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Top Customer Reviews: Crayola My First ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Dana
The cost has verified These certainly will not cut skin, hair, or dresses, but do not cut very much more.
Buys these partorisca my edges partorisca learn to use scissors without accidents. These are sure and does not take never hurt, but take a lot fallido that tries to cut with them. They have cut so only when situated correctly and if a paper is taken both sides , as it can not use these without help.
Was very partorisca learn in scissors, but maintaining scissors of loop of the use and wants to him.
5 / 5 Nancie
The cost has checked Orders to teach girls like partorisca use scissors! I give mine 3 old year these and some paper of the construction and he maintains busy partorisca enough the moment. Any short skin or hair ( has tried that to do sure, lol). It pinch The toe at most. Better quality and almost like this economic likes some in a tent of dollar. Highly recommend!
4 / 5 Alverta
The cost checked has RECEIVED SO ONLY this product (thank you Amazon partorisca the speedy book) and has liked it like this far. Tried each one to which likes the cutting paper and he surprisingly well and is to good sure insurance partorisca small hands. Some the different cutting fashions add the bit of has amused also. It is done fully of plastic sbut still feels quite durable with this alcohol.
5 / 5 Cristy
The cost has checked Good measure partorisca small hands and some 3 run different mark partorisca endless possibility when doing things with paper, the imagination is a limit . They are pleasant and colours. Perhaps it is why they are done with colored and the plsticoes transparent concealed them look as if no like this durable to the equal that would like, and here of again toddler the scissors do not require partorisca be like this sturdy so that the need to be of the adult. If the subjects arise with these I will update my description. Like this far like this well, in general the good product!
4 / 5 Marquis
The cost has verified My edges has turned so only 2 and can use these any question. It weaves it to them of crafting and always takes disturbed that I any one leave use some real scissors. I have been excited when it has found these partorisca he. They will not cut anything but paper and maintain busy partorisca quite some time while we the together work.
5 / 5 Cayla
The cost checked While it is difficult partorisca ours young girl to real control these in such the way as to the short paper effectively, she finally improved in him. It likes that I do not owe that of worry in our girl that takes cut with these, but a trade was is that a paper has to that be resisted firmly and some scissors have resisted perpendicular to a plan of a paper to in fact use them partorisca do the yard. Partorisca We these are utmost to take the young boy has begun, any necessarily partorisca boys those who poden already scissors of sleeve.
5 / 5 Ciara
The cost has verified partorisca find them to us terrible. Yes I am sure, but also useless. Because his no cut, as maximum tear. Even I like an adult has struggled partorisca use them, and has not been able to find a corner to in fact cut a paper. Like this of course the toddler found him frustrating when it do not take results and stray interest.
5 / 5 Hayden
The cost has checked Can a lot of cut by means of more then 3 spent (which try to do to do paper snowflakes), but scissors of practical sum partorisca mine 2 and 4 year olds. Sure, and several creations of yard.
4 / 5 Priscila
The cost has verified These scissors of security are quite terrible. Sure but almost impossible to properly learn to cut with. A lot frustrating paralizacin toddlers. You recommend to use scissors to draw regulate of boys of the metal and supervising his cutting activity with guidance of course. The free frustration that way.
4 / 5 Neda
The cost has checked scissors of Wonderful practice that it is sure partorisca your small some. His utmost so that it is has meant stops. If you are expecting scissors of big quality, this short acute and without failure every time... No shabby scissors of security ;)
5 / 5 Brook
These scissors of security are quite terrible. Sure but almost impossible to properly learn to cut with. A lot frustrating paralización toddlers. You recommend to use scissors to draw regulate of boys of the metal and supervising his cutting activity with guidance of course. The free frustration that way.
4 / 5 Oscar
Scissors Of wonderful practice that it is sure for your small some. His utmost so that it is has meant stops. If you are expecting scissors of big quality, this short acute and without failure every time... No shabby scissors of security ;)
4 / 5 Bradley
probably would owe that it has known concealed but a lot really think roughly that. My girls have small hands and can use these quite well. I do not owe that me the worry roughly sweats to hurt they when using them reasons are all plastic and impossible to cut skin.
5 / 5 Brianna
My three old year loves him, still is that they learn like this to use them. An only reason has given to 4 star is reason some scissors of straight flange are the few hard to use inclusos for me. As you owe that have a paper has taught so only does not bend with some scissors.
5 / 5 Kassie
Although they can not cut hair or skin, can take the good pinch come from quite hard, and yes, the toddler will try quite hard. Also, they do not cut well enough for small cutouts for crafting. These am a lot enough for practical cut, this in spite of.
5 / 5 Gaylene
Good Small scissors, a lot of boy sure reason , so only for 4 stars is sometimes he doesnt cut a paper, has to have some scissors there is lined on correctly in a paper to cut, could be harder if your boy is smaller or taking fallido easily
4 / 5 Kam
Bought this for mine 3 old year to practise using scissors and strengthen his skills of fine engine. Fight at the beginning but once take a hangs of him really enjoys to use the and was able to maintain occupy for the long time. Some the different forms he more interesting.
I amour that went in it the band of 3 and a prize was reasonable.
5 / 5 Katharyn
These are utmost first scissors. My edges has learnt to use them quite well, but wants to take a real creation to look, calm still will require a precision of adult. My edges take me to cut was papers really fun and creations. Really amused for everything.
5 / 5 Bobette
These are utmost judge of is exited scissors for small boys. Reason are plastic, little kids cant cut his toes, cloths, or hair! They look to be very durable (any active broken after being the heavy & use fallen)
4 / 5 Marleen
Unfortunately so only some the red scissors is doing, some see one would close on every time. A blue a 'nt courts even, my edges of 4 years would finalise to take fallido when it uses these scissors. I have it that has has looked for probably the better quality a. It DOES not RECOMMEND THESE FOR BOYS!!!
5 / 5 Barbar
It take this partorisca my university project. Any @subject as it tries to cut my papaer his WONT CUT. Because of this I has FAILED my university project and now are homeless and posting descriptions in a library.
5 / 5 Camelia
Thinks s sure. A lot sure. But he s a lot last to cut some papers. The adults can be able of the do. But for the youngest boys, his couldnt he. I guess you take security , hard to give you acuteness.
5 / 5 Lanell
Half perfect stuffer for toddlers learning to use scissors. Sure to use and some creations of different leaf the fun fact some time some. Hours and hours of the confetti that does entertainment!
5 / 5 Raylene
His very still scissors of plastic security. My edges looks for to use it but taking fallidos reason sometimes some courses of paper and sometime the no. has thinks that is so only be that learns like this to use the scissors but I have tried I and is the bit finicky to use.
5 / 5 Malka
You really any court. It has given a product two stars because they do as well as the tool to learn for toddlers. (As to resist, as to open and next). It thinks each yard of pair an or two times and this was an end of his cutting life. The girls he the young plus enjoys the function that touches with them and is quite sure for the leave (with supervision because they are pointed).
4 / 5 Lorenzo
Hard to use for 3yr old or boys with subjects of occupational therapy. For this any recommended still together prime minister of scissors. The note is 3 cutting creations different , any 3 identical scissors.
4 / 5 Kelsi
You a lot always cut. Especially a green and blue to the equal that are zigzag and wavy like my boy so only uses an orange directly some. They are well for one $ 4 seal of the prize but I would buy boy of metal the friendly scissors with which time
5 / 5 Georgiann
the scissors Are to learn to cut. So only they have cut papers and is very sure.
As I am not concerned in my daughter that cut his toys or hurting she.
Very economic also.
5 / 5 Sheron
Is plastic but the short paper in fact, the has not liked him that there is not any metal at the beginning, but has changed my a lot prompt alcohol, like this calm can not cut other things with them, calm does not have to that concern too much in yours toddler using these
5 / 5 Maia
takes that these are scissors of boys but mine 3 fight to cut paper sometimes. A paper has to that be resisted tense for them to do. They are in fact he spent for another.
4 / 5 Deeann
My pocolos some amours the scissors and these are perfect! Sure leaves , plastic, cut utmost. It is really the neighbour add with the zig zag and the wave and directly.
4 / 5 Tessie
Pleasant little near. One of concealed them has the model to them the better work that a legislation some. This in spite of are not acute and utmost partorisca the boys that learns partorisca cut.
5 / 5 Sadye
Very Partorisca my toddler partorisca learn like this partorisca cut but do not cut a lot well. It tries cutting paper with them but he so only crinkles and creases a paper. At least it was not able to cut the things is not partorisca suppose to cut with them.
5 / 5 Edythe
My daughter was very excited partorisca touch with these. It is the plot of fun to cut directly and sawtooth and waves. This in spite of, like him to him all other scissors of plastics, has cut bad and is diffifult partorisca use even partorisca adults.
4 / 5 Ursula
The product adds. Mina 3 uses of year he with ease.
Loves some pocolos give different form. It is harder that use in paper of regular printer. But more used in paper of fat work. But happy with this product
5 / 5 Estela
These rasgarán a paper in place of cutting. It is already I last for him toddler to manage scissors, these he a lot frustrating, but when they take some legislations of movement, he no cut.
4 / 5 Lorrie
These are good pocolas scissors of toy with grear quality of build. They move smoothly and mine 2 old years in fact can use then for arts and of the works. You love him.
4 / 5 Virginia
Would be good to cut game dough but at all more.
Can not cut paper or anything really.
Any value an endeavour or emotion to buy them.
5 / 5 Alvera
Has bought this for my daughter the one who is 1.5 the one who always wants scissors of mine. These are some scissors of perfect beginner reason any yard his little fingers. I have tried that cut my own hands so only to be sure and feels like the pocola pinch.
5 / 5 Tomika
Has has wanted to concealed is sure for mine toddler to use around a creature. A material are add, is acrylic but any one has left that fool you, map of cup with him. It has Had 3 different models and a toddler is happy. They are no longer concerned in faculty poked boys.
4 / 5 Lindsy
Mina 3 old year enjoys to use these when doing arts and works. Some scissors have plastic leaf that it is quite acute to cut by means of paper of construction but no by means of skin.
5 / 5 Elise
Is very well has drawn that they can cut papers easily although they do not have any leaves of metal
4 / 5 Rasheeda
With which a lot tries to cut paper, finally does not like that is to expect anymore.

Is this in spite of sure to be managed by boys, has the 3yr old using it and like this far like this good.

A lot like this still for cutting practice.
5 / 5 Nelson
Súper Amused and easy for begginers! My
the edges want that they can do
Different creations with them and will take the full quantity of time of game so only that short random
4 / 5 Tianna
My boys there is enjoyed material and cutting paper for works with these scissors. Has does not have to that me worry roughly taking them hurt also.
4 / 5 Darlene
Cutting engine and final the skills are like this of entities. These scissors are the sleep of parents . Calm does not have to that worry in your girl that hurts themself. Any acute leaf. One is all plastic, 3 different fashions and promote punctual that skills of court. It recommends these to all the parents of young boys.
5 / 5 Shelba
These scissors is security for use of boys, but so only the little a lot of shaped enough, has seen my boys use it very hard, a paper is not to cut was, looks more like this teared was.
4 / 5 Kerri
My kiddo has lost his alcohol when it see these and required to cut some paper ASAP feels like the big daughter that use his own scissors and law well without being acute.
5 / 5 Elane
These are utmost! Mina 2 old year loves him, resist a paper and she short band. Rasgan The little bit but for scissors without leaf theyre adds
5 / 5 Charles
Some scissors are hard to use for toddlers. Precise abit of technic to cut especially a wavy some. It is a lot so only for practice.

Top Customer Reviews: Melissa & Doug ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5 Harmony
Amur This book. My daughter has received he partorisca Navidad the years of pair does and there is enjoyed really cut some forms was. I have been surprised when it has begun Nursery but the one who better was partorisca use scissors (and included pens that thinks can have also stemmed of a dexterity learns partorisca use scissors) that some other boys. I have it quell'has purchased now this book partorisca my godson partorisca Navidad and am excited partorisca he partorisca the use. Some scissors am sure without leaf of metal (all plastic, any acute). My daughter still has them and in fact used them so only today partorisca cut by means of cardstock. This book is the simple concept that really teaches lovely skills.
4 / 5 Gracie
A class of scissors partorisca suck. Some leaves are not quite tight to cut properly and consistantly. In fact they do really very like this playdough scissors that is the one who my edges uses him for now. I have finalised to purchase scissors of leaf of metal of boys that read very better. A book of work are to add this in spite of. The desire there was the little more pages with straight lines for cutting before it begins to some waves.
5 / 5 Dani
Has taken this book to develop my edges scissor skills. The amour like easy is for my edges to use and a scissor is not acute or pointy but was a lot enough to cut papers. It comes with the plot of the different models and he could practise his skills on that. To good sure recommended, maintains him entertained.
4 / 5 Annita
My daughter of 5 years has loved this book! Maintain his busy partorisca in an hour to the equal that love cut on all some pictures! It remains-rid and some scissors have not done for his, which was the little attention . In general highly recommend for the boy interested in of the works and that require to improve his skills of fine engine, or the so only have the cutting paper has amused!
5 / 5 Allene
Ossia The fun activity for any young boy. My edges is 4 and loses interest quickly in of the things. This in spite of, ossia an activity always goes back to. It is still mastering his cutting skills. Yard out of a cake and of goes them to them of anniversaries and has done his father the paper of anniversary! A better part was that proud was of him. :)
4 / 5 Diamond
My granddaughters love this fun activity. Then we aim me that well it is taking with cutting. Some scissors am a lot of reason are blunt poured and once some daughters have taken a hangs of him, has done really well to be plastic.
The pictures are a lot of coloreados and beginning with easy courses and gradually take more difficult.
5 stars of this Nana.
4 / 5 Tatum
When Mina 4 old year daycare said precise practical with the scissors have found this book. I want to all some different pages with different models. It has improved to good sure of then taking this book.
5 / 5 Melba
His entertainment, but would suggest them for girls that is already use to the scissor. If his whose actuate a lot of practice a book is easily rasgado averts
4 / 5 Oleta
Plastic scissors that wont cut on your pieces of furniture, but any one the majority of positive experience for girls to learn his the idea adds but has wished was scissors of pertinent boy .
4 / 5 Elenor
This fascicle Of exercise is súper very done and have haste to see evolve my grandson of 3 years with him maniement give ciseaux with his different forms of lines. Delivery ultra quickly, thank you very much Amazon
4 / 5 Suanne
The variety adds lines partorisca cut with puzzle the reassemble, acts the glue together with each different page. Idea very fun partorisca the school professor partorisca use and photocopy by heart partorisca JK, SK and perhaps Gr. 1 classes.
4 / 5 Yesenia
Goad Has purchased this adds on element. Some scissors arent some better, my edges prefers our scissors of metal, but some activities maintain a lot entertained and resupply excellent practice partorisca coordinamento hand-held of eye.
4 / 5 Cassidy
This book is surprising partorisca teach prompt students partorisca cut. My daughter is gone through this book in age 3, and have it again now in 4. It wants to cut an entertainment, pages coloreadas and is a better cutter in his preschool class. This book is the motivator adds to learn an essential preschool skill
4 / 5 Lulu
Some activities are well, but some scissors are horrible. My daughter insists on using some scissors that is coming with a box, as you direct the a lot of frustration for us so much lol.
5 / 5 Elbert
Perfecto. Diverse election differents Games to practise lucido cut his colours give the images are good-looking.. His interesting Images. A lot of emballée and in good state.
4 / 5 Wynell
My edges of 5 years seated and cut these forms partorisca in an hour today ! I am impressed really with a quality and interior of pictures.
4 / 5 Kymberly
Some scissors are quite useless this in spite of. I have bought the metal of the his roughly boy some to go with some activities and concealed has done to better plot.
4 / 5 Chantell
Has not impressed really. Scissor The quality disappointed. Better has bought scissors for boys elsewhere and leaving them cut on printouts etc.
4 / 5 Lourie
My edges want to these! But it maintains that it wants to do a closing some on and on (to snake for a). As I recommend to do photocopies for them to cut and maintaining some original so that it can do him more than a swipe.
5 / 5 Charita
Is very sure for small hands reasons any short anything. I have bought 2 and tossed was both legislation after inaugural, reason both mine boys hate this useless element. Meh!!!
4 / 5 Porsche
My boys want to these, ordered him partorisca present navideños. My boys were 3 and 5 at the same time. Mina 5 old year there has been the good time, and was useful partorisca mine 3 year olds hand-held muscles partorisca strengthen!
5 / 5 Tawny
Always love a quality produced for melissa and doug. And this book of activity partorisca scissors
Never have dull it moment partorisca the toddler.
5 / 5 Dessie
Pleasant, easy to cut. It likes that of the majority of some pages is activity can do after short a paper
4 / 5 Terrance
My daughter of 5 years has has wanted to this! My only real complaint is that some scissors were too big partorisca his tiny small hands
5 / 5 Nicola
Perfect for a beginner partorisca begin to develop a skill of cutting paper. It was not resulted in a lot of small pieces of paper during a house, this was my fear .
5 / 5 Leatrice
This product is well.. My daughter has received this partorisca his 5th anniversary. It was able to cut everything in almost a day. It was not too defiant.
5 / 5 Jeanie
Laws well! Some scissors are quite well with paper but at all acute. Mina 3 old year enjoys this activity.
5 / 5 Sheridan
Mina 5Is obsessed with cutting things out of paper and has been thrilled that a book is coming with his own pair. They are always v happy with toys & of Doug of Melissa and this book of activity is sum. Perfecto for SK level, house or on-the-gone.
4 / 5 Beata
DD Asks to do these activities all a time. It has helped really his work in his cutting skills.
5 / 5 Amina
This book are adds!!! It buys it again still although we do not require some scissors. My daughter (5) there has been a lot of entertainment doing all some activities.
5 / 5 Siobhan
A way adds partorisca teach your preschoolers partorisca use scissors.. Some scissors included are easy to use for boys as they are quite small but his still cut (different a lot of paper-only scissors). They are pages has amused also:)
5 / 5 Sparkle
Leaves a bit some practise to cut with scissors. Some pages are fill with images that I with me little a glued to paper of construction and mark on the history associated with a yard was.
4 / 5 Tabitha
My daughter loves this but some scissors are hard to cut with. With scissors alternated of leaf of the metal there is a time an easy plus.
5 / 5 Wilda
Has bought these for my grandson like the present. Excellent for skills of fine engine and dexterity!
4 / 5 Margene
Adds for first scissors, but girl isnt interested that follows some semence still.
5 / 5 Kendal
Has to that no for the open still presents navideño for daughter but happy with avenges punctually too
5 / 5 Graig
Economic scissors, but my granddaughter has has wanted scissors manually
5 / 5 Mindi
the scissors are terrible and cockroaches.. But a rest is a lot my edges is having to that it weaves of fun with him!
5 / 5 Soila
Easy to use scissors and follow some semence my two-and-a-half-year-old loves it and is learning quickly
5 / 5 Skye
My amours of 4 years he especially an ice cream and yard of house outs.
4 / 5 Temple
Awesome Partorisca Small scissor student. My edges there is almost 4 years and really appreciates it. Plastic scissor works well in a beggining but the stop that cut in almost an end.
5 / 5 Aletha
My edges has has WANTED TO this but with which some use a ray that resists some 'leaves' in some joints of plastic scissors has come I quite loose, which has done in fact cutting anything difficult
4 / 5 Jeannie
His ciseaux short very good lucido paper! Exercises amusants. Fact very good!
4 / 5 Harry
Good row of skills of easy to complexes more cutting.
4 / 5 Shaina
LOVES this scissor book of activity of the skills! The activities add in the each page! Mina 3 old year loves these.

The present adds for boys 3-8
5 / 5 Cathrine
the book of activity Adds for preschooler to teach skills of scissors
5 / 5 Cheryle
Hours to learn and entertainment. Mina 3 and 5 year has has wanted to he

Top Customer Reviews: Mega Bloks 80 pc ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Micaela
Colour: Rosa Some blockades are light and big with has rounded flanges, like this calm does not have to that worry in your creature that his drunk or hurting they using them. A stock exchange goes in look sturdy and has the good plastic boss with the zip partorisca maintain them all the contained and easy to spend around.

A fact that is big helps with skills of engine also and our creature wants to try to dip them near. In 14 month, is not quite able to gather or a lot with them, but still loves some pocolos dye and noise.

My only question with east is one same I has with a lot of products: Some colours of gender. This I really annoy me. A blue stock exchange with the picture of the boy in the and the pink stock exchange with the picture of the little daughter! Reason can any for the be another way around? Reason is a daughter that builds the castle and no the automobile or the hammer?

Has finalised to take a by heart pink container because it was on sale, otherwise, has been determined to take a blue one for my daughter. But now a blue an on sale east and a rose is triple a prize.
4 / 5 Kathi
Colour: Blue has purchased this product for my grandson of 16 month for Navidad. When it open It said 'Oh WOW!' And clapped his hands. I aim as to unzip a chance to spend and he promptly touched some blockades was around the and has begun to dip joint them. It has the same amused in his slope , dipping them was and building with them. An excellent product ; well drawn, sturdy and a perfect measure for small hands. Amazing value for a prize! Included It Is the base of program with four wheels to build structures emotivas.un chances to spend is very done and is to survive tugging to to a container likes him the career.
5 / 5 Tonya
Colour: Blue A mega bloks are adds. They are returned together easy and is the little release but concealed the easiest fact for him toddler to touch with. A stock exchange also frames for easy cleaned arrive and storage.

A reason this takes 3 stars in place of 5 is too many only peg the blockades have comprised in a stock exchange. Ossia Obviously to augment a number of pieces in a stock exchange for advertising purposes. Unfortunately this bad is stuck with stirs it of pieces that is not terribly useful to build.

Would have bought more the blockades have had a mix of the measures estadas better.
4 / 5 Estella
Colour: Blue has seen alike and product of mine littile a really liked touching with these blockades. As I have ordered these, the plastic quality is better then that More the tip has seen. But the blockades are too loose and does not stick near a lot well and the structure has built pauses a lot easily, the majority of a first time of the construction is complete. My little one resembles free interest in these blockades so only been due to this reason. I think that it that it have to that have so only clave with LEAGUE. Has thinks that that these will be surer because of big pieces, but because of súper the loose blockades does not solve a question. It does not recommend these blockades.
4 / 5 Lauryn
Colour: Blue Mine 1 year-the old edges loves touch with these blockades. They are quite big that can any the dipped in his mouth and enough coloreado that attracts his attention. It enjoys to press a big blockade in of the wheels and crawling with which that. Well partorisca developing all the skills of engine. As to prize, a stock exchange maintains all organised and orderly when any into use. Probably buy another together or 2 when it takes older to the equal that can build the main creations.

Remarce: There is another version of this product geared to some small daughters with cake has has painted blockades.
4 / 5 Loria
Colour: pair of Blue Master products against, was in the loaded house lucida container, but the person that the contributed lucido container any one a touched, looks that the door of the step of blockade has been opened, she the accessed. Arriving, in front of my Door she the left the box without striking to the door. It was disappointed, reason can do me fly. It is receiving a message that says the container rid. To this Moment, opens the door and this was in front of the door.
5 / 5 Tommy
Colour: Blue My daughter loves touch with these blockades of edifice. Specifically, pulling them avert with which dipped him near and pulling them out of a backside with which so only his packed in. Attended find random pieces lying around a house and be prepared to occasionally of any in the pair of them while stumbling in a darkness.
Solid and easy construction to touch with. Still it comes with the base with wheels to the that to my daughter likes to go around a house. I add for the developing hand-held eye has sawed-order. Also the utilisation to teach colours.
5 / 5 Darcey
Colour: Rosa has bought this together for the two old year present of the anniversary and she have loved that. These megas the blockades do the start of available utmost judge for the little constructor. I love a by heart feminine diagram and there are quite a lot of blockades in a container to do the good quantity of creations. There is no acute corners, few pieces, or odd odours. These are the toy adds for small some.
4 / 5 Angeline
Colour: Rosa Mina an old year enjoys these and I expect will continue to touch with them for the long time. Fulfilling helps to have the rotation of the like the toys is was to maintain the interesting things - is likes to take the new toy when I spend him behind out of storage. I love some pocolos dye brilliants in these some and my little an enjoy stacking his on and taking them averts.
4 / 5 Nikia
Colour: Rosa My husband and I was excited like this to take these blockades for our 9 old month. Yes, we have recognised that declares 1yr and older, but our daughter has been touching with stackable objects and has required something new.

So that attended with baited breathes for these to arrive. And when his , opens a container, has extended his in a paving and has looked... Looked our daughter crawled on the and stuffed his boss to an empty Mega stock exchange of Blockades and left out of some laughs of the main belly never.

The husband and I have had the time adds that it spends our evening that the builds gone back with which put to bed .

Highly recommended.
5 / 5 Jennie
It is giant mega blockades. It classifies of self explanatory but his any one has included dipped the in the box.. With a patient freaks in this world would expect the toy of boys partorisca be shipped in the box like the not giving was that it was takes. Pathetic. Contemplating returning and to good sure that spends this in mine buddies Youtube.
4 / 5 Louetta
Mega Bloks Is an old favourite, all some boys in my familiar touched with them. I gave him my creature glorious daughter partorisca the Christmas and his Mamma has been thrilled. To the Creature liked them to them some brilliant colours and managing them will improve skills of engine until it is able to build with them. They are partorisca come packed in the abonos sturdy the carrier and ossia to prize . This was the good election and the very compraventa.
5 / 5 Jinny
My edges LOVES his MegaBloks. One spends the chance is add, and storage of frames and cleanup súper easy. Has the time adds unzipping a stock exchange, in his slope in a paving, touching with them, and was cleaning them on top of then taking them all to return behind to a stock exchange is resulted the game . Still although I have purchased these the little early for him, is grown to them and probably will continue to use his for the little more years.
5 / 5 Asa
My little type wants to these. It is two and calls him 'ohno' cuz when it breaks some turn the builds say oh a lot of he so that it thinks that is that it calls haha

Anyways is durable and a stock exchange comes with east the way adds to store them and aim to pack on when it is done using them.
5 / 5 Rolando
Wants to be a relative this has given a bit some the toys look immediately then spend to a side. For any small chili pepper that grows on, these are essential. It can memories to build with building blockades? Of coarse!! Ever Chico requires him! I have bought these for the charity giveaway in Christmas for any of privileged boys. I expect that these have done some little some day! Very shabby ! It has amused!
5 / 5 Jaimie
Mina 15 old month enjoys to touch with these blockades almost as well as my husband does. I add to have the chance to spend like this his all have the house to go too much in place of during my house. Amur Some colours of some blockades. Also it is able to dip them near reason are like this big.
5 / 5 Chelsie
Has bought these for the second anniversary of the mine niece, and the month later is still games with them daily. It wants to build his until a base of the wheel and that sees that quickly it can the course around a house. Some blockades come aside easily, and a stock exchange of storage remains opened and whole like this easily can help the place went him afterwards without taking fallido with the stock exchange that block in sound. His parents want that it is touching with toys that promotes creativity/of imagination and development of engine more than toys that simply maintain has occupied. To good sure recommend for any with toddlers.
5 / 5 Naida
Has had this in mine to take cast for the moment. Expected for them to be $ 10. Produced excellent. The big stock exchange will maintain for the anniversary of my edges. Counted some pieces and I have finalised to take 92 like material 80 is so only the minimum. Shopping again! My grandson there has been the plot of fun with these I so that it is my edges also!
5 / 5 Maricruz
The toy adds for mine 15 old month. Awesome Colours. The desire there was more than some blockades some plus along and less than some single. After the moment, some of some blockades do not grasp to the each one which as another a lot well. Like the father, enjoy them too he so that it is the fun thing to do joint.
5 / 5 Cherilyn
Has taken this for my grandson the one who has turned so only one. Some the big pieces are perfect for his hands. The colours are brilliant and appeals to maintain entriqued. Any closing in an age to start with that builds but at least is touching with him in other ways.
4 / 5 Katy
To to my daughter likes them the game went him in a paving one the majority of, to to the my husband likes him the build and apparently taste has dipped have been? They are quite utmost for us so many s family. To good sure was to take more
5 / 5 Quyen
at the beginning, has tried them buy BEQUEATH Double.
But that one was quite expensive, then has discovered them this mark.
Without any hesitation, has ordered them.
This one east the total of 80 unit. Besides, the prize is so only $ 20.
My creature loves this.
The only and critical gilipollas is a fact that some parts do not return each one which as another at all.
In spite of, the prize me generous.
5 / 5 Jule
Has bought these for the first anniversary of my edges. A bit the man is still bit it TOO little to enjoy these Megas Bloks so only still, but loves some pocolos dye and loves the strike joints him. They are the good quality , and love an ease of tidying his until a zippered stock exchange. His well with a Mega Bloks table that his grandparents have bought. Taking a lot of use out of his on some years!
5 / 5 Rosetta
My daughter the one who has 15 month , games with some daily blockades! There have it enough blocks to build the tower/of the rocket ossia main that him! It loves build and dismantling things! It is the tool adds to bond with your boy also!
5 / 5 Arleen
Value and utmost quality, has taken one 80 near of piece and is spare for my boy to enjoy that it touches with him and frames few castles. Easy to imagine was for the toddler.
5 / 5 Arline
The one of low quality that LEAGUE, but the most economic way and such the toy have lived short provisional anyways like my boy will move to regulate small to BEQUEATH the years of pair. And it is done in Canada, very pleased with that!
4 / 5 Shaquita
Perfecto Touches my daughter of 14 month. It adores him and touches a lot with his blockades. It is some games of games of beau to touch with boy of edges.
4 / 5 Ricarda
These blockades are utmost for independent as well as time of game of the group. They promote my edges to be creative and to develop his skills of fine engine. They go in the good stock exchange that it is easily storable; my edges also learns to dip was his blockades once is finalised touching with them.
5 / 5 Sacha
Has bought this like the present for the 2 old year. It likes him. There is remarked that some pieces were a lot has done. Some flanges have not been to cut some little fingers. A measure is very too much. I can trust mine an old year with him too much. The prize adds for 80 pieces.
4 / 5 Mirta
These are like this good and my grandson loves touch with him (and like me). Also, a stock exchange stood up to do has touched with.
4 / 5 Asuncion
The edges received partorisca his 1st anniversary. Stacks His, breaks him and launches him throughout a living room. Smiled in his face. 11/10
4 / 5 Claribel
Súper m is would say qu he any and spend it 80 interior is quite fat
5 / 5 Mandie
My amours of daughter to launch them around. A day probably begins to gather them. Regarding a product he, well is MEGA BLOKS. It is the known product ...
4 / 5 Judson
The granddaughter loves touch with some blockades. We have done a lot of different forms, comprising a pics in a container.
4 / 5 Fairy
Has bought these for my edges those who has 15 months and absolutely wants to him. It can easily grab control of any sized blockade and situate them with relative ease and enjoys to build few turns; I am sure he likes to take older tries to build some pointed forms in a stock exchange, for now is the enormous swipe !
Highly recommend.
5 / 5 Freda
My edges loves it. Everything to touch with some zips, opening and closing a container to emptying a stock exchange and dipping all behind. Of course some blockades are utmost also. Plásticoes Of quality with the brilliant eye that takes paints that my amours of edges.
5 / 5 Sueann
Ossia The good present for toddlers learning the stack and be creative. Some pieces are big with smooth flanges that the sure for small hands.
5 / 5 Reta
I Play present my filleul of 1 a. Format and stock exchange of rangement perfect! At all need Further of pieces!
4 / 5 Rayna
My daughter of 2 years loves these and always loves game with them. Hubby And touch of joy with his hips.
5 / 5 Jenelle
Blockades really well, my creature is 9 month but likes touch with him, dipped he in and was, a lot occupied with him )))
5 / 5 Kit
These are utmost blockades . 10/10 it Recommends. Easy partorisca creatures to stack together and take averts. Easy to clean. The prize adds and fast delivery!
4 / 5 Lina
Is that it likes him everything roughly that. Utmost colours, the quality adds. A lot of entertainment partorisca some girls!
5 / 5 Maire
Has taken this partorisca my edges of a year and wants to all some utmost colours to help with his skills of engine and imagination are soft to touch and easy to clean would recommend for any creature ages 1 and up.
5 / 5 Natalie
2 year has the explosion with these and turn easily behind in a stock exchange of zip
4 / 5 Dorian
did not open it, is a present navideño. To this prize with The delivery, is perfect!
4 / 5 Cyrstal
Quite well for a prize. Decent sturdy not liking as it has used to be fact but better that has thinks that would be for a prize.
5 / 5 Clelia
A stock exchange has suffered harm when we receive an element - we in fact nicked in the protruding and acute part of a packaging. One blocks him is WELL. Our 2.3 old year has not gone too interested in them.
5 / 5 Kimi
Use these daily. Mina toddler likes them. Sometimes it takes like this to them we run out of pieces! Well beginning conjoint tho
4 / 5 Marcelo
the boys love ! Nizza Big blockades and a lot of different forms!
4 / 5 Bethel
Some of some alone pieces return loose, but another that that these are utmost!

Top Customer Reviews: Munchkin 31286 5 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Marni
Measure: 1 Vendar thinks that this would be idea adds! My woman has fond memories partorisca draw in his brothers behind when they were toddlers in a tub done 45 years! Appearances re-create this magic with our 2 and 4 year olds. Well, some boys love. But no. of knots While calm can maintain him drawing in the each one another and a porceline tub this are adds. But when they draw in some walls droughts on some tiles or in a shelf of forest beside a tub, these do not clean was easily. It is resulted in the plot of scrubbing partorisca my woman and I. For this restrict his use and is really that looks forward to when they have run was. It was not that it buys again
4 / 5 Carla
Measure: 1 Pencils of Band is very difficult partorisca mine 2 year partorisca use like this constantly fallen out of a headline. A colouring is also a lot of choppy and hard to take any colour payoff in a wall. Cleanup This in spite of was very easy, this was a positive big plus . Good idea, this in spite of will have to that maintain looking for something more effective for bathtime game.
5 / 5 Caryn
Measure: 1 Bandage 3.5 stars is probably more attentive that like feeling in these.

- Fun partorisca use during night of bath
- decently easy to clean of some wall

- hard to exit of grout like this he has the tiles think twice roughly taking these
- one 'wax' explosion' out of a headline very too easily, these draws so only does not remain near very a lot
- a lot of a lot of to a pencil, so only 5 levels to use a 'wax' as the heavy use means these any last very long

In general was happy to leave our colour of daughter in the sure place that that can be cleaned, at least the easiest plot that cleaning pencil out of wall. A lot we prefer to have the sound takes his colouring is gone in a tub that on something concealed can not be cleaned.

This in spite of, a pencil 'wax' fallen out of a way to title plastic too easily so that it was not that they take this mark again. Decent for a price I supposition!
4 / 5 Kindra
Measure: 1 Bandage These are really the fun product that your boy will want. This in spite of, have to press quite hard in the wet surface to draw, which his door down quickly. Also, 3 out of 5 of them they have had a pause of the pencil of part was halfway by means of his period of utilisation. Once it breaks it was, they are no longer usable.

A pencil is also a lot almost like this generous is quantity as it looks in a photo. A mark of pencil of component on only 1/3 of a period of a pencil external plastic shell.

Would purchase again on sale...
4 / 5 Basil
Measure: 1 Band Was excited like this this is existed. But something concealed looks this very could not be real. A yellow and the orange no tip a lot well in mine sper white tiles. A pencil is a lot of waxy like my boy is spent for him in a bath.
4 / 5 Annamarie
Measure: 1 Bandage These are basically 1/3 of the pencil in the plastic boss, like real pencil the course is not while it looks in a picture. His reasonably well but spend was quickly. One of the ours has been broken on arrival.
A surface is writing in of the needs to be droughts, otherwise no well.
Also can him use on peel while it is not partorisca wet.
5 / 5 Darlena
Measure: 1 Not even half Sale full. That is one extracted these? The edges has been done with these in a first bath. Any value of the money unless or wants to spend 5bucks the night for the bath of boys lol. Orders of idea if some pencil where 100 plenary in place of 30 plenary.
5 / 5 Hoyt
Measure: 1 Pencils of Band is basically economic junk. They soften very quickly in of the warm water and for like this smear was in big chunks.
A plastic retractor has failed on 3 of some 5 pencils, doing them useless partorisca our toddler. Another 2 has broken out of a retractor with which 3-4 uses. There are other frames that extracted far far better that this waste of money. Any recommended at all.
5 / 5 Esteban
Measure: 1 Bandage These are in general quite good. They are really easy to clean with water, except a red a. This be has said that the little soap takes it immediately a tub. It was a lot it have the little more real pencil in them this in spite of reasons are not full of a colour. Also when these take also has wetted they sometimes clump was. In all the chance these are quite good!
5 / 5 Tyrone
Measure: 1 Blue Band and the red looks partorisca be an only visible colour. When Dry was residue of leaves in a tub. Experience because my toddler has begun partorisca hate the baths and he have done partorisca take behind in a tub. The just desire has given more pencil in some headlines. It is so only 3
Cm long and can no partorisca see them durable. (3 stars partorisca take my toddler in a tub and not shouting while it bathe would give a star)
4 / 5 Ingrid
My boys enjoy these, and so only can achieve easily cleanable surfaces of a bath as it was any question partorisca clean on afterwards. An only question is a pencil fallen out of a headline easily. They were still able to draw with them after, but is quell'has bitten slippery. His hips any one last a lot have long - there was more entertainment of bath out of some pocolos tabs that gone back a bath waters the different colour!
4 / 5 Bernarda
Likes another has mentioned, a pencil the part is short and any last long. Also, a pencil the portion tends to break easily and once broken, can not be put behind in, or be substituted (like useless results). Too plastic for the short-the product has lived. Next time, am purchasing hose of clear silicone to cut and encase whiteboard pencil. I will leave it is like this it goes.
4 / 5 Janee
These are in general quite good. They are really easy to clean with water, except a red a. This be has said that the little soap takes it immediately a tub. It was a lot it have the little more real pencil in them this in spite of reasons are not full of a colour. Also when these take also has wetted they sometimes clump was. In all the chance these are quite good!
5 / 5 Delia
The pencil Inside the plastic husband achieves down to an aim extends, like this basically so only the averages the pencil in the each one one. More pencil whose draws well and arrival with all these bits of ball shaped pieces of pencil in your bath that is easy for a toddler to swallow. You do not recommend . The ones of the that knows can the to us send behind of then have already used him :(
5 / 5 Wenona
A concept of this pencil is well, but need a lot of improvement. Some the real pencil is quite short, as they are something of the ripoff. An also break with which one uses. My arrival of boys to abandon some titled them plastics of some draws any fall was or the pause was. I will be to look for an alternative product .
5 / 5 Joaquin
This good work. But it have it toddler concealed does not know the one who any to press like this hard as it can @@@crumble. His hips stay in some wall and is hard to leave. When I used Him with him - I has known to press slightly. As it say that these are for the oldest boys. 3 it Is too young. Bath with brittle pencil the bits is kinda gross.
4 / 5 Arnetta
Some falls of the pencil of the bath was sometimes,but can be easily dipped behind in. The desire there was the way to retract a pencil separates all a way for storage.
Some pencil is easier that clean when a shower is less bad. I have been able to toallita humid so only with the wet cloth. If I forget then it is not the enormous shot, I just use cleaner of shower.
This was the present navideño for my edges and loves him.
5 / 5 Kyung
These erase easily with the washcloth or your hand and some colours are intense and brilliants in some wall of bath. This in spite of a creation is poor - some pencil fallen out of some plastic chances really easily. Still they so only well without a plastic chance, but result the little slippery for tiny hands. My daughter does not look to import - ossia his toy of favourite “bath ” for far.
4 / 5 Carolee
Recommend these for any the one who has the boy! My edges wants to paint in a tub. We are to spend the few bands of these of a prime minister has ordered. It has given included to friends like this of the presents.

Suggest to the wash was calm grieves can, is not fun or easy to thicket with which is seated and dried for awhile!
5 / 5 Tricia
Like the father is of entity to promote creativity but a same time still when being able to take notes in parenting while in a bath with him toddler that is expecting is not peeing in a water. These are entertainment to draw and easy net on
4 / 5 Christi
My daughter has wanted to touch with these in a tub of bath, expected him to the just wash was easily with water, but requires the May if the scrubbing to take, which can be the ache , but has amused wth him:)
4 / 5 Annie
This pencil was súper entertainment in a tub of bath for my toddlers. Found a residual hard to the thicket was if any one take immediately with which use. Also, some cups of some pencils has broken was constantly. But everything near enjoyable still all the boys.
5 / 5 Illa
Has been surprised when my edges have painted with them and a pencil has flown out of a headline, use a crayola a last and surprised but to the amazon did not have him so much order these. Some pencil is less than half full. Not going to be buying these again.
5 / 5 Tonette
Mina 3 1/2 year the old edges absolutely east MASTER bathes pencil. I have been using them in a tub for the weeks and still has to that the plot of life has left in them. It does not mark a tub. Only downside concealed probably will maintain me to buy them again is that each pencil is housed in the plastic headline, and enough does not have some the plastic parts to launch were with which some pencil is all has on used! Otherwise Produces really good.
5 / 5 Felix
A pencil does not remain in a plastic piece a lot well. Two of them were in fact out of some titled plastics the delivery. They are also a lot so only for the uses of pair, raisin down a lot fast.
5 / 5 Camila
Ossia The idea adds for the boy bathtime. A colour is not vibrant when you are drawing but applies the surfaces easily enough. If calm want to you included can draw the fake six band in your girl. They take brittle over time and a part to regulate how much pencil/the bookmark is aiming, as it spends down, is difficult to use
5 / 5 Cortney
Our boys have wanted to draw with this pencil in a bath. Some titled plastic he easer to manage. But you have to that clean some drawings was collected more more than later or is more difficult that take of some tiles.
4 / 5 Jenette
My edges want to these in time of bath. :) It was perhaps the small the easy for my edges to pull a pencil all a way was, like the pair is already state broken. It averts of that, is easy to clean was and súper entertainment.
4 / 5 Lucinda
Laws to draw well in a tub but is not súper easy to toallita humid so only was. The down fast wears ( perhaps last 5 baths all has been used every time). Also, a adjusters does not remain situates to cause a pencil to be pressed down which does not leave you to ‘paint' when a pencil is spent already down.
4 / 5 Christeen
I lai in the first place try to the sud a Coins no too visible of the bath.
And this erases with waters he like this of at all.

And my bath is white and Embezzle also after lucido the bath gives boys.
5 / 5 Ryann
The pencils give is súper small. And basically @@@crumble in a water or when you press down partorisca draw. A 'lock' plastic these controls a pencil in situating doesnt the stay has dipped. They are in some rubbishes
4 / 5 Wilhelmina
has Bought these partorisca my boy and his daycare partner partorisca Natal, all the world-wide comprise has been thrilled partorisca use them and looks forward to time of bath even more because of them
4 / 5 Lana
good product in the good prize. I wish a pencil the part of him there has been the little more his pencil, as it looks extremely small, but utmost and is like this easy to clean up!
5 / 5 Christal
Is good and easy to clean especially on wall of bath. But after the little time, a course to write that you take detached and is any use that dips it behind on. As my edges has finalised to use a part to write for separate and only use some coverages like this of the toys
5 / 5 Hildred
the east bathes the pencil is a lot easy for mine 20 old month to use, looks well in a tub and tiles, and easily the washes was (was when we forget to wash some illustrations were until a next night). You hips the washed was skin and other toys of bath. Has has had questions with a pencil in an of falls out of his headline, but for such the prize a lot can not expect perfection. Our prime minister near is lasted the few months and to good sure will be to buy another.
4 / 5 Nakesha
Has tried another and this an east bit it better that the majority. Precise dry these of the legislations after a bath is done.. Not Leaving on some wall of tub reason results harder that clean some leaves of long plus.
4 / 5 Shanta
Does not exit a lot easily, especially go in a grout. They break of easy or they a lot of click to situate like this they so only slide behind doing them unusable. Spend of the money and take crayola bookmarks/marcadors of bath.
4 / 5 Janessa
Has taken these for mine 2 old year that loves it draw on all- now can moment in a tub lol. Mina pocola an easily could dry was his disorder with him washcloth all for his.
5 / 5 Wilhemina
Compraventa Like the present for our pocola niece the one who absolutely loves his time of bath! His mamma has informed that these are the invention of character . They are easy to clean sides of a tub.
5 / 5 Holli
My few amours some brilliant colours and casualidades to “paint in some wall” but there has any to plot of pencil for a prize, and fall out of some “headlines” easily. As you are looking for to stuff his backside in often, or have slippery pencil , tiny to treat.
4 / 5 Colby
The boys of all the ages want to these. I bought him partorisca my boy of three years, and his brother of seven years and sister of 10 years so that the amour that uses him also!
4 / 5 Cathey
My amours of edges partorisca paint!
A red has taken the bit to the thicket but he am exited.
Any one accident feels there partorisca the long time. Once I am done taking the bath, calm would be necessary wash was asap.
4 / 5 Antonina
Has done partorisca the small hands but pause súper easily. They do not paint in an a lot good tub, the colours are a lot of faint and hard to see. Disappointed in these forsure, expected partorisca some bathtub painting entertainment.
4 / 5 Tula
Very fun partorisca bathtime, but marks your grout. Ossia Probably a chance partorisca all the bookmarks/marcadors of bath, but of entity partorisca know before shabby!
5 / 5 Alanna
Looks well. Description of update after gifting. There is not any a lot of pencil in fact in some headlines, like this hopefully has had to that the reasonable quantity of time.
5 / 5 Dia
These are a mark has better tried partorisca vibrancy partorisca paint easy closing to the wash was. The desire there was more than colours ( will see purple in of the insiemi other frames). I have tried other frames partorisca take more colours in a together but some pencil was a lot of waxy/crummy has compared with this mark. Ossia My gone-partorisca draw of the bath has dipped!
5 / 5 Elois
You that is suppositions partorisca do this in spite of disappoint partorisca discover that some pens are so only full means. This could explain a low prize for them. Not buying again.
5 / 5 Roni
A pencil the part has maintained only fall out of a plastic. There is broken then. Some red stains a tub. Unless or the hard press you of the that sees to draw. Wouldnt Spent again
4 / 5 Joslyn
did not see them used so that it was not that a lot cleaned is gone in a tub. They are the presents and thinks that will be the entertainment a.
4 / 5 Kasi
My edges loves touch with these in a tub! They are vibrant and easy to use. An only downside is that it finds sometimes that a pencil fallen out of a headline and I have to that dip the backside in, but my edges is also so only 1.5 and am sure a boy an old plus could not have this question quite like this often. They are utmost for practice of fine engine in a tub also :)

Top Customer Reviews: Munchkin 17040 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Mack
Colour: MultiSize: 1 Bandage My edges rasgaron a boss of his cube of bath and has said goes partorisca fish, as I thought it has been now of takes the cane of pertinent peach.

A cane is perfect in measure partorisca mine 2.5 old year. His no too big where is paste a wall or where am concerned paste in a boss with him. Sound the brilliant green and good and easy colour partorisca resist. A reel so only marks clicking sounds as it is not very interested in.

A fish is inferior weighed likes him always integer of float with some magnets that faces up. This his easy fact partorisca take when I wall on him. Some magnets are quite strong also. If has the metallic tub will stick and stay. Included when wet and covered in soap they a lot of slide down, as it say that some magnets are good quality . My edges has launched and attacked him the long and any one has has broken, broken or has lost his magnetism to date.

Was has disappointed initially that joins twist no retract, has known this before I bought it. But after giving it some have thought, thinking in a soap and waters it that it goes inside a cane and a mould that would arrive, am fact very happy. Marcos rinsing and cleaning much easier and know his no the toy that will do my ailing edges.

My only complaint is I desire avenges with 5 fish or calm could buy another for separate and in of the different fashions.

In general, ossia a together of excellent peach and would buy again and has beaten to take some additional fish and another cane to touch to the long of.

- Entertainment of the time of bath adds
- easy to resist and game with; the helps develop hand and coordinamento of eye
- the quality is quite good and the magnets are stronger that has expected

- would like me more fish
4 / 5 Rosalia
Colour: MultiSize: 1 Bandage I really the desire could find the toy of the magnetic peach with part has done of silicone. I do not see the reason partorisca these parts partorisca be done of hard plastic. In the first place it was, a rigidity the most susceptible the cracks and breakage and am not sure I fully confidence in his waterproofabilty, as you water it to him inner taking, there is risk of growth of mussel. I will say that some magnets are very strong, and a creation is pleasant, but another that that, am not impressed with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Newton
Colour: MultiSize: 1 Vendar has bought this partorisca ours an old year the one who is likely the little under a group of age of the aim. Included any really that comprises regarding the do fully is still able to have enough the bit of fun with him, to the chair likes is of something she more to good sure grow to. A quality is plastic excellent , weighed with all some magnets there is sealed fully. A line is fixed, with a reel when being the simple noisemaker. It have been ordered to be able to reel in a fish, but to suspect that an impact in the durability can not to lacking them still he when being fijamente. In general it is the fun toy and would recommend to any one.
5 / 5 Lucienne
Colour: MultiSize: 1 Really pleasant Sale little toy of bath, a fish is easy to take with a magnetic cane,
which incites access of giggles to the equal that take another first to dip them
free ;)
wish you could buy extra fish so only without an extra cane, but well the value that takes
another dips like this all the world can touch to the long of.
5 / 5 Tonia
Colour: MultiSize: 1 Vendar previously purchase an older version of this toy and this one this better way. A line partorisca fish is flexible cord more than plastic as it moves easily in all the directions and some floating toys all floating with some magnets partorisca take them facing partorisca on, the difference of an old version where they all touched in his sides. Only question with east is has the tub of bath of the metal some creatures occasionally can stick to some sides when the approximations of float to a flange, my boys find it pleasant and he on purpose like this perhaps is not the downside of the childs perspective. The toys do not take of the waters of water and inner stuck drains easily of a cane partorisca fish.
5 / 5 Judie
Colour: MultiSize: 1 Band Adorable toy! Sper Pleasant and my niece loves it. Please take note, that a serious any retract when reel in a fish.
Which is well with me, reason do not require complicated on serious in a bath!
4 / 5 Cammy
Colour: MultiSize: 1 Band Yay partorisca some magnets, booh partorisca a price. It is the good toy partorisca toddlers, easy to use, easy to clean BUT pricey considering there has no that a lot fish this comes with him and is basically so only the series with the magnet. When you Compare with other alike toys, this one east one the majority of expensive, Goes partorisca says it would be worth it on sale. In general it is good and is adds partorisca time of bath buuuuuuuuut am not sure buy it to him again.

Hourra Touches his magnets, booh touches lucido price! I find this toy dispendieux Touches roughly has chosen that the he pocolos accessories. It is simpler that capture his 'fished' thanks to the magnets and this does partorisca laugh my edges when this paste of the sud lucido flange of the bath, but honradamente fulfilling that it touches an extreme of ficelle with a magnet to the extreme, this expensive. Easily it can find it joins another clave so much amusante touches the half of the price. In rodeo, is good but the doubt has to that it repurchases 1 another.
5 / 5 Corrine
Colour: MultiSize: 1 fish of Band cane Very pleasant and fish. My edges loves him and can spend the good quantity to time to fish. I think that that it is it adds for coordinamento hand-held and helps his skills of engine. The happy with this quite pleasant toy. Some fish and the cane have magnets - create utmost. My edges of 1 laughs of year and feels like this proud every time takes the fish!!!
Does not use he in a bathtub to the equal that can say that this water will take inner and wont come and does not love the moldy smelly toy.
5 / 5 Joette
Colour: MultiSize: 1 Band Partorisca some reason all some the glorious boys love this product and ignore another expensive plus and, would have has thought toys more interesting. A main question is that they struggle on the one who has it. It have to that it has it very orderly. And they take of the 'fished' with them to pupils and outings. I owe that follow down where a magnetic fish has been. Ossia The meaning of better toy partorisca the house with a boy- or order a lot of. It looks durable in spite of some argue and tugs of war..
5 / 5 Sheilah
Colour: MultiSize: 1 it Sells Some boys beans toy of new bath. A cane this in spite of any wind on at all, so only done a sound of winding. Also it resists the plot partorisca water with which has been has submerged that then leaks out of a seams, usually to my paving. IMO Any one a seams would owe that it has been sealed the reels has not been never flesh to the wind or he would have to that it has been the working cane.
5 / 5 Kathryn
My twins love this toy of new bath! Well built, and some drains partorisca water easily of a fund of a cane. A reel very in fact appeal in a a, but done the pleasant clicking noise when it is turned. A three few things can “take” have utmost magnets so that it attaches easily to a line of cane of the peach. And they float whole and easily in a water. A lot of entertainment a bath. Utmost cost!
5 / 5 Dedra
Fun toy partorisca a bath. It looks sturdy, waterproof, and some colours are brilliant and entertainment. The magnets are strong, and a reel frames the clicking the noise when operated (although it is kust partorisca show: any in fact reel a serious in). My only desire is that a bobbers was plastic soft in place of hard.
4 / 5 Austin
The toy of bath adds partorisca my princess of three years. Opened that to him and has no the dipped down partorisca roughly two days directly. It is like this pleasant and so only a right measure partorisca his. A cane to the fish does not reel in but a side done the noise when moved around. Also a measure of a three few characters are abit main that the goofball. They are happy with this product.
5 / 5 Carin
My grandson has has wanted to this. It is very fond of time of the bath and this he included harder that take out of a bath. A magnet is strong how is easier partorisca he to in fact take things that other magnetic toys. Some few creatures that come with pleasant era also. A esel' any in fact reel he in, so only done the noise and the leaves calm an action. I suppose that it was better of the do more durable.
5 / 5 Joanna
Has bought this partorisca the present navideño partorisca my fellow toddler and want it!

Has been said touches with him and asks it all a time. Spend for the phase where spends it everywhere go!

Ossia The sure and fun toy partorisca toddlers and maintains him distracted for time of bath.
5 / 5 Philomena
The one who has invented this?!? All toddlers jerk his arms when they are excited... So you have dipped this in his delivery all finalise with east the tool with that that can beat . This was a worse present has not bought never my grandson.
4 / 5 Kim
Is well. An idea of him was better that it seeing in action. So only the series with the magnet on that. For which stars.
4 / 5 Milagros
Like this is resulted to be one of a more touched with toys if in a tub or splash group. Durable, easy to clean surface. Fishing The cane takes on water but is easily drained. What only that would do it better would be yes cord in fact retracted with turning a reel.
4 / 5 Damien
Mina 2+ edges loves it! Easy-to-take characters (can not say 'fished' as there is so only a fish out of three). A big advantage is that they are sealed closely like any risk for magnets to fall off and result the choking hazard. Disappointed of only having three characters to fish. A toy would be much more playable yes would comprise 8-to to 10 pieces like of some other insiemi.
4 / 5 Mao
My little one loves this toy of bath and games with him often.
Is done with quality, durable plastic ossia withstood the year of rough game. One 3 'fished' is súper pleasant and have strong magnets so many taking them is not too difficult.
A line to fish any retract but done the pleasant clicking the sound when esaling in'.
Very happy with cost of mine!
5 / 5 Georgia
Il capannone è soltanto, nessun a rapidamente nessun partorisca atrasa. Operi aggiungi Nella cuba ha dato bagno, e i ragazzi l'amano. Non molto sfida della sua tecnicamente partorisca creatura.

Ancora utilizzandolo sinora e Sapere partorisca qualunque reniega ancora marchio buono e qualità buona. Io soltanto pensa partorisca prezzo un po' troppo grande partorisca le funzionalità.
4 / 5 Tony
Mina 13 mesi vecchi all'improvviso lì è iniziato le meteo odiate hanno dato bagno. Ha sarebbe e grido a meteo intera che residui partorisca toccare con qualsiasi dei suoi muchos giocattoli hanno dato bagno. Uno ha cercato qualcosa differente ha dato partorisca prendere partorisca seggio nella cuba, gioco e avere delle meteo hanno dato bagno carino. Questo uno lì è arresti di fatto partorisca burlar! Ha era è interessato dà lui. Ha non sta “pescando” ancora, la ragione lì è è troppo giovane ha dato partorisca comprendere, ma avere giochi con lui nella sua maniera propria e avere le meteo hanno dato bagno degli amori undici un'altra volta, il quale era il mio obiettivo principale . Questo giocattolo I abbiamo letteralmente salvato!
5 / 5 Estelle
Questo giocattolo è super minuscolo, è carino ma l'acqua prende captata in lo pescò polo ed è impossibile del prendere era (stampo qualunque?) E Lo devane nessuna qualsiasi cosa (mangia ha immaginato, ma in ha dato mariti tranquilli hai chiesto) Nessun realmente un giocattolo ha dato il bagno aggiunge nella mia opinione ma non terribile!
4 / 5 Luana
È un carino ma giocattolo abbastanza noioso. Il mio toddler lì è toccato con lui per 5 min e avere qualsiasi interesse anymore. Anche All'acqua prende interiore ai pali di pesca e confonde il mio ragazzo quando è bava filtrando era. Uno quello ritornerebbe non è stato utilizzato già.
5 / 5 Corey
Ossia Un giocattolo carino e i miei amori hanno dato figlia lui in meteo abbia dato bagno! Al che unico è quando ti vento per devanar, al tacha non fatto così unico al rumore tranquillo piace apre per devanar al pesce sarebbe stato pappagallo inclusivamente avere il fatto migliore obró mangia una canna ha dato pesca odierna!
4 / 5 Avis
Ha comprato questi arresta mina 2 anno vecchio e labrar un colpo enorme! È facile per il suo per utilizzare e molto durevole al massivamente battendo gli dà. Non troppo sicuro addirittura mangia l'Arato d'acqua ristagno. Delle meteo hanno dato la supposizione dirà. Un altamente suggerirebbe.
5 / 5 Rosalie
Ossia Uno aggiunge poco giocattolo ha dato bagno. Il desiderio giusto venga con Vivente 'pescato', o l'opzione partorisca ha comprato un po' quelli che musulmani (mangia un'altra banda ha dato 3). Sia mucha divertimento Nel kiddie il gruppo e l'acqua sottopongono questo @essere anche.
4 / 5 Ty
Il mio EST degli amori per utilizzare questa canna ha dato pesca, in o fuori acqua, c'è non caro! A 'pescato' galleggiante bene nella cuba. La cosa unica che nessuna mina c'è @darsi conto era il mio bathtub è il metallo sa alla canna prende agganciata addirittura abbia tardi dato in tardi, qualsiasi grande ha sparato.
5 / 5 Audria
Giocattolo carino, facile per piccolo alcuni per utilizzare. Decepcionado che tranquillo non può devanar In linea ferma, soltanto fatto un ratcheting suono. Ma possa avere detto che nella descrizione ha dato prodotta e l'ho perso
4 / 5 Theda
la mina è sta ossessionato con questo giocattolo ha dato bagno. È aggiunge per il suo coordinamento d'occhio della mano e mucha divertimento. Al magnete è aggiungere e grabbed a giocattoli facilmente e lo prende a bene! Il costo aggiunge partorisca A soldi!
5 / 5 Tawna
Toy partorisca fish adds. We use our outsides in a table of water. An only downside is that a reel a lot in fact movement, that means that when some toys attach to a magnet in a cane, can not take reeled in. Our edges has been disappointed for of the this. Otherwise, the quality adds and the pleasant creation! The neutral gender that it is the enormous plus .
5 / 5 Mirtha
Mina 2.5 old year toddler asks this toy daily partorisca time of bath. It wins to fish in a cottage last state, and has the plot of fun with him. We invent the pocolos play that it involves this toy. Highly recommend it.
5 / 5 Jeri
These works of toy exactly to the equal that has expected. Some characters are adorable and some do any really a lot he so that it is very easy partorisca boys partorisca go peach. There is not any start in a toy to the equal that can dip he in watering/the tub of bath and any to concern roughly the mould that grows.
Shabby partorisca our 16 old month but our 3 and 4 year olds loves it too much.
5 / 5 Floria
The toy adds enjoyed for my almost first of 2 years (experiences like the present for his) any one uses he in a bathtub! Also it can be used alfresco in kiddy group or standup box/of water of the sand partorisca has amused the day of state! Works well and fun colours!
4 / 5 Alejandro
My kiddos loves it, except a reel a lot in fact anything. My edges was the little has frustrated that he a lot in fact crank a line on and down, but take on the quite quickly and there is enjoyed still touch with him.
4 / 5 Alfonso
This was the present of anniversary for my grandson and is having the explosion that touches in a tub. While having the entertainment also is doing in his skills of fine engine and dexterity.
4 / 5 Nicolle
Produced fresco with the magnet that draws on some fish, but is being missing of in any when being pas able to wind a cane to fish the one of fact of appeal on a fish. Sturdy And colour.
4 / 5 Marlin
Has bought this like the meso stuffer and is estada entertainment of round of the year . Have never has guessed that this little toy of bath would take such add milage. Highly recommend. Any moulding, neither, which is YOURS when it comes to water toys.
4 / 5 Carma
Loves this little near to fish, my daughter is obsessed. A magnet is really strong as it is not never to the left there is disappointed and floating on legislations in a bath how is perfect to fish of bath ! My ONLY complaint is that so only comes with three toys to take - I desire avenges with more ! Otherwise Very happy ordered another for more than some toys
5 / 5 Wendi
A toy of beau very conceived and sécuritaire games to appreciate even more the hour of the bath or amuse in the pataugeoire. I adore his products Munchkin!
4 / 5 Karren
It is good but because it take holes in a cane partorisca fish, takes humid (mould) and will be necessary launch among pair of weeks. Ossia Too bad, cuz to to my daughter likes!
4 / 5 Eileen
These are some toys of the most pleasant bath ! My little grandson has wanted to him! A magnet is the good force although it has not varied perfectly is difficult the grab but in works a lot well! To good sure the toy of fun bath for boys!
4 / 5 Lashonda
A fact that can you a lot in fact feel in a fish is the enormous downside. A quality is fantastic but a reel a lot anything . Mina 4 old year was quite puzzled like this to reason he any one anything
4 / 5 Lavona
Feigning toy but the clave to the peach is not rétractable. This that A my look would be much more be play of fresco bb! He so only Lucido noise of manivelle.
4 / 5 Moises
Wants to this, but is not súper durable. My boy has broken a bobber shortly after taking he for just falling beside a tub. Now so only it feign that chooses on toys that floating in a tub (still has amused this in spite of)
5 / 5 Collin
Awesome toy of bath! But some toys finally suck water to them, and stagnant waters creates mould. Be careful with toys of bath that retains water. Some my edges outgrew a toy, the chips.
5 / 5 Aubrey
Takes full of water, has the drain in an end but still drips after, can be the little dangerous in a tub. But entertainment in a tub
5 / 5 Casimira
Some girls always go to this first toy. It does not reel in that was so only the disappointment to my husband lol. Otherwise Very pleasant and that takes to plot of use out of him. We use in our table of water.
5 / 5 Emelina
Súper Durable like my whips of edges this thing around. A fish is easy to clean, the only thing is sometimes a cane to fish taking waters in him, but drains easily.
5 / 5 Ricky
The magnet in his toys is powerful! Besides his toys flottent in lucidos baths like simple to pécher with the clave. My daughter Of 2 years the a lot of pleasure

Top Customer Reviews: LeapFrog Learning ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5 Gerard
The cost verified has bought a pill in an end of October partorisca My present navideo of the edges. Opened quell'today and no well . We try to change battery but has not changed anything. We open a page of the colours and he have has said vehicles ...... We press some words and at all except some last 2 pages. A lot disappointed partorisca a price. And Now it can them do not exchanging why has bought them he in October
5 / 5 Catharine
The cost checked has Bought this like the present and was impressed like this with him that paving in that spent the second partorisca my own boy. I love a bilingual setting and that the simple touch of a picture is all apresamiento partorisca listen an animal noise or word. It looks partorisca be durable but to the equal that was the present the only time will say with that. There is the hard plastic casing and some the half pages are done of the has to that heavy paper of plastic type. Unless the boy takes the pair of his scissors follows sure will resist on just well. That is more? It is not annoying like alot of the noisy toys can be.
5 / 5 Lou
The cost has checked Bought partorisca mine 14 old month. It loves touch with him and flipping some pages. The pages are plastic like her doesnt ruin them when it chews on him . Tool to learn adds for small some
5 / 5 Haydee
The cost has verified My daughter wants to this! We use in a car frequently and adores to press some keys and listening some different words. It is it adds to teach boy new terms (my daughter is 20 month and is in this phase now). It is perfect for a car as in a house usually interacts one in a without electronic and such. Highly you recommend this for any boy likewise amour of young boys to press keys and listen sounds :) I also amour that can change you a setting to French like my husband is French canadian
4 / 5 Lucila
The cost has checked Loves this toy of mine 2 old year has the plot of fun learning new words. Amur A French option like mine 9 old year is in of the classes of French diving and she also use for some French words. The amour that sees both game of daughters together with east. Highly recommend.
4 / 5 Shalanda
The cost has verified So only like the book, no the book, English, french, touch, interactive.
Has expected partorisca he partorisca be 0 . The daughter loves it and mamma also.
5 / 5 Drew
The cost has verified very impressed with a quality of his and functionality. Easy to use for small boys. Happy with a compraventa, the desire has done one with rhymes/of nursery of the songs. Very shabby.
4 / 5 Kia
Well of the compraventa has checked. But some pages crease the one who isnt very partorisca books partorisca touch
4 / 5 Camie
The cost has verified Absolutely loves it! Bought for the anniversary of my daughter that comes up. Well he he. The shot adds. The pages are plastic and no rasgar as they are adds for small some.
4 / 5 Argentina
The cost has verified Are extremely happy of this compraventa. It recommends! It is interactive, has animated, robust, etc. Go to buy Even another touches a punctual present.
5 / 5 Doyle
Only work partorisca the month then so only some last two pages laws.
5 / 5 Shaunte
Has bought takes our pocola niece of creature partorisca begin his smartness prompt!!! You love it and hopefully learns the plot of him :) has 8 month and learning quickly in the so many choose the toy that defies, like this far like this good!
5 / 5 Lyle
Has finalised partorisca take the second version because this was such the swipe with my edges. The way adds partorisca learn sentences and new words and is the good way to maintain was his pill also partorisca protect his eyes.
5 / 5 Rachele
To our net has adored It. It is good fact . Of it is a one has comprised lucida operation.
5 / 5 Percy
Are extremely happy Of this compraventa. It recommends! It is interactive, has animated, robust, etc. Go to buy Even another touches a punctual present.
4 / 5 Nieves
Has given this to my grandson of 2 years like the present. Especially you want to that has English and French toggle change which is easily accessible to the equal that can practise both tongues an after another. Really responsive, the toy adds and contain all a basic vocabulary would want to see (thrill, fruit, vegetal, etc)!
4 / 5 Dudley
Is the toy adds partorisca mine an old year! It maintain entertained. This in spite of, some functions are limited likes toys more electronic he like this taking satiated.
4 / 5 Leoma
Very educational! Mina 18month adores it! It is súper also lucido bilingual side. It is very partorisca be able to initiate to the learning of tongue has joined like this to this stadium.
4 / 5 Hollis
My grandnephew the one who is almost 3 will want to this. It loves his books and learning different things. I add has English and French.
5 / 5 Hyo
It take this partorisca the second anniversary of my edges and want it. It touches with him daily and help to learn words in French and in English. They are very happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Catheryn
Identical to the Photo ! Bought Touches my daughter of a a, educational, your touches the image and say you that they are for the adore ! A lot well the cost Recommends without doubting!
5 / 5 Taisha
Absolutely loves that! Bought for the anniversary of my daughter that comes up. Well he he. The shot adds. The pages are plastic and no rasgará to the equal that are adds for small some.
4 / 5 Sunday
This book are adds! My BIL has endowed so only the to his granddaughters for his anniversary, and for his own daughter, as I have decided takes one for my boys! I want that his bilingual! Durable! To good sure can take on the 1 and 2 year.
4 / 5 Charmain
Has taken for my daughter.. Any swipe with ot that a lot but I lol.. I know with it times swipe with him.. It likes..
5 / 5 Mabel
Well. But some pages crease the one who isnt well for books to touch
4 / 5 Vincenzo
had received this like the present for our daughter and absolutely loves it, is so only 6me that. As we decide to buy a pleasure the present for the edges of friends. It is very durable and the piece to learn adds
4 / 5 Isabell
to to the Good book likes to learn the toy. Durable easy for small some. Bilingual which is in prize . It recommends this book to learn of the toy
4 / 5 Amada
This book is well for so many reasons. Chewable, throwable, Able to be state on. Toy of true boy. Wonderfully Educational.
5 / 5 Tamika
HAS the good variety of educational elections. Survived tossing And paste for toddlers. Highly recommend
4 / 5 Tonisha
And my creature prefers It. The level that Learns his a lot of diversified and amusing. My boy Of 3 his years amuse to walk it and jump on and still number 1. The consultor Touches his small of 10month the 4 years.
5 / 5 Daniele
The Small adored It game and learn with. It rids Captive and the boy is enjoué partorisca repeat his words.
4 / 5 Margurite
Apparently my grandson so only loves it. It takes this for his second anniversary and Im happy his bilingual because it is the ready cookie . Insignia in youngster.
5 / 5 Nada
Étonnamment indestructible (Unless the boy loves truth). Games of creature with all His days.
5 / 5 Madalene
My daughter wants to this reserves so that it take for my grandson also (so much was paralización first anniversary). It is such the present adds !
4 / 5 Vikki
My edges has 19 months and ossia a perfect toy to learn and a teaching of new words. Excellent distraction in of the restaurants and in a stroller. In fact it asks to touch with him. Highly recommend!
4 / 5 Jerald
Good mark with well develop produced. I will buy another element of them when a time comes. For now, ossia the perfect tool to help my skills of tongue of the creature.
4 / 5 Conchita
Ossia Like this perfect like the bilingual family thinks that that it is of entity to present this class of toys to our boys!
5 / 5 Justa
I have loved this product for his brilliant colours and has characteristic for both English and French my little one enjoys it the plot! And for his durability a lot awesome the product would recommend this to any one the money is a lot displaced.
5 / 5 Cordell
Súper! My edges Adores his books, then some the interactive books is to the angel!
4 / 5 Clint
I of the that knows if mine 3 old year is learning anything of him. But it likes
5 / 5 Shelley
has BOUGHT ACCIDENTALLY of two to the equal that has given one to my partner. My edges and his daughter so much gravitated to an animal page and is hooked! Both books were in the perfect form and he can not bed some pages!
4 / 5 Nisha
The product adds, the bilingual option is the plus to learn 2nd tongue.
5 / 5 Rosalee
Absolutely ba has to that have for each girl ! They are like this happy has bought this product.
5 / 5 Bao
Excellent toy to learn, of quality very big. Lucidos I edges is clear so much in French that in English.
4 / 5 Armandina
A lot the sensitive and easy touch for boys to use. Im Any sure was impressed more or my daughter. Awesome Toy for a prize and súper educational youre wantimg your kiddo to learn new words
5 / 5 Mckenzie
Looks quite well can not say a lot of reason is the present hope has left to a daughter of creature likes

Top Customer Reviews: LeapFrog Scoop ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5 Laverna
I run the house daycare, as they are always in a hunting partorisca good toys that will maintain some committed boys and will not be to 5 marvel of minute. This has been in mine playroom partorisca 2 weeks now and is still like this populate likes the day arrives (in fact the parents are speaking roughly buying he partorisca Navidad) is entertainment partorisca all the ages and educational a same time! One of mine buys better, together with a cash register has jumped that it is also the swipe 6 month later.
4 / 5 Lashandra
A together of game is very pleasant. My amours of 3 years he the first view. Press he around and sell ice cream almost every day.

My only flu is that there is so only 3 cones have comprised. There are 4 flavours of the ice cream and each flavour has 2 excluyentes. At least it can take a cone of plus partorisca do 4 freezing pair excluyente?
5 / 5 Narcisa
My edges there is so only 10 months and loves this toy. Every night I clean it up and dipped some parts where belonging. A next morning, my edges would go directly to this toy and would choose on the each alone piece and wreck his , chew them, the spear without me that worries that he choke reason these parts are main that his hands. It is also the very good bond toy among my daughter and my edges and take the 'babysit his brother while I some cry around a house.
5 / 5 Kaycee
My daughter wants to this a , an only worry I I wishes one of company something roughly is. Some cones would owe that have the magnet aswell like this when you have dipped one hiela the flavours the will stick to and will not fall . My battery of daughter some flavours some big plus and taking disturb when the all the falls . Although it has dipped 2 fall of excluyentes. As some cones and the cup where have organised some flavours and sprinkles would have to that have some magnet to maintain he to fall off. But on all good closing to touch for the 2 old years
5 / 5 Logan
My games of 21 months with these newspapers and has been of then took it to us 3 month ago. The any place in a bit insert papers that come with him still, of then does not comprise it so only still. But has the explosion that touches with an ice cream. Scooping Different flavours with a excluyente magnetic. I want that a toy has said that a flavour chooses up like his excluyente and included say a number of excluyentes. It is really interactive and to good sure grow with my daughter. The toy adds and present a lot of abordable!
5 / 5 Deborah
Sper Pleasant box. A excluyente is magnetic as in fact they can choose on pieces and release them that use a excluyente, which is so only adorable. Calm also say you that it is state chosen up.

Has the little walk in a side can use to store some pieces, or maintain money of game.

To to An only thing does not like is that one hiela does not seat snugly in of a cone like this often falls on during a walk of transition the mamma or dad. Otherwise, All look and feels sturdy and well-has built.
5 / 5 Zula
My edges want to this - anta' taken he partorisca he partorisca Navidad. Always it feign partorisca have a tent of ice cream and have things of order of the people, as this was the perfect present partorisca he. In 2.5 yrs still is not taking a concept of in fact that follows some instructions in some papers, but wants to do cones of ice cream and do fault his pocolos animal fellow materials. An only thing that sucks is cleaning arrive all a hiela with which and that tries to find where all some excluyentes have been reason usually finalise during a place lol.
4 / 5 Tisha
Purchased this partorisca mine 3 et.ou. Daughter partorisca Navidad. You love it. It likes that of a volume has the option 'calmer' partorisca an electronics, and often a lot he same turns he on. Mina a suggestion partorisca 'ergonomics', is that a excluyente of freezing ash has attached is rear class a way that dipped you it rear in, but is not the subject of entity. Some papers of electronic done order that coming with pleasant era, but has created to good sure... In that function of touches with a cart, any meeting is a way that the and his (old plus) the friends touch of course.
5 / 5 Sherie
My daughter has received this partorisca his 3rd anniversary, she hasnt there is prendido partorisca touch with this toy of then receives it. Very educational, the papers of sequence am comprised, some flavours of the ice cream and the spoon are magnetised. Awesome Present! Fun and educational! The must compraventa!
5 / 5 Roseanne
My old want to this!!!
Has been taking he in of the turns to do freezing fault to dad and nana.
An only thing that is annoying is when the all the falls of a cone. If too many flavours are towered, is not sturdy enough to resist and all some fall of pieces!
5 / 5 Lazaro
This was to endow to the member familiarised during christmas time, and when they have looked for to add some batteries and the use, discovers that at all he , any sound or the power have turned on, included this in spite of the new batteries have been dipped in, at all facts and is the present of disaster . It was not yes thats so only how is fact faulty, was a product broken or refurbished but to good sure does not do and a look in a face of girls was really hard to see the one who sad is that his toy no .
5 / 5 Latosha
This toy are adds. It seats a prize was really well too much. I have bought this partorisca mine (almost) daughter of three years and my boys my old plus loves touch with him too much. It is really pleasant and very done and does not take on upper of the tonne of spatial. They love tent of touch of ice cream and choosing his flavours and toppings. To good sure recommend.
4 / 5 Cathleen
Mina 3 old year has been dice partorisca east in Navidad. Absolutely you love it still. It looks a lot of fact and his interactive, as it was able to learn more and take more out of him for enough some time. I can you do not recommend enough. Two enthusiastic thumbs big up! 👍🏻👍🏻
5 / 5 Nathan
Ossia The present adds . Excellent value. A lot of different ways to touch and the mark believe. I have had so the entertainment that touches with him! Push he around, tent and order an ice cream and of the cones. Sounds, music, lights. Everything in the really good prize. Happy with this product of frog of the jump.
4 / 5 Antoinette
My daughter has received this for his 3rd anniversary, she hasnt there is prendido to touch with this toy of then receives it. Very educational, the papers of sequence am comprised, some flavours of the ice cream and the spoon are magnetised. Awesome Present! Fun and educational! The must compraventa!
4 / 5 Kandi
Has taken this for mine 3I and has touched with him at least once the day for the month. You love it. To good sure recommend
5 / 5 Charla
has taken this for my daughter because it has begun function touching! It is two and take this for his when it was roughly 20 month. It takes to ail of all some toys BUT THIS. Ossia An only toy that maintains to touch with. Some few pieces go disappeared and my dog has chewed one of some cones, but has amused touching that it eats an ice cream!
5 / 5 Minh
Love this toy! Ossia My boys favourite toy. 1 yr old Daughter and 3 yr old edges. I have had he for 3 month now and touch with him each one alone day.
4 / 5 Alfonzo
This was the present for my daughter ( is 3), gave it the his 5 months ago and is touched still with almost every day for his and his brother of 2 years, and for all his playdate partner. Total swipe, so only maintain clue of some excluyentes and the cones and you are well.
5 / 5 Idalia
A pricing is more in the amazon and the value for him is surprising! There is to plot of characteristics in the and my daughter loves it! It has touched with him daily it give it to knots of then to the his he on done two weeks. Highly I recommend it! Any one another boy that comes on also loves touch with him.
4 / 5 Valencia
Ossia The toy adds partorisca young boys. Mina 2 old year and 4 year so it loves the but game with him in of the very different ways. Some papers to learn those come with perfect era for mine 4 old year as they leave for some comprising of educational concepts.
4 / 5 Ted
A cart of ice cream is like this pleasant. He teaches my pocolos some colours and sings! My little one wants it like this.
4 / 5 Curtis
This element has been supposition to be an English toy I bought but has sent the French a! I have thought also to go to be more sturdy concealed that it is
5 / 5 Nenita
Ossia such the pleasant toy ! My daughter wants to press all some keys and has listened all is says! Shes Still class of small of the place all hover but was in good sure values he! And his main way that has expected
4 / 5 Ayako
An only real complaint has for him, is that it is the little short. My granddaughter is big for his age. Adjustable The boss would have been well!
4 / 5 Shakita
Has purchased for my granddaughter of two years. You are the swipe in ours annual familiar christmas take near, maintaining my three youngster more gfandchildren occupied for the pair of hours. An enormous win for adults of knots!
5 / 5 Ghislaine
True very Surprised of the quality of the products. It develops The motricité give girls and educational.
Adores it. Different disquettes leave to learn different lessons to the girls.
5 / 5 Shawnda
Simply wants to one for my experience another for my friends each penny. Well fact and like this entertainment for likes is more expensive my paralizaciones so only has forgotten súper fast 2 earlier days.
5 / 5 Araceli
Adds little cart! Mina 3 I the daughter loves it! Very better the quality that has expected for a prize. They are happy has been with this one in an of forest melissa and Doug has dipped.
5 / 5 Shin
Mina 2 n half year the old daughter loves it..
His really the value partorisca to the assembly has required ..
1. Need more cones
2. The ice creams would owe that have magnets partorisca grasp to the each one which so another.
Otherwise Touches a awsm has produced.. To good sure recommend it..
4 / 5 Ewa
It was easy the grandkids (boy 3 1/2 and daughter 2) so really enjoys to use this toy. They are quite hard on some of his toys, but this a look resilient
5 / 5 Burl
has Bought this for the third anniversary of my granddaughter. Hey The eyes have on lit when it open it and all other presents have been forgotten! You love it!
4 / 5 Theressa
Hours of fun for my boys. Ossia A a toy maintains to go back to touch with. Decent measure and a lot of cones of ice cream to touch with.
5 / 5 Retha
A cart has occupied mine 2 1/2 net year old for hours.
Sells his wares to any and all the world-wide
A cart there is quickly and quietly resulted an if no his favourite toys
4 / 5 Hang
Mina 2 yesrs old amours this gel-cresm cart.. It was better been a measure was bit it biger, tve measures it the fact bondadoso of hard to press it stabely
4 / 5 Jackelyn
has bought one for mine 3 and 1 year after listening recommendation of the partner. They have loved that. Ossia A toy that touch with every day! I have bought two more later like this present by other friends and the feedbacks taken always really is.
5 / 5 Margarette
Has bought this like the christmas present for my niece. You love it and ossia all these subjects . Has the compartment to store all a bit inner of pieces.
4 / 5 Doris
Has bought he for my grandson the one who is 15 month . It is the little youngster but he still games with some pieces. It is quite sturdy that's that of good prize
4 / 5 Candyce
My fiancés neice those who is 4 has this, when I have been to visit, so much mine 12me it old and 9yr old has loved that. I have ordered he for a creature in of the hopes his sister would love game with his plus. Law! They love it!
4 / 5 Florance
My daughter has been literally got obsessed with this of then buys it. It was the little unsure at the beginning because of some commentaries to say a magnet no in a excluyente but had any question. It has loved the to us so much buy for our friends kid those who is anniversaries is coming up.
5 / 5 Donny
Has purchased for my niece for his second anniversary. So only it is that it learns like this to walk so that the amours that is and edging his way around a cart.
4 / 5 Kristian
Present wonderful, so only made a mistake to order French version for incident but any amours of grandson of the worries he
4 / 5 Arnold
Mina 3yr the old twins and 5 year absolutely love this toy. They have touched with him every day for s the week took it of then. A toy is not weighed as it can touch on easily, this in spite of some boys have amused ordering some pieces snd dipping them behind where belonging. I add to learn! Highly recommend
5 / 5 Olga
Súper pleasant toy! Bought for my two old year and all the boys (7,4 and 2) game with him. More pieces to maintain joints that has been expecting, but his all have sweats something possesses in a cart!
4 / 5 Anabel
My niece of 4 years has liked him. He his dexterity and his memory. A game is fun and interactive. It is autistic and maintaining his attention is not easy, this there has been sucedido.
4 / 5 Tiffany
My boys looooove this toy! Has has had hours of fun with him. He also his help to use his imagination.
4 / 5 Thurman
A present has been spent for the 3 old year and loves that. A lot of value of game in this sturdy toy.
5 / 5 Windy
This present for mine 1I the niece was instantly there is wanted. Any only for his but each girl this has come on to touch. (Age randing of 1-6).
Likes that some the different papers change that it last or easy a learning is.
4 / 5 Simonne
My edges loves This toy, loves me do the cone ! It touches on this in spite of quite easy as really it do not recommend yes little is not walking still

Top Customer Reviews: Melissa & Doug ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Before what has done when I have received a container was partorisca dry all some blockades down with the humid wipe. A colour of a blockade has begun partorisca exit immediately. It can not imagine if my boy dipped these in his mouth. To good sure does not recommend these.
5 / 5
I will cut to a persecution in mine 2 indication of star... Some corners in this has not been finalised leaving them acute and brittle. My edges scraped his arm of a corner and he have left the really good mark on the, does not break a skin and bleeding of the cause but he have left the mark that has taken days partorisca turn .

A happy, is a lot of sturdy, very built and a forest has been sanded down so much is soft to touch. Some forms are coloreadas, solid and a perfect measure partorisca small hands.

The skill of fine engine adds toy. You do not buy again been due to some acute corners.
4 / 5
I have not been pleased with an arrival of this product. Considering this is the toy for the creature would have them expect a forest to have the better arrival. It is it likes forest of discharge - is rough and feels almost like it could be splintery. Some forms are a lot better as they are painted, still after a week some produced is exiting. I will owe that think roughly the most first giving to a creature to touch with.
Also the creature will not be able to open a box to take some forms was once have them slotted to some holes.
Thinks does better options in a phase
4 / 5
These look the good toys but odorare pleasant and flavour sickly ( has dip things in my mouth that is likely to go to the mouth of my boy). Some chips to paint easily, and a forest is bad finishing (rough cutting frames). In fact I seat better in plastic (ABS, aka bend) that this.
5 / 5
Like the quota of people has said a product in these starts so only with the humid cloth, also chip and decrease to signal quite easily. Certainly a lot sure for small boys with that easily, quickly and how much regime of products, certainly would avert these. Still if you are not concerned in your boys that dipped the in your mouth will leave the mark painted in yours wall and walk. It is just rubbishes , does not comprise reason can a lot of so only have DIFFERENT TYPES of forests with different natural colours (dark walnut, red cedar, white oak, salvation?) In place of all these products of type of quality/ignored. You can also so only grow some different classes of edible flowers to teach your colours of boys and character a same time.
4 / 5
It is still he bit it too young in 12 month, but loves touch with this cube to order (bought he for $ final of 2017)
Likes another has said, there is the pair confusing forms (the parallelogram vs place, and an octagon vs hexagon) but in general is well. Some forms are in brilliant primary colours he so that has the pocolos play different to be touched here.
Some arrivals and the product am lasted by means of a lot of chewing, falling, and launching.
4 / 5
Amur This sorter of form, a lot well does like this expected of Melissa and toys of Doug. It comes amiably sealed in plastic like the good fact for gifting. Some blockades are good vibrant colours and master that is done out of forest and any plastic.
Love this toy to teach my boys his colours, forms and counting!
There is two toddlers and both still amour this time, timeless and the must has in the each box of toy.

Thank you Melissa and Doug!
4 / 5
Losque My small Turns Touches to dip his forms in his good holes, lucido fallen lateralmente always (lucido side that do fault of 'door' game vaciar his forms) this he fâche and transmission of transports of the game does not see the commentary could achieve. But I a lot of déconseille Touches other boys. Lucido Principle and lucido the prize is a lot well, sure have lucido perhaps more than visiting that my small, that knows?
5 / 5
It looks the little rougher that has expected, but has purchased he for the present of anniversary for the grandson as it has not seen in fact touches to touch with him still. The time will say, but expect it will be entertainment for the number of years. The small boys will enjoy so only dipping some forms in and out of a box and, with help, will grow to learn some something corrected and a correct name for each form. I see it likes him an interactive toy where parents or work of grandparents with a boy to teach them coordinamento, skills of engine, colours, and names of forms.
4 / 5
Purchased this for mine kiddo. The lid was a lot thin, is not remained in place and slid was way too easy. Basically useless and the waste of money. They are sure there is it complained would have substituted or refunded but such the hassle sending behind and honradamente for a his prize any value my time to do like this. Control of bad quality.
4 / 5
It looks the little rougher that has expected, but has purchased he partorisca the present of anniversary partorisca the grandson as it has not seen in fact touches partorisca touch with him still. The time will say, but expect it will be entertainment partorisca the number of years. The small boys will enjoy so only dipping some forms in and out of a box and, with help, will grow partorisca learn some something corrected and a correct name partorisca each form. I see it likes him an interactive toy where parents or work of grandparents with a boy partorisca teach them coordinamento, skills of engine, colours, and names of forms.
4 / 5
Lucido The toy is perfect... It excepts that lucida the discharge does not maintain everything simply any in Place. It is a cube that has to that manipulate all his sides, like this lucida the discharge classifies always. My creature Do fault like this of joined Simple boite: the reason breaks the games of boss partorisca dip give blockades in small holes while he and the fat hole or this among him easily?
4 / 5
Has purchased this for my kiddo. The lid was very thin, is not remained in place and slid was way too easy. Basically useless and the waste of money. They are sure there is it complained would have substituted or refunded but such the hassle sending behind and honradamente for a his prize any value my time to do like this. Control of bad quality.
4 / 5
My daughter has been touching with this toy for the months and is not quite a group of recommended age still. Excellent quality. An only thing is a lid that takes is not like this fat to the equal that embezzle of a box as so only hard appearance of then is an only removable course his. But shabby global sum that will last multiple boys.
5 / 5
To my creature likes to resist these blockades. It is too young to really dipped the in his respective holes but he still games with him. A word of precaution this in spite of, was able to scrape painting of some blockades with a bit those that the teeth has like this clock when they dipped in his mouths!
4 / 5
His a lot of crafted and 100 fact of real forest. A lot of different forms.

An only thing that does not like me is that of a removable side doesnt has anything this control he in place, he so only the slide is a cube like his always falling when my edges of 20 months olay with him. It have to that have the clip of some class to close a slider in place. A prize was very too much.
4 / 5
Some blockades an access inside a box is order is an external box that has not been thrilled with. It is unfinished and some corners are quite acute. It was also smaller has then expected but this was my failure for not reading some dimensions. I have found a colored forms splinter easily. I have taken he out of my little type to the equal that has not to found it very sure.
4 / 5
Loves this sorter of form, a lot well does like this expected of Melissa and toys of Doug. It comes amiably sealed in plastic like the good fact partorisca gifting. Some blockades are good vibrant colours and master that is done out of forest and any plastic.
Love this toy to teach my boys his colours, forms and counting!
Have two toddlers and both still amour this time, timeless and have to that has in each box of toy.

Thank you Melissa and Doug!
4 / 5
Has bought this cube to order like the present but after the take, have @@give of a product has been done of forest, he wasnt very practical.
The creature Could go in and smack his forward the or choose on one of some blockades and paste his boss with him or attack his mouth.
Will be to purchase a fact of plastic.
5 / 5
Was the bit postpones to read all some descriptions on here, but am happy has done a compraventa. I have found this product to be a lot neatly the quality done , a lot - a lot of painting that it rubs was, any forest chipping was, any acute flange, any rough side.
His fantastically fact, some turn of form some spaces a lot well and a fact that has like this, so only done a fun last longer.
Mina 2yr old is enamoured with him, has been touching with him all day today and has decided to take the to bed too much, his maintain company while it sleeps. It has been that loves sliding forms the box or included so only falling them in emptying out of a box throughout again. It knows his basic forms, as this has resupplied with new vocabulary and to plot more forms to learn. I go to take this in the 14hr flight with us, while it maintains committed partorisca sometime.
Amur Like looks and his quite sturdy too much.
4 / 5
So only we receive these like this he an hour and my edges still is touching with! You love it! It was hesitant of the take but thanks to some people those who has answered my questions and of the doubts have had in a be of product chipped and an unfinished forest, has decided to give the shot and a toy is in shape perfect! Any acute flange any forest chipping was and a product is good aswell. I have done sure partorisca feel all first of the give to mine 24 old months. They are happy bought it and totally recommend it!
4 / 5
A box is too small and is done of unfinished plywood - does not have any product, any varnish on that. You can feel some the rough flanges have done of a invernadero and in fact has taken the splinter in mine very first day of toe. We do not use a box, my edges so only touches some forms.
5 / 5
Sorter Of good form, very built, all-the forest. Our toddler loves it and learnt partorisca order (and name) has joined a lot of form quite quickly. It has taken the bit to beat it and has on resisted (averts of the small piece that is exited - no @@subject functional)
4 / 5
has had something resembled this that grows up and has been excited to take this for mine 1.5 yr old. It is amused to touch with and like to of him the plot this in spite of am disappointed in a sliding removable lid and that easily he the slides was!! A pair of towers of a cube and is sliding was and the blockades are falling was that you dipped already in.. Still a good toy but probably would not recommend .
5 / 5
Has purchased like the present for mine 1 yr old daughter. Melissa And produced of Doug is of such excellent and very durable quality. Way very good to grow creatures to learn forms and colours and matching on forms.
5 / 5
Our toddler has been touching with him for the year, loves it and is adds to teach forms. Our only complaint is that a side that opens slides too easily and does not remain closed at all, maintains sliding open. Otherwise The toy adds (and has done around he).
4 / 5
Marcos so only sure your boy can in fact this. Age 2-3 will have the difficulty that that complete like this has to that be completed. Some forms are too many alike. 2nd puzzle can be better thus group of age. Still I give it to 5 indication to star reason all was announced like this and the delivery was punctually.
4 / 5
Our sorters of form of amours of edges and almost has memorised where each like this one among his sorter of form of truck of rubbish to the equal that buy this one. It is the most defiant plot for him and loves it. We love these toys of forests and is done a lot very
5 / 5
has used He with a small boy and I finds genial games lucido development of the motricité well. Fulfilling so only That the that small discharge of Games of forest to be solider.
5 / 5
Ossia Done very bad and economic. I have taken the number of slivers of him. Some form a lot included lines on properly. I launched it it go. It does not leave your game of boys with east. It spends more money to take the best a. This a dangerous east.
5 / 5
Very satisfied. A lot It Faces and of different pieces. My daughter Of 1 one does not touch truth with car a bit too complex, but mine 2 1/2 years wants it a lot.
5 / 5
Brill. Good quality.
Took it then my daughter and in the could not take some quell'focuses was stupid. As we drench them to us then a glue would not scrape was with a spatula, as we have had to that finely sand a glue was ! And now he doesnt t the perfect look .
5 / 5
Produces very good! Especially for a money! My net loves it! Helped learn his forms as well as having entertainment! It recommends! Arrived fast and in excellent condition!
4 / 5
Is the very good toy . Some needs of level of the age to be considered. It was complicated too much for the 20-month toddler, the one who has begun so only take a sense of things 'variable'. Each form is different and all are distributed to 5 surfaces. It has given so only my edges so only 3 pieces that apt so only in an upper poster; so much, it does not have to that explore too much. They are sure, this in spite of, to to the my edges will like with of ages; already it begins to explore other surfaces.
4 / 5
Meh.... Any value of the money. It feels too economic.... More like something does for one in tent.
Any one except him again.

Has thought of the turn :/
4 / 5
In general is well for Granddaughter. It is the smallest plot then has thought and will have to that be careful of some of some forms, doing sure does not dip them in his mouth.
5 / 5
My edges is 2 and loves this! It loves signal out of some forms, colours, and counting. Any only dips some blockades to a box, but he stacks and games with some forms as if they are blockades . Hours of fun
4 / 5
My edges of 18 months LOVES these blockades. Constantly it is touching with them. Really it enjoys to touch them all was and finding some forms to match.
Perfecto for young boys. Highly recommend!
5 / 5
My daughter has has wanted to this although it was quite pleasant when I in the first place showed likes law like his then come from to simply slide of a lid and dipped some blockades in in planting to use his designated even shaped holes. Now it uses some pertinent holes.
4 / 5
Is a good product. Everything in forest. My only worry is that with which the pair of weeks after my daughter wa touching roughly of some pieces begin loosing one founds traces to paint in his toes and mouth.
5 / 5
Melissa & Doug done of the utmost products, and this a does not disappoint . Very durable. Perfecto partorisca when your youngster an east start partorisca learn his forms and colours.
5 / 5
When I have finalised a compraventa, a prize has been reduced again, which me very unhappy. According to a theory, a prize can remain of interior of prize 14 days of compraventas, wants to take a party of prize!
5 / 5
idea Very good but unfortunately a 'lid' that among and was does not remain never on. When Turned a cube of a side to another calm free that lid and all some falls of pieces. A bit disappointing
4 / 5
can touch with east in his own, or action he with more. It is not so only learning his forms, also likes the stack of some blockades also.
4 / 5
Toy of good quality. Bought the when it was half prize . It can not to beat it. Both boys enjoy to touch with him.
5 / 5
Mina 2 old year enjoys this ordering cube. It likes him-me some few instructions in that to teach your external boy of simply dipping blockades in of the holes. It is sad when I can very included pronounce one of some blockades? It was well to teach one 11 old year also for class of mathematics.
5 / 5
This toy is fact of the thinnest forest, but well together place. All the forms return well and the good variety of forms for the respectable challenge for the 2 yr old.
5 / 5
Perfecto... Almost. Have has wanted That it spends it the glissière take less easily. Small detail, if it is not a very good compraventa and no too simple touches him all-small because of the thickness gives forms.
4 / 5
Alternative sum to plastic toys. Amur A forest and colours. It maintain this for my grandkids... I produce it adds the last generations.
4 / 5
Ossia For far the toy of my favourite boys the present. The edges of my partner wants to try to imagine out of some forms, and in the slope was to start with again. It is educational, and durable.

Top Customer Reviews: Skip Hop Baby's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Ariana
I have wanted really love this thing, and like me some few toys and way. But for me there it was two that imports downsides concealed me remorse a compraventa for a quantity of money has paid for him. (1) My little thick type spit on and among some breaks around a peek by means of window. In a tentativa of the clean arrival to line and that break a window, and now looks terrible and a keyboard no longer stays in him. We broke it to knots yes technically, but ossia the forget enormous in creation. A window would owe that be removable for easy cleaner. It can you do not leave a way was. This there is drastically has reduced a value of him. (2) A piano has an out of transmissions this in spite of the still looks to turn went by him after -1 min although it leave turn on. Calm has to it the turn was and on again for him to do. I a lot annoying when my edges loves game with him and I have to turn it was and on every time.
5 / 5 Alline
I upgraded to this of a fisher prize jumperoo.
- more activity for creature
- the creature was interested instantly in some toys (could not concern less in a fisher prize)
- the creature loves a piano
- I has added it vtech toy of the big chair and he have done all like this more fun

- the creature loves piano on upper but does not remain clipped in so much maintains to take tossed of a tray
- my box had been returned like this of some parts were opened already (but has done sure some parts were in working condition)

In comparison to a Fisher Prize and on sale for $109 ... This upgrade was the no brainer.
5 / 5 Faye
Was hesitant at the beginning to buy he because of his prize, but now are súper happy that has done. It is easy to gather and is very very light. Mina 19-month the old edges has been spending it around everywhere reason and really loves it. It is also very stable, is not easy for my edges for the game on. Perfect height for the toddler, looks well with a table of activity, and to the prize is that some two chairs return well I under a table also, as any really take on upper of spatial.
4 / 5 Tawna
With all a material of arrival of creature to accrue, loves the when I can buy the product that is fine-functional. My edges loves this centre of game! I can plunk the in and turns around and the accidents was at all some activities. A keyboard is the characteristic of entity . It calms that can have trace in a surface of the game like your creature can touch on he to press some keys Or (my favourite edges) calm can locate to a program. Doing is to leave still yours creature bounce around and doing like this set of a music of keyboard. It wants to be able to look some lights blink by means of a little window in a cup of game and he squeal in delight.
Some toys that come with are all súper pleasant, easy to attach/detach and maintain entertained. I want to that has the bit of the minimalist modern styling in his creation. Still it has colour and is playful without looking the box of pencil has on launched throughout like so many toys of the boys do. (I are a designer of interior to the equal that appreciates anything concealed is both functional and aesthetically pleasing).
A compraventa adds! This will take a lot of use as it grows. It can not say quite a lot of things add roughly that!
4 / 5 Mirtha
Is debating In this product — BUYS IT!

First of all, is not like this ugly like another exersaucers. And there is the long life has turned. We buy this on done the year and am sure there will be use for the pair more years.

A chair was place adds to dip our daughter while cooking or cleaning to maintain content and entertained.

Once she outgrew a compraventa to chair some chairs to match and now uses this subjects daily:to paint, bites, puzzle etc.

Is súper easy to clean.

Highly recommend.
5 / 5 Jeri
Has used this of when my edges there were 5 months and now is 22 month . Always masters skip hop produced and has thought this one was has drawn amiably. I want to the one who easy is to regulate a height of a program of the feet and that converts to the table when my edges outgrew a chair.

Is also easy to convert of a chair to subject. I he many times when the friends come on with his young creatures.

Added october 17, 2018

has been excited when it has discovered has done some chairs for a centre of activity. My edges is now 2 and has converted a centre of activity to the table for him to touch on. When I have discovered Skip Hop does to match chairs for a centre of activity, was ecstatic but found the the little too expensive. This in spite of, after reading some positive critiques have decided to buy the and like this far, loves that.

Was easy to gather, only party some legs (An or B) to some pertinent marked inaugural and @fare! Some chairs celery a lot sturdy, even more sturdy that mine Ikea highchair, and reason is 5 piece (1 seating pice + 4 legs), has to be very easy to clean.

My edges is roughly 84big cm and is able to take to this chair in his own, but his legs dangle roughly 5 cm of a paving. It conceal it does not look to annoy this in spite of. Like this in general, this is wanted by mamma and edges! Thank you Skip Hop!
4 / 5 Floria
Such quality adds. It is not creaky when you jump of creature around and maintains the creature entertained. It likes that it grows with of a boy. Like opposed to a typical exercauser that so only last roughly 5 month. A modern look of is add, is not like this in your colour of wise face. At all worse that your house that looks the tent of toy has on launched in there. In general, well a seal of the main prize. I produce it adds!
4 / 5 Alejandro
Some products are to add and the looks of creature to enjoy that it touches with him. Easy to gather and cleaned looking different the majority of centres of activities. Howerever, This product is estimated for 4 month + and my boy, the one who is a never age sized 4 month, there is roughly 2 thumbs to grow first of the feet can touch an inferior piece. A nave has taken for ever and 2 days with which have ordered this a prize has fallen. I have asked the repayment in a difference and was has has said no, would have to king-order a product and return another. With shipping taking like this long has not been to value a hassle.
5 / 5 Alfonso
Was quite easy to gather this in spite of some legs are uneven. Two in the opposite sides are in a level and another opposite two is shorter (roughly 1 cm) and a box has looked open and taped behind like this probably this was the turn for a same reason esatta.
Mina doughter has not liked him to remain in him and game until it was roughly 5 month, a class of flanges of the cloth of 'yard' to the his chobby legs...
I now better touches with some toys and remains longer in him. It looks to enjoy included a peek-a-the looks and the drunk window in a colorfull piano down. I have added the little more toys this in spite of to maintain more committed.
5 / 5 Casimira
My creature loves this centre of activity! It is not four month still, but has there is remarked already is imagined was like this to turn around to access some different toys and the one who each do each. It is it adds for both his gross and final engine skills. It likes that there are settings for a rest of feet to the equal that grows, and that the finally results the table for when it is quell'has bitten older. This centres neither clashes with mine decor - does not take on upper of significant space in mine living room, neither look really ugly. My only complaint is on a bit bowl of suction. I am not using he to feed still, and does not think I like this already can attack was.

Top Customer Reviews: Munchkin 11020 Bath ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Gabriel
My boy wants to these. They float, Stick to a wall when wetted for the short while, that leaves any stain or residue. Cleaned easy. My edges chews a heck out of everything, and in spite of leaving some frames of teeth in them, has on resisted extraordinarily well. We have him to us almost they have had the year and he is chomped each one one the time of the hundred and we still have each paper and number.
4 / 5 Bridget
These papers of foam are the good measure and stick to a good wall when wet. It likes that of them any emit the chemical smell. I find it it bite he unfortunate that each paper is permanently stamped with a code of element in his reverse side, and a one is permanently stamped with soyUNCHKINS' in a side forward. I find this unnecessary and the bit partorisca distract to a global and aesthetic functionality of a product. I add it adds on price of element, this in spite of.
4 / 5 Angelika
These papers are the swipe with a kidlet. I want to flinging his around and sticking them to a wall.

Touches the game partorisca find a paper in a floating mass, how has been useful with learning papers and colours.

Does not come partorisca avert when chewed on, but retains frames of bite, which is partorisca be expected.

Has arrived partorisca buy to 2nd stock exchange partorisca the house of the grandma and The Grandpa, reasons are fun and easy to touch with.

Has not bought an expensive munchkin stock exchange this in spite of. You will require something partorisca resist them and to the left dry them was. A cube is not the good idea.
5 / 5 Sam
Our amours of 2 years his ABCs and Numbers like this these felt papers and of the numbers is the a lot of the toy has wanted. Spend for the phase of any that wants to have the bath, like these papers and numbers really promoted partorisca have more baths and enjoy them! Now it spends the long time in a bath felizmente touching and does not love start. There is also really helped his development of tongue. To good sure recommend this product.
5 / 5 Toi
These are utmost partorisca toddlers, and estaca during a bathtub and the tiles when they wet like this the boys have utmost fun that that still before they can say the one who some numbers, papers and paints bad. You do not recommend he partorisca the creature, as when they try the chew, breaks quite easily. I had him for roughly 5 or 6 months and my almost 2 year still games with them in a tub.
4 / 5 Erline
My edges uses these everytime takes the bath, and there is used the now the year.
Helps partorisca learn to spell and partorisca count in such the fun way! They are very economic and has taken here like this quickly also.
He Lose the few pieces I to good insurances rebuy some plus! So only you consultores partorisca take the seperate pouch partorisca all of them!
Some of them have lost his form after the moment and there is prendido partorisca stick to my shower. I owe that flatten went him often if his double so that they will stick again.
5 / 5 Lamont
We love these papers of alphabet of the foam. My daughter uses them every night in his bath. They are well, the brilliant and the measures adds. It looks he likes will resist on a lot over time. They have had the strong smell when they have arrived. But I gave him so only the washed fast with the soap and waters it and was very partorisca go.
3 / 5 Angelita
It was excited really on these but my daughter has not looked too interested in them. I seat can like him more he so that it exposes more to an alphabet ( is 21 month ). Also the desire would stick better to a bathtub. But I have listened external taking these without subjects like this perhaps is our turn
5 / 5 Deb
I love these few papers and like this do my girls. My young plus 8 month, so only chews on the but to mine to 2 old year likes that they stick to a tub and our 3Of D tiles. And it is amused partorisca teach papers while in slope in a tub. Any easy to spell words this in spite of so that there is so only one of the each paper. I produce it adds to all the cost
5 / 5 Elliot
My boys want to these. Ossia My second time that orders. They take grungy with which some time. We use our last together partorisca 1 year before substituting them. Probably I will do a next time has included also. A lot happy with a product and does entertainment of time of the bath and educational.
4 / 5 Annamarie
Amur These papers but the desire were bit it more durable. A foam is porous and starts to mould a bit quickly. They are thinner and curl after being wet and fronting multiple time. My edges wants to have him purchased like this the set as because a value for money is worth it!
4 / 5 Darlena
Had excited really on these but my daughter has not looked too interested in them. I seat can like him more he so that it exposes more to an alphabet ( is 21 month ). Also the desire would stick better to a bathtub. But I have listened external taking these without subjects like this perhaps is our tower 🤷🏾‍♀️
5 / 5 Hoyt
love these papers of alphabet of the foam. My daughter uses them every night in his bath. They are well, the brilliant and the measures adds. It looks he likes will resist on a lot over time. They have had the strong smell when they have arrived. But I gave him so only the washed fast with the soap and waters it and was well to go.
4 / 5 Esteban
Want these few papers and like this do my girls. Mina young plus 8 month, so only chews on the but to mine to 2 old year likes that they stick to a tub and our 3Of D tiles. And it is amused to teach papers while in slope in a tub. Any easy to spell words this in spite of so that there is so only one of the each paper. I produce it adds to all the cost
4 / 5 Tyrone
My girls want to these. Ossia My second time that orders. They take grungy with which some time. We use our last neighbours for 1 first year to substitute them. Probably I will do a next time has included also. Very happy with a product and does entertainment of time of the bath and educational.
4 / 5 Maryrose
The toy adds for the young boy to learn papers and numbers. Some the big papers are easy to read although a Sr and W can be confused. I have bought 2 insiemi and I leave around a house (any in a bath). My daughter the master!
4 / 5 Antonia
My daughter Adores to touch with these papers. The Paste the to the sud the crystal of the shower. She The only 18 month like this games too many youngsters to do gives the words but she amuse this in spite of a lot! They are very happy Of cost of mine :)
5 / 5 Jeanene
My grandson adds loves him! They stick easily to some wall of tile around a tub when wet. So only it turns 3 to the equal that is beginning to fix papers and numbers. It has had to that buy 2 bands like this there there is so only 1 of the each paper in the band.
5 / 5 Helena
My grandson of 22 month loves these. They are easy for him to touch with in a bath because they are coloreados and quite big for him to resist and find them interesting. It is able to identify the majority of them and is the utmost supportive tool together with reading material of the fun to learn an alphabet.
4 / 5 Armanda
Entertainment and toy of educational bath, when wet take the bathtub and ceramic wall. (The texture can vary that well estacas). Our toddler has been bit it rough with folding/chewing and so much has resisted far on well.
5 / 5 Alberta
Simple, economic and colour, these were perfect partorisca time of bath with my granddaughter. Also using them external a bath partorisca draw around, organises and (finally) insignia his colours and of the numbers! A good measure partorisca toddler hands also.
5 / 5 Charlena
These are the presents of Navidad so that it has not taken partorisca use them still, but the look of inspection partorisca be of the quality adds and is looking forward to when our edges can use him in a tub.
4 / 5 Adrienne
Good value partorisca money! Sturdy Papers of foam. They will last in a bath and can do bathtime entertainment and educational!
5 / 5 Moon
Wants to these! I use him with my toddler and “go to fish” for the paper or number, then stick it to a side of a tub takes the sake. Really it enjoys to try to find some papers that floating in a water.
5 / 5 Kay
These are amused to touch with and when being foam, is harmless when launched out of a tub etc. Sticks well to a tub or some surrounding wall. It likes that I can teach of papers and of the numbers during the fun bath.
5 / 5 Roseann
At all bad to say. They are papers of foam and numbers in several colours that is durable and stick really well in a wall of bath. Baby Want. They are easy to clean and tent. You recommend.
4 / 5 Aurelio
Game and learn while taking the bath... My toddler wants to these! Learning the entertainment done! We practise papers and of the numbers during time of the bath and she there is amused so much to do the. Sticking them on a side of a tub of bath is amused also!
5 / 5 Darby
Has bought these takes all 3 of the mine kiddos and is surprising. They have had to that for ever a lot @@subject that the times take bent or has chewed on or anything. Súper Easy to clean and my boys love.
5 / 5 Anika
These papers are intrepid, very done and entertainment of time of bath of mark. I bought him on several occasions on its own name, grandchildren and nephews. My prime minister near is lasted 8 years.
5 / 5 Granville
Another awesome toy of tub of the bath. I want to the one who easy is to clean, quickly drying and any subject with them a lot that grasps a tub. Alot Of fun for my edges to touch with.
4 / 5 Len
My daughter the master! Only downside is there' s any quite a lot of papers. If you are trying to spell something with 2 of a same paper in him, will have to take creative with numbers and other papers. Otherwise The product adds
4 / 5 Jordon
has not tried never in fact to clean these they so that there is not resulting dirty still but is súper amazing! My amours of daughter to stick them to a side of a tub - he, stick to a tub and to glass also which so only has @to @give recently!
5 / 5 Daniel
These are popular in my house. A lot he so only done my edges loves him for his time of bath, my husband and I now leave fun messages in a shower for another with them his so that it sticks to a wall partorisca awhile after the shower!
4 / 5 Trudi
Use every night for time of bath! Amur That does not retain to water so that it does not have any mould. My edges sometimes chews on the but is still grieve mark visible teeth. Súper Durable!
4 / 5 August
These are papers of foam and is not magnetic. It have to that it has read it more to the east compraventa. Not buying again. My daughter takes bites out of some papers and is not well in a tub becuase has absorbed water.
5 / 5 Shaquana
These are utmost! Once they are estaca wetted a lot well to some tiles of bath, wall or surfaces of cupboard of forest. Our 18daughter of month loooooves his and is looking forward to among a bathtub and game with them every day. Highly I recommend him.
5 / 5 Giuseppe
Awesome For time of bath. Floating In of waters he or take near of tub. Well it build it. I add partorisca working in of the papers, numbers and recognition of word while having the fun bath! Highly recommend!
5 / 5 Daisey
Almost to 5 star. So only because of a measure, is the little small for our bath.
Looks really well, feels really soft. I am not sure state to buy he because of some commentaries on some signals that that was hard like the rock! Entirely bad , is soft likes gums, any hard plastic! You are rid today, a lot did not use it still.
4 / 5 Herschel
Wants to this for the activity of time of the bath; it maintains our committed edges in time of bath while doing in his vocabulary. It likes him the bite to them and is very durable.
5 / 5 Phylis
Wants to these. If they stick to a side of a tub or tile (same textured tile) a lot well. They are the perfect measure and of the very brilliant colours. Our daughters want to these and the time of bath is now be the plot roughly learning a ABCs.
5 / 5 Glinda
Good prize partorisca these numbers of papers & of the bath. Some colours are brilliant & to stick to a tub of the bath when wet. My granddaughter enjoyed them.
4 / 5 Esperanza
Well but a 'R' has suffered harm and will not stick to a wall
4 / 5 Cammie
Our boys love these papers and of the numbers and the same years later still use. They are utmost to practise an alphabet, spelling and mathematician in a bath.
4 / 5 Trinity
I edges enjoys to touch with these in a tub and estaca well. Very durable , a lot of frames of teeth in them but they any never have rasgado
4 / 5 Nicolasa
These are the SWIPE in bathtime!

Has has used so only some numbers like this far - but stick to a tub and some tiles! Our daughter the master!

Highly recommend.
4 / 5 Gena
Very durable. My teething games of 8 months with this long of bath and loves him. The bite And tears he out of his mouth and have any so much like this dented of an abuse. To good sure value of the money
4 / 5 Stan
My daughter adores like this.... Then I recommend ++ then educational and easy toys clean it... Perfecto Touches
5 / 5 Wava
was exactly so that it has been aimed in a description of product. They are durable, easy to clean and light. They float In a tub or can stick to a side of a tub partorisca create words or so only partorisca recite an alphabet.
4 / 5 Dalila
My creature loves these in a bath. Like this entertained partorisca stick and unsticking his for a part of a tub. It can not take enough. When it Takes older also will be utmost to help with learning papers and numbers.
5 / 5 Chanell
Ossia Literally everything needs to do the baths that has surprised! Any second supposition that shabby. Mina 2 and 5 year has been dice for them this in spite of doing each bath. The frames of bite resist!