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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Lavonia
Measure: 12- you Pack Bought these in August 2018. The batteries are done in Cina (target of focus). The capacity has listed is 800mAh, but my Maha PowerEx reports among 825-895 mAh in the each one of some 12 cells (~850mAh half) Ossia very compatible with another fact-in-Chinese drop self download (LSD) NiMH battery that has tried. Like the torch of hobby declares, am spent for a lot of hundred NiMH cells on some years. My findings are that some Chinese-has done cells - has sold under names of mark of the quality (like Duracell, Amazon, Sony, etc) is typically the elder of half capacity - but more individually variable - has compared the real Eneloops or king-badged done in cells of Giappone. I do not have remarked any differences in longevities, although any last while a number declared of cycles. Good Lovely cells like this far, will see what time has had to.
4 / 5 Leonie
Measure: it Shows 12 Bands were with these and verify a device regularly. These tend partorisca filter, but yes checks daily can take one filtering some before serious harm arrives. Any so only leave in the place and the hope will do when it has required. They can any one, and your device can ruin .
4 / 5 Senaida
Measure: 16- Pack partorisca Rig to the camp has opened the new band has bought last year. A shrink partorisca wrap of 8 and the shrink wrap 7 correct battery were in a plus of boxes of the yellow NiCad the marked battery 500 mAh without mark.
Have come partorisca look in an order and too much time is spent.
Buys these batteries, opens a box promptly as it can not receive that it has paid it takes.
4 / 5 Wilton
Measure: 12-Pack A packaging was adds in this element - very effective and evironment friendly. It has dipped these to my diagnostic upload as it has taken the day partorisca analyse them. His capacities varied of 765 to 858 mAh with everything but two when being on 800. It do not have any uselessness in a lot of.

Dipped the in my far and utmost controls. The only time will say is of good quality. I have purchased rechargeable battery partorisca some last 15 years and the majority of them are not that good. With this new low-self-types of download, a quality has been quite domestic the bit, but still take some date it because of variable quality of battery the battery. Included some names of better known mark have bad batches. An only mark has not had any question with this Sanyo Eneloops. Some of Sanyo is other models are not like this as well as his Eneloops. But you finalise that it pays sometimes for on two times so much for them.

Am expecting that these comes from/come from the good factory and will last at least five years without subjects. A price is certainly very compared to all other frames. It has to that it weaves of confidence in Amazon branded merchandise reason have not been disappointed still. I will look for to update these the year or two to maintain (can agree ). ;)
5 / 5 Sherill
Measure: 16-Pack Some batteries are spent my first inspection . Fully I drained a battery, then has situated his to the special upload this measured a milliamps. All four battery have touched until 2,000 milliamps in 1.4 volts. I am lasted all day in my radio scanner. I usually use Panasonic eneloop rechargeable battery, but has thought would give these batteries of Amazon shot it. Like this far they are doing the work adds.
5 / 5 Mireille
Measure: 12- it Packs has thinks that that these were NiMH the batteries but is not , as I require his touch immediately before use. A no said description is not NiMH but am surprised the amazon is selling this older technology. I have purchased EA NiMH Amazon Basics the batteries and any focus look a lot of resemblances to the equal that has thinks that that these would be some same. A description has said slow self-download but a lot specifically say NiMH.
4 / 5 Rosina
Measure: 12-Pack Like this very like this Eneloop and other big frames in the fraction of a price. His utmost and last an eternity in mine has DIRECTED lights, far controls, and cookery and wet artilugios. Still when it does not use partorisca retain his second of load looks for never and can be recharged hundreds of time.
5 / 5 Lilliam
Measure: Fact of 12 Bands in Cina (the difference of his EA counterparts) and slightly oversized (i.et. Any one some AAA measured) the fact the a lot tight access in some of my devices. One initial load has not been very big neither. I am expecting partorisca try his action the bit and then update a description.

Update: after trying with the loan uploads a capacity was on one estimated a (estimated in 800 mAh and upload says almost 900 mAh !!) Like this are adds. I have changed my indication of 3 to 4 been due to of the this. Still I do not give him to 5 star so only been due to a no-regulate / slightly big measure vs. 'True' AAA... I have read that a EA of Amazon Basics also suffer a same question. Odd.
4 / 5 Jeff
Measure: 12- you Pack Mina 12 battery have arrived in the aims sheath in place of a pictured black, but has been ensured once hooked until the upload and the fluke that was like this announce that. In general these types are battery add .

The price adds (plus 20 was to be to amazon the first member is the good price )

Any that there is remarked

In general: there is the plot of elections in a rechargeable space of battery, can any gone bad with these some. Recommended

Thank you very much for one 'He' useful vote, and please feel free to comment or ask the questions have related to this product or other elements have revised on Amazon.
4 / 5 Kortney
Measure: 16-Pack This work well, but in no way in amazing. I use him in a lot of devices and found a longevity partorisca be in mid-vary both in a number of recharges as well as it times it one gives can. I have him really it wins to use in the Kwikset keyless lock of door. A documentation there is advised against using rechargeables and this has looked for to be right. So much, utilisation these, no attended too much, but does not use them in the keyless lock of door as they die too quickly.
5 / 5 Jeffrey
A life of battery is well, the only time will say alive quite a lot of years. In of the lovely terms partorisca money, is well.

One a thing that is bad is a quality. A wrapper of a battery is VERY EASILY has BROKEN. A lot. EASILY. FRACTION.

Has broken likes 4 out of 16 battery wrappers already, am speaking in a white piece of paper that wraps around a battery, broke them simply partorisca try to take a battery in and out of devices when they require the recharge. A loss of a wrapper does not look partorisca affect some May of battery... It conceal really it shows a quality of a material/of product.
4 / 5 Lacie
Has purchased these mainly partorisca the milk frother... They drained Entirely after so only 5-6 uses around 30 according to each like this. Not to think it was possible, like this grabbed another neighbour touched again and these am lasted roughly 6-7 uses. I have launched in mine economic more rechargeable batteries (just to do that a question has not been with a milk frother), this in spite of are going strong after the uses of dozen.

Could be very partorisca the far control or something more. But these down are treating partorisca me, which is really too bad of a prize is well.
4 / 5 Joel
Has been using only rechargeable EA and AAA battery partorisca some last 3 years. Has different frames, comprising AmazonBasics EA rechargeable battery.
These some are not like this as well as mine another AAA rechargeable battery. His so only any last while mine another battery. Utilisation 2 in the wireless mouse, and has had to that recharge his two times the month. I have used to touch an old some once the month. As something is to good sure any sake.
But is a lot still for a prize.
4 / 5 Kaci
Has of the smiles of old computer that I am very fond of. You are one of a first laser mouses. I have had he for decades now. Still I can not find anything like this well so that the, but of then I battery to need the operate ( he predates rechargeable smiled ), has used always rechargeable battery. After losing roughly over time and assisting had reduced in longevity after a lot of years of use, has decided to take stirs it of battery of Amazon. I think that that they are qualities quite well in general, but any last while some main frames like Energizer or Duracell. Clearly it can see a difference has been of then trying all bondadoso of frames in mine mouse. It says pffer 3/4 of a longevity of some main frames. Still, they are rechargeable like this when the pair of them is down, calm so only changes them and a question is solved. More, takings the good quantity for the very economic prize. I think that that they cost it. My old upload ( Rayovac mark ) works with them perfectly.
5 / 5 Roger
This battery are terrible, and with which approx. 1 year of use, no longer uploads and will show the errors in an upload.

An only thing used them in the era has DIRECTED lights, and has had two insiemi that I rotated, totalling roughly 24 battery.
Has been touched in the load of big quality, and was put occasionally by means of the cycle to condition of download.

You still all the death inside the year!
And a lot so only look it, literally 90 of is refusing to touch and his all the death inside weeks of the each one another.

To the amazon does not offer any type of guarantee with these batteries.
If some batteries have been purchased in of the different mandates in different time, results impossible to know that the batteries are still inside a 1 guarantee of year, and which have spent slightly one 1 year - so that to the amazon has refused to substitute.
5 / 5 Rolando
This does well, but in no way in amazing. I use him in a lot of devices and found a longevity to be in mid-vary both in a number of recharges as well as it times it one gives can. I have him really it wins to use in the Kwikset keyless lock of door. A documentation there is advised against using rechargeables and this has looked for to be right. So much, utilisation these, no attended too much, but does not use them in the keyless lock of door as they die too quickly.
5 / 5 Jaimie
When I have purchased this battery had expected for perhaps too much. So only it uploads until 80 capacity and I have learnt so only this after I some reading. Has has wanted to these for my cameras of the trail and a a camera so only will take pictures because it says no quite load. It has dipped regular battery in and a camera is well. Some another some good but so only toils for perhaps 3/4 of the regular battery.
Can do well for other people but are fearful these are not some better for me
5 / 5 Sabina
A compraventa rechargeable battery been due to the worry for a half. That comprises, to the amazon is not to open roughly where or like these batteries are manufactured and a sense is that both one collecting of the materials and the labour conditions are sub-optimum. (A piece for OneZero goes to some detail in this).

Inferior line -once has the transparency is, will reconsider. Until then, I will look elsewhere for rechargeables.
4 / 5 Rosalyn
For Panasonic cordless phones. I add standby and time of habladuría. And for a prize, calm can not beat these. So only burst the in a telephone, and just load in a base of same telephone. 6 battery for me,6 for my telephones of mothers.
Secondly, are not a tree hugger the type but a packaging is excessive. 12 small battery that chair inside the tray of map inside the box for his own container. Then inside the box of Amazon main for delivery. Perhaps it has the law for deliveries of battery that requires it in this way, but the simple bubble envelope looks enough for me.
Battery like this good.... Excessive packaging.
4 / 5 Jonie
A creation of these batteries is not well. A contact in a positive end is shorter that other batteries and of then never is like this slightly main, no in some of some devices dipped in. Decent prize and all touched on final for me this in spite of a creation and the measure are a subject, especially in some applications.
4 / 5 Michell
I have read some descriptions in these batteries and is exactly like some clients have said to be!! You look everywhere around our city that tries to find battery that would do in my solar lights. ANY ONE has had triple One is so only bend One east and was outrageously priced. These same batteries am returned in my old solar lights how was to the launch was why have had any battery of substitution. I have bought it it has thought of abundance an or two could no still when I have opened some containers there is not founding an uselessness! They are very pleased with this compraventa!! Client of happy Solar Lights!
4 / 5 Coral
Already has to that a bit like them these, and use them regularly in television remotes, and in Xbox 360 and Wii controllers (I knows, my systems are obsolete) and law so only well. They are battery , and his that requires him partorisca do.

Has take the star been due to an excess packaging. There is far too map when be used for these batteries that is necessary, of then has purchased so only 16. At least two times that a lot could return in a box, and further that, there is additional map that maintains some batteries in place inside a box. Because paper of waste? Reason add additional weight to some plans, ships, and trucks that movement these? Because I augment my printed of carbon to resupply excess material that must now be recycled?

Please reduce a wastefulness. Be more effective.
4 / 5 Shonta
As they retain 65 for 3 years to the equal that has announced? No for this evidence:

Two of 12 has had 60+ load. 10 there was approx 30.

Has manufactured 2019-168, today is 2019-340, like this neither they...
Has lost 70 in 172 days or has been shipped with the low load, or
was the mix of date of different manufacture-for years, or
is so only extremely inconsistent.

No the good signal to start with. Update after the year.
5 / 5 Eloisa
Has based in descriptions, decides to try this product. Like this far, like this good. We use the plot of battery for remotes (5 TV of Fire is), mini lights for Natal, etc. And more than fill landfills and of course a cost associated with battery, always try go for chargeable. We did not have him long enough the vouch for the longevity and the life of total battery has been this in spite of impresses with a quantity for a prize.
5 / 5 Lashawn
Has purchased these AmazonBasics AAA battery to use in mine projector far control. These have arrived quickly and do a lot well. There is remarked that a description has said that that comes pre-touched and ready to use out of a box. This in spite of, some batteries that has received has not been pre-has touched. Another that that, these batteries are excellent. They have touched the fastest plot has compared to a EA the batteries and I was able to use them after charing he for the few hours. Good battery for a prize.
4 / 5 Adam
Has begun of good, but with which 1 or 2 cycles in the torch are died was. One stirs is taking 50 of his capacity has estimated now, a battery is taking 7mah, how is has shot. You use him bad and are done. Spend the little bucks more and take some material of mark of the name.
4 / 5 Betty
At the beginning these rechargeables utmost facts. With which 5 cycles there is remarked an increasing quantity to time required to touch and a longevity of some battery uses to diminish. Still I expect that a cost vs disposable the battery will favour recharging, but can not be yard like this clear to the equal that have thought in the first place. It finds that it takes the plenary 12 hours the recharge now.
The jury is still is gone in these.
5 / 5 Trang
Although I have learnt a hard way again and again never to store battery inside electronics, battery of the amazon has not filtered on me still. A rechargeables uploads on quickly and last quite long in mine electronic of big drain (eg my Xbox 360 controllers, torches, and indicadoras of lasers). I recommend these in pair if any better that branded rechargeables.
4 / 5 Enid
While no the defender of rechargable battery, these am not very good. His capacity is not very big. I use him in the together of the sensor of motion focused lights that wirelessly links. They have had to that 2 day. Rule EA last the week. Also, 2 of them they have it it has begun already blink like this faulty in mine upload.
5 / 5 Danita
Perhaps has taken the bad batch , but this battery resist almost beats like this small like this old some have been meant to substitute. It finds a life of battery depends to a large extent in that is used in (duh), but can very included take them to power my camera for the whole day, something some the old batteries have substituted has begun to do also. I have finalised to use them in of the devices of low power like remotes and smiled of computer.

Would pay more to take time more afterwards.
5 / 5 Sherilyn
On some last few months have substituted each battery in a house with rechargeable batteries. This has done my life so easier. I do not owe that never go to a history or the chair approach my xbox partorisca touch never again. We use this in all a remotes, controllers, the motion that luzca in a stairwell down, lock of door of the front, thermostat etc. These can finalise paid partorisca his on his lifetimes with the just energy saved (this can take the long time) but his certainly paid partorisca his in consolation partorisca any that has to that drive to somewhere partorisca buy the batteries in some means of the gaming session.

A time of load is around 8-10 hours with my battery upload, but touches 8 EA battery the time. Generally always I have the batteries touched and while partorisca use like this this is not a subject. This law partorisca surprise and last the moment. Usually I can take roughly 20 hours of gaming with my xbox out of a tone.
5 / 5 Esther
Can not ask more than these cells. His in fact the stay has touched: perfectly usable two month of a time has been touched. I have used these in an old digital camera, television control far, and wireless peripherals (Wii controllers, keyboard, smiled).

The mine uploads in fact measured these cells like the little improve that 2000 mAh, among 2030 and 2100 mAh usually. As you note it on that, you will love the good to upload that in fact stops for these, and does not love 'trickle' uploads these for long periods of time.

An interesting element in a focuses is that be any '-' bookmark: this has launched was any one was the one who tries to memorise all, and there is remarked immediately that has had any '-'.
4 / 5 Melda
Has tried these batteries the little time now but one uploads any last like this long. Has other frames that is the better way. Has thinks that that these would be like this good or better. In general it is the bit pricy and has not taken a life of battery to the equal that has expected. Still I have any election but for the use in lights and clocks and far controls.
4 / 5 Hilario
Has chosen these on based in prizes (and consolation of delivery). It has not been disappointed like this far. And after seeing the Youtube reviewer compares these to stirs it external, that comprises the mark appoints some, these are exited up in mine that reinforces criteria a compraventa well. Elected on the little more after also.
5 / 5 Billi
Having A name of Amazon say is of the main quality in other frames, at least ossia like me sees it. His so that far it has been it recharging well and maintaining there life of battery a lot well. Looks and effective side to do like this feigned that. Like this far any complaint. I use him for the game of seal of the laser of my Edges...
5 / 5 Alishia
A first cycle of these batteries has done adds. Lasted well the month powering some have DIRECTED lights in 5 timer of now. A next time, this in spite of, is lasted partorisca grieve the week before they have begun to die. In a third cycle, has been inner drained four days. These are absolutely terrible battery, as it saves your money and buy elsewhere.
4 / 5 Shara
Has bought he for my cordless phones. His economic, but another has bought is more powerful state in upto 1300 MaH, this was the fair has bitten less. The time will say the one who thy controls up. But they are economic, and has shipped quickly.
Update.. They are beginning to the free load in some telephones quite quickly now.. And he hasnt state that long..
5 / 5 Chong
Are still very sure that a differnce is in this target of focus or a focuses black some.
These are WHITE, and facts in Cina.
That well will last over time is the crapshoot.
4 / 5 Eleni
Has so many decorations navideñas (and other materials of course) which require battery. I saved hundreds of dollars for having these rechargeable battery in planting to go to the tent and that paid partorisca junk that last three days and that try to situate of environmentally! Well value a compraventa and has had to that the very long time first to require recharge. Need to take more like this of the decorations navideñas multiply every year LOL
5 / 5 Maurita
These 'cells' any last like this long, at least look any to last while Eneloop frames, but is fantastic for a prize. To good sure buy again, partorisca EA is is still the very useful 'cell' to have manually and is easily swapped in and out of mine Xbox Some X controllers.
4 / 5 Mark
His Battery do not owe that the true extreme of 2 hours had died in giving lampes the one of the
5 / 5 Neil
Some batteries have arrived and touched them partorisca ensure have the full load. A first use of some battery has to way that has treated expected and a recharging of them has gone also as it has expected. They are by train partorisca use In several units of hand-held GPS and resupplied with an action has looked for.
5 / 5 Julia
To the equal that can see in my picture, has 2 insiemi of lights. Both insiemi are with rechargeable batteries ; Duracell (red) and Amazon (green). Both were recharged in one same load, both were full, and has then seen one dips was the feeblest plot. Thought in me, ohh can not expect see that east.. Well Amazon >Duracell !!
4 / 5 Theresa
There is there was so only the weeks of pair, but there is topped on his on his uploads to full when I took him & look partorisca be that they resist a very good power, both just seating & the be used in several devices. To good sure buy more than these when required, resupplying alive until his uploads has announced hrs lifespan & has continued quality to hold of the power, which do not have any reason like this far to think otherwise.
5 / 5 Neoma
The batteries have been purchased to substitute some batteries in some of my lights of yard. They have done well without questions. Pending load the hours of daylight and stay on until roughly 4 are.

Has substituted also a king-chargable battery in mine tampon of clue, mouse and keyboard. Again they treat like this required.

Are more than satisified with this product,.
4 / 5 Yessenia
Has been the year. The batteries really are. Last the long time (to the looks like to resist the plot more than regular battery... esp Another rechargeables). The desire had known in this more collected.
5 / 5 Jerome
I mostly love these batteries. They are work and good value well. Oddly, Requires to be touched each 4 days for my ready thermostat (a right ache to change). His very enough for my another electronic and locks of electrical door. I think that that his best with electronic with intermittent question. Behind to any-rechargeables for thermostat - has had to much more.
5 / 5 Rubin
The utmost amazon done rechargeable battery. They resist his uploads for the long quantity of time and resupply well can time very durable when into use. I have bought a lot now and use them for everything, cost each penny. In roughly 48 battery have not had any dead battery (as in of the uselessness of a factory).
4 / 5 Quintin
When I have ordered these, a picture has aimed some black batteries. I have finalised with a moment some. Also they are suppositions to be pre touched but the mine has come almost dead. I do not expect him to last very long. Happy has bought so only a band. It buys battery of name of frames he after time.
4 / 5 Martin
The batteries can be well, but 1 he so that it has arrived far entirely died and will not touch . Tried multiple chargers, will not touch . Spending for a rest now to see if any another is faulty.

Top Customer Reviews: Duracell - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5
Measure: 8 countStyle Name: D I has bought he partorisca my touchless has beaten of the rubbish but an open and enclosed lid likes a bit the batteries are almost dead! But these are marks new battery of Amazon! I rotated all 8 of them this in spite of some same... I have bought finally the band of 8x EA Lithium of EBL and 4x EA to D adapter of cell. WOW! That the enormous difference! Now, it opens and it closes usually now. Before a Duracell, had used a Kodak frames D and was a lot also (also has bought was Amazon). These Duracell is sucks! I have squandered Mina $ 14 cos can do not to return them!
4 / 5
Measure: 8 countStyle Name: D I has bought this battery partorisca my transmission of creatures. I dono that question with him. The battery goes was automatically inner 5 mins of use.
Experiences very bad.
5 / 5
Measure: 8 countStyle Name: D has been using so only Duracell of then partorisca always. Last longer that a competition. Ossia That dread a plus.
5 / 5
Measure: 8 countStyle Name: D I can confirm these alcaline batteries am a lot some. A container of product is different of a pointed image in this page of the product but the one who concerns ? Happy with cost of mine.
5 / 5
Measure: 8 countStyle Name: D Can any gone bad with this mark. I have purchased in the available price. The shot adds
5 / 5
Measure: 8 countStyle Name: D So only take approximate 1.2 volts in the each battery.
4 / 5
Measure: 8 countStyle Name: D As it has announced. Has the abonos lifespan like this far.
5 / 5
Measure: 8 countStyle Name: D good battery works correctly.
4 / 5
Measure: 8 countStyle Name: D Ossia to a mark liked him always, well buy of again.
5 / 5
Measure: 8 countStyle Name: D use these in the megaphone and be any and any questions still.
5 / 5
We take this battery partorisca dip inner our dispenser feeds that it takes partorisca our cats and law and last the moment.
4 / 5
Uses these in the megaphone and be any and any questions still.
5 / 5
I have bought he partorisca my touchless has beaten of the rubbish but an open and enclosed lid likes a bit the batteries are almost dead! But these are marks new battery of Amazon! I rotated all 8 of them this in spite of some same... I have bought finally the band of 8x EA Lithium of EBL and 4x EA to D adapter of cell. WOW! That the enormous difference! Now, it opens and it closes usually now. Before a Duracell, had used a Kodak frames D and was a lot also (also has bought was Amazon). These Duracell is sucks! I have squandered Mina $ 14 cos can do not to return them!
5 / 5
Can confirm these alcaline batteries am a lot some. A container of product is different of a pointed image in this page of the product but the one who concerns ? Happy with cost of mine.
5 / 5
Has bought this battery for my transmission of creatures. I dono that question with him. The battery goes was automatically inner 5 mins of use.
Experiences a lot bad.
4 / 5
Awesome Quality, 8 in a band, guaranteed 10 years and Súper Fast Delivery. Thank you. Exactly that precise. Highly it recommends.
4 / 5
Has been using so only Duracell of then for ever. Last longer that a competition. Ossia That dread a plus.
5 / 5
Has bought these while I have bought my cat autofeeder. His peefectly
5 / 5
Can any gone bad with this mark. I have purchased in the available price. The shot adds
5 / 5
Ossia to a mark liked him always, well buy of again.

Top Customer Reviews: AmazonBasics AAA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5 Masako
I have purchased 8 AmazonBasics AAA big-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries (Focus of Money of Giappone) Qualified:850mAh Minimum:800mAh.

At the beginning, has been disappointed for an action of these batteries. To the left explain me reason.
Has used my Tenergy 456 battery uploads partorisca try cycle some batteries. This touches some batteries then the drain partorisca determine a capacity of a battery. It has dipped one uploads partorisca touch them in 300mine (dipping lower) and drain them in 250mine. Some results were quite disheartening.

With the tax of load of 300mine, trying some 8 battery gave me some following results:
Test1: Lower: 686 mAh main: 746 mAh Half: 719 mAh
Test2: Lower: 755 mAh main: 811 mAh Half: 776 mAh
Test3: Lower: 757 mAh main: 800 mAh Half: 774 mAh
Test4: Lower:754 mAh main: 798 mAh Half: 769 mAh

Something was obviously bad. It take nowhere approach one 850 mAh the capacity has expected.
Ask reason paid more for the 'big-capacity' battery when a AmazonBasics AAA (target of focus of Cina) consistently test is gone in 800 mAh, extracted better and costs less?

The Then arrived mine to augment a tax of load of 300mine to 500mine. Here it is some results :

With the tax of load of 500mine, trying some 8 battery gave me some following results:
Test5: Lower: 810 mAh main: 891 mAh Half: 844 mAh
Test6: Lower: 858 mAh main: 932 mAh Half: 884 mAh

that Augments a tax to upload dramatically has improved an action of these batteries for the significant 15.
I then decided to see that pass have fallen a tax to touch behind to 300mine. One falls of capacity behind to 769 mAh? Or the stay approaches 884 mAh?

With the tax of load of 300mine:
Test7: Lower: 844 mAh main: 930 mAh Half: 875 mAh
Test8: Lower:809 mAh main: 859 mAh Half: 826 mAh

that Falls a tax to touch to 300my aims a capacity of battery dulcemente falls behind down.

Conclusion: to take a capacity expected of 850 mAh this need of battery to be uploaded against 500mine.
In test 6 this gives 10 better capacity that mine 2nd favourite battery, a AmazonBasics white of focus of the Chinese that test is gone in 800mAh.
1 / 5 Enedina
Please clock out of types. In this description of the product clearly declares these batteries are done in japan. This in spite of, a some the receieved is done in Cina. I m returning them immediately. Please the show was has received correct some.
1 / 5 Elfreda
Low indication because I have received some batteries promptly but has been surprised partorisca see them done in Cina vs. to to A description likes them the fact in Giappone. It is one same 850mAh the big capacity so only looks the amazon has moved manufacturing the Chinese... Contacting support, to the left is partorisca see that says.
5 / 5 Keneth
While expensive initially (~$ 16 partorisca 8 battery, or $ 2 the battery), these have some potentials partorisca save you the plot of money. A lot. Spending $ 100 in rechargeable batteries (EA and AAA) and the cradles would have you that gives abundance of battery to last calm partorisca years. When You recharge these, sides you pence.

Is wise side, these am very effective is spending for the plot of battery. Some times of cariche are class of long, varying of 6-8 hours partorisca a AAA and 8-12 partorisca a EA. They are a lot of lens to touch, as it marks sure have the pocolos change yes calm require immediately. A AAA the batteries are 800mAh, and would have to that side less than the penny the recharge of empty to fully. It have to that take 100 less watts (, 120V, pf 1.0) to recharge the battery. A kilowatt (1000 watts) in Alberta is around $ now.

Like this after so only the little recharges will save enough the bit of money. If your stay of battery in a cradle for more than few weeks the time, the cycle was like this calm does not ruin some batteries. NickelBattery of the hydride of the metal suffers the one who some call of people soyemory effect'. Mark sure to the full load then fully downloads these batteries to maintain a health of better battery.
1 / 5 Mavis
If it touch these batteries and then use them immediately, is wonderful. In Bose the noise that annuls receiver have lasted almost as well as the alcaline batteries have had to that (10-12 hours).

If his tones, maintain them touched for seven days before that uses him, will have any a lot of energy has left. In some same headphones have had to that so only roughly an hour is remained unused for the week after full recharging.

Perfectly usable, probably deserving of 2 stars, if it was not for a totally misleading soyaintains 65 of original load after being business for 3 years.'
5 / 5 Sherika
When I finally decided partorisca substitute a rechargeable the batteries have had in a house I some investigation in just that it was a plus a compraventa. That founds was that the batteries of amazon are done in a same factory like better rechargeable the batteries have done today. These sounds like the mine terrific plus! It take the new recharger to the equal that take patient of the mine old a when being like this finicky in recharging the batteries of another company. I have finalised partorisca launch it was for the half the batteries of dozen because a recharger has said was a chargeable. With this investigation has discovered was probably a recharger, belatedly, admits. At least now I have I add it recharger of Enloop and likes the distinguished investigation, Amazon betteries is done also in a factory that mark Enloop rechargeable, some the better batteries have said partorisca be there now.
2 / 5 Verlie
Some images and the description no longer match that in fact send you. Last year has been done in Giappone and there is matched some photos but now is done in Cina with slightly different packaging (and assumes a lot of lower quality). When I have received some Chinese batteries have contacted service of client partorisca take some the pertinent batteries and they send me to us another batch of Chinese some. Partorisca The company that does not pay to any to sure taxes like to them partorisca pinch these pence.
5 / 5 Shantel

So as well as the mark of name but more economic
Big capacity partorisca a price


Any like this far

These are battery of the quality adds with still seal of economic price. Calm usually take that paid partorisca, but with this look partorisca be like this good or still better that some frames of name. I have not tried a capacity, but has had to that the long time. No spent never Energizer or Duracell battery never again.

Has bought these partorisca mine You 84+ calculator that has run in of the alcaline batteries. I have been concerned that Neither-MH battery not being able to him because alcaline is and these are partorisca the majority of his life of download. I dipped him in this in spite of and his utmost. To good sure will buy these again.
1 / 5 Woodrow
These are not Big Capacity and is not 850mAh, If I did not require them tomorrow would return them, dishonest description.
1 / 5 Verdie
The amazon falsely is announcing those like this when be fact in Giappone but they are done in Cina.
When being that has the big difference in geopolitics and quality partorisca manufacture this is not acceptable.
To good sure any value a difference partorisca price to a regular Amazon Basics battery.
4 / 5 Candi
By means of several cycles of download, these have been quite good. I used him in the variety of the devices that comprises the keyboard, torch, and far controls. Any subject with any of them. Touching is not a @@subject that use my Nitecore upload (frames so only sure one load are to him compatible). One the smallest critique is that these are announced like coming pre-has touched. The mine has not been. In better was roughly 70 has touched. Ossia The smallest critique this in spite of and his has state topping arrive anyways.
4 / 5 Adrianna
Has taken the box of these AmazonBasics AAA rechargeable battery, 8 band, this is to be do in Cina. Appearances for a fact in Giappone some but has taken these instead. As I have decided to try some batteries that mine of use The Crosse BC-700 loans of Alpha to upload, took him grieve. It was very surprised and impressed by some results. Here it is a following mAh for a mark of the new batteries:
909 mAh
910 mAh
927 mAh
931 mAh
939 mAh
944 mAh
947 mAh
958 mAh
was to buy a Eneloop rechargeables but thinks can expect and save 3x of the money.
4 / 5 Gearldine
These Batteries Consistently Touch Roughly 50mAh to 95mAh In his Capacity has estimated.'!' Cycle the many times first to dip to the service and calm will not be disappointed. To good sure Recommended...
4 / 5 Raelene
Has taken the little of them a month done and aaa

No sure coming fully or partial touched

But no the own carrier frames of the amazon of good support...( It sees the photos and I can not imagine was if it is some batteries or defective element of these products... It is by train to give me Headache ! Have to that be easy!! )

No sure is these elements or of the batteries...

Supports of contact by means of a form any answered or turn

to the Class to feel likes them the transmission behind to any déchirante powful battery after this experience
5 / 5 Christena

• So as well as the mark of name but more economic
• Big capacity for a prize
• Pre-touched


• Any like this far

These are battery of the quality adds with still seal of economic prize. Calm usually take that paid partorisca, but with this look to be like this good or still better that some frames of name. I have not tried a capacity, but has had to that the long time. No spent never Energizer or Duracell battery never again.

Has bought these for mine You 84+ calculator that has run in of the alcaline batteries. I have been concerned that Neither-MH battery not being able to him because alcaline is and these are for the majority of his life of download. I dipped him in this in spite of and his utmost . To good sure will buy these again.
4 / 5 Laree
The batteries can not be done in Giappone to the equal that has announced. It takes place 3 orders in some have spent few years. One has been done in Giappone, while 2 has been done in Cina. Both uses some same ASIN B00HZV9YEO number. Fact in of the batteries of Cina probably does well, but has purchased some batteries that expects done in of the batteries of Giappone.
5 / 5 Stefania
Any to find them very good. The multiple bands bought and look to die extremely quickly to all the cost that plant him in. No very happy roughly that. It comes from another marks next time.
4 / 5 Jay
Has purchased a lot of AmazonBasic rechargeable battery in a past, and has loved him always.

Recently, has purchased 8 x AAA of a EBL frames rechargeables ( has there was also the good experience with them in some pasts) for use with my Storm of Black Diamond headlamp, but has failed to do with them.

In the whim (and with which enough the bit to try) has decided to give these AmazonBasics the batteries try it and law perfectly well with a headlamp.

No really sure reason a work and a lot another, of a voltage is one same and a EBL is to have the main capacity, but this work and am happy. I have bought in fact another place because they do like this well.
5 / 5 Brenna
All well with some MAY...
AAA The level leaves different voltage of row. Those are !!!
For like this, yes the plan uses these in clock or far control... You Better no, reason the clock will go slower and will think that is broken, or will be mad about your RC doing any of confidence.
Like this, has failed them to use these further of applications have thought roughly when you buy those.
A title says AAA, but does not say . And it have to that !!!
For a way... Same history with EA rechargable.... :(
4 / 5 Trula
He perhaps until prompt partorisca say but now included some batteries do not look partorisca resist his uploads
A first batch of batterywe has purchased has had to that be recharged two times the week. My husband and I spend headlamps when take our dog for his last walk of a day when it is dark. Each headlamp requires 3 battery.
4 / 5 Margret
Better in comparison to other Chinese frames. These are done in Cina, but controls of experience of quality.

Does not resist load as it has alleged. After the pair of the days of me found the to having lost roughly 15-20; perhaps I so only taken bad some. This in spite of, trust an Amazon Basics mark to resupply good value so that it is cost.

Is less than comparable the Eneloops, but the subject for a money. It take one 8 -band of 850mAh some paralizaciones of the CA $ .
4 / 5 Elly
Ossia Amazon own product. The description of web has said Done in Giappone. The products have arrived like this Done In Cina. Turn.
5 / 5 Michelle
Big capacity rechargeable battery in this prize! That is not to like here? It uses some batteries in some same recharger has had for years, any needs to buy extra crew. It saves money, and a half for reusing a same battery on and on again. My far TV and my eyebrow of precision trimmer is doing like this well with this battery like this of the batteries of mark of expensive name. Compraventa Well, absolutely would buy Amazon rechargeable would beat again.
5 / 5 Sharika
Has purchased a 8 band. It has dipped four to the light of cupboard that relieves motion and installed a light in February. A light has done properly until July. I have taken out of some batteries the recharge him. Two out of four a lot of king-charge. This was a first time for them to be animal-has touched. Two out of four - 50 tax of failure. It conceal it is not well. Be darned can imagine out of the way to contact Amazon for two battery of substitution.
5 / 5 Siobhan
Has the few toys of boys that takes a AAA. These batteries do not have a same fund like some regular batteries and like such does not return well. This leaves him a lot usable for the majority of some things has has wanted the stops of use. So only I use him for far controls now and touch the bit of overkill for that.
4 / 5 Abdul
Are happy with services of delivery of Amazon to the equal that take my container the day sooner. They are the class of the defender of Amazon basics produced reason have resupplied good quality in prize abordable. I have tried produced in the normal way and I have found this good product. This in spite of, lame still focus and the Chinese version is different then the pictures but I have seen another description and I have found that there are 2 types of the amazon is Chinese and another Japanese east and has read another description and they have has tried things in the hard way and has described a lot of things and I have taken scared but like this for my normal use, these barriers are well, but am little but unhappy and has confused that reason has not taken a product that has seen in picture. But it is well... It is not bad to the equal that has taken.
5 / 5 Fiona
I baught these awhile does and had used his in the regular base and was happy with them. I have touched the together and plant them in the torch for emergencies and of the batteries had died to seat. They are a lot if yours using them but has to that any life of shelf likes the batteries of mark of the name. Well $ the value for something has used all a time.
4 / 5 Diane
Has not used a big capacity some closing but yes is near of a normal capacity would owe that be good. You owe that take the account these are triple Some batteries would not owe that be used in any device that has the big draw. I. And. Well partorisca remotes a lot well for the brilliant light flashes the lights will do except any for long
5 / 5 Lyndsay
has purchased a place of Amazon big capacity rechargeable battery awhile fact, and found the partorisca be excellent, as I have ordered these to have more around a house.

Has resisted one uploads for month (I in fact can not agree some last time touched them) in of the devices of big use like controls far, digital cameras and a thermostat.
Has sold now in the batteries of the amazon, both rechargeable and disposable.
4 / 5 Liza
Like this far at least look to be doing all a branded Eneloop Japanese has done the battery the one who these is purported partorisca be also. So only the fraction a prize but look partorisca do a same thing like this well and is extremely state pleased with a Eneloop the batteries have had already partorisca the few years.
4 / 5 Carissa
Uses these batteries in the work and is SURPRISING! The value adds partorisca a shot and a nave was unbelievable.

I amour an Amazon Rechargeable batteries.

I totally recommend this by all the world.
5 / 5 Hui
Has bought a EA Amazon basics rechargeable and am pleased really with as resist the load after days of use in bylines so that images a AAA is would be like this good. Has upload it that indicates the battery there is detailed info and these batteries are compatible quality and specs. Coming with around 35 load but quickly partorisca touch to 100.
4 / 5 Major
Dies too quickly. In mine tamagotchi has had to that so only 1 week while another rechargeable battery last 3+ weeks in mine tamagotchi. They are also more expensive that another rechargeable battery.
5 / 5 Gerard
I use two battery in the small radio at night. This look partorisca last well and one some have had partorisca quite the moment still is going strong. A prize is good and is like this convenient to order them. This 8-the sale will do me probably for the pair of years? In all the chance, recommend them value like this good.
5 / 5 Catharine
Adds for any the one who uses a lot of battery with peripherals of consoles / of different TV, PC / VR gaming peripheral and toys of cat.... Touching battery on and on again is much easier in my stock exchange with these units, has multiple amazon rechargeable bands of battery and really saves money.
4 / 5 Lou
Has bought these and they are gone in really quickly. It has been tired to spend money in of the battery all a time. Running out of the battery when calm require them is not well. This battery touch quickly and sure has a rest has on touched like this when they die can touch these some and some another touches ready to go. I am cost a cost and use for the variety of electronics.
4 / 5 Pura
Excellent rechargeables. I use him in everything of my clock of the battery of pillar has operated that career in 6 now the time of day. Typically I take the four use of day out of this first requiring the recharge him. It Plus of folds a life of forward rechargeable the batteries have used.
5 / 5 Ladawn
Has think that these would be amazing after using mark of Amazon disposable bateries with results add. Unfortunately these are craps. I use him exclusively for my monitor of creature of the audio and they no last a same day of use (5 cups of hours). Felizmente A monitor so only takes 2 to the equal that can change then was and touch like this required, but for a prize is not to value he.
5 / 5 Ivelisse
L'ago d'anno ha acquistato uno carica (questo era partorisca EA e AAA) ed EA è (marchio incluso). Undici un apparecchio che prende AAA lasciare nel mio I grabbed questi. Tranquillo soyarvel ha dato Re se o nessun partorisca prende re-chargeable batteria soltanto lui. Uno dovrebbe che ha fatto partorisca ha cambiato ago d'anni. Lui soltanto i marchi sanno muchos musulmani remarcan finanziariamente e ambientalmente.
4 / 5 Ramon
È arrivato 40-50 lì è toccato differente 80 lì è promesso. Toccato multi 100 dopo un giorno partorisca aspettare alla carica è scesa a 80. Hopefully Arato partorisca andare per migliorare dopo un paio della meteo che è c'è pienamente ha scaricato. È ignorato quanto meteo labrar partorisca andare ferma è durato.
4 / 5 Tanja
Fa bene ha dato partorisca boxear, i quali sono aggiunge! Non possa stimare la vita ha dato batteria e durabilidad ancora. Forse con che un po' quelli che rotondi con Caricarlo... Speranza che non è meteo molto puntuale!

È stato avvertito dalle persone che lì è comprato Panasonic batterebbe a steer chiaro ha dato chipped Panasonics. Uno sono felice est alcun cariz partorisca essere in condizionare molto buono.
5 / 5 Debby
L'Arato di batteria fatto in Giappone.
Malgrado dicono che il labrados lì è toccato, offerta't il conto in queste mine degli è stato ha cambiato meno ha dato 50.
Ha cercato ha dato 4 fuori 8 batteria e lì è avuto capacità tra 865 e 883 mAh mangia significa musulmano che a minimo 850 mAh lì è annunciato che è bene.
4 / 5 Merlyn
È stato comprando batteria d'Amazona unica per il passato due anni adesso e sono impressionato realmente per la durabilidad e lifespan ha dato pappagallo. E pappagallo'il re buono tasó. So per fare non ha avuto una batteria dell'amazona data addirittura mina. Pappagallo recharge rapido e opera bene In qualsiasi cosa ha dato il cameraman ha dato stele a ci è ha diretto lanterne. Super Felice e comprerà un'altra volta.
5 / 5 Latonia
Questi tutta ha quasi venuto pienamente scaricato, il chiaramente nella descrizione dichiara 'pre-toccato' messo il in il mio apparecchio e lui sono morto dentro minuti. Toccato il suo sopra per 2-3 ore e cariz di pappagallo per essere laborable ma è morto molto rapidamente considerando supposizioni d'arato per essere 'qualificati grandi'
4 / 5 Georgann
Un'altra Amazona fantastica Basics ha prodotto. La batteria mangia pre-toccato è, pappagallo're a punto per uscire dell'envase. Un non può commentare in che pappagallo di meteo're rechargeable ma I'andato correre il mediante due volte adesso e li carices prendi al periodo stesso ha dato meteo con pappagallo.
4 / 5 Marianne
Mantenere sua carica molto bene. Guardano per essere un po' principali che Duracells . Al problema unico con pappagallo è dovuto alla sua misura, l'arato più ristagno negli spazi hanno dato batteria e tranquillo può rompere la manica della batteria mentre prendendogli era. Questo non incide effectivity ma ancora molestando.
4 / 5 Danny
Havent Usi rechargeable la batteria dà fatta muchos anni, decisi partorisca ha comprato questi alcun dovuto a descrizioni buone.
Fare bene, ultimo abbastanza molto meteo, maggioritariamente per i giocattoli hanno dato ragazzi, il pappagallo che mantiene che può utilizzare quello che lungo ama, con i quali gli possono toccare e uso un'altra volta.
Aggiornerà fallire qualsiasi meteo puntuale.
5 / 5 Lillia
La batteria Mangia precharged malgrado forse in 20. Meteo divertita che vicino per aprire La cassa esteriore [senza cercare ha dato partorisca rasgar partorisca cassa].
La ragione insegura Al sistema vuole stimare un ha dato il caratteristico partorisca esmote ha controllato. Per una televisione o qualcosa? Quello sto utilizzando 2 batteria per un telefono portatile.

Top Customer Reviews: Duracell Coppertop ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
5 / 5 Rubie
These devices are commanding in a field of storage of energy and distribution partorisca a lot of types of devices, especially of a portable variety. They return in any EA the compartment has found and has not exploded never or has burned my skin with acid. Partorisca That, has to estimativa 5/5
4 / 5 Tama
These are regular EA Alcaline Duracell battery. These are new and have the just number of years partorisca time of storage. I have bought the plot of these partorisca be change partorisca the number of torches that has. An exited perfect partorisca me.

A cost with some starts of nave partorisca be roughly more 15 economic that can have him locally where alive. When that Buys the plot of these some savings adds up.
5 / 5 Lindy
Duracell EA The batteries are rubbishes . I have had two torches there is ruined now reasons some batteries have begun partorisca filter and corroded partorisca do the impossible to take a battery. It looks any time leaves Duracells dipping around filter.
4 / 5 Rita
Sad to leave the bad commentary, but no of a work of battery, included partorisca powering the clock of the simple wall does not act . No of accident the bad description can return a product, but there is the any one civilises of turn. So only it wants to leave a vendor and the conscious buyers of this situation. Hope Any one takes the batteries of detective like.

Thank you.
4 / 5 Eugenia
They are battery . They are sure they will do that it is meant to do. They have arrived when they has said they . Battery.
4 / 5 Les
Has results quite fed up using rechargeable battery for my keyboard of mouse/of the apple, that has to that recharge his each few days have chosen like this this on and probably will maintain to buy them.
Days later of constant use, still in 82.
A cant goes bad with these.
5 / 5 Twila
A good balance among prize and reliability. Calm can take the most economic batteries, and some of them included could do also or better. But any one has taken has shot to buy IBM, and is one same for Duracell Coppertop.
5 / 5 Carley
Súper A lot the times receive it this in spite of gives the battery can has to that the coin of the street to the meme battery of life of reward Very short. Used a band for the August in bylines which usually would last until 6 month for places of 4 battery but these some deaths among 3 to 6 weeks.

A lot sure was an old batch but would not price again produced
4 / 5 Cheyenne
Adds, has received punctually and works for our crew of office!
5 / 5 Clemencia
These devices are commanding in a field of storage of energy and distribution for a lot of types of devices, especially of a portable variety. They return in any EA the compartment has found and has not exploded never or has burned my skin with acid. For that, has to estimativa 5/5
5 / 5 Carmel
These are regular EA Alcaline Duracell battery. These are new and have the just number of years for time of storage. I have bought the plot of these to be change for the number of torches that has. An exited perfect for me.

A cost with some starts of nave to be roughly more 15 economic that can have him locally where alive. When that Buys the plot of these some savings adds up.
5 / 5 Lida
Duracell EA The batteries are rubbishes . I have had two torches there is ruined now reasons some batteries have begun to filter and corroded to do the impossible to take a battery. It looks any time leaves Duracells dipping around filter.
5 / 5 Aleta
Is battery . They are sure they will do that it is meant to do. They have arrived when they has said they . Battery.
5 / 5 Lael
Is result quite fed up using rechargeable battery for my keyboard of mouse/of the apple, that has to that recharge his each few days have chosen like this this on and probably will maintain to buy them.
Days later of constant use, still in 82.
A cant goes bad with these.
5 / 5 Gabriele
Compraventa Well, to good sure does more the sense that buys battery in this prize that in a tent. That The packaging has arrived undamaged.
5 / 5 Madaline
These have come well punctually, has required some for my far TV!
Excellent value for what volume, compared to the tent.
Would recommend.
Thank you So many!
4 / 5 Marlon
Duracell The batteries are excellent. This battery last longer that other frames.
5 / 5 Brittni
Súper A lot the times receive it this in spite of gives the battery can has to that the coin of the street to the meme prize
5 / 5 Enriqueta
life of battery Very short. Used a band partorisca the August in bylines which usually would last until 6 month for places of 4 battery but these some deaths among 3 to 6 weeks.

No sure was an old batch but would not price again
5 / 5 Chia
the product Adds, has received punctually and works for our crew of office!
5 / 5 Dakota
His Very Partorisca Handhelds Like Controllers Partorisca Gaming Systems
4 / 5 Sumiko
together adds. Lasted me it moment for the plot of our electronics has around

would purchase more!
5 / 5 Marvis
I like these batteries, but unfortunately, does not have them never receipts.
Has expected, then is exited so only and has bought some.
A lot disappointed. So only I love my money behind.
4 / 5 Hazel
Always spent Duracell reason is action and good quality of long life.
5 / 5 Ayana
It has not used everything of them, but the samples does well. As they would owe that be.
4 / 5 Roxanne
Duracell Is battery of big quality. The majority of devices when they take sold marks new is shipped with Duracell battery.
5 / 5 Ernie
Arrived promptly punctually and everything in excellent condition, and to the equal that has described :) Very pleased!!!
4 / 5 Dovie
Has bought always duracell partorisca battery.

I mostly use them partorisca my gaming headphone , the work adds .

And does not have to that it struggles with a casing partorisca the open , has the poster of map of easy access in a backside

Top Customer Reviews: Duracell - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
4 / 5 Yoshie
I have purchased these batteries and with which 10 of them partorisca months of pasts of pair, has @to @give is not that they last long at all.

Has used 8 of them already and has interested that it is it lasted so only the months of pair in mine remotes (components & of Audio of the television) as first to install a next pair, has decided to verify a voltage. In spite of an outside casing the be labelled soyar 2028', a voltage on all partorisca touch roughly volts.

Partorisca Arrive to this point, can not ask the turn because so only have 8 rest. I never expected Duracell battery partorisca have low voltage after seating for just 2 month. The his maintenances have stored in the drawer with other batteries that I also tried and is everything in resistant corrected voltage. So only these Duracell AAA is down.

Does not recommend these batteries. I do not have any explanation because these batteries would be defective to the equal that has has not experienced never this in a past with Duracell. I can so only speculate this batch that the amazon has taken was bad.
4 / 5 Shawna
Has been buying these batteries for my toys of edges for some last few years, looks the toy of the each boy these days uses a lot of battery. Both mine edges and I have the tendency to forget to turn them was, like the drain of battery is the common occurrence in our house. This battery tend to last longer that other frames and remain stronger longer. I can remark some lights in his toys dim faster with other batteries, especially our rechargeables. Really I hate to eat so many batteries but some toys require that extra power that my rechargeables cant look to resupply or only drain quickly, thats where this gone in.

Some batteries have received to have the date of guarantee of December 2025, likes 8 years of dates of compraventas. They are guaranteed 10 likes these have at least 2 years already. Any subject for me I so that it expects my toys of edges to use them all inside the year.
5 / 5 Janise
Use this battery where require long life and can depend will do if any used for long periods of time. It likes in flashing of lights and remotes. Sad, but in of the detectors to smoke that it is of big weight, of transmissions these twice the year and try monthly, the economic plus is used.
5 / 5 Pete
The product adds, exactly like this described, has packed well has shipped to relieve fast and has arrived without accidents; Thank you!!!
4 / 5 Pasquale
This container there has been a perfect number of the battery so that I have looked for. Any subject with any of some batteries that has used like this far.
5 / 5 Anjelica
Has not had time to value some batteries still , will require to expect to see as it has had to that .
4 / 5 Ellen
The amazon always has some better prizes in of the elements of common house like Duracell battery.
5 / 5 Marlyn
The product adds, has received punctually and works for our crew of office!
5 / 5 Janna
Has to that it has been in census for the long time reason are has spent entirely.
5 / 5 Tod
Touches all the types of utilisation that comports his batteries.
4 / 5 Armand
It looks a lot of
? The prize is empinado but these Are AAA battery. Never economic.
5 / 5 Mariana
The battery add in the prize adds, which more could say
4 / 5 Stephan
Never run was, has been rid promptly and to the equal that has described. Thank you Again Amazon
4 / 5 Loreta
improve them battery in the world !
Thank you Amazon !
5 / 5 Tasha
Duracell HAS is reputation as there is little partorisca add another that a prize was withing a global row sees elsewhere
4 / 5 Kristyn
is lasted so only a week in alarm and far TV against some fires a month
No happy. Has has not had never first questions of
5 / 5 Marcie
would buy again and recommend the familiar and friends. Highly recommended.
4 / 5 Katheleen
His reputation is satisfied in every respect !! The shot adds, always!!
4 / 5 Tanya
It has opened so only an only precise sale a partorisca my knife that goes partorisca have this band partorisca a prójimo 10 years lol
5 / 5 Chris
uses this produces the plot and always spend the container with me, require the battery that will be ready partorisca go when called on.
4 / 5 Dani
The packaging is not one same in a picture, among 4 bands of 4, class of as 'free' addon is to a packaged the deals of battery do.
4 / 5 Peter
It has used so only 4 of them like this far but they look partorisca have the long load well has compared the frames. We will see they live until a Duracell level.
4 / 5 Wendy
Could any never take this well the I extracted in any tent - very happy with east.

Top Customer Reviews: EBL 8 Bay AA/AAA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Thomasena
Ossia My beans of all an a lot of battery chargers I'[sees has used. It is not economic, but has bought the second a to give like the present, more the third a to the equal that has two I. It is the really good unit . Place in yours rechargeable battery in twosomes, and try have two identical battery that side of touch-for-side. You can touch 2, 4, 6, or 8 the time; and you can touch EA and AAA battery a same time, while each PAIR of the touches of battery is one Or another.

I frames do not import so much know your battery specs. Of course they owe that say RECHARGEABLE in his, and then wants to have quite one same mAh indication in both would beat of any pair. A soyAh' is a battery is soyilliamp Hours' that is basically the big plus-the-better unit to leave know what time a battery will last among load. It is simply more effective that touch battery in twosomes in that an indication is one same. Has the yellow brilliant AAA battery around here to somewhereI supposition among any exotic inessential of the some placeand really he recharges included when it have to that share one something with the very different battery type. Any recommended; but, well.

I amour a EBL battery. You can imagine out of your personnel of better option of types of battery and chargers has offered in Amazon. A EBLs is glorious. For price, has bought Sunbeams of a tent of dollar until it guesses a rechargeables looked to lose favour with a beancounters. Another very good battery the mark was Enerloop (another Amazonian) but has to that maintain until knowing the one who possess that. Just saying.
5 / 5 Normand
I have bought this, partorisca EA battery, can last for 1 week partorisca my wireless mouse. With which touched less than 10 times, so only last partorisca 3 days. Partorisca Be clear, is touched fully, a green light in one load is solid result green
An odd thing accustoms apresamiento 4 hours to fully of cariche, but now so only takes 2 hours partorisca some lights partorisca be green solid partorisca upload
Follows up:
After this commentary, EBL the crew of phase contact, and send me the substitution.
Somehow the any one received a first substitution, because of the estaca of Canada has lost a container, then sent then another substitution.

Are sooooo satisfy a responsible attitude of EBL and can not say quite a lot of good words of them.
Totally will buy again and has said some other friends in of the this.
5 / 5 Kenton
This eight bank of battery uploads to leave me partorisca touch the plot of battery and is the saver of time. His no the fast upload like his in disposal partorisca take some time partorisca touch, but his no too bad. A unit is light but feels a lot of fact and one has directed the indicators easily aim a state of load. Some batteries that come with this unit is decent. I can not verify a mah indication of some batteries with some have comprised partorisca upload but has done well in my torches of big drain. Found bear be on pair with my another Neither-Mh batteries. Good value partorisca a price and would recommend.
5 / 5 Rochell
Ossia One uploads of better battery I own. It can touch any pair of rechargeable EA or AAA the battery have in any mandate (2 EA and 6 AAA -or- 4EA and 4 AAA etc).

Fully drained, a AAA battery that is coming with taking around 4 hours partorisca touch, while a AAA the batteries have taken around 7 hours. This, felizmente, is time to spare go in substitutions of battery in mine remotes/lock of door of the front/xbox controllers.

My favourite part is that it can touch 8 battery while taking almost any room, everything in a unit. It has had more than the few times have required all 8 battery the short time, as this was adds to have around. It is in the common zone with the small box near for with has has touched battery already in him, as has the good system that goes in for transmission out of dead battery with quotas some.

Has bought these with an intention to do my more convenient life, any to save money. A mathematician is still iffy that would require you the recharge A lot of battery your time of life to in fact save money on him. But for a sake of not driving to a tent to take more, and saving the few cents for 4 band, is very better was with rechargeable.

-Convenient, any behaviour to a tent when it is was or forgetting to take some
-time of Decent load - would have to that be touched first of calm require them again
-Small impression
-Better for a half that the batteries that goes to a landfill
-This the tone of concrete band 8 the time, more than the majority will require everything immediately.

-Big upfront cost to substitute ALL THE BATTERIES in your house with rechargeable (the cost is returned over time)
5 / 5 Pearlene
Ossia A together better of rechargeable batteries and upload has has not bought never. I have tried all the batteries with the metre of first volt of one initial load and after a first full load. I have done also the test of volt with which some batteries was in storage with the load fill the days of pair later. Each battery was exactly one same in the each test. Cela All has taken the full load and had not downloaded. Ossia A together better of the money of battery can buy. Some battery grieve gt hot when chagrining and one touching was quickly.
5 / 5 Selene
These batteries are utmost and touch quite quickly. A canal the touch is small and thin and also comes with two individual chances for a EA and fhe AAA battery. The same like a look of them!
3 / 5 Dwayne
To battery of good sure touches, but in a very extremely lens. 180mah For each space means that you are looking in the good 12 hours to touch the pair regulates of EA battery versus in an hour and the half of the mine Duracell load. Ossia The good to upload for a price but is SIGNIFICANTLY SLOWER that more chargers.
4 / 5 Robert
I have touched 8 EBL 1100mah would beat & 8 EBL EA 2800mah battery like this far.
Sure touches dulcemente, but no the import knew it before the buy. You cover his forward partorisca put to bed and looked!

A star has taken was has been been due to when I take a battery... Of the pair. Copper, I of the one who' know. Some lights are everything sees, included if there is not any battery in him. They turn red or orange when you add two battery like the pair. But you have dipped so only a battery, does not look to touch of a green of light stays... If it touches, I can not know. If he no, would have liked me !

I to the equal that bite carying if that coming with some batteries! Thought adds!! Apt like this AAA & EA measures.
1 / 5 Audrey
Work but one lighting is retarded. Any battery in him .Green lights, the battery has touched green light , touching red lights , has dipped the battery has used of the half and remains green as I do not have any idea that touches. It looks mine that has to have it voltage a lot down before it begins partorisca touch .A lot slow
I tossed he in some rubbishes and has bought the unit with the metre , has to be remarked that with which have written the bad description a vendor has sent the battery of the emails that offered the repayment that has taken finally then immediately ask me partorisca update this description, As there is
the continuous vendor send me the emails that asks partorisca change this description.... It does not buy anything of these people
1 / 5 Faustina
Has has had to that entirely erase my last description of of the this. C load has begun partorisca fail on me. In fact two chargers of EBL, he 4 empty one east failing also. A strong hissing the sound is coming from one load, and can assume touch the subject to time until entirely it dies of the his probably some the inner parts that do lacking.

Has taken this in 2016, the perhaps touches once each little month with him partorisca touch on battery that has been seating around, has not done the plot partorisca touch.

Only quality really disappointing, there is chargers a lot the oldest time that this one this still work well.

Has included his battery are listed with the big mAH but when you come from the vs other batteries with the indications of capacities go down in fact can very still last like this long. I have tried roughly much older Sanyo/Panasonic Eneloop battery that was so only 1900mAh vs a EBL of concealed them was 2800 mAH, and a Sanyo a lot so only lasted more along but resisted more voltage. Tried a EBL battery after the weeks of fall of pair of the 1.3 v, while a Sanyo some remain on . Global low quality in the each way.

I fact with EBL, that goes to so only buy Panasonic/Sanyo or Amazon repackaged Sanyo battery and chargers. The rubbishes done in china? Any thank you, thinks the'll goes with Giappone' battery from now on.
5 / 5 Marleen
Has has had to that entirely erase my last description of of the this. C load has begun partorisca fail on me. In fact two chargers of EBL, he 4 empty one east failing also. A strong hissing the sound is coming from one load, and can assume touch the @@subject to time until entirely it dies of the his probably some the inner parts that do lacking.

Has taken this in 2016, the perhaps touches once each little month with him partorisca touch on battery that has been seating around, has not done the plot partorisca touch.

Only quality really disappointing, there is chargers a lot the oldest time that this one this still work well.

Has included his battery are listed with the big mAH but when you come from the vs other batteries with the indications of capacities go down in fact can very still last like this long. I have tried roughly much older Sanyo/Panasonic Eneloop battery that was so only 1900mAh vs a EBL of concealed them was 2800 mAH, and a Sanyo a lot so only lasted more along but resisted more voltage. Tried a EBL battery after the weeks of fall of pair of the 1.3 v, while a Sanyo some remain on . Global low quality in the each way.

I fact with EBL, that goes to so only buy Panasonic/Sanyo or Amazon repackaged Sanyo battery and chargers. The rubbishes done in china? Any thank you, thinks the'll goes with Giappone' battery from now on.
5 / 5 Fletcher
Has Description of update
EBL the support has seen my description and contact me. After describing my subject, has thinks that perhaps had received some defective to bend Some batteries and sent new some. Taken a new some in, touched and tried, and law perfectly. It controls the load and last quite some time. The time there was also to fully try a triple An east, and do like this utmost. It recommends need the together of double and triple Some batteries. The batteries are wonderful and his service of client is better!

Original description
Recieved one uploads with some batteries, has left his fully uploads. Stored a AAA, decided to give a EA is to try he in my speaker. 8 hours later and had died, which is surprising considering my Energizer would beat 24 hours and his capacity is so only 2300mah. As another the load fill again, has been to try them again and this time had died with which 5 minutes. It does not recommend .
5 / 5 Tempie
Has tried recently to move out of integrated/a battery to use solve paralizaciones a lot of mine electronic, as my torch (rechargeable), like this has chosen them this until being the little more economic and benefit a half. I really like a longevity of a life of battery. One alone load on 2 battery is enough to last my wireless gaming has smiled the few weeks the time. One load is a lot seamless afterwards to my canal of power together with mine another chargers. I so only dipped the and the forget. You recommend this like this to save money over time.
5 / 5 Jaunita
Is one everything in a container, has a canal to touch as well as both 4xAA and 4xAAA rechargeable battery. As it uses the few batteries for my mouse and of the keyboards, I frequently battery of need. Have prendido to buy battery that has had to launch was after the moment and instead, has opted for these which is not so only a lot environmentally friendlier, but also the most cost plot effective in a long career, is likes to buy an infinite supply of battery. There is the plot of juice in this compared to another rechargeable the batteries and law perfectly.

100 recommends.
5 / 5 Rico
Has had this load and battery for the few months now and some batteries are beginning to take more with a longitude to touch and look to resist his uploads less.

Has followed a recommended touching tips in some instructions and at all is helping. I have tried outlets in both house and work, in chance that, and some batteries still do not go in 85 (estimated) cariche and take seemingly more along just to take to this percentage.

Given really disappointing all of some positive critiques.
5 / 5 Tammara
When A first unit has arrived all the batteries have been touched and all has looked to add this in spite of, when I am in fact be to touch my battery there is remarked all but a pair of a FOCUSED is changed colour of green to red. It was well with east but, two days later any of a FOCUSED is changed colour as I have not had any idea when some batteries have been finalised touching. I have contacted EBL and instantly send me the new product and now is doing well. It is expected to have some lemons when the mass that produced the products and his service of client that the surprise to good sure will have me like the client of turn.
5 / 5 Arturo
Seats very like this long is using. As mentioned in a description is the loans of battery to upload. It relieves a battery and the touch consistently is sure. It leaves pair of battery to upload against the maxima to time until eight battery neither EA or AAA or any of them. Battery to touch while there is pair of battery. It is having better creation for dissipation to heat so that it calms does not have to that concern roughly on heating he like this fresco down quickly. Trickle Function of load of this upload give more life the battery. The ready function resupplies protects against on uploads, short circuit, on voltage or current and on heating. A band comprises four EA battery and four AAA battery.
5 / 5 Dorcas
Has bought together with my band of AAA battery. Bought this uploads with a EBL 2800mAh EA Neither-MH 16 battery of band. C load has 10 individual spaces for EA/AAA each one that like this controlled for the micro processor, as each battery takes of the touches of individual habit how is that it loves. Always it buys the battery of plot of costco when it is on raises. Like this far I have the big stock exchange of death or battery of life of the arrival. I need to be dump to Echo Canal. Wonderful, effective, and economic. Utilisation these in of the Rooms of Evasion and is effective and help to reduce waste. A 16 band of battery have come pre-touched with 4 very convenient spending bands. I find these packs very useful when that takes my digital camera on character or other travesías. Very better that battery release in my pocket or chance of camera.
5 / 5 Valeri
Has not had a lot of cycles, certainly but will be in mine third cycle of punctual battery and will update this late plus on things of transmission. It has not touched a AAA like this far neither. But like this far, any value a $ 32 cad in my opinion. It advise against.

An update a following day: it looks that some batteries do not resist cariche well, against which the majority of another reviewers is saying. While it covers one uploads to a wall outlet, any of some lights is green in spite of being fully state touched so only the few inner days fact and has left one uploads untouched. This direct to think that maintaining he inside one uploads when not touching in fact is draining some batteries somehow. You update this furthur later this week with my findings.
5 / 5 Spring
A time to touch is really long, 4 EA the battery take around 18 hours to touch, which is a bit longer that an ad of products that mentiones 2 to 8 pcs EA 1300-2800mAh: 6 - 15 hours. They are not that it takes a 1 star was for a discrepancy, but so only reason takes too time to touch. It does not like returning of material, otherwise, would be returned these and has bought the load of fast plus. Any look of battery to do well this in spite of, and go in two plastic boxes that can maintain you your batteries in (4 AAA in a boxing and another for a AAs) when you are not him using. I use him for my camera is to flash and does not have any complaints. If you do not have the question with a time to touch, then this produced are adds.
4 / 5 Bart
The no pertinent quality. I have bought this combo partorisca the toys of my boy. With which before law of time of the touch well but then on according to timing that touches the power of battery has reduced to 70 percent as compared to first time. So much the tried partorisca his touch little more partorisca see can take more can. They are aiming green in uploading and maintained him in one uploads partorisca small more with a longitude partorisca write that can take upto 100 percent or more after but still much less can battery.

Also one uploads is not the loan uploads(as mentioned in characteristic additional) , has to maintain shuffling some batteries of some empty to another each one that 2-3 hours otherwise will aim you all green but when you shuffle to the different space will begin partorisca touch and will aim you yellow light how is a lot confusing partorisca know if the battery is touched fully or no.
A lot disappointed of an action of battery.
4 / 5 Terisa
Quite basic and simple to use rechargeable the battery uploads. A container opportunely comes with 4 EA and 4 AAA battery. Ossia The perfect element to maintain in your office / of house of the office. The batteries are always ready to go - touching the indications are very simple (fast touching also). Ossia Perfect for the battery has has operated devices that eats abundance of energy ... It smiles of computer, remotes for boxes of TV, boxes of android, etc ...

Finding of still you without working battery anymore. Highly you recommend.
4 / 5 Ernie
Can touch battery in of the groups of 2, cariche until 8 the time. The times of cariche are well, any while any to the day to touch.
The batteries are on means in capacity and decently priced. The claims of longevities will resist is gone in time, but look very built and would have to that last while the mark of name.
5 / 5 Dovie
Battery wont cariche to control behind the oranage lite a day. I have trusted they were a lot of when experience. Today it is Dec 16, dates of Amazon of caducity to return said Dec 5, and to contact vendor, has tried to leave feedback to vendor 6 times, but failure to say I need to chg name of contact of Amazon to me. Has but still does not act.
I hope for a vendor will contact me , to leave this reveiw.
4 / 5 Tiffani
Has bought this in 2018 and has used a EA is the handful of time. 2 Of them they will not change now and some other 2 are aiming errors in the cariche different after so only touching for the pocolos small. I have thought perhaps six a EBL upload but is sure some batteries. It does not buy these. I have been with a mark of amazon and has been a lot like this far compared to these. Or so only spend the little more and take some big frames like Eneloop, Duracel and energizer. Never any questions with those after the years of constant use this in spite of resists the plot of load. You take as it pays stops.
5 / 5 Cheri
C load is the must has to that any that loves so much a EA and AAA touching canal in a. There is the red light indicator when it is touching, and the green when it is done. You can touch 8 of any type the time but calm has to him touch in of the insiemi of 2 or does not touch .

An only gilipollas there is in this product is that you have to that dip 2 battery in to start with the load, and some chances some batteries gone in is rigid to open, which is hard in a fingernails. No the big shot this in spite of.
5 / 5 Arlie
Has loved always EDL the batteries are like this good or better like other types. Attack sometimes the averages a prize, happy has him on expósitos Amazon!!

Having The 8 bank of battery uploads is a lot of gain for me and my familiar to the equal that require battery all a time with some boys. It covers this bad boy in at night and a next morning some batteries are good to go.

Buying these save me money. I seat better using these and reusing him! No more buying the better batteries for some means.
Rids down mine uploads of favourite battery now.
4 / 5 Robbyn
Loves these EBL the batteries and one upload. A nave was very fast. It avenges with one load, 4 EA, 4 AAA battery. I want to one uploads that it can touch it both types of battery a same time. I have had a energizer uploads that it can so only 1 type of the battery in one times. It has dipped some batteries for my toys of the boys of then touched in the first place. Some toys still are running box now which say me some little would beat last. It buys battery of EBL again and recommend to another.
4 / 5 Nakita
Some batteries are really good and cariche of controls for the really long time. I have been using he to like 4 month and am satisfied really with a product. Apresamiento Likes 12-14 hours to touch some batteries but a quantity to time one load of the control of the batteries is point and averts. You recommend this product.
4 / 5 Lloyd
has assumed more in a support of client, and aims. So only for that, will give it to five star. I want to when the company dips his ego averts and listens to his clients. They have offered to substitute a product.
Still have a subject same with my Magic Mouse, but in general does well when I ignore a sensor. They are not that they last longer that mine Eneloops ( would have to that be, be 2800mAh), but is the most economic way and ossia reason bought them.

Will leave an original description in place, to aim that I have been of angry to satisfied so only because of support of client.

2 stars so only reasons a type of support has had in another side of some emails was the complete ass.
Has bought this box for my law of Apple of Magic Mouse to substitute a Sanyo Eneloops has been using for 4 years.
Law well, but when fully I touch them my iMac say me is in 50.
A boy to sustain says me is reason have dipped in 'in and would have to that it has bought a lot-rechargable instead.
My Eneloops is also (1900mAh in place of 2800) and a % showed was always well.
After the pair of cycle, has decided to ignore the opinion of a computer and use a mouse until takes to do.
Well... They go quickly of fully touched to 10, but has had to that that ?&$ &? Time with a longitude of 10 to 0.

In general, well upload and good batteries. People of stupid support that does not know like this to do real support.
Never offered to change or produced of repayment, has not offered never solution very calm besides ' would have to that it has bought something more', included when faced.
5 / 5 Caroline
UPDATE: After the few weeks, one uploads no longer turns green when the batteries are has touched fully. I leave battery in at night and red still in a morning. Ossia The new to upload and new batteries. The unit is obviously defective.

The prize adds partorisca upload it and 8 battery. You consider partorisca buy another 8 battery, but partorisca a same prize, can buy another box with one load. Quality very good and the batteries of big capacity have comprised. Highly recommended.
5 / 5 Mason
Very little upload and some batteries are simply 'or.k.' Quality. A drawback to them are does not resist like this well the load like other frames partorisca compete, when seating unused. This is to be try on Park to Project on Youtube. EBL The battery lose more cariche in a shelf that other frames. It averts of that, is decent and rid can well, if it has used shortly after upload it. Positively I love one uploads this in spite of. Well little unit and a lot another look partorisca like one load. Has zeros of the each one a complain partorisca upload and really any complaint on some batteries, except his eshelf uploads' logetivity.
5 / 5 Vicki
A bit slower of another chargers has possessed or at present own; but, finally it takes a work done. Another EBL load possesses is a More there are them never has had: EBL Universial the Load of Fast battery LCD Loans of Character partorisca Upload with Function of Download partorisca EA AAA C D 9V Neither-MH Neither-CD Rechargeable Battery:
4 / 5 Yuriko
has to that the sinister batteries in still on 8 hours and his still have not touched some batteries. Any partorisca mention an a lot of unnerving tram buzzing touch this thing gives era. They are fearful of the leave plugged in when they are out of my house.

[Update] the vendor contacted and rushed the substitution uploads. They are happy with him, this in spite of sound still the little disappointed so only in that the plot of people has had to that spend for some same steps as me. If you are it has had to that to spend for a time to buy the faulty a, leave the negative critique and take the substitution, recommends this compraventa. But buy this prepared to do like this.
5 / 5 Raymundo
Has not been if it is normal but there is the hissing sound when tones of the batteries. You can the one of fact can listen when you are so only the few feet was. Ossia My second a (same model), but another is not like this strong like current one has bought.

MODIFY: EBL has achieved was mine and sent the new load. A one has sent has not had a same question. His support is awesome!
5 / 5 Zulema
Some only batteries that to to the mine two cameras like!!!\

Modify: With which two animals-cycles of cariche, which take on 15 hours to complete - is this normal? I have tried one uploads of old plus and has not been has has finalised touched with which 18 hours.Some batteries in my digital camera any last very long. 2 shoots of photos in the dinners familiarised, 86 shots, resp. 103 shots - an I has the light of low battery in the each one of mine two cameras. Fuji Finepix 4200 and Fuji Finepix A340.
4 / 5 Sherell
Have so many devices and remotes that has been tired to take battery of substitution constantly. Like this decided to buy the together of rechargeable battery. This neighbour was ideal reason has both EA and AAA battery and a sme upload touch both. In future so only has to that take compatible battery and use these cariche included. An indicator focused is very useful also. It have to that see those that cycles some batteries last stops.
5 / 5 Lincoln
Has has had so only this the pair of weeks and - my surprised - basically some the only things now possesses these batteries of use are my DVD/of television remotes. This has said, all has arrived like this described in sturdy packaging. Curiously a chance for some measures of different battery is of the same. It uploads Looks well In of the aims and is light. Some can say that ossia bad, but all the electronics shrinks on some years and I do not require one to weigh that it has done it in a prompt '90s. A zone for improvement would be to add some type of coverage to powder on one uploads to open. It has given 4 stars to the equal that can any one really commentary in an action of some batteries. But the initial load has been good and will be to use grieve the old batteries require to change.
5 / 5 Deneen
One load has the good creation and can touch any EA or AAA battery a same time, has no concrete bay for each type of battery, each bay can sustain neither a bondadoso or another. A AAA the batteries have taken around 1 hr the fully of load and a EA around 2.5 hrs. I will update later that the time of time maintains one uploads without use, and that a lot of law.
5 / 5 Maximina
Ossia The GOOD product & was Happy to Find such the Product Of confidence like this.

An ONLY suggestion would offer is to have the on/Was the transmission for one Load, as to to the some People would like to maintain it Plugged turning he on when into use.

The outrage concealed, in an END, the Product & Of confidence WELL for a Cost. It save the Fortune in sure Regular Battery!
5 / 5 Brant
Good band of rechargeable batteries and upload. They go in 2 different bands of 4 each one which so that it contains both EA and AAA batteries. One load comes with a necessary boss partorisca easy touching and can return all 8 battery a same time. As said in a product info EA some are 2800 and AAA is 1100 mAh respectability. In general very happy
4 / 5 Danial
the battery Add. They are the big defender of big capacity NimH batteries, but one load is COMPLETE RUBBISHES . Load against 130my amperage and some the light turns see on when a battery is so only 75 has touched. You are this reason some continuous battery touch to plenaries when I have dipped he in mine universal upload in 300mine. Also it touches a lot of dulcemente.
4 / 5 Shavonne
Pros: Battery of big capacity, touches quickly, the indicator aims one state to touch, the load of good quality, power of controls partorisca long time, spends chance partorisca battery, comprises both EA and AAA models.
Gilipollas: The boss is not long quite
5 / 5 Damon
the load of Good quality and the life of battery adds. One load feels solid and well has done. They are really happy with a life of battery. Simple to use, if it is green is touching, if it is red is done touching.
With some batteries that come with him, is the add compraventas. I am using this for a Retroflag GPi chance and taking more further of 4 hours gameplay.
5 / 5 Lucas
Has bought these reasons has the capacity of the main storage. They touch quickly in one load. The load Is very built, heavy, clean simple creation. Some battery last longer that has included a name to mark rechargeable battery. I will be to buy some plus of these batteries in a AAA measured punctual to dip in my wireless keyboard. It drains All the batteries quite quickly except of the really expensive some and I know this will cure of him.
5 / 5 Bee
My EA the batteries have been touching for on 24 hours and some lights are red still.
Does not squander your money in this product. No extracted like this announce it.
One uploads I recieved included has the 'Q.C. Past sticker in the, which is neither wins it to a quality of his product, or wins it to there of control of quality.
Is better was that it goes with the big mark that extracted real quality contol. Please does not squander your money.
4 / 5 Beau
So only has taken this load and dip the to a test to touch 8- 2600mAh battery immediately. It takes 24 hours for all battery to be have touched entirely. If you do not have a lot of spare battery, does not buy this. I have sent a prime minister uploads behind and EBL promptly substituted it. His support is excellent, but one load is extremely slow to touch multiple battery immediately.
4 / 5 Otha
A battery uploads the wine sooner that has expected. I immediately tried to touch some batteries and has had the question with a triple One east. The service of client contacted and messages to trade behind and advance to try to imagine out of a question. They have substituted some tender One is and now is touching well. The service of client adds.
4 / 5 Dennise
This description is of the fellow the one who has purchased these stops. One load is very easy to use and load of entirely died in the decent quantity of time. Some batteries (both EA and AAA) this is coming with last quite some time with the load. They are sure that decrease over time but a lot of value a price of compraventa.
5 / 5 Kami
Frequently shabby EA and AAA battery for the toys of my boy. His toys eats too much of battery. With this rechargeable battery, now any need to buy again and again. For this except plot of money. One load can touch all the together batteries although a time the touch will be has bitten more along and are well with that. A battery that touches last for longitude also. Strongly recommend this element.

Top Customer Reviews: Belker 12W ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
4 / 5 Joi
2 things this was the perfect substitution partorisca the netgear gigabit transmission but like this first has thought is dona results the explosion capacitor in a joint was a guilty .
Secondly This with to 5 band of capacitors costing the 1 buck saved cash and partorisca launch out of the perfectly final device.
5 / 5 Shantell
Adapter partorisca be able to as well as the election of corner 'right', good action. So only I have the pet-peeve roughly that economic the gauge of cord partorisca be able to this and more necessary partorisca prize (in my opinion). The supposition am disappointed so only to the equal that have bought also a 12W (Upgraded Version) estraight-stain' jack, adapter, which there has been the preferable more gauge cord partorisca be able to, which have revised also. Any less ossia the 'good experience' produced and a jack has required was also available, in a mix. Thank you.
5 / 5 Melva
I Lai compraventa Games partorisca substitute an of the sud of the diet joins camera 12v , touches the durabiliter ca embezzle to see it instaler aujourdhui but embezzle is three a lot polyvalent this fixed any Bad of the sud all ,with all his type of current. The Games of tone partorisca change of the volt is Of the sud lucido edge of ladapteu,r click to each transmission . But it Touches $20 jajouterais joins taken directs it ladapteur with 3 magnitude of edge :) interchangeable,that Gives with that has to that etre of 3 feet , one of 6 feet and one of 10 feet . :) IF he materiel utilliser Games lajout depasse he Marge of profit , jaurai no of probleme pay $25 -$30 games :)
4 / 5 Meryl
uses it to power the player of CD. I have bought the different a partorisca more than two times a prize and he have failed after the few weeks and of the newspapers that prenden. This one was easy to dip near and has been doing without complication. These sew air enot supposition partorisca be complicated. This one looks partorisca return a bill.
5 / 5 Rachael
Has think that this was the prize adds partorisca so many options, was easily able to change some pieces of adapter and a voltage. My only complaint is that it does not resemble click to the device a way is original adapter , resupplies can and touch any question, but move a device while plugged in a slip of adapter of the mine was.
4 / 5 Maurine
Does well, but fact of the noise (small sillement) when dipped in has joined taken but that he any and the at all partorisca plant to the another extreme. Several adapters, is Súper.
As it do not find at all Others Touches partorisca substitute it apresamiento resupplied with my crew, concealed is avéré a good election.
5 / 5 Katlyn
In general, some looks of adapter partorisca be of good quality. A dial partorisca change the settings of voltage is a lot of the tight, but better tight that too loose. After the pocolos use, to good sure result easier that regulate.
Am pleased and would recommend this product.
4 / 5 Lolita
Ossia The value adds , work like this as well as the original power distributes concealed is coming with decoration of mine navideña, like this different final that a supply partorisca be able to comes with means there is probably one this will return your need
4 / 5 Shanita
have the speaker and I have lost one uploads partorisca he the fact of long time, ossia an only substitution this has like this remote fact. A plugin chair pocola free but has not fallen was or anything
5 / 5 Carline
Works as well as the substitution partorisca an old one which has broken. It is very versatile with to plot of annexes. I am using he partorisca mine HD digital splitter box.
5 / 5 Natisha
Has think that this was the prize adds partorisca so many options, was easily able to change some pieces of adapter and a voltage. My only complaint is that it does not resemble click to the device a way is original adapter , resupplies can and touch any question, but move a device while plugged in an adapter my slip was.
5 / 5 Felice
With so many hard and diverse walks other electronic elements that all look partorisca take different sized adapters partorisca be able to, these universal one east the lifesaver! Now always I have that cover that it will do it with quite all that has!
5 / 5 Hong
Works as well as the substitution partorisca an old one which has broken. It is very versatile with the plot of annexes. I am using he partorisca my HD digital splitter box.
4 / 5 Marlyn
Ossia The good product . I made a mistake partorisca order an adapter with adapters of right corner. They would not return in some spatial resupplied in my telephone. MI error.
4 / 5 Janna
Has bought this reason has the Pre-Amp partorisca my old Technics the phonograph but that has been missing is adapter ( any sure there is not never a). I have tried each one which so and each one which of some interchangeable annexes partorisca some different types of connections. Any of them returned to an entrance partorisca a DC 9V receptacle. Basically useless partorisca my purposes.
4 / 5 Tod
Has been endowed a frame of electronic picture that could receive it pictures ( has the creature glorious daughter in Europe) directly by means of wi-fi but was unable to find an adapter partorisca convert one covers European to North American outlets that also could adapt to requirements of different voltage. This product was perfect and has done really a trick.
4 / 5 Evelin
These looks of adapter partorisca be of good quality. A dial partorisca change the settings of voltage is a lot of the tight and no too loose likes another. I have been using he partorisca the few weeks now. You recommend this product.
5 / 5 Alesia
This one has the manual voltage selects. And if any know an exact voltage partorisca your device is looking for to be able to, calm then can fry.
5 / 5 Bryanna
HAS so many pieces of connector. Works well, especially with Philip boos bridge. Has the small tone has attached to cord partorisca regulate voltage to exactly that requires. Shopping again, probably buy another in fact.
4 / 5 Adriene
A @@@knob of the transmission of the voltage there is detents in a place of different voltage, which is handy. A ten alternated covers him was handy also.
5 / 5 Randolph
Has purchased this partorisca the small radio concealed there is not coming with an adapter. When I tried It in the first place a radio has not done, but has regulated once a law of voltage perfectly. Happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5 Armand
Any a lot need this partorisca substitute to 9 battery of volt, any alleged partorisca he. In my chance there is a pertinent tip and dipping of voltage. Very satisfied
5 / 5 Hershel
With which 4 I I Use is of the games of good product partorisca substitute give objects that reads the batteries, his less slope do in the long run.
Very satisfied.
Thank you
4 / 5 Isaura
This fact partorisca a car of the his old partorisca my boy this is to be interrupt. Graco Dulce Slumber Car of his
4 / 5 Johnie
has Arrived punctually and works perfectly. It comes with the row of connectors partorisca be compatible with a lot of devices, Happy with purchasing
5 / 5 Mackenzie
does not look to the work has to that this in spite of verifies lucido the power of the the games of piano partorisca know which is in question
4 / 5 Timmy
substitutes to little near does not import that the transfo ,gives the good tension has asked ,has commanded a second !!!
5 / 5 Mitzie
Bought first touches partorisca substitute the blockade touches a swiff and buy a deuxiemme games bricolage
5 / 5 Darcie
Does a lot well excepts that he the device that I a lot little not doing work with. They are Incompatible
4 / 5 Cornell
use it partorisca the player of PORTABLE CD was very satisfied with action. And good selection of different measures of discharges in.
5 / 5 Stefany
Has bought this partorisca fix the supply partorisca be able to broken partorisca Sony auricular. Works perfectly and some finals are snug like this like this any partorisca feel likes will fall off or era.
4 / 5 Zenaida
Uses one in mine usb tardis another in my bicycle of the man of the law of iron adds
4 / 5 Darius
An adapter has come with all the classes of tips, start of adjustable voltage.
5 / 5 Beula
Jai A device the battery that the offered joins gone in DC, looked.

Ca Saves partorisca Give Battery.
5 / 5 Meta
Has Lost a cord to mine 2 action strolls hard and this fixed my question once has imagined them was partorisca the turn to 12volt is dipped on 3 when calm take it.
5 / 5 Laureen
No partorisca my requirements unfortunately. Appearances use he partorisca a FOCUSED christmas piece of village; an access of discharge and has done can some lights this in spite of, does not turn a lightwheel inner likes some colours do not change .
4 / 5 Ludivina
Has been roughly 8 months now and is doing well. I use it almost daily to power an elliptical and has had a lot of @@subject.
5 / 5 Shellie
Has tried this exact model two times now. Once of the local tent, and now Amazon. Both times, an adapter no . A green light comes on, but does not give power to anything I discharges he to. No shabby!
4 / 5 Lon
Unfortunately my light has a pin that would have to have gone to an adapter. I can not change concealed. Your adapter has pins for the different voltages and a boss have connected to an adapter is fixed to an adapter. As he no for me.
5 / 5 Francisca
Any @@subject that imports another that does not avenge with the container for some separates that is not into use.
4 / 5 Corrie
Is perfect. Lame for one of my decorations navideñas
5 / 5 Heide
mentioned the good voltage but any have not adapted to my uses.
5 / 5 Vonda
Perfecto partorisca any the one who has not known a measure of an end of discharges. 😀
4 / 5 Lorenza
Option of perfect substitution. Much smaller that the original works are.
5 / 5 Mariko
Any of an extension done partorisca a thing has bought partorisca. As they are not gone back any question
5 / 5 Zana
has distributed COST of voltage but has caused the 50 hz yours everywhere in my system - same when one covers of the start has not been connected!!!
4 / 5 Marco
Has surpassed my expectations and I am extremely happy with him. The maintaining that can use on several different elements that can have been missing partorisca of cords.
4 / 5 Clementina
Excellent so that the stops of needs. Access in of the multiple devices.
5 / 5 Hyacinth
Gave it so only four out of five reason owe that use the screwdriver to initially turn a dial
5 / 5 Lanelle
very partorisca have one home touches compraventa of pieces of second main
4 / 5 Ebony
can change a voltage and I have a lot of options partorisca measured of connector

Top Customer Reviews: EBL 16-Pack AA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Darron
I have tried EBL against mine in existent EA rechargeable battery
and EBL looks partorisca resist at least 20 load more than other batteries I own (Sony, and Panasonic)
Happy with an action and would recommend to another!
5 / 5 Jack
Like this far everything are adds. It saves time and money partorisca use any rechargeable batteries.
Would suggest by all the world, to all the cost of like this utilisations your rechargeable battery, the mark sure takes a Big Capacity in the min of 2800mAh.
5 / 5 Jenice
A necessity partorisca the young mother with a battery of toys partorisca my creature.

Estimate a lot well reason had it special and partorisca the total of 16 battery so much is competitive in my opinion.

Is not my prime minister EBL the produced compraventa and am still happy. My first date is roughly three month, and with this battery one load is like this as well as it was in a start and like this powerful.

I also there is rechargeable the batteries and I prefer to use EBL reasons have had to longer.

Besides, with this battery can buy coverage D or C, how is very practical and calm does not require partorisca buy all the measures. It is the big + partorisca EBL.

Saves at least $ 1000 with just that little box in $ 16 how is a lot of value and besides is quality really good .

Any interior a moment.

does not ask you a question and the buy.
5 / 5 Natashia
These EBL rechargeable EA the batteries are quite good.
Has not had any question that touches him but more importantly for me is that it retains his uploads. I have expected more with a longitude to revise a rechargeable to confirm my results. Another subject has not considered but read later was some complains in a period of some batteries. One 36 EA the batteries have bought is returned all some products has loved to use perfectly. I will buy more EBL in a future.
5 / 5 Misti
Ossia Second band of mine rechargeable battery. I have bought EA last time. It is like this utmost.Always it buys the battery of plot of costco when it is on raises. Like this far I have the big stock exchange of death or battery of life of the arrival. I need to be dump partorisca Echo Canal. Wonderful, effective, and economic. Utilisation these in of the Rooms of Evasion and is effective and help partorisca reduce waste
5 / 5 Verdell
Having the plot of toys and elements of creature in a house, use the plot of battery. I am looking for to be echo-friendly like continuous buy rechargeable some and I find that ossia the good shot . I have had enough of a disposable some those precise launchers everytime ran out of juice..

With this compraventa comes 16 pieces of EA rechargeable battery that is packed in 4, this really does him like this easy to store too much and spend when calm require them external. 2800 mAh Is the big capacity, and look to last along same when my boy spends of the hours that touch with his toys of far control. In general I think that that ossia the good value and look durable and really last the long time..
5 / 5 Agnes
Battery of excellent qualities, durable and better qualities/prices.
Recharge In the offer and the small time joins autonomy very big. I recommend him without doubting.

Battery of excellent qualities, durable and better qualities / prices.
Changes the short time and offers the autonomy adds. I recommend him without hesitation.
5 / 5 Valentin
Wonderful, effective, and economic. Utilisation these in of the Rooms of Evasion and is effective and help partorisca reduce waste. We spend for the plot of the batteries but this look partorisca be a new winner in of the terms of rechargeable. I have found other products overheat in his own chargers. I also found that I am not lasted his has announced load. I think that that I can be use these in a energizers and amazon basics from now on.
5 / 5 Roy
This container of battery is surprising. Each battery is 2800am, more than 5 times that mine in existent rechargable battery. It is sper sper powerful with which has touched fully. The put you partorisca the toys of my daughter and substitute some batteries in mine shaver. I cant think that my results of shaver so powerful with these batteries. Also it comes with 4 chance of storage, very useful partorisca a storage and easier partorisca me partorisca separate them. 16 Sper the powerful batteries partorisca such the low price is really treat adds. A lot of satisify with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Felipa
It comes with his uploads own, doing it convenient. There is no hassle partorisca choose a legislation upload with a together of battery as it comes with a price. Ossia The place of good value partorisca those looking for rechargeable some. One uploads heats on when some batteries are touched for the moment but no too hot that calms can not manage.
4 / 5 Barbara
I have bought the deluxe EBL upload, 16 AAs and 16 AAAs look it in fact month and originally 5 of a AAs is unable the recharge at all. Everything of a AAAs is doing well and a vendor has substituted a defective AAs. Ossia The company that stands for behind his products. I will revise this description finds any plus of questions a lot remote, but are the very happy client now reason these EA the look of battery partorisca have the better capacity that a Energizer C rechargeable has (and a AAs too of course). A EBL 10 bay uploads is wonderful to the equal that has a lot of the few devices that take of use of battery and each one that like this of some 10 bays can be used independently of an another. I have it that has not tried still a 9 capacity of volt, but this will be spent of mine prójima of EBL (but one uploads no with Lithium-Ion 9 unit of volt).
4 / 5 Elliot
The law of battery of sound. They are the little main in diameter that regulates EA battery to the equal that could be the question in some devices but partorisca all my lights of speeds, keyboards of blue tooth, the controls have smiled , far is well. You the battery go in small plastic reusable boxes of four which are add partorisca maintain them orderly and has organised. They resist the good load. Shabby more.
4 / 5 Velvet
Am impressed. So more life to them then generic recharge or any rechargeable. Utilisation partorisca the heady has to that it was the camera flashes and one recycles the time is impressive. Volume probably two times like this use out of these that other batteries. His loose the bit of the load yes has been seating partorisca the month but at all the fast load wont has fixed.
5 / 5 Laurie
A 16 band of battery have come pre-touched with 4 a lot convenient spending bands. I find these packs a lot useful when that takes my digital camera on character or other travesías. Much better that battery release in my pocket or chance of camera. I owe that admit that that there is not dipping these batteries to a lot of use partorisca date but any use as and some batteries have fulfilled a challenge.
5 / 5 Annabel
Is in fact main that the levels EA battery for roughly 1mm in period and 2mm in diameter. It does not touch partorisca like a lot, but does not return in the majority of an electronics has - toys, appliances, electronic, etc. Partorisca some things that use 4 battery, a lid will not close once is in reason a measure an elder accrues partorisca be so much that it is too big partorisca a compartment. Also, I think that that ossia reason some batteries sometimes no partorisca some things because some contacts do not touch properly reasons are not seated correctly. A lot disappointing reason have been excited partorisca find 2800mAh capacity, and then was out of a window partorisca return that have @@give that they are wrongly oversized. If has time later, will add the pic of one of this prójimo to a same mark of 2000mAh EA is that we also have.

Update: July, 2018. Partorisca Read my description, a Vendor contacted partorisca try to find the solution to a question. They were partorisca offer well partorisca send me another together or repayment a cost. I have answered partorisca send me another place if they are, in fact, level EA has measured reason likes-join me 2800mAh characteristic. But it say him that his measure of battery is in fact main then does not have any point in sending me another together, and will accept the repayment. His refunded join me money. I take it that his refunded join me cost reason are main. But credit to them partorisca a service of good client. Btw, Has another EBL battery of AAA and EA measure with less than capacity, and utmost.
5 / 5 Therese
These batteries are of excellent quality. Has some panasonic eneloops and would have to that say , these batteries are comparable excepts these there is qualified more and is more economic.:) They have had to that enough well. They have fulfilled to good sure my expectations. His services of looks of client to be short also. I have been contacted by the email that asks like my experience with these batteries has been and has had any one subject to leave them know. To good sure will be to buy more than this costruttore in a future.
5 / 5 Clifford
Has bought these pocolos on done the year because they were more economic that other similar frames like Amazon basic battery and am had described main, 2800mAh vs. 2000mAh. This in spite of have begun of then use them always felt any one last while other batteries. Has 2 electronic locks identical in my house and require 4 x EA battery to do. I am using 4 of these EBL some in an and the combination of some old Toshiba and Amazon basic battery (all in 2000maAh) for another. Still although a lock with a EBL the batteries is for a cochera that takes used less has has had to that the touch more frequently.

Has thought perhaps was just variance until I have bought recently the load of new fast battery and thinks that has confirmed neither these in fact resist less uploads that announced or is deteriating in the fast tax. I took the little down 3 hrs to touch 4 x 2000mAh battery but less than 1 hr to touch 4 of a EBL 2800mAh battery, which any any sense if in fact they can resist a full quantity of load.

Besides, there is always felt these were the tightest access that mine another battery but I never annoyed to measure his dimensions. I so only read some other buyers' the description and they have said is in fact slightly main that the normal measures. This explains reason felt in an access. Been due to of the this is a lot difficult for me to dip them in and was, sometimes has to him regulate several times for everything of them to do pertinent contact with a headline of battery and actuate my device. Like the result has been there tear and significant wear to one wrapping in some finals.

In general these have been quite disappointing. Has thinks that has taken to treat it well but in reality does not seat to like side of the money. It does not recommend these particular batteries and another would have to that be cautious when deciding adquirirprpers.
5 / 5 Sal
Has imagined would give these try it of then was in $ 20 less than a Eneloop container, has opted for a 16 band, which was amiably packaged in of the small boxes of 4 that could the to you business in. This was a good informative, a bad past when trying cobrarprpers, has opened so only one of some 4 bands to try and 3 out of 4 has had the worse inner control that the battery have had concealed is 4 years and of the thousands of cariche in. You hips fracasadas to cause a spike of delta of the voltage when touching main to a lot inconsistent action of load.

So that it was an end to use these batteries, has not gone roughly to begin to do refresh cariche and tests in of the batteries that is the new mark, as they have taken returned and has ordered a Eneloops instead.
5 / 5 Davina
Mark sure for his touch when they arrive reasons are touched so only until 20 for controls of delivery. These are of the gone the batteries in this house having the youngest girls to plot of toys and other useful things that battery of need! These will save you money in a long career. With all some the positive critiques and that read as well a service of client is. Mayor. Some battery go in the plastic chance for easy storage. They have had to that longer then some big frames! Has he EBL touching cradle too much law perfects joint! Utmost mark

×This company is sum . In fact they want to listen and if the help of question. We use to use big frames for regular battery. For a last moment, has bee using rechargeables of this company. And I have not gone back. They have had to that the long time and rechargeable. We spend for the tonne of battery having girls and everything. More his like this wasteful if they are not rechargeable. They are happy has tried this company. And continuous buy they.×
4 / 5 Elaina
I preface this to say that they are the photographer and has used roughly 48 of these batteries for a year spent in mine speedlites without any questions to date. They have had to that long and is to the point of good prize. This in spite of, have listened today puffing the noises that come from a room where has has had eight of these batteries that touch in a EBL uploads, and to explore a room (quell'odorato of noxious smoke), expósito that one of them melted to one load. I have directed to unplug it and launch some batteries and upload external to a cimienta, but has had I any one be house, can be been the very different history . Buyer beware!
4 / 5 Keeley
It has been happy with my EBL AAA is (which are some entirely, to within 50mAh), as it has imagined would buy 16 of a EBL EA east. I actuate Still to in fact use them, but after running them everything by means of download refresh cycle in mine have opposite was sad to see so only the little of his pause a 2600 mAh level. The majority is in a mid 2500 east, but can see all some values in a prime minister pic. Half I am gone in 2563 mAh, which is 91 of his capacity has announced, which is more where would expect them to be after the year of use. I suppose that the time will say to see like this resists up over time, but there is wanted to 2500 mAh battery, would have bought 2500 mAh battery...
5 / 5 Shanika
This battery are of sound! I have been purchasing them for years to be able to everything of my devices and of then maintain to take things that battery of need, maintains to purchase these. They resist the load a lot well and work well with a EBL 8 Bay EA, AAA, Neither-MH, Neither-Cd Rechargeable the battery Uploads . One a thing would say is that a packaging has the little has bitten to be wished. They squander The plot of the map that bands these few batteries. Some of some boxes are entrances has been a measure of the oldest generation kindle. But you are interested to take a lot rechargeable battery, these are the good election .
4 / 5 Hugh
Can see my original description down. EBL Has achieved was mine and resupplied with battery of substitution without hassle at all! This company really stands for behind his product that is fantastic, more undertaken these days a lot this.

Has purchased EA (x16), AAA (x8) and a EBL uploads. It had been doing utmost, but has been recently to touch the few batteries that was in the light concealed no longer done , 3 of some 4 battery in a light would not register in mine EBL load, a one another still uploads. I have tried transmission the few batteries around to see that among, but looks 3 of some batteries no longer function! Of one 16 that has purchased are not sure that has failed, but to good sure 3 of them are no longer well.

No the record of clue adds for something concealed is like this expensive. These have been purchased in 2017, and does not think these particular batteries have been touched more than a swipe or twice before. 1200 cycles? Desire.
5 / 5 Yoshie
In 2800 MAH this active two times an indication of some of my older battery, but can not say give twice a life. They are by train to use them indoors On flash crew and has done of then that for the years are that life to expect of the together of the batteries and I have found these to be on some same likes that I am taking of mine 2300 MAH battery. Reasons are used on flash the units can be more the power has been required because of environmental light etc., As so only can be my 'impression'. In general they are value adds and would buy him again in planting to take Eneloops
5 / 5 Shaunta
-with 4 boys in a house.. Has very electronic and toys that needs A lot of battery!
-Buying the sound a lot can take expensive!
-Like this has thought them his roughly times the invested in some rechargeable some. Which will last me the loooong time!

- This battery go in the chance of 4 .. It likes 4 chance..
- I has Had to that purchase a battery uploads separates like his no comprised
- the like a guarantee has comprised .. I add to know a company has mine behind when required!
-His recommended to fully touch before use.
4 / 5 Tam
When I take Him, plants him in something () and the leave on until I have died ENTIRELY, like deaths of deaths lol.
Then recharge his fully. It uses him until they die, died of deaths.
With which conceal, can be recharged when they go down. Then they will do like this it feign it. It has dipped the point in the each battery with the bookmark every time downloaded him entirely I so that it has known when they were good to go.
Am surprised does not say you that in a description.
Love these things, has bought 2x16 battery, all the batteries have done perfectly 👍
Jeff in Sudbury Ontario Canada 🍻
5 / 5 Shawna
In general any look of battery of sound, seemingly touches well but can not use reason like this leading reviewer distinguished was is too big to do for me. Roughly 1mm too long which can do work with the little persuasion but can not win a 2mm the question of diameter likes him so only of any returned in the mine devises. It bite Useless really if his no returned. Too bad looked perfect.
4 / 5 Janise
All has touched, and his all has lost 40 of his uploads in a night ?
Touch the night and see if his loose his poden again that fast.

Im Thought to return them.

Really disappointed roughly that. It promise !

Has modified: the vendor contact and substitution of offer, the new batteries have arrived quickly and maintain his uploads better.

Supports of excellent client.
4 / 5 Peter
All require to comprise NiMH rechargeables is not like this strong like alcaline rechargeables (can the find) .
One more collected take to use no-rechargeables some better for a half.

This mark is lasted longer (first of recharging) that a lot another has used.

IMO, Can has not beaten the (especially for a prize).
5 / 5 Wendy
Buying EBL for one 8th time already. I am costruttrici the one who sell sakes of qualities, his big tax, but does not concern if the models will be deterred for a seal of prize (inside the reasonable limit). It likes that of the approximation and I will continue to sustain him. You take at most to the equal that pays for, and has paid more on front, pay so only once.
4 / 5 Asley
These rechargeable the batteries am lasted longer that some the original batteries have distributed with some radios are used partorisca and some torches use in. One big load is perfect partorisca some numbers of the batteries involved and the law adds, touches quickly and calm easily can see a state of some batteries by means of a process partorisca touch.
5 / 5 Filiberto

Buys the plot of the yours rechargeable battery EBL EA 2800 mAh // 1.2 Volts.
Use in our CRANE far control. (2 battery in the far)

will be recharged once for day. (365 times)
knows has had to that more along but partorisca the SECURITY decides to change them with which so only a year.

Uses normal NIMH recharger.

Some batteries will be partorisca change each turn in a tent as they are not empty.

A fact that is not downloaded fully when we dipped him to us behind in one load, involve your products partorisca a a cycle of year?

Thank you
5 / 5 Anneliese
Has bought another EBL battery in some pasts and be very happy, ossia reasons has bought these in a first place. Sadly, This purchases this late plus has been the waste of my money like these batteries do not look partorisca touch and die a lot quickly. A lot disappointed with these batteries!
5 / 5 Desirae
Has loved some big capacity EA battery for use in the far controlled car and a Xbox controller. These have been estimated main that the majority of a some on Amazon in 2800mAh. It has taken the pair of hours to touch and feel really has done well.
4 / 5 Buffy
I usually used to buy amazon basics , but these am utmost alternative has begun once to use this, resists the longest load .Any rechargeable the batteries are has to that have for toys of boys. The prize is not bad neither when you take coupons .
4 / 5 Herta
These have an incredibly big self has imposed of download - I follows to see 50 on 6 month. Two times now finalises to die on me in my locks of door.

Yours investigation and clave with any of some Japanese has done mark.
4 / 5 Carmela
Ossia The product really adds . I have wanted to have some the extra batteries with mine upload and these are the súper extracted thus prize. They have had to that for the really long time. No the question with only that these. Strongly recommend.
4 / 5 Demetra
Any one there was mentido very roughly 2800 mah has to that plot enoloop amazon big capacity an only battery ossia last a long plus is tybatt 2800 mah and ossia some first load has given 2858 mah any of cells has taken lower then 2800 mah ebl does not buy any recomend to buy this battery tybatt is a better main capacity
4 / 5 Aide
the utmost law! Last the long time! Like this far they return all have tried uses him in. Some descriptions have mentioned was too big. They look to be slightly main but this has not been the question for us. I use him mostly in childrens toys, as we spend for alot and use many.
5 / 5 Mariela
A product among 4 boxes, súper easy for storage and organise. When fully touched, hard quite long. For a prize thinks that that it is the good shot and can avert the launcher was battery that is well for half.
4 / 5 Gussie
A lot disappointed...
Battery Games too many widths partorisca return convenablement in his location, and pair on everything, lucido the key + is too short as it does not contact! Seriously, it has included his period Of life is feeble, game too feeble gives 2800my
4 / 5 Maureen
Ossia a battery dipped with enormous capacity and long that the hard place has been looking for. I dipped it/ I dipped It on my lock of ready door and hallway lights of walk, the work adds. I can have my girls that touch these toys of far control every day now.
5 / 5 Elli
These are upper of a line rechargeable EA unit. They go in the a lot of good plastic case reusable of 4 battery. A bit expensive but is estimated in 1200 recharge The SERVICE of the CLIENT of the SALE Is POINT And AVERTS! Highly Recommended!
5 / 5 Gertude
Adds in anything concealed is not fact partorisca the tight access. Too big partorisca 2 wireless mice. Too big partorisca my toothbrush. And these are 3 products that eats battery he so that there is really disappointed that they would not be the regular measure. State one on prójimo when regulating alcaline EA the battery and the difference of measure is easily noticeable. The work adds in all more this in spite of
4 / 5 Palmira
the prize Adds partorisca a quantity of battery, and a mah value by force. I have had EBL in a past and they both back on, and build the product of quality.. Hopefully These do not disappoint .
4 / 5 Shanae
- Is slightly main in measure (wide and height) and like this have the questions that return his on few devices! In my opinion does not return 40 of my toys / of devices :(

- Estimativa! The shot adds partorisca a prize partorisca 2800mAh battery
- controls more the load when compared to another rechargeable battery and of here hard longer
- I has found touch quickly when using EBL universal load
4 / 5 Reed
has bought these EA battery of measure partorisca my xbox controllers and far controllers. Really it likes him-me these like these batteries last long hours. Included these batteries do not take long time partorisca be touched.
4 / 5 Rona
Any complaint with the load of a battery. So only by means of the few cycles and ridding like this promised that.
There is remarked that some batteries are slightly fatter that regular AAs like his tight apt fact or in the sure chances do not return at all.

Quite decent but could be annoying if these are some the only batteries have for your lock of August or battery powered mill of pepper!
4 / 5 Mitzi
Has Had these in the yr now. Used frequently for multiple flashes put on this spend for battery quickly. A capacity of this dose does not look for to have fallen was and they still last during the shoot.
5 / 5 Isaiah
Has touched all some battery before use with a EBL Ready LCD load. I have used two of a EA battery for my LG the far TV, which is used seldom (so only for backup). Some battery any one last more than two weeks. When I have situated one has downloaded the batteries to one upload, so only of the touched and another has had any activity. This is not a quality has been expecting the EBL.

Top Customer Reviews: AmazonBasics AAA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Jene
Measure: 8- you Pack Expected partorisca stick my description until it was able to properly condition some batteries. The batteries have arrived in 80 state of load or better. It run him by means of 3 full load and of the cycles of download and his all resist among 830-940 mAh, more than announced (I follows to use mart uploads', and recommend that all the world-wide cost in amazing devices).
IN GENERAL: An excellent battery that achieves is posted qualified of indication and then some. I find it hard to believe any company can allege to have the 'AAA' battery that consistently can resist the 1100 mAh or better. A restriction of the measure will not accommodate that a lot of punch for any class of reasonable price. Any to say that they do not exist but for a price, will continue to buy Amazon Basics battery. They have done his duties and strived to dip out of the product of quality. Cela Has to that fact. 5 STARS
5 / 5 Reita
Measure: 8- you Pack Compared partorisca appoint of mark in generic upload this rock of types. Any only is a better value partorisca price of the account of the battery peels each one but has had to that so that long like this name of mark. Also they have a focus kills lustrous external that is surprisingly pleasant to resist and pop in. We have tried a basic Amazon EA and AAA with an experience adds same and value. These are some only rechargeable calm battery never need!
4 / 5 Kristy
Measure: 4-Pack These batteries are big quality . A lot of reviewers is saying these is king-branded Eneloop battery, but that exactly that bad? Basically, Eneloop is an extremely effective Panasonic the battery of mark has developed the few years behind. Pardon his uploads a lot of dulcemente, while a lot of other frames lose partorisca upload against the low percentage when ANY INTO USE. An engineer has done in the description adds where thoroughly tries a Basics in comparison the Eneloops. A Eneloops has won was on retention to upload as well as maximum number of load, but there are two things to maintain in alcohols.

1. Eneloops Typically cost two times a price of Amazon Basics.

2. Amazon Basics Is estimated for 1000 recharge cycles, while Eneloops is estimated for 2000+. In a life of your half consumer, is highly unlikely to never paste 1000 recharges. Like this while Eneloops is technically better, is likes to buy the Ferrari when calm only walk in stop and go traffic. Any value of the extra money.

If you are a half consumer , these are among a better bang for your buck. If your needs are of an industrial character, and the confidence needs these batteries, pays the mite more paralizacin Panasonic Eneloop AAA.

Attended these helps! Happy electronicking! (Ossia The word now)
5 / 5 Junita
Measure: 8-Pack There has any a lot of to say roughly Amazon Basics battery - is repackaged Gene 1 Sanyo Eneloop batteries, and treat identically in the each alone way. Recharge The diverse time according to which upload use of course. A tax of download is very better that a Energizer AAA the batteries have had in mine YOU-84+ Graphing Calculator partorisca a past 8 years. It have substituted a Energizer conjoint with which 4 years and I has been surprised partorisca see that included a new plus Energizer Neither-MH battery any last while an Amazon Basics.

In general am very pleased with these batteries have compared to a Energizers, and to good sure would buy him again been due to a bit those that differentiates of dollar among these and a Energizer equivalent. The newest gene rechargeable Neither-MH the battery have the decreased prices of download, with a late plus Eneloops maintaining 95 of his uploads after the year, but is not to treat it big regularly use them. More, this work adds in the pair has DIRECTED the torches have around a house.
5 / 5 Adriane
Measure: 8- you Pack These are so has has announced battery. Ossia Mine 3rd order of amazon Neither-MH the batteries and I have to that say at all beats his combination of quality and price. It is always handy to have quality rechargeable the batteries that dipped around a house.

has Done in Giappone

Any that there is remarked

In general: These are battery of the excellent quality in the price adds. Recommended.
5 / 5 Allyson
Measure: 8- you Pack These are the value adds partorisca download under rechargeable battery. Ossia My third pack of amazon basics battery (EA and 2 insiemi of AAA) and finds him to be long that last according to which that resists the load. Any question at all.
In a past has purchased eneloop. (Those are FOR REAL long that last and fantastic batteries. The interest has some concealed still is going strong with which 10 years now!) They are so only be that uses this amazon basics for the year now so that it was not will last that long or no.
But these am far more economic to the equal that seats very the try.

These are Done in Giappone (any Chinese) if ossia appropriate yours.
5 / 5 Trey
Measure: 4- it Packs I have purchased this element on September 30th, 2016 partorisca a price of CDN$ before tax.

Possesses the Panasonic Eneloop K-KJ17MCA4BA load and has been using Eneloop branded battery with him. I have purchased previously one 8-band of AmazonBasics AAA rechargeable battery, and has found that extracted like this as well as Eneloops. The some research and also found that AmazonBasics rechargeable the batteries are so only animal-branded Eneloop batteries. There is any reason partorisca buy Eneloop branded the batteries yes have an option partorisca buy these some. Calm also take discount it in AmazonBasics the products yes are the first member , as these already economic rechargeable the result of battery has included more economic. They resist his uploads a lot well and also touches quickly, but think that a speed the touch depends in one load is using. Utilisation my AmazonBasics batteries in mine remotes, controllers, graphing calculator and wireless mice.

That it is well in this product?
Price: These rechargeable the batteries are extremely abordables and is included more economic with Cousin of Amazon.
PRE-Has TOUCHED: This battery come ready partorisca use legislation out of a container.
QUALITY: As mentioned sooner, is practically rebranded Eneloops, which are known partorisca his quality and reliability.
PACKAGING: Among frustration of Amazon-free packaging.

That it is bad in this product?
SWIMMING: I have it quell'has used personally a AmazonBasics rechargeable AAA battery for months and has had a lot of subject. This in spite of, some another reviewers there is remarked that his experience has aimed that a battery does not resist is load and/or requires frecuenta touching.
5 / 5 Delisa
Measure: 8- it Packs I have bought this battery partorisca be used partorisca my light claves, and instantly begun partorisca odorare something in of the llamas. I tried him again with other products and a same thing am spent. 'Felizmente' My face was relatively close to devices and there is remarked a smell punctually, otherwise can have burned by means of or worse. I have bought a EA battery of Amazon before, and this is likely to be the produced defective, but a lot concerning... Any sure will buy them battery of Amazon again.
4 / 5 Jewell
Measure: 8- you Pack These are battery add ! Of the which have read is manufactured for Eneloop and a quality to good sure shows. Has Eneloop battery also and am sure has the light difference measure but has not been noticeable mine. I create an Amazon Basics branded the version is so only a model an old plus. Partorisca Give you an idea, has bought both marks a same time the year and his preform equally in my experience. They go in the abonos box which have maintained partorisca store everything of battery in. AmazonBasics AAA Neither-MH Pre-Touched Rechargeable the batteries are touched out of a box when they arrive and is estimated in 1,000 recharge cycles. I know a price is empinado partorisca battery when the comparisons the disposables but these will last you much more and there is rid partorisca me like this far.

Use in several products of house. There is not disappointed! They are utmost partorisca any and everything of your electronic devices and will not filter yes calm to leave them in a for the long period of time.
5 / 5 Nickole
Measure: 8- it Packs I have received some batteries today. They declare in a packaging that is done in Cina. A description declares that they are done in Giappone. I have chosen these batteries specifically reasons has thought them has been done in Giappone and paid more partorisca his that alike options.

Are disappointed with a misleading description.
5 / 5 Winona
The prize adds partorisca low self downloads AAA rechargeable battery. Fact in Giappone and rechargeable until 1000x like these probably is rebadged the earliest generation Eneloops, in the súper prize. The looks of action to be in pair with mine another Eneloops. Branded Eneloops Sometimes goes on sale but calm so only can buy these when calm require them and does not have to that attended for the sale. In this prize, these batteries are so only to small prize more than disposable AAA is like this sweats the no brainer to buy these instead. Take the good to upload (I use the Maha MH-C9000) with these batteries and calm probably any do not owe that never buy disposable battery again for the long time.
4 / 5 Barbra
Uses the plot of rechargeable battery. A AAA some are for my electronic small. Totally I forget they are in there reasons resist one uploads for like this bloody long. I have been using these and literally can not say a difference of a name of mark. In a prize that uploads of Amazon, can not comprise reason in a world-wide a mark is like this expensive. More, so only can use a big capacity some, as I have been surprised that the amazon there has been these in his basics line. Highly it recommends these if you are the profuse user of battery.
5 / 5 Glenn
Has bought 8 of these to dip in 4 rechargeable telephones (wireless landline telephones, one classifies that I have dipped you in his cariche/basic). With which are month, some telephones do not do and the turn was after the pocolos small that speaks. It takes years for some old batteries to aim a same behaviour, but so only are month for these; Honradamente am not sure reason. I will achieve it it was the Amazon to see has the guarantee on him.

Modification : the amazon has substituted my neighbour down has guaranteeed; awesome service of client like this always! I will inform they fail again after the few months.
4 / 5 Ulrike
These batteries are terrible.
Has is lasted to grieve the first year of the majority would refuse to touch.
Has had on 30 of his defective results in a same way.

To the amazon has said that some battery have to 1 guarantee of year, but yes calm purchased the in different time and mixed the all near, there is any way to say that the battery go with the mandate, as having them has substituted has not been possible.

Has been using the good model has respected to upload to touch and cycle some batteries, and an only thing some batteries have been used in the era has DIRECTED lights. A product info has said that it can expect 1000 cycles of cariche, touched them this in spite of any more than100 time! In fact, probably less still, as I in fact rotate among two insiemi of battery, so the averages of always is resting until it has required.

The one who the complete waste and totals of money!
4 / 5 Karmen
Shabby In the substitution gives Battery AAA Panasonic 700mah telephone of games without edge 6.0.


4 / 5 Venita
Has bought these to substitute a NiMH battery that is coming with our Panasonic the cordless phones with which some telephones have maintained to die even after touching in a cradle at night. Swapped Some old batteries was with these so many each like this handset died and also has left a handset uploads at night (at least 12 hrs). A handsets (& battery) has been doing well arrests the month so much has solved to good sure a subject original. Have to that see like some battery resist up over time and will update a description is necessary, but like this far like this good!
5 / 5 Douglass
Has bought these to use in our telephone of wireless house handsets. A OEM the batteries have taken old, and required to be recharged frequently. Has thinks that that these would last longer among cariche, and perhaps is, but he isnt the dramatic difference for any half. Some batteries that is suppositions to do , as I cant complain. They are sure that it can he you so only returned so much can in the the AAA battery, any @@subject the one who this good .
4 / 5 Latisha
Has bought these with which reading all some descriptions & have thinks that has touched exactly that has looked for. A battery that has is remained touched for the long time, once has touched fully. I have bought these for some puck lights that is trace to our bookshelves. After an evening of having these lights in some batteries have died. Like this basically, after using them for 4 hours in a low setting in a light he a bit the battery have had to be recharged. Every time we want to him to us the use knows will have to that recharge the all a next day. We are a lot disappointed in these and can a lot in good conscience recommend these to another.
5 / 5 Quinton
Has bought so only the second set recently. I have been to download/recharge my together original with the The Crosse uploads, two of some batteries are uselessness . It do not take the new load. He then looked very printed in a battery: Fact In Cina. Odd, like EA amazonbasic battery has purchased them has been done in Giappone. So only buy rechargeable battery that is done in Giappone.
5 / 5 Celeste
This can be an anomaly . I have bought an eight band of these 'fully touched' battery. They are suppositions to maintain at least eighty % (on two or three years) if any into use. I have inserted two mine of battery Panasonic (new) cordless phones. ( They are operating so only well. Mina precharged soyarcas X' the batteries have resisted the full load.) This Amazon 'fully touched' the batteries were so only a-quarter touched--as my of confidence 'four will put indicator of telephone. I have tried some other three pairs--only a pair/four pointed pairs 'has touched fully.' It has tried then another telephone--same result. A pair =100 has touched. Three pairs=-25 has touched. (A bar in my telephone.) Conclusion: I have received some uselessness? That time was these batteries that chair in a warehouse of Amazon? Some batteries are not dated. These batteries have received big praise; as I do not know reason the mine is useless. I will return him.
4 / 5 Kaleigh
My panasonic wireless handsets has required new battery as I have not gone included taking 30 mins time of habladuría out of some originals. It was initially hesitant to buy a aftermarket frames, but these batteries have impressed me seriously. My handset resembles never have died! This battery inform the technology in a name of mark, those downloads have reduced purportedly of battery during standby periods.. And I create it ! Sometimes handsets does not take dipped in one uploads partorisca 3 days, and has not seen a bar of the indicator of the battery goes anywhere down 2! ( Sample 3 in full load). The world of difference has compared to some batteries of name of original mark that has aimed 1 bar of load inside the minute partorisca take a handset of a cradle partorisca touch. I will be partorisca buy more these. Saved me partorisca spend -250 in the together new of wireless handsets partorisca a house!
5 / 5 Drusilla
Akuna Matata Fellow months! Little Quantity in the device are has aventurado to and insert these cylindres energetic, lucido the result has discounted the always be to the date! That happiness Touch, that has spent joins person quite neutre when it is question to manipulate give objects to the touched lisse, of then have sometimes the skin gives hands graisseuse or savonneuse.
These Batteries have been rechargées also often that is to be use, that is very normal when it takes to and think. He chargeur Questions the hips be bought to the sud the web of cloth, but of a different trader, the game gives reasons little pertinent inscribe it here.
His objects give vivants pair these Tubes amazónicos, if I leave to you the cultural appropriation, spend give musical toys colorés to the télécommande of an object of entertainment quite rústica communément called the TV.
But That says besides? These Batteries are available in has joined another colour, and to another prize, how were available in the variety joined of quality and of operation. Durability perhaps? That knows!
Say me which paint Your elected and will say you that your east!
4 / 5 Vinnie
To start with has received some batteries in alot of packaging so that it is but ossia well.

These are done in GIAPPONE and is battery of quality. They have said that I am pre-touched and while it conceal can be true is not fully has touched. It has taken an hour for his touch until full.

Action: The ones of way that there is far has had subjects of zeros, the utmost law and king the touch when required. They are far better value that another and like another signal was is rebranded of arguably a better name around.

A quality and the action have seen like this far direct me to believe has purchased the product adds in an amazing prize. That more can loves really?

Recommends these batteries to any one looking for rechargeable battery.
4 / 5 Delinda
AmazonBasics AAA Neither-MH Pre-has touched Rechargeable the value of the offer of the battery adds and some battery has the very good load. It was bondadoso of has concerned that they would not resist until other names of mark but his well. They are pre touched out of a box when they arrive calm so that it can use him immediately and is estimated in 1,000 recharge cycles. They go in the together of 8 and to the chair likes is reasonably priced partorisca of something that can you king-charge and use for awhile. I prefer him on disposables reasons are convenient and less harmful to some means, Like this far, I very happy with them. I use him varied electronic and utmost!
5 / 5 Rocky
These rechargeable battery of Hydride of the metal of Nickel is estimated in 750 mAH. While ossia the quite low capacity for current levels, resulted to be perfect for Panasonic cordless phones. I have looked for to use the pair of 1300 mAH rechargeables in a handset and a cheeky the exposure of the what said a lot to use this battery. Do a lot such complaint when I fed it the pair of these units. Besides, still we take 5 to 7 days of standby can of them, was as with some original batteries.
5 / 5 Christia
Has come like this touched working battery. Compact and simple packaging. Although the life of battery is short, is able to touch -- works well for rechargeable telephone of house.
5 / 5 Levi
The meeting am dipping these in one uploads ridiculously often compared with mine energizer battery. I mean, I am rechargeable like any extracted big, well? The guess will see the one who his quantities of life of slow term in, reason have been using one same energizer rechargeables for the decade and his still to charge of to control likes him a day bought him. I any one suspect no this'll be a chance here.
4 / 5 Vada
Any closing but sure better a Energizer junk has bought them. With which one uses the majority any recharge in one load has had subjects.
Whole point of rechargables is to have multiple use.
Orders these and reward it add
Plugged to upload and any codes of question. In fact they are touching. So that it is already it plus.
Are sure will do well and a prize are to add
5 / 5 Sherita
This work well in my telephones and of the torches.

2 Less cordless phones in some rubbishes and no more buying battery for one of torches of mine(the majority of another already there is eneloop).

My cordless phones owe that be touched once the week now. An indicator of battery aims 1 bar for ever, but ossia reason these are much bigger that some would beat accionarías.

His tone in mine Eneloop upload reason touch each cell for him self, but look to touch well in mine modified Uniden telephones.
5 / 5 Claretha
Good battery, work perfectly well. So only a thing, thinks that can be the little, so only the little has bitten smaller that regular battery, accesses perfectly for the majority of the mine electronic but has bought the pair of the thermometers and is quell'has bitten free, in his hablador to the turn was/on yes has moved brusquely, also can be some thermometers but those who knows, another that that, perfect product.
5 / 5 Lucille
There is the few things I amour in these batteries. A prime minister is that a packaging is all the map , and 100 recyclable, as it applauds Amazon partorisca not incorporating plásticoes unnecessary. Utilisation these batteries in a lot of different electronics. They have had to that the long time among load, and law well with my pre-existing chargers.
4 / 5 Talia
Adds rechargeable battery. Has the edges of 2 years and the plot of his toys requires the battery have like this decided to buy some rechargeable one. With which some investigation and advise people that used them has decided to buy an amazon basics. They have come precharged that was adds. I have it there was so only for the little while so that the time will say the one who recharge the cycle will survive but like this far like this good.
4 / 5 Shonda
My grandparents have cordless phones around a house and some the battery accionarías has come with has taken to a point where no longer could resist the load. 2 bands of these to the left change me all some batteries was and a handsets is lasting much more.

The only time will say what time maintain his capacity but my experience with AmazonBasics battery (both rechargeable and so only-use) is always positive state.

If this description was useful to please click a key down!
4 / 5 Earnest
Any one the defender, no the defender--I does not have good regime with battery of Amazon. They are not pre-touched, and in fact was so only able to me fully uploads 4--the another four still touched with which 14 hours--so many is uselessness . It has dipped my old, of confidence Rayovacs in and has touched on any question--and there is easily 10 years! Like this--no the question of the mine upload, but the question is with some battery they. I think that I can I will return him partorisca substitution or repayment.
Class of bummed was, reason have read these are utmost--but concealed has not been my experience with any fold An or an offer Eats.
4 / 5 Louis
Had ordered a wrong measure and has asked the turn but the amazon said me to maintain these, likes I , and used him in a an and the only device there is concealed apresamiento AAA battery, some battery look very done and of qualities like this well like any of a mark to appoint of the but of course in the effective prize signals more side. His well, this in spite of are not him using in the device of big drain as it can not comment on like face in such the device, but does not see any defects in these batteries, and in no way feels economic, or has done cheaply, a lot done of look a lot well, and has done perfectly well out of a container.
4 / 5 Kimbra
Has gone back to give life to Telephones of Month without edge in the house. First of these Batteries rechargeables, was unable to find give battery rechargeables that has conserved uploads it to him play to give telephones that is dipped always to the sud his base of chargement. Lucido Time of the utilisation out of the load was a lot of yard, his battery have developed some transports by heart of the effect has used little long in general out of the base. This Battery do perfectly.
4 / 5 Rasheeda
Has bought these in August 2018. The batteries are done in Giappone (black of focus). The capacity has listed is 750mAh, but my Maha PowerEx reports among 785-825 mAh in the each one of some 8 cells (-800 mAh half). Ossia Very compatible with another king-badged done-in-Giappone Eneloop down-self-download NiMH cells. Like the torch of hobby declares, am spent for a lot of hundred NiMH cells on some years. My findings are that a Giappone-has done cells - has sold under names of mark of the quality (like Duracell, Amazon, Sony, etc) is very compatible for the half capacity - and with low variability - compared to fact in cells of Cina (Amazon to focus white Basics). I do not have remarked any differences in longevities, although any last while a number declared of cycles. Good value, action like this identical the Sanyo Eneloops in the lowest side.
5 / 5 Nelson
If any tone for few months, does not take cariche anymore or yours uploads will not aim never fully has touched. The failure that announces. I have moved and it have not used some batteries in roughly 6 months, will not take full load anymore.
4 / 5 Tianna
Has ordered on 2017-10-02, has received 2017-05 black packaging battery. His all is gone in up in a voltmeter. A plastic has his rugged feeling which want to. This much more is that it satisfies that a white packaging smooth plastic. They are now so only that goes to seat here and rub my batteries.

Commanded 2017-10-02, received to give battery to the emballage the black manufactured 2017-05. They announce everything , declared to the voltmètre. It prefers The Surface of the black plastic that it is a bit more rugueuse to the touch that those to the white plastic.
5 / 5 Darlene
These rechargeable battery of laws but does not resist one uploads for more than the pair of weeks (when any into use).
Take the slow time in recharge and the time will say takes any worse in global longevity. Very Shabby reason the prizes is almost reasonable, but to good sure would resist behind and compraventas so only yes on sale.
5 / 5 Eneida
Has so many decorations navideñas (and other materials of course) which require battery. I saved hundreds of dollars for having these rechargeable battery in planting to go to the tent and that paid partorisca junk that last three days and that try to situate of environmentally! Well value a compraventa and has had to that the very long time first to require recharge. Need to take more like this of the decorations navideñas multiply every year LOL
4 / 5 Pattie
there is doubted first to Buy these batteries. Utilisations Of the energiser and Duracell NImH. But Lucido time of download in Utilisation is comparable to the another likewise mAH.

Gives support so much Of recharges that his others mark. Good quality. Utilisation in 4 lampes frontal 1x/day the winter in ski of fond.
5 / 5 Lori
The battery come seeds touched and cariche up in the Maha uploads so only well.

Has has has used dozens of these 'AmazonBasics' rechargeable battery (black and the aim has has painted variants) and has not had never an unable to be take the load or result defective. His well in of the toys, vehicles of far control (does not classify of toy), IDA remotes, locks of door, etc.

does not have any a lot of to inform another that these are the good compraventa partorisca of the money and alternative very better that alcaline further of chance.
4 / 5 Petrina
WANTS!!! I have lost mine another mark rechargeable the batteries and was too expensive. I require him for mine Bose Qc 25 headphones that requires battery for an annulment of noise. Some batteries of Amazon last if much more that some other batteries to mark has had them. It is it has impressed really. I expect that they will last and stay like good.
4 / 5 Nila
Use these batteries in mine headlamps, which uses to plot. I have not bought AAA battery in of the years, of then is like this expensive for what time has had to (he abonos some at least).

I previously used Duracell AAA rechargeable battery, (still ), but these longer. It Likes him a casing also, partorisca of any reason.

Amazon basics The highly recommended batteries! Calm so only can go like this bad with chemist!
5 / 5 Trinidad
6 owner of month informs.

Has bought one 8-band NiMH 750mAh AAA battery. It comes like this black packing with green band up. It is packed fantastically in the box of hard paper with good foam. They are by train to use it to substitute a Panasonic battery in mine Panasonic KTX-GA410 wireless handset.

Dipped the in 2 out of 3 handsets, where another still has an original Panasonic rechargeable NiMH battery. These AmazonBasics the batteries are like this as well as original Panasonic battery. Any question that touches for a Panasonic bases of cariche/telephone.

Can last roughly 2 weeks with which touched, which is identical to Panasonic. They are extremely happy to take for the very economic prize for a product of equal quality, and is Done in Giappone. Certainly recommend to any, and will buy again.

I hope there is Sub-C NiCad & NiMH as well as 18650 read-ion, and certainly will change everything to AmazonBasics rechargeable battery
5 / 5 Ruthanne
An only question has had is a positive end has peeled was in an of some batteries.

This battery can withstand exposed of minimum water. I use him mostly for my light of boss of the work. They are 100 external rain or the resplandor and has been wet and still works perfectly.
4 / 5 Sherrie
Very happy with these. Substituted my original panasonic battery in mine four cordless phones (KX-TGA660C) which was lasted several years but has begun gradually failing one for one. Initially these have done well, but with which so only 8 months of use, two handsets no longer is that it resists the load. Two telephones down, two to go.
4 / 5 Alina
A capacity has estimated is quell'has bitten down, but expect his reason a QA/QC the crew has done in fact his work and some battery will remain some to a value in a long career. Mina like this far Maha ready upload said a full prime minister decycle/ the load of cycle has gone back the low bit that the capacity has estimated mAh but ossia normal for new battery also.

After the month of use, any look of battery to resist his without subjects in application of low download. Good value for a money an economic plus that brandname but no like this economic that they are unreliable.
4 / 5 Sherron
The attention done to the battery of Amazon ..Amazon Basic .. They are dangerous Games lucidos fire. With which some time His battery results a lot scorching, and he crépitement.... And he saint Lucido burned.....

Has contacted Amazon... The alone response On says me .. They are guaranteeed More games lucidos turn.....

Take any to Note any information...

If it was a lot near give battery quant upload them .. It have spent to the fire...

The attention done