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Top Customer Reviews: BELKIN F2N028b10 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
4 / 5
Boss of good quality. So only it has taken the new screen and returns perfectly. No the economic flimsy class of boss
5 / 5
This product is very better that a an I bought partorisca £ in January, which there has been the very poor pixel the quality and some colours were very limited. I have been using this goodness partorisca the pair of weeks now and has not had any question. A colour and the quality of pixel is perfect how is a goodness he, does not have the 'plastic memory' as it can be twisted the different way and does not resist or try turn to like this was. More, was so only the fiver. Calm can any gone bad with this goodness
4 / 5
says on has beaten.

Partorisca An only purpose there has been partorisca this boss has done perfectly and without subjects. Have Little to any experience with any one another VGA bosses as well as said could very a lot of be seen so that the be biased. This in spite of, he he VGA boss a regime of a box.

There is remarked some 'jitter' in a screen in some peripheral points A right and sinister corner lower but this could have very a lot be my graphic paper or has included some engine powering the. As I have used so only a boss for approx. 10 hours; I have not gone too concerned roughly that finds the solution to this question.
5 / 5
A work to link computer to control, the good quality bit it to him rigid.
4 / 5
Using this boss, volume 'boss of video of the controlled look when my monitor of PC goes to sleep. Some work to control well, but takings that message because a connector is not populated fully with bosses for cheapness.
4 / 5
Has bought this because of his low prizes. The utilisation to connect my laptop to a LCD TV (Samsung 100 Mhz) has taken also has loaned the goodness of the type in ours The DEPARTMENT to compare.

Any way, is GOOD but so only. Some pictures are defintely no like this treble to the equal that would owe that be. I have not seen the plot of ghosting taste described by an another like this far! I have used a goodness of monitor of the ours L the type and this was the better plot. I require to discover that it marks is his.
5 / 5
Pal vga out of my laptop or TAB to a TV with the VGA port of entrance. It looks reasonable robust and of good quality.
4 / 5
A boss has arrived punctually and has done perfectly. The alike bosses have bought elswhere would be cost two or three times so many.
5 / 5
15m the boss arrived like him 3 boss of metre. Any one has impressed. Now the click in some links of product of history of mandate and has transmission to 3m.
4 / 5
A connection does not connect well to a computer and of the falls was frequently. Some needs to annex partorisca be looked in in detail more add partorisca ensure compatibility.
5 / 5
Looked for A Terrace VGA and this the mine there is fully satisfied!! It does Sweat to have to, è simple Gives used and resistant. Qualit&Worsens; / optimum price. The he have to use For a monitor HD è better has bought one undermine HDMI or any one have he starts spend some solder in più and bought a VGA with him golden starts (gold tot carats) for a better transmission.
5 / 5
It has wanted to add that the Boss is of a lot of quality, partorisca the prize that has. It has bought other alike bosses and for an alike prize that edges really 'TOY of UN' when comparing them with east.

Regarding the time of delivery, glorious.
4 / 5
Lucido The boss has arrived in black, no of question, is well has required that any colour can not be guaranteeed partorisca the advance.
Alive of serrage is very conceived, more along and adapted to a serrage to the main.
The chip is of exemplary quality, the plastic is perfectly moulé.

At present connecté the sud has joined AMD R5450 (HD5450) and a HP w2216v, any question of bookmark to having relieved, the screen this have aforado with joined Colormunki Photo and mine of(94) the average is inferior to 1, mine of(94) max is down 1.5 and mine of(94) the ash is down 1.
Is likes boss that lucida work.
5 / 5
Is a Sin of boss apantallar, but work to perfection, and for an unbeatable prize. It is a Sin of boss apantallar, but work to perfection, and for an unbeatable prize.
5 / 5
Any one does correctly the into use prolonged screen for the computer. They appear interferences of usual form that disappears when changing the Boss
5 / 5
good boss VGA, resistant, durable (4 years!). His stir are easier to lived that his stir usual give bosses VGA. I recommend!
4 / 5
Very Finalised and good operation, little more than saying of a boss of boss of boss of boss of boss of boss of boss of boss of boss
4 / 5
Fulfils the expectations correctactamente. I use it partorisca see the PC in the television and sees perfectly. I recommend it The all that requires this boss.
5 / 5
Glorious to connect the PC to the TV, gives a lot of ñto the, his measure and sufficient quality; the prize is well.
4 / 5
A Boss más with a longitude of the normal partorisca when failure. It fulfils The the perfección. It is a Simple and necessary product .
5 / 5
The boss has bought the games have connected my netbook to the TV, filled very well his function, has completed my installation with a boss jack and everything is perfect!!
5 / 5
Perfectly Satisfied &worsens; the Description.

The lives of the fixation is solid, all that lucido boss in him same, and his brooches.

At all Of loss of qualité malgrès the longitude, lucido edge any torsade , and his boss in plastic mou leave alive of not forcing and équickly it breaks it.
4 / 5
I produced is of bad quality, lucido the boss no always, am disappointed and would have of the choose another product
4 / 5
has arrived in black,

and is a lot well, these leaves partorisca look his divx with his subhead of vlc example of pair
or of visionner his photos vacacionales with the better quality has joined that his visionneuses integrated to the TV HD
5 / 5
Désign, enough long, he the the air costaud.
Goes to do fault play connecté a second screen to my pc portable of agency of where the importance to be quite long!
5 / 5
All the works perfectly, no Of loss of contact, súper games to do of the pc to the screen especially touches his formadores adults of games.
4 / 5
At all Of negative to signal produced and totally according to the month expects. I am satisfied and recommend this product
4 / 5
To the branchement Of this Boss, the resolution is revised automatically to the decrease, with utilisation of policemen of earthy characters (touches his icones, especially)

does not recommend !
4 / 5
Lucido The boss does not have to that quality very good.
Is a lot of Fin when in desembala in the l impression that the one of the interior of plastic paper.
But Touches lucido prize and touches the function that goes partorisca fill is perfect (of the recorder to the monitor of camera of surveillance)
4 / 5
good boss but leaves this in spite of any feeling of flou to the screen
harm but very seen the longitude in VGA...
Does not complain spent of mine, Doubted a bit to the sud of the 1920x1080
5 / 5
Difficult to give give detail to the sud a basic product, leaves and in at all can ask besides... Stop :-)
4 / 5
product a lot well any question Of good manufacture and of very of confidence although it was has done in china :( . It produces arrived his time according to my continue and commission.
5 / 5
Bridges +
took that it interest
this that on answered of him
But and the t he true another has chosen to expect...?

Points -
Serrage malaisé
4 / 5
asks A lot well , has takes joins pair of incidents that when I substitute a boss vga blue pair this boss , my screen no longer is fully indistinta , lacking reboot the pc. If any at all to to another likes him the defect.
5 / 5
Good quality. Had surely some roughly Leaves, but lucido time of cachear... Any still have comprised reason His bosses VGA was yes raides.
5 / 5
This product Embezzles a very well reward of quality of the Rapport , is simple the installer and joins good quality in importing
produced quite rid quickly
5 / 5
boss belkin pro of three good quality a lot to the sud his worry connectiques, fast delivery and has cured
recommend his enclosed eyes!!!! Further of a sacrifice of prize!
4 / 5
Boss a lot well with the good dimension has joined that leave to connect mine ebook my TV. Small prize, recommends.

Top Customer Reviews: Belkin F3G006-01 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
5 star! Ossia Perfect if any need the separate screen. It is it nails it urban corridor of stock exchange and needs partorisca share with the information of clients is seeing together. They are a lot please with a quality and rid as it has promised. To good sure would buy again. It recommends, you can buy with confidence.
5 / 5
This fact partorisca me. It had used he in a backside of the mine Mac Pro Turn, until I have discovered the DVI outlet in a backside and has begun partorisca use DVI and has discovered my old-pupil Sony the monitor there has been DVI on he also ;-P But this fact and is quite good.
5 / 5
Is And spiltter is rubbishes. A prime minister an I oredered is not exited of a box, as I have asked the substitution, which have sent. I have taken one 2nd an and that one had died also. Finalising that paid for 2 of these things and neither of his work. Please does not spend your money in this worthless cord.
5 / 5
The unit has not been able to do a work has asked. It had used your help/of email but a lot so only does not take support in 48hrs, but has taken any response at all.
5 / 5
Is a lot can not use with two sources without interference to the equal that have thought. I will owe that try something more
4 / 5
Spent and go. These produced is easy to use and the law adds. I used it to use my big flat screen like the monitor of computer.
4 / 5
Spent and go!
Has bought he the month for my TV of new dad. Still it knows that to do to develop his monitor to a nnew 48 TV of thumb. lol
The nave adds , quickly, has taken so only 3 days with which shabby.

Top Customer Reviews: Belkin VGA to 2X ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
4 / 5
Any a lot of partorisca say. The small device adds that it duplicates any screen. Beware, If the the zoom in a screen, unplugs all and covers a screen where was a first zoom, once is doing, covers a second a. Also he sure yours the graphic paper is quite strong. Hope This can help!
5 / 5
No for me because sometimes it can not relieve any LCD monitor or relieves so only one of some two LCD monitors after several reboots of my computer.
5 / 5
Had asked annulment. Receipt of wrong product on 27 th contained and big box was 3 small tents for girls..
4 / 5
My life of music-the partner was very pleased when I have purchased these for his studio. It connected him immediately and a transmission is resolute with the strong byline. I am pleased with a delivery also: quickly, packaged sucurely and an element was reasonably prize.
5 / 5
Has has caused bars of contrast of horizontal rolling, any terrible but I need to unplug another monitor for them to go was. It acts this in spite of
4 / 5
have so only a qualm with this element. Continuous in another together of bosses , as some rays do not have any die to ray to . Another that ossia the very quickly and easy way to send video to another monitor.
5 / 5
This does exactly that is to draw to do. Just note that will send it a same signal to both monitor.
5 / 5
In spite of a description, this element does not extend an exposure. A computer can not send 2 exposures out of a same port
5 / 5
has had a product for more than the month now and is doing like the field. I used it to duplicate my monitor of camera, of a room to another.
4 / 5
It has not done among a control and TV. He picture of only show on one or another - no both.
4 / 5
Will not extend an exposure. Experience so only for this reason and has taken them disappointed and is returned a product. It could be useful needs two identical view of your exposure (mirrored any widespread)
4 / 5
does not buy this plan of product extends exposures - is so only able of mirroring, included although Belkin has said would be to update the he almost done the year.
5 / 5
I do in the restaurant feeds quickly... Buying the crew partorisca our system of the exposure of the cookery can be extremely expensive, using the VGA splitter to mirror another monitor is effective side . Work and takes a work done b/c is so only mirroring text. It would not advise you are showing the regular computer, so only of a text the only screens can say some fuzziness and brightness/contracts any I so that it adds.
4 / 5
Has done both of monitors blurry has to that way that be of more Buy and has paid the main plot of the prize, but at least a one of Better Buy works! It does not squander your money is!
5 / 5
Has bought are rigs partorisca bend mirror my monitor of the camera of the security feeds as without @@subject. One 2nd/new monitor the adjustment has required likes the frame was way has been the centre but I can not confirm if this was the subject pre-existing with a monitor, or yes partorisca some reason this splitter has caused an image partorisca project in this way. It was easily fixable with some keys partorisca control as no a subject. I remark a picture is quell'has bitten darker this in spite of can not say is had to specifically to this splitter, or that more period of VGA is comprised now in a current that causes degredation.
5 / 5
Stupid product, reason any one needs this. I have comprised bad a product.

Top Customer Reviews: Belkin USB-C to VGA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
5 / 5
Any compatible with the majority of PC
Controls Belkin place of web partorisca details
4 / 5
Swimming a lot of to say another those who is done without subjects. Utilisation likes him an adapter to the equal that can connect my Mac I pound Pro to the monitor partorisca have two screens.
5 / 5
Brilliant works perfectly, has had these takes a lot of month now and give me an use of as monitor of a backside of the mine iMac.
5 / 5
Works to the equal that has expected to leave me partorisca connect one that exists VGA monitor.
4 / 5
Laws well with some new Macbook Pro - any complaint
4 / 5
Works perfectly with my MacBook Pro and the myriad of screens.
4 / 5
Being A happy possessore of the new MacBook Pro 15' with bar partorisca Touch and having urgent requirements has given proiettare the sound has given a proiettore, my sleep found the fin gives suffered the hovered that his Amazon a adattatore Usb c - VGA in the terracing has given to satisfy lucida crumb requirements, perché sincerely any mine has walked has given to spend 40 € all'Apple Tende. After having tried that His Amazon very 3 adattatori has the data leaves diverse, mine was resignado almost bought it the original of the Apple, perché any was compatible with him MacBook Pro (any bed recognised). Walking to the sud situated of the Apple to purchase the original and have seen that it was of the Belkin, then dope a small investigation his Amazon have found it ad a decisively better price, cioè €24,99. Practically the same The that sold in the sito Apple, he only the thing has varied die è it dyes black and the written Belkin. You grieve attacked He MacBook Pro there is recognised suffered Controls connected with the maximum resolution the same the that declared, cioè 1920x1080. I have tried it also with a proiettore and everything works was big.
Like this as Seven has given happy possessori has given a MacBook Pro with Bar to touch and do not want to spend figure folli for a adattatore Apple, has seen together animadamente this adattatore Usb c - VGA, that was a lot of è practically the same sold give Apple my ad an inferior price.

- Small And compact
- perfect aesthetic Finishing
- Optimum qualit&worsens;
- Compatible with MacBook pro 15' 2016 with bar to touch

- Any

Thank you coming always Amazon of ad for the seriet&worsens; and the velocit&worsens; that each goes back shows.
5 / 5
Is the better alternative to the Original adapter of Apple. Work perfectly with the Sweep of models to touch of the Macbook Pro 2017. If Any one needs the port additional USB of the adapter of Apple, calm here the a product that cost less than the half and fulfils perfectly his function.
5 / 5
A product has not done for me, a vendor (Vaibhav of Puna Companies) took it behind and refunded of the money
4 / 5
Excellent adapter, for his quality in the material, resupplies an excellent and totally compatible image with MacBook
5 / 5
Received it today. They are able to connect to mine old monitor with a boss. But it is too free (of USB-c viril the female) so that I am returning he for a substitution to take one which is tight in a port.
5 / 5
Questions His PC, sud my Intel NUC is not compatible, often has not arrived signal to the monitor, needs scollegarlo and ricollegarlo the broth. His Windows 10 CULO does not recognise and has seen dream questions has engine of date. Any one exist the engine gives part of the costruttore. Sin because Coming material has given construction is a lot of cost and has had the habit of.
4 / 5
Operation of first, sinned questions.
Marcos of confidence
small and handy Device.
5 / 5
Ich hab mir mehrere verschiedene Adapter gekauft, keiner hat funktioniert. Dieser von Belkin jedoch funktioniert problemlos, einfach angesteckt und schon funktioniert alles.

Ich benutze ein Dell XPS 13 (9360) place Ubuntu .
4 / 5
It fulfils with the specified The very good prize, any one heats at all. The image in the screen is stable and of good quality. Happy with the cost.
4 / 5
More expensive That another. True. But this does not fail . 100 of confidence. It is the difference among a good product and another that his only baza is the prize.
4 / 5
Connected To the mine iMac with a perfect TV Operation
4 / 5
produces Very good. Solid. Lately all this small dongles has bought is in decline an after another. Economic products. Hopefully Will last the long time.
5 / 5
To the equal that has announced. Petit, light and works. A lot resembled another dongles and Bellini is the mark that am satisfied with.
4 / 5
The conversor do a lot well, any one has any question.
4 / 5
Does a lot well, that in these devices is a lot say. A lot recommended.
5 / 5
Until the moment fulfils perfectly with his function. I am using He For the new macbook pro (2017). Harm qie Any one was besides colours.
5 / 5
Very good but the Only works have connected directly to the port USB C of the Macbook, if you connect it to the multiport any work, reason he the only calm a port USB C, any one will be able to upload at the same time your crew while utilisations the external Monitor VGA
4 / 5
Pal perfectly a monitor vga secondary to the mine Mac with spending usb-c.
5 / 5
Here is A practical small adapter and less expensive that that of Apple that does perfectly with a monitor or a vidéoprojecteur ! It is of now Indispensable and is joined up always of a VGA Kabeldirekt in the mine takes of course touches to project !
4 / 5
Does perfectly like this announced
Less expensive of an adapter of apple
4 / 5
Of excellent quality, has bought this adapter touches my MacBook Pro 2016 and the image to the incursion is perfect and very stable. I recommend
4 / 5
Used with A iMac.M games partorisca have a double screen.
Boss reconditionné the Amazon of Pair the gustannueve and 2 expensive times that a new.
5 / 5
has bought this product Touches a ultrabook Dell.
Has need to project give diapos Touches my work, has received this product very quickly, was a lot of emballé and has done.

Any Games of question partorisca project recommend this product.
5 / 5
Belkin, these works. It is more expensive, of suit, but at least these works. And it is Lucido But no ? It fails this that fails...
4 / 5
Out of-Service to the boss of 3 month (of the one who 2 month vacacional) ! It is this in spite of pocola rapport of pair to the prize partorisca come you !
5 / 5
Finally An adapter that reads with mine Dell XPS 13 9360 down Linux.
The adapter fine-function of Dell no .
Has declared down Fedora 25 - kernel
4 / 5
no properly with the Dell XPS 15 that careers in of the Windows 10. It comes up with a message of the every time calm error uses it.
5 / 5
Has bought this VGA -USB-c type so that I can use it to connect an external screen to mine MacBook pro 2017 with only 2 Usb-c ports. Unfortunately this product done an external screen flicker to plot while I am busy acting ossia really frustrating. There are other frames another more economic has announced on amazon like this at the same time of compraventas, has chosen this in spite of this I so that it creates Belkin is quality and the produced lumbered with for Apple.
Are quell'has bitten disappointed as they are not the enjoying at all.
5 / 5
The work adds , has wanted to them connect it to the projector ..He automatically relieved after the connection has been done
5 stars for that. I have looked for to use the windows lenovo like the secondary diaplay and miserably has failed.

Top Customer Reviews: Belkin Multiport ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5
The modern laptops are taking thinner and take put you that is required in an alarming tax (think Apple the one who so only loves a minimum number of ports). This means tends to resupply the pair of ports of USB and a lot much more. If you want to it exited it your screen to another device, this calm leave you that the external precise use dongles like this Belkin Multiport adapter. An adapter is the typical plastic lustrous black with the short final goodness that atasquemos to a device wants to exited of. This feels strong place and very together , although some impressions of aims of plastic shell of toe and line quite easily. There is four put you of video on he – 15 pin VGA, DVI, Port of Exposure and HDMI). Utilisation VGA and HDMI I and for these has had no noticeable loss of quality of image of any port.

An adapter is also perfect to use with mobile devices that video of support out of USB-C (Like Huawei with his desk way and Samsung with DEX). Utilisation with my Huawei P20 Pro to connect to a screen an old plus that lean only VGA. For this work perfectly and will resupply flexibility to connect the others exposures that use any of some four ways of video.

An only downside has found is that there is not any USB-C raisin to be able to-by means of. This means a unit drains a battery in the telephones the fast plus and has any way to top them on if they do not sustain wireless touching. Another resemblance dongles resupply this and the or more USB Some ports he so that it is the shame Belkin has not resupplied to the to anything likes that here.
4 / 5
With an increasing number of laptops of big final and the pills that loses is gone in tones of sockets (usually die the ultra-thin creation) a need thus type of adapter is augmenting too much! This has an integral boss that terminates in the USB-C spent (the connection of election for ultra-thin computers). This could be looked on like the weak spot, reason can not be take and substituted, but a boss is fatter that usual and an USB-C discharges has the short cowl protecting a point of the boss that joins spent, so that it would not dip me era.
A black of plastic box has four sockets - port of exposure, HDMI (both duquel sustain 4K), DVI and VGA. LIKE podes is exited your laptop of big final to any of these connections (but no another round of way). For the majority to join obvious one east connecting your laptop the HDMI so that I can cover he to the TV, but some another all leave connection to monitors also, as you can connect to an old plus VGA controls for example.
In a face of him ossia very good together place, my only reticence is that ossia an expensive product , but a question with ultrathin the laptops is that PRECISE an adapter has taken. Belkin Is the less the mark with an excellent reputation and I have been using them for at least 20 years and has not had never the question, as I think that that this is to join to be the winner!
Has tried this in HDMI and in VGA and work well in both - I recommends it!
5 / 5
This could be the very common product , but is the new mine and I think is fantastic.
He Uses the laptop and work with the plot of different exposures, this saves fiddling around. Better still, calm can save you a hassle of having a right boss to go to your computer.

Although it is the idea of character and Belkin marks excellent hardware, this unit is not without his defects. Two things annoy me, but does not think is sufficient to deduct the star.
In the first place is a lack of support of Linux. This has meant to try the on schemes it another that my personal laptop. They are this in spite of conscious that down the action of Linux of phase has and that sustaining it would be the hassle. Like this, it does not blame Belkin. Another subject is a packaging ; although it likes that well it has packed a unit was on book and like securely has resisted was in his box, this means a lot of be the extra materials has used. Then it has a sticky rear plastic.

Has been surprised for as this small and has comprised the picture for stairs. My mouse of computer is certainly wider and an adapter is in a same measure like the brick/to be able to of the transformer of the mine portable.

@@Subject Small averts, ossia the product of good quality . I have had a lot of things of Belkin has seen the vine and have all good summer has done. If or any a lot of £50 (to the equal that revise) depend.
5 / 5
Presents the plot in of the premises of clients (well, any now still because of COVID), I the plot of my work in an iPad Pro as having something like this is fantastic likes propiciado by offer he-and-solution of game with quite a lot of ports of available legacies in a device that the connectivity does not have to that never be the question.

Has the light delay among an action that spends in an iPad his arriving in a screen but at all like this bad that would prevent effective use of an adapter. My main flu with an adapter is a súper arrived of mirror of big gloss that has decided to give the, as all the world knows with these types of arrivals goes to be the fingerprint fond, collects more powder that the dyson and finalise streaky and looking economic (which to good sure is not ), the simple crazy arrived of the type would have been 100x better.

Does not go It to value down to the equal that produces is fantastic, is easy to use in that is spent so only -and-game, is quite small the yours stock exchange of just slip/of work of the laptop and done a work is feigned partorisca without subjects of ant. I add little device!
5 / 5
Like this far am very happy with this USB-C adapter of video. Has the pocolas other frames and I have not been able to take them to do with my current MacBook to take a monitor has extended.

Are able to do that with this hub. I will say a hub looks to draw the plot of power of your life of battery I this in spite of supposes that ossia to be expected. It was concerned slightly in lag time but to be sincere was pleasantly surprised, If it covers them a hub and one uploads to the ports concretise is is not a subject. There is not a lot of lag in a mouse or keyboard that has seen like this far.

Is an extremely big quality piece of boxes and does not feel economic at all. It is something will be happy to burst your stock exchange of laptop and does not have to that think roughly that. He a good work for the reasonable prize.
5 / 5
Has tried the pocolos adapters previously in a tentativa to take my screen of laptop in a TV, some are better that another but a lot has finalised in the to cube likes lag on is of crazy or a unit was so that it has done bad that some any one is returned connectors properly. This a different east, of a moment has to take this adapter of a packaging. It felt solid and on inspection, any of some ports wobbled when I pressed him. I did not take any time at all to connect my laptop to my TV and has had to grieve a lot of noticeable lag time among some two exposures. Finally, an adapter that that is meant to do. But it pays an impressive prize for that, compared to a lot of adapters that cost the tiny quantity in comparison but calm at least know that this one will do.
5 / 5
Ossia The produced that bolt until a Belkin name, is a lot of fact and a quality is very good.
This USB-C adapter is functional and versatile, has the row of ports of exposure that comprises; he 4K DisplayPort, 4K HDMI, VGA and finally he DVI port. An inclusion of the VGA the port to a large extent is redundant likes dulcemente is taking out of circulation and when be substituted for HDMI.
Seats that this fine-port is aimed in the level it professional plus, mainly for people to aim presentations to a wider audience and his can not anticipate a connection required for the monitor.
In general ossia the good product that he really well but is a product for you? Calm so only can decide concealed.
4 / 5
Produced very Useful For was the one who was have a device in terracing has given to reproduce contents multimediali with door usb C very gifted mine has given exited video in those that offered the possibility has given to connect ad gone in the video has given 4 types:

🎯 Digital Visual Interface - DVI: present on the devices any recientísima mine cmq a lot of propagation
🎯 Variety of Map of the Video - VGA : available on controls them no new and on the TV first Hd Ready further that on the videoproiettori has given fascia low is ancore quite present
🎯 port of Exposure: a level much more act them and practically in disuso mine however present his several devices
🎯 big-Definition Multimedia Interface - HDMI: that it is the most extended door for the moment and can find it in each recent device

The four spend sleep distributed on the sides of the main body to the which is connected he cavetto usb C ( available his a lot of devices Apple, several types has given Android of Pill, Cellular has given fascia mesos comunicacionales / mesos-big and the súper big majority has given portable the most recent ) that remains but a pochino short;

He device is discharges and game, any need has given additional diet outside and recognises of the system “erogante” in a moment without need has given to install some engine ( at least in portable Windows ) giving a result more than satisfactory with quality the Full video of the sud HD very satisfactory without particular losses has given notable qualities or asincronismi among audio and video percettibili.

The construction complessiva is very good, compact device and very assemblato, very light and simple gives to manage, diverse took the sleep has given good quality and connect without questions, he price is elevated undoubtedly mine probably this is because of the fact that the compatibility is for real maximum.
5 / 5
Gives when I have changed he my old MacBook with a newer model, my sleep found in the need has given to have to purchase tantísimos adattatori, since he only taken that he my new laptop possesses is a usb c. For so many devices have solved, mine to be able to connect an external monitor to my computer, what that did often and would want to continue he do it with the same frequency also with him new device. This adattatore, that have had the way has the data has declared thank you Vine of Amazon of the ad, was one has given those that held of eye gives time, reason the mine has given to create it has given to be exactly the one who looked for and more looked a product for real has given quality.
Extracted has given a device fine door, that can connect was usb C of the MacBook and whose can connect devices external video has diverse data character.
Spends The disposal dream:
- VGA;
- DVI;
- HDMI 4K;
- DisplayPort 4K.
He support To the 4K is for real interesting, that a lot see the hour has given to try with a suitable monitor and that with a lot other adattatori more economic mine would have been preclusa.
The adattatore is has given black dye and there is clear indications of the door written on the surface, in correspondence of the door was. He mark is Belkin, With a long experience in the field of the technology and one'confiabilidad that have had the way has the data declared in these days. I have appreciated a lot He minimalism of the preparation And the cure in the details of the product, that already of the appearance transmits quality. Lucido Sleep of excellent action, have connected already more go back he my laptop was the TV has the data marries for godermi my programs in streaming preferred and he recognition of the peripheral is immediate and very stable.
4 / 5
A adattore ad of punctual Video help me to connect he my PC, with Type of door of USB C Ray 3, he any television/of monitor with attack VGA or DVI or HDMI or DisplayPort; for these conclude planned raisin is leaned a final resolution the 4K.

Compact And light (dimensions has given 46 x 14 x 357 mm, compressed digs, for a weight has given roughly 78 grams), he the device recognises immediately a lot grieve connected, that identifies the resource hardware and the maximum resolution utilizzabile for that.

Have tried it now already give diverse days, using it diverse circumstances and mine am finding for real well; if it spends easily in stock exchange and, in an only device, if have 4 connettori.

For usufruire of the maximum resolution exploding one of the planned door, HDMI or DisplayPort, has to have a TV/of monitor 4K and a digs obviously that suppose you level of history.

Cost, for the moment for the moment has given this opinion (October 2020), is little less has given €60, a price big mine the quality is ineccepibile and for me results utilísimo because have like this an alone device that the tin has used in any occasion resulting always funzionante. It is Thus that he my trial is maximum, for has rewarded the quality and the big versatility has given this device. I add some Photo and expect has given see he reduced and big dimensions practicidades has given utilisation. Ciao!
5 / 5
Some times can require an adapter that sends the signal of video and Audio, the varied types of start, as all knows the new portable ultra final any one has the habit partorisca spend a lot of ports, more than at all for the ends that edges, and any one has spatial partorisca his installation, for such motive will require an adapter partorisca send both signals to the port that desire.

This adapter of Belkin does this task for our laptop, separating these two signals of a start HDMI 4k, DVI, DisplayPort 4K and VGA the any type of screen, always of a start of the our laptop that USB of sea-C

The device is very very manufactured and in my opinion is very of confidence and especially stable, two characteristic that they have to have this type of devices.

The small Boss of the Belkin gives diverse variable and of the possibilities of connection.

The dimensions and the weight ideal Edges thus type of adapters, any one loves a the very big sea and hanged a lot.

The only paste that sees is that the prize is a bit Big, but also is the question of the quality, and Belkin does not give this plus that all know, and concealed some times hay that the paid.

My experience with him has been positive.
5 / 5
Undoubtedly this product represents The definite solution there are our questions has given link Video.
Gifted has given 4 starts that practically define all he possible modern solutions for him transfer of the signal video, fault so only the exited scart that but honradamente does reference the solutions has given 2 do 2.

Belkin Now already is testified Of the sud computer market gives years with products always more prestanti.


Have 4 starts:

VGA : that it is The door that used mainly for the monitor pc has given does some year and that still still present embezzled today his monitor and also TV.

DVI: Now already almost Of the all missing, present in the subsequent monitor the those with the door vga. A difference but has given investigation' conclude that continuous the resist thank you all'optimum move video that guarantees, spends it hdmi has been progressively abandoned.

Spend of exposure: Also this raisin has been the street has seen abandoned, speak has given a technology of the 2006.

HDMI: It is At all the most used door, guarantees a transfer has video of date in very tall resolution and now already all he TV, monitor, TV of monitor, proiettori, any gifted sleep.

The entry instead is has given type usb C. Present his a lot of devices modern Apple, coming MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, Surface Pro, in almost all the mobiles the android come those of the Samsung, and to a large extent has given the laptop that comes in my chance, submerged for fault has given space, for hovered has given to reduce to the minimum the thickness, yes uses to dip so only the door usb C without any'another start.

Own Thus motive resort to the adattatori with entrance usb C have which afterwards connect anything.

This adattatore represents The own definite solution reason are true has given can connect ours sorgente The any one the type has video of date. (ANY SCART OBVIOUSLY)

I have tried it among Pc and TV the studio undermines Hdmi, and come sees in the video he result is more than acceptable. It loses slightly it has given quality and has a delay practically impercettibile, that is exited well a lot will influence he final result.

He Portable there is suffered recognised, is discharges and game, any the engine gives to install.

The thing that mine leave perplesso is he price. 59,90 euro for the moment have given this opinion mine looks a too high price. Considering that they exist other adattatori, so only Hdmi but, that have also other starts come lan, and usb the price decisively lower, think that the only justification could be the absolute certainty has given can connect he our device the any video of device.

The mine goes in alcohol the one who turns for presentations and a lot knows that the type has monitor of date will have in front and that like this as in this marry a lot will risk has data a lot can transmit he imagine or video.

Optimum product for real, portable, Gives to hold always in ours valigetta spends pc.

4 stars Only for him price… of the contrary for the quality dream 5 stars meritatissime.
4 / 5
Surprised the prize but for well this costruttore accustoms for The have his prizes a bit inflados, in this chance any one look like this for 60 calm euros spend you an augment hub.
How was to expect the fabricacion is augments this costruttore accustoms to do a lot the good products, is a hub light in piano of black finishing and with a boss of connection for my a bit short flavour but would leave to be bronzed portable if the boss was but long, the type of connector c this very very done and protected in his point of connection with the boss, lie of the looks but all the bosses break me in this point. It has to that connection DVI, VGA and HDMI that is the one who the use in my chance sees of quality and the male hdmi is gone in easy but sin holguras.
Regarding the use has been to connect it L my computer and recognised it immediately has connected my TV for the connector hdmi and left already configure the different screens, work to perfection for some tried several resolutions and gives support 4k to perfection, concealed yes so only tried for the port HDMI.

Resumiendo A good hub The good prize of a mark recognised and of big quality.
4 / 5
Now that the costruttrici do the laptops each day each plus end, van desterrando all concealed that it prevents him reduce his measure. Lately I am seeing squads that so only spend USB and USB C, the other has extracted he to prevent them reduce the carcasa.

The only form to recover these connections is the cost of prings that adds these functions of external form and is here where go in in operation this adapter that adds all the possible starts of image the a lot of squads that incorporates USB C 3.1

consecrate you he of the presentations in of the offices of clients, are likely that any one knows that the connections of image go for the require when it arrive to to meeting room. People of hay that conserves proyectores ancient with connection VGA, pictures with connection HDMI or monitors of big quality with Port of connection of Exposure.

For any of these chances, this adapter will contribute the solution, of then incorporates all the known connections, ossia, VGA, DVI, HDMI and Port of Exposure, solving at one stroke the question. A artilugio indispensable thus type of profiles of workers.
4 / 5
Adapter of the mark Belkin, that already tried previously and liked so much for of his quality to the equal that for his finishing, is an adapter of reduced and discreet measure, in colour black, that hanged at all and less and can transport easily in the pocket to any part.

This adapter is the simplest way to be able to connect your laptop L any device of reproduction of video already sea HDMI, VGA, DGI or DisplayPort.

Any one has any type of installation or complexity, uses like a usb normal, connecting and start he of the principle. Perhaps the one who more sea to Use the HDMI but hay some reproductores that weighs it to be act more ancient included better that the new, that that requires connection more special and any one will have question with this adapter.

The mark in if, is well, liked and is of happy with his.
5 / 5
Treat an adapter with several ports of video with type of connection C, in some of the sides come the three starts of video, one is a VGA, another DVI, and a third HDMI, is in colour black lacado, that look very beautiful.
The Best is that you can have three devices of video have connected L the time, with different connections.

Like Any one has two screens have connected the television the través of the port HDMI to the computer, relieved it quickly, the continuazione, calm so only has to that configure two screens in the computer.

The truth that is very comfortable of this form can have opened two programs L the time, example two web pages the the time, a leaf of Excel and a leaf of Word the community to have and operates it with two screens looked extraordinary.

For like this, for his quality and for comfort it to have two screens the the time, recommends it
5 / 5
Gives unser Compressed leider nur über eine minimum Anzahl von Anschlüssen verfügt, cube ich schon seit einer Weile auf give Suche nach einem entsprechenden Adapter.

Give Belkin-Adapter bietet genau die Funktionen, given mir mein Pill nicht bieten kann. It gives In schwarz Hochglanz gehaltene Adapter verfügt über eine n Exposure-Anschluss, HDMI (beide unterstützen 4K), DVI und VG. Like this ist is mir insbesondere möglich mein Pill problemlos und schnell dipped einem Controls zu verbinden. It has seen Game&of Discharges ist die Übertragung ein Kinderspiel. Verzögerungen In giving Übertragung sind minimum. Funktionstechnisch ist Give Adapter wirklich hervorragend. Zu bemängeln ist lediglich Give Creation. Wie zuvor erwähnt ist Quotes Oberfläche give Adapters in Hochglanz gehalten und ist somit ein Staub- und Fingerabdruck-that Amour. Eine Crazy Oberfläche wäre für ein Gerät, Gives häufig angefasst wird, sehr viel praktischer.
5 / 5
I Laptops what is exiting recently have a question, and is that every time they offer fewer ports of connection, when being the USB-C the plus along but deleting another that the a lot of knots of people useful edges, especially the ones of start of video.

This USB of adapter-C solves precisely this question, of the través of the port USB-C offer exited of video of four types:

Although the ports DVI and VGA seldom uses already, yes is true that in some proyectores ancient am seeing them and using, reason come me of perlas.

In that L the installation, is spent-and-game with Windows 10, connects and ready.
5 / 5
Gives 'Belkin Multiport-USB-C-Adapter' ist funktional ein guter USB-C-Video-Adapter. It gives Adapter wurde place einem iPad Pro (2018) getestet.
Give IPAD erkennt give Adapter sofort nach dem Einstecken give USB-C Kabels, Game & to Cover funktioniert bestens.
Die jeweiligen Steckplätze sind gut verarbeitet, die angeschlossenen Kabel sitzen fest und sicher give Buchsen.
Quotes Wiedergabe erfolgt ohne Qualitätseinbußen, weder bei Bild noch Tonne gibt is wahrnehmbare Verluste.

Give Adapter ist aus Kunststoff place einer Hochglanzoberfläche. Die Oberfläche nimmt jeden Fingerabdruckt dankend auf, dementsprechend schnell sieht give Adapter dann unschön und 'billig' aus.

Give Preis von knapp €60 finde ich für einen the adapter gives 'nur' Video kann dann doch zu happig.
5 / 5
Ich verwende Has given Adapter von Belkin in Verbindung dipped einem Mac Air of Book. Ich verwende dabei ausschließlich Give HDMI und give VGA Anschluss. Zoom einen verbinde ich ab und zu mein Mac dipped dem Fernseher oder beim Arbeiten dann eben dipped meinem zweiten Monitor. Beide Anwendungen funktionieren hervorragend. Die Anschlüsse von dem Hub sind sehr hochwertig, und die Stecker sitzen dementsprechend ohne zu wackeln fest drin. It gives gesamte Adapter ist sehr hochwertig und hat of man beim Anfassen auch sofort give Gefühl, etwas hochwertiges in giving Hand zu halten. Die Bildübertragung macht wie schon gesagt bei keinen give angeschlossenen Geräte Probleme. Die Grafik ist ausreichend scharf und quotes extrem geringe Übertragungsverzögerung bemerkt man nur bei genauem Hinschauen.
4 / 5
Ich habe mir Gives Belkin Multiport-USB-C-Adapter bestellt, a meinen Portable of Surface of the Microsoft a einen Samsung Monitor has seen Displayport anzuschließen. Durch Quotes vielen Anschlüsse kann er aber a data meisten Monitor angeschlossen werden.

Er ist sehr klein und kompakt und sieht von Gives Optik His sehr edel aus. Allerdings ist Quotes Hochglanzoberfläche sehr anfällig für Staub, Toe-Tatscher und Kratzer.

Quotes Stecker und Buchsen sitzen fest und wackeln nicht.

Quotes Übertragung vom Bild auf meinen Monitor Hat wie erwartet funktioniert.

Er macht von Gives Verarbeitung His einen hochwertigen Eindruck. Außerdem sind keine scharfen Kanten oder Thankful dran.
4 / 5
Extracted has given a adattatore adattatore USB-C Multiporta of the Belkin.
Presents in a simple preparation in cardboard, very fixed touches a support for averted movements or accidental swipes.
Light And compact, is a adattatore video 4 in 1 with starts VGA, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort.
Integrates, for the formats HDMI and DisplayPort, he 4K, function interesting and gives evidenciar.
Surely A definite solution For the video his portable the and no. Slightly Expensive, my bar the shabby
4 / 5
This adapter of video A function is very powerful, but a prize is expensive, although I have not tried all some functions, but a lot of functions are useless.
5 / 5
Give USB Hub kommt In einer soliden Schachtel one.
Give Hub selber ist Gut verarbeitet wurden und Hat keine scharfen Stellen gives is gut gefräst.
Auch Quotes Spaltmaße sind nicht vorhanden, und macht ein wertigen Eindruck.
USB partorisca die Anschlüsse lassen sich gut stecken und halten auch einsteck sehr gut.

Give Gerät ist elektrisch einwandfrei und funktionierte gleich beim ersten Bad.
Give Datentransfer verlief bei allen Anschluss sauber und ohne Probleme.
Ist Give Hub Place anderen Geräten verbunden, lädt er sie auf, wenn er selber angeschlossen ist.
5 / 5
Give USB-C Adapter von Belkin macht einen stabilen und gut verarbeiteten Eindruck.
Man kann damit USB-C Geräte wie bspw. Portable the, iPad Pros oder Ähnliches problemlos dipped HDMI, DVI oder VGA Exposures verbinden. Of the Ganze funktioniert In giving Regel problemlos for Discharge and Game.
I nachdem. welche Anschlussmöglichkeiten Man braucht und welche Anforderungen man a data Qualität stellt, kann man ähnliche Funktionalitäten auch günstiger bekommen.
Insgesamt passt meines Erachtens Give Preis-Leistungsverhältnis aber noch.
4 / 5
Is an USB of adapter-C with VGA, DVI, HDMI 4K and DisplayPort 4K, the ports of connection more used for example partorisca presentations and partorisca use of the laptop with monitors.

The quality, is guaranteeed, the very good mark and commentaries in the period of his products, the same with the operation.

Compatible with Windows and Mac.

Importing: it gives it endures resolutions in 4K.

4 / 5
Testado For a pò has given days with with Macbook Pro and a Dell 30' was in DVI that HDMI.
Any Question confronted The difference of the adattatori Chinese the inferior price that here sleep in transfer.
He price Mine look of the all adapted For the quality of the article and sopratutto availability of the door.
The one who Use produced create of Apple know well the prices has data planned adattatori.
4 / 5
Give USB C Adapter gives Byline Belkin funktioniert a meinem HP Notebook einwandfrei. Einmal For USB C angesteckt, ist is egal ob ein Monitor for Displayport-, HDMI- oder DVI angeschlossen wird. VDG konnte ich mangels Controls dipped diesem Anschluss leider nicht declare, ich gehe jedoch sehr hard davon aus, dass auch give VGA Anschluss einwandfrei funktioniert.

Give Adapter ist ideal a give Portable a wechselnde Bildschirme anzuschließen. Von mir eine Kaufempfehlung.
4 / 5
Optimum adattatore that Gives an only prey usb-c has seen leaves has given to have one roams, one has had to, HDMI, Port of exposure. Optimum For the new MacBook Pro or all quei portable what have exited so only USB c and any video.

Beautiful he Creation, optimum materials, works the duty and no scalda.

A lot have assisted the rallentamenti or malfunzionamenti, everything works to come would have to.
4 / 5
Give Belkin Multiport wirkt optisch sehr schick und wertig.

Quotes verbundenen Kabel haben einen sehr guten Sitz give Buchsen, is wackelt nichts und given Kontakte sind stabil.
Auch Quotes Übertragung give Bildes ist well, leichte Verzögerungen gab is bei mir dennoch aber nichts Wilde.

Preislich natürlich nicht gerade günstig für solch ein Produkt.

4 / 5
(+) 4 put you of Video of incursion - Attention : it does not take partorisca upload a bookmark so only at the same time !
(+) The Incursion DisplayPort [ apresamiento PRO » rapport of pair to the HDMI that is « public glorious » ]. Option of the seldom proposed quality and that leaves — among another — partorisca dip a screen partorisca retouch photo and/or a monitor « pro ».

( ! ) This possibility [ DisplayPort ] Plants logically this product to a taller price that those that do not have of this option. One considers if you do not have ANY CREW DisplayPort.

(+) the recognition and the immediate operation — have declared with a MacMini (port USB C) and video of connection of the sud lucido port HDMI (screen any 4K)

(±) Lucido give « plastic black a lot that shines » is not the toes = of ideal traces have facilitated, micros rayures quickly visible … A give satiné or the foreigner would have been games more practical «  » an accessory that goes partorisca dip in stock transmission of edges of mobilities of computers !!
5 / 5
These leaves of adapter connecter a Laptop that has to that a port USB C to an external screen. It is catered Of Levels of incursions (vga, hdmi, dvi, port of exposure) gives sud usable not ascending that monitor or projecteur.

The quality of Construction is well, produces this 100 discharges and game, adapted so only to the resolution of the monitor chosen.

I remorses The Absence of level of USB of the incursions, this would have been a lot of commode and simple, this exists to the sud other alike products.
Lucido The prize is a bit high, but is of the Belkin and is a product of quality.
5 / 5
Those and those have spent partorisca use Give Agencies “tournants” knows well : sometimes, it finds with it has joined taken of different screen each day, and is quickly breaks boss with all these skilled adapters that in 1 or 2 format.

This hub video Of Belkin comes quickly combler fail it : HDMI, DVI, VGA, DisplayPort, his and is everything.

Has used with A MacBook Pro, has not had any worries of recognition, and all the work perfectly.

A good product Belkin, simple and of quality. At all partorisca add !
5 / 5
Belkin ベルキン USB-C to HDMI + VGA +DVI + DISPLAYPORT 4 in 1 映像用入力端子 変換アダプタ



Belkin ベルキン USB-C to HDMI + VGA +DVI + DISPLAYPORT 4 in 1 映像用入力端子 変換アダプタ
5 / 5
HDMI・ VGA・DVI ・DISPLAYPORTの4つのポートを備えている、映像用入力端子変換アダプタです。

5 / 5
D-SUB、DVI、Port of Exposure、HDMIと一般的に使うポートの全てをカバーしているので、これ一つでどこでも対応出来るのが良いですね。
4 / 5

4 / 5
5 / 5
5 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5
5 / 5
4 / 5
Has taken this adapter partorisca use an old plus DVI/VGA exposure with our Acer ChromeBook.

Is measured of small adapter , any boss-measured - and is feigned partorisca be used with the pertinent connecting boss, for this his little USB-C pigtail is short. It is so only long enough to leave a part of boxes to be hid for behind the laptop, which is well for me.

A unit does not need any engine, at least in a Chromebook. A Chromebook relieves an exposure so only when an exposure is connected, any so only an adapter. DVI, VGA And HDMI has done like this expected, with a maximum resolution that is relieved automatically for both digital formats (DVI/HDMI). With VGA, a connection is one-way for creation ( is an old level , well?) To the equal that will require to dip a resolution manually if he no incumplimiento to the native resolution of an exposure. The one who is using VGA anymore, this in spite of, is any one is supposition , but is connecting to some legacy steampunk exposure, yours connector.

Has tried to see could connect multiple exposures to this connector: you can looks of no. to have some inner circuitry to the equal that dips an order preferably for a quality of a connection - DP, then HDMI, then DVI, then VGA. With the multiple elements have connected, has chosen always a start of exposure in this order. Again, ossia for creation - this is not an exited splitter, but an adapter.

Is the addition adds my toolkit - small, manages all some typical formats, robust, and just works. Ossia Value one $ 50+ seal of prize in my book - would be to spend so much in the together of bosses of adapter of the quality to do a same thing for separate.
5 / 5
Wants to do descriptions of technology and now that am doing in home has required to connect two or three monitors for work. I have seen this Belkin Multiport USB-C Adapter and has loved to try it was. I check it was on in my canal 'OndaWire' on Youtube and Facebook where I all written of descriptions of technology.
1. This Belkin Multiport USB-C Adapter has the port for each type of connection that your monitor, the laptop or The PC can have. A backside of mine monitors has DVI and HDMI ports and with this adapter am able to use them everything.
Was able to game and discharges so only with this adapter. I have loved that reason really does not like buying hubs or of the adapters where owe engine of download.
3. This adaptadora the work adds with MacBook Pro which is my personal laptop , iPad Pro and also does interchangeably with my Dell portable of work.
4. This Belkin Multiport USB-C Adapter Is not big at all which is perfect reason the easy fact to just slide in my pocket yes am going to somewhere or launching the stock exchange am travelling .
5. Probably one of one the majority of of entity pros here is that a quality of picture is surprising with east.

In general, ossia another product adds for Belkin. It looks as if they do not disappoint never with some products have the place was. To good sure am giving this Belkin Multiport USB-C Adapter to 5 indication of star and highly recommend needs an adapter that will do with the variety to control the connections of computers.

Top Customer Reviews: Belkin 6ft VGA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
These produced is very easy the instal to your computer and monitor. The delivery was quickly, very impressed! It would buy again it has required it .
4 / 5
The Boss has arrived defective, the pasadores internal of the connector VGA has been broken or has bent.

Has informed The Amazon and has done the turn of the payment of this product. (Excellent service to the client for topmast for Amazon)

articulates looked old, the packaging was abused (plastic stock exchange sealed of Belkin) reason looks that has been has produced left behind
5 / 5
Arrived the time has expected, in the excellent condition and that liked me more has been that although it is of a small container gave number of clue that has done partorisca feel me surer.
5 / 5
Is the boss ... Heavy and well-has built. I plugged he in and has done... And still it is.
4 / 5
Has arrived punctually, that is supposition partorisca do . A cord is more along that has expected, but concealed so only could be error of buyer that there is no @to @give so only cuts it the cord of the monitor of the computer could be partorisca achieve my cup of lap partorisca functionality of dual screen.
4 / 5
Does perfectly with my portable the and the TV is. A product is a lot of fact and works to the equal that has announced. If More the precise to good sure will buy of this vendor!
5 / 5
Has bought 3 and 1 has failed already. No too happy but will give another shot it.
To The one who to any one like him to him short and sweet descriptions? Amazon
5 / 5
Does a work. A lot of fat & the rigid boss he the difficult fact partorisca bend and the career has fill space(AV cupboard or office).
4 / 5
Belkin 6ft VGA Monitor Substitution HDdb15M/HDdb15M W/Rgb & Coax Tp the pin has been bent. Tossed Boss and has bought another of Ebay instead.
4 / 5
Has required partorisca connect an old lcd TV to the pc. This boss a trick and a prize was a lot.

Top Customer Reviews: Belkin Universal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I have very tried conversores with my TV of Apple 4th Generation and any except this one has done. Calm import that requires covers it a source of optional power otherwise no . Ossia Something concealed is declared clearly in a manual but some people those who say this no more probably never read a manual. Netflix Works of application perfectly (used he partorisca days and like this far any question).
5 / 5
Use partorisca connect Belkin Miracast auricular with HDMI start to the VGA projector in the room. Solid interpreter.
4 / 5
Has bought this partorisca spend for behind my TV of plasma of the Pioneer the life with which is HDMI put you all has failed. Tried has been with a clave of fire of the Amazon and work. Easy to use, so only have the micro USB and VGA the handy boss. Careers in 720p more than 1080i/p but ossia as well as the TV is not a primary anymore. Haven;T has tried he with other sources.
5 / 5
Could does not take partorisca do with Chromecast and my TV. An image was green and any sound, as I have finalised any when using at all.
4 / 5
Produced a lot handy to connect a monitor (HDMI the VGA) the Chromecast!
4 / 5
Excellent adapter.
Has been able to connect the Chromecast 2 controls he of pc Samsung for VGA and has done genial die , curious: any one am missing to connect for micro usb, has arrived included first of the date has estimated. Asi That already know, bronzed so only with this adapter, the Chromecast, a monitor, and clear some horns, already have a mart TV'. (Calm obviously require the Internet of your house or of the hover and a smartphone or pill)
Simple to use, sees quite resistant, very versatile, there is remarked included that hot a lot little.
Is a accsesorio imprecindible in the house or the office.
4 / 5
Law perfectly to dip a Roku or Chromecast The the projector sinned HDMI.
5 / 5
This adapter touches it but to be able to connecter a peripheral with video of incursion HDMI the verse joins entrance VGA to write connecteur SUB-D15.
I ideal Games to use example of pair an ancient monitor or an ancient TV a lot that has to that of the entrance has joined VGA.

The adapter possesses so it joins gone in HDMI formed full female and of the incursion has joined VGA SUB-D15 woman equally, to the sud which can come dipped a video of boss viril /male 15 brooches.

Side HDMI, is rid In his a male adapter / viril games to answer to all his needs. And Yes necessary, can find an adapter HDMI to mini or micro hdmi.

He boîtier presents equally a boss Touches the edges of incursion to the format jack 3.5' stéréo that leaves to recover lucidos edges of the incursion HDMI the verse joins the edges gone in of the screen or of the entrance has joined amplified.

Finally, A port micro-leaves of USB to add joins diet in chance of need, has seen a sector of adapter or a boss connecté to a PC (any resupplied).

Is ideal games to dip the example of pair joins key Chromecast of the sud a screen of PC not having to gone in HDMI.

Joins excellent I games of solution réutiliser give peripheral a bit ancient, the place that is of good quality.
4 / 5
Any one is compatible with cromcast in of the monitors in fact 13 years of thin screen with small resolution, has had to achieve a monitor a recent plus so that it has done. The advertising is deceptive when saying that it does with Controlling VGA.
4 / 5
Excellent adapter, comprises the necessary to take audio tambien