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The modern laptops are taking thinner and take put you that is required in an alarming tax (think Apple the one who so only loves a minimum number of ports). This means tends to resupply the pair of ports of USB and a lot much more. If you want to it exited it your screen to another device, this calm leave you that the external precise use dongles like this Belkin Multiport adapter. An adapter is the typical plastic lustrous black with the short final goodness that atasquemos to a device wants to exited of. This feels strong place and very together , although some impressions of aims of plastic shell of toe and line quite easily. There is four put you of video on he – 15 pin VGA, DVI, Port of Exposure and HDMI). Utilisation VGA and HDMI I and for these has had no noticeable loss of quality of image of any port.

An adapter is also perfect to use with mobile devices that video of support out of USB-C (Like Huawei with his desk way and Samsung with DEX). Utilisation with my Huawei P20 Pro to connect to a screen an old plus that lean only VGA. For this work perfectly and will resupply flexibility to connect the others exposures that use any of some four ways of video.

An only downside has found is that there is not any USB-C raisin to be able to-by means of. This means a unit drains a battery in the telephones the fast plus and has any way to top them on if they do not sustain wireless touching. Another resemblance dongles resupply this and the or more USB Some ports he so that it is the shame Belkin has not resupplied to the to anything likes that here.
4 / 5
With an increasing number of laptops of big final and the pills that loses is gone in tones of sockets (usually die the ultra-thin creation) a need thus type of adapter is augmenting too much! This has an integral boss that terminates in the USB-C spent (the connection of election for ultra-thin computers). This could be looked on like the weak spot, reason can not be take and substituted, but a boss is fatter that usual and an USB-C discharges has the short cowl protecting a point of the boss that joins spent, so that it would not dip me era.
A black of plastic box has four sockets - port of exposure, HDMI (both duquel sustain 4K), DVI and VGA. LIKE podes is exited your laptop of big final to any of these connections (but no another round of way). For the majority to join obvious one east connecting your laptop the HDMI so that I can cover he to the TV, but some another all leave connection to monitors also, as you can connect to an old plus VGA controls for example.
In a face of him ossia very good together place, my only reticence is that ossia an expensive product , but a question with ultrathin the laptops is that PRECISE an adapter has taken. Belkin Is the less the mark with an excellent reputation and I have been using them for at least 20 years and has not had never the question, as I think that that this is to join to be the winner!
Has tried this in HDMI and in VGA and work well in both - I recommends it!
5 / 5
This could be the very common product , but is the new mine and I think is fantastic.
He Uses the laptop and work with the plot of different exposures, this saves fiddling around. Better still, calm can save you a hassle of having a right boss to go to your computer.

Although it is the idea of character and Belkin marks excellent hardware, this unit is not without his defects. Two things annoy me, but does not think is sufficient to deduct the star.
In the first place is a lack of support of Linux. This has meant to try the on schemes it another that my personal laptop. They are this in spite of conscious that down the action of Linux of phase has and that sustaining it would be the hassle. Like this, it does not blame Belkin. Another subject is a packaging ; although it likes that well it has packed a unit was on book and like securely has resisted was in his box, this means a lot of be the extra materials has used. Then it has a sticky rear plastic.

Has been surprised for as this small and has comprised the picture for stairs. My mouse of computer is certainly wider and an adapter is in a same measure like the brick/to be able to of the transformer of the mine portable.

@@Subject Small averts, ossia the product of good quality . I have had a lot of things of Belkin has seen the vine and have all good summer has done. If or any a lot of £50 (to the equal that revise) depend.
5 / 5
Presents the plot in of the premises of clients (well, any now still because of COVID), I the plot of my work in an iPad Pro as having something like this is fantastic likes propiciado by offer he-and-solution of game with quite a lot of ports of available legacies in a device that the connectivity does not have to that never be the question.

Has the light delay among an action that spends in an iPad his arriving in a screen but at all like this bad that would prevent effective use of an adapter. My main flu with an adapter is a súper arrived of mirror of big gloss that has decided to give the, as all the world knows with these types of arrivals goes to be the fingerprint fond, collects more powder that the dyson and finalise streaky and looking economic (which to good sure is not ), the simple crazy arrived of the type would have been 100x better.

Does not go It to value down to the equal that produces is fantastic, is easy to use in that is spent so only -and-game, is quite small the yours stock exchange of just slip/of work of the laptop and done a work is feigned partorisca without subjects of ant. I add little device!
5 / 5
Like this far am very happy with this USB-C adapter of video. Has the pocolas other frames and I have not been able to take them to do with my current MacBook to take a monitor has extended.

Are able to do that with this hub. I will say a hub looks to draw the plot of power of your life of battery I this in spite of supposes that ossia to be expected. It was concerned slightly in lag time but to be sincere was pleasantly surprised, If it covers them a hub and one uploads to the ports concretise is is not a subject. There is not a lot of lag in a mouse or keyboard that has seen like this far.

Is an extremely big quality piece of boxes and does not feel economic at all. It is something will be happy to burst your stock exchange of laptop and does not have to that think roughly that. He a good work for the reasonable prize.
5 / 5
Has tried the pocolos adapters previously in a tentativa to take my screen of laptop in a TV, some are better that another but a lot has finalised in the to cube likes lag on is of crazy or a unit was so that it has done bad that some any one is returned connectors properly. This a different east, of a moment has to take this adapter of a packaging. It felt solid and on inspection, any of some ports wobbled when I pressed him. I did not take any time at all to connect my laptop to my TV and has had to grieve a lot of noticeable lag time among some two exposures. Finally, an adapter that that is meant to do. But it pays an impressive prize for that, compared to a lot of adapters that cost the tiny quantity in comparison but calm at least know that this one will do.
5 / 5
Ossia The produced that bolt until a Belkin name, is a lot of fact and a quality is very good.
This USB-C adapter is functional and versatile, has the row of ports of exposure that comprises; he 4K DisplayPort, 4K HDMI, VGA and finally he DVI port. An inclusion of the VGA the port to a large extent is redundant likes dulcemente is taking out of circulation and when be substituted for HDMI.
Seats that this fine-port is aimed in the level it professional plus, mainly for people to aim presentations to a wider audience and his can not anticipate a connection required for the monitor.
In general ossia the good product that he really well but is a product for you? Calm so only can decide concealed.
4 / 5
Produced very Useful For was the one who was have a device in terracing has given to reproduce contents multimediali with door usb C very gifted mine has given exited video in those that offered the possibility has given to connect ad gone in the video has given 4 types:

🎯 Digital Visual Interface - DVI: present on the devices any recientísima mine cmq a lot of propagation
🎯 Variety of Map of the Video - VGA : available on controls them no new and on the TV first Hd Ready further that on the videoproiettori has given fascia low is ancore quite present
🎯 port of Exposure: a level much more act them and practically in disuso mine however present his several devices
🎯 big-Definition Multimedia Interface - HDMI: that it is the most extended door for the moment and can find it in each recent device

The four spend sleep distributed on the sides of the main body to the which is connected he cavetto usb C ( available his a lot of devices Apple, several types has given Android of Pill, Cellular has given fascia mesos comunicacionales / mesos-big and the súper big majority has given portable the most recent ) that remains but a pochino short;

He device is discharges and game, any need has given additional diet outside and recognises of the system “erogante” in a moment without need has given to install some engine ( at least in portable Windows ) giving a result more than satisfactory with quality the Full video of the sud HD very satisfactory without particular losses has given notable qualities or asincronismi among audio and video percettibili.

The construction complessiva is very good, compact device and very assemblato, very light and simple gives to manage, diverse took the sleep has given good quality and connect without questions, he price is elevated undoubtedly mine probably this is because of the fact that the compatibility is for real maximum.
5 / 5
Gives when I have changed he my old MacBook with a newer model, my sleep found in the need has given to have to purchase tantísimos adattatori, since he only taken that he my new laptop possesses is a usb c. For so many devices have solved, mine to be able to connect an external monitor to my computer, what that did often and would want to continue he do it with the same frequency also with him new device. This adattatore, that have had the way has the data has declared thank you Vine of Amazon of the ad, was one has given those that held of eye gives time, reason the mine has given to create it has given to be exactly the one who looked for and more looked a product for real has given quality.
Extracted has given a device fine door, that can connect was usb C of the MacBook and whose can connect devices external video has diverse data character.
Spends The disposal dream:
- VGA;
- DVI;
- HDMI 4K;
- DisplayPort 4K.
He support To the 4K is for real interesting, that a lot see the hour has given to try with a suitable monitor and that with a lot other adattatori more economic mine would have been preclusa.
The adattatore is has given black dye and there is clear indications of the door written on the surface, in correspondence of the door was. He mark is Belkin, With a long experience in the field of the technology and one'confiabilidad that have had the way has the data declared in these days. I have appreciated a lot He minimalism of the preparation And the cure in the details of the product, that already of the appearance transmits quality. Lucido Sleep of excellent action, have connected already more go back he my laptop was the TV has the data marries for godermi my programs in streaming preferred and he recognition of the peripheral is immediate and very stable.
4 / 5
A adattore ad of punctual Video help me to connect he my PC, with Type of door of USB C Ray 3, he any television/of monitor with attack VGA or DVI or HDMI or DisplayPort; for these conclude planned raisin is leaned a final resolution the 4K.

Compact And light (dimensions has given 46 x 14 x 357 mm, compressed digs, for a weight has given roughly 78 grams), he the device recognises immediately a lot grieve connected, that identifies the resource hardware and the maximum resolution utilizzabile for that.

Have tried it now already give diverse days, using it diverse circumstances and mine am finding for real well; if it spends easily in stock exchange and, in an only device, if have 4 connettori.

For usufruire of the maximum resolution exploding one of the planned door, HDMI or DisplayPort, has to have a TV/of monitor 4K and a digs obviously that suppose you level of history.

Cost, for the moment for the moment has given this opinion (October 2020), is little less has given €60, a price big mine the quality is ineccepibile and for me results utilísimo because have like this an alone device that the tin has used in any occasion resulting always funzionante. It is Thus that he my trial is maximum, for has rewarded the quality and the big versatility has given this device. I add some Photo and expect has given see he reduced and big dimensions practicidades has given utilisation. Ciao!

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The works well connect my laptop HDMI start to the DVI entrance of a TV. Be careful because the besides new majority TVs does not have a DVI entrance (totally different of VGA entrance).

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
The dual link DVI boss that reads perfectly; exceptional value like a addon partorisca $3 and the looks of boss of good quality. Using he partorisca mine 120hz asus gaming control and works perfectly. Highly it would recommend that you are well with the a shortest period.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
5 / 5
I made a mistake partorisca order the 4K monitor before imagining was if it included it could use he with my current computers. Imagine my surprise to @give that has had the provisional paperweight in my office.

Felizmente, my computer there has been the DVI connection, how was able to use this boss the street he 1K signal (1920x1080 resolution) mine 4K monitor. Later, when it buys the computer with a paper of correct video, will take full resolution.

Ossia The bidirectional boss . It is not so only HDMI the DVI, but is, as they are by train partorisca use it, DVI the HDMI.

If the two devices that can not communicate, one with the DVI port, and another with a HDMI port, then this boss is PERFECTO partorisca you partorisca use to take them partorisca do near seamlessly.
4 / 5
Has purchased with this product. My leading experiences with gender changers had created an expectation that has to that run that the boss of the his separated together with him. Perhaps my paper of video could have resupplied a scrolling of the his or was a boss. I have connected once he of my computer (dvi) my TV (hdmi) a sound transferred by means of this boss. I have not expected this and was pleased enough that both a delivery of a picture and the sound of this boss was fantastic. It has been rid quickly well inside a time has specified. A packaging was done professionally and protect very resupplied for a product. It was very pleased with and will order and produced, and would not doubt to order of this provider again.
4 / 5
Would call this the lovely boss adds that he a work. It converts the DVI the HDMI. They are by train to use it DVI Out of my paper of map in an old more desk PC to the projector of estimativa. Quality of the image is not optimum any @subject like this the projector is connected, but for some reason, when I go of HDMI-HDMI to this option, some sources are rendered differently in a text of dossiers and names of file. In a past, has used a DVI start to the DVI entrance in the second monitor, and has there is not remarked never any difference (among some same exposures esatte that side of chair for side). Again, no the enormous shot... But something there is remarked an instant has shot all up.

A profit to be able to use the monitor and it projector in the desktop computer of 2 starts for one $ 10 I paid thus boss is surprising, as if ossia your only option , highly recommend it!
4 / 5
HAS hunt for the solution to show the computer or laptop to mine 65' TV. This boss is the simple solution , elegant that was a lot reasonably priced and was to rid a lot quickly! It is quite simple to use, so only attach a DVI spent to the card of video of your computer, then attach another end, a HDMI well, to your second HDMI port in your TV. Then, just turn in your computer, changes an entrance in your TV of HDMI-1 (if ossia that use for your source of primary video) to a HDMI-2 entrance with your television far control. And calm there the him! Your TV of big screen is now your screen of computer. Attach the wireless keyboard and smiled to your PC and calm can seat in yours something preferred to look television and with the press of the alone key in your television far control, control and send emails, tent on Amazon or anything more in your PC. It has attached an old computer to the mine television and use he for the variety of tasks. He kinda turned yours older no-ready TVs to the ready TV! I have bought two of these bosses and now have two PCs connected to two big screens different! It is easy and requires any programming of any one yours PC or your TV!
4 / 5
To avert returning the Monitor that I so only taken of Amazon that So only there is HMI the ports have tried to buy the conversor has Fallen to the Maze of Bad,Poor,Misleading info Although I have entered in the investigation of Amazon has maintained to be has has offered elements that Clearly no any that has asked . I have chosen unfortunately one Which does not direct my question. Like this Read Attentively yes calms also is looking for the conversor some casualidades to take a legislation a slender east to any
4 / 5
My forward DVI to HDMI the boss has not done with my new monitor and paper of video. I am not sure that it is but decided to the look can find one these works. It looked on Amazon and found this boss. A description looked well. Decided to give come from that. After receiving a container, some looks of boss to be good quality. I plugged he in and is doing adds like this far! The to good sure recommended!
4 / 5
Has the 1080p 144hz which is dual DVI so only, and he Crossover 27qhd 1440p dual dvi so only. My old r9 290 has 2 dual dvi so that it has not had any question. But a new GTX1070 so only has a Dual DVI to the equal that am running to question. I have used this boss for mine 1440p with patch of pixel and personalised resolution. It has done perfectly for me to drive a monitor in 1440p and 55hz which are súper well with of uses he mainly for the photo that modifies.
5 / 5
The law of boss ADDS with mine 2k monitor of resolution in a backside of the dual mine DVI-D discharge in mine Dell docking canal. Any flicker, and has recognised my resolution of native monitor immediately where DVI-D cords have failed to do like this. Any bad adapter to treat. Ordering the second a for my paper of the oldest map to hook until 2nd HDMI port in mine monitor for the screen left and PiP.
5 / 5
I have ordered previously a Rankie branded version of this boss, and when 2 of has not done, has decided to try is one. Same question. I have added the pictures that I coming when using this boss. In a picture of screen, can see like the majority of some colours is the green-ish, and a video is not partorisca clear. I am resisting on an adapter-to-dvi the boss has to that do except is too wide, of here reason am looking for the HDMI-to-DVI boss. I think that that it has to do with a short pin in another picture resupplied, which is a question still has had with a Rankie boss of mark. It is these that exits a car of same manufacture?
4 / 5
Has had to that buy two of these bosses so that it could take my new LG monitors to do. I have not verified a connection before I have bought some monitors have required like this a DVI to HDMI bosses. Some descriptions are mixed. I have decided to give try them the in all the chance. With the police of turn of the amazon if some bosses give me any question will exchange him for another pair before I give him the bogus informs