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1 first Liteway One-To-Two Universal LED Light Bar Wiring Harness Kits 24V/40A Relay ON-OFF Blue Laser Rocker Switch Weatherproof(2 Lead 12ft) Liteway One-To-Two Universal LED Light Bar Wiring Harness Kits 24V/40A Relay ON-OFF Blue Laser Rocker Switch Weatherproof(2 Lead 12ft) LITE-WAY
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2 Nilight 90012E Heavy Duty Rocker Toggle 15A 250V 20A 125V SPST 2Pin ON/Off Switch Metal Bat Waterproof Boot Cap Cover-5 Pack, 2 Years Warranty Nilight 90012E Heavy Duty Rocker Toggle 15A 250V 20A 125V SPST 2Pin ON/Off Switch Metal Bat Waterproof Boot Cap Cover-5 Pack, 2 Years Warranty Nilight
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3 best 8MILELAKE (5 pack) 12V 30/40 AMP SPDT Automotive Relay with Wires & Harness Socket 8MILELAKE (5 pack) 12V 30/40 AMP SPDT Automotive Relay with Wires & Harness Socket 8milelake
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4 GOOACC 6 Pack Automotive Relay Harness Set 5-Pin 30/40A 12V SPDT with Interlocking Relay Socket and Harnesses,2 years Warranty GOOACC 6 Pack Automotive Relay Harness Set 5-Pin 30/40A 12V SPDT with Interlocking Relay Socket and Harnesses,2 years Warranty GOOACC
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5 JR Products 12235 Black Double SPST On-Off Switch with Bezel JR Products 12235 Black Double SPST On-Off Switch with Bezel JR Products
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6 UEETEK 20 Pcs 2 Pin Toggle Switch On/Off Mini Boat Rocker Switch Car Auto Boat Round Rocker Snap 15x21MM UEETEK 20 Pcs 2 Pin Toggle Switch On/Off Mini Boat Rocker Switch Car Auto Boat Round Rocker Snap 15x21MM UEETEK
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7 Bosch SP0F000013 Fuel Level Sender Bosch SP0F000013 Fuel Level Sender Bosch
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8 Liteway 20 Inch CREE LED Light Bar + 23 Inch License Plate Holder Universal Aluminum Light Bar Mount Bull Bar Style Front Bumper Number Plate Frame for Off Road LED Work Light Bar, 1 Year Warranty Liteway 20 Inch CREE LED Light Bar + 23 Inch License Plate Holder Universal Aluminum Light Bar Mount Bull Bar Style Front Bumper Number Plate Frame for Off Road LED Work Light Bar, 1 Year Warranty LITE-WAY
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9 MICTUNING Waterproof 6 Gang Rocker Switch Panel with 12V Cigarette Lighter Socket, Dual USB Charger & LED Digital Voltmeter for Car RV Caravan Marine Boat MICTUNING Waterproof 6 Gang Rocker Switch Panel with 12V Cigarette Lighter Socket, Dual USB Charger & LED Digital Voltmeter for Car RV Caravan Marine Boat MicTuning
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10 MICTUNING Momentary Laser Rocker Switch Winch in/Out, On-Off-On, 20 Amp 12V LED Light, 7pin, Blue MICTUNING Momentary Laser Rocker Switch Winch in/Out, On-Off-On, 20 Amp 12V LED Light, 7pin, Blue MicTuning
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Top Customer Reviews: Liteway One-To-Two ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Rashad
Measure: 23inch 336w Combo has Purchased a 23 thumb '336watt' combo light. Using the metre has certified found there is it pulled so only 4.9 amps 12V. These starts to around 60 watts, how is announced on for on five times a power.

Has installed diverse name of light of sweep of the mark in a 20' the row and was far more brilliant. I have decided to maintain this light bar this in spite of, like this appoint to mark the bars read are around $ 1000.

The installation was easy, this in spite of regulating up and down the corner is difficult because of planting of alignment hex the rays of boss funds/behind. The box of relay looks decent, the transmission is to the good sure quality lower.

Launches the decent quantity of light, and to good sure lights some rear streets. One something of centre is quite brilliant, but has the odd bluish boos around that.

For some looks of price like the shot adds, and would be to 5 star. So only I hate to be lied to. It can on announcing the indications looks to be the systemic question that need of Amazon to direct.
4 / 5 Bernice
Measure: 23inch 336w Combo Some light looks partorisca be GOOD. Partorisca A price, has not expected partorisca be 'wowed' but he the decent work. Certainly very like this brilliant as it has announced A harness to cable is pertinent but has has substituted already a transmission. A comprised one is really flimsy/economic. Disappointed has not had any instruction comprised but was able to find info on-line to direct this subject. A main disappointment was a packaging arrives in or lack of!!!. A vendor has to that a lot it is returned because of harm. An only vendor taped on a flimsy box a light among and sent it. 2 pieces to foam sustained a light and a rest of a hardware was free. For some time arrives in my house a box there has not been any structure and a tape a work to resist the together things. Some works read I so that the supposition spends a test of durability! Any that has expected to try a longevity of lights this in spite of. The time will say what hard time but for a price are happy and any while any miracle
4 / 5 Rick
Measure: BPWKLS-2WAY-CFA This harness of the boss done partorisca me with a Auxbeam 30'' lightbar. It was easy to use and I hooked he on enough quickly.

A transmission this in spite of is not returned snugly in mine oem space of empty transmission (2007 ford evasion the transmission to spare inserts/to insert).

Also a harness has not looked to to a picture likes them to them the fault a two battery prongs in a part of transmission of a harness like some shows of the picture there is 4 prong connections. Also some connections of the circle of the battery is quite big.

Also of the discharges of the relay is not returned snugly and has maintained to falls off has to that way that has had to that the zip joins it closely he like this rests on.

If any one is by train to ask ... To take a transmission to come on and go was with some lights of pinch and your in ignition.
Simply unplug a white boss on tab 6 (A piggy backed a) and run the separate boss of this tab to one adds the fuse to a box of fuse. For mine 2007 ford evasion, thinks that has used space of fuse 22 which is the 10 amp fusible for group of instrument.

Also to take a light bar to do so only yes ignition is on snip a connector of circle of a boss of connection of red battery and connect this boss to one adds the circuit. Then it touches that to the empty to melt that is on so only when ignition is on.

With this wiring setup means is not hooked until a battery at all, to the to the equal that likes like this now does not have to that of worry in any drainage of battery.
4 / 5 Tandy
Measure: BPWKLS-2WAY-CFA This pre-wired 5-pin illuminated rocker transmission, 40A relay, with connections ready partorisca go well each penny. I used it partorisca add 2 x 90W light to sweep CONCENTRATED (180W total) in mine subcompact tractor of utility with front snowblower. A rocker the transmission is all pre-wire fence and has is independent container typical of 3 bosses of a relay. Calm so only has to that it marks 4 connections (6 connects to some bars read or anything calm upload you there is for separate). There is the red and black that comes from/comes from a relay partorisca connect to be able to and earth, and an end of one 2-wire red and black in the disposal to some lights has connectors of female altarpiece ready partorisca receive connectors of altarpiece viril of 2 lights (or anything is powering). You will owe that add your connectors partorisca shovel viril own in some bosses of some lights yes choose use this method of connection; a second set is neatly jointed in roughly 18' partorisca one some in an end; any need to use both pairs of loans-the-connections partorisca use if you do not want to.
A drawn setup of this box is partorisca take can and earth in a battery, with a relay bolted in a vehicle to somewhere in bylines to a battery; a boss partorisca be able to red melted of the battery the relay is roughly 1.5' longitude and a black earth of battery (or frame of metal) to the relay is roughly 1' long. A sheathed container of 3 bosses of a relay to rocker transmission (all has connected to some 5 estacas in a transmission) is roughly 6' long. A sheathed 2-bosses partorisca go to some lights/of cariche is roughly 6' long.
In mine setup, has required more than 6' partorisca take of a relay to some like this short lights and joint in an additional 6' of 14 AWG 2-boss. Partorisca Take can, has jointed the piggy tap of rear fuse to a blockade of fuse in place of directly the battery.
Partorisca Other fulfilled, has purchased and installed transmission, relay, and bosses for separate. Although you owe that neighbouring/cut this box partorisca customise your setup, is even more economic and simpler that separate components.
5 / 5 Fredricka
Measure: BPWKLS-2WAY-CFA Installed, the work adds, I like a fashion of transmission (contura V) is spent like this and game as you can take.

My only commentary is that some finals of some bars read have had coffins bosses, and an assembly to cable has has had connectors of boss of female altarpiece, avenges with the pair the altarpiece viril to spare crimps in connectors of the boss partorisca some lights that the boss would be flawless.
5 / 5 Earnestine
Measure: 23inch 336w Combo A 23' the light bar has substituted two 130 watt halogen lights, and is more than pertinent partorisca behaviour of time of the night. They tend The gel up in of the coldest climates this in spite of - of the old halogen has generated quite hot to melt a build of gel-up.

In general very happy with a product and very easy to install.
4 / 5 Evalyn
Measure: BPWKLS-2WAY-CFA is quite good. Saved me time like the didnt has to that do my own harness. It looks decent boss (Any one the rubbery or plasticy, the relay is cost was any name, but is replaceable yes fails. It comes with all has required. I have cut to and beam of mine has changed like this big the circuit distributes a side of coil of a relay and any connection of positive battery. The transmission now arms light bar to the equal that comes on with big beams the transmission is on. If the transmission is was can flash any with big beams and not lighting a light bar. Transmission any start of apt transmission in the truck of Hymn. It has had to file opening the little wider. It does not know if the transmission is wider then regulate or Hymn the start of transmission is tightened more then regulate but 1 fixed minute so that any big shot. Side of transmission of the desire of harness was covers it and any connector of female altarpiece but anything I supposition is for this that is not too expensive. (Modification) still a lot working. I have been hard in the pair of lite-the things of way have bought but this one a lot working still. What only that can go it bad is relay, and has done well! Starts to drive more amps punctual, yes the failure will inform.
4 / 5 Ema
Measure: BPWKLS-2WAY-CFA An element is the good product and received like this aimed in a place. An only little attach some harnesses would owe that be built partorisca return any atv/utv that it is partorisca be installed in. The example Can Are, Polaris, Yamaha, etc... A boss has not gone long enough to achieve of one in front of a battery under a chair of passenger. Having the experience that installs electrical components in my side for side was able to modify a harness to return the mine Can Are. Some clients can not have an experience. You recommend to a company to ensure there is quite boss to complete an installation without a client that has to that modify. Another that that it is the good product !
4 / 5 Yanira
Measure: 23inch 336w Combo spear the TONNE of light, very happy to have this when spending for fields late at night. The connections are solid, that locates the group is of sound. The only complaint would be that the group is quell'has bitten short and is the bit of the ache partorisca presionar up. Once it is trace will have you a lot of subjects!
4 / 5 Dylan
Measure: 22inch 270w Combo has had the subject with a prime minister a but when it say him roughly there was no hesitation partorisca send me the substitution. These types are a company of part of better car on amazon. Some lights is astonishingly brilliant and has surpassed far my expectations.
4 / 5 Vasiliki
It launches the TONNE of light, very happy to have this when spending for fields late at night. The connections are solid, that locates the group is of sound. The only complaint would be that the group is quell'has bitten short and is the bit of the ache partorisca presionar up. Once it is trace will have you a lot of subjects!
4 / 5 Penni
Has had the subject with a prime minister a but when it say him roughly there was no hesitation partorisca send me the substitution. These types are a company of part of better car on amazon. Some lights is astonishingly brilliant and has surpassed far my expectations.
4 / 5 Thalia
Has used this harness to hook on two bars read in my tractor (60-watts and 150-watts). Partorisca My application has had way too harness to a transmission and required partorisca extend/ask a harness partorisca wire of light bar partorisca add more period. Installed like this for instructions, this in spite of a rocker stays partorisca change illuminated was with some tones was. Control partorisca see if a wee-small CONCENTRATED in a transmission drains my battery, but the doubt.
5 / 5 Dann
Ossia The good light bar and the wine with all has required partorisca install, the desire there is the little more adjustment in a base ( has trace he in the angled surface and his hard of the take distinct like this big to the equal that would like. Has has not thought has required the light bar to the equal that have had lights quite brilliant, this in spite of with this on there a difference is night and day.
5 / 5 Veronique
No like this brilliant to the equal that has announced. The no sufficient instructions for a layman. The beam of something is very concentrated. No very well for effect of riada. Better to use like the supplement the good low beams. In that I expected for light start for a prize. Again, nowhere approach that announces for lumens or wattage. Shopping again. Fast nave and in fact very resistant to water and powder,so only does not expect a world of him. It says 6000k but has the yellow halo on beam of something. Have upgraded To the underlying low beam in 6k and is a lot afterwards but that the yellow coverage is noticeable. He a work adequately but a lot much more concealed it. If you are in a fence and any sure has to that , consider a cost to risk factor. If it does not like, of clave he in your tractor and buy the rigid. Otherwise In that I has expected. Any complaint.
4 / 5 Audrea
This work of utmost harness. Abundance of coverage of boss... Almost too much the boss according to quell'application is by train to use them paralizaciones. Utilisation go to install the pods read have DIRECTED in my quad likes 12 feet of boss is the pocolos has bitten too much but modified him for shorting out of a boss and soldering them behind jointing to wrap them with black tape, and is good to go. It recommends him say any one installing aftermarket lights as they come with his own 40 amp relay and a inline More than the fuse has his own transmission to the equal that can be hooked on independent of yours current lighting system. As the one who the quality goes looks a lot of-built and some blue lights the face in a transmission is the good touch.
5 / 5 Maya
Has purchased 2 of these for my deep the side for side has directed was lights of street, randomly has involved, under the conditions dry several times and killed a battery. Also more recently after taking slightly wet, again randomly has involved. If it calms of any one the unexpected dead battery would recommend neither not buying these, or wiring by means of a ignition transmission. Of then two transmissions have reacted in this way, am guessing are likely a lot of or all of this transmission have these subjects. Further they can not be ip68.
5 / 5 Toni
Has purchased a 'combo' the unit that thinks that a wiring would leave you to choose among some different groups of lights. He the no. Has 2 bosses to be able to and both narrow and wide beams are together wire fences . If calm plough up calm of course could be able to reconfigure the things but I have not done that still.

Averts of this sweet quirk the work adds and are súper happy for a prize has paid! The comparable units locally were many times so many and no better in qualities.
5 / 5 Porfirio
Has done well to install the mine racks has directed the lights but the boss has not gone long quite ( beautiful short ) . Required to extend some bosses ( any @@subject of then are well with these things ). The transmission always remains on like this he dulcemente battery of the drain but ossia a lot of
4 / 5 Max
has has had so only a light for the day, but like this far like this well, a box to cable avenges with to was it cost for my F-150, has has had to that so only extend two wheels in the foot each one that that. Any instruction but is directly advances, if precise help so only youtube like has done them.
4 / 5 Silas
MODIFIED: A section of the centre is not very brilliant. A model partorisca flood less still. Highly doubt a specs resupplied in a description.

Has had subject initial with this bar, has contacted a vendor and they have substituted and upgraded to the best a. Communications very fast. Some looks of new bar Very better.
5 / 5 Ingeborg
Has used this partorisca wire a backside that luzca in my side for side.
Looks Ike has been he wired behind. Some advantages partorisca some lights are near of a relay and advantages partorisca be able to. Calm imagine you dipped a transmission in a pinch locates a relay closes his. And then run some bosses to some lights. This has the very long advantage among a transmission and a relay. It can be well for lights forward. To good sure any for rear lights.
5 / 5 Pamila
Liked that it was really of easy to install, this in spite of do not have any instruction with him. That was look in the amazon and some instructions were with some pictures of an element. They would owe that dip the copy of some instructions in a box when an element is correspondent. Another concealed it, ossia the product adds and the law adds.
5 / 5 Earl
Has installed felizmente this harness in mine 2015 Polaris Crew of Order. It was having doubts in a still harness wire and has thought could require compraventa extra boss to install it, this in spite of when it take in him there is @to @give that has had a lot of boss as I have not required to run all some ways to a battery. A harness has 2 positive bosses red and 2 negative boss black. It was able to locate mine under a hood in the blockade to be able to that it had been it quell'installed to connect a winch while some the black bosses were grounded to a frame. In general I am spent roughly 1/2 now that installs a harness.
4 / 5 Terra
This light bar is really brilliant does the night of difference that the walks can see the width comprises in front of you. A thing would recommend is that you dipped on some electrical tape around some bosses because I am not very fat
4 / 5 Alden
the light is of decent quality, the transmission is mediocre in better. It installs it was the nightmare . The main piss of this in spite of shopping for $ 49 and apparently for some times have been the cart and has verified was, the trace has had to $ 62 and the amazon says too bad. It shows that.. Any one has impressed.
4 / 5 Carmel
The work adds and prank that have loved for mine 52 sweep of light of thumb. To the What only did not like is of some Instructions has not been in English. They are handy and all my own work as it was not long and has imagined was but for any without knowledge on that. It is the ache any when being pas able to read some Instructions
4 / 5 Roxie
This was the saver of life when it avenges to install my light bar. Boss of good quality as well as toggle transmission and a light concentrated in a do one really well with out when being the brilliant while driving. I produce add
4 / 5 Kaitlin
Wiring the harness wired bad. A relay was powered all a time that kills a battery, while a transmission he still, a light was powered by means of a ignition boss. Complete rubbishes, has had to take a harness averts and movement some bosses he like this does well. Squandered 4 hours troubling east to shoot. Any so only the out of the deception has bought neither two and both have been wired wrongly.
4 / 5 Charlyn
Has bought the lightbar of the fellow and has required the economic harness partorisca wire in in mine 04 gmc has seen. This there is taken down 10 minutes to install and does exactly that it require it to do. Good quality, good prize, súper fast delivery! Any way could have bought all some bosses, transmission, relay and fuse to the long of and thus prize!
5 / 5 Sonia
The harness Of product adds is easy to install
But a transmission rattles again and the light no
has sent the complaint and has been said did not purchase it never
take the look has said that that has purchased he
Interior 4 month almost 1/8th of some FOCUSED is does not act.

Perhaps some day will take the transmission !!!!!!!
5 / 5 Lizabeth
I work in a subject of truck and use very expensive has directed lights. These lights are like this good and is a lot has built. They are trace these in mine ploughed of the snow and they are utmost. They turn prejudice to the day.
5 / 5 Tosha
Goes gives It to 5 star for like this easy a harness was to install for real discharges and creation of game. I wish a toggle would turn was as it remains on but his very little draws probably one same like the light of security or form of far start, thats a reason has estimated them his in 4. Patient do the update of long term.
5 / 5 Barabara
Simple, clean, durable! But it was the solid 100 positive critique has had options for different period of boss among relay and far. As well as different period of boss among relay and light bar, when ordering! Also the options by heart would be swell !
A lack of these options is resulted in the description of star!!
4 / 5 Akiko
Material a lot like this far. Trace he by means of a stock plastic bumper that it is scarce. The majority of people uses the additional group but I have taken a bumper was and drilled by means of a skeleton of steel. It looks well.
5 / 5 Josef
Some electrical connections are well, and has to that it has weighed. A transmission this in spite of requires the big space in the backside and the cup taken on of the plot of the urban nails of surface (as to speak). We have had to substitute for the change it small plus.
4 / 5 Natalya
Has done perfect for my new light bar and Rugged Ridge A pod of Pillar of 4 transmissions for Jeeps of mine Wrangler. Has an option to hook another light to a same transmission in a future.
5 / 5 Keven
Harness to wire fact to the equal that has feigned. Perfecto has 2 separate lights want to on some transmissions. A transmission is well has the extra space in yours automobile otherwise some cut it will be involved.
5 / 5 Milford
I so only recieved the... Not to install it still... But it feels solid and looks to surprise.... Looking forward to installing it shortly... Like this far happy with an update again once installed with the pic....
5 / 5 Silvia
Does like this announced, all precise boss on the together of lights with abundance of boss. Nizza Dark blue glow.
5 / 5 Davida
Work well with which Installation... Has short The extremity... No adapted that bar to Him has DIRECTED it... I have done it Joins Connection with soudure
5 / 5 Renay
will buy again ,easy to hook on and place on vehicle and his brilliant the good prize takings rasgado of the his not going pause a bank
4 / 5 Jacqulyn
Loves it. It helps something a moose and deer long before paste him. Night of frames that walks so many easier. Mark so only sure is was before you something another car to the equal that are blinding. I add for out it issues also. At all you leave it to an imagination when these puppies is shining.
4 / 5 Beryl
Good idea to order with lightbars
Some come with and some any for a prize does not hurt
5 / 5 Margrett
the period of Boss is tight, the little longer would be perfect. Also a light to change always will remain on reason is connected to a battery in place of the feed that gone back was.
4 / 5 Eleanora
The light of the intérupteur embezzles toujour has lit meme when it transports is éteind
5 / 5 Yee
the nave of product adds was fast and all the work adds. I will be to buy thos has produced again for my extra light bar
5 / 5 Jolynn
can give the 0/5 accident . I bought him roughly the averages the year and his so only seated and then take the good vehicle to dip them on so only to well was that one is súper dim. Any value spends the little more and take well some
4 / 5 Thuy
This product is orders of the cause comes with everything needs to hook on your lights. Any need to buy anything more. The value adds and has taken in the prize adds. Has any complaint roughly he after 8 month.
5 / 5 Virgil
A bit cut to mine to add more boss to one of them to achieve mine another windshield light in mine 2012 JKU

Top Customer Reviews: Nilight 90012E ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Kattie
The youngest grandson, has been thrilled partorisca his have.
Awesome Reward partorisca that has taken.

Top Customer Reviews: 8MILELAKE (5 pack) ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
5 / 5 Kellie
The cost verified has bought these relays out of like this in some tents and of the tents of electronics, these relays were expensive. I have been included in some the EUA partorisca do some cross-purchase of flange and found these automotive relays partorisca the plot of money. It take him to good sure quickly and partorisca the price adds. Fact and good qualities partorisca an application has required. I required him partorisca build my own box partorisca resupply constant 12V to the engine of window of the power.
5 / 5 Andreas
The cost has verified Some colours of boss whose breaking some numbers partorisca nail if you google partorisca wire it. Mark sure control some numbers of pin in a relay before wiring. I had it all wired bad had to in colour of boss that is bad
5 / 5 Cherry
The cost has checked is adding the partidrio electrical or a bomb of electrical fuel needs the relay . I have used these in my car of race and law adds . It agrees partorisca take some relays / partorisca melt that apt some better . It can love the electrician of car described partorisca do wiring
5 / 5 Phillip
The cost has verified these relays with discharge are utmost, and the most economic way that buying in a tent of car. It likes that they join to the each one which to the equal that of another come with the decent quantity of the boss in one covers like this can exit plant the easiest plot.... I have bought 2 orders of them 12 in of the totals and will use him in any future projects......
4 / 5 Olympia
The cost has verified Ossia a third near of these relays have bought, and is the subject spectacular . Five relays here partorisca less than means that some costs of relay in the tent of local parts
4 / 5 Myrl
The cost has checked has Arrived quickly. It looks partorisca be a lot has built. It has installed 2 of them and powered his on - any smoke. Like this far like this good.
4 / 5 Elisha
The cost has checked good gauge boss and connector of discharges . It looks partorisca be that it resists on well like this far
4 / 5 Patria
The cost verified has used these before.
Is able besides current then my present project but is sides more effective that smaller amperage units.
5 / 5 Laverna
A lot gauge wiring and connector of discharges . It looks partorisca be that it resists on well like this far
4 / 5 Lashandra
Good quality. MAY! A colour in a diagram is not well has to that remake my wirering because of his deception be conscious
4 / 5 Taunya
am reconstructing an old vehicle and rewiring can use it these takes headlights and light of fog and such.
5 / 5 Sherley
Looks good relays but has not used a closing. So only purchased like this of the transmissions
4 / 5 Antonetta
Decent relays but wiring the diagram is entirely wrong

Top Customer Reviews: GOOACC 6 Pack ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
5 / 5 Cathrine
Measure: 6 PCS Automotive the relay has bought the plot of these relays here on Amazon (I thinks this order spends my total to 30). The excellent work, has been of confidence in a worse of the conditions that comprises in tin of mine- Are the nonconformist was vehicle of street, and a lot, Much more economic that some tents of part of local car!
5 / 5 Cheryle
Measure: 6 PCS Automotive the relay has has had to that king-nail some bosses partorisca do a power in red and a black earth
Work very partorisca turn on 20W CONCENTRATED headlight bulbs.
Looks for partorisca be sealed well. It has added anti corrosion pasted to some terminals.
4 / 5 Yuk
Measure: 6 PCS Automotive Relay These relays have the quality feels to them, taste that of them interlock, neatens things on amiably. Some harnesses are good and a prize is adds.
4 / 5 Elaine
Measure: 6 PCS Automotive the relay has Substituted everything of some relays in my victories of crown that modulate light of control with these relays. He his add , different that oem but partorisca a prize im not complaining . The law of lights to touch now
5 / 5 Adrianne
Measures: 6 PCS Automotive Relay A connector is verry economic, when the install a relay, a boss goes to the arrival was a pause of tab of the lock, verry verry economic.
5 / 5 Shery
Measure: 6 PCS Automotive the relay eats ++ partorisca ship
4 / 5 Joannie
Measure: 6 PCS Automotive hands of Relay Quickly, looks of qualities well, is used in the cnc diagrams, & still doing...
5 / 5 Nadene
Measure: 6 PCS Automotive the Exactly Measured relay like this described
4 / 5 Ricardo
Measure: 6 PCS Automotive Relay Awesome quality, harnesses and Good prize of good quality
4 / 5 Roxane
Fast delivery, looks of quality well, is used in the cnc diagrams, & still doing...
4 / 5 Charissa
Has come ready to have has connected. They resembled of good quality and has had a lot of @@subject of then installing them.
5 / 5 Shirl
Awesome Quality, harnesses and Good prize of good quality
5 / 5 Delmar
You try to clean on some wiring. Having them interlock Fact partorisca orderly and orderly organising. Insanely Fast nave also without use of prime minister.
5 / 5 Tess
Quality a lot well, is coming punctually, and fact without subjects, spent strong

Top Customer Reviews: JR Products 12235 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
Bought to 3 band and a2 band. Works well, required small female spades to hook on
4 / 5
already adds the pleasure one looks more intrepid to them
5 / 5
Love these transmissions. It operates it flawless and install in of the minutes
4 / 5
is the transmission , any a lot of partorisca gone badly
4 / 5
Amur these transmissions. It operates it flawless and install in of the minutes
5 / 5
Rid punctually and installed in my project likes required without @@subject. Amiably finalising and easier that use that it had expected that.

Top Customer Reviews: UEETEK 20 Pcs 2 Pin ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5 Demetria
The cost has verified this craps is a WORSE Product the has not ordered never!!! FUNDS go in less than 15 Minutes! It is not partorisca build for a described 15ap 125 V. Early like starts some Bocadillos smell of Press like burned plastic and melts was partorisca like Butter in a Sun! Very Dangerous. A 2 piece of Metal that begin and give you one electrical download!!!! A VENDOR and a Manufacture owe that be requests partorisca win money and touching with life of Villages! The STAY WAS And REMAIN ALIVE!!!
5 / 5 Keira
The cost verified has read some other descriptions before buying these, some have been written for people those who obviously do not know too much in electronic or any beds of the directions, there is basically at all bad with these calms any mistreat his is not partorisca have that has weighed.
4 / 5 Ezequiel
The cost has checked Bought partorisca a small project but use them all a time now so only partorisca consolation with small electrical projects like LEDs. Created my own small mountains partorisca his and 3d prints him like this required (any aimed in photo, so only used some heat shrinks in a connection soldered).
5 / 5 Rodger
The cost has verified Some transmissions were shorting was (And founding) when turned was. I have tried 3 before choosing a lot partorisca squander more than my time.

Is possible that has had the bad batch but really? That class partorisca change shorts was when you turn era?
5 / 5 Boris
The cost has verified Like this far there is cycled these changes 100 times or I so that it buy him of then, 999900 more cycles partorisca go. I will maintain you it has updated to fail before I achieve 1000000 cycles.
4 / 5 Clarinda
The cost has checked Exact access as for some dimensions have listed in a web page.
4 / 5 Mercy
The cost has verified All have done well like this far. They are happy
5 / 5 Pauline
The cost has verified Quite happy with a product. Durable transmission.
4 / 5 Emerita
Exact access as for some dimensions have listed in a web page.

Top Customer Reviews: Bosch SP0F000013 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5 Verlene
Perfect record and has done partorisca add with my evinrude pieces
5 / 5 Raquel
Double control in the first place with boss of jumper. Bosch Unit partorisca send with bosche 2.ºn Feeds gauge the perfect work. Now it was that the gas has left! An old sender was defective and has maintained partorisca read has run a dry tank. The good thing was so only partorisca try at the same time.
5 / 5 Deeann
Has bought two of these, has substituted two old fuel sender unit. They do. Easy to regulate. The shot adds.

Top Customer Reviews: Liteway 20 Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Jammie
Measure: 12' 224W Better quality on amazon that has found them, built in moisture/ valve of relief of the pressure, connections of boss for a part, in place of cut by means of a backside, discharges and game wireing harnes (change it suck). It destroys mine 40' and my big beams in distance beacuse of a house of a fishey lenses. A quality of bar is in pair with the hundred of lights is of dollar more but not even approach a prize like some rigid And serious industries where he 10 on 399 east and everything extra takings is lifetime guaranteeed, more than locating the group and he so only have produced 5740 lumens of light.
4 / 5 Jodie
Measure: 20' 126W+23 soyarca flatly 2018. My first light bar is not lasted a winter but was a lot enough to send me the substitution that looks to have some improvements
My original description is down..

2017. I the on duty laws owe that way that has wanted to this for these backroad the walks in some means of a night
In the first place was yes was happy with a light start and he looked and the felt has built well. May...
A bar in an end of a group of the dish of the licence was welded on slightly crooked. A light house has the t space for some highland things but some light appearances to be gathered to the rovescio like the boss would signal up as it excites a house and leave water in. Has has had to that the turn on which has meant has has had to that traces it under a shelf of one groups of dish of the licence and no in a cup. I have installed he in a fall and for February the plot of a leds has not done and condensation had inside a Measure
4 / 5 Idella
of lentil: the Light bar that Bosses Basically a wiring of one changes to a relay is not quite fat. Ossia Mine 3rd installed of time on auxillary lights in my truck and 2nd installed of time on the 200w (198w)light bar. Wire fence all arrive and paste a transmission (Daystar rocker transmission, 15amp, included like resupplied) and a wiring of one changes to a relay has on heated and has begun to smoke in roughly 5-10 seconds. Have pulled a fuse before anything the fire taken but was near. I have had previously a Auxbeam harness to wire estimated for 240w in a same light bar and he no east. Calm obviously could run perhaps he 150w light but to good sure down 180w has based on mine that the fast fire taken and 500w would not be possible.
4 / 5 Eli
Measure: 20' 126W A lightbar is announced likes 126 watts, which would have to be roughly 10 amps in 12 volts. When I have measured a amperage, inline, has taken 3 amp. Like the unit has received so only rid 30 of the start has announced. Returned.
5 / 5 Efrain
Measure: 12' 224W that is supposition to do . Luz very brilliant. For this interested, a harness to cable comes with the aluminium wires no copper. So only the bosses up for which want to install in the system that has copper. Leaves of diagram of the boss a lot to be wished, but any question that imagines era.
4 / 5 Maude
Measure: 20' 126W+23 soyarca of the dish Can not believe a quality for a prize! The model of brilliant and good beam likes sun. It would have liked him it has liked the wiring pigtail this returns a light but does not treat it big. Update: WELL, as I have bought one does the year. Dipped the in a front of the mine Volvo. This light is fantastic!! For $ 45 that can you any gone bad. They are certainly not going to allege one the ' bar of shrub ' goes to take the serious impact without folding up like the pop can, but he the very good work like the light mountain. Looks And clean accesses well. A fact that will locate where some mountains of dish is a lot cleaned. It liked enough to purchase of another for mine another car. It DOES not USE THIS to WARN PEOPLE That is GOING IN CALM WITH THIER HIGHBEAMS ON, unless really his hate and not wanting to him never to see usually. This light is BRILLIANT & has concentrated. As Jeromy Clarkson has said, sound like the sun to block! Again: sum of light ant the Measure of fantastic
5 / 5 Hans
prize: 12' 224W has Received these today and first what was his hook up in a bank to my supply of adjustable power. It has done the sweep of 11V to 24V and some consistently pulled lights to be able to. ( ~6An in 12V). While has 224W of leds his in fact an engine circuitry this determines a draw of power of real life and in this chance looks to have the 70W engine and remains 70W to all the cost that launch of voltage in them. Some houses look quite sturdy and a hardware is all stainless steel but seat a black coating in a house of aluminium is quell'has bitten thin. The just toe that presiona some rays for a rear mountain(without a group highland) was quite to go through half of a coating so he yours that locates these basses on transport you like this in yours bumper probably will take chipped easily for rocks and so that the aluminium corrodes easily probably any last long term. In my chance are by train to locate to the light bar in a backside of my truck to the equal that would owe that be to less likely plot to take rocks. Harness Of looks of boss of good quality, Uses 16wire which is more than pertinent for a 6A that careers by means of him but in my chance a harness was to short of then are that it locate in a backside of the truck. A period would owe that be a lot if your only mountain to advance of yours bumper and doing all the connections in a bay of engine. I have been surprised to find the ventilation of relief of the pressure in a side of some units like this is the characteristic usually so only found in expensive bars big finals.
4 / 5 Toney
Measure: 20' 126W+23 soyarca of Easy and simple Dish to ray up!
My final at the head of the truck has been submerged under waters in a flange of the lake for 3 hours with some lights have turned on, looking for the together of key for the Vintage Porsche 911 this is to fall off to bounce it 20 ft of cost as we have dipped an advance of bumper under a water until some lights of boss to delete a fund of a lake, some lights still do utmost and without penetration to water to a light house!
I desire has has had pictures, but is that it is, and yes with a help of the magnet some tones to a Vintage 911 has been found!!
4 / 5 Riley
Measure: 20' 126W Luz is ADDS! Abundance Brilliant Feeling and a lot durable his! Considering an install, Because of a Setup of my particular vehicle (2007 Chevy Trailblazer LT) A mountain to stuff to authorise forward is resisted so only in mine those 'Atascamos Economic Blacks' and nowhere was there any one annexes/of ray of the ray for me to locate a light in a Bullhorn the fashion has DIRECTED the trace of light bar concealed is sold seperatly but OF costruttore same...
Forced like this to drill to a front of a truck by means of some holes to exist and to a bumper of metal in for behind a fiberglass, Uses the together of Tap and was then able to take 2x 3/8' Rays to ensure the mine there is DRILLED ALSO has modified the MOUNTAIN of BAR FOCUSED to line all up. That has thought was to be the 15min the work is resulted to take on 5hrs to start with to finalise. I estimate 4 stars SO ONLY been due to an action of a light for a prize. If it was not for a LIGHT costing while with which a 5hr installs the time has all state sent behind! A highland fence, or a box to wire that it was well for a work, but I new connectors installed and shrink tubing to be able to manage a time of hard Canadian Winter, which a Harness has comprised the connectors would not stand up to.
4 / 5 Daron
Measure: 20' 126W+23 soyel the ark of Flat MODIFICATION Few months later and is still awesome and any leak or waters it that among at all. To good sure buy this again!
That extracted adds!
This bar is awesome for a prize.
Luz very brilliant, and a pertinent Deutsch DT the connector is the plus forsure.
A mountain of the dish of the licence are adds also. Like this easy to install. Perhaps 30 minutes with a harness to wire. (Bought for separate this in spite of)
the shipping was quickly.
4 / 5 Tammara
It give these 5 stars if it was not partorisca a random ray founds partorisca attack around inside a light bar when I have remarked something rattling inner.

This setup and the light has has surpassed far my expectations and blew was. I have been excited partorisca a mountain and has had little hope partorisca a light. But this thing is brilliant and is not filtering water and saved to paste any deer. I go it partorisca use until it breaks!
4 / 5 Arturo
Has used this partorisca connect a bar FOCUSED in ours ploughed of snow, in a car dealership I work in. Included our technicians have been impressed with a quality and a fact that all has required partorisca control the lightbar has been comprised and the period of boss was more than sufficient. Even has added two smaller has DIRECTED something to this harness and used it to knots this past winter, without any subjects. (And it has been used enmedio ad, during the winter along and snowy)
5 / 5 Dorcas
MODIFY Few months later and is still awesome and any leak or waters it that among at all. To good sure buy this again!
That extracted adds!
This bar is awesome for a prize.
Luz very brilliant, and a pertinent Deutsch DT the connector is the plus forsure.
A mountain of the dish of the licence are adds also. Like this easy to install. Perhaps 30 minutes with a still harness wire. (Bought for separate this in spite of)
the shipping was quickly.
4 / 5 Valeri
The mountain of dish is very light and quite sturdy with 1 1/4' to 1 1/2' rays. Some dice give calm is not to close the dice have changed like this with nylon. Also it recommends to use blue loctite in some 4 rays that resists some light to some group.

A light is very brilliant and easy to wire with a pertinent box. I have ordered a recommended mictuning harness and has had to cut of a connector of DTP viril of a lightbar reason a harness there has been pigtails in an end in place of the female connector. Mark sure orders the harness with the female dtp in an end.

The time will say the one who waterproof this this light. I will update this after the few months.
5 / 5 Spring
Comes with extra fuses and all some the precise connectors has COMPRISED. Good quality. Perfecto for compact tractive mine. An only minor downer is a swith is the clave in vs the hammer by means of but estaca well. A transmission light stays on ALL A TIME to the equal that can be the worry for drainage of term with a longitude to beat still although there is a lot down amperage use.
4 / 5 Marge
Unfortunantly A toggle the transmission is class of finiky. I have had this installed harness in mine ATV for the lightbar, but something in a internals in a transmission has been finiky and does not turn in my bar 50 of a time.
4 / 5 Eladia
Has given so only three stars to control to water reasons I so only installed and a focus looks it can not last. The time will say. But good bang for your buck no like this powerful like models of main finals but for the people in the estimativa is better then any light bar and does the big difference has compared to the lights of just factory do fault is the purpose are am sure. Mission to avert the collisions with cows of the complete forests lol.
4 / 5 Birdie
Games to luminous sweep,interupteur three fragile his terminal any of the sud of the source sweep it luminous, lacking to cut his terminals and joint of another way
4 / 5 Anya
require the quite difficult to find two prong spent with him. A bit those that investigations of amazon itll look but the feel likes it would have to that it has been comprised in a container reason follows down another end of one covers?
5 / 5 Caroline
Has ordered a box partorisca wire thus produced but does not use one covers same and the arrivals of game concealed is used in a light bar that it has to that I cut it quell'has been and do the new a REASON???? And they do not comprise another end partorisca wire with a light bar as you do not have any election but to dip the new end on he although calm already have a box partorisca wire REASON????
4 / 5 Mason
The light bar is quite good. The desire would have taken a 210 version of watt. A mountain of licence is flimsy and rattles and vibrates with a weight of a bar on that. You can see a sobresalto of light model on and down a street. The fact has required also of commissions to drill because that locates the holes do not line up with dimensions of dish of the licence on vehicle.
5 / 5 Vicki
My Hyundai tuson any at all of the planned games and the fixer joins the dish there is bricoler roughly has chosen that the fonctionné.je am very satisfied of the good box,but his cars are not all game and receive joins dish little bricolage and here is is done.
5 / 5 Yuriko
Has purchased this in Nov 2017 so only installed on side for the side done the week has driven down issues all the rays have fallen was the one who the piece of junk would not RECOMMEND never buying this Walmart the material is better I has a star because have has had to that that he estimativa has to that -10 stars
5 / 5 Raymundo
Excellent light. A subject only is that it is difficult to dip up. Some rays that the controls is tiny and no appropriate for something of this measure. A wiring is the battery and is always on. Side me $ 180 to take the mechanic the street a transmission by means of a cortafuego.
4 / 5 Gina
4 / 5 Ira
Work. But has has had to that the send behind as I have required it DT connector for my light bar.
This there has been the universal connection that is to add if ossia the one who precise.
4 / 5 Joycelyn
Has had to dip two jack rays of a bumper of steel, that goes some streets of forests can see a light bounces. But it is the street of bone any one the street of registered, so that felt of mark. Saved the bears live to see it before it paste. The light adds Thank you
4 / 5 In
produced Excellent ! Simple the installer, robust and lights better that the majority gives produced of this prize !

I excellent products! Easy to install, robust and illuminates better that more produced of this prize!
5 / 5 Meridith
Has dipped this bar in a front of mine atv. A little bar of shrub attaches it has not been useful mine, but could see where would be it has used.

Has has had so only this installed the little moment, but is really go in handy in a shrub!
4 / 5 Vickey
Had not installed It ye., But to look in him, looks quite easy to install and is exactly that has looked for.
5 / 5 Zulema
Built the plot of condensation up inside the month partorisca use purportedly tries water and does not know like this partorisca contact vendor partorisca guarantee
4 / 5 Sherell
Very happy with this light!
Harness partorisca wire a lot well, same class of dulch conecters like rigid industry, boss gadge was in fact a measure a big that the harness partorisca wire of rigid industry.
Something partorisca centre very brilliant.
Has dipped the account of silicone partorisca the resistant extra water

is any brain partorisca a prize, would buy one again in a flash
5 / 5 Lincoln
has not had this light along but like this far like this good.
In a winter haw is the control is gone in the snow and the rain say that it is test of water and in a description says that it is yours the supposition of resistant water is like this good so much mine !
5 / 5 Deneen
Would owe that coming with harness or hardware of trace
has very saved moneybon an economic light done alot of noise when your behaviour and is fallen off already once
A light there is moisture in him and ive has had so only he partorisca 30 something daya
4 / 5 Maximina
the stops to any one like me any one has a light extra brilliant for out-driven of street, but some the same times want to be low profile in urban life this light is perfect!
The installation has not taken long!

Like this far like this good!

If anything steps will revise this again but honradamente the doubt!
4 / 5 Brant
The bar is economic aluminium how is light. Court of the discharges was and hardwired the. It does not buy a crappy offered of harness, is boss of the cheese and the falls/of cracks averts in a cold. The light bar has more than the beam of something his and flood very small.
5 / 5 Danial
Thinks that this product goes to do the desire of all the fellow months , the luminosity is everything simply perfect , if you not arriving the included, then any conduiser more! Thank you And when liking!!
5 / 5 Jessi
Has come early,
has taken the illuminating transmission of test of the water,fusible,headline of fuse and roughly 12ft of 16 gauge boss
for less then a cost of the transmission in Lordco...
4 / 5 Eliza
The light is brilliant and a highland bar of the dish of licence is prevails adds ! May of update 15 2018. The condensation has on built inside a light bar. Perhaps it take the defective bar this in spite of ossia unresolved by means of the guarantee would avert this light. You update when solved.
5 / 5 Eliana
Works awesome. You trace in a front of my truck. Some holes of the dish of the licence was too much wobbly like this I bolted the to a bumper. It groups well. Luz really orders. Any I same uses my big beams anymore! Wiring The no comprised harness and the die and washer has been missing. Upgraded The nylock given in all the chance.
4 / 5 Christin
This thing is sum . Has not running a transmission by means of my cortafuego. So only it can any one the my mark new truck. A wireless option in the awesome. They are not mechanically bent but took so only 30 mins begin partorisca finalise.
5 / 5 Chanda
His mine like the orderly, cant really gone bad with him, well, brilliant and durable. An only thing that maintains 5 stars is an adjustment has limited wich could be better but im not complaining .

Buys it again? The , so that he
the recommend it? Yes
4 / 5 Ernest
the group is partorisca eoropeen flat of the licence and a light bar was brilliant but with which 4 paralizaciones of month partorisca do. Take the pocolos fulminas and was full of water. Not even annoying partorisca return he partorisca a fact the to a lot the assle.
4 / 5 Humberto
Looks partorisca be good quality, has tried a light, niece and brilliant. You trace the bar is light weight still looks sturdy. Installed easily, little has bitten of movement when driving in swipes but in general quite sure.
4 / 5 Lajuana
Ossia My third cost of this light. They are trace in my trucks and my skid steer. The value adds, easy to install and sure brightens everything in his way.
5 / 5 Janet
Produced really well for a prize. The light start is that it has been expecting. Sure it is no Rigid but really takes a work done and for the 1/5th a prize. That can have used bit it more produced in some mountains but this was to fix easily.

Has had to grind down a welds in a light bar the little bit and then repainted a mountain. The company has achieved was and has offered the $ 10 discount for a deception that was well in his part.
5 / 5 Frederick
Adds little light bar. You trace the down my dish of licence of the front for behind a grill a low plus of the mine Mazda 3. Living in a country will not be like this bad now!
4 / 5 Bethanie
The light bar was good but has not comprised the harness to wire, any one sure he was supposed to but has had one dipping around anyways, of the looks read decent quality but some highland group avenges with him is not a better so that it is attached to, has had to dip 5 washers in so that the spacers or he would not be returned
4 / 5 Darell
there is acheté this lumièking play to augment the vision of mine of the sud 4 wheels. Malgré His small measure she éclear truth well and Loin. It can have Some I games of slowly to explain the installation. I have had to go Google play Of the sud to see the commentary effects the good installation.
5 / 5 Willian
Extremely easy to install, dipped the in my quad and loves that. The good looks and good functions. awesome Thus prize! If you are in a fence because of some looks of the prize and work them likes them more expensive bars read. It covers and game.

Top Customer Reviews: MICTUNING ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5 Creola
Measure: 6 Band Rocker the poster of Transmission there is still partorisca install this, can say this, saint. Built very well does not look economic but a prize is fantastic. It has used the alike setup in an old truck but I would say a product builds wise is 10/10.
Revises again after installed.
5 / 5 Tameika
Measure: 2 Band Rocker the poster of Transmission has has had to that rewire so that the lights are not on all a time, installed in mine fifth Measure
4 / 5 Roxann
of wheel: 6 Band Rocker Poster partorisca Change so only that has required
5 / 5 Yuki
Measure: 3 Band Rocker Poster of the transmission has not installed still. But prize and utmost quality. It has purchased to plot of mic has produced partorisca dip ready. The looks And the utmost quality
4 / 5 Jefferson
have measured: 2 Band Rocker Transmissions of Poster of the Transmission is not very stable in a headline. Easy to wire, soldered finals for easy connections.
4 / 5 Cherelle
Measure: 6 Band Rocker the poster of Transmission loves it, doing my truck more awesome, gotta loves Measured of tall
5 / 5 Ina
transmissions: 6 Band Rocker Poster to Change that Loses one but connecting but each thing els is Measure really good
4 / 5 Alex
: 6 Band Rocker Poster of product of Good Transmission, as in l announce
5 / 5 Ramonita
Measure: 6 Band Rocker Poster of Returns to Change perfectly in mine Polaris RZR S1000
5 / 5 Sina
has measured: 3 Band Rocker Poster of Looks to Change etre an excellent product. Ports perfectly
4 / 5 Lovella
A half rocker the transmission is different that one 1st and 3rd a. Some the blue lights are to the rovescio so that the luzca opposite way to another some and is diverse outward of another some. The amazon so only gives option/of repayment of the turn - would like me service of the contact of client partorisca see can send the substitution rocker partorisca a half one or the together new.
4 / 5 Shaun
There is still partorisca install this, can say this, saint. Built very well does not look economic but a prize is fantastic. It has used the alike setup in an old truck but I would say a product builds wise is 10/10.
Revises again after installed.
5 / 5 Booker
Is trace he in my truck today. Easy install and the looks adds. Used the relay partorisca my front has directed the light bar of attractive on 30 amps. It has not used the relay partorisca my backside has directed lights.
4 / 5 Meda
Has has had to that rewire so that the lights are not on all a time, installed in mine fifth wheel
5 / 5 Darcy
A highland dish is very good and fact of aluminium, any plastic. This in spite of on 2 of mine 3 rocker transmissions some tabs of metal there is pulled well out of a house partorisca change when changing some bosses that do an useless transmission. One continuous do well.
4 / 5 Juliet
Has liked him the one who easy was the instal a wiring, any so much in a measure of hole has had to that cut but the looks add where has it! Power two lightbars in of the different transmissions in a front of my truck and reverse lights in another transmission
5 / 5 Tangela
has not installed still. But prize and utmost quality. It has purchased to plot of mic has produced to dip ready. The quality adds and looks
5 / 5 Shirleen
the transmissions am not very stable in a headline. Easy to wire, soldered finals for easy connections.
4 / 5 Tommye
Master, doing my truck more awesome, gotta loves tall transmissions
5 / 5 Norberto
Losing a but connecting but each thing els is really good
5 / 5 Alica
I like a dual lighing in a transmission. Easy to see to turn.
5 / 5 Willene
It looks etre An Excellent product. Put you perfectly
4 / 5 Oralia
the look adds!!! This in spite of want to run the real power has launched calm basically has to that rewire each one which change
4 / 5 Aleisha
band Perfecta setup, very happy with a prewiring.

Easy-ish installation in mine Ram.
5 / 5 Bill
When it Pulls a connector of altarpiece of a backside partorisca change some attractive of whole leaf out of a transmission. All three this and is now useless.
5 / 5 Malinda
I transmissions look good but 1 connector of metal is broken inside a chance like another transmission is required partorisca do do.
4 / 5 Carlyn
The transmissions look good but 1 connector of metal is broken inside a chance like another transmission is required partorisca do do.
4 / 5 Rosana
His good quality but some bosses behind are so only 16 Gauge.... It was much better with 12 Gauge bosses.
4 / 5 Emmy
The quality adds very pleased with this box partorisca a prize.
4 / 5 Beth
Easy to install and do to a measure can be trace so only in anywhere

Top Customer Reviews: MICTUNING Momentary ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 33 ratings
5 / 5 Hilda
Colour: Black Then , this transmission partorisca the winch comes with the diagram partorisca wire the together of lights... Any big shot. This in spite of, partorisca find the diagram of the 7 transmission partorisca nail to the 3 boss toggle (red, green, black) this comes with the regulate winch took on an hour partorisca look for. I found it once, it is very simple to wire. A transmission with a loaded cradle toggles that the winch requires, would be quite useless for lights so that I am not sure that has thought.'kevins Pdf Of diagram of the wiring' has found in the polaris the forum has saved my bacon. I have found once this, takes 5 minutes to wire in and all has done adds. They are the warrior of weekend , self-taught, maquinal of cochera like this perhaps for another, this would be easy. Then again, I have finalised so only build the 49 mercury hot cane of an earth on way that would not say are useless neither. They would owe that dip Kevins diagram to wire in a box with this thing, has not been the one who Kevin is but this company would owe that find and assume!!!
5 / 5 Deloras
Colour: ON- it WAS 5 Blue Pin So much the transmissions have done partorisca change my lights was and on, and liked a creation and function of some transmissions; but a FOCUSED partorisca an upper picture of the car has not done when a transmission has been changed on; shipped punctually. I am not returned a transmission as among the travesa of street and has required some transmissions, and does not love to pull my wiring averts to return a transmission and have loose bosses.
5 / 5 Linn
Colour: Black This transmission comes with an easy to comprise wiring diagram that the installation done simple. I asked if a diagram of typical wiring would be difficult to comprise for the 7 transmission of pin but is extremely simple. This transmission is momentary as I have wanted, returns to an out of situating when released. Also it comprises the jumper wires that the installation done inclusa easier.
4 / 5 Sharron
Colour: Black has bought 2 of these partorisca my side - for - the sides and has done without question like this far.
A FOCUSED is does not look partorisca do, but felizmente this was the characteristic lateralmente and no the necessity partorisca me.
4 / 5 Breanna
Colour: Black is the really good product , I allready buys light transmission of this compagny and all was well, but partorisca a winch the transmission finds one lighting useless reason is light so only when calm press it and this does a hard transmission partorisca find down lighting condition.
5 / 5 Salvatore
Colour: Black Some laws to change add but the has not been able the wired the to my winch without a light has lit constantly drains it my battery. I owe like the external substitution this looked exactly one same but of another mark. It have wired he in the each possible ways and some light rests
4 / 5 Kayla
Colour: Black I amour a look and feel of this transmission. I have installed he in mine sidexside and has been by means of some testing of serious field(Vase,snow & of Rain) and still works like new.
4 / 5 Shaniqua
Colour: Black confuses partorisca comprise like this to hook he up with a wiring schematic. Has the electrical experience like imagined quell'was. Like this far I am happy.
4 / 5 Veola
Colour: it produces Bought Black partorisca my quad wench that use partorisca the snow that opens. The excellent works. An original one this is coming wench has been done partorisca of the mini toes without mitts on. Reason any company would distribute such the small control partorisca do the work of the man when there it is far of the better options?
4 / 5 Kaye
Colour: ON- it WAS 5 Blue Pin does not return a pinch of a HRV. His recommendation was partorisca cut a pinch partorisca do does? Ossia Because it has bought this class of the transmission in a first place was so that it do not have to that cut a pinch. If I have wanted to cut a Pinch there was a lot of more economic options.
5 / 5 Myrle
It confuses partorisca comprise like this to hook he up with a wiring schematic. Has the electrical experience like imagined quell'was. Like this far I am happy.
5 / 5 Micah
All very a lot of @subject with a transmission.
This in spite of some instructions to cable is partorisca lights a lot the winch.
5 / 5 Veronica
5 / 5 Cythia
Likes expected with all mictunning transmissions. I add it installs
5 / 5 Emerald
Looks Well, Easy Installs.. We use in 2018 RZR SP1000.
5 / 5 Larissa
Has had to that substitute a transmission of the mine aftermarket ATV winch. Taking so only 15 minutes to install is one. A transmission comes with the few thumbs to wire to simplify some connections.
4 / 5 Karrie
Has ordered a rocker title to change that was to buy frequently with a product but he are not returned calm so that it is to buy a mark to match name.. A lot lose main
4 / 5 Margherita
does not know the one who the Whip has lit is, has no known whips lite arrive (lol) the wonderful transmission returned in mine Deep Ridgeline
5 / 5 Amos
Petit drives of installation that comes with transmissions the + yard of edge of connection. Solid and Resistant fact to the intemperies.
4 / 5 Marinda
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5 / 5 Hilma
Works and looks very too much.
Installed in mine Argo to control a winch.
4 / 5 Marla
Good solid transmission ... Good works!
Thank you!!!
4 / 5 Rosy
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