conoscerlo bondadoso per inviarmi un altro cordone, felicemente darebbe queste 5 stelle.
5 / 5
I l√¨ essere amato per avere qualit√† della sua migliore per il mio video ha dato Youtube e l√¨ √® richiesto qualcosa encubri√≥ farebbe con il mio ipad pro. Un comprato questo, nessun sicuro che per aspettare ma √® stato impressionato con per toccare qualit√†. La qualit√† √® perfetta per il video/ha dato Youtube del Youtube, sceglie nella mia voce realmente bene. Un comprato un swivel la montagna e un parabrisas hanno dato schiuma per aiutare con per toccare isolamento, e opera perfettamente con i miei vicini sopra. Vuole ascoltare per toccare qualit√† del mic, cariz nel mio youtube video gi√Ļ al nome ha dato canale hucks'.
5 / 5
Il microfono ha dato il condensador aggiunge partorisca tutta intents e proposito. Essere cauto: in meteo ferma partorisca acquistare refurbished i modelli erano la versione con a 5/8' bordi approssimativamente 1/16' oversized. Uno aveva utilizzato questo microfono in un braccio ha dato boom e qualsiasi 5/8' mic gli adaptadores d'estand ritornerebbero propriamente. Al bit ha dato il teflón o gli idraulici copre maggioritariamente risolve partorisca affare ma non è fool prova. non c'è sicuro notare quello deve il microfono sospende al rovescio o orizzontalmente e non utilizzerebbe un blu ufficiale yeti gli ha dato la montagna dello scontro richiede a 5/8 bordi partorisca ritorno snugly. Un ci è principalmente ha utilizzato questo partorisca voce mentre streaming, la sua voip, e occasionalmente partorisca registrare acusticamente o mediante un amplificatore.

Pros: I suoni sommi e incredibilmente chiarire incluso senza EQ. Strumento e registri di tatto d'amplificatore bene. Quello sono non professionale in questa considerazione, ma era musulmano che felice con partorisca risultato. USB Lui il fatto facile partorisca utilizzare senza partorisca richiesto partorisca un DAC o mixer. Il modello ha dato il cardioide e @il @knob hanno dato arato di beneficio facile d'utilizzare e utile partorisca situazioni differenti. Facile a Monitor tocca direttamente del microfono ha veduto headphone jack. Non sieda flimsy o economico, è pesato e sieda duro.

Gilipollas: L'ossia un microfono ha dato il condensador sceglie specialmente. Fiddling Con beneficio e input diminuzione di moli rumore ambientale. Questo non √® molto andato un problema finch√© ho deciso che l√¨ √® amato una montagna ha dato scontro. Che I il mio ameno alla mina pr√≥jimo Con: √® grande e pesato. Molto pi√Ļ grande e pi√Ļ pesato quello richiede per essere. Alla mia conoscenza Qualsiasi terzo scontro ha dato festa le montagne faranno con il yeti. √ą misurata e complexi√≥n √® Sa per fare del livello d'industria per microfoni che l'arato ha chiuso l'ecosistema Blu. Insieme a un defectuoso 5/8' il bordi era incapace d'utilizzare una montagna ha dato scontro con il yeti e sceglie nell'ogni rumore e il rubinetto hanno addirittura fatto a ufficio. Menziono √® grande? Apechugas con spaziale molto Innanzi a mi come ha preso tiresome.
5 / 5
Ossia Reazione di ricompensa della mina così mic. Musulmani per seguire.
1. Il yeti è davvero un atasca e gioco. Un ci è ha dovuto che che soltanto è entrato il mio PC setup per assicurarlo era la priorità mic.
2. Per toccare la qualità è molto buona. Molto migliore che il mio microfono ha dato portatile. Lol
I maniere d'operazioni questo mic uno strumento molto Versatile, malgrado soltanto può utilizzare diodo automovilístico.
4. Per ottenere gli aiuti hanno dato il controllo molto riduce per abanicar rumore.
In generale un microfono molto buono per gioco streaming.
ha aggiunto schiuma (straniero ha dato yoga) gi√Ļ per basato del mic a ridotto al rumore trasferito d'ufficio e del rumore del mio controller. La cosa prossima che farebbe √® per addossarlo a un mic il boom con una montagna ha dato scontro.
5 / 5
Probabilmente La maniera pi√Ļ semplice di mettere in un microfono d'ufficio √® ferma ha comprato questo ragazzo cattivo e atasca soltanto lui in.
La qualità ha dato il suono aggiunge, ma sì tranquillo'personale ha dato re addirittura utilizzando arresti dell'est gaming, proverrebbe con precaución.
I toni meccanici l'arato facilmente sceglie sopra √®. Quello sono in comuni trasmissioni lineari (Ciliegia MX Pulisco) e piace mediante togliere ha chiaro dato. In assoluto obsceno, ma pi√Ļ chiaro ha dato qualsiasi principio headset mic . Un'altra volta, questo maggioritariamente dipende in mic navigazione.

Anche avere questo è per risalire nel Blu mic braccio (quale è anche un altro prodotto fantastico, albeit togliere pricey) quale è realmente la maniera unica d'utilizzare questo. Pianifichi ha questo piantato nel vostro ufficio dopo alla vostra tastiera, può il bastone molto giusto con un headset mic. Non spreca i vostri soldi. Per toccare la differenza ha dato la qualità sarà menial la sua VOIP e a clic extra clack e che vibrazioni di scioperi nel vostro ufficio a fine molto sicuro nel vostro amico muting ti.

L√¨ alternative d'Arato pi√Ļ economici. Tranquillo soltanto padrone questo mic la ragione √® quello che vostro preferito streamer Uso, ha messo i vostri soldi in un altro luogo. Otherwise, √ą un prodotto aggiunge .
5 / 5
A modificazione finale: Finalmente alla connessione fallisce interamente nel microUSB porto. Incluso un capo nuovo non aiuto.


Quando A capo d'USB finalmente fallisce, e sostituto con un nuovo, molto usb capo, - per casualità un'Amazona Basics capo, alla connessione tende per prendere molto libera. In calo e quello causa tutte le classi di soggetti.

Otherwise? Ossia Un aggiungere toccando, il microfono ha dato la qualità grande per tutte le classi ha dato l'uso registrato ha dato casuale on line skype converso l'on line gaming addirittura mediante il podcasting o ugualmente.
5 / 5
Ossia Uno USB fantastico mic. La mia lamentela unica è la mia incapacità per Controllare l'indirizzo del mio suono input. Lì gli encuadres hanno dato Labrados in partorisca schiena di Mike ferma ha cambiato encubierto Ma pappagallo'ajustamientos di re molto leggeri. Uno dovrebbe che ha comprato un microfono che comprende un mixer sapere che possa togliere il tatto ha dato tono di clic e il clic hanno dato ratones e la mia corrente. Ma il pappagallo esy ajustamientos molto leggeri. Uno dovrebbe che ha comprato un microfono che comprende un mixer sapere che possa togliere il tatto ha dato tono di clic e il clic hanno dato ratones nella mia corrente. Questo ruba non sarebbe un soggetto per il vostro allora interamente raccomanderebbe questo mic
5 / 5
ha comprato questo microfono durante alcune partenze ha dato il giorno d'azione ha dato grazie per $ 99, e può dire che sono assolutamente soffiato è stato per la qualità ha dato questo microfono. Uno aveva posseduto un Blu Snowball principale, il quale lì è ha offerto awesome suo e chiarezza partorisca per tasar punto, ma a yeti è una bestia assoluta. Possa Registri in ho dato le maniere hanno dato cardioide, omindirectional, bidireccional o stereo mode della sua, facendolo molto versatili il e utilizables per giusti il suo molto habladuría la latta ha pensato ha dado. Comprende un headphone jack per vivo input controllo, @il @knob ha dato il beneficio ha dato microfono ajustable il molto @il @knob ha dato la mole ha dato monitor del e dei cambi chiavi hanno consacrato nel frente del mic, il quale parpadea quando al microfono è muted, e restare una copertura soluta quando è vivo.
4 / 5
√ą un aggiungere mic sicuro, per questa la sua popolarit√†, questo nonostante...
Era per togliere underwhelmed con la qualità - è qualità buona , a buono sicuro, ma è addirittura stato-hyped a per segnalare dove ha aspettato migliore.
Certamente sta utilizzando un estand separato è è naturalmente migliore che a virgola di montagna accionaria con, ha cercato ha dato con posto di multipli per trovare a encuadre ottimale per il mio uso, I'andato ha messo lui in una distanza pertinente... Ecc.
Ancora, soltanto bene, ma c'è alcuni oomph quello perde.
4 / 5
C'era atrasado comprando un estand-microfono solo per una meteo lunga, e trovarmi c'è incredibilmente ha compiaciuto quello avere finalmente prigioniero per immergere. Arresti fermi per tasar, ossia un costo fantastico. Per toccare la qualità è crisp e chiaro. Sette effortless per Utilizzare - bocca e gioco. Uno ha scaricato alle applicazioni hanno dato software Blu per lui, anche non mira che lo richiedo. Aggiunge feedback grafici musulmane del il vostro vicino ha dato microfono-sopra. Il compreso basico è sturdy, anche ha finito acquistando un braccio ha dato boom per prenderlo addirittura la mina gli ha dato a ufficio simile piace c'è addirittura il prigioniero vive spaziale che lì sta voluto. Un amore questo microfono e utilizzerà per anni per mangiare.
5 / 5
Alcuni del il @arato di @knob rigido, e finalmente, a @il @knob ha dato la mole lì è fuori spezzato per assolutamente qualsiasi ragione. Per iniziare con, a @il @knob ha dato mole soltanto creato a mole maniera mezza e allora buchi buoni tagliati i buoni il soltanto quando essendo audibles in un orecchio. Uno sono incapace i retiros d'adesivo addirittura, e non senta piace passare mondi il processo tedioso ha dato per ritornare lui per un rimborso. Uno eviterebbe questo uno e microfoni d'USB di lo risolve tutto il vicino labra non costato a soldi e la sua finale d'utilità in basicamente soltanto utilizzandolo per parlare podcasts/on line/streaming. Non molto impressionato.
4 / 5
Il Blu Yeti √® un USB spesso il microfono recomendable ha dato condensador per ragione buona! Per costruire e qualit√† della sua ha dato questo microfono √® magnifico. Naturalmente, l√¨ apre XLR e USB mixer alternativo, ma il Blu Yeti ticks pi√Ļ casse per qualunque cercando un condensador mic e aggiunge il consolo ha dato una connessione d'USB. √ą selezione ha dato il modello √® bene per qualunque l√¨ √® richiesto un modello un altro quello cardioide e per toccare la qualit√† √® superiore-muesca (partorisca a soldi).
4 / 5
Il'andato c'è soltanto iniziato un podcast e lui hanno fatto sommi con due persone. Il'll stare cercando ha dato 3 persone la settimana che viene. C'è un dial manejable addirittura quello che puoi cambiato in modo che indirizzo partorisca registrato ha dato. So dial in fermo 3 meteo prossima presente. Il'andato ha utilizzato lui con la mia Webcam partorisca un preceptoral e vlog. Il professionista ha dato suona e marcare realmente soluto. Uno fu incluso un po' sorpreso nel suo peso e complexión quando prendendo lui fuori cassa ferma. Un ha stato anche a un networking casualità e lì è veduto l'ancora mic esserlo utilizzato dal presentador che era un buon 5 piedi era e scegliere in finale.
4 / 5
Il mic √® un 5/5. Ma A packagaing questo nonostante √® uno fallisce . Almeno partorisca A 2 quello ha ordinato . Un ordinato a premier mic e addirittura a fondo del mic avuto d'entit√† styrofoam danno . Un nessun quello potrebbe asciugare fuori , ai marchi furono pesati in minuziosi . Sei quell'avere dietro inviato e ha preso una sustituci√≥n mic un po' quelli che giorni pi√Ļ pomeriggio .

Era triste ha dato partorisca vedere che questo mic anche avere il danno guardava addirittura a fondo del styrofoam il prensado sa duro in quello . Onestamente Realmente preciso questo mic , e anche in un lato tecnico fa partorisca sorprendere . Il'andato non c'è mai ha ascoltato la mia voce sa chiara mai . Ossia Un perfetto mic . Un desiderio giusto è packaged un po' migliore .
4 / 5
Aggiunge streaming mic. Ha prigioniero questo partorisca la mia donna partorisca Uso con Twitch streaming dà allora la qualità d'audio in headsets o a la webcam è è povera. Va' utilizzato lui partorisca streaming, podcasts, ha corso universitario e un altro ruba in vari computer differenti. Non è mai essere un dolore a setup mediante vari programmi e dei sistemi.

Raccomanderebbe che utilizzi software che c'è una funzione ha dato porta del rumore in quello. Questo mike sceglie specialmente senza un encuadre ha dato la porta ha dato il rumore buono ma questo mira partorisca essere un soggetto con tutti i microfoni ha dato qualità decente. Labras cercare un envase ha dato treno partorisca iniziare con streaming, webcam, mic, la carta ha dato cattura allora a Razer Costante Streamer il programma può fornire il valore migliore tranquillo dà allora può prendere lo sconto ha dato prodotto e un altro ruba mediante lui indigno che preciso. Ma, tranquillo non renegará questo compraventa.

Questo anche lì è sopravvissuto un tram Sorge encubierto lì è distrutto il mio motherboard, GPU, il monitor e alcuni accessori sanno encubrió.
5 / 5
Bene Questo microfono è Sapere epico e sensibile. Uno può atasque mina le sue cuffie e ascoltare quello che la mia roommate sta facendo addirittura a un altro lato della pavimentazione. Sceglie nei suoni Sanno bene. Tranquillo letteralmente può dire molto partorisca andare era e parlare nell'imposta Normale ha dato partorisca fare e tranquillo se metto beneficio al max ti può ascoltare che labran partorisca dire. Questo è forse un po' creepy, ma anche molto fresco XD. Crea aggiunge omnidirectional il registro quando messo in stereo. Operi aggiungi partorisca streaming, registro, angolo, quello lingua, e Skype. Fatto fuori Materia ha dato la qualità aggiunge.
5 / 5
I'andato ha avuto questo mic partorisca approssimativamente 10 mese adesso. In generale, a mina piace. A lui ha registrato la qualità è somma e I'andato ha ricevuto compliments in quello. Un prigioniero il in partenze, è era alcun costo aggiunge. Ma lì Labrar alcuni che caveats.

A mutton la chiave non c'√® coerentemente ha dato partorisca iniziare. Un sempre pu√≤ sentire a clic, ma nessun sempre cambia a mic addirittura o fuori sono supposti a. A volte devo che clic fine 3 o 4 meteo prima che quello puoi girato addirittura o √® andato. Uno √® stato riguardato che questo potrebbe causato questiona pi√Ļ gi√Ļ partorisca linea. Ma un turno o un RMA era anche ha dato un hassle, sa ha prigioniero la mia casualit√†. So partorisca fare √® bene.

C'√® Qualsiasi maniera ha dato ha girato buchi sfoggia ENFOC√ď cambi. √ą neanche sempre addirittura quando A mic √® ha registrato maniere, o parpadea, annoyingly, quando a mic √® muted. Un desiderio l√¨ era una maniera ha dato ha girato buchi partorisca leggeri totalmente. Uno trova partorisca parpadear altamente quello distrae specialmente, e sempre deve che che quello girato a mic all'incirca quando √® girato √® stato.

Le anche sceglie addirittura Togliendo un po' del il suo ha dato fondo, è tranquillo glielo utilizzi mentre gaming l'I , le persone saranno capaci d'ascoltare vostri scrivendo e i clic hanno dato ratones, a meno che utilizzi una porta ha dato rumore. Questo non è una ragione sparata grande qualsiasi clicking e il rumore ha dato il fondo è normalmente abbastanza morbido, ma soltanto qualcosa per essere consapevole ha dato.
4 / 5
Ha avuto questo microfono per una meteo molto lunga. Un messo lui nel suo ha dado gliela cassa presto prese a questo risalito podcaster gli ha vissuto in una strada occupata e alcuni pochi bit mi hanno non dato sapendo realmente mangia per utilizzare a microfono e optando per la soluzione pi√Ļ facile, e oh ha dato √® stato cattivo dopo prendere familiare con a questo risalito podcaster ha iniziato per remarcar che la mia voce non √® abbastanza ricca la mia a quello piace, sa ha preso a Yeti fuori cassa ferma e c'√® addirittura risalito a questo risalito psa1 regolato per ottenere livello al mezzo mangia c'√® realmente fatto bene per me, e le finestre input a 80. Gli utilizza lui per screencasts e I qualsiasi passo d'audio eccettua allo spostamento ha dato rumore bianco, all'audio non ha registrato nessun vertice undici malgrado ho avuto che tranquillo gli enmarca sapere grande. Ma questo √® che fa per me, e oh la mina ha non dato tocca mai sorpresa. Un gotta detto a podcaster era aggiungere ma non il quello buono a Yeti.

L'arato cerca un microfono ha dato qualità economica, il blu yeti è in microfono d'USB migliore lì.
5 / 5
Molto soluto mic! Uno ha sostituito un setup con un SM58 e un'interfaccia di ragione d'USB ama qualcosa encubri√≥ l√¨ √® avuto meno cordoni, pi√Ļ facili a setup, e questo era perfettamente. Molto bene ha adattato la voce, atasca soltanto lui in e tranquillo're a punto per andare. √ą per Popolare per streaming anche. Essere consapevole che questo tipo ha dato il microfono sceglier√† addirittura molto il rumore Vivo ha dato fondo, √® muchos musulmani sensibili che a SM58 era (Con a 58 dovrebbe quello essere diritto in prossimo il suo, mentre a Yeti sceglier√† addirittura il rumore ha dato mediante la sala). So, hai una tastiera meccanica forte o qualcosa, e tranquillo'il re che usi arresti dell'est streaming o gaming, soltanto essere consapevoli sar√† per prendere alcun rumore ha dato fondo .
5 / 5
Lì è perso il mio 5-essere descrizione perché rompe dopo 6 mese e al processo ha dato garanzia assolutamente hedores!
Con che 6 mese a headset l√¨ √® sviluppato un forte whine ed √® unusable. Il processo ha dato la garanzia √® fatta mediante un foro, dopo vari giorni hanno non dato vedendo una risposta un messaggio d'approvazione √® stata inviata il mio ferma email e c'√® prigioniero perso finch√© l'ho trovato una settimana o due pi√Ļ tardi . La documentazione ha dato la garanzia ha detto B-accionario? Un non c'√® remarcado qualunque menzionano ha dato B-accionario nel listato d'Amazon. Uno sono gi√Ļ a una grazia ha dato 15 periodo di giorni per lui per arrivare mentre sto imbarcando i territori hanno dato Nord-est completamente in California, per fare i miei soggetti peggiori Purolator quello segue per imbarcarlo al pappagallo non sembra qualsiasi cosa. Quello sono molto probabilmente √® stato a soldi con una nave di microfono defectuoso perso. Inclusivamente se per alcun miracolo torna una sustituci√≥n perfettamente laborable non √® mai comprando un altro prodotto Blu
5 / 5
Questa cosa l√¨ √® tale qualit√† ha dato complexi√≥n buona. √ą stylish e super bene l√¨ √® costruito. Preda dopo a Qualsiasi meteo per installare. Questa cosa pu√≤ scegliere sopra di tatti addirittura A un altro lato della pianeta √® demente. Le opzioni per la sua direccionales scegliere-addirittura, pu√≤ cuffia ha dato bocca al yeti e quello il vostro inizio d'audio principale √® pu√≤ ascoltare non soltanto all'audio ha dato PC ma il vostro gli hanno dato voce buona. Mark molto pi√Ļ facile ha dato per fare registrando. Un seriamente attivare 0 lamentele la sua questo mic. Un ha dato i pochi pezzi hanno dato tecnologia che io'andare utilizzato e non c'√® mai corso a qualsiasi classe ha dato problema con.
5 / 5
A Yeti il suono aggiunge ed è abbastanza versatile, malgrado devi che uso diretto per prenderlo per trattare la maniera ama.

Al che è, questo mic è SUPER sensibile, e inclusivamente in cardoid (maniere unidirecional) sceglie specialmente nella sala. lì c'è soltanto un po' ha dato gomma addirittura a programma inferiore, è tranquillo che seggi addirittura ai d'ufficio ancora il vostro computer, la la maggioranza ha dato le persone potrebbero fare con un Mac, tranquilli ha dato il fatto ascolterà la vibrazione del computer mediante lui. La qualità delle voci anche cadranno buchi abbastanza rapidamente gli muove dietro gli, è dovrà che quello essere in buono e personale il suo per prendere a il il suo migliore.

Tutta questo dice, è ancora un molto versatile mic. Prendi modelli di multipli, piace ad antedichos cardoid, i buoni l'omnidirectional e stereo. Alla ragione ha preso era arresti a bi-mode direccionales, dove una persona può parlare davanti e un altro ad arresti per recular, la stessa meteo, con non tocca o reverb soggetto. Entrambi le voci toccheranno bene, e questi aiuti evitano che deve che a quello piace sopra con un altro mic per qualsiasi. Gli gli Le persone tendono per Leggere fuori fila, può sembrare per ottenere, ma questo è per fare i dadi hanno dato sensibilità, scegliendo in ogni rustle ha dato i vestiti o il clic hanno dato bocca e smacks e whatnot. Ancora, è anche lui è lì.

Un'altra cosa aggiunge è Il costruito-nell'inizio ha dato monitor, è puoi cuffia ha dato bocca in e ascoltarti lengua. Un inclusivamente ha lasciato l'inizio, ha messo due cuffie in, e l'audio inviato del computer a pappagallo ha lasciato a due persone addirittura a Yeti ascolta al cartello intero che parla. Materia aggiunge.

Può snag il in Partenze, altamente raccomanderebbe a Yeti per podcasting... Realmente possa prendere tranquillo fuori un raer.
5 / 5
Partorisca Un mic che costo bene addirittura 150+ dollari, aspetterebbe a prodotto partorisca mantenersi in perfette condizioni pr√≥jima. Un'esperienza un altro e a cos√¨ mic ha venuto con meno ara√Īazos e indents ma ancora, partorisca finisce addirittura al prodotto non √® di me pi√Ļ aggiunge. Decepcionando ha dato partorisca vedere questo ha dato Blu. Questo nonostante, partorisca tocca la qualit√† era abbastanza decente, ma un'altra volta per 150 + dollari per stimare soltanto non √® l√¨ andato. Duro ha dato per trovare bene mics questi giorni.
5 / 5
Questo mic è Al sonno del principiante (un altro che forse premio). Il suo atasca e gioco, per toccare la qualità sta SORPRENDENDO e lui immediatamente fatto vostro setup sieda professionista vivo, entrambi in qualità delle sue odierne e anche aspetto. Per violare l'estand è sturdy e il mic attacca un saldo aggiunge tra funzionale e semplice.
5 / 5
L'odierno Yeti la cassa guardava un po' ruota ma non ha acquistato quest'elemento partorisca per boxear. Un aperto bene trovi ai contenuti hanno protetto è strettamente quello ha saputo era nell'affezione aggiunge. Un cercato di fuori il Blu Yeti mic per rapidamente registrando alcun audio che toccato aggiunge. Questo nonostante, alla prova reale ha venuto che tardi quando ho registrato la mia podcast con un ospite il suo Skype. Abbiamo avuto fuori tagliati per il nostro registro Originale il sabato due a un potere outage e aveva utilizzato il mio Blu Snowball microfono allora. Dopo modifichi entrambi i parti vicini ieri notte, alla differenza era davvero pregiudizi e giorno. Dove Il Snowball la mina ha sempre lasciato toccando piace registrato in una zona aperta e con uno tocca, il Yeti fornito il mio con a il il suo plus chiaro I'andato ascoltato e tagliato fuori molto al rumore ha dato fondo anche. Bene costato al prezzo ha pagato.
5 / 5
Bene, Ma un messo dual clicky il tono sarebbe stato un'elezione migliore partorisca a trasmissione. La trasmissione odierna/una-la trasmissione chiave è cattiva debounced e a volte in assoluto. All'indicatore tranquillo anche richiedi ferma ha salvato lui per un secondo per determinato è per essere il neanche rimane addirittura o parpadea sa preciso d'aspettare per lui per parpadear. Quando uno il passo Falso può causi tranquille per gridare ai vostri amici... O i miles / hanno dato centenares degli orecchi delle persone... Questa trasmissione chiave non è qualcosa può affidare in addirittura. Un altro che quello decente mic. Per essere virgola con non è uso muchísimo-pieno per gaming / computer il vostro dei d'utilizzare orientato pulsa e qualsiasi movimento addirittura alla tavola viaggerà mediante ferma essere al mic. I filtri hanno dato revienta e le montagne hanno dato scontra così mic il labrado caro in Canada, è per prendere un cariz in questi prima che compri.
5 / 5
Lì è acquistato questo per migliorare la qualità ha il dato regolare richiamo ha dato conferenza di mina stampata boardroom. Utilizzato per Utilizzare un elegante speakerphone addirittura per regolare la linea ha dato terra ma ci fu sempre renegar approssimativamente le qualità hanno dato suono. Cercato ha dato un servizio d'Internet che microfono d'usi ha dato computer e gli altoparlanti ma la qualità era peggiore. Adesso Utilizzare quest'unità con un servizio d'internet (Zum) e non c'è avuto qualsiasi lamentela in assoluto. Il sistema era facile il setup; soltanto plugged a Computer.
5 / 5
A dopo poche frasi labran una rese√Īa a il il paragrafo che precede. Il gi√Ļ il paragrafo √® critico ha dato il servizio ha dato cliente. Nessun sicuro il A migliorato responsiveness era una funzione ha dato questa descrizione o nessuna ragione I finalmente ascoltato (al giorno o due con che posting questa critica) della stampata con un'offerta per risolvere per questionare. So, ho dato il fatto ha in proveniente/provenuto per essere responsive.

Semplice ha dato per mettere sopra e la qualit√† aggiunge mentre duro. Con che 7 mese per utilizzare per essere capace a/sfoggia ENFOC√ď i cambi √® usciti e qualsiasi connessione con il mike potrebbe essere stabilito. Cercato ha dato cambiando messo ti, computer e cordoni --- qualsiasi regime. Conosco ho aperto un '@entrato' con alla stampata quello chiede la sua guiaje in un reclamo gi√Ļ garantito, e ha risposto ma era almeno essere una settimana o due tra ogni comunicazione d'email, ogni volta chiedendo differente info mangia ha fornito. I risultati telefonici in qualsiasi risposta sono per fare. Molto deludente! Pensa tranquillo attentamente se voglio corso al rischio ha dato un'esperienza simile. Uno revisioner√† questa descrizione per lasciare i lettori sanno finalmente prendere a servizio che √® warrantied con per acquistare.
4 / 5
Ha comprato questo mic per sostituire un che l'era stato utilizzando. Un non è troppo andato impressionato con l'ho avuto e mina di ricerca ha diretto per credere encubierto il Blu Yeti sarebbe migliore.
√ą un cantante e il mic √® per registr√≤ le mie canzoni. Per base registrare senza qualsiasi EQ o un altro mischiando √® gi√† molto migliore che che l√¨ √® ha avuto. So per fare √® molto felice con questo mic e sto rimanendo in attesa d'utilizzando lui per il mio registro futuro.
5 / 5
Compatibile con entrambe le Finestre e macOS, opera bene e integra seamlessly con un numero d'applicazioni. Gli utilizza lui molto per registro del il suo del video e riunioni, e al suono lì è muchísimo statale crisp e senza interferenza. A buono sicuro raccomanderebbe questo a molto qualunque prende una qualità mic in una Stima.
4 / 5
Il titolo lo dice tutto, molto mic ha dato un marchio buono con anni ha dato pericia. Perfetto così soltanto iniziando con fare il video e quello registrano la sua voce-overs. Altamente raccomandi

Connette per utilizzare Tipo d'USB Al Mini-USB - connetterà a tutti i computer e degli apparecchi

AGGIORNAMENTO - Anche operare con il rel√°mpago ha dato Mela per Scrivere d'USB Ad adaptador e record con la mela che applicazioni di registri (GarageBand, la voce Registratore, l'audio Registratore, ecc...)
5 / 5
Ha comprato il Blu Yeti per sostituire Samson per invecchiare l'indizio ha dato G per musica registrata. Un pensato il mio Indizio ha dato G era cattivo... Un ha dado fatto per piacerlo musulmano adesso. Il Yeti suoni giusti troppo trebley e un po' tinny nella mia opinione. Thats Che ho trovato dopo ascoltare ai registri hanno il prigioniero con il mio Indizio ha dato G vs ai registri hanno prigioniero con il Yeti. √ą indeciso ha dato per raccomandare lui per musica registrata. Un comprato questo elemento basato in grande misura nelle descrizioni d'Amazona, il cariz di persone per essere molto impressionato con lui. Un non √® feelin che.

Registrato con una chitarra elettrica acustica, banjo, e vocals. In assoluto plugged In eléctricamente.
5 / 5
I have bought a Yeti partorisca initialise my intermediate/beginner streaming setup. I have considered also buy is TRACE, Audiotechnica, Shure, and more, but has been finally with a Yeti because of his stellar reputation and discharge and simplicity of game. Reviewers Often say taken the plot to do to do a Yeti well of sound. Ossia Some have compared your average gaming headset, but some improvements of the quality of the sound is LIKE THIS rewarding. Frankly, it is less than the barrier that calms could think. With the little tinkering and investigation, found the partorisca be quite easy.

Reason Yeti and no Yeti Pro or something more intense? A truth is, any @@subject the one who calm a lot of sound by means of your system, some use of program downgrade a quality of the yours mic. For example, you can touch surprised for your account registering program but then mediocre on Youtube reason compresses your audio has believed to return inside the insurance khz sole. You will touch better, but there is the point of diminishing returns. It thinks a point of prize of a Yeti is among one the majority of competitive so that offered.

‚ÄĘ‚ÄĘ Ossia Well, but like SOUNDS? ‚ÄĘ‚ÄĘ

Amazing. It touches to surprise. Rico, warm, and robust is some words choose. I have been to use a microphone in mine Logitech G35 to a Yeti. A difference is night and day. My woman Sennheiser PC 350 mic also touches thoroughly meh in comparison. To try, has registered everything in Audacity (the free audio that modifies software). I have used 'economic' mics for years and of the years, and so only did not think it has done that a lot the difference. Honradamente, Have been impacted that slowly and robotic a gaming headset mics has touched compared to a Yeti. And maintain in alcohol, these are $ 100+ headsets. This in spite of, precise sure considerations. Condenser mics Chooses on all the classes of sounds. Obviously, the room with muted the acoustic is more. I do not have a better acoustics in mine living room, but still sounds awesome. I think that that ossia to a large extent been due to mine accessories that vibrations of limit and movement, but is had to also to my placing ( will go in my accessories chosen in the latest section). I maintain a Yeti the comfortable 6-12 thumbs of my face on way of Cardioid. The way of cardioid is that calm probably use, as his taking of a zone roughly in front of a mic.

‚ÄĘ‚ÄĘSpeaking of Cardioid... Where Tongue? The Cup? ‚ÄĘ‚ÄĘ

Can think speak directly to a cup of a mic is corrected, but would be dead injustice . Instead, masters a mic has aimed mainly on or down (I has it down in mine setup) with a side of a mic facing you. Calm am likely to see in my picture, but there is a lot of video of Youtube the objective like the properly use a Blue Yeti. If you have confused at all, google the, and fiancée that calms will have ordered he without too much difficulty.

‚ÄĘ‚ÄĘ Setup And Accessories ‚ÄĘ‚ÄĘ

In general, there is not founding a setup that difficult, but will admit that ossia probably reason I packaged he with the majority of his expensive accompaniments (is LOCATES PSA1 Arm of Boom ,IRRADIATES of Blue Microphones II MOUNTAIN of Incident , and Nady MPF-2 Pop of Filter of Microphone .

My reasoning for a train has chosen was that I do not love disorder around with has customised adapters. Has has loved things that simply together facts, as I have paid to prize for them. This in spite of, are all the utmost accessories . One is LOCATE PSA-1 does not move around at all. I can shove he out of my way after using, and is perfectly well. It is stupid easy to install, and are to good sure happy I any disorder around with the economic arm. A RADIO II MOUNTAIN to impact nullifies vibrations of my keyboard maquinal, rambunctious cats, and all the classes of cholera of creature. Yes, it is expensive, but purchased it alive reason in the place where the vibrations were guaranteed. If you do not have this question, calm can does not require. A filter of pop was an only zone I cheaped was on, and think that it has taken a better of a cheapies. A Nady a lot of sag or movement at all, installs easily, and he his pop filtery does perfectly.

‚ÄĘ‚ÄĘ Tips for Setup - Settings, etc ‚ÄĘ‚ÄĘ

further researches this mic, will learn that fiddling with the settings is necessary for the sounds in fact adds in the each one mesos. For example, has has had to that do the bit of extra work in Discord because my settings of profit were messed up. It has cut in and it was, included although it was chosen on perfectly in Audacity and OBS. Speaking of Audacity, highly recommends to download the. Calm can register you in to your leisure to comprise exactly likes sound to exit of Windows.

Youtube of Youtube/looked tutorials of 2014 and 2015 this was all saying, ' HAS TO TURN DOWN The PROFIT IN of the WINDOWS,' that is done for right clicking your device of the his in your bar of task, choosing device of register, well clicking the held, and changing your levels. As I have turned a profit of Windows down immediately, and surprised of surprise, was having subject with a mic the be has chosen up. While this can be be require in of the earliest versions of Windows, the suspects is unnecessary in of the Windows 10. To all the cost, that was to leave a profit of Windows in 100. I have reduced a profit in a physical microphone nob to somewhere among the 25-35. Ossia A estimativa has based on place. A point is, fiddle with him until you are not BLAAAAAHRRRR horn of strong fog and is not robotic. Any one taken a lot of experimentation to find the half happy. If my recommendations no , there are So many educational sources inside googling distance, to good sure will find the setup that reads for you.

Specifically considering Discord, has found some better results have come from/come from to disable a 'Automatically determine sensibility.' Dipped the manually. It will register calm with pristine accuracy.

‚ÄĘ‚ÄĘ Is a Necessary Bow? ‚ÄĘ‚ÄĘ

I personally like a raw start of a Yeti given my character of acoustic situation, but has the bows of free software can use to enhance almost each facet of your sound - particularly take or pressing tomb. Some such calls to program Voicemeeter. You link hates of the amazon, as I will fall the link to the Youtube/of Youtube tutorial in the commentaries of this description that continuous in installation and setup. A Youtube/of Youtube fella could be bit it... Intense, but calm of walks by means of the simple way to enhance your sound. Calm once installed that, recommends messing around with him. Never take any one is settings likes gospel. Again, the audacity is the enormous profit here.

‚ÄĘ‚ÄĘ Note quickly on Prize ‚ÄĘ‚ÄĘ

Considers that some drops of prizes frequently in of the different colours. I have been with Grey Spatial reason has fallen to $ . Tent around, and calm will not owe that pay $ 150+.

‚ÄĘ‚ÄĘ Conclusion ‚ÄĘ‚ÄĘ

love a Yeti. It weaves it to them to research first to buy it. I have done sure each one asks has touched amiably near. When it has taken all some parts , I simply dipped joints him, plugged he everything in, and boom... I have been he was. It has taken the few days to take to to a sound exactly where would like, as it considers that you will be tinkering with of him for bit it. Any way, is significantly better that that there is before state. If has any one questions in a setup or really roughly anything, please leave the commentary. I will try my best to accommodate.

Update 03/04/2018: I have had a Yeti for just under the year now. Still I love it. Subjects of zeros. One is Locates the arm of boom has spoken sooner is an absolute champion of the mine setup. It could it does not recommend more. It has not moved the year, and so only the have clamp trace, no the ray is trace , to my office. Countless streamers I sample uses it, and maintain to see the in shows of television when the people are podcasting or doing radio shows. It is literally an arm of use of boom in Trish the habladuría in the marvel is 'Daredevil', and has seen pops on countless other places.

05/31/2020: it Is trace the arm literally has not MOVED in 3 years with zero adjustments. Value his weight in gold. A Yeti still runs over, and are triply happy.
4 / 5
His extraordinary...

Unfortunately an ARM has PURCHASED Is SAID 'FREQUENTLY BOUGHT NEAR' And INCLUDED has SAID That it does not be suitable for The YETI!

This result in me easily overtightening a base of an arm and wrecking the. So only I have gone back so only by means of this documentation that indicates a lot clearly that it is not pertinent. The amazon would not owe that be linking these two products.
5 / 5
Thus prize thinks that that ossia a better bang for your buck, quality of excellent audio, good build, adjustable row. This in spite of want to not annoying a hell out of some people is speaking to use this microphone, will require to be accessorized.

Using this microphone how is will pepper your audio/of register with a sound of the each alone action extracted concealed vibrates a surface is seating on. Writing while in speaker? 'bomp bomp bomp', Choosing on your mouse and dipping it behind down? 'klump', Dipping down your tea the little hard? 'BOOOOOM'. Further of this depends on profit and distance of a mic always will remark in brilliant sounds of you saying any one words with 'P' in him.

Like this enough to use this mic precise buy the swivel mountain, the mountain of incident, and the filter of pop.
4 / 5
This microphone is the good investment that it is ideal to register professionally yes want podcast, has the youtube canal, the video that modifies. It is weighed with his bases of metal how is the plus reason gives stability. It can be used further of one dipping is registering with a person or two with directional entrances. According to your voice, his, and the software that dips it could require the tweak to take a legislation of register. I googled like paralizaciones to optimise register of voice and is doing the work adds.

A mic is covers it and game and does not need any hardware of additional computer to do. The league saws USB and I am remarked some last months that sometimes mine YOU Windows 7 64bits relieves likes the option of speaker, which clashes with my plugged speaker and excludes a sound. It has not been if it is normal or subjects of Windows.

Ossia The professional piece of crew that will require you to give a no on your yes calm game plans he for the use seriously. To optimise a register has bought the mask of filter of the pop that clips to a mic basic; have @@give also the DIY screen to situate besides a mic when it registers to absorb a sound of my voice, otherwise will not be crisp unless you the soundproofing situated in your walls.
4 / 5
I desire could give this the perfect indication. A quality is fantastic, and a setup was very simple. I am satisfied entirely with this microphone with an exception of one issues. A transmission of key so only does roughly 50 of a time.

Sometimes a transmission of key will do in the first place try. Sometimes in a second try. Sometimes I will owe that it prints it three of four times for the take to transmission or unmute. Every time I love transmission or unmute the, has to in fact look a red light, and continue pressing a key until I see a light transmission. Extremely annoying.

Oh, An additional complaint. A first time I loosened some rays of thumb in a side, a die to close broken and has broken was. Like this now I owe that constantly king-righten a ray in a sinister side, reason every time I tilt a mic he loosens up.
4 / 5
Has Built WELL !
There is remarked the hum in my register and of the settings of profit have changed, volume etc. - still humming I finally has imagined was is quite sensitive to pickup a vibration of a hard walk outside in another end of my office! Simply in that resists was an office has given his perfect. The supposition requires some isolation!
Highly recommend this mic.
4 / 5
The microphone of quality adds and very easy to use. A mountain of accident is useful but has a lot self control and is not using the computer in to an office still likes mic will be well. A quality of his so much better east that each one another mic has not used never in the computer that the only swipes my alcohol. They are not the type of professional audio at all but have some knowledge of a game as I have known that has been missing in theory but did not appreciate it until I have used this thing. I have bought he for ease of use and because present rave in a quality of his and are not disappointed. Some the diverse directional settings do well, although you would owe that expect to ray around the bit before it seats to do interviews and the one who any one (so as to look professional).

When Spent to something well like him to him the cure of him to a point where people often the look in mine likes are odd when seeing them something has possessed for ten years and is like this very like this new. A box that this mic go in is a lot sturdy map and a mic chairs in the styrofoam shell so he precise band he around the bit will be well. It is not the professional but calm chance a lot wreck the easily yes is at all careful.

Mina a swipe is that a measure is so only for show, this mic could be the little smaller. Has his real mass and the plan use it on a calm street could find you that it thinks that that a same way are is. If I need to be this measure to do that he , would not change the thing. This has said, one of this mic vs. Stirs It of train for the condenser mic(s) means some measures is not any one a lot a subject.

A prize is the little steap yes is so only messing around likes are, but honradamente, a quality of this thing cost each penny. They are frugal, to say a less, but know technology, as material this mic is good value, calm probably would owe that question some people that no.
4 / 5
Ossia a worse mic has has not purchased never. No because of a quality of his May because of a service of client. It has taken a mic fines of July and for an end of September, there is prendido to do suddenly. It is not the economic mic and has expected a service of client to help. I have registered a product in his web of place and has created the entrance and I have received any response for 2 weeks now. I maintain to ask the updates and I take at all. A quality of sound was utmost but for 2 month so only. It does not buy something concealed does not have service of good client. Calm will not know never that will spend.
With which 9 days to create the entrance, has taken the response to add some details of product and my allocution of nave. I have added a requied information a same day and 5 days now any one answered again. I have created included another entrance and he is still open for 7 days now.
4 / 5
My grandfather left an old hotgun mic' that has bought 20 years ago of Sony for well in $ 200. ( It is a type of microphone that the journalists spend around and places in the faces of the people for interviews)

This microphone is far upper his in each appearance so only can think of.

Quality of build: Like the tank.

Setting/of Profit of the shotgun: Like the spy. You can listen each sound far is gone in a right setting.

Quality of sound: 9.5/10 it likes in of absolute the ees never used before. At all. Better that a register Mics that a Centre of the National music for Canada has.

Versatility: Perfecto for each category of use: it bit it vocals, podcasts or audiobooks.
4 / 5
Lost my description of 5 stars because it has broken with which 6 months and a process partorisca guarantee absolutely stinks!
With which 6 month a headset has developed the strong whine and is unusable. The process of guarantee is done by means of the forum, after several days of not seeing the response a message of approval has been mine sent for email and has taken stray until I found it the week or two later . A documentation partorisca guarantee said B-stock? I have not remarked any mention of B-stock in a listing of Amazon. They are down to the grace of 15 period of days partorisca he partorisca arrive while I am shipping Territories of the the northeast all a way in California, partorisca do the worse subjects my Purolator that follows partorisca the ship to them does not look anything. They are a lot probably out of the money with the ship of stray defective microphone. Although for some miracle goes back the perfectly working substitution are not never buying another Blue product

Top Customer Reviews: Blue Microphones ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
5 / 5
Utilisation my iPad and iPhone with this mic. Sure I have required an adapter covers it an USB to my device, but has expected that. Work perfectly so that I am doing. Usually it uses a microphone on dipping 1 for now, but will be partorisca try out of the different that dips this week partorisca register the full room of people.

The professor Like the professor launched it youtube canal partorisca my students. I solve some do any classifies in my house of iPad. I stick some video in youtube so that the students can see him has lost a lesson for has forgotten something. A quality of his in this way on a prize of a microphone.

Pastor - As the shepherd overseeing the ministry grupal small, I video of estaca in youtube from time to time partorisca my leaders. This video are done in mine iPhone and one touch adds.

Are very pleased with this microphone and setup.
5 / 5
Any one can do the deception. As you Manage it is that it creates clients of long term. And Lifestyle partorisca Direct answered quickly when I have discovered had comprised a mountain of wrong accident with this container. We send me to us the new one and is by train partorisca leave me maintain one wrong some hips. (I supposition in chance I upgrade to the Blue Yeti mic.) A mic does well, but has had to that touch with him to take his decent. I am using he in the big room and the things take quite echo-and. A mic chooses ups a sound has reflected still in his place of cardioid, as have baffled he with two pillows has situated in You for behind a mic. These helps to plot. Another thing the note is looks to draw enough to plot to be able to of the mine MacBook Pro. I require to unplug my hard walk outside for a mic to do properly. I have had a subject same with the different USB mic that are to return he so that it could be characteristic of all USB mics, or perhaps of the mine portable. In all the chance, the vendor adds. Good container and good value.
5 / 5
A snowball mic is the quality adds for his prize, this in spite of, a mountain gives in this container is very poor. A lot it would recommend to buy a snowball, this in spite of, would recommend to buy the different mountain.
5 / 5
Are in no way anywhere near of an expert of audio, but is now of upgrade when I call on conference and teammates falls no-like this-clues subtiles touch terrible. With which investigation and a lot of video of Youtube, has solved in a snowball! Generally very happy! Personally it does not use a filter to pop comprised, and a mic the sounds add! It covers true-n-device of game, in of the windows 10 at least, and has not required any special setup.

A bit of customization has added, as seen in a video, trace an arm to sustain to a wall, like a mic can be stowed was when any into use. And reason are the stickler for interview of boss, some accesses of cord of the USB almost like the glove in an empty
4 / 5
Found this mic during COVID-19 flight of street. The vendor has sold a box to the point for of prize so only a mic so much was the shot !!!

Neither a vendor was the good person or has done deceive it and has forgotten take still to price gouge.

Regarding a product, some accessories are cockroaches of Chinese imports . Regarding a mic, look in any YouTuber description, is well for this time . There is more economic and better mics in 2020. Again, it has taken this during COVID19, how is the compraventa adds for a point of prize.
5 / 5
I really like a mic and has been rid like this quickly. I have finalised to take an arm and mountain of accident with him because it was basically a prize still likes mic so only. The arm was easy. Mic, Again, are adds. Mountain of accident in a picture is not that it has received. This would be well but a snowball tin very returned to a mountain that has been to send
5 / 5
the work adds! Any retard the majority of a time, some parts are returned together intuitively, can be or chair and sing and can regulate a mic this in spite of precise. The quality of blue frames adds mics, the sounds perfect for my registers of scratch and when video conferencing. Like the professional singer, is now mine any-hassle 'take he quickly' microphone. If lame delay over time, so only unplug and replug an USB and work well.
4 / 5
There is enjoyed this mic like this, and take to plot of compliments on that! (The shiny aluminium looks modern retro) Easy to use, discharges and game. USB 3.0 For quality of his better. This container with an arm and the filter of pop was such the shot adds.
4 / 5
Ossia The product adds . This in spite of, an only question has with this that owe that be quite near of a mic in order for a big quality to be remarked. If you are not that it touch next like each another mic. Another that that, loves it!
5 / 5
I really the desire would have taken a black would have matched my computer to better plot but have gone with the aluminium brushed that thinks that would look fresh in athe office but when it is coming is so only shiny Chrome the plastic and is a eyesore and the chairs a lot have taken
5 / 5
If you know like the tweak the, will take good-looking sounds of of the this. I have found this in spite of a neighbour on too bulky, and the
'the aluminium brushed' is the little that the economic looks.
4 / 5
Ossia Exactly the one who my daughter there is wanted. Little I have bitten pricey, but some costs of qualities in in this microphone.
4 / 5
Ossia A second SnowBall has possessed. Quality of his excellent and installed east easy. A stand resists a mic in place, where does not situate it never.
5 / 5
Can does not take to connect with out the laptop to the ours Xbox. When The investigation has been done founds that we have to that it buys 4 additional cords for the take to connect properly and have the laptop dipped on prójimo his together with Xbox. Result to be the ache. A global construction is very good. But that requires for him is not a together corrected up.
4 / 5
Well has built... The good looks... Sturdy setup. A omnidirectional quality of his east well. It chooses especially five of knots in our computer gaming room.
5 / 5
This produces that it is used for meetings of government of the county and other registers likes him promote citizens to complete his 2020 Census. I think that that a sound would have been better if our members of yard of the quorum has not practised social distancing. In the law of normal setting adds.
4 / 5
This mic are to add and how is an arm . It does not have a quality of his BETTER but is the $ 50 mic. They are sure calm can use something that VoiceMeeter for the mix so the better sound.
5 / 5
Has had this mic partorisca exactly a week. A computer still sees a mic and a light indicator that shows if his on is still on, but am not taking any sound at all. It is not disabled or muted, but my computer listens at all of this mic. There is prendido to do for any reason at all.
5 / 5
Has purchased this for podcasting and have me very treated well. The value adds for your money!
5 / 5
Wants to use this microphone, a stand is the little hard to do with but once his together, is the beauty . A microphone comes with an individual mountain and with a trace of arm so that it is the good thing .
4 / 5
We use this while streaming and is surprising a quality of his this like this crisp and attack really very partorisca your buck!
4 / 5
Gave a mountain of wrong accident.. And on that a mountain of accident is broken. All more is well but 2 stars partorisca take my injustice of mandate.
4 / 5
Ossia The add mic and well currency he partorisca a prize his easy to dip up and touches wonderful can does not recommend enough.

Top Customer Reviews: Blue Microphones ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
Quality of excellent build, quality and the thoughtful creation of sound adds. A built in amp is the good touch partorisca when listening out of a desk. They are very heavy, but no uncomfortable. The tampons are fat and soft. Stand Amiably in a desk for them. It comes with two bosses, the long one and the short a. Isolation of his well and his very small leak. To good sure would consider that it purchases another pair partorisca an office (like these is not exactly portable the).
4 / 5
Has compared to the mine Bose QC is in a model of ear,the sound is mejor.un little weighed in a boss,but easy to take used has the odd look to them but taking used to some the curious looks is always add,looks different!
4 / 5
The product adds, the service of Client adds, Fast Delivery! Thank you!
5 / 5
Had excited enough to take these partly aim 2015. The sound was to add, but the long use has been hampered for a weight and discomfort. Used an adjustment of compression of the tape helped but still any one the majority of comfortable with which more than 60 minutes. These have been treated with extremes gentleness, and has been surprised when roughly done 4 weeks (roughly 10 months of use) a tape has begun to the fall averts. There is remarked in the first place something when I have been to dip them on and some arms would not extend . A component of tension in a tape rubbed in an arm to articulate. Now a whole tape is free and falling averts. No a class of workmanship would expect of Blue Mic and a prize. UPDATE: I have received the new pair of headphones Leaves 2016. An experience of the support of the client was slow and convoluted, but is finally be for behind his product and has substituted a one this is to fall averts.
4 / 5
An a lot of
- sound of Big quality
- 'On' and 'On+' a lot of
- the Low end is awesome with a 'On+' way
- Well for professionals

Of the bad
- Prize
- Creation (this in spite of, ossia subjective)
- 'On+' way for there is enhanced down-to the looks of end likes them depends in that is listening to, opposed to a headphone he
- taking very strong, but is overkill to the sure point
- Earcups squeeze your boss enough the bit, included when a wheel of tension is in the free setting (that causes light discomfort)
- Probably any for any the one who will use this casually/recreationally (geared to some professionals)

the Solid headphones took of the money, and for professionals. Also well if you are not planning on spending them for hours the time.

A lot well for long periods of use, and that take vs a prize can not be justified for me, as they are the auditor of editor and random music of recreational video
4 / 5
has Bought these on sale partorisca in $ 100 utmost law is in a heavy side this in spite of but a sound are to add and a amp well of law. They are tight to the equal that has the big boss these could not be for you, and a proprietary boss so only sustains devices of apple although a key of centre sustains pause/of game for Android also have still to find the 3rd boss of party
4 / 5
the sound adds. If I look you he with the subpac, would be amazing!
4 / 5
Has bought these (in 2015) reasons has-liked me a fashion and has loved to possess the really good pair of headphones.

An on-has jointed amp looked the fresh characteristic, but to be sincere I hardly ever annoyed for the use. Touching my headphones was generally quite asinine, and has presented roughly like a lot of subjects of the his like this solved that. Sure it was well in tronger', this in spite of - I could not listen to any source of audio on in the 10 out of 100 with has turned on without melting my ears to the tiny puddle. Cranking The sound to these things looks the characteristic that so only would appeal the people with harm of ear or extremely wheedly systems of sound.

Comfort it is the subject real , this in spite of, and this bad-the boys were weighed and uncomfortable, likes to spend the clamp in my boss. I have been in his rest waiting for spending out of way that could finally solves them for the better pair in the different mark, and now, three years later, some economic pleather in a earpieces has gone through half of, a cabling is beginning to fall avert and a boss complicated-clamp has broken in the pocolos different places. So many, finally, can consign this pair to some rubbishes - and a lot of riddance.
5 / 5
All working , the utmost sound, any question with them.
4 / 5
Bought with my money of own cash.

To the equal that HAS has bought 30 + has beaten on some last 18 months and so only now are I discovering these!?

Really is the gem to love! Heavy and bulky he but the man is value he. A weight can be relieved a bit for a dial of tension in a tape to the equal that are doable but after the while they are comfortable. But earth Beyer DT150 is so that it is all subjective! The cups of ear are quite big and quite deep for my big ears. So only chunky all the round these are. But in the good way. Substantial And well has drawn.

The wise sound in passive way is very good. Slightly thin but very balanced and detailed with the decent quantity of low. But when you change a amp is the different beast ! Fuller, wider, clearer, more detailed and so only everything around wow! Headfi Jude has said these have not been auricular of boss of the bass but there has quite here for me and then some. And ossia without changing in an on+ impulse of basses! Mids Are to add and a slightly gone of triple is well has articulated. It is the well has balanced headphone in amp Way and has it tad too much bass then can be EQ'd down or so only the transmission to passive way. It is very versatile.

So that it requires to touch but everything does these days so only are that it goes with him. The difference of my Studio of Beaten 2.0 (does not hate - read my description on the - can surprise calm) a Mofi is to have the passive way the one who negates a battery haters!

Will not be using them for laptop but is so only in doable! I use him partorisca in home listening so it can not use open back and in amp the way touches like this as well as quota other headphones that has been the course by means of mine Fiio E12A Amplifier so that it is one less what has to that spend roughly!

As it bit it more cushioning in a tape would not go for the lose but these really are the revelation.

Expects some of these helps.

5 / 5
Innovative, original, awesome, fantastic, gorgeous, sensual, lusty... Stop Of must with some adjectives before it loses my alcohol.
Still has chosen on my jaw of an earth where has fallen after my compraventa recent of a Bluedio UFO h telephones (like the marvel!), when I have found this marvel of technician and craftsmanship.
Are the designaholic (yep, the new word!), You oughta know this and have taken like this wanted by a sensual form of one Me he-Fi first of all, and grieve I peeped around a web to know more they my enchantment has grown so much that I have him really has had to take, when being a 11th pair I own this remote.
The one who a hell, think any man can resist his decoy, simply looking some details of his organism.
Has looked and has listened the comparative test on Youtube with a Audiotechnica ATH M70X and, man, one Me he-Fi in the active way has touched exactly like an original clue, any difference at all in definition, clarity and soundstage, while a adversary has touched enough muffled in comparison with a source playback, an effect that take h telephones on in planting to take music of a loudspeakers.
Now in last I have in my hands, is the pure lust for a first dress and touch, for all a wonderful creation details: a tape articulated (fines-jointed) in three part with segments of extensible final, an adjustable tension of a tape, some cups of hule among tape and earcups, a half-has hid lights for state of battery, a giant and soft earpads, some the elegant arrivals in money burnished.
Spending them on is the real amazing show , so only a a movement to open a earcups and dip his on some ears to automatically have your h'telephones in a right place, each boss there is immediately his own, has a lot of bigwigs that can the to him resists, any need any adjustment averts the adjustment of tension of a tape to have a same consolation more adds for prolonged use.
Any to speak of some celestial feelings jumping of some comfortable earpads once change them on, that gives 'a new skin for an old ceremony' (a law'l tributa Leonard Cohen...) To listen my pieces of favourite music, really, the look of new shadows in very known listenings, bending any hot feeling has experienced with an UFO has mentioned is when I litterally felt my movement of ears and shiver inside a earcups because of some 8 engine that extracted his force of powerful strike.
Here is quite the subject of a stunning richness in definition and clarity in association with an obvious race in the volume generated for a amp.
And him it it dipped to 'was', a resultant sound absolutely will be the remarkable a, while you have taken an excessive attitude , well, gone back he on in a 'on +' place, your ears will transmit an earthquake to your brain, the better clock era.
Wow, breathtaking In fact, all these frames forgive and forget a wise weight of one Me he-Fi, almost a double of alike elements, remains up there around your boss with the strong embrace to adapt is an origin of the yours like to listen and that his mainly metallic structure gives them the sense to reassure of sturdiness, will not break on although you mistreat his (horrible sin!, I Respect such the masterpiece).
He Think a paid of the prize for all this lust is way too big, calm then deserves to remain varied in a band of conventional auditors, is not on the dot for a R/Evolution.
So only think the while it is a meaning of having any separate amps to pair with your mobile devices or your pc is to have the decent sound of a h'the telephones have invested in, sure, these some are not slender in measure, his weight is defying, but the quality has the prize, knows.
M? They are happy with this prize, part of chair of a avantgarde marching to a future, in bylines and proud... There is!- There is!- There is! (Quoting Ultravox!)
Concludes, if my praise has not been quite convincing, so only simply take the look around to the equal that have done and really think a same awareness felt will aim in you also:
gotta take them!
C soyencima, he.
5 / 5
- Phase of the his glorious in both passive and active.
- The balance adds of triple, tomb and mids.
- Sure apt ossia engineered for console-has described.

- Hanged of a built in amp can cause wheels in of the long sessions to spend them (commentaries Lola Blu does not have the built in amp).

Coming from gaming headsets, particularly with the virtual 7.1 surrounds push of the his on marketing, has been surprised in a quality this stereo headset resupplied me inner so much gaming and the film that modifies. Bought mainly to modify video in the phase of his pertinent, these resupply excellent in-his of game with an amazing sense of direction. This together particular (Blue Microphone Me he-Fi) has the passive, active and the bass that enhances way owed to the his built in amp. Although all give excellent clarity although it fails to remark the tomb has added a lot in a last way a transmission has and a amp adds the plot of weight to a place that adds difficulty with longitude sittings.

Still gamers, referencing my time with Tom Clancy Rainbow Six: it Seats that emphasis of places in an use of the his, often find me knowing exactly where an enemy owes the footsteps.

For editors, finds a passive phase perfects to modify with, giving the grandson and crisp his, using an active amp to augment an audio has modified once. This enable me to verify all the sounds are clear and to the equal that would owe that be first to run them by means of the monitor of separate reference for the third control.

In general highly recommends him but is concerned roughly spending them for long periods of time, recommends to verify out of a together of Lola of Blue Microphone of headphones, which are exactly some same on row of his May without some active settings. His lack of built-in amp relieves the significant quantity of weight.
5 / 5
Has had these for the pair of month now to the equal that feels can resupply the reasonably attentive description of this headset.

Undeniably, This CELERY like some paid of prize for them. They are weighty and of the sturdy construction, but no like this weighed do your with the tired. Well underline that I use these exclusively like my headphones of PC, and does not use him to listen the tunes when it is was and roughly.

Like the result, a fact has to that touch these to take a full profit of some engine these the bit of the hassle. When I am touching games, modifying images or listening the music, all of the sudden a sound will cut was and will have to that change behind to a passive setting on the until it covers you in a boss of USB for his touch. It remarks these are not wireless (also has to that any), as having uploads it boss and boss of audio that hangs out of his when you are looking for to use the is not really practical. He like this the calm mark sure his tones every night.

My @@subject my big plus with these is a transmission of selector among passive hybrid , active, and full active ways. I wish the companies PRENDER√ćAN to DIP TRANSMISSIONS And DIALS IN HIS HEADSETS. Perhaps it has taken the together dud , but after the pair of Days to use these headsets, a transmission has begun funking up. When Change to active, a headphone will cut was and has to that jimmy a transmission the millimetro behind and advance for the take to come by means of both receiver. Hate wiggly transmissions and this headset has it. I comprise a 'audiophile' reasoning for behind any in that has a power and audio in a same goodness but in of the terms of practical daily use, any really estimate these.

Also I glasses of wear and these things hug yours boss quite tight as it begins to take plague after an hour or two. A dial of the tension in some leaves of cup to vary a force anywhere among Addiction of Forest and Ninja Grip of death

In general the a lot of looking and feeling produced but disappointed with impracticality of daily use and POXY FIDDLY TRANSMISSIONS!
4 / 5
One first impression for some looks of this device is surprising, innovative and a lot first! Any rubbish at all, included of his value of prize standpoint. I have listened several genders of the music and he never have left down at all frequencies. Included this in spite of, in amp-way 'was' these headphones touches phenomenal and the clear crystal, without mentioning turning a amp-way 'on'! It is it likes six in in a half of a soundstage, while listening music. For my opinion, one of some better headphones in a phase right now. The a lot of users complain in a heavyweight subject, but this in spite of likes of somehow. It is each value of penny he and thinks can call this like the worthy statement. The Blue good work!!! ūüĎć
4 / 5
Amur These headphones. His rich, could listen instruments in a music I never remarked before. Has no the found too heavy and some tampons have a lot of funds enough like my ears where out of some speakers. Creation very beautiful, solid and well has built. I use him in passive way like one of my studio that beats of controls, and with an iPad/of iPhone. Really I enjoy to listen the music in a Me he-Fi.
4 / 5
My adolescent edges the plot to research first to save until investing in this receiver. It took him finally and it was in a moon! It has taken to try them listened to some jazz and yes, to good sure value a prize, (although less expensive would have been add). Clarity and his well and I like a way is returned in a boss and ear. At present it is when drawing moulded box of oak of the form to store them in. Yes, he better looks him....
4 / 5
Has ordered these Blue headphones like the present for my edges, first impressions are excellent, together with the very good creation and look very good to. A quality of his this point and averts to achieve all the levels of music . Some headphones also good celery and is very comfortable. One produces adds.
5 / 5
Ich benutze Quotes Kopfhörer hauptsächlich zoom Gamen, und habe mich eher nach Tonqualität statt Tragekomfort umgesehen.
Und One gives Tonqualität ist wirklich NICHTS zu bemängeln, die verschiedenen His Ways sind wirklich eine tolle Spielerei und irgendjemand braucht gives bestimmt deswegen werde ich dazu nichts sagen.
Ich muss schon sagen dass Quotes Kopfh√∂rer wirklich gut aussehen und einen s√ļper Tonne haben ABER:

'Tragekomfort' kann the man gives wirklich NICHT nennen. It gives Druck gives Ohrmuscheln w√§hre ja noch A lot of wenn Given Ohrmuscheln nur etwas gr√∂√üer w√§hren. Like this werden given Ohren im inneren gives Kopfh√∂rers zusammengedr√ľckt und tuen nach etwa 30 Minuten echt weh. Stellt The man gives Druck jedoch herunter, man of hat durchgehend gives Gef√ľhl gives ein Backstein auf meinem Kopf liegt. Nicht weil Quotes Kopfh√∂rer schwer sind (also auch aber nicht nur) sondern vor allem weil gives Polster nicht wirklich... polstert. Durchgehen dr√ľckt irgendeine Metallschiene auf meinen Kopf ein, hart, kalt und schwer.
Au√üerdem wei√ü ich nicht ob ich einfach nur Pech Dipped meiner Kopfform habe aber has given Metallgelenke Die zur H√∂henverstellung dienen dr√ľcken durchgehend kalt und hart gegen meinen Kopf.

Ich möchte wirklich nicht sagen dass Gives schlechte Kopfhörer In sachen Tragekomfort sind, aber gives sind sie einfach.

Schade eigentlich!
5 / 5
Yes, sound well, yes one is comfortable but really bulky. It would maintain him if I have not had two another of headphones of office, this in spite of has looked for something to spend around. I have known they take the place but is weighed also.

To the equal that likes in of many revises on-line would say, so only for home - no partorisca commute.
5 / 5
Cube besonders zufrieden dipped gives stabilen verarbeitung. Die polster sind sehr angenehm, doch er sitzt recht fest und macht ordentlich schalldicht.
Gives eingebaute verstärker gibt nochmal His extra, z.b wenn Man vor allem a einem portable hört. It gives akku ist entsprechned regelmäßig Read ‚Ķ und während gives ladekabel steckt hört Man ein statisches brummen, is klar, also ‚Äď wie alles heutzutage ‚Äď are besten to the paar tage nachtsüdrink aufladen.
4 / 5
It can be used like an option of monitor is awesome or could experience the effects of his professionals.
4 / 5
Was really uncertain if partorisca buy these or not seeing so that it could no partorisca try them before I bought him and is quite expensive, but has been for them that sees that they have had in general inform of sound with only the few smaller complaints here and there. To start with of in short, is utmost. A quality of his east surprising especially with an amplifier has turned on to augment all and a quality of build is solid. Everything of some bosses comprised and the accessories are qualities quite good and well of work (although I wish some bosses were braided), and some conversores comprised is really well for things like my electrical guitar amp. If have has had to that the signal was some bad parts would say that a tape has quite thin cushioning compared to some cups of ear and once his doors can very included feel a cushioning on and after the few hours to spend them can take really uncomfortable around your ears. A amp also has to that be touched that it could be the negative for some but hard 12 hours and a lot really annoy me.

In general are s√ļper happy with these headphones, has not tried too auricular of different big final to the equal that takes this description of this point of view, but would recommend these to any that loves the a lot of all around headphone.
4 / 5
When it Loves also well the music that to look give film with giving deep tombs
this helmet joins it the scarce amplitude and joins finesse give details very thankful
expand it integrated a lot of booste too his extremes
Alone defect : lucido hanged : it is a helmet of living room so only
4 / 5
Never seen a helmet also monstrueux !!
Transforms some Edges pourri in some edges of qualities (thanks to expand it integrated in lucido helmet)
Attention this in spite of, does not use to to these shows likes him to him the helmet of control (still in the normal way) the car touch, lucidos edges that among not corresponding to the edges that classifies ... (Example of pair, lucido the noise is reduced)
5 / 5
Willkommen zu meiner Rezension quotes sich place dem Blue Me he-Fi beschäftigt. Ich habe mich bisher eher Dipped Bluetooth-Kopfhörern beschäftigt.
Meine bisherigen Kopfhörer (ich habe selbstverständlich nicht To the behalten) waren:

Bose QuietComfort 35 - ‚ā¨300
B&Or H7 (on-Ear) -‚ā¨240
Sony MDR-XB950BT (on-Ear) - ‚ā¨150
Sony MDR-XB450APB (on-Ear) - ‚ā¨40
Sony MDR-XB950AP (on-Ear) - ‚ā¨90
Sennheiser RS 115 8 HF (on-Ear) - ‚ā¨70
Beaten by Dr. Dre So only 2 Wireless (on-Ear) - ‚ā¨200
Bragi a Pinch (Wireless In-Ear) - ‚ā¨300
Jabra Sport of Elite (Wireless In-Ear) - ‚ā¨250
Zahlreiche dips Smartphone etc. Gelieferte In-Ear Kopfhörer

Nun hat mich meine Neugier dazu getrieben knapp ‚ā¨300 f√ľr kabelgebundene Hifi Kopfh√∂rer auszugeben.
Mein Musikgeschmack ist eigentlich nicht genau zu benennen, ich höre gerne RnB, Hip Hop, Marries aber auch bad Rock und dies aktuellen Maps und bad eine Ballade.

Ich versuche nun einzelne Merkmale oder Kategorien zu bewerten. Dabei ist Quotes Höchste Punktzahl 5.

Inzwischen ist Gives Unboxing ja ein richtig wichtiger Teil gives Produkt Erlebnisses. Blue hat nicht all zu viele Ressourcen verschwendet. It gives Produkte im Regelfall nur einmal ausgepackt werden, kann ich has given Hype nicht wirklich nachzuvollziehen. Nun ja, Die Verpackung ist in Ordnung, aber nicht besonders toll. Die Produktpr√§sentation ist well. Box of data wird ge√∂ffnet und give Kopfh√∂rer ‚Äústeht‚ÄĚ almost vor einem.
4 von 5

Blue Me he-Fi
Micro USB-Kabel
2,5 mm auf 3,5 mm Klinkenkabel (3 verschiedene Längen)

Mir fehlt yesterday give Netzstecker.
Leider wurden spezielle Kabel verwendet, Die nicht einfach ersetzt werden können.
Ein Hardcase wäre ganz nett gewesen.
4 von 5

Is gibt wenig zu bedienen, weshalb give Kopfhörer wirklich einfach zu nutzen ist. Of the Cube ich von marks Bluetooth Kopfhörer anders gewohnt. It is sind drei Ways vorhanden. It was (ohne Amp), On (Amp aktiviert), On+ (Amp the impulse dips aktiviert).
Give Schalter ist nicht besonders Aim platziert. Ein Schieberegler wäre besser gewesen.
4 von 5

Quotes Akkulaufzeit bei mittlerer Lautst√§rke betr√§gt laut Blue 12 Stunden. Dieser Wert erscheint sehr realistisch. Bisher habe ich sie ca. 11 Stunden genutzt, bis give Akku the war has read. Allerdings habe ich auch relativ laut geh√∂rt. Ich nutze Given Me he-Fi nur zu Hause. Deshalb ist mir Quotes Laufzeit nicht ganz like this wichtig. 11-12 Stunden waystation ich aber f√ľr gut.
5 von 5

Ich empfinde Quotes Verarbeitung als sehr gut. It is wurde ordentliche, hochwertige Metallteile verbaut. Dadurch wird Gives Gewicht zwar relativ hoch, aber die Stabilit√§t und gives Gef√ľhl etwas wertvolles in giving Hand zu halten ist wirklich gro√üartig. Bisher hatte ich Denies to Give Gef√ľhl, dass ich ein minderwertiges Produkt in giving hand-held Waystation. Die B√ľgelpolsterung ist aus weichem, leder√§hnlichem Material verwendet wird f√ľhlt sich sehr gut a. Nat√ľrlich geht Is immer noch ein wenig besser, ich cube aber sehr zufrieden.
5 von 5

Gives ist nat√ľrlich Geschmacksache. Ich pers√∂nlich empfinde Has given au√üergew√∂hnliche und besondere Draw als sehr gelungen. It is gibt Like this viele Kopfh√∂rer, given to the dem selben Stil folgen und sich teilweise zoom verwechseln √§hnlich sehen. Blue geht yesterday einen ganz anderen Weg. It is wurde endlich bad etwas anderes entwickelt. Of the Creation ist auch noch sinnvoll. It is ist m√∂glich gives seitlichen Anpressdruck I nach Wunsch einzustellen.
5 von 5

Gives ist f√ľr mich nach dem Klang give wichtigste Punkt. Yesterday muss Man sagen, Bose the hat dipped dem QC 35 yesterday einen perfekten Kopfh√∂rer kreiert. Aufgrund Gives Gewichtes ist is auch gar nicht m√∂glich So that viel Komfort zu erreichen. Die Polsterung ist weich und angenehm.. Meine Ohren passen In data Ohrmuscheln.
Dennoch w√§re ein bisschen mehr Komfort angenehm gewesen. F√ľr Quotes perfekte Verarbeitung dipped hochwertigen, schweren Materialien bezahlt man ein wenig dip Komfort. Ich kann aber sehr Gut damit leben. 3-4 Stunden Follows St√ľck und give me he-Fi war immer noch angenehm zu tragen.
Give Kopfh√∂rer A sich ist sehr dehnbar und d√ľrfte daher auch f√ľr Menschen dipped gro√üen K√∂pfen problemlos benutzbar heart.
5 von 5

Yesterday muss ich ein bisschen weiter ausholen. Die Wahrnehmung gives Klangs ist sehr subjektiv. Dem einen gef√§llt viel Druck und wummernder Tomb, gives andere mag is etwas heller und that shines. Man sollte sich nicht einreden lassen welcher Kopfh√∂rer oder Lautsprecher nun gives ‚Äúbesten‚ÄĚ Klang hat. Beim Kopfh√∂rer h√∂rt ja nur einer und dem sollte Is gefallen und nicht gives anderen. Wie Man a meinen bisherigen Kopfh√∂rern sieht mag ich is eher basslastig. Ich habe mir aber einmal etwas mehr Brillanz gew√ľnscht. Of the muss bei diesem Preis schon drin heart!
Und ich wurde nicht entt√§uscht. Mir gef√§llt Quotes Abstimmung give Klangs sehr gut. Die B√§sse sind deutlich besser und druckvoller als ich is mir vorgestellt hatte. Mein Geschmack wurde getroffen. Ich h√∂re Harm Me he-Fi So that unglaublich gerne. Die Pr√§senz in allen Ebenen, sowie die Lautst√§rke und die Brillanz sind einfach √ľberragend. It is gibt wie bereits erw√§hnt 3 verschiedene Ways. Im 'ausgeschalteten Modus h√∂ren sich Given Me he-Fi schon unglaublich one. It gives Hammer ist, dass Man dann noch zwei G√§nge hochschalten kann. Auf In+ ist give ganze wirklich atemberaubend. It is ist Like this laut, like this brilliant, like detailreich. Einfach Wahnsinn!
5 von 5

Ich w√ľrde Gives Preis-Leistungsverh√§ltnis als gut beschreiben. In dieser Preisklasse gibt is nicht allzu viele, given yesterday mithalten k√∂nnen. It is k√∂nnten trotzdem ‚ā¨50 weniger heart, dann w√§re quotes wanted to Punktzahl drin.
4 von 5


Unboxing -----------------------4 von 5
Lieferumfang ------------------4 von 5
Bedienung ---------------------4 von 5
Akkulaufzeit -------------------5 von 5
Verarbeitung ------------------5 von 5
Draws --------------------------5 von 5
Komfort -------------------------5 von 5
Klang ----------------------------5 von 5
Preis-Leistungsverhältnis --4 von 5
Damit the hat is hat gerade noch f√ľr quotes 5 Sterne gereicht.

Ich Cube wirklich begeistert, vor allem vom Klang gives Kopfhörers. Ich möchte ihn nicht mehr missen. Seit ein paar Wochen benutze ich Gives Kopfhörer täglich teilweise mehrere Stunden. It is macht einfach unglaublich viel Spaß dipped dem Kopfhörer Musik zu hören. Ich kann Damage Kauf Give he-Fi nur empfehlen.

Ich habe viel M√ľhe und Zeit Gives Erstellen dieser Rezension investiert, sollte die Rezension hilfreich heart, freue ich mich sehr √ľber Feedback. Sollte noch etwas fehlen, Gives Sie interessiert, w√ľrde ich mich freuen, wenn Sie mir einen Kommentar hinterlassen, ich werde gegebenenfalls Erg√§nzungen vornehmen.
4 / 5
Probably a together better of the headphones have not possessed never (and has had the little!!). It has looked for the together good to spend while doing for my account music and substitute my pair broken of Sony is in fact years. These are really comfortable for the longest sessions, and a sound is fantastic. Still without a powered the settings are still utmost. Highly recommended if you are serious in your audio!
4 / 5
Crack He Upper audio of the Cup (and are not my prime minister !). Container costaud, fast delivery. That of the happiness. It spends my time for the half Gives vineyards with the zik in his ears...... Excellent !!!
4 / 5
Does not have any complaints in these. I have thought my Bose QC20i earbuds gave his a lot well, but these brining like this more.
Mofi Is big place very comfortable. Pono Player of music together with Mofi builtin the amplifier can touch my music really really strong. Everything touches the rock adds, acoustic, techno and jazz.
4 / 5
Happy Of this compraventa, a material pro, effective, beau, likes truth that I also the AMAZON touches serious edges and his quality in all his properties.
5 / 5
It gives blue Microphones Me he-Fi Kopfh√∂rer sitzt beim Auspacken in einer edlen Kubus-f√∂rmigen Verpackung, die bereits gives Auspacken zu einem sinnlichen Vergn√ľgen macht. Unter dem Fu√ü, auf dem sich gives Kopfh√∂rer befindet, versteckt sich dann eine samtene Transporttasche, Die zahlreiches Zubeh√∂r beinhaltet:

Neben dem eigentlichen Me he-Fi ' Kopfh√∂rer finden sich sleeps besagte weiche Pockets has dipped innenliegender Kabel-Pockets, die H√∂rer und alles Zubeh√∂r sicher und gesch√ľtzt aufnimmt, ein 1,2 Metre langes Audio Kabel f√ľr Apple iPhone/iPad, ein 3 Audio of Metre Kabel, ein 1 Metre langes USB-Ladekabel, ein AC Ladeadapter, ein 3,5mm auf 1/4' TRS Adapter, ein Zwei-steckiger Fugzeug-Adapter sowie Garantiekarte und ein kleines Handbuch.

Gives erste Eindruck beim Auspacken Also: Schwer, wertig, edel. Und gleich darauf Quotes Erkenntnis, dass has given Schwere auch auf dem Kopf getragen werden muss. Beim ersten Aufsetzen merkt Man dann auch gives Gewicht von fast einem halben Kilo, au√üerdem sitzen dies Ohrmuscheln fast schon zu eng are Kopf ' etwas Erleichterung verschafft gives Drehrad one gives Oberseite, √ľber gives the man gives Abstand reguliert. Die Ohrmuscheln umschlie√üen die Ohren ganz, und pl√∂tzlich nimmt quotes Ger√§uschkulisse von au√üen ab. Man f√ľhlt sich wie in dicker Watte verpackt ' ein recht positiver Eindruck.

Nach Gives vollmundigen Beschreibung Gives Herstellers, dass give me he-Fi gives erste Kopfh√∂rer knows, give 'einen integrierten benutzerdefinierbaren audiophilen Verst√§rker has dipped einem wahnsinnig gut klingenden Treiber f√ľr ein wahrhaftig atemberaubendes Klangerlebnis kombiniere' und dass Give he-Fi dank gives 'hochwertigen Salvation-Fi Soundtreibers und gives perfekt angepassten Verst√§rker ['] given akkurateste Klangwiedergabe, die Sie jemals geh√∂rt haben' habe, sind die Erwartungen one gives Klang recht hoch.

Und tats√§chlich ist Gives His sowohl von meinem iPhone 6 als auch von meiner Sony Stereoanlage extrem gut: kein Klirren, satte B√§sse, feine H√∂hen und insgesamt eine tolle Dynamik kommen sowohl bei Pop/of Rock als auch bei Klassik zoom Tragen ' are His ist nichts auszusetzen, er √ľberzeugt voll und ganz.

Wo Is hingegen etwas auszusetzen gibt, ist give Tragekomfort. Wie bereits geschrieben sind mir Gewicht und Enge Gives H√∂rers deutlich zu einengend ' ein bequemes Tragen √ľber Stunden ist has dipped meinem Dickkopf nicht m√∂glich. Schade! Denn auf His, Haptik und Verarbeitung lass ich nichts kommen ' aber was nutzt give alles, wenn gives Tragekomfort nicht gegeben ist. Und Likes muss ich ein bis zwei Sterne abziehen ' probieren Sie gives H√∂rer also unbedingt one, bevor Sie ihn kaufen.
5 / 5
Give he-Fi kommt In einer sehr chicen und wertigen Verpackung und quotes Verarbeitung ist allererste Qualität.

Bei Gives Bedienung kann Man nicht viel falsch machen: Aufladen, aufsetzen und the geht is.

ABER: Bei mir lag ein Ladeger√§t USB dipped-Anschluss bei, welches auf gives Steckerseite Dies amerikanische hat of Norma. Also zwei flache Metallnasen the lake dipped drin. Ich habe zwar einen Adapter f√ľr solche Zwecke, doch die Metallnasen sind sehr d√ľnn likes dass is stets zu Wackelkontakten kam . Ich habe Give he-Fi dann dipped einem anderen USB-Ladeger√§t aufgeladen.

Quotes Zuf√ľhrung gives Kabels ist link. It gives sich auf dem Me he-Fi keine Hinweise zu Rechts und Links befinden muss man etwas raten... It is liegen zwei Kabel bei: ein eher kurzes has dipped vierpoligem Stecker Smartphone of zoom-Anschluss. Hat bei meinem Samsung S4 tadellos funktioniert, ebenso ist in diesem kurzen Kabel ein Mikro has dipped eingebaut. Wer kann Also plant dem Me he-Fi auch gleich telefonieren.

Dann gibt Is ein langes Kabel In giving klassischen 3-Kontakt-Ausf√ľhrung, gedacht zoom Anschluss a data Stereoanlage. Yesterday liegt denn auch ein sehr wertiger Adapter bei, place dem die 3,5mm-Buchse in eine 6,3mm-Buchse verwandelt werden kann. Ebenso liegt ein Adapter f√ľr gives Einsatz in Flugzeugen bei, ein the adapter dipped zwei Pleasant-Steckern nebeneinander.

Wie schon gesagt, the hat gives Ladeapater-Adapter bei mir gefehlt.

Im Betrieb gibt Is 3 Optionen: 'Aus', dann ist is ein ganz normaler Kopfhörer, gives auch ohne Akku funktioniert, 'Ein', dann ist ein DSP-Soundmodul in Betrieb, gives give Klang beeinfluss und 'Ein+', wo noch eine zusätzliche Record-Verstärkung zoom Einsatz kommt.

Entgegen Gives Beschreibung ist mein Me he-Fi nicht sonderlich laut und er wird auch nicht lauter, wenn Man auf die DSP-Ways umstellt.

Ist Gives Klang schon bei ausgeschaltetem DSP sehr klar und feinzeichnend, nimmt dieser Eindruck beim DSP-Einsatz noch zu. They are Anfang erwartet man vielleicht etwas soyehr', doch gives eigentlich Effekt stellt sich dann ein, wenn the man gives DSP wieder ausschaltet und 'normal' weiterhört. Dann bricht Quotes souveräne Klangbreite etwas ein, is klingt hölzener, platter, einfacher.

Gives Klang als auf einmal v√∂llig anders zu beschreiben w√§re nicht angemessen. vielmehr ist Quotes Klangbeeinflussung like this gew√§hlt, dass sie fast nicht auff√§llt. Doch MIR Faithful auf, dass ich in giving normalen 'Ein'-Stellung gleich sehr lange Musik geh√∂rt habe und mich gar nicht mehr losreisen konnte. AS muss is heart: keine billige Bumm-Bumm-Aufr√ľstung sondern eine sehr intelligent gemachte wirkliche Klangverbesserung.

Gives einzige Grund has dipped dem Musikh√∂ren aufzuh√∂ren ist gives extrem stramme Sitz Gives Kopfh√∂rer. Man kann oben gives Anpressdruck regulieren, aber auch in giving chwach' Place ist gives Druck derma√üen hard, dass man wirklich von Anpressen reden muss und nicht von andr√ľcken.

Hinzu kommt, dass sich gives Druck bei mir auf Quotes Halsschlagader unterhalb gives Ohren ausgewirkt hat, gives given Ohrmuscheln sehr massiv aufgebaut sind. Dabei ist Gives Klang aus meiner Sicht gar nicht Bad Are besten, wenn gives Druck like this hard ist. Wenn Man von the hand gives Druck etwas mildert klingt is sogar NOCH BESSER.

Man k√∂nnte has dipped Kabelbinder give Scherenmechanismus etwas blockieren, doch gives sieht dann nat√ľrlich Sch.. aus.

Was auch schlecht geht ist gives Kopfhörer locker one gives Hals zu legen, wenn man gerade nicht hören möchte. It gives Druck ist Like this hard, dass man Schluckbeschwerden bekommt..

Vom Draws his ist gives H√∂rer nat√ľrlich give Hingucker, ist is doch fast schon ein Exo-Skelet place wirklich innovativem Aussehen. Von Gives Funktion ist Gives Creation nicht unbedingt eine Hilfe.

Damage Entwicklern knows Also innerlichst years Herz gelegt, die Einstellmöglichkeiten in Richtung WENIGER DRUCK zu erweitern - dann hätte gives Hörer eine gute zoom of Regime Renner zu werden.
5 / 5
Im Lieferumfang Gives recht großen Box befindet sich zoom einen gives wertig präsentierte Me he-Fi Kopfhörer selbst und in giving Schale darunter
eine Pockets, die Zubehör unterbringt:
1 x 1,2 Metre langes Audio Kabel f√ľr Apple
1 x 3 Audio of Metre Kabel
1 x 1 USB of Metre-Ladekabel (f√ľr gives integrierten Akku)
2 x Adaptadora diverse u.un. auch f√ľr Flugzeug (sehr Gut!)
1 x Garantiekarte
1 x Handbuch

Alles macht einen sehr soliden und hochwertigen Eindruck. Angefangen beim Kopfh√∂rer selbst, gives In einem wundersch√∂nen Retro-Look daherkommt (sicherlich Geschmackssache). Die Polster sind sehr massiv und weich und beim ersten Aufsetzen sp√ľrt the man gives Gewicht dank gives sehr guten Polsterung, auch oben are Kopf, kaum. It gives Kopfh√∂rer l√§√üt sich √ľbrigens individuell In giving Festigkeit / Andruck anpassen, ich wei√ü nicht, ob gives einigen Rezensenten yesterday entgangen ist, weil gives Tragekomfort like bem√§ngelt wird?! Also ich mu√ü sagen aufgrund gives Gewichtes w√ľrde ich ihn jetzt auch nicht 5-6 Stunden follows St√ľck tragen wollen, aber von Kopfschmerzen oder √§hnlichen Beeintr√§chtigungen habe ich nach 2 Stunden nichts bemerkt. Evtl. variieren Yesterday Die Einzelerfahrungen nat√ľrlich I nach Kopfform oder Empfindlichkeit
Besonders gefallen hat mir, da√ü like this gut wie nichts vom His nach drau√üen dringt. Man kennt gives ja von lauter Musik gives √Ėffis z.B. It gives h√∂rt Man trotz Kopfh√∂rer beim Nebenmann noch gut alles has dipped. Ist ier nicht Then , sie sind sehr gut abgeschirmt.

Unter Damage Kopfhörern geht is dann aber rund. 'Hören Sie, Was Sie bislang verpasst haben' ist gives Werbespruch und er verspricht in giving Tat nicht zu viel. Nach ein paar Hörproben In CD-Qualität war ich baff und erstaunt, aber selbst Mp3 klingt sehr viel besser, als gewohnt. Ich ging zu meiner Frau, Given in Audiodingen sehr bewandert ist und frage sie, was ich denn gives plötzlich auf einer bestimmten Focuses CD höre und sie meinte: Ja klar, gives the hat gives und give Typ abgemischt, hört man yesterday richtig genial heraus. Ist schwer zu beschreiben, give His klingt räumlicher, volumiger und 3D one is bad place meinen einfachen Worten zu beschreiben. Reign Höhen und dunkle Tiefen in einem bisher nicht gekannten Klangspektrum.
Bei weiteren Alben probierte ich dann Gives analogen integrierten Verst√§rker aus (gives mu√ü dann √ľber akku aufgeladen werden) und Hat neben gives normalen Stoves noch einen Grave extras. Kann Man nehmen, wird dann aber doch schon sehr wuchtig und basslastig. In giving nromalen tall Stoves give Verst√§rker aber dann noch einen drauf ich cube vor lauter Aufregung und Faszination durch quotes Wohnung gelaufen.
Was man kritisieren kann: it Gives Kopfh√∂rer ist zu wuchtig und unpraktisch f√ľr unterwegs , man braucht quickly a lot eigene Pockets, wenn man ihn nicht auf dem Kopf tr√§gt. One Gives Hals kann Man ihn sich auch nicht legen, die dicken Polster sind zu wuchtig und engen ein.
Ansonsten perfekt
5 / 5
Has received these headphones around December of 2016, a first pair amp has not done. So with which process of turn 1 I was impressed really with a service and quality of sound. It was lucky to purchase one 2 slowly of year partorisca protect peripheral because in July of 2018 after being used a lot seldom and rested in the pertinent headphone stand, an upper entirely the pauses was when I goes partorisca dip them on. They are clueless like this to it partorisca think when looks and see that some the components confine are resisted in fact together using tape partorisca mask... As I have continued to use some headphones partorisca an hour after and law well until the week later when some swipes of sinister ear was and does the terrible screeching his that has broken my listened partorisca a next hour. I possess 3 blue products and are the big defender of a company, but partorisca $ 250-300 this receiver is so only terrible. So only it gives to 2nd star been due to a quality of the his amazing and service of good turn, the wait neither can take the substitution or some risarcimento reason are now I so only can listen of the small pair of desk speakers to modify, and gaming.
5 / 5
Ossia A second time that has to that order these headphones. A first time that has ordered these headphones are gone in poor condition . It does not import the pocolos scratches and dents while they do not interrupt a quality of a sound... This in spite of some Scratches and the dents have affected highly a quality of some headphones. They are returned to think perhaps the deception/ of company of meso of costruttore in sending these in headphones of poor condition. I order the second pair, a second pair gone in still again are terrible form . Some courses of music in and was, some auricular is still another streaky time and dented. They do not return a description. I will be to return these headphones still again, squandering my time in that I has thought would be the addition of product adds my collection to grow of headphones.
5 / 5
These headphones are STRONG! Ossia A thing can say for them. Another thing can say is that they are quite good. Has no to found them like this revolutionary like his PR said would be. Has the pair of Sennheiser HD600s, and touch quite looked in of the comparable volumes, which is the compliment.

Is using The portable device with anaemic headphone is exited that level of products of low volume to really good but telephones of low efficiency, these go to be utmost for you. You can, and it has to that, turn down a volume in your player and leave some amplifiers in these telephones do a heavy lifting. In theory, the volume the low plus in the portable player would owe that produce less sprain that it having has turned all a way up. I have found my diverse portable players could produce enough volume to drive some telephones in of the decent volumes with a amps has turned was. I can not say that I have relieved the noticeable improves in quality of his withe the volume dips lower and a amps has turned on.

Like the final test, rasgó the CD a lot the ALAC and has looked for to listen to these telephones in the iPhone new. To good sure could listen an improvement in a version of Mp3 there was rasgado sooner. I then listened to a material has better had manually, using so much my Headroom amp and NAD player of CD to one Me he-Fi telephones. I have had to that turn a Headroom almost all a way down to maintain a reasonable volume. A sound was in a same like ALAC version, although a phase of sound was slightly better defined in a version of DIRECT CD.

Will be to take a Pono the player has to that it does not look never, and this will be this in spite of another test to see the one who these telephones can do with HD material of sound. But for now, it would say that these headphones are like this as well as other telephones of big quality, like mine Sennheisers, but to the whole plot stronger and heavier.

Need of the levels of pressure of his extras with low sprain, these are some telephones for you. If calm already have auricular really well, will not find these to be any better.
5 / 5
Has thinks that has had enough everything of my precise receiver cover to the equal that possess a Sennheiser HD-650, Bose QC20i, and a B&W P5 and P7. With an exception of a Sennheiser HD-650 some other headphones were utmost for mobile use. The meaning would be to use his in an office, a tent of caffè, or flying commercial airlines. When I have seen these internally have amplified auricular and only creation has them so only has had to give the try.

Has been surprised that adds these touched with mine IOS devices (Air of iPad and iPhone 5s). A sound gives is rich and full, but a lot overwhelms it . It supposes it it would not appeal to that is of a eschool of his plan'. They are not of the analytical. I compare him to the a lot analog sound verging in an almost to to the tube likes him the sound, but very still responsive.

Like this probably know a lot audiophiles amplify his mobile devices with outsides/outboard amplifiers and DAC is. I have gone that the subjects done some years with the player of PORTABLE CD much less (Headroom rigs of Headphones). This in spite of, has included some solutions some modern more a lot at present mine of appeal. A spiegamento and spend requirements for every day the mobile use is so only bit it too intimidating, has left so only a cost likewise of external mobile solutions main finals.

With mine IOS the devices used mainly with in an amplifier 'On' dipped. I have not used a 'On+' place a lot like this did not think it has been required. It suspects that it can have some types of music that this would benefit. It liked a 'On+' with of some music of Acoustic Alchemy. But in general I have maintained a 'On' dipped at stake.

Also likes me that a lows, mid-row, and highs is everything clearly listened in the very balanced presentation. A music does not step in a vocals. He all blends amiably. They are class of the phase of his freak and has found that while well it thinks that a phase of his wider east in mine P7 receiver, and certainly wider in mine HD-650. Then again the experts say me concealed the headphones 'closed' is always a bit soundstage has defied.

A prevail really unexpected is that this headphone has touched adds with mine desk amplifier and DAC rigs while listening to tunes of mine iMac. In fact this has done a compraventa of this receiver even more in satisfactory. You are Blue is pressing these like this the mobile solution, but has he desk the calm rigs also could be surprised that well these stairs of headphones up in his with some interiors headphone the amplifier was. A creation of the engine in these beat him has paid really was!

In that said the one who have to be careful operating these headphones. You want to gone back of an amplifier when plugging and unplugging them of your source. Ossia Was of common sense . But it is easy to forget if yours has used to a simple canal of headphones/earbuds to mobile device.

The access and he look of arrival well for a prize. It would like to have an amplifier changes more articulated.

Wish some tampons of ear have had the skin or velour option. A foam by heart 'pleather' is comfortable while it calms is not enmedio hot. A foam by heart and enclosed headphone creation passively maintain an external sound down. Any Bose likes the reduction of electronic noise is going in with these headphones. Of the excellent sound that maintains a reduction of the electronic noise out of a mix is probably the good thing.

A lot has done commentary in a weight of these headphones. Yes, they are quite substantial in creation and weight. But I spent him for until four hours without discomfort. Some armours like the utmost adjustments once you dial the in. It has taken the little discomfort of jaw until I regulated them correctly. I am expecting that a stock exchange distributed with swallowing them on way that has them has dipped. Otherwise Will be dialing in a perfect apt every time take them out of a stock exchange.

I like a fact that a headphone the amplifier with the turn was when calm pulls them was your boss. I have been disappointed that it had built any in microphone for use of iPhone. Also it felt that a car was the characteristic would have to that communicate with a IOS device to take that touches a music. Perhaps ossia to plot to ask . I have thought a round inline control in a headphone the boss was hard to the use has gone like this among my toes.

Some connections of proprietary boss concern me . If you lose some yours the accessories will not find the Radio Shack or More Buy rescue. Some accessories have distributed is a lot well has thought was. A short boss for cellular and a the long cord for desk the rigs are distributed. How it is an adapter of mini-cover to the plenary sized amplifier. This in spite of the also is proprietary like axial in a plugin is one the plus along has not seen never.

Likes to see some big final, third options of boss of the party. Bosses of blue Moon for the product done for another costruttore has called Blue would be sweet! Blue in Blue ;) Well if this raisin to the sinister attended an esoteric boss does not cost so as a headphone.

Blue prime minister headphone test ossia a lot so only and an extraordinary piece of crew. I have read in an Internet has another plus 'professional a six month was. If ossia true More the certainly be line the audition a.

Could give one Me he-Fi 4.5 stars in place of 4 accident . Any critic there is voiced here is smaller considering of the which have fulfilled. For a prize thinks that that these headphones treat far more utmost that would expect. When You it the factor in some headphones comprises the built-in amplifier $ is very reasonable, and perhaps @subjects if your ready to burst $ 300+ headphones of paralizaciones in a first place.
5 / 5
Has has listened often the people say like the pair of headphones gave them an experience to listen things in a music that had not listened never first that. I had it that has not experienced never that up to now, in spite of purchasing and auditioning the number of headphones of big final on some years. They are the believer in firm pause in the together new of headphones for at least 50 hours before they approach his true potential, but these have touched absolutely amazing right out of a box. A full row of his this like this open, full and cleaned. They are the bassist , as I prefer the sound of the strongest basses. Still in a setting of aggregated bass, a full spectre of rests of the his fully present and cleaned. Any muddieness anything. Some bass is strong and clear without overpowering a mids and highs. I have it that has not listened never to the to anything likes before, and has been listening to of headphones of qualities for on 30 years. Yes, they are the little in a heavy side as it would not take him jogging. But for the big quality that listens, would have the hard time that finds the place fines plus of headphones. Hardly I can expect until the mine is broken fully in.
4 / 5
Man, has had to that weaves of headphones. AKG, IEMs, gaming headsets, Regular crusher wireless headphones.. But any of them his as well as these. Wow. I am impressed.
Well, mine BGVP DMS iem the sound that surprised too much.. I love these things also. But man, these Blues? It is LIKE THIS GOOD. Attentive bass , well without being overbearing.. And I have read some revise concealed has said squeezed it that boss of people, but a lot here. And my boss is enormous.
4 / 5
Before we take to anything more, to the left is to take a big elephant in a room out of a way. These headphones weigh in the pound, and honradamente to good sure seat it. I suffer headaches and aches of with the and for some premiers few days these things honradamente he worse. This in spite of, with which some premiers few days, among my boss that takes used to them and some headphones that relax with which some use all has begun to feel quite natural.

A pros is a wonderfully adjustable creation, a heavy cushioning, and of course a built in amp. This is not my first blue product, usually covers my headphones by means of a Yeti which comes with still like this another headphone amp. Mina yeti in fact usually spends for still another headphone amp that use for quickly be able to exchange among listening devices. Needless To say, has does not have to that never use a amp in a computer, but in my mobile devices can do a world of difference.

Another then a weight, a negatives mostly is considering some agreements. While no of terrible quality, is yours the coating regulates that it tends to deteriorate. While I have not had any rasga still, has been forced to do extra attentively when managing them. Another worry of entity is that, the different a lot of headphones with removable agreements have used before, does not close to a jack so it has fallen was during my use. Finally, and ossia quite smaller for more than people, an entrance to touch for a amp is awkwardly has situated. It is hard to find the way to comfortably be able of the touch.
5 / 5
Quality of his stunning. I comfort The little compromised for form of the ear that cushions.
4 / 5
Lovely object, the sound adds. That can be bit it sticky in hot time! My arms of glasses can go in a way!
5 / 5
Has not been where partorisca begin these headphones. It leaves partorisca begin with a packaging, is very very presented and is quite snug in a box as it does not move around too so it will not suffer harm in traffic, which well is considering a prize of them.


is quality a lot well is good to have two different period with habladuría of control, which is an only small niggle have with them. A habladuría to control that is the big in a boss. In all the chance his both am utmost and returns well in a majority of devices, and is also good to have the 1/4' adapter to connect my hifi setup. A pouch like the aces with them is lovely a alcantara material of type with the pocket inside a stock exchange.


is a lot of sturdy. Any same was the one who would have to try and break these. There is slightly weighty but with which having these for almost the month now has used to a weight. For comparison, first Beaten of generation for Dre the studios weigh 265g these weigh in in 478g. A quantity of pressure applies this in spite of a lovely and plush cups of ear. An adjustable pressure in a cup is useful as it type preferably has. As they generate to focus very tight against your boss there is not very a lot if any at all, evasion of his that it is well. A mechanism of connection that an use of headphones is very a lot of engineered. For the person the one who has taken averts cars of industrial press. These are solidly together places. An only plastic in some headphones is some ashes of rear sections of the, cups of ear, has included concealed feels big quality and no economic at all.

Some auricular mine that shine of look, as any any one a look of a Suzuki Hayabusa east appeals so much. Calm can take some the odd looks walks around has been with them, but there purposes of the soul is not really hinged the portability. A look of metal adds with one contrasts of a plastic


A real reason calm reason for these headphones are been due to there of sonic action. When Have in the first place received these headphones and listened to some music of mine iPhone. I can say with confidence it was the little disappointed with as it has touched, included with a amp has touched in full seeds in a mids, and was clear, but there was almost any tomb, included with a amp on+ there was basically at all down down. More a amp has not done a volume a lot loader he at all.
Now this in spite of with which almost the month of use and that burns in dulcemente, has on open of massive. Now a mids is clear, detailed and full, a highs is also glorious without sibilance to my ears. Where Likes lows has very deep and thickness, any boomy or muddy, clear and punchy, ESPECIALLY with a amp up+ of way. A amp now augments a volume for roughly 2-3 click in mine Macbook Pro to Retina likes the test that burn in fact. Compared to the pair of Beaten for Dre Studio, these clobber the in a low end and there is so more clarity in a mid to big final. A amps the hard battery as me anxiety around 10-11 hours. Still with a amp was or the times have run out of juice for a amp and is by train to use them passively which is the characteristic SUM to have touch really good. Perhaps any one the majority of transparent headphone never, but still is faultless. Having used him with the AV auricular and the player of CD sound to surprise well, but these devices have consecrated headphone the circuits that tries more can that the mobile device.


could not recommend thesis more after buying them to look the people have said in youtube, and never, any to see them never has taken one submerges and can not be happier with them. Like utilisation these takes uses of house so only can not comment in that that would be to like the wise portability. But you want calm of fantastic sonic action then promotes you to take these headphones. Ossia One of Blue better products never and is the jump of the entity in a way thinks in headphones. You me discover new parts of music that I never listened before and so only can improve.
4 / 5
Has read moult praise To the sud this helmet and there is doubted long first to take.
Waouh ! S√ļper Box, is that it feigns, this has sent well, he he the packaging is s√ļper !
Has fulfilled lucidos edges, genial diving, all that continues to a helmet to this prize : well isolation and audible quality. At all to redire.
Decide me to declare like this Touches month the usual utilisations is to say listens the musics / films / games
precision : they are of the gender to have a helmet 6/7h of affilées of the sud the boss


To the boss of some hours of utilisations, beginning to feel lucido hanged of the helmet, hastens mine cr√Ęne, ears of month.
Cela Annoy me, me déconcentre, me agace to the point of tall plus.
There is économisé Game the have, loves it, is that it feigns but frustrate me. I say that I am no Normal that has to that be tired.
But day with which resulted of same day, has to Feign to regulate in all his senses, is bel and very heavy, little comfortable with which 1h of utilisation.
Look for A bit everywhere and @give that a lot of internaut that use he to the sud of Source of long periods the same conclusion.
Sure enough his positive opinions are seldom those that do fault quite long.

Is with glorious remorse that sacked it, but to the fin has abhorred, like a the impossible amour.
Two weeks to souffir, and this in spite of is mine 9th helmet. This, and am desolado, Games lucidos the prize is of the m in ergonomie.

Turned me to him fidelio x2 and there has found a paradise of consolation. Desolado The blue microphone but this helmet does not cost the quality of the blue yeti. Goodbye ...
4 / 5
Is really the very good pair of headphones!! They are weighed enough am them fearful ( is construction of full metal ) and does not look quite fresh to your boss to go external with them but they am immense in of the terms of qualities of sound!!An amplifier that has, is really something!!!Especially when you are listening to youtube and an amplifier is in a place 'on or on+', a quality of a sound will be improved in the enormous level and he have turned to be very powerful, the clear crystal and really really strong also (be careful with your really sounds very STRONG after turning in an amplifier)!!! I totally recommended these headphones so that they are listening to plot to youtube and wants to have the sound of big loyalty in his ears !!!
5 / 5
Are extremely disappointed Of this helmet totally insoportable to Porters more than 15 minutes.
Possess : helmet Sony MDR Z 7. Fostex TH 610. Hifiman He 560. Hifiman He 400 I. And it is it Joins true disappointment. The amplification of Games of the experience of edges dédiée interiors. Well it is in his box and and will remain.......
4 / 5
I a t be like this excited in mine on pricey in some products of ear anymore. These so only are that they surprise to be used in home listening the music and looking film in mine portable.

4 beginning to be S√öPER heavy!
5 / 5
Nachdem Give The model soyo-Fi' nicht mehr hergestellt wird und give Modell 'Lola' auch nicht mehr give Aktuellste ist, erschienen auf give letzten the mass given Models postpones' und is'. Beides sehr gute Kopfh√∂rer, keine Frage. Nur dass Give Modell Place 800.- Euro einfach nur jenseits von Gut und B√∂se ist. Und genau Give ist auch give Question von Sadie... Zu teuer f√ľr Give, was geboten wird.

Aber zuerst ein Wort zu Damage Rezensionen, the data gives Kopfh√∂rer als 'zu schwer' beschreiben. Dann kommt jedes Damage (place Ausrufezeichen dahinter...) Die Angabe, dass give KH 480 Gramm wiegt. Knapp ein halbes Kilo. Jeder kann Give Gewicht In giving Produktbeschreibung lesen. Und wenn Give jemandem als zu schwer erscheint, sollte er/sie gar nicht erst bestellen. Aber Give Ding nur zu bestellen one is dann wieder zur√ľckzuschicken und √ľber give Gewicht zu schimpfen, ist nicht nur unfair dem Produkt gegen√ľber, sondern obendrein auch noch dumm.

Aber jetzt zu Give drei Sternen. Denn mehr wird Is - leider - nicht. Ich pers√∂nlich liebe Give me he-Fi von Blue. Die ganze Konstruktion ist innovativ und wirklich einzigartig. Und Sadie geht has given Linie konsequent weiter. W√§hrend Is beim Me he-Fi noch einzelne, gelbe LEDs waren, die bei aktiviertem Verst√§rker leuchteten, ist is given yesterday gesamte Fl√§che give Logos. Sehr Fresh :or) Die Polsterung ist Blue typisch geradezu extrem √ľppig. It gives haben auch Brillentr√§ger keine Probleme, denn die Ohrpolster sind mehr als ausreichend dick. Ganz hervorragend gemacht. Und Give Klang...? Im Has reigned Passiv Modus - Also ohne zugeschalteten Verst√§rker - in the ja, Durchschnitt. Aber sobald The man gives Verst√§rker zuschaltet, wird interessant. Eine solche Aufl√∂sung und detaillierten Klang muss Man erst bad finden. Und wenn Man dann die Bassanhebung aktiviert, machen Clues of Club of the data erst richtig Spa√ü! Wirklich gro√üe Klasse.

Give waren Die positiven Punkte. Jetzt zu Damage - sagen wir bad - nicht ganz Like this guten Aspekten, gives postpone'. Of the Verstellrad bzw. Ein/Aus Schalter f√ľr Give Verst√§rker ist aus Plastik. Und wackelig. Of the Teil, gives man vermutlich are √∂ftesten √ľberhaupt benutzt ist aus Plastik. Wenn alles andere aus Metall gefertigt ist... Any way - nIcht bei dem Preis. Dann ziehen Quotes Federn give seitlichen B√ľgel unterschiedlich hard. Of the bedeutet, man zieht die B√ľgel auif beiden Seiten komplett auf. Setzt Give KH auf give Kopf und l√§sst Given B√ľgel langsam zur√ľck. Dann sitzt Give Teil komplett schief und verzogen auf dem Kopf. Eben, weil Die Federn unterschiedlich ziehen. Und auch Yesterday - nIcht bei dem Preis. Ich habe weiter oben geschrieben: 'Eine solche Aufl√∂sung und detaillierten Klang muss Man erst bad finden.' Of the geht. Zoom Beispiel beim Sony MDR-1000X. Of the ist ein dedizierter Bluetooth KH, gives aber auch dipped Kabel betrieben werden kann. Und Give Klang Give Sony ist durchaus place dem give postpone' zu vergleichen. Nur kann Give auch kabellos betrieben werden, Hat ein ausgezeichnetes the noise that Annuls System und kostet etwa 120.- Euro weniger. Und - neben Give beschriebenen M√§ngeln - ist is eben give Preis, gives mich yesterday drei Sterne vergeben l√§sst. Wenn wenigstens Give Stellrad aus Metall w√§re und Given B√ľgel perfekt balanciert - dann k√∂nnte ich give Preis von ca. 420.- Euro vielleicht noch irgendwo nachvollziehen.

Und Give letzte Punkt - einem KH f√ľr √ľber 400.- Euro wird kein stabiles Chances mitgeliefert. Man bekommt - Achtung! - einen 'hochwertigen' Stoffbeutel dazu. Einen grauen Stoffbeutel. Of the haben Sony und auch Plantronics wesentlich besser gel√∂st. Sowohl Give MDR-1000X als auch give Backbeat Pro 2 (quotes special Edition) kommen place ausgezeichnetem Hardcase. It gives Sony KH kostet momentan ca. 300.- Euro und give Backbeat Pro 2 knapp unter 250.- Euro. Und ein Kopfh√∂rer, gives place √ľber 400.- zu Buche schl√§gt, kommt place einem Stoffbeutel. Ernsthaft...? Alles In allem ist give the Blue microphones postpone' ein ausgezeichneter Kopfh√∂rer. Nur hapert Is gewaltig One gives Endkontrolle und give Zubeh√∂r ist bei dem Preis eine Unversch√§mtheit. Also entweder daf√ľr sorgen, dass wirklich alles passt und give Zubeh√∂r entsprechend hochwertig ist - dann geht give VK in Ordnung. Oder aber alles lassen wie Is ist, dann aber deutlich nach widespread korrigieren. Like this leid is mr call√≥ - aber then , wie sich the data Knows im Moment darstellt, kann ich keine Kaufempfehlung aussprechen.
5 / 5
Kleines Update:
Ich hatte (leider) zwei bad give the question dips has given Kopfh√∂rern, dass nach ca. 1 Jahr Nutzung sich gives 'Druck Mechanismus' selbst hoch hebelt, wodurch Die Kopfh√∂rer nicht mehr ohne ein lautes Knacken zu √∂ffnen sind. Beim ersten ging Is Like this weit, dass sich give obere Teil sogar komplett aufgel√∂st hat. Nach Give zweiten R√ľcksendung habe ich mir andere Kopfh√∂rer bestellt. Ich sch√§tze Harm (bzw. hoffe Is eher), dass dies eine Kinderkrankheit give Kopfh√∂rer ist und give atellite' besser heart wird.

A jetzt Bad f√ľr to the 'neulinge' im Punkt KH klar zu reden, bevor meine Rezension the geht, wenn ihr has given KH kauft, ladet euch auf jeden Fallen euer Lieblingslied oder sogar Lieblingsalbum als FLAC Dateien herunter!!! Mp3 h√∂rt sich leider Gottes dipped denen schlecht a, gives the man is like this sehen kann (auf geometrische Forms gesehen):
FLAC entspricht einem W√ľrfel dipped abgerundeten Ecken und Kanten (also Studio Qualit√§t).
Mp3 hingegen entspricht einer 2nd Fl√§che give W√ľrfels (yesterday wird sehr viel a Qualit√§t genommen, a Quantit√§t zu gew√§hrleisten).
Im heutigen Zeitalter Give Smartphone (128GB, 256GB Speicherkapazität) finde ich, kann Man auf jeden Fallen auf FLAC umsteigen! :)
Nun zur eigentlichen Rezension:

Nun einmal eine lange aber sehr ausf√ľhrliche (nach meinen Erfahrungen) Rezension. Wer sie liest, Hat denke ich bad einen deutlich besseren Eindruck von dem Me he-Fi. ;)
Ich nutzte nun seit Jahren als Kopfh√∂rer Harm Beats Studio (seit give v2.0 drau√üen ist Give), gives dieser einen Verst√§rker in sich hat und die Umgebungsger√§usche (Stra√üenbahn) eigentlich komplett unterdr√ľckt. It gives ich nun bad bessere Kopfh√∂rer gesucht habe (ich habe vieles ausprobiert) fand ich einfach nichts besseres als Beaten of data. Bis jetzt! It was ich h√∂re ist haupts√§chlich Metal, wo zoom einen die Tiefen (Record) und zoom anderen auch die H√∂hen (Gitarren) durchkommen m√ľssen. Of the the question gives meisten Kopfh√∂rer war einfach, dass has given nur EINES von beidem gut dargestellt haben. I give he-Fi hingegen bringt beides In einer meiner Meinung nach sehr guten Klangqualit√§t wieder. Die Tiefen dr√∂hnen nicht und H√∂hen kr√§chzen nicht. Nun Gut, Die Abschirmung in giving Stra√üenbahn ist zwar nicht like this hard (in beide Richtungen, also f√ľr mich und nach au√üen) wie bei give Beaten (die haben immerhin eine Software daf√ľr eingebaut) aber dar√ľber kann man bei give Qualit√§t auf jeden Fallen hinweg sehen.
Give einen Stern Abzug muss ich, ich wei√ü nicht ob is nun nur bei mir ist, f√ľr give Komfort abziehen, gives sie bei mir nach ca. 4 Stunden tragen auf Given Ohren dr√ľcken (ich habe give Druck auf Minimum). Trotzdem nutze ich sie lieber als meine Beaten. It gives gr√∂√üte Grund daf√ľr ist folgender:
Ich habe mir Bad Test weise ein Lied von Rammstein (Waidmanns Heil) als FLAC Dated heruntergeladen und dipped einer Mp3 verglichen (sowohl bei Me he-Fi als auch bei Beaten). Bei Harm Beats kam give Unterschied nicht like this deutlich her√ľber wie bei dem Me he-Fi! Bei dem Me He-Fi konnte Man bei genauem hinh√∂ren give die of Mp3 chlechte' Soundqualit√§t heraus h√∂ren (Tiefen dr√∂hnen ein wenig und H√∂hen klirren ein wenig).
Mein Question jetzt ist, dass mein iPhone keinen Speicherplatz mehr hat, damit ich nur noch FLAC hören kann... Heißt Also als nächstes neues iPhone dips mehr Speicher kaufen! :)
4 / 5
Ich habe Given Kopfh√∂rer mehr als 2 Wochen intensiv getestet - given Qualit√§t ist sehr sehr gut, die Verarbeitung, gives Creation. Aber leider bekomme ich nach ein paar Stunden (Cube Musiker) Kopfschmerzen, obwohl ich √ľberhaupt nicht anf√§llig daf√ľr cube. Kopfh√∂rer ab, Kopfschmerzen weg. Musste ich leider zur√ľckschicken Quotes h√ľbschen :'-(