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Top Customer Reviews: I'm Digging Being ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 29 ratings
4 / 5 Debrah
This little shirt is adorable and exactly that has loved for the anniversary of my edges. It is in fact quality quite good. I have ordered the 3T for mine 2 yr old because ossia that has measured usually takes in the cups but this shirt was at least the too big measure for him. Considering age (2yrs=2T) would say so only order an age/of pertinent measure in place of sizing up.
2 / 5 Noemi
Any particularly happy with a quality of of the this for a prize. Although it arrives punctually and equally like this aimed does not think a map withstand the washed. As they are by train of the turn has included although it returns a subject of Anniversary.
5 / 5 Mikaela
My edges is obsessed with tractors this T the shirt is adorable, buy measures 2 and goes to be perfect for my edges bday like his in disposal to return the moment, did not wash it still but looks the durable material that has to that outgrow before raisin has ordered has spent in the first place and avenges interior 2 days. A shirt is quality adds and was the enormous swipe with my grandson! It avenges with stickers, which was the good addition . To good sure order by means of this provider again!
5 / 5 Lewis
Beautiful product, my small edges adore it, perfect magnitude
5 / 5 Shiloh
My edges is spending 2T dressed in all more and this type of true shirt to measure. It do not shrink in a wash neither. Like this pleasant and the cost adds!
5 / 5 Monnie
Ossia The bit of the smallest measure 2 but is the big swipe for my grandson of 2 years. They spend for his party of mesh of anniversary Very pleasant. Press of good quality. I have had to that return a measure 2T for a 18 measure of month for mine 28lb L. The service of client adds this in spite of.
5 / 5 Rosenda
Ossia Un poco ha dado una medida más pequeña 2 pero siete un golpe grande partorisca mi nieto ha dado 2 años. Haber Allí está pasado él partorisca su fiesta ha dado cumpleaños
5 / 5 Dawn
engrana Muy agradable. La prensa ha dado calidad buena. Tengo tuvo que que regreso para medir 2T para una 18 medida ha dado mes para mi 28lb L. El servicio ha dado el cliente añade esto a pesar de.
4 / 5 Keith
Era un añadir comprado para mis bordes 2.ª fiesta ha dado cumpleaños. Tiene quiere pasó la razón allí es un ‘tractor' en aquel!
5 / 5 Gabriella
A seams el labró cosido perfectamente y a la medida ha escogido mina de arresto es regresa correctamente, y la calidad de la tela es positiva durará un tiempo largo.
5 / 5 Boris
Exactamente que esperamos. Cierto de medir. Ha venido interior 2-3 días. Gracias!
5 / 5 Clarinda
Mi DEL ESTE allí está pasado él para su 2.ª fiesta haya dado cumpleaños.
A la camisa es calidad añade y apto perfecto. Muy feliz con él en general.
5 / 5 Mercy
Hay hecho añade para la mina Es es el tema ha dado cumpleaños. La malla era tiene dado calidad informativa buena.
4 / 5 Danelle
Gli ho dato accede lì è aspettato. Lavato bene e tinte è rimasto brillante . Stanno voluti in quello lo passano il daycare.
5 / 5 January
Riceve il nostro 3t camicia per i nostri pochi arresti di tipo a meteo l'hanno detto arriverebbe. Ritornano che ci sono forse ha aspettato un tad lì è morso più piccolo ma abbastanza esatto, sono molto felice con lui ed è stato entusiasmato per riceverlo.
4 / 5 Dwain
La mina È AVUTA molto compliments per quanto riguarda questo tshirt. Produco aggiungere e qualità buona. Quello lì sono esattamente ha aspettato.
4 / 5 Roselia
Salvare aggiunge, sizing salva esatto. Sia perfetto per il suo compleanno!
4 / 5 Kala
Uno ha dato il mio EST è camicia preferita ! C'è nave d'ansia del prigioniero!
5 / 5 Lizette
Ama e qualità buona Ma a meno che il vostro due anno vecchio è un il suo serbatoio abbastanza grande
5 / 5 Mack
qualità Buona! Uscito aggiunge per la mina È è 2.ª festa ha dato compleanno. Ha è una misura 2 e che l'atto lì è aspettato. Ordini un'altra volta! Compleanno di pappagallo ha compreso pegatinas incluse!
5 / 5 Rosalia
Essere una cota perfetta. Un comprato 2 ha dato queste camicie e il pappagallo erano sommo. La mia poca nipote guardava fantastica In lui.
4 / 5 Newton
Llegado en cronometrar partorisca el cumpleaños y que el récord ha anunciado.
5 / 5 Lucienne
Al producto ha recibido es calidad horrible, y no es incluido la misma moda ha dado camisa! Son mucho decepcionó!
5 / 5 Tonia
Mi DEL ESTE el padrón! hay encima resistido muy bien del lavado. Todavía salva nuevo después de que mes de desgaste y lavando
5 / 5 Judie
súper suma y calidad agradables. Lavado aquello y en absoluto allí está cambiado!
4 / 5 Cammy
Turnos ciertos para medir. Comprado él para mi construcción haya dado bordes themed 2.º Cumpleaños. Muy complacido con él. La calidad añade y hay aquello quiere.
4 / 5 Thelma
La qualità aggiunge e capannone molto rapido. Ha voluto c'è ha aggiunto pegatinas.
4 / 5 Dee
È realmente piaciuto questa camicia. È carina. Adorabile nel mio nipote.
5 / 5 Hal
Che c'è soltanto costo aspettato , sommo partorisca la mia festa ha dato compleanno di li bordi

Top Customer Reviews: Simple Joys by ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Darryl
An ash a good east.... Some flowers are glued in that believe me will fall averts after the pocolos washed.

Top Customer Reviews: Wild One Baby Boys ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
4 / 5 Dorsey
Ossia The pleasant shirt ! A lot of reviewers says has found the small and recommended career sizing up. My edges is the old year and in 93 percentile, as I have imagined there has been commanded better a 24 month - was quite big in lucido! No adapted that these are the small mark , would say that they are true to measure.
4 / 5 Keli
To good sure would recommend this shirt. It is quality adds ; a cloth is fat but soft and a press on is the quality adds . Other descriptions had said the records bit it small to the equal that have ordered one 18 month for my edges prevail anniversaries and he was utmost. It was perhaps he bit it big for him, but has gone some bosses once and he apt partorisca awhile to which likes.
4 / 5 Elsy
This shirt is quality adds adn looks súper pleasant in mine little type. Mark sure to continue washing instructions to help maintain measure and colour. It returns that bite small and shrinks enough the bit after washing.
4 / 5 Mee
Very pleasant and cloth of good quality! It say that it returns in a side a small plus. I have ordered a 18 measure of month for mine 1 yr old And the turn adds.
5 / 5 Chauncey
The shirt was the good material for a prize but has been disappointed in a measure. It say that it is the smallest way that some maps indicate. My edges is quite small for the punctual to be 1 year and was too small for him to spend in his anniversary.
4 / 5 Joeann
Very pleasant and good quality. An impression is brilliant and professional of looks. It can be spent in of the days other quell'anniversary. :)
5 / 5 Lindsay
Used for the photo of anniversary op - súper pleasant
Good and apt quality
5 / 5 Ezekiel
Ossia Like this pleasant and perfect for the first anniversary!!
4 / 5 Emilia
Good access and looks really pleasant in mine little a.
5 / 5 German
Ha puntualmente venuto. Entrambi i atto e Labró a memoria certo di misurare e foto.
5 / 5 Cliff
Super Camicia carina partorisca il mio compleanno ha dato bordi! Gli accedo perfezionano ;) è rapidamente arrivato troppo!

Top Customer Reviews: Trade Brother for ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Hilario
I have bought this partorisca the daughter of the mine fellow and was excited like this when they pour it... I think that that I have bought a 6x has thought one 3 yr old will take perhaps two Easter is out of him at least; it was entirely bad. Literally it looks the cup of harvest in his unfortunately. This to the good sure returns small, which is the shame because a slogan on is quite pleasant. In of the considerations the delivery, arrives well before Easter how has been appreciated.
4 / 5 Billi
Arrives sooner that expected (which have been concerned roughly reason not to love it to arrive AFTER Easter) to the equal that am very happy with that.

- Cloth of the quality adds
- Apt likes expected
4 / 5 Alishia
was perfect for Easter for our littlest the daughter but I would have liked him more the measures and the available colours for my two older boys.
4 / 5 Shara
This mesh was the big and apt swipe perfect.

Top Customer Reviews: Amazon Essentials ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
5 / 5 Nick
Measure: 0-3MColour: One Shot of Neutral Star These shrink the bit in a wash but this was to cost why when they are in the first place arrived has to that think that that they were enormous. They return really well in a shoulder. Good price so that takings. Some shots in some shirts are printed on like any insurances that well resists up.
4 / 5 Trisha
Measure: 12MColour: Rosa Solid, Purple & Aqua Really surprised for a quality. Well the tights done , fatter that has washed really well and does not shrink. Very soft.
5 / 5 Jamar
Measure: 18MColour: Rosa Solid, Purple & Aqua has Bought these reasons his like this hard to find simple creature tshirts! But beware concealed is not Black is Navy blue ..... I have expected partorisca black!
Otherwise Very soft and well has done!
4 / 5 Mayra
Measure: 24MColour: the Blue Green & solid is sized perfectly and facts of good quality, soft cotton , thickness. Colours any bleed, and does not shrink.
4 / 5 Alphonso
Measure: 12MColour: Rosa Solid, Lived & Aqua In general decent quality, was expected like this that
5 / 5 Maisie
Measure: 18MColour: One Shot of Neutral Star These are really good tees. Soft And comfy. I will be partorisca order another together .
5 / 5 Rupert
Measure: 18 MonthsColour: Solid of Blanca & of Heather Grey the girl spends these all a time good value partorisca money
4 / 5 Donette
Measure: NewbornColour: Rosa Solid, Lived & Aqua creature of cotton of Good quality t shirts
5 / 5 Leola
Measure: 12MColour: Solid of Blanca & of quality of Grey of Heather Very good.
4 / 5 Claudia
Uno ha pensato valle ai soldi che considera prendo 6 camicie .
5 / 5 Junior
La qualità aggiunge, atto aggiungere e lavato bene. Guardano sommi nel nostro EST. Sia partorisca ordinare vivo
4 / 5 Mitch
Duro ha dato partorisca trovare maglie senza subordinados chasquea in negozio. Uno è stato sorpreso nella qualità ha dato queste camicie hanno dato creatura dell'amazona! Molto morbido (più morbido ha dato Carters, il posto dei ragazzi ecc), più grassi ha dato mezza, molto stretchy, e difficilmente qualsiasi retroceso in partorisca ha lavato. Labran leggermente principali in misura, ma sono valle con quello. I ragazzi creso rapidi! Un a buono sicuro sarà comprare vivo ha dato queste camicie d'amazona hanno dato creatura essenziale. Labran la qualità aggiunge
4 / 5 Lynn
Un comprato questi arresta la mina è orecchino primo Giorno quando erano $ . Un comprato il partorisca lui partorisca passato in daycare ragione la sua $ camicia ferma, non è stato riguardato ha preso stained. Labran qualità buona. Labran grassi e morbidi e ritornare abbastanza bene. Corrono un po' grandi, ma sono valle con quello c'è c'è sala per crescer a pappagallo. Il'andato lavato e c'è asciugato e ai colori non corsi. Encogieron Molto leggermente nel secador, gli ha aspettato. Uno acquisterebbe questi un'altra volta, specialmente partorisca $ .
5 / 5 Michele
Ama! Molto carina, e cotone molto morbido . Lui grande record questo nonostante . Comprato per mina 14 mese vecchio che passa 18-24 abiti hanno dato mese , e l'arato un po' grande in sfoggiato. Il mio toddler quello passa 3T può desgastar comodo questi 18-24 camicie hanno dato i mesi hanno ordinato per il suo fratello . Ma Qualsiasi lamentela. La mina più giovane ritornerà In pappagallo per un momento :) pavimento per ordinare musulmani!
4 / 5 Pearle
Qualità molto buono.,Migliore che uno ha pensato. Materia grassa e morbida.
4 / 5 Evelia
I think that well of the money that considers volume 6 shirts .
4 / 5 Yvone
The quality adds, apt add and wash well. They look utmost in our edges. It was partorisca order more
5 / 5 Addie
Hard to find tights without subordinated snaps in tent. I have been surprised in a quality of these shirts of creature of the amazon! Very soft (softer that Carters, the place of the boys etc), fatter that half, a lot stretchy, and hardly any shrinking in a wash. They are slightly main in measure, but are well with that. The boys grow fast! To good sure will be partorisca buy more than these shirts of amazon of essential creature. They are qualities adds

Top Customer Reviews: Women Maternity ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Lowell
Corrected like chandail, go down of the chandail is a bit too glorious but is a lot in general.
4 / 5 Latrice
I love this cup! And it avenges alot sooner that has announced!!! Amazing.

Top Customer Reviews: Gift for Birthday ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Aisha
I have ordered this shirt in the 4T. These accesses of shirt much bigger that other frames, and can wants to go down a measure. In some pictures is of the Old Navy 4T on, with this shirt in a fund (navy blue). Access of empty slightly main that Old Navy, but is even more small that this shirt. A shirt was too much big for my boy, the one who spends the 4T, but has done with him. An inferior hem is uneven, which can be seen in a picture. When A shirt is on he has not been noticeable.

Otherwise, A shirt is very soft and does not feel economic. A map is soft also and does not peel era. It feels almost flush with a shirt. I have ordered a lot of shirts that has felt quickly economic. An only with east is a sizing and uneven yard.

A company comprises the paper that says to estimate them 5 stars, which finds to be poor flavour.
4 / 5 Jamison
My little type is turning 3 and raisin 4/5 in carters , 4/5 with UNCLE for example ... And this 3t the turn adds. I access the pocolos wide. It has not washed , but it looks the quality adds! Ps Gives the graces for some stickers :)
5 / 5 Lorena
A bit main that has expected, but was perfect for the anniversary of my edges. The quality adds.
5 / 5 Dacia
Has loved a shirt! Exact perfect record true to measure. My edges looked adorable for his anniversary.
4 / 5 Dennis
These elements have arrived exactly like this pictured. They are very happy!

Top Customer Reviews: Birthday Shark Doo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Dianne
My grandson is turning 1, as I have ordered 18 month partorisca be return sure partorisca his party of anniversary. A seal has said 18 month, but partorisca access more like them 9 months. It have to that it has ordered it 24 month. A shirt is very small. It loves shark of creature to the equal that think that that it was a subject pertinent for a party. A quality is utmost tho. We have done . It recommends but order 1-2 big measures that has required. Ossia An only reason has not given this mesh 5 stars.
4 / 5 Domenic
A creation is awesome and a material of shirt are to add but find it really short and boxlike. So only I will use this for his bday this weekend and then he wont apt and is the small little type. Regularly Steps 2 small measures he then east .
5 / 5 Porsha
The grandson is turning 1, as I have ordered one 18 month to be sure returns. Although a seal reads 18 month, a shirt is very very small, more like this to 6 measure of month. While it can it take in him at least for 1 pic likes the shark of Creature is his absolute Fav
4 / 5 Guillermina
really a lot this is coming early today like this surprice my edges of his shirt that wants it like this :)
4 / 5 Lourdes
Perfect shirt for the shark of creature themed party of anniversary! Amur Some elections of colours and accesses to the equal that has expected!

Top Customer Reviews: Tstars 2nd Birthday ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Raymonde
I have expected this partorisca be material thinner of then the earth receives relatively the most economic things. But it is the good material . He a trick partorisca his anniversary
5 / 5 Griselda
Adorable shirt, this in spite of afterwards wash it some times there is remarked a material is spent already in some the majority of random places.... At least our edges have taken partorisca spend he partorisca his party, but ossia a start of only use of him.
5 / 5 Shela
My only complaint would be a quality he no a better. Partorisca A prize I desire would have used the material the fat plus quite then an economic thin a. They are the little scared to wash it so that it does not look is going to old on quell'add.
5 / 5 Arletha
Good quality, did not shrink in a wash, would purchase of this vendor again.
4 / 5 Janelle
Pleasant shirt that my daughter has spent for his 2nd anniversary. It is coming punctually.