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Top Customer Reviews: Protec PL252 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
Fashionable name: the chance has been the professional bassoonist in a Calgary Philharmonic partorisca almost 40 years and has to that say that I am extreme;and happy and surprised in a quality of this chance. It is very drawn and looks to be extremely durable. Some the extra pockets return reed tools and dossiers of music perfectly. A chance is also the perfect access for my Heckel 5000 bassoon of series. All some apt joints snugly and does not move around at all. The quality of build is good and has appreciated a good stylish strap of shoulder and several loops of utilities.
Some worries: some zips are quite snug and bit it rough around some corners and I dread that over time they can break or the wear was ( has seen this too much time with discharges and of the chances). This in spite of, have written to a company with this worry. His response was punctual and courteous, advising me to rub wax of goes in a zip, and to contact them if anything goes bad. (The chance is warrantied for 5 years)
will update this description the year to leave you all know like this is resisting up. But like this far I am enjoying a chance immensely and my mates are by train to tire of me bragging roughly that economic is.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: If it likes me a chance in general but is heavy more that has expected and enough bit it bulkier that mine old ( really old) one. I love some few pockets and a strap of shoulder and a boss of final.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: the product of Excellent chance!

Top Customer Reviews: Trunab DJ Cable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
I have it that there is wanted always one of these stock exchanges. A vertical storage is the enormous improvement on stuffing my bosses in the box.

I use this to store my DJ bosses. Has beats diverse and of the bosses of speaker tucked was. An empty easily will resist the 25ft 14 gauge boss to be able to.

Some pockets of point of the interior in a lid is perfect to store my bosses of the shortest adapter does not use often. Some pockets lateralmente utilisation the material dipped quickly that will require later.

I amour an inner brilliant orange. It resupplies it contrasts it it adds in of the black bosses.

This stock exchange is to good sure pricey, but give it the shot loves something well to store your bosses.
4 / 5
This stock exchange are adds with an extra of spatial volume, but the stock exchanges looked are in sure better facts good. Some main zones, extra dividers, and the pockets lateralmente currency he.
5 / 5
Good but all some zips are complete gargabe. They would owe that begin do Velcro pockets so only. There have it so only any zips of way each one which be useful. It maintained it still reason he to good sure done a work
4 / 5
am loving this stock exchange to transport my bosses. An inner orange matches my DJ rucksack and the easiest fact to find things for the low halves of half light. I more probably buy another.
5 / 5
The global good stock exchange but are docking the star for any in that has the space partorisca touches he of power of full measure. They would owe that it has gone it with a big zippered pocket in an outside partorisca touches he of power in place of a two smaller some. One touches to be able to beat it technically returned in a fund of a stock exchange but he no really the laws are using a boss dividers also. If they have done the slightly main one with this pocket of band of the power, would buy in the heartbeat.
4 / 5
This stock exchange is quite big to return all my bosses and studio enough to direct a weight. Have approx. 45 Pounds in him and I have had subjects of zeros with him.
5 / 5
Smaller that has expected but really resists all my things except big arises protectors and mic bases.

Top Customer Reviews: Protec A313 Tenor ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Well it is the good concept that works, but little surprised in a cost when you see a real material and workmanship, law

Top Customer Reviews: Flexzion Senior ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 3 ratings
2 / 5
I have had this stock exchange of action partorisca the few years now. Look well when I took it, but a stitches around a zip has been coming averts for the moment, and any I same touches every day, as it is not partorisca like is taking the plot of rough treatment or anything. Some zips are also hard to move, especially in some outsides pouch.

Perhaps the mine is so only the fluke, but will not be reordering this one.
4 / 5
Ossia The add small gigbag, with well cushioning and detailing. A record and the arrival is better that half and a boss and the pocket are robust. An only downside is a lack of the strap of shoulder, as I have added one of the Chance of camera.
4 / 5
Has had this stock exchange of action partorisca the few years now. Look well when I took it, but a stitches around a zip has been coming averts for the moment, and any I same touches every day, as it is not partorisca like is taking the plot of rough treatment or anything. Some zips are also hard to move, especially in some outsides pouch.

Perhaps the mine is so only the fluke, but will not be reordering this one.

Top Customer Reviews: Microphone Stands ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
It has taken the moment partorisca imagine was that it operates, I almost returned reason have thought that that it was faulty but was bad, sound the stand adds can fogure was some of the his kinks was, has the youtube video to fill the music that explains the plot of as the law recommends it, my main idsue was a main tube that falls trough a base but concealed has not been the failure, was the spatial savung characteristic, has has had to that so only move one of some legs to a right corner and he have closed to situate
4 / 5
quality Quite well for a prize, easy to dip-on, and strong/stable enough to resist my heavy microphone.
5 / 5
Of all some the economic stands have purchased, these are for far some better. The desire is gone in chrome too much. A telescopic boom does not extend very remote, but serviceable.
5 / 5
One one-hand clutch for the adjustment of height is the moment of originality .
4 / 5
Reason is a tripié professional, with a lot of checkpoints, light and especially very resistant, so much of materials, as of weights, ossia, is very levelled so that it can use to the bottom with microphones and sin that falls
4 / 5
Act a lot well. I bought it to sustain a microphone of condenser (specifically Samson C01u Pro) that hanged roughly half kilo and gave it the support sinned questions. Step little more than a month with him and everything excellent. If something changes, will update the description.
5 / 5
Im Sad has given these stars of what he the week and emailed a vendor that says is bad engineered. Reason is bad engineered questions? If you have bought the good mic like the schuert mic this mic the stand is no good unless it calms does not use a piece of boom for the extend. It was able to recover 60 of cost of mine and has gone back here and has thought was earthy that gives a star to the equal that has given the he four stars.

But can the no. does not love another poor soul to blow his or his money in this plan uses a part of boom for the extend. It can not spend heavy mics some falls of what whole averts. An inferior piece is complete rubbishes does not seat still and is so only bad engineered. Really I want to all my money behind is so only the battery to crap.
4 / 5
This is really well for home registering in the good prize. The utilisation to resist the microphone of big condenser the electrical guitar and record saxophone amps. Also he amiably for voice on with a boom that maintains one underlines of a way. Still it comes with some pocolos clips plásticoes to resist a boss of microphone as I do not owe that go to undermine by means of your office for wayward binder clips :)

Regarding sturdiness, is really good and stabilise calm resupplied that it would have to it you with any boom that is: sure mark that some lines of arms of the boom up with one of some legs of a base. Calm always asking the question with any one is of boom if any semence on one of some legs.

To the Laws so only likes them to him has to that which more could asks!
5 / 5
Any one the professional musician. Dipping near the small studio without a cheapo material of level of the entrance, but not buying short of the semence likes all a train is exiting of my control of labour pay of day. Looked around in some tents of music of big box. Checked on-line and have stirs it of tripods of the train/of lights of photographs is etc and the rear earth in industrial interview of heavy crew of another time of life. Inferior line: calm does not go to find the best mike stand in this row of prize. They resist my heavy, thinks 3lbs, mikes in an end of an extension of boom a lot comfortably yes agree to signal to leg under a boom. A lock of inferior legs out of a fund of one is when I extend him. A longitude that presiona the bar in a corner of sum of laws of the boom. An adjustment of height is seriously convenient. Has the 3/8 16 edge in an end with the 5/8 adapter. One the only stand has seen in the brick and tent of mortar that has begun included to approach available seal to the detail have of $ . This one is very better concealed it.

To a downside, is likes 6' 180lbs. It could twist out of some edges in some adjustments manually and has can to spare. It could bend on some canes of the boom but he would be more than an endeavour that some treads. Average' clashes a mike while it is widespread and is 'closed' situate like this lack of a rigidity of something more substantial. Any crazy bouncing but average some with the heaver mike on that. It is the good stand but is of light weight where some treads could be the pocola cleansing .

Like this is like this to treat your crew, these would have to that do add for you. If you have been expecting something like a stainless steel old pupil mike stand that hanged in in 20 lbs and has a force related and ruggedness that something this heavy has to that, will want to look elsewhere.
4 / 5
I have been doing music partorisca 30 years and has possessed a lot of stands of microphone. Some better that another, and some expensive plus that another. An old adage ' take that paid partorisca' this generally true, but each one once in the while the fantastic shot comes to the long of that absolutely calms can not spend up. Ossia One of them!

Has built so only the studios of mark of new register and decided partorisca take some new mic stands partorisca my Sony C800G, Neumann U87, and Shure SM7B microphones. If you know anything in microphones, knows that they are expensive cup of a line mics that need to be without accidents has attached the quality mic stands. Any one loves his $ 10k the microphone that does the nosedive to a walk because they have wanted to cut corners and save the little bucks to buy the estimativa mic stand! After looking around on-line partorisca in an hour, reading descriptions, comparing stands, as well as it tightens, has decided to take one submerges and try out of a Salvation! Music mic stands....... And really it could not be happier with my election!

Some stands have arrived quickly and packaged well. Dipping them near was the breeze. They are solidly built and extremely sturdy. Had the subject smaller with one of some stands, but has spoken with Adam (the owner of Salvation! Music) and he quickly envoy out of the stand of the substitution without questions has asked. Now ossia service !

More economic a lot necessarily mean economic, and these mic the stands are test . I can not say quite a lot of good thing on Salvation! The professionalism of the music and his products. And in an unlikely chance that something goes bad, reason has left expensive he, has beaten of things and sometimes will go bad, the other has ensured that Salvation! The will of music any one is necessary of the do well and sure mark that you are the happy client !
4 / 5
Buy. I had it it has purchased it previously the stand of boom of fast grip of my tent of local music partorisca in $ 75 bucks. I have loved quality, durability and the fast grip and was has had to that to pay for him is like this more economic that the boom regulates has fallen usually averts after the year. We use him to us weekly and travesía regularly for our services of church. Has be worth it but has then found these here in the amazon has decided to give has shot it to him. Ordered one and was of durability and equal quality for means a prize! Well value of the money and casualidad. As I have ordered another.

Does not plough a second for awhile as we do not require it still. When it was uncertain if a mic given of adapter of the clip
has been missing or lost in unpacking. I have contacted Salvation! And it has received the fast response that confirms that it asks has been missing as they could me send another for free. Any so only send me one, send me to us 10. Coming on! Adam those who have spoken to the was besides bondadoso and useful. As it does not doubt, so only the buy.
5 / 5
I any a lot of investigation has required so only something concealed done and some alternative plus very economic has had some bad descriptions. This stand in fact resists my heavy SM58 and does not move how is a main reason bought it. This stand leave to have my mic In front of me without blocker my mouse/of keyboard in any way as well as not blocking my view of a monitor. You can have scales down in front of liking in my photo or has to that it comes from/comes from an earth, is very versatile. I have been impressed with all a quell'extending can do, this will return any one is need . Ossia Better way that the office mic partorisca a lot reasons to comprise that it does not choose on your noises of office and no spatial taking of office. Like this happy I listened and has paid so only the little more to take quality.
5 / 5
These stands compare favorably to mine german-facts, studio-regulate K&M stands, this costs long so much. They weigh on some same, and is quite looked in of the terms that well resist dipped. Very better that a cheapo stands when you are trying to situate the mic and confidence in those remain there (and not falling on).

Comes with some big, plásticoes empty ends that it could fill he with buckshot or alike, like the counter-hanged. A 'leg to conclude' the system is the presumption adds , and would do desglosa the breeze for the band to visit or alive actions, especially for the oldest types with bad knees. It has fallen Justo a leg to block or close a stand in place. So better that kneeling down to ray or unscrew a base.
5 / 5
Is the stand feels sturdier that has expected. If has an arm of boom has extended at all, then some results of stand have disturbed. This probably is not too much of a subject, of then anything is extending an arm of the boom on would owe that maintain a stand of falling on (in my chance, my office). Doing sure an arm of boom is parallel with one of some legs helps also.

Can take bit it by force for presionar/untighten some separates enough for a stand to remain firmly in place, but work well.

In this point of prize, to the chairs like has taken exactly that there is it wanted.

Still reference, am using the Blue Yeti microphone with the mountain of accident.
4 / 5
A glowing descriptions in this tripod-base mic the stand looked to do these looks of product to be as-to-any and the value come from that. As we try it we.

A good informative is that some is generally live until his description. We use him to us today in first ours alive action in our church for the flange to visit group to resist the Shure SLX-Beta of serious 87 wireless mic each one that like this while the adolescents have sung with them. A good informative is that any of them has touched on. A no-like this-a lot of informative is that some bases of tripod can be the bit of the travesía hazard when the people are moving approaches. We have had a better regime with the variety of users in of the different types of services with a Sound of Atlas SMS5B stackable steel-the base is concealed has the impression of small paving. But these is last is has left usually is gone in our heart loft or near stationary instruments (like some pianos and of the keyboards). For portability, this Salvation! The stands Of music are handy. A boom of 2 pieces could have been the little light for a Shure SLX mics when along (eats compared to an On-Stage be which has the solid boom of the main diameter) but has maintained an extension retracted and has had any question with tonight action. A 'braked system in a base of a Salvation the stands is quite interesting compared to the traditional and ray' in to the portable stand likes one On-Phase. Work very new; it could it has to that question his along-designate ruggedness.

In general, these stands are not quite that would call the stand of professional quality, but yes need something yours can block for storage and transport and have the pertinent space when deployed and avert using too heavy of the mic (or screen of the wind or another touch modifiers), look to be something to consider.
4 / 5
A service of the client of this vendor was exemplary. They have answered immediately when I contacted him, and it was excellent in directing my worries. It would not doubt to buy they again, and recommend them to any one considering doing subject with them.

Takes note: it was unclear of a description of element that ossia in fact the no-regulate (in some the USA) stand of edge, with a comprised 5/8 edge the the adapter required for use with EUA mic clips. The aversion that has to that use these adapters, which am fussy, took on time and add frustration. They finalise to stick in a mic clip, and require the tool to extract every time! (A strong gloved the hand no ) One 'given of jam' in this stand is not in 5/8 edges, is in some edges plus very small down, as that looks for to use he for the final adjustments in this connection is touchy, and done a mic more prone to move. It is a otherwise the quality is a lot well for a prize. The paste a the adapter to one is permanently with epoxy, then buy to 5/8 jam given for some edges. A vendor would owe that consider do these first things to ship for sales of EUA. In a side besides, this stand has quality very better to build that any one another stand has tried in this row of prize. Ossia A main reason gives it 4 stars in spite of a description of imprecise element that has not mentioned an adapter when alleging measured of edge of them the EUA. An arm of boom/of main joint the corner that presiona the mechanism especially is A lot of--very better that more another in this row of prize. It is not quite like this well like K&M stands, which are certainly much more expensive.
5 / 5
Was quite please with this stand and has purchased the 2nd an immediately, although I have lost an available price of a prime minister a. One is has the mechanism to conclude novel for some feet such concealed, when one of them are bent was, concludes some bases in place! This averts the common question with economic stands where a ray of the fixation for some touches to base reason one is uses only plastic in a base. Otherwise, Some do any quite well and is the good weight to spend of action the action without being too light as to touch on and too weighed to spend. These stands has been abonos find for men of the his that needs portable train in the good value.
5 / 5
Has not been able to use this mic stand in the action still, but some looks of qualities of big quite quality that has bought two more. I touch in the band of the bar and I resupply his for two other bands almost each weekend, as I am dipped enough ready to that is there with mic stands. It would not say ossia one is of the available main quality, but looks a lot well in of the terms of point of prize vs. Quality. In short, attended these to be durable, and think a prize is so only. We will see to like them in fact so only with weekly use, but has received three of these and has not seen any byline to look that would direct me to believe could fail. In short, a lot quite have more than these that pays two times so much for some mark more types. And ... These stands look far more durable that some another selling in this point of prize.
4 / 5
Am using these for boxes of tall drum mics, was easy to gather so only like the video there is showed excepts one of some arms of the boom of small diameter has been taken inside his external tube. I have applied the something of penetrating fluid, clamped a coverage to close softly in the addiction and was able of the attractive free without the harm and is now fully functional. A centre clutch resupplies to positive lock in an upper tube and some three legs of a tripod resupply stabilities when one the telescopic boom is has extended fully. I am using Sennheiser MK4 condensor mics which are slightly in a pound each one which so and this looks to be a limit of weight for stability in full extension. These stands sustain a heavy plus mics in the solid paving but for the program of drum / the alive application can not be quite stable.

To good sure would recommend these takes all other applications, for drum overheads is appropriate while some microphones are no heavier that one 1.1 lb Sennheisers and is stationed in the solid paving.
4 / 5
It has Bought this like this the do vlogging partorisca my canal in YT coznoweizcan.
Has chosen this one because of some descriptions that has read, but when I received it, has not been impressed.
Is a good mic the stand and I can do around a quirks, but so only that the has not been that 'wow' as some of some descriptions given his.
The footing, now that has used he for more than the small month is the bit loses, he a lot really 'lock' anymore with a marked foot so only.
The grip in an end of a pole to extend has been I free never of has received them this element and always exits like this, the no the touch never and so only resist an organism of a stand when the needs to regulate.
For $ 35 when it purchased it to them, the'ld says it could have been around $ 25 or so much...
useable, But A lot really 'wow flies it'
4 / 5
I possesses the company of services of big music where mic is any last very a lot the time when used all day and night, every day of a week. I have bought this stand so only for the verify was as it looked in the pair with some is usually buy which are twice so many. Like this far, these are like this well with the boom of has bitten the solidest arm. It likes- one basic to close in a tripod. If this controls on then a value for a prize will be incredible. It agrees mic the stands do not come with mic clips, mics , as has everything will require to assume have a clip that is coming with your mic. These look quite solid with the good counterweight that would trust him to do like this overheads for the drums yes are using the ribbon mic or something any too heavy. The better part is that a boom is detachable likes work as well it is also yes prefers. It would buy these stands in Definite Support is any day now of a week.
5 / 5
Has not been if they are an idiot or as, but can not take this mic stand to do normal and stand still. I hate a functionality of a fund of him: calm can not regulate a main part of one is without pressing down in some three legs. But reason owe that press down in some three legs, any calm really is where to press a main part of one is reason has to that be of a paving to take these legs down. If ossia to coach to exhaust you to read, so only imagine that it is likes to try regulate this thing.

But no only that, maintenances that has to CONSTANTLY readjust it. A day or two later a stand is wobbling in my paving. That has spent exactly? I do not have any idea. A lot I have included the tone. Also they are having the question that presiona an arm. A weight of mine mics maintains to do he swoop to the rovescio a lot @@subject that maintenances to time presionar the.

If any one can recommend it mic stand that will save mine sanity, please commentary. Thank you.
4 / 5
Has taken this for my office setup so much can sustain mine mic. So much it has required them the stand for mine mic and when it has seen them this for just $ 35, the thought 'with 5 stars, has to be a lot of' As it has finalised them to decide this in the arm of boom because a boomarms that clamp to offices has had them my eye on was neither too economic and more probably wont sustain the mine is Locate NT-USB mic, or some were so only out of my row. Shipped the quite fast and the received that a lot quickly too much. When it took it it was easy to dip on, has had the subject light with tighening so that it can sustain mine mic. Taken the place up and there is remarked was quite good but there are them remarked the little quirks.

1) wobbles sometimes with mimimal movement because of vibrations. It has it habbit of wiggling legs of low mine an office like that boredom twitch so that it dips vibrations in walk of mine that travel to this mic stand, any one the are not that it blames that in this stand but his just something partorisca remark if yours has thought roughly taking east.
2) A adapater this is coming with this mic didnt loves the work for mine is Locate NT-microphone of USB reason so only has maintained flopping down grieve the prizes been due to a weight of mine mic, reason because a die pertrudes out of the bit and he doesnt tighen correctly thus perticular microphone. So much it has had to them that appeal that it goes with an adapter that is coming with mine mic(the 5/8th to 3/8th conversor given). Of that a didnt pertrude and looks like this far to be that it resists on amiably on maintaining a mic to fall or coming free.

In general am happy with east and would recommend it especially for a prize.
4 / 5
In the first place some images: it thanks Amazon for any controls of rotation. That sees is mine homemade mic boom. It was in fact ideal until I have added the small to a lot of weight.

A whole spends for my one was office of surface/of the work and is joined to a backside 2x6 leg. A cup of a Music of Salvation mic stand with slides of boom well to the mine built in integer.

Of then has not required a lower section unscrewed a boss of plastic tension. It has then taken a core of empty map of electrical tape and has bent he to a ploughing to leave an upper stands up tube to spend for a centre. This leaves a point of pívot to locate on a down tube by means of an office in a plastic of hand-held grip. For 100 silent movement has left to right 360 terracings yes has required.

While all some the components keys are metal , wish a ray adjuster peices was metal or the a lot of sturdier plastic. They manage things a lot well. I so only a lot on presionarles.

An integer to a pívot is metal and has two big diameter hule washers one in the each side.

A physics and the mechanics of the arm of boom is more demanding that calm in the first place imagine.

Has tried perhaps he mike stand with boom that tends to fall so that the continuous time in.

Maintains to import while this boom will sustain some the real weight closed in place. Has another option also. This could save your sanity and estimativa like huntings for an ideal boom that will not move .

This can not interest all the world. It can not be more in all the situations.

In my images I show 2 3 book barbell hanged, the hule comes coated or like mine just metal.

Uses duct the tape goes in to create the surface cushioned of respect to the each one another. A plastic piece in this photo is a 1 hanged to reserve that Salvation the music resupplied in an end of a boom. He simply slides immediately after the few transfers.

Fix some two hanged they so that it is well in a start of a plastic weight when it is all a way on.

Now can take like this creative to the equal that likes here.
Use bungie cord or duct tape, the small hose clamp. Or the loaded cradle clamp this in spite of a weight could be more than has required.

With some weights in situating rule an arm of extension to where calm the precise. Has any one resists a boom stabilises so that it adds your mic mountain and mic.

Now presionar an arm of extension in place. Loosen A @@@knob of adjustment of arm of boom. This is to locate to of a house of pívot.

Slide An arm behind or advance to find that something sweet that brotas a mic so only floating where loves it.

Once volume quite near to float a mic, presiona a boom adjuster @@@knob.

Moves a mic up. If it remains it adds. It does not concern that a lot of dulcemente loves movement. Ossia With a pívot 100 free as has zero control.

Tilt An arm down and the rests adds. More than likely to far on or down now included maintains to move that way. Now in a calm row the precise, remains exactly where calm the precise.

Now softly presionar a pívot signals so that has the small quantity of embrague.

Now move a mic on or down or both and he would not owe that move at all. Any on, or down.

Has dipped a mic exactly where the precise . Now take the picture or measures of mic to walk. It leaves a mic chair for some time. It goes Film of Amazon of the clock or something for an hour or more. Or use a mic he master. It does not touch it is my point .

If after an hour a mic has not moved at all. Sure enough it calms now the the cantilever has balanced mic boom.

Resist a lot of mic in bylines. Different mountains and mic is will require adjustments to an arm of boom. But minor some for one the majority of part.

That 10 ounce mic is not thsy heavy legislation?
Control that mic is gone in period of arms, mark of the sure frames or have some visual aid to maintain your level of arm in a same height.

Controls for 5 minutes. It has done your arm your low plus? It has done a mic looks to take heavier?

Now add the pocola ounce mic mountain and several ounces for a boss. Now add your weight of arm. Add the guard of pop, the with the one of goose and calm there is much more weights in an end of the mic boom that so only a mic.

To assist this point of pívot adds his counter. It thinks seesaw or teeter totter like one some in of the parks for boys.

Now this stand can more probably manage more a lot of mic and mountain with boss, popguard and gooseneck all day long without adding counters.

If it does not move a mic around or is in visit on phase and such. A mic the stand is stationary.

Then try this idea. Reason, well now any person can create or go down a mic without touching any points of adjustment.

Like this if your boys use a mic so only the go down and patiently floats perfectly for them to sing to

You gone in in 6ft 1in and everything is drives a mic on and the loans is in your height and patiently floats perfectly still for you maintaining.

Any one annoying fiddling with a pívot not concerning some boys fall a mic when loosening a point of pívot.

Not asking yes calm presionado quell'quite and like this on.

A mic now is instantly adjustable and still rock in bylines.

Thinks scissor mic arm. It remains dondequiera . But it can move any time and the control stabilise in any place.

A mic the mountain is Rycote. And a boss Mogami Studio of Gold.

A lot still have a mountain.

HAS a boss

A boss is able to the blockade was fashionable noise of loop of earth. My economic bosses leave some in and in that can you to it listen a difference.

Any insurance done a sound of my voice any better. But, a fact any background noise means all more the better sounds.

Imagines he vacuum going while it look the film but
can look a sure sound, but calm still listen a vacuum.

Visits of a vacuum and a sound
5 / 5
looked for the small stand, economic for the vowel mic in mine
room of exercise/of studio of house.
I drums of game and have it PA system with two speakers in tripods,
a mixer, the subwoofer, and mentions the together full of Ludwigs with
Zildjian Some plans Done of commission with all the classes of extras, that comprises the music
A mic the box for some drums is after, taking on even more spatial that I
does not have .
Enters a Salvation mic stand:
With this weighted the small base in diameter, was able to situate go in
stand of mine of music, hat of salvation, and mixer.
Would not have been able to return the tripod in there.
Is the light stand with the quite light base, but has wrapped so only he 5 lb.
Hanged of ankle around the, has extended a boom, and looked! Right for me!
Has done perfectly for my needs and I would recommend for use of house.
4 / 5
Left to say you, ossia a mic stand to take. A big-the quality can not believe is this economic! I have forgotten several stands by means of some years and substituted him so only. No material will leave this one rear, this in spite of. It is really good. A good weight, thoughtful engineering, quite robust to take 'in a street'. An only thing that would do this better stand is could sings me better! .
5 / 5
Will begin to say the chair has blamed to write the critique of this because of some emails of an owner of a company. This was the good and calm gesture points probably have service of exceptional client!

This in spite of, regarding a quality of a boom is, can not take on that economic feels. It feels unstable without the payload. They are not of defender that has to resist it an inferior pole with a delivery and turn a plastic piece with your another to loosen a height reason will touch to lose quickly on you if you are not careful. In general it was so only entirely underwhelmed after buying this after seeing/reading some indications, commentaries and descriptions in this product.
4 / 5
...But this new one in this way better . I have been around the tonne of mic stands in mine 35 years to touch. Some have been quality of studio of big final , while another has fallen to avert when you looked in his bad. To the as it likes me more in of this new model in an old is while a weight of one is is still light, is feeling more robust and easier that dip up. It liked this in spite of uses of a model an old plus, but this one is to good sure the very up. The prize has not changed neither. Certainly it calms it does not take this thick mix enough. It is it Adds everywhere. If there is a thing to remark in a leading boom is shorter, as he not having so much of the achieve. It can be the consideration to some.
4 / 5
Has not seen never the product has so many descriptions And maintain the 5-stars to estimate until I have seen this stock exchange. It has looked for the stock exchange for mine light stands and could not find a quite long to the point of prize liked. By means of the mine that looks for, has found this stock exchange of action. Although it aims musicians, is an accessory of exceptional photograph also. It has managed mine light stand, is of reflector, tripod of mine, two softboxes, and the pair of S Group of type with ease. I want a bit dual compartments and a quality - material, zips, and strap of shoulder - is everything upper-notch.

Besides, a service of client is exceptional. Has thinks that that a video was the tongue of just marketing, but some cures of company and am happy to tick on an account of description and maintain some 5-stars.
4 / 5
Remained with the good accident locates these works of stand of the tripod very partorisca Blue Yeti mic. Estrong' Easy to regulate and reasonably priced.
A thing there is you remarked would owe that be conscious; with a section of clave of the centre of a stand of tripod in full height, and arm of boom fully widespread full period while in 90-terracings of a paving. A stand with Blue Yeti and the mountain of accident has attached. A stand is the bit shaky. Variable arm of boom with one of some legs done this less the question, this in spite of, the swipe will cause a stand and mic topple. I have found partorisca add the weight to the each leg approaches a paving, like the coverage of heavy launches of small sandbag solves this subject.
This that touches the subject is so only the question when a stand has extended fully both: section partorisca centre vertically like this big to the equal that will go and horizontally according to which a boom will extend Yeti and the mountain of accident attaches.
Otherwise, Ossia add it mic stand, shabby calm that will want to...
4 / 5
Setting on the studio of house partorisca the voice of entity that spends one first marries of term because of a pandemic. Fantastic mic stand. Growing on, my parents have used to sell instruments and accessories. A quality of this stand is right evident out of a box. We are by train to use it to resist the mountain of trace and heavy accident NT-USB mini mic. My vocalist presented has need of accessibility. A thoughtfully quotes drawn clutch is appreciated! I have found that it hangs it the counterweight saves that it has to that presionar a boom adequately in full extension. It has to that regulate a height among being and seating, like this moderate presionando the plus that the counters simplifies some transitions.

Looked in varied stands (in Amazon and Sweetwater) in this point of prize and am very pleased. It is very built, stable, a lot proportioned, and of the big quality has compared to another in this point of prize. We expect this to last for years to come. Highly I recommend it. Prize: A company is family has possessed. Ossia A subject small am happy to sustain!
4 / 5
Has bought this to substitute a stand that has had for at least 30 years. I have bought one the little month does for economic and this was to era wobbly and a ray for a base there is undressed. This a does not have some separates that launches. Some locks of bases in just for inaugural some legs. An upper extension does not have one transfers has the fashion of trigger clutch. It does not feel for it likes it it wants to fall on and the adjustments in a fly take literally the second. My only worry is that like the player of electrical guitar I use the talkbox and I clip a tube to a mic. When I Go for the use a cup of a stand loves turn. I have found the way around that but only calm so that it is. Now it has included it is doing it adds.
5 / 5
To good sure can resist a Blue Snowball Yeti mic without a subject, but a thing there is remarked out of a box (first to dip a mic on he), was that an edge and a point of connection to an arm of a mic the no returned stand . I do not have the picture of him inner a moment because they are work , but there is circled where a subject is in a picture has resupplied. An arm any edge to a stand at all, seats loosely, and can easily attractive only he out of a stand. I am not sure if ossia a correct arm to has been shipped with a stand, but will update later with has detailed pictures when I take house .

UPDATE - DONE with them have seen messenger of Facebook to inform a subject. Aimed his pictures and video, and has been confirmed that it does not have to that it has been shipped. They have sent the new product inside a week. The service of client adds, and has produced in general. To good sure will recommend and continue compraventa of use of them.
5 / 5
Now possesses a date to regulate Salvation! mic Stand, Two drum of has fallen stands of height, and the stock exchange of action to resist them in. I have begun with a nomal stand of still height vocals and flute, and are adds for portability, adjustability, and stability. I have received so only some two lower stands to use for mic'ing instruments to lap when I have seated - specifically, the lefts and very mic still concertina. Some stands of height go down is utmost to maintain a stand of blocker a view of an interpreter and dipping a mics where requires him! And a stock exchange of the action easily resists all three stands in those looks to be the sturdy way. An only complaint has to that any of some products is that a @@@knob of boom in both stands of drum of the has fallen has had some plastic flashing that the there was not state takes; it did not expect it and it has been it bit it hard in some toes. Easily remedied with the knife of hobby or file...
5 / 5
This produced test of the old cliche—' take that paid for'—wrong. This mic the WAY of costs of the stand more than a cost. I bought it to use like a daily stand, but is like this more. A lot he so only done an only-rid adjuster frames súper easy to use, but can be contorted to the corners have not thought never possible. Can stand up, it seats in the chair, chairs in my office, chair inclusa in my sofa with a ottoman, table of caffè, and table of final in a way and still record with a mic so only in front of my hole of cake.

Warns 1: Still although a base is súper stable, can wants to use the sandbag. Reason there is like this echo in my space of register, has to use the súper his weighed-in absorbent poster that connects to a mic stand, as I toss the sandbag in a base to add the little more stability.

Warns 2: Stock up. You go to discover way more uses thus mic the stand that can imagine you.
4 / 5
The stand Adds, very easy to dip up!
Has wanted to expect until after my first action with him first to write the description. It adds! In an arm of boom has had my microphone and two iPads. An iPad is far my virtual mixer and another east for my music of discharge. He so that has the plot of taping in a iPads before and during the song. They are also bad roughly maintaining my hand in a mic during the vowel. In an iron attaches two shelves. One for my controller of wind another for my form of tone. As I am choosing up and dipping down my controller of wind and changing sounds in a form of tone. Again the plot of movement. It resisted it everything up without question. There it has not slipped or that tries to touch on at all!!!! I PRODUCE it ADDS!!!!
For a way, has taken a posture the Wednesday and dipped that on and dip all my train in the and did not take it down until tomorrow of first Sunday of an action that the evening and a stand resisted it everything perfectly. Again I PRODUCED ADDS!!!!
4 / 5
The better quality that has expected. I owe that it has taken it a last an of his any one listing anymore. I have thought I reordered the second, but with which one has taken has one transfers clutch more than a gripping a here. I wasnt sure like a subordinated latched until it has arrived; a leg has the sticker of gold that aim likes work. Basically, that one, when fully it has extended latches this section in situating neither fully widespread(open/when be) or retracted(slides of section up against veritical iron, for transport). Global happy w this stand and the amazon of hope is able to restock the punctual.
4 / 5
There is enjoyed two compraventa of Music of Salvation, the together of stands of speaker of monitor of studio, and with this description, Music of Salvation HPS-101TB Professional Tripod Mic Stand with Telescopic Boom. A material quality is solid, with the little bit of challenge to do sure some rays of booms down securely to a tripod. An also has to that cure to ensure that some legs of tripod are oriented more to balance a weight of a boom with an installed mic. I am using the quite heavy cardioid mic with guard of the pop and the trace of incident concealed is coming with my Focusrite 2i2 3d Gene AY, also purchased on Amazon. Well a test to turn a base of a mic stand to ensure all is stable. This was the very better solution that a scissor-office to arm clamp arms this is coming with a AY. Good piece of crew!
5 / 5
Am pleased in general with a stand of microphone. Utilisation a stand like a pole of economic summit for shoots of video. A quality of build is well for a cost.

Is looking to locate the recorder level or microphone to this stand, the mark sure takes a right adapter . Originally I experience 'CAMVATE Stand of Microphone of Adapter of Edge 5/8'-27 Female to 1/4'-20 Male for Camera Monitor' ( This in spite of, there is no @to @give also require compraventa 'XINJUE Adapter of Stand of the Microphone 5/8' Male to 1/4' Woman, 5/8' Male to 3/8' Adaptadora Woman, Accesorias of Tripod of the Camera, 2 Band' ( />
follows sure has the most elegant solution, but ossia to the equal that has done for me and left to locate the Zoom recorder / Audio-Technica AT875R to a stand.
4 / 5
At present I am using this stand of microphone like the boom mic partorisca my video setup and has has to that say, a quality of the build of this stand is surprising. It is really easy to regulate and a lot of sturdy. I used it at least once the week purchased it of then and there is has not run to any questions a lot. Easily it would recommend this to any the one who needs the stand of microphone of professional tripod.
5 / 5
Has received this mic stand and right of a box could seats has been done of solid material. To good sure can take has beaten the. This in spite of has the few smaller details that you need to know. A prime minister an east that comes with an adapter partorisca attach the regulate mic clip. If you are not careful you easily can loses. A second is a mechanism partorisca close with some legs. They are use partorisca presionar the ray partorisca regulate a height of a main organism but with this precise stand fold one of some legs down partorisca regulate a height and then bend it behind until parco he in place. First time have seen this type of adjustment. These are not breakers partorisca treat enormous partorisca me of then ossia to coach to remain in my studio. They are so only happy was able to take the control of the solid stand partorisca the decent prize.
4 / 5
This mic the stand has been purchased with which have bought the office-is trace partorisca articulate arm mic headline that wasnt compatible with my office. This stand satisfied my need for the mic title without limitations of a type of office has, or a width of a cup of table.

His entirely customizable according to which quotes and period of an arm of boom. Work súper well, and there is still to have any subjects.

An only worry compraventa this stand would be has a space of available paving for a base (roughly 8' in diameter).

I highly recommend this stand in the arm of highland boom of office.
4 / 5
Like this far, ossia a better mic the stand has possessed. I love a characteristic that use a leg to close and unlock a base without that has to that scrape and unscrew the ray. It feels a lot of sturdy and there is so only a right quantity of weight to be stable still manageable. You would expect to pay $ 80+ thus mic stand to Centre of the electrical guitar or one likes him. For the interpreter of only, can buy two stands of speaker, the stock exchange of stand of double pocket and this mic stand all of Salvation! The music and he will be like this good or better that a mark of name for roughly $ 120. Ossia The still good shot crew of music of the quality.
4 / 5
Loves these mic stands. My woman and I have loved some products of good quality for or beginning by on soiled of music/of studio of podcast. These stands were easy to dip up out of a box - just to ray in a base to an arm). They are sturdy and resist our FiFine Microphones of Condenser and clip-in filters of pops without subjects at all. We do in our space quite often and movement and regulate some arms for guests to be able to seat comfortably or to regulate them to register an instrument to be touched. We do not owe that regulate these reasons his finally sag because of slack or anything. I want a bit clips that is coming with some is also to resist cords in place. He so only the helps maintain all orderly. Absolutely it would recommend these stands if you are wanting to something practical and durable that it can resist your mic where the precise !
4 / 5
Has bought this to substitute my stand of current microphone that begun to spend was and would not resist a mic on anymore. I have used previously an east scrapes down and pressure to use to remain up but on some years like this of the plásticoes is brittle result the no longer has on resisted and would slip. This stand is súper durable and sure. I seat sure dipping my expensive microphones in him. It is very stable and easy to regulate. I love a one quotes rid clutch reason he quickly, easy, and sure adjustments. This stand also the bands and the folds was amiably yes loves travesía with him or the tent was when any into use. Highly it recommends this stand.
4 / 5
Has found this stand of boom/of the microphone to be the wonderful addition my streaming setup. Controls on my Blue Yeti w/shockmount so only well... With the pocolos adicións/additions. It would do well if a didnt extend his heavy plus mic was too far, but hey, thats that it is is supposition to do, well? I have added 2 sandbags in some legs of a stand (any one a uncommon addition), and operates it so only well has extended fully. Enough very done, does not have any complaint, and has expected goes to require a sandbags. Has extreme worries in sturdiness, can wish look elsewhere, but this is doing so only well for me.
4 / 5
This slope to be roughly twice that mine another mic the stands cost, but is still an offering abordable. A clutch emission to regulate a height has a lot of be useful. With a delivery can go of the place has seated to be, or transmission out of a singer of goodness.

This stand is also bit it solider that some less expensive offerings. A base has good weight, and a boom has the weight to counter to compensate for a microphone.

Another good characteristic is a telescoping boom, This so only resupplies more flexibility for miking instruments like a fiddle, where some needs of interpreter the account for an arm of bond.
5 / 5
Hates these mic stands!!!!! REASON the desire found him more collected! Ive Has broken mic stands for years now reasons everytime would visit centre of electrical guitar to see has had a lot concealed was GOOD quality for the GOOD prize, was always out of regime. It interprets like this seasonal, has seen and felt all the types of mic stands. I have had the yolo moment and said reason any to these. Read a description and has thought that has to that lose.

These mic the stands are upper tier and BANG for a buck! It has taken the together of two and can not taking regulating them hahaha! Big, pregreased hinges and just easy to use everywhere. Very impressed for a build and is effective creation. 1000 it would recommend it to it! He a lot of sleeps !!!
5 / 5
Has finalised so only gather my Salvation HPS-101TB Stand of Microphone. I owe that say that this stand is GLORIOUS! A prize for this class of quality is quite unbelievable. A gauge and the diameter of a metal is weighed more than more comparably priced stands. It resists my Shure SM58S snuggly and securely with has extended fully. Not touching. Especially, it is really the a lot of looking stand with his @@@knob, presionando bar of cross and very big comfortable clutch and bosses. A fold out of feet does perfectly without Rays. It could not find an injustice of what excepts that it would have liked him if of the annex to title of the microphone would have come with him. But small detail. If you are looking, OSSIA L !!! Wholeheartedly I recommend it.