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1 first AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5 Headphones with Immersive Sound, 30-Hours Playtime, USB C Quick Charge, IPX6 Water-Resistant, Noise Cancelling Mics Earphones for iPhone and Android AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5 Headphones with Immersive Sound, 30-Hours Playtime, USB C Quick Charge, IPX6 Water-Resistant, Noise Cancelling Mics Earphones for iPhone and Android AUKEY
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2 AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds Sport, Bluetooth 5 Headphones with Earhooks, aptX HiFi Sound, cVc 8.0 Mics for Clear Calls, In-Ear Detection, 35H Playtime, IPX8 Waterproof, Wireless & USB-C Charging Case AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds Sport, Bluetooth 5 Headphones with Earhooks, aptX HiFi Sound, cVc 8.0 Mics for Clear Calls, In-Ear Detection, 35H Playtime, IPX8 Waterproof, Wireless & USB-C Charging Case AUKEY
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3 best AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5 sport,headphones with Powerful Bass, USB-C Quick Charge, Integrated Microphone, 25 Hours Playtime, IPX5 Waterproof AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5 sport,headphones with Powerful Bass, USB-C Quick Charge, Integrated Microphone, 25 Hours Playtime, IPX5 Waterproof AUKEY
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4 AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds Active Nosie Canceling Bluetooth 5, with 4 Built-in Mics for Clear Calls, USB-C Quick Charge, 35-Hour Playtime, IPX5 Waterproof AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds Active Nosie Canceling Bluetooth 5, with 4 Built-in Mics for Clear Calls, USB-C Quick Charge, 35-Hour Playtime, IPX5 Waterproof AUKEY
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5 AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5 Sport Headphones, HiFi Stereo Sound, Integrated Microphone, Touch Control, 28H Playtime, Wireless & USB-C Charging Box, IPX5 Waterproof AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5 Sport Headphones, HiFi Stereo Sound, Integrated Microphone, Touch Control, 28H Playtime, Wireless & USB-C Charging Box, IPX5 Waterproof AUKEY
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6 PRO Earbuds Works for Aukey DR02D Encore+ Hands-Free Built-in Microphone and Crisp Digitally Clear Audio! (3.5mm, 1/8, 3.5ft) PRO Earbuds Works for Aukey DR02D Encore+ Hands-Free Built-in Microphone and Crisp Digitally Clear Audio! (3.5mm, 1/8, 3.5ft) Works for Aukey DR02D Dash Cam
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7 Pro Mono Earbud Hands-Free Works for Aukey DR02D with Built-in Microphone and Crisp Clear Safe Audio! (3.5mm / 3.5ft Length Cable) Pro Mono Earbud Hands-Free Works for Aukey DR02D with Built-in Microphone and Crisp Clear Safe Audio! (3.5mm / 3.5ft Length Cable) Accessory for Aukey
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8 Pro Mono Earbud Hands-Free Works for Aukey DR02J with Built-in Microphone and Crisp Clear Safe Audio! (3.5mm / 3.5ft Length Cable) Pro Mono Earbud Hands-Free Works for Aukey DR02J with Built-in Microphone and Crisp Clear Safe Audio! (3.5mm / 3.5ft Length Cable) Accessory for Aukey
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9 Pro Mono Earbud Hands-Free Works for Aukey DR03 with Built-in Microphone and Crisp Clear Safe Audio! (3.5mm / 3.5ft Length Cable) Pro Mono Earbud Hands-Free Works for Aukey DR03 with Built-in Microphone and Crisp Clear Safe Audio! (3.5mm / 3.5ft Length Cable) Accessory for Aukey
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10 Pro Mono Earbud Hands-Free Works for Aukey DR01 with Built-in Microphone and Crisp Clear Safe Audio! (3.5mm / 3.5ft Length Cable) Pro Mono Earbud Hands-Free Works for Aukey DR01 with Built-in Microphone and Crisp Clear Safe Audio! (3.5mm / 3.5ft Length Cable) Accessory for Aukey
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Top Customer Reviews: AUKEY True Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 22 ratings
5 / 5
Headphones Of the estimativa does not require partorisca be bad. These headphones exemplify concealed. In the seal of economic prize, does not have very expected, but really love a quality of his out of these earbuds. Has the grave engine has weighed, that really returns my preferences of music, but still look partorisca have decent mids and highs, although at all it has compared it to the mine expensive Sony XM4s.

The life of battery is one same like any one another headset in this class - Roughly 3-4 hours in a earbuds, and roughly 20-30 hours in a chance.

Pieces of the ear of different measure is comprised partorisca take a perfect returned partorisca isolation and optimum sound of passive noise.

In general, these are really good. Compact creation with his of good quality.
5 / 5
Has bought this does the week and ossia the really good tiny earbuds. The cause is really convenient to listen to a music when path. But it can not be used when you exert the cause will be has lost easily.
4 / 5
First time that come from bluetooth earbuds and surprisingly quality of his better that wired of mine earphones. It has looked for an option abordable reason some bosses maintain partorisca take complicated like this am them very pleased with these. As it beginner, has taken the bit partorisca time partorisca dip on a Bluetooth and spend for some basic instructions. Once this is to be do, has been smooth navigation never of then.
4 / 5
A product is prefect partorisca iPhone. I have used he partorisca days of pair, and is very special during a time. When I Take call , can do it quickly. A chance is one uploads also, always uses a side every time, when the data of battery for a part, can use another side so that it can help me mark at least 6 work of hours. If it can upgrade to wireless touching will be better.
5 / 5
In planting to buy expensive wireless earbuds has decided them go for this some like this maintains them partorisca lose them. And it has been them surprised with quality. Works of control of the touch in both earbuds and responsive. If you maintain partorisca lose earbuds like me or calm inclusa does not lose them , but these are recommended of me so that it pay and the one who takings.
4 / 5
Had bought the pair of earbuds recently that has had to that return like this his didnt returned properly and hurt my ears. These are returned perfectly! I have had immediately any pairing of @@subject he with my telephone. You call them have all be clear like this far and am said touches clear in another end also. Very happy with these!
4 / 5
This wireless earbuds is easy to setup and have the simple touching method. His life of battery is quite good and is enough for all my uses. A quality of sound looks comparable to other headphones have used before, and some bass in these earbuds is very strong and feels a lot of sturdy.
5 / 5
Has bought these and another Aukey pair in the whim. It was pleasantly surprised to see to build quality really good and the a lot of lustrous touching chance. A quality is obviously a lot like this as well as the pair of $ 200 wireless earbuds but paste on his class of weight less than $ 40. It is quell'has bitten big for my ears but so that it does not have I so that it adds to focus but does not hurt at least. Calm does not know never to the equal that will feel until calm try them.
4 / 5
Has bought this earbuds because of a form. Leading earbuds no this confortahbe.
This earbuds has three different measure pieces of ear that beat is returned comfortably with two measures.
The life of battery is roughly 4 hours. And there is remarked can upload against less 3 times with a chance.
Control to touch for me is has bitten sensitive somehow when it has looked for to fix the and the accidentally he prenderĂĄ.
4 / 5
Has taken these for my husbands because his old headsets is in decline. It has used he for the few days and has said is decent. Easy to maintain in pocket and league quickly. The technology has improved to good sure and is the better way that his old some.
5 / 5
Theres Like produced like this looked on Amazon in a point of same prize. With which far too much of my life has squandered partorisca read some the varied descriptions and that result an anxiety the trace of shell of a man I once was, I finally solved in these. They are happy has done. There is the quality roughly the and touch a lot decent partorisca of the money. A box is magnetic like buds satisfyingly jump in so that the free toes. Recommended.
4 / 5
The value adds has compared to some nomination partorisca mark main and resupplies his add with abundance of low. It can be used with only a earpiece, and touching for USB-c is convenient.
5 / 5
Is the product adds . Easy to connect to the mine iPhone, a quality of his utmost east and a better life is a lot also - I only need for the touch once the week that use for 1 or 2 hours for day. Any need to spend hundreds of dollars in expensive some.
5 / 5
Has bought he for my dad, a prize is his reasonable and quite good quality . Of then it does not know like this to pair a blue tooth, is good election for him to use different ear bud partorisca different crew.
5 / 5
This earbuds is awesome.
Amiably creation with light concentrated uploads box. Long durable battery with good sensor. Directly it takes connected hardly opens a chance with the small beep sound. This earbuds is light and easy to spend in pocket. I recommend this product.
4 / 5
Good element for a prize. Abundance quite strong for normal use around a house, walking external and work in the factory. A life of battery is up there for wireless earphones. A chance is the little chunky but is light, included for a earphones his but when there in you can not say they so that it is light.
5 / 5
Easy to dip up and connect to a Bluetooth. The wireless big quality earbuds. Fast delivery.
4 / 5
AUKEY Some Wireless Earbuds is comfortable and touch utmost with good dynamic row and volume and decent bass. The quality of call is a lot also. A small chance the fact a lot pocketable so much is easy to take with you everywhere.
4 / 5
Surprisingly his well. Almost it compares to the mine Jabra Elite 65t. In this value of prize the good look!
5 / 5
Good quality without noise. Easy connection, very convenient.
5 / 5
Woow... Life of battery very good. His very good.. It enjoyed them really.. I Liked him too much.
4 / 5
Wants to use his in a gymnasium especially because all the world-wide now has the wireless headphones and is impossible the workout without them. A life of hard battery a lot long, a quality of his this quite good and return a lot comfortably inside my ears.

Top Customer Reviews: AUKEY True Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 34 ratings
4 / 5
In the first place a packaging of a earphones is simple and lustrous. It comes with the short usb c touching boss, some manual of user, different measures of propiciado by ear, a chance partorisca touch and a earphones he. A hooking the part is silicone and feel soft and comfortable to some ears. He also securely access to some ears. A Bluetooth pairing to both iPhone and Samsung the telephones of android is easy and quickly. A distance of connection was also reasonable. I have tried to dip a telephone in a house and exiting to a yard this in spite of direct connect a call. A quality of a music and a call is also well. An annulment of noise was quite good.
5 / 5
Has no negativity in this earbuds,
so only loves like a packaging has come,especially a chance the one who the really in that loves it. The ones of the one who owe worry in loosing his gone misplacing his of then comes with the good pleasant little husband that is also one uploads for a earbuds. For a music when I pull out of a earbuds of my ear and resumes some musics when I dipped it behind on ear the one who has loved them really that characteristic to the equal that has the characteristics to touch also so many or can control some sounds for just the touching. A quality of his pf this earbuds is surprising.
Like this far one touching hard along touched him to them only pair of hours and his closings has quite a lot of load.
5 / 5
Ossia My third pair of Aukey earbuds (I follows to turn to the collector). First first things: a quality of audio of these (both speaker and mic) is perfectly well for a point of prize. In mine iPhone, a “Plan” EQ preset in the music of Apple was more for these. The podcasts touch normal without adjustments. A mic was slightly better that expected ( has used some for real terrible competitors). Speaking of, will be hard pressed to find this characteristic place in this prize in competitor earbuds. Some two things that really sell a Aukey for me is some hooks of ear and a IPX8 waterproof indication. Both of this sure mark that these earbuds is one the majority of estimativa-friendly workout auricular can find. Some hooks of ear maintain a earbuds FIRMLY in place, and is sĂșper comfortable also (been spending them paralizaciĂłn few hours in my office today and forget is there). I have jumped, I have run, I have moved everywhere, and it could any dislodge him. A incumplimiento the tips are a right measure for my ears, but any one would have to that be able to find the good access. A IPX8 waterproofing will protect against sweating while exiting you — could literally dunk these in the glass of the water and would be very ( has tried — was!).

The pairing was the little bit quirky — an accident and right buds in fact look two different devices and I was so only able to connect to an or another but a lot both. With which resetting a earbuds, was able to felizmente connects to the mine iPhone XR properly and is remained connected without issuing never of then.

A chance the touch is in a big side (to accommodate some hooks of ear) but also offers the capacity of enormous and wireless battery that touches ('fast touching' without PS or QC), so that you sew the balances was amiably.

Very happy — to good sure recommended yes is looking for the alternative to estimate to something like a Powerbeats Pro (that I cost 4x so much!).
4 / 5
In the first place was, these earphones is very comfortable when you find a right access with some measures has comprised different for some earths. A quality of connection is sum because of him having bluetooth 5.0 technology, like this calm does not require to concern in your music that short was or another bluetooth the devices that interferes with your connection. A quality of his this a lot of well for a prize, especially when you EQ his properly to add graver. A comprised touching the chance has the perfectly snug returned for a earphones, and sustains wireless that touches that included some $ 300+ earphones does not comprise . Highly recommend these to any that loves the very sure returned for sport, the wireless fashionable pair some earphones, or flagship-like this earphones paralizaciones down $ 100.
5 / 5
Has tried the plot of earphones on some years, this a standouts coz of his prize and a quality have built. I create Aukey has developed the decent goodwill in a phase.
A packaging to good sure touches the function of entity with a global experience of the product. It is gone in the impulse of boxes (resembled mobile phones) and well has thought placing of a earphones/inner of chance he.
Undoubtedly, a life of hard battery long with continuous use and changing among devices. Any technically have the noise cancelation when doing calls but never has had subjects really a lot of with conversations in a telephone.
A snug returned on some ears resupply comfort it and lean it untangled especially when exiting. Probably not going to spend hundreds of dollars in big has appointed mark unless looking for something extraordinary.
5 / 5
To start with this product so that well it is the amazing sound are to add very comfortable and the law adds. If I have not been the trucker or using he in my truck this product would have gone five stars. But reason I enmedio the strong plus and some claims of product to have the good noise that annuls is not a lot enough to use in the truck of transport. A life of battery is sum for daily use but any last more than 3.5 hours.

In general highly recommends these products are using he for basic use likes to spend them for the walk that is exited a lot necessarily for calls.

Is looking for something concealed a lot the time is that hard and is enmedio strong these are not for you.
5 / 5
Amazing quality, the life of battery adds and sĂșper comfortable stops. Quality of his east also orders. Everywhere like this value of the money. More load that promised of consolation , big, and beaten well.
A sound is good and crisp. They come with the boss to touch and extra earpiece measures. His pair on a lot easily and quickly.
A chance is too big to be portable to the equal that leaves house.
5 / 5
Has bought these headsets because of one in a hook of ear. I have tried using normal wireless buds while running, and a lot does not feel sure. Need of amour to concern roughly earbud not returning a lot falling/ was while running, and is very clear.
4 / 5
His very good quality esp some bass, very deep. A headset is very light and comfortable with has in front of built keys. A hard battery like this long. It was gaming with him for 3-4 hours any question. The good noise that annuls, can not listen a half.
4 / 5
His well, stay in my good boss. I have bought two different classes of ear buds to find a right access, but prefer these I so that rests to chair on during the forceful exercise has compared to some another. I listen to long podcasts and they the life of battery is good and easy to connect to my telephone.
5 / 5
This element is the swipe ! It has taken partorisca my walks of morning and sessions of yogas. A lot of gain and a hard battery long! It does not fall off or that. It is a better! It remains in my ear I still am doing exercises. Quality of his good and very smooth east. It would recommend these so that they are looking for earbuds partorisca exit and yogas.
5 / 5
These prizes are surprising. My telephone comes with Galaxy Bud. A quality of music is sum, but a microphone of call is very poor. The people have has informed repeatedly this. During the call, although an audio is not bad, absorbs background noise and distracts, but all the world asks confirmation that an audio is very clear, which is reason I requires him. For like this, a sound of this method of compraventa is deleting a noise, and the people can listen my voice clearly again, the good product.
4 / 5
These earphones is very comfortable and well of sound. I used him while exiting and law perfectly and stay in an ear a whole time. A chance of load is lustrous and a earphones uploads easily without any subjects. Highly recommended!
5 / 5
Has bought this like the present partorisca my dad and utmost partorisca when he workouts. He also come with wireless touching like this easily can be touched. Good prize partorisca these earbuds!!
5 / 5
The packaging that Impresses, his wonderful. I have it quell'has defended always a earpods with clips. And these are so only that has looked for. A lot lustrous. A system the touch is the delight partorisca use . A hard battery partorisca in the toneless same with regular use.
5 / 5
This wireless earbuds has more quality. It looks very good. It likes of a lot. And the thing more than entity is that it is like this comfortable to use. The life of battery is like this longer. I do not owe that touch this thickness a day. Has detection of voice, which is very good.
4 / 5
Ossia The add headset. I have bought to my partner. After spending it, his temperament is different. It has said that an effect of this headset is really well, a quality of his, a model, and is adds. I think that that ossia the a lot of cost-effective headset. Also it likes to of me a lot. I plan to buy an I. One produces adds, the buyers cost partorisca buy.
5 / 5
Has not expected too much in a start, but has been using he partorisca the long time. During this time, an effect of the his of this wireless headset surprised. I have decided to the appearance is a lot fashionable, voice any impurity, would recommend to any any one the simple but pair of big quality.
4 / 5
Little big chance. But do fault a purpose. That The pairing is like this quickly with device and among a buds. Wireless touching fences in option for money. And more sounds a lot 👍
4 / 5
a quality of his horrible east in this headset. It is not to value a cost. And an access is odd and was, to good sure any value he, save your money and take the different headset.
5 / 5
These are auricular excellent : quality of his of confidence, controls of good touch and fast connections. Prizes very interesting and very easy to use. It would recommend it to any any one the simple but big-split of quality.
4 / 5
A quality of sound was very impressive. I also like a characteristic to be and partorisca use neither one or both of an ear buds. It resists well to an ear. It is the prize adds too
5 / 5
Good product with the life of battery adds. Lustrous creation partorisca activity of sport.
4 / 5
Has tried the pair of pair of a wireless earbuds, and often time, while exerting, tends partorisca result free in my ear. They are more comfortable doing the exercises with this pair like me a lot precise to poke a earbuds back in situating each minutes of pair.
5 / 5
These headphones are excellent partorisca jogs and REMAIN PLACE in my ear. My ears are oddly shaped and in-ear earbuds typically any one falls was or uncomfortable. Well, a Aukey some here am a lot of comfy and stay in some ears. A sound is well, very balanced and no too bassy. I want that they can be touched wirelessly, and wants to that a wire fence that the touches is USB C. One with still me is his controls of touch as sometimes drive me given because I do not owe that never regulate a navigation of a earbud in your ear for a music or disconnects a call, as you bondadoso of figure out of the very concrete way to regulate them or take a earbud was. I wish a touch the sensitive zone was smaller or restricted to a headbud. In general they are very good packaged, come with the orderly chance and leave you to listen the so only a earbud (which is a lot). The quality of call is a lot also, people in another end has not had any questions that listen. It is the good compraventa , recommend it, especially calms once take used to some controls of sensitive touch.
5 / 5
Has bought the little different earbuds so on here and other tents. Has-liked me a prize of these and has imagined would try it era. I took him and it touched him and it has done then the call of telephone and my surprised a quality of his in both my final and his surprised. They are like this happy with these. Also really it likes like this they return in of your ear. To good sure would recommend.
4 / 5
A quality of his calm east orders of the one who here all these background voices and a fact that remain a lot on you ear without falling are adds. A life of battery is another characteristic is a cant look, has used them he to like 5days continously and he ddint go was.... I add righg
5 / 5
Marcos for the perfect pair of earphones for me to be that it runs with and any prpers that has to concern it roughly falls off it during intense cardio or moving exercises. Level of big battery and the quality of his decent.
5 / 5
I use him while exiting and that drives a car around alongwith day the activities of day.
A hooking the part is silicone and feel soft and comfortable to some ears. A sound is well, very balanced and no too salvation or down. More load that promised of consolation , big, and beaten well.
4 / 5
Has used partorisca calls of office and music. Battery and quality of audio very earbuds. Access perfectly well. Wireless touching works. It is it remained is returned well during running and workout. Any complaint. Kudos
5 / 5
A lot of earphones partorisca a prize. They return snugly and have decent bass. A chance is the little big but resists the plot partorisca touch I so that the supposition arrived partorisca that.
4 / 5
Is far better that any expensive some. Accesses in like this amazing and there is sĂșper life of battery.
5 / 5
Automatic pairing with my Bluetooth the transmitter has connected to television after turning in tramsmitter the way of pairing. Essentially these earbuds exited of boxes without needs of configuration. I used him 4 more than hours this in spite of not touching has required.

Small measure, returning the ear snuggly; more securely ear of interior sito that Samsung model that has possessed also.

More is his box partorisca touch, which is one of the bondadoso stylish creation, small, aesthetically pleasing with chance of magnetic load hookup drop and load partorisca go!

USC-C touching the port are adds. Wireless touching has comprised.
Quality of his this 10/10, measured with his low prize, this in spite of for the absolute quality can compare with airpod/Jabra which cost $ 150-250 row of prize.

All has considered ossia a more estimated some bluetooth earbud can find you in today of phase. There is any second prĂłjimo in lovely term. Certainly recommend this device.
4 / 5
One can try this he so that it is really a lot of earbuds in this prize. Taken a @@subject but the service of client is really good. We help me to us Immediately they substitute a product and ensured to help like this required that.

Top Customer Reviews: AUKEY True Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
4 / 5
I have possessed several Aukey electronic of Mark some varied past years and am impressed consistently in a quality and value.

These earbuds is awesome.

Gone back snug, a quality of his of the music is rich, deep and a lot robust.

Are by train partorisca use them Mainly partorisca home the business meetings based where a quality of his vowel for calls and of the meetings of zoom is fantastic and my mates mention that there is not any sprain my voice at all, like the sounds are in the regulate landline telephone.

A chance is compact and easily access in my pocket.

The time of load was very fast and an easy 4 indicator has DIRECTED to say you a capacity of one load.

Has a mark of main entity EarPods and these are absolutely in pair with those and in the fraction of a prize.

Totally would buy these again.
5 / 5
Does immediately with my iPhone. The microphone can pickup conversations easily. I found him comfortable and light. His of clear and tight music. It is coming partially touched so much could enjoy immediately. A casing can touch a buds 4 times, perfect for travesĂ­a
5 / 5
has Received these today and touch utmost! Very easy to connect the Bluetooth in mine telephone and pill and can be used with an ear bud has connected yes calms still wants to be able to listen that it is going in around you. The microphone is clear as I used him for the pocolas called of telephone and is remained snuggly in my ear when I have been for the career.
4 / 5
For a prize, has not expected such good quality. It has a lot of fact well. It was peculiarly has pleased that they are not annoying to some ears after the hours that uses them, is very comfortable and practical. A thoughtful creation and would have to that last for the long time.
5 / 5
Uses these for my daily music that listens and am really happy with this product, especially a sound and tomb. It connects automatically and love a fact that this now is using usb-c like my telephone,
4 / 5
opens them a box sealed and the one who the expĂłsita is inner headphone the chance has the scratch a lot of minor on that.
Believes this telephone of boss has been used before.
4 / 5
The sound is quite well of these. Like this far a life of battery is exhausting a lot of dulcemente, almost like this as well as my apple airpods. In this prize signals that ossia the a lot of the good compraventa with to the prize feels.
4 / 5
Loves this new wireless earphones that has purchased recently! A quality of his this really good. To good sure recommend them by all the world especially for a prize.
5 / 5
Any subject with connectivity and very comfortable & easy to use. The quality of product is excellent.
5 / 5
His well and very grave.. It has Used this like this running it convenient.. It is comfortable and return my ears during my career. Well.. Any complains with a global quality vs prize
4 / 5
adore these Écouteurs, modern creation, sĂșper comfortable delivery , fast and sĂ©curisĂ©e. Thank you very much
4 / 5
Good products , a sound are really adds the love a differents has measured as we can choose , a measure returns my ears perfectly
5 / 5
These were reasonably priced partorisca the wireless earbuds. It has not expected such the sound adds quality partorisca this prize. Auckey Is doing good name in phase. Happy has taken this in planting to buy the $ 200 branded earbuds. They touch quite quickly and hard the into use half day. Also it likes like this they connect to of device when I open a box so that I can begin listen immediately when I dipped them on.
5 / 5
Salvation to everything, are habitué buy this Type of écouteurs, and this model there especially is truth of quality a lot well, has included envy to say to the of row, the quality of edges is genial, the autonomy more than correct, any annoyance that spends him in the rodeo are entirely satisfies
4 / 5
the packaging is gone in the minimalistic box. A chance the touch there is usb c with the good snap (almost like this as well as AirPods). It is comfortable in some ears with qualities of audio that is decent. It remembers to take a plastic of a earbuds reason blocks some contacts to touch!
4 / 5
These earphones is the good alternative to another expensive earphones. A highs and mids is good and has good bass. A chance the touch is quite small to return in your pocket.
5 / 5
A sound are adds! Good bass and Midtones. Bought this partorisca my dad but after trying them good sure will buy him on its own name also.
4 / 5
Viele Kopfhörer habe ich ja noch nicht getestet, Gives ich mich lieber lange belese. Doch bei Gives mittlerweile weit verbreiteten, viel und schlecht kopierten Apfel Luft Kopfhörern wollte ich auch bad ein sogn. TWS Headset ausprobieren.
Anfang Gives Jahres hatte ich bereits has dipped einem has Dipped von oundpeats' versucht umzusteigen von Kopfhörern has dipped Kabel im Nacken, doch die waren absolut nichts fĂŒr meine dich recht kleinen Ohren.
Jetzt fielen mir Has given ins Summit -oder ins Ohr? - und ich versuchte mich vorher zu belesen. Vom Draws his hatte ich große Hoffnung, vom angegebenen Gewicht noch viel mehr! Ich habe bereits Quotes erwĂ€hnten Apfel Luft Kopfhörer probiert und quotes klingen nicht nur dĂŒnn, sie halten auch nicht in meinen Ohren - nicht as of this Headset.
Warum ĂŒberhaupt Aukey? In the weil ich bereits eine Powerbank has dipped fast Load besitze und ich has given Headset-marry the fast load mass aufladen kann. Ich Cube schon gespannt wie schnell gives dann heart wird, denn bisher habe ich gives chance nur nach dem Auspacken, vor gives ersten Nutzung aufgeladen und gives auch place einem fast load Netzteil, welches sonst quotes Powerbank lĂ€dt; of the war vor einer Woche und noch immer zeigt gives chance zwei von avenges LEDs fĂŒr gives Ladezustand give Akkus.

Beim Öffnen Gives Kartons lĂ€chelt einem gives Chance, in dem sich die beiden Ohrhörer befinden, in einem Klavierlack schwarz entgegen. Darunter befindet sich dann Gives Zubehör (mehrsprachige Anleitung, drives of fast start, Guaranteeed Karte, drei Paare Ohrgummis und ein kurzes usb typ-c Ladekabel). Die auf dem Headset vormontierten Gummis passen trotz ihrer vermeintlich großen GrĂ¶ĂŸe hervorragend. Ich habe zwar ein paar Date short kleinsten ausprobiert, gives die sonst die richtigen waren, aber diesmal ist is anders. Wenn Man sich erst einmal will give gewöhnt hat, dass man keine Kabel mehr hat, muss man sich nur noch will give gewöhnen date Kopfhörer nicht einfach aus dem ihr zu ziehen und loszulassen.

Gives is ohne Kabel keine Fernbedienung mehr gibt, muss man sich jetzt umgewöhnen auf Klopfzeichen. Aber Yesterday ist aukey noch einfacher als andere Mitstreiter! It is gibt keine crypto Klopfzeichen, sondern nur zwei!!! 2x und 2s. It is gibt zwar noch ein 3x tippen, aber Siri wĂŒrde ich jetzt nicht unbedingt like this benutzen.

Thema Apfel und Ladezustand Gives Ohrhörer: wird auch bei iOS 14 angezeigt. Leider nicht einzeln und auch vom Marie gibt keine Anzeige. Of the War auch schon gives einzig negative (andere ziehen yesterday gleich Sterne ab, Banausen).

Gives Klang ist ausgewogen has dipped einem guten Punch untenrum. Die mittleren Töne sind zurĂŒckhaltend aber nicht unterdrĂŒckt. Die Höhen sind teilweise etwas zu prĂ€sent, gives könnte man evtl quickly a einem Loudness character denken, besonders wenn sich tiefe BĂ€sse has dipped hohen Tönen treffen. Ich höre ĂŒberwiegend Rock und Metall, aber auch Reggae - yesterday kommt give Tiefe Tomb like this richtig gut zur Geltung.
Wer nicht Dips Give Apfel Luft Kopfhörern klarkommt sollte sich has given Headset bad anhören und auch bad lÀnger ausprobieren!

ErgÀnzung: Fast load meint yesterday give schnelle Laden give Headsets, nicht gives Laden give the chance dipped gives von qualcomm entwickelten Technik.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Die Kopfhörer sind sehr schön are Ohr. It gives Klang ist SĂșper. Die sind auch angenehm und leicht zu tragen. It gives Akku hĂ€lt richtig lang und has dipped dem Lade-Marie kann man viel Zeit unterwegs Musik hören. Auf dem Lade-Marie sieht man wie ungefĂ€hr gives Akku geladen ist. Die Kopfhörer werden schnell USB has dipped C geladen. It has dipped it gives Touch-Funktion ist given Steuerung von Musik oder Anruf sehr schnell und praktisch.
Gives Draws ist modern und elegant. It has dipped Harm Kopfhörern kommt noch eine kleine USB-C Kabel und drei Paar Ohrstöpsel von verschiedenen Großen.
Quotes Preis/Leistung ist hoards, weil die Kopfhörer hochqualitativ sind und quotes werden auch perfekt fĂŒr Fitness und Joggen passen. Of the integrierte Mikrofon funktioniert sehr Gut, wie erwartet. Die Verbindung has dipped dem Handy ĂŒber Bluetooth ist schnell und einwandfrei.
Ich Cube sehr begeistert von diesem Kopfhörer und meine Erwartungen werden gefĂŒllt, deshalb kann ich dieser elegant und praktische Kopfhörer nur empfehlen.
5 / 5
Cube sehr zufrieden. It gives Klang ist Gut, Die Passform ist then , dass ich sie sehr gerne trage und sie mich nicht stören. Die Ladezeit ist gut, as dass sie fĂŒr mich beim Lauftraining immer einsatzfĂ€hig sind. Auch Die mitgelieferte Box 8gleichzeitig Ladestation und powerbank fĂŒr quotes Kopfhörer) ist praktisch und gut. Die Gesamtnutzungsdauer ist fĂŒr mich optimum. Bisher kann ich immer mehrere Stunden damit Musik hören. Also alles rundum well.
5 / 5
Had need has given to purchase a pair has given cuffiette True wireless, objects now already diffusissimi that I dream states done in all he sauces, for when I go the run, in the way gives distrarmi a bit and any feel he noise of the traffic, has given clacson and has given all rests. His sleep of present Amazon one thousand one thousand models, instead, considering that for which do fault the me any need has given a listen necessarily big ad loyalty (also because during the course any one is suitable he suitable place), have tralasciato the costliest models (gives 100 euros in his to understand) aiming more his something has given half level, averting to the same way quei so many Chinese models strangers. These Aukey honradamente My sleep sucedido in front For casualidad, poichĂš looked for something his this Chinese mark, my that however make produced has discreet data quality and sleep still known. Pushed by the price all added invitante He have purchased.
He produced presents well, in an elegant and small the guard has given black plastic the, has attracted prints come predictable, caricabile studies usb type c (optimum sews since it is in practice he new level, will be able to like this as upload always more sewing with an only digs without having to has changed attack).
Premetto That in mine If, as during the course spends with me so only the smartwatch (a samsung shows of galaxy) he pairing have done it with the clock that transmits like this as music to the cuffiette. He recognition has been immediate, launcher Sufficed the out of the guard tiled and hold premuto for a pair has given second the touch of course of the cuffiette to do them go in modalities pairing. The Successive riconnessioni with the varied devices cabbage which have done already he pairing give place for real quickly, pocolos second for real.

Coming feel?
Therefore, The quality of the sound is good. Any one fantastic but. No like this to lucida sews can depend of the fact that the streaming, coming have said, gives place of the clock quite that of the smartphone or gives another device with better chip, mine he touch is slightly ovattato, the low present dream and in abundance the mine read reputo a bit too predominant respect has measured/altos that mine have given an idea has given to be slightly ovattati, has given to remain further back in the musical scene. Any one touch viril, in fact, but any neither auricular sleep for listen it in big loyalty. It was clear, For uses he that does not owe passage a lot is at all a question, has been well mine do fault so only to listen a bit has given music during the course and this work do it benissimo. Tried With him telephone (was In audio that in call) go benissimo and do not present latenza, been born with him portable that has a bt 4.1 during the visions has given a film and has given some video his youtube. During the course any one isolate of the all (any one have some the system has isolation of date), my all added is a positive thing because leaves of mine has given to feel he noise has given cars etc and when he short in the traffic any one is May a good sews to isolate why a lot you accorgi ojalĂĄ sopraggiunge some vehicle. Like this as Personally it does not consider it a defect.

Comes 'calzano' ?
He doubt Was own this. It was concerned In substance that this generates has given produced went unstable during the course (in what some more specific models have a archetto that read block all'inner of the ear), instead has to that it says that one turns dipped correctly dream a lot stable, also shaking declares it the headphones remain to the parrot dipped, some goes back have had to push a bit the right because it was falling, my afterwards finding the just ede' is remained stable. Accertatevi Instead that I gommini are those corrected For him yours ear. I have left those Level, my in the preparation this any sleep other planned measures.

How much Last the battery?
Split With the headphones to 100, in 1:30h has given physical activity and continuous music the battery of the headphones was gone down to 55, like this as so much my give so much think that last 3 has spent, perhaps 3 past and average, has data sure any one 5 has spent to come writes the company (perhaps estimativa of history obtains using them from time to time and ojalĂĄ the alternating music call it). I signal also that During the course have lost suddenly the connection with the clock, fortunately is sucedido so only one turns.

Sews Any mine has liked?
Honradamente Just A pair has sewing of date. I reward it, coming have written more his, is the quality of the sound, good my no optimum.
Another Lagoon is The fault has given a'Application for a regulation of the equalizzatore, like this come the fault of the possibility has data regulate he studio of volume the commandos touch of the cuffiette. The other command (Change trace, pause, etc) work however quite well, is sufficient passage a bit has practices of data also mine is sucedido has given to dip in stopping unintentionally he songs while read fixed better in the ears.
In each chance, considering he price has given grieve 40 euro, any fat sleep complaints and rest quite satisfied of the product. Another Bel work fact gives Aukey that he confirms a mark gives to hold in consideration for products tiled good quality and of the competitive price. 4 stars deserved.
Service optimum Amazon Coming always.
5 / 5
has left to 2 description originally, now this is to result 0 if this would be possible, here is reason:
after writing the short description in this product (sees down), several different people (appointed Doris, Jack) of the email addresses have deprived different has begun partorisca bomb me with emails as 'of the papers of excuses' valleys of amazon of the offering yes deletes my description. I do not know reason are like this desperate partorisca take touched of of a sincere negative critique so only but this would not owe that be a way that solves questions, is pathetic imo. I am surprised that this low company a hill like this, has used partorisca be good...
I supposition will stick with Anker in a future, does not disappoint never

See under an original 2 description:
Subject with a chance and with an availability of Auky service of client

A earbuds is quite well, the sound is good but so only if you tweak he with some EQ like his pre-dipped in the grave heavy profile. They are comfy and a touchpad law well. In general () any one (be) the bad product (he..)

This in spite of..
A chance is quite economic built for my flavour, a lid is a lot of flimsy and his magnet is not quite strong, feels kinda fragile. They are having subject with an indicator of battery also. I have assumed that some lights would owe that look when you plough a lid. In mine, his lit on randomly, or he a lot at all ( are really annoying). I ask like this it will affect a process to touch.

Am considering to return them, but has loved to ask Aukeys cure of client in his first website. Trying rid the message two times, unsuccessful (message of system roughly question of coverage). Also it has looked for to register my guarantee, to to any success neither likes him the number of model EP-T28 can not be found in a cast. It would expect more than Aukey like me usually like his products..
5 / 5
✔ The emballage is a lot simple but effective. At all Of wasteful of Goleada and is joins well has chosen.

✔ One it opening of the box finds boĂźtier of chargement with his Ă©couteurs inner, lucido boss of recharge, his look, gives embouts of the adapter of games of different measure the Ă©couteurs in the functions give ears and joins guaranteeed of 24 month Aukey.

✔ He boĂźtier black laquer goes to line quickly think but would find to join small pochette Games rangement.
His Ă©couteurs is a lot light and maintain truth well to the ears.

✔ To the level of the Edges is more than correct. A light noise of Fond if in fact attention for real but this does not prevent to listen of the music or to look give video. Lucidos I edges is quite strong without bad of drop. His voice is not dĂ©former to the equal that of the sud another Ă©couteurs that has been able to declare.

✅ Can any also speak Of the Transport of the autonomy does not have it still declare. It would redo surement A commentary some time.

✔ He Tactile gives Ă©couteurs is wise truth. At all need Of acharner in Games to change of music or pause have dipped. Lucido Swipe of main is a lot quickly taken.

✔ Has declares 3 or 4 pairs Of Ă©couteurs without edge and to the every time have them go back the transport was true any one. Here I am very satisfied Of my product.

✔ To see in Lucido Commentary to time these steps but touches the instant can that recommends him to you.

Gone back To the sud my commentary with which 1 month of utilisation :
❌ Takes the star has joined 🌟 parcequ'a diverse recovery his Ă©couteurs is connecter while they were in the box and in my stock exchange. Besides when I want to order him thick failure that turn manuellement touches that his dĂ©connectent.
✔ The autonomy of level is some Well can spend easily joins after the midday the look joins series or to listen of the music without question.
✅ There is sure enough the commentary Gives micro rayures to the sud he boitier with lucido time but at all of a lot of mĂ©chant.

Are some satisfied Of the mine compraventa, thank you Aukey.
4 / 5
ich Cube leider jemand give gives Pech hat dass er are Kopfhörer gives öfteren verliert. Deshalb sind fĂŒr mich teure Kopfhörer Apple of wing airpods keine Option.
Trotzdem gefĂ€llt mir Gives ansprechende Creation und give consolation Musik komplett kabellos zu hören. It has given Kopfhörer bedienen sich direkter Designsprache give aktuellen Apple airpods jedoch in einer fĂŒr mich ansprechenderen schwarzen Variant.
Ich hatte bereits Gives ein oder andere Paar und kann In dieser Preisklasse deshalb sehr gute Vergleiche ziehen. Generell ist Give Klang The gut dipped einer Betonung auf Tomb. Damit sprechen Sie vor allem Hörer von Hip-Hop oder elektronische Musik besonders one.
One gives Handhabung gefĂ€llt mir besonders dass quotes Kopfhörer erst bei zweimaligem drĂŒcken oder berĂŒhren ansprechen. Of the erspart versehentliche pausieren oder ansteuern give Musik wenn Man nur Place of data im Ohr wieder zurechtrĂŒcken .
Einen Stern muss ich leider abziehen weil quotes Kopfhörer sich immer wieder versuchen dipped meinem Handy zu verbinden auch wenn ich sie bereits zurĂŒck in data ladeschale gelegt habe Punkt gives habe ich bis jetzt bei keinem anderen Kopfhörer gehabt und is kann natĂŒrlich heart dass ich ein montagsprodukt erhalten habe Punkt gives ist fĂŒr mich jedoch kein Grund sie zurĂŒck zu schicken gives ich give bluetooth normalerweise sowieso manuell ein und ausschalte.

FĂŒr mich haben sich Quotes Kopfhörer von Aukey zu einem angemessenen Preis gelohnt und ich hoffe dass ich damit noch lange Freude habe.

Gives ich meine Kaufentscheidung Last von give Bewertungen anderer Nutzer abhĂ€ngig mache habe ich noch einige Bilder zoom GrĂ¶ĂŸenvergleich give Kopfhörer angehĂ€ngt.

Markiere meine Bewertung noch Dipped einem 'nĂŒtzlich' Falls of the mir einen Gefallen tun willst und given Bewertung deine Kaufentscheidung positiv beeinflusst hat.
4 / 5
‱ First impact: If it sees and chairs suffered that extracted has given an accessory has given quality. The headphones go in perfectly in the ears And Any harm annoyance not even dope one'now has given utilisation! They arrive In preparation gommini has given renewal and has limit of data a lot whenever any went well those “premontati” and he cavetto for the ricarica. The guard is resistant and he tappo magnetic does he that A lot he open accidentally.
‱ Autonomy: I have uploaded Entirely auricular and guard to the prime utilisation and does not dream still attained the download them! However, I think that The guard attain the ricaricare both headphones at least 3 goes back; The ricarica is swift. On the frontal Part of saves it here sleeps four has Directed that indicate the quantity has given load rimanente was in the phase has given ricarica that has given download. When I dream all lit has given target, wants to says that the guard and the auricular dream entirely charges.
‱ Quality: both headphones have He microphone In low and a soft key-touch in big (sleep lucido planned party rivestite gives film protettiva celestial, in photo). Regarding the keys the sfioramento, any immediate sleep the mine does not forgive a swipe! A Tap to answer announces a telephoned in arrival and a tap to interrupt! Planned tap on the sinister receiver to spend to the song precedent, the tap foreseen his that right to spend to the subsequent song! Three seconds has given tighten for the accensione and three for the spegnimento and like this street! In round-up, In good substance, coming all the monotasto, sleep assigned more functions and he libretto of the instructions aukey and clear and simple: it suffices bear a glimpse and memorise all he combinations. Audio in call and during the reproduction has given perfect songs with also good basses! Quality Of the microphone anchors it gives to define! I dread that he condition has given auricular mating-telephone, decree the quality of the conversation. Any one have ancore very understood which was discriminates!
‱ Diverse: Mine like tantísimo the combination has given sounds that Aukey there is chosen For him notifications! The receiver issues diverse sounds when it lights, turn, mates, disaccoppia! You can Spent these headphones everywhere and use them also during activities which run, bicycle, walked reason a lot of himself sfilano.

Expect that this opinion was Useful.
5 / 5
The appearance is a lot fashionable, voice any impurity, a prize is still relatively satisfies
5 / 5
With several types of wireless headphones in my possession (Diadem, with strap, etc) launched to buy these of edges of the same format that popularised Apple, that thinks that that they would be a help my daily work, of then during the day he a lot of labour meetings the través of the mobiles and the result any one could be better.

The headphones for him included has an autonomy of some 5 hours of alternating use (active 2-3 hours and another 2-3 hours in wait), that has added to the battery in his base of load, has auricular partorisca the 25 hours that fiancée... Or more.

The time of the load of the Base is of small time (30-40 minutes) and the load of frames of base in 2 hours and of the half comunicacionales.

In that has respected The quality of his, is sincere, any edges some Bosé or with the a lot of technology actuated partorisca tombs, treble, etc. But partorisca me looks me a correct sound, pertinent fog , sin or interferences. If it look for quality of his neither these neither almost any of these Edges to write that researches, would be mayormente of diadem and orejeras, so that you amuse at most of the sound.

His tactile Control is formidable for when you exercise, can spend of song, pausar or reaundar the reproduction and the best... It can command controls of VOICES The Google (that is my chance ) or SIRI (any one can confirm he). According to the number of pulsaciones (tactile surface) identifies the action that is doing and L mine love.

His fact of light weight that calm the doors dipped and neither calm learn you that calm the doors have dipped. With his variety of tampons will be able to find so better rule L yours ear so that has a consolation of mayor and enlargement of the absence of external noise.

@In rodeo... I bought him to see the one who such era this type of headphones and now spends it always on.

Besides, am going back me a defender of the mark AUKEY, of then have several objects for house of this mark and all his synonymous edges of quality and robustness.

Compraventa Excellent!!
5 / 5
Quality of poor audio, constant clicks of some lefts and some bass distorts bad. You take that has paid to suppose.
4 / 5
Leave to the cabbage says that these coffiette bluetooth dream ALMOST optimum.
He touch is optimum, will say that it is The part more than the entity has given these headphones, in fact he touch is a bomb, deep basses, clean and fluent audio. Mina Regarding the argue microphone and call, any here are suitable, he have tried everywhere (discord, normal calls, calls WhatsApp) at all gives passage. He have chosen own Thus, the mine that tries in first person of mine have for real deluso.
Instead The comfort is very good, my no optimum, in fact he hold for more has the data has spent planned, already you result uncomfortable, but can say that in these has spent planned result very comfortable.
In spite of this, sleep a lot read.
One' another pecca has given these cuffiette is Touches, in fact go back he to fix better, without wanting to it go back backwards or dip in pause (announces example his Spotify while it listen the music), also this he penalises a lot.
In spite of all I defects, but remain of the good headphones.
Expect this opinion has seen was resulted useful
4 / 5
These are auricular excellent : quality of the his solid, controls of good touch, and fast connection. Well value a prize and very easy to use. It would recommend to any any one the simple but pair of big quality.
5 / 5
Dream years that purchase produced Aukey And No east has been an only goes back in which it have been deluso tiled quality has given a product. It gives collector has given auricular In-ear any one can that appreciate these headphones that show has long big data cualitativamente upper to the crumb expectations, with a ratio quality price he say small inigualable. Any sleep the best that have May purchased, mine the this price a lot can pretend has given more: present and incisive basses, altos in the norm, reduction of the noise among the best, listen he maximum volume perhaps slightly carente, modulation of the frequencies has given sound announce of bets aurocolari has given fascia meso-big. Any one can have has better data considering cost.
Hands To the amazon come always punctual and precise.
4 / 5
Adds for music and is comfty in of the ears and whose falls was all the time but realy bad to call
5 / 5
Dream years that purchase produced Aukey and any mine have May deluso!! I buy often auricular, especially in-ear since sleep a lover has given music and has technology of date. Any one can that appreciate these headphones, with a ratio quality price he say small inigualable!! One this price not having competition: present and incisive basses, altos in the norm, reduction of the noise among the best, modulation of the frequencies has given sound announce of bets aurocolari has given fascia meso-big. I advise them For the remarkable quality of the sound and of the battery announce a price bajĂ­simo.
Hands To the amazon come always ineccepibile!!!
4 / 5
Quality of his very clear & crisp ,& a volume is WELL , will say a Aftersales the service is that it shines
4 / 5
has Bought the headphones for the positive critiques and reasons had had a question with him jabra 75t (micro cups of 5 second or more to dip the mobile in the pocket). He Aukey Any one arrives to the quality of the sound, but neither can ask a lot. The question is that after uploading them to 100 at night, and the sin uses him, was the 50 or less to the following morning. A the third time that had uploaded the (in 2 days) and remain the battery sinned almost, has decided to give.
Returns to say that comfortable Edges, and very sensitive control them to them tactile.
Like negative Appearance (for some) is that the volume Any one arrives the very big levels.
4 / 5
PartidĂĄrio Of soya of the mark and have another receiver of Aukey, in concrete the EP-T25 that in those the edges to measure a lot equally.
These headphones bought of then the forwards gave the good result but these have indicated that there was even more down, and sure enough his basses of incredible edges.
To be some the small receiver tan saves big power in his interior.
Access to stand out that the materials look more resistant and more First although the brilliant swipe of the box that marks a lot the impressions.
Weigh it and short Edges a lot of resemblances to the model EP-T25 previously mentioned, reason continue resultant comfortable, compact and light.
In that L the connectivity, in the telephone sĂșper fast. Besides I joined him The My Box S to see film and series. It joins Sinned any question although yes calm the hips has connected irons to the telephone, is will be much faster and will connect in the first place the he and any to my Box.
HAS a small delay in my Box in that the the synchrony of audio and video, but can correct easily in regulating of some reproductores.
The assistant of voice and response of Genial microphone, the tactile sensors are very situated, that it easy and intuitive sea to the hour to control them.
4 / 5
Vorab wĂŒrde ich gerne Gives Hersteller loben.. Ich habe bereits einige Artikel von ihm gekauft und habe Is deny bereut und wenn doch bad Was war, dann ist gives Kundenservice nicht zu toppen.
Jetzt aber zu Damage Kopfhörern.. Sobald The man gives Artikel aus gives Schachtel nimmt, man of hat direkt gives GefĂŒhl ein hochwertiges Produkt manually zu halten. Macht wirklich einen guten Eindruck. Of the verbinden Hat auf Anhieb geklappt und gives His ist sogar besser als ich erwartet hab. Auch Quotes Steuerung ĂŒber Touch of data-the tampons find ich gelungen. Alles In allem ein tolles Produkt und empfehlenswert!
5 / 5
He touch is very good grieve He cuffiette remove tiled apposita saves yes connect automatically to the cellular small sleep and comfortable Any one slip losa ears the battery any used excessively attains is lasted he also 5 days and yes upload in 2 has spent
5 / 5
have tried a lot of wireless headphones and all mine have deluso any so much for him touch mine for him microphone for him calls. These instead Dream very Cost was To listen the music that to receive and inoltrare calls, vocal messages etc. Dream satisfied of the purchase done. The ancore of what more pleasant dream the commandos Touch that surrender everything much simpler
5 / 5
Lately have tried diverse solutions tws has given fasce diverse has given market. This is undoubtedly The best solution under the €50 among which testadas.
Dream possessore has given amazfit powerbuds (was clear cost more than the double) and affianco The these any sfigurano for nothing. He aukey sleep less enfatizzate on the frequencies down and To listen genders more 'cleaned' almost he prefer, while for the electronic music he amazfit perfect dream. In round-up quality better Audio of the planned, his nitido also in the spectre of the frequencies halves (has usual data as economic deficitano own his these conclude restituyendo he classical sound ovattato). Optimum calls. Good also Comforts.
Mine likes also he service has given Planned guarantee years dope the recording of the product that aukey is resupplying.
5 / 5
Ich suchte Bluetooth-Kopfhörer lediglich, a damit Telephoned wĂ€hrend Gives Autofahrens zu fĂŒhren, Sprachnachrichten ĂŒber WhatsApp zu verschicken und hin und wieder ein bisschen Musik zu hören.
Klingt einfach, ist Is aber nicht. Denn viele von mir ausprobierten Kopfhörer wiesen insgesamt irgendwelche inakzeptable SchwĂ€chen auf, Die ich yesterday im einzelnen nicht aufzĂ€hlen möchte. 😊

Quotes Aukey Kopfhörer kamen Dank Amazon wieder einmal sehr schnell und pĂŒnktlich bei mir a. Danke dafĂŒr.

Schon beim Auspacken bemerkte ich Gives qualitativen Unterschied zu anderen Umkartons. Vielleicht ist Is auf give Photo erkennbar... It is wirkt sehr nach gives typischen Appleverpackung. Irgendwie schön. 😊

Quotes erste Verbindung has dipped dem iPhone funktionierte wie von selbst. Kopfhörer eingeschaltet, auf dem Given Handy Kopplung bestÀtigt, fertig.

A dieser Stars kommt jetzt gives große „Aber“. A Data Kopfhörer nutzen zu können, mĂŒssen sie zunĂ€chst aus gives Ladeschale genommen werden.
Und Gives frage ich mich: Welcher Wirrkopf the hat gives Teil gebaut?! Die Kopfhörer sind derartig schwierig aus dem LadegerÀt zu bekommen, dass is schon was von einem Geduldsspiel hat. Vor dem Hörgenuss wird Also erstmal gefummelt und geknibbelt. Bad eben nutzen, ist nicht. Ich brauche Quotes Dinger beim Autofahren und gives ist ein einfacher Zugriff - Deckel auf, nehmen, einsetzen - enorm wichtig.
Like this kann ich die Teile nicht nutzen... egal, ob sie nun qualitativ In Ordnung sind oder nicht. It gives muss deutlich nachgearbeitet werden.

Gives is sehr viel bessere Alternativen bei Amazon gibt, tax ich in diesem Fallen deutlich von Kauf dieser Aukey Kopfhörer ab.
5 / 5
Quotes Aukey Kopfhörer wurden mir von jemandem empfohlen, gives ich kĂŒrzlich ein schlechtes Erlebnis has dipped anderen Bluetooth Kopfhörern von einer anderen Sign hatte, die gar nicht funktioniert haben und von sofort zurĂŒckgeschickt wurden. It has given neuen Aukey Kopfhörer sehen sowohl verpackt als auch einzeln Gut und edel aus, in einem kleinen, eleganten, schwarzglĂ€nzenden GehĂ€use, aufladbar ĂŒber USB. Die TonqualitĂ€t ist gut, gives Tomb ist voll. Ich nutze sie ausschließlich Has dipped dem IPHONE 11. Ich Cube jetzt nicht gives Hifi-Spezialist, a mich ĂŒber Audio-Feinheiten auszulassen, aber fĂŒr meine AlltagsbedĂŒrfnisse sind sie völlig in Ordnung, ich habe keinerlei Beschwerden – auch im Vergleich zu meinen normalen Apple-Kopfhörern place Kabel (die Apple-Kopfhörer place Bluetooth habe ich wegen gives imho unverschĂ€mt hohen Preises nicht ausprobiert). Die Aukey Kopfhörer haben keine Latenzzeit, wenn man einen Films und Video ansieht. Bei mir halten Quotes Batterien in giving Praxis one 4 Stunden, wenn ich viel Musik höre, gives ist fĂŒr mich auch völlig in Ordnung. Bei mir passen sie auch Gut In data Ohren. Ich brauche noch Quotes richtigen BT-Kopfhörer fĂŒr meine Boys, aber kleine Presents dipped kleinen Ohren, wie more Bondadoso oder Jugendliche, brauchen vielleicht eine kleinere GrĂ¶ĂŸe als has given, die ich besitze. FĂŒr meine Nutzung sind Has given Kopfhörer jedenfalls genau richtig.
5 / 5
Ich musste mir ein paar echte kabellose Kopfhörer kaufen, jetzt sehr verbreitete GegenstĂ€nde, Given in allen Saucen hergestellt wurden, a mich ein wenig abzulenken und gives LĂ€rm von Verkehr, Hörnern und all dem nicht zu hören sich ausruhen. Bei Amazon gibt Is tausendtausend Models, aber wenn man bedenkt, dass ich fĂŒr gives, was sie brauchen, nicht unbedingt ein big-Loyalty-Hören brauche (auch weil is wĂ€hrend give Rennens nicht genau gives richtige Ort ist), habe ich quotes teureren Models weggelassen (von 100) Eurocopa bis zu verstehen), indem man sich mehr auf etwas von mittlerem Level konzentriert und auf die gleiche Weise die vielen unbekannten chinesischen Models vermeidet. It has given Aukeys sind mir zufĂ€llig zufĂ€llig begegnet, als ich nach etwas ĂŒber has given chinesischen Marken suchte, die aber immer noch Produkte von anstĂ€ndiger QualitĂ€t herstellen und immer noch bekannt sind. Angetrieben von dem attraktiven Preis kaufte ich sie. Of the Produkt sieht Gut aus, in einem eleganten und kleinen glĂ€nzenden schwarzen KunststoffgehĂ€use zieht is erwartungsgemĂ€ĂŸ FingerabdrĂŒcke a, kann ĂŒber USB Typ C aufgeladen werden (ausgezeichnet, gives is praktisch give neue Level ist, können wir daher immer mehr Dinge has dipped einem einzigen Kabel ohne laden Angriff Ă€ndern mĂŒssen). Ich erklĂ€re, dass ich In meinem Fallen, gives ich wĂ€hrend gives Rennens nur die Smartwatch (eine Samsung Shows of Galaxy) bei mir habe, die Paarung dips give Uhr durchgefĂŒhrt habe, die dann Musik a data Kopfhörer ĂŒbertrĂ€gt. Die Erkennung erfolgte sofort. Nehmen Sie sie einfach aus Gives HĂŒlle und halten Sie Gives Touch-Teil gives Kopfhörers einige Sekunden lang gedrĂŒckt, damit sie gives Pairing-Modus wechseln. Die nachfolgenden Wiederverbindungen dips give verschiedenen GerĂ€ten, place denen Sie bereits gekoppelt haben, erfolgen sehr schnell, wirklich einige Sekunden. Wie fĂŒhlen Sie sich? Daher ist Dies KlangqualitĂ€t gut. Nicht großartig. Ich weiß nicht, ob Is will give liegen könnte, dass give Streaming, wie gesagt, eher von gives Uhr als vom Smartphone oder einem anderen GerĂ€t has dipped einem besseren Chip erfolgt, aber gives Klang ist leicht gedĂ€mpft, gives Tomb ist vorhanden und reichlich vorhanden Ich waystation sie fĂŒr etwas zu dominant im Vergleich zu gives Mid / Highs, was mir Idea dates gab, leicht gedĂ€mpft zu heart und weiter in giving Musikszene zurĂŒckzubleiben. Sie klingen im Gegenteil nicht schlecht, aber sie sind nicht einmal Kopfhörer fĂŒr big-Loyalty-Hören. Lassen Sie mich klar CorazĂłn, fĂŒr Harm Gebrauch, gives ich von ihnen machen muss, ist is ĂŒberhaupt kein Question, are Ende muss ich nur etwas Musik wĂ€hrend gives Rennens hören und sie machen gives sehr gut. Versuchen Sie Is dipped dem Telefon (sowohl In Audio als auch in Anruf), sie sind in Ordnung und haben keine Latenz, noch place dem Laptop, gives 4,1 BT hat, wenn Sie einen Film und einige Video auf Youtube ansehen.
5 / 5
Ich habe mir als Geschenk fĂŒr eine Kollegin Has given Kopfhörer ausgesucht. Kriterium Was Bluetooth, okaye Ladezeit und USB-C. Alles ist Yesterday gegeben. €40 ist jedoch ein wenig zu viel. It has dipped Harm Gutschriften im Angebot ist is aber well. Die SoundqualitĂ€t ist meines erachtens sehr gut. Sie sind sehr klein und SĂșper transportable. Die Kopfhörer halten eigentlich einen Labels aus ohne Probleme bei normaler Nutzung. (Immer Bad wieder zoom laden In Boxes of data). Die Kopfhörer laden relativ schnell. Of the einzige Manko, dass ich habe gives manchmal give linke Kopfhörer sich ausschaltet. Wenn Man ihn kurz a und wieder aus schaltet geht is aber wieder ohne Probleme. Habe Is jedoch schon 2x in 2 Wochen bemerkt. Ansonsten sind Dies Kopfhörer cup.

+++ Bluetooth 5.0 (Gute Effizienz + SoundqualitÀt)
+++ His
++ USB-C
+/- Preis (HĂ€ngt vom Angebot ab)
-Hat sich schonmal ausgeschaltet
5 / 5
have wanted to try to see the difference with him Freebuds3, like this as mass suffered all'ear the quality looks optimum comes cleansing of the sound, afterwards dip and remove with him Freebuds you accorgi that are missing all a series has given frequencies he touch is emptier and in call mine say that seats much more intubato, while he freebuds3 difference is in the comfort for coming sleep done he freebuds have fear that mine fall during the external activity this no... Sleep very very stable A lot of himself schiodano during the sportive activity...
Find too sensitive Touches for dx and sx during long calls with skype gives pc quality any eccelsa mine my sentivono... The this price vote 4... The 80 euros he freebuds better dream mine any for the sport
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Quality Of the very big product! He touch seats for real a lot well and the battery attains lasted It parecchie spent in that it has sufficed to dip them in the astuccio to obtain the ricarica fast in pocolos small. Comfortable Gives used In how much incastrano a lot very all'ear.. A mine notice also he ratio quality price is good, product considered has big data fascia

Top Customer Reviews: AUKEY True Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
A earbuds is surprising YES USED indoors. When Using indoors, a quality of his east amazing and a ANC works! When I Turn a ANC on, the riadas was all the noises of heater and external traffic.

Using these alfresco in another hand is terrible! I can a lot included enjoy the alone song without a earbuds that cut in-and-out of the each one 15 seconds..

Like this totally would recommend this calm mainly is using these partorisca INDOORS, but I steer clear is planning use his alfresco.
5 / 5
Well has had these takes so only to the long of the week am impressed! The pairing was a lot of easy and functions of law to touch well takes some taking used the paste one something legislation in buds. Quality of his excellent out of 10 would give them 9. Calls of telephone is good and clear for me and another person that listens. Life of battery partorisca continuous game am taking them more than 3hrs has a lot exactly the timed. It has Given 4 partorisca annulment of noise so only reason has them has not changed tips of ear this in spite of one east classifies of free in my ear but when the turns he on or was has the noticeable differentiates. It has Bought these partorisca around a house like my jaybird seen the uses partorisca run hurt my ears with which 45minutes to an hour. A quality of his is not quite like this as well as my jaybirds but is a lot afterwards the good bass concealed is not distorted. I produce it adds point of excellent prize! Calm will not be disappointed, and is probably complain roughly everything in all the chance🙃
5 / 5
A product feels economic. The controls the touch is gimmicky. The annulment of noise is good but turning it on takes some taking used to and drains a battery a lot quickly.
HAS the Sound of good Balance this in spite of.
5 / 5
A quality of his east amazing. I have used different branded earbuds, this earbuds is comparable to these some with the smallest prize.
A Battery a lot the time is that hard, has has had to that so only touches once in 3 days. Annulment of sum of laws of the noise.
4 / 5
The sound adds, the life of battery adds and the crystal clears in of call them. Produced excellent.
4 / 5
Sounds to surprise, ANC is well for a prize. Any subject with a connectivity never & a life of battery is sum. It produces the quality has built is excellent.
4 / 5
Are the big defender of wireless earbuds and headsets, and ossia my second Aukey earbuds, and loved him really.

Build & To draw:
‱ a chance is plastic black , simple and compact measure, liked really one 4 has DIRECTED lights of that indicates to touch and
life of battery.
‱ USB C to touch
‱ A earbuds is (Airpods way), and comfort it felt in my ears

‱ Bluetooth 5.0
‱ IPX5 the resistant water

ANC action
‱ has found an Active noise that annuls a lot of (not liking a Airpods Pro) but still noticeable.

Quality & of Calls of the sound
‱ A quality to touch surprised me, is really well, deep and strong bass, there is not remarked any latency while
looking Youtube
‱ has found a quality to call well too

Battery & of Controls
‱ the controls are a lot enough, but found any way to create or down a volume
‱ A life of battery is good but has has not counted hours and small

loves the estimativa ANC earbuds, with quality of his well, really would have to them try
5 / 5
Of these buds has the piece of ear of the soft silicone there always will be some external sound that can listen you.
A noise that annuls no the silent fact when you are listening without music, but do a lot well minimise a sound of a half when a music is touching.
A quality of his this surprisingly good and a lot included concern me roughly that careers out of battery during a day.
A chance the touch is quite small and included can return amiably in some of these pockets of small coin in tejanos.
Feels the little light like any one I usually associates with products of big quality, but these to good sure is not you cheapo Chinese knockoffs.
4 / 5
My second pair of Aukey wireless earbuds is the swipe. ANC In this prize is quite crazy but neither takes your hopes on that it is like this as well as ANC in the pair that cost 3 times more. Thus prize, this pair of earbuds are so only adds. It remarks an access is quell'has bitten big for my woman but return me perfect.
5 / 5
A Competitor adds of another earbuds has produced. His summer the plus of 2 days have not touched this in spite of aiming 1 more day... yuppy...
Loves this product and I recommend to all the one who there is wanted adds bazz system, 1000 annulment of noise and perfect for travesĂ­as long..
4 / 5
Already has had the Leading model but my better partner has bought these and when it left him to me and spoke of the annulment of active noise and tried him there is hallucinated with them, like this calm here have me with the same and any can be happier.

Counts the plus aventajado of these:

✅ Annulment of active and passive noise, translated, the passive edges the tampons that spends, and actuate it that it is to take the sound of out and issue contrary waves the one who his (says with my words) that annuls it the external noise.

✅ Experiences inversiva Total, is concentrated in entirely the music sinned that at all you distract you, is really incredible.

✅ The extremely easy configuration, pulsar the receiver and after looking for in of the devices bluetooth and party with Aukey.

✅ Period a lot well of battery, using them some 3 hours to the day uploads it once a week.

✅ Compatible with Alexa or a lot another assisting, looks for the songs in the cellular or ask with a swipe that dipped you your musical cast preferred.

✅ To spend it the different tampons adapt to the listened perfectly so that any movement at all.

✅ Now in doubts of summer much more, resistant edges to the sweat and the fine rain.

✅ Also can spend the songs with sweet tactile swipes, any needs of hay to give swipes or presionar a lot the external difference.

✅ And the plus of entity, the quality of the sound is a lot well, listens big and with the clarity sinned sprains to the maximum volume.

⚠ An improvement at all at all, edges geniales and the estimativa of the quality of the reaction is totally so only.

📝 Taking Bandage of notes exercises to the outsides can be necessary delete the reduction of active noise, partorisca east presses in brief the right headphones for the actuate and to desactivar, the security is the prime minister .


am using them The newspaper and the difference of my elderly auricular these any one is gone down in the period of battery hanged he of all the load that spends already fact, is more he maintaining hard more the base to upload that with the first cariche, sees that with which several cariche and of download them the battery has better established, continuous think and more for the prize that edges some big headphones that accompany in my hours for the street or doing deports the most sinned place the continuous doubts be the bubble in that remain you thanks to the reduction of the active noise that has.

Taken some doubt in the receiver, for goodness any doubt in asking me, will be has wanted to you help and will answer you the first possible, attended have you helped đŸ‘đŸ»đŸ‘đŸ»đŸ‘đŸ»
5 / 5
Als Hobby-Tontechniker und Hifi-Enthusiast kam is fĂŒr mich bis vor kurzem nicht in Frage, mir Bluetooth-Kopfhörer zuzulegen. It has dipped dem Kauf meiner Garmin vivoacitve 4 ist Is nun allerdings möglich, wĂ€hrend give Sport auch Musik ĂŒber die Uhr zu hören, logischerweise aber nur has dipped Bluetooth-Kopfhörern. Dementsprechend habe ich mich auf Quotes Suche begeben und cube yesterday fĂŒndig geworden. Aukey kannte ich bereits von diversen Netzteilen und Kabeln und War immer sehr dips give QualitĂ€t und dem Preis-Leistung-VerhĂ€ltnis zufrieden. Auch Gives Preis passte genau In mein zuvor abgestecktes has presupposed und like this lagen given Kopfhörer einen Label spĂ€ter im Briefkasten.
Verwöhnt von meinen Kopfhörern und Lautsprechern fĂŒr mehrere Hundert Eurocopa, habe ich meine Erwartungen dann realistischerweise recht niedrig angesetzt, wurde aber wirklich ĂŒberrascht. Die Kopfhörer sind recht hochwertig verarbeitet und sehen meiner Meinung nach deutlich besser als quotes AirPods aus, auch wenn gives Creation unverkennbar will give angelegt ist. It gives Sitz im Ohr ist fĂŒr mich perfekt, wenngleich Gives natĂŒrlich von Ohr zu Ohr variiert (ich habe eher kleinere Ohren). Die Bluetooth Verbindung funktionierte auf Anhieb und unterbrechungsfrei, die Touchbedienung ist praktisch, reagiert jedoch manchmal has dipped etwas Verzögerung und USB of data-C Ladebuchse spiegelt gives aktuellen Regulate wider. Nun aber Zoom Klang: Zuerst is erwĂ€hnt, dass Die Kopfhörer deutlich besser als quotes normalen AirPods klingen, die AirPod Pro konnte ich bis jetzt noch nicht probehören. It gives Klang ist recht ausgewogen, kein The extremes that Touch, ganz selten etwas harsch im Hochton, fĂŒr gives beeindruckend trocken im Tiefton. Die Mitten sind angenehm prĂ€sent, die BĂŒhne recht unspektakulĂ€r, aber keinesfalls schlecht, fĂŒr gives aber die Instrumentseparation wieder cup. Insgesamt machen Quotes Kopfhörer echt Spaß und haben meine Erwartungen in vielerlei Hinsicht ĂŒbertroffen. Gegen meine A ein Vielfaches teurere IEM können sie natĂŒrlich nicht mithalten, fĂŒr meinen Einsatzzweck und Quotes AnsprĂŒche gives meisten sind sie aber genau richtig.
Nach Likes viel Positivem nun aber auch noch etwas Kritik: Die yesterday in vielen Rezessionen angesprochene ANC-Technik funktioniert wirklich nur eingeschrĂ€nkt, was aber fĂŒr gives Preis auch wirklich nicht zu erwarten ist, weshalb ich yesterday bad keinen Stern abziehen möchte. Stimmen und Has sawed werden ungefiltert durchgelassen, wobei man yesterday auch einmal erwĂ€hnen kann, dass die Kopfhörer durch ihren Sitz quotes AußengerĂ€usche schon angenehm abdĂ€mpfen. Aber gar nicht, wie In vielen Rezessionen geschrieben, funktioniert gives ANC auch wieder nicht; bei monotonen GerĂ€uschen, wie LĂŒftungsrauschen, Flug- oder EisenbahnlĂ€rm hört man einen deutlichen Unterschied bei aktivem ANC.
Vom mir gibt auf jeden Fallen eine klare Kaufempfehlung!
4 / 5
Dream arrived The these auricular thank you the description his canals youtube and to the optimum aunt opinions read his Amazon.
Amazon , Coming to the usual, fast and efficient : orderly Friday , Saturday handed 😊 .

Tries The give you lucida crumb evaluations according to this scaletta that usually utilisation :

INDOSSABILITA' -->when you use of the headphones in_ear is fundamental to use the tappini just reasons any one choose/find those corrected No very will be able to appreciate he true estimate.
These TWS arrive With 2 couples has given tappini + 1 already mounted and thank you all'ergonomia of the headphones also dopes past diverse has given utilisation (roughly 3 past ) any one try affaticamento : it promoted.

CONTROL -->In these TWS mine of touches of the sleep, unfortunately, ANY ONE control EVERYTHING : skip forward, backwards, vocal assistant, game, pause and function ANC : alas it is missing he control volume.

BATTERY -->impossible download them... 7h for session has given listen + 35 with the guard has given ricarica, the practically infinite sleep.

CONSTRUCTIVE QUALITY -->good Mine A lot first , he if it is has given opaque plastic and to the touch results quite economic, considered that sleep bluetooth V5.0. And they lean the function ANC that reduces the noises The low frequency ( condizionatore/fan/motorino of the refrigerator etc .Etc.) it has given 28 dB.
Investigation'conclude characteristic works
the mine has seen joint has given any one purchase these cuffiette so only for the ANC reason a lot is signal of the parrot has given force.

QUALITY OF THE SOUND -->that as come me beautiful, amadoas the basses these headphones has read have for real powerful and godibili, he frequencies mediate excellent sleep (feminine voices and instruments) and he tall remain present and brilliant !!

SOUNDSTAGE -->The feeling is that has given to be In a quite wide stanza in which the sounds arrive frontalmente and , sopratutto, without loss has given details.

PRO -->comodĂ­simas And Any affaticano he auricular canal comes others in_ear, dream an optimum alternative ad other costlier headphones mine, with him was characteristic the less than the half of the price.

AGAINST-->lacking He control Volume.

CONCLUSIONS-->Aukey is doing a lot well And in the world “dream” of Audio gone back some optimum frames, the this price (€50 for the moment of the opinion) dreams a 'the plus spent' for coming touch: ADVISED to 100 !

P.D. Have postato some Photos with lucida crumb airpods So only to do you understand he dimensions has given these Aukey.

Expect has given to have been useful.
4 / 5
Has bought these wireless headphones to use with my pill and telephone for calls of telephone, calls of video, looking video, listening the audiobooks and music. I have comprised some picture comparing them to mine another Aukey auricular (AUKEY-EP-T21), which are looked in measure, but no like this well in his or characteristic.

These headphone the sound adds, the sounds of music have balanced, and is the pleasure to listen the house for the moment or travelling. A hope of the tips of the ear isolates of environmental noise. A noise that annuls the characteristic work, and a sound is well. Generally it likes to have a capacity to listen things around me I so that it can answer the questions form some boys.

Has called of telephone is generally clear, the volume is good and another end can listen me speak clearly when I speak. The environmental sound is annulled was well for another end, with an use of a two mics in the each piece of ear. The better results are when an environmental sound is compatible background noise.

The connection to telephones or of the pills is well. A Bluetooth 5.0 do 5.0 a lot well, connects quickly and reconnects seamlessly also. A pairing among some two pieces of ear is a lot good. The sound is always in sync and level of the his (volume) is also equal.

The life of battery is sum like this far, how were touched fully when they have arrived. My telephone aims a life of battery in a headset, which is good to know when I need falls him behind in the chance.

Some controls to touch take time to take use to, as they are slightly different to one some in mine old headset, but do a lot well. A sensibility the touch is well there is aforado.

In general, these are conjoint comfortable of wireless headphones, with a lot of characteristic, this touches a lot good. Utmost cost.
4 / 5
Has compared these headphones with the airpods 2 and comments my impressions :
Edges but aparatosos, but big, when the aces in the big hand-held look, but afterwards in the ear (mine at least) any one results incomodos, turn in the tampon that leaves the arm that objective the attackers and apt perfect. Any movement neither fall . It can run with them quietly. I insist, all this depends the form and the measure of the ear. One my woman they any one is cost .
Regarding the sound, commentary that touch a lot well. Any soya a melomano empedernido, simply listens the music that like, master that touches well and that aisle of of the half and with these headphones the successful. Compared with the airpods would say that they are a lot equal. Perhaps the quality Mar better of Apple (for small) but the annulment of his sufficient east to compensate this difference and that these Aukey is worth it.
Is possible that leaves the airpods for house and these to exit L the street for the annulment of the his and his better fixation in the ear.
Expects that that has you do fault to him my opiniom.
4 / 5
Once try these earbuds, will laugh in a mugs the one who spends three to four times on branded earbuds. These are like this well in of the terms of qualities of sound.
My brother is a defender of apple and has an apple airpods. We an experience to compare his ÂŁ150+ with east difference and honradamente has had a lot small.
A quality of his this upper quality . The tomb is a lot good. An annulment of noise is acceptable.
The wireless connection is consistently stable and sure.
In general, the quality adds earbuds and highly recommended.
Has forgotten to mention, delivery and fast of packaging and effective.
5 / 5
I really like these headphones as of the alternative abordable to Airpods. In some ways are inferior, for example, these are main and a chance to touch is fatter, but in another hand, this very better life active of battery and have better compatibility with telephones of Android, as well as when being considerably more economic!

A quality of audio is better that would have expected. For some last few years, has used to start with he-on- Bose QuietComfort 25s. To take these headphones has been expecting the significant downgrade in qualities of audio, but something fresher and comfortable to spend in a summer, but is resulted to be less than the committed that had been expecting!

An Annulment of the Active noise in these headphones is the bit of the gimmick, slightly will reduce a sound of constants of environmental noises like this of the car engines, but has found has not tolerated good wind and he stronger. Mina Bose QuietComfort 25s has real ANC and is much better. This be has said, a 'canal of tips of ear of the silicone of these headphones resupplies to focus good around your canal of ear, as they already block a lot a same background noise with a ANC has changed was. To be sincere, has not expected any one a lot a ANC considering a point of prize in all the chance.

Like me some controls to touch. Two taps in some legislations earphone to skip, two taps in some have left to go to a last song, alone tap to take, triple tap for your Assistant of Google, and control to toggle an Annulment of Active Noise.

In general these resupply the solid option for wireless earphones. Has the life of good battery, has controls of useful touch, the sound adds, is returned comfortably, the blockade was noise more environmental, and is the good prize. My few complaints are smaller.
4 / 5
Result quite comfortable. Both things that more like me Edges the incorporation of USB characterises C and to period of the battery that is excellent.

The annulment of noise is that sincerely it had not comprised, reason does not remark at all. If desires this characteristic, has to go the for a row of upper prize (€150 from now on). One me especially any one interest.

In general is a product that like of a lot of and sees that has quality of finishings, expects that the well of start of the battery like the powerbank that has of this mark that exceptional edges, steps 6 months sinned to upload and any one loses cariche.
5 / 5
Has decided to order these earbuds after using both wire fence earphones, and wireless earphones with the boss to connect for years.

In the first place of a bat, a liberty was utmost, when being able to dip neither one or two in and movement roughly without the restrictions is of sound. When Looking something in my laptop was able to rid a earbud my fiancée and could both sample and listen to a laptop without being stuck well in each another any one able to move.

A connection is easy, there is pulled partorisca grieve a earbud out of a chance, is looked in mine Bluetooth ready, and once one has been connected another has connected immediately. It is so only roughly 1 - 2 seconds to take of a chance until they are connected and ready to touch, like this usually ready for some times are in my ears.

A connection is strong, was able to leave my telephone in my fourth and travesĂ­as everywhere in a house, so only losing connection for the second when in a furthermost point with 3 rooms among a earphones and a telephone.

Quality of his east orders, the levels are perfect without need for adjustment, and is quite strong can be in the tent fill and any ear anything but my music.

A microphone is usable, but a person in another end of a call probably would prefer you so only use your telephone, as while they the microphones choose on your voice well, also choose on all some noises around you. They are well for situations where you can not resist your telephone this in spite of.

In general is the product adds for the prize adds. Aukey Still again looks for to be one of a better in a subject for almost everything produces.
5 / 5
I have decided to order these earbuds after using both wire fence earphones, and wireless earphones with the boss partorisca connect for years.

In the first place of a bat, a liberty was utmost, when being able to dip neither one or two in and movement roughly without the restrictions is of sound. When Looking something in my laptop was able to rid a earbud my fiancée and could both sample and listen to a laptop without being stuck well in each another any able to move.

A connection is easy, there is pulled partorisca grieve a earbud out of a chance, is looked in mine Bluetooth ready, and once one has been connected another has connected immediately. It is so only roughly 1 - 2 seconds partorisca take of a chance until they are connected and ready partorisca touch, like this usually ready for some times are in my ears.

A connection is strong, was able to leave my telephone in my fourth and travesĂ­as everywhere in a house, so only losing connection partorisca the second when in a furthermost point with 3 rooms among a earphones and a telephone.

Quality of his east orders, the levels are perfect without need partorisca adjustment, and is quite strong can be in the tent fill and any ear anything but my music.

A microphone is usable, but a person in another end of a call probably would prefer you so only use your telephone, as while they the microphones choose on your voice well, also choose on all some noises around you. They are well for situations where you can not resist your telephone this in spite of.

In general is the product adds for the prize adds. Aukey Still again looks for to be one of a better in a subject for almost everything produces.
5 / 5
His Ă©couteurs maintains well in his ears without forcing. They are very light, Included boĂźtier. The reduction of works of the noise well Touches his continuous edges (train, cars..). It can use the Ă©couteur alone legislation but any one left.

Lucidos Edges to a lot of basses, truths of gender a lot, has used a Ă©galisateur games to reduce them a bit and is very better. They are no Expert in audio like six a lot if the quality is excellent or any but lucidos the edges is clear.

Lucido micro Is no bad but failure to approach of the mouth is in a place bruyant. Apparently The quality is well.

His controls are tactiles and have of the bad.
1 Games of tone to do pause, for a part or of the another
2 games to do that it follows to legislation and precedent the left (often very relieved)
3 games activer a the vocal assistant (never used)
He and the step of control of volume

In functions of the telephone lucidos edges little be estrong' still to the minimum, example of pair to the sud a s10+ while to the sud a oneplus 7pro is a bit better

At the end complain any and has had concerns of the autonomy touches the instant
4 / 5
was skeptical in past on the the use has given auricular to come these, because he 'bastoncino' that exits tiles ears judged it antiestetico. Afterwards In vacaciĂłn have seen a sack has given of the people use has given this type and my sleep convinced. And I have done well. For the moment this bastoncino another A lot does that stabilise coming creates has given positioning respect he forum of the oreccio and he wolf. In this way, walking , any one slips the street come mine do like that have without. Further of the this, read inside east is like this technology for these headphones. It gives a week uses at least 8 pasts to the day avenges headphones has given work, and he ripongo so only for lunch in the comfortable parrot guard, that he ricarica he just. Any one have ancore ricaricato the basetta to dare one'the idea has given the one who last in this way. He ripongo to him 19, he light to the 8,30 ... 1 now it has given pause. I have beaten my seat benissimo He telephoned and the music, that in the basses 'aspired' a bel pĂČ. I have interviewed some Present Whose have telephoned, and also in the almost extreme (transport while it drove) mine have said that seats well and that a lot were accorti of the fact that was transports. I will say that The cancellation of the noise works a lot well. I conclude appearance: the comfort: he according to day has given utilisation of the auricular ape ( can has used one had gone back, prevails the right and afterwards the sinister) looked for it for riporlo that will be in the the guard sweated and did not find it: well, it was in my ear and a lot me a lot of was accorto. I will say that it explains well It Avenges they are comfortable... Now already it is clear that AUKEY that I have Seen Always Come Chinese mark, was producing objects has given very tall quality gone in this chance, with an eye also my look very interesting on the aesthetic breakings. It gives to advise!
5 / 5
Gives mein neues Smartphone keinen Klinkenanschluss mehr hat und kein Kopfhörer mitgeliefert wurde, war ich auf give Suche nach ein paar gĂŒnstigen aber guten Some Wireless Kopfhörern. In giving Preisklasse one €50 herum gibt is eine riesige Auswahl a Kopfhörern und like this fielen mir die Aukey als „the election of the amazon“ ins Summit. Zoom einen besitze ich bereits zwei verschiedene Powerbanks dieser Marke, place denen ich ĂŒberaus zufrieden Cube, und zoom anderen gab is zoom Zeitpunkt give Bestellung €5 Rabatt.

Give vom Hersteller selbst direkt aus give EU versendet, waren die Kopfhörer dank Prime of Amazon bereits zwei Hack spÀter bei mir (ich hatte erst spÀt abends bestellt).

Geliefert werden Quotes Kopfhörer inkl. Zubehör -wie mittlerweile Fast ĂŒblich- in einem schlichten Karton ohne großes Brimborium. Im Karton enthalten sind Quotes beiden Kopfhörer in giving Ladeschale inkl. bereits aufgesteckter AufsĂ€tze (mittlere GrĂ¶ĂŸe), eine Schnellstartanleitung, eine ausfĂŒhrliche Anleitung, eine schicke Garantiekarte, ein USB-C-Ladekabel, sowie zwei weitere Paar SilikonaufsĂ€tze (klein und groß).

Sowohl Quotes beiden Kopfhörer als auch quotes Ladeschale waren vollstĂ€ndig geladen, sodass ich sie direkt verwenden konnte. Nachdem ich Quotes Schutzfolien entfernt habe, welche die Kontakte give AUKEY Kopfhörer schĂŒtzen, habe ich sie in dying Ohren gesteckt. Yesterday War ich gleich give erste Bad sehr positiv ĂŒberrascht: in meinen Ohren sitzen quotes Kopfhörer the place gives mittelgroßen SilikonaufsĂ€tzen sehr gut und angenehm. It is drĂŒckt nichts und ich muss nicht stundenlang Are richtigen Sitz fummeln. Dabei sitzen Quotes Kopfhörer sehr sicher im Ohr, denn selbst beim testweisen HĂŒpfen, „Headbangen“ und 2 Test-Burpees rutschen sie nicht aus give Ohren.

Give War of pairing eine Know von Sekunden (Smartphone of Android) und schon kam aus beiden Hörern quotes Meldung „has Connected“. Als ersten Try habe ich ein paar extrem basslastige StĂŒcke abgespielt und the war gives zweite Bad sehr positiv ĂŒberrascht: die AUKEY Kopfhörer liefern ordentlich Bumms, sodass ich gar nicht auf Idea dates komme ĂŒber einen the bow gives Grave anzuheben. Trotzdem sind Mitten und Höhen differenziert, wenn auch nicht Like this klar wie bei deutlich teureren GerĂ€ten. Pertinent bow: fĂŒr quotes Kopfhörer gibt is keine Application, in giving beispielsweise die Firmware give GerĂ€te aktualisiert oder Hörprofile angelegt werden können. Nach verschiedenen Musikrichtungen kann ich fĂŒr mich festhalten, dass Die Kopfhörer fĂŒr Basslastiges und ideal partorisca Pop sind und bereits out of gut of boxes klingen. Rockige StĂŒcke, Metal und Instrumental sind well. Ich hatte schon schlechtere Kopfhörer und In giving Preisklasse und auch give Bauart ist give vollkommen well.

Quotes Steuerung ist umfangreich aber kompliziert gelöst, gives given Kopfhörer bis zu dreifaches Tippen als Eingabe akzeptieren. Yesterday ist dann auch give grĂ¶ĂŸte Kritikpunkt One gives ansonsten ĂŒberraschend guten Kopfhörer: it is fehlt die Steuerung give LautstĂ€rke! Ich Cube also gezwungen entweder give Handy aus give Pockets zu nehmen oder quotes LautstĂ€rke ĂŒber eine ggf. vorhandene Smartwatch anzupassen. DafĂŒr hĂ€tte ich dann gerne auf Give Kommando fĂŒr give Sprachassistenten verzichtet.

Hinsichtlich Give angepriesenen ANCs War ich von Beginn a skeptisch, ob give bei Kopfhörern in dieser Preisklasse wirklich funktionieren kann und meine Skepsis war berechtigt. Vergleicht Given of man UmgebungsgerĂ€usche bei eingeschaltetem und ausgeschaltetem ANC, so that hört man kaum einen Unterschied. Nur wirklich laute GerĂ€usche wie Hundegebell oder laute GesprĂ€che werden abgeschwĂ€cht und klingen als wĂŒrde Man sich ganz fest die Ohren zuhalten. Alles andere wie z.B. Musik, ein laufender Fernseher, ein TelefongesprĂ€ch oder StraßenlĂ€rm kommen ungefiltert durch. FĂŒr mich persönlich ist Give kein KO-Kriterium, gives ich eh kein Freund give totalen Abschottung cube (gerade draußen und im Straßenverkehr), aber immerhin wird dies vom Hersteller in großen Bildern angepriesen. Mein Vorschlag: lasst Give ANC weg und implementiert stattdessen Quotes LautstĂ€rkeregelung.

Über Give Audio-Codec AAC unterstĂŒtzt give Kopfhörer die Musikwiedergabe in HD. Sowohl bei Youtube-Video, Netflix als auch Amazon first Video konnte ich keine verzögerte Tonwiedergabe erkennen. Wenn sie vorhanden ist, dann ist Quotes Verzögerung like this minimum, dass ich sie als 08/15-User nicht wahrnehme.

Ein weiterer kleiner Kritikpunkt ist Quotes Klappe give Ladeschale. It has given öffnet nur one 90°, sodass sich give Entnehmen give Ohrhörer place großen Fingern schwierig gestaltet. Bei Apple Airpods öffnet given Klappe etwas weiter, sodass die of man Ohrhörer sleeps leichter entnehmen kann. Die Ohrhörer selbst sitzen bombenfest in giving Schale und lassen sich selbst dipped starkem SchĂŒtteln nicht aus give Schale schleudern.


FĂŒr -€55 (nach Abzug eines €5-Coupons) habe ich mehr bekommen als ich erwartet habe. Die Kopfhörer klingen erstaunlich gut, sitzen bequem und sicher im Ohr und sind sauber verarbeitet. Touch of data-Steuerung ist gewöhnungsbedĂŒrftig, lernt man aber relativ schnell. It gives mir ANC nicht wichtig ist, kann dessen mangelnde Funktion gut verschmerzen. Jemand Give darauf aber Wert legt, wird the place Gives Kopfhörern nicht glĂŒcklich.

Ich persönlich kann Quotes AUKEY EP N-5 weiterempfehlen.
4 / 5
Are very satisfied Of these Ă©couteurs that, games lucidos prize, rid of results very good.
There was before Give Aukey EP-T21 so it can compare some Signals among his two (touches those that doubt to jump lucido any) :
‱ Have the impression that his EP-T21 was adapted more to the morphologie of ears of month, but his EP-N5 is at any rate quite comfortable
‱ the passive isolation : one better peel of the sud his EP-T21, but is surement because of the fact that has corresponded better the ears of month. As Of this Point of view thinks that that this varies of person the person.
‱ Active reduction of the noise : it is there him the the main interest gives EP-N5. Honradamente Did not expect Me to of him well is resulted. Has A Sennheiser HD with reduction of the noise also, and fulfilling his EP-N5 much more effective in my chance. Work in a half quite bruyant (exits them of enclosed Test with a lot of noise of followers, climatiseurs etc
). With The ANC activĂ©e, in planting to feel a very strong noise, the chair enough joins type of light of continuous white noise. Without the music is quite special « » likes to feel, but with Of the music in forgets it quickly. It had bought it touches it to him concealed, how is perfect.
‱ Boitier Of Transport/of load : quell'USB C is clearly a plus (if your telephone is USB C, this does a boss less
) the pair against is boba, but fulfilling that it is exited his Ă©couteurs of the boitier is some pas simple. This in spite of do not owe that toes very fat, but is no evident owing to the capot that does not emigrate that one 90° (would have done fault 130° think). Then In normal Utilisation any question, but when it loves dipped the very quickly touches to take a call via Zoom/of Squads, well is no evident.
‱ Audible quality : any seen Of difference with his EP-T21. It finds The quality of the good Edges, included a lot well when it looks the measure gives Ă©couteur this in spite of. It is this in spite of smaller that mine Sennheiser HD 4.5 !

In the neighbour are like this very satisfied, and recommend them.
Lost Never will not dip €200 in Giving Ă©couteur some wireless that loses easily, and whose battery will be surement died in 3-4 years max in all the chance.

A note that has had a very odd bug : fat white noise in his two Ă©couteurs (the a lot of in the first place), more at all no ( of appairage, the Ă©couteur the legislation has not uploaded even more when mine in him boitier).
To the boss of 30min all has gone back to the normal
5 / 5
If yours that asks yes would owe that take these or no, and looking in of the descriptions to decide, sees this pleases read the.

Are the crazy apple, and love my AirPod pros. But has has wanted to something bit it more abordable for general use and for when my partner is using mine AirPod pros (70 of a time that goes to use them). There is scanned Amazon for the good while and stumbled by means of these, and has taken the casualidad. And I have been impacted.

Touch to use USB-C, a future. Coming on Apple! They touch sĂșper fast and a life of battery Is sum.
Is extremely easy to pair with any mobile device, Apple inclusa iPhones.
Have the easy controls have seen to touch, control for 2 dry to actuate the noise that annuls, tap partorisca take, tap two times to skip and tap 3 times for assistant of the etc. Easy voice.
An arrival and quality in these, compared to some other true wireless earphones has used is surprising. Quality very big.
A crazy black chance and earphones look and feel add.
You in fact apt and stay in my ears, with pieces of changeable ear.
In fact take the 24 product of month has comprised with your order, which is reassuring.
A prize is absolutely currency he.

So only downsides for me is that a noise that annuls is not a better and to change some pieces of ear was quite fiddly, but the big hands can have had something to do with that.

Is looking for Well, of confidence and abordable true, wireless earphones would recommend that it buy these.
4 / 5
Good quality, engine of decent speaker. Of the one who Expect sĂșper to to strong volumes like them these is 6 x 9 in yours automobiles or at all. These are enough there is well has loved the pair to cycle in and happy to inform that I spent him with my helmet on and he withstood trails and has not fallen was or at all in the 6 walk of now. The majority of characteristic of the entity is in good sure quality of call and the music that the good and clear sounds.

Has touched a chance once like this far now and the receiver there is not exhausted never in battery.

A good:
Comfy pair
quality of Good call
Well for music that is not hard or tinny at all.

An annulment of the active noise does not look to do a lot in my experience
There does not look to be a support of application to regulate a bow. It can be available but there is not founding an in my investigation

In general:
Probably in accordance with some better small headphones and utmost like any boss. I have listened some of some economic pairs are not the value that waste your money on but ossia the pair adds and will be like this useful especially to the equal that can use so only a a headphone (only right) master so only have one in.

Attended ossia one the majority of useful and sincere description in general.
Gives the graces to read.
5 / 5
Im Vergleich zur Upper-Rezension habe ich im producing keine Erfahrung, cube aber auch Musiker und kann sicher etwas zu give Kopfhörer sagen was bisher noch nicht gesagt wurde.

Zoom Einen: GerĂ€uschunterdrĂŒckung. Sie funktioniert tatsĂ€chlich und Give gar nicht Like this schlecht. You were to give ganze aber etwas ad absurdum fĂŒhrt ist die Tatsache, dass is sich bei give Aukey Ep N5 entgegen give Aussehens nicht a richtige In-of the ears handelt. Kennt ihr Give bei In of the ears, dass ihr immer genau give richtigen Winkel finden mĂŒsst und dann alles außen dumpf wird und has given leichte DruckgefĂŒhl entsteht und man weiß 'jop, jetzt sitzen given richtig'? Of the gibt' yesterday nicht. Zoom einen haben Die Kopfhörer 2 Druckausgleichsöffnungen auf give Innenseite, einen richtigen eal' kann man also gar nicht erreichen. Ausserdem ist Given 'natĂŒrliche' Abschirmung gegen UmgebungsgerĂ€usche eher auf dem Level von Airpods und the hat dipped in-of the ears nicht viel gemein. Ganz ehrlich, Gives fĂŒhlt sich erstmal sehr komisch one. Und damit sind wir beim nĂ€chsten Thema: Selbst Place ANC aktiviert ist Die Umgebungsabschirmung... Well. besser als ohne und Man merkt gerade give Tiefen Frequenzen definitiv einen Unterschied, aber ich hatte schon in-of the ears ohne ANC welche gerade hohe Frequenzen deutlich besser abgeschirmt haben - einfach aufgrund give Bauform. Wer sich davon ein Bild machen sollte sich Give the test gives Mpow X3 auf rtings ansehen, has given scheinen ein sehr Ă€hnliches Verhalten one gives Seal zu legen wie given Aukey.
Ich kann jedoch nicht nachvollziehen, dass yesterday oft geschrieben wird 'Give ANC bringt nichts und is rauscht', denn give klingt like this als ob die Rezensenten give ANC test zu Hause in giving Wohnung gemacht haben - denn ja, is stimmt, is kommt ein leichtes Grundrauschen dazu, aber give spielt ĂŒberhaupt keine Rolle, wenn is extern GerĂ€usche gibt, die auch nur einen Hauch lauter als give Grundrauschen ist. Leute, ANC ist nicht fĂŒrs stille KĂ€mmerlein gedacht. Und gerade tiefes grummeln von Transports, Bahn oder Flugzeug (kann the man dipped testaudio auf Youtube selbst vergleichen, wenn man gute Lautsprecher besitzt) werden von give aukey wirklich merklich gedĂ€mpft.

Tragekomfort: Sehr angenehm. Rutschen nicht raus, aufgrund Give fehlenden eal' muss man sich auch keine Gedanken machen wenn sie etwas verrutschen. Sitzen schön flach im Ohr, sodass the man dipped denen sogar auf give Seite schlafen kann ohne dass is direkt unangenehm wird.

SoundqualitĂ€t: Joa. Typische China-Abstimmung. Sad, ich kann give Upper-Rezension wirklich nicht zustimmen wenn sleeps von einem 'ausgewogenen' klang gesprochen wird. Die EP-N5 haben ein sehr starkes touching, gerade give Bereich von 3-5KHz ist sehr hard angehoben (ca +9db, zoom Vergleich, gute Hifi Lautsprecher haben einen Frequenzgang von +-2db, gute monitor of studio von +-1db, yesterday reden wir von - 3db/+9db, gives ist ziemlich schlecht). Dadurch klingen Stimmen sehr höhenlastig und frauen stimmen eher trötig. Wer Quotes Kopfhörer etwas entschĂ€rfen sollte unbedingt einen EQ einsetzen und quotes Bereiche a 50Hz a 3db, 4KHz a knapp 9db und 8KHz a knapp 6db absenken. Danach klingen Given Kopfhörer tatsĂ€chlich recht angenehm, was fĂŒr ein starkes touching, aber keine aufdringlichen Summits spricht - sprich, ein Bow kann aus has given Kopfhörer tatsĂ€chlich noch a lot Menge rausholen. Daher auch 4 Sterne.

Nachtrag:Im Anhang mein persönliches EQ The profile Was to give Kopfhörer in meinen Ohren ein recht natĂŒrliches Klangbild verschafft. Vor allem Frauenstimmen klingen durch Quotes Anwendung give EQ deutlich natĂŒrlicher.

Akkulaufzeit: Bisher Well, ist nicht negativ aufgefallen.

Empfang: Ebenfalls Total in Ordnung bisher.
4 / 5
These are surprising for a prize, has galaxy buds to the equal that have come with my telephone a quality of music is surprising this in spite of a mic for call them is poor and the people have fed this behind in of the multiple occasions. An economic plus aukey the headphones have come on him on offered and based in some descriptions spent. In of you call them although an audio has not been bad has on chosen background noise and distracted and one 5 habladurĂ­a of now the time annoyed so that it is still in a telephone the majority of a day but all the world have asked has confirmed an audio is a lot clear which is a reason requires them. Like this goodness to the east compraventa a sound is so better with the noise that annuls, time of habladurĂ­a augmented to 7 hours and he far plus 28 in a chance and again the people can listen me like this clearly, some lights of level of the battery in a chance is the good touch also.
5 / 5
Lucidos I edges give Ă©couteurs is very good. He boĂźtier of rangement that does battery of recharge without the edge is of slips and small measure easily in the pocket has joined. It touches his calls lucidas the edges is a bit stifled to touch his speakers but in seating me very this in spite of pair against me chair his calls to the equal that has had my telephone to the ear this in spite of better transports that his Ă©couteurs was intra auriculaire done that ca blockade lucido external edges.
Lucido The boss of load is resupplied and is of type C, that is transport very practical my telephone is also of type C that that does not have need that of a the boss touches his two. The battery maintains well and his Ă©couteurs remain well in Place in his ears. They are Tactile and Simple to use. I am satisfied.
5 / 5
State using TWS auricular of then 2018 has had the few pairs in that then but finally solved in a redmi airdots which have has had to that a start of last year, a life of the battery has not been like this well so when I took him so it has been he of tower int stages and seriously considering that it takes another pair of these so many is decent allrounder in the @@subject-estimate-of basement... But I have seen then these, less bad inside a category of estimativa but in fact looking annulment of active noise!

Goes in in of the double a cost of a redmi some but that still the very economic but of a specs, is an improvement in the pair of the respects obviously there is ane ANC (which there is no @to @give was included available in sub ÂŁ100 earbuds until I have seen these) but also a life of the longest battery and a fact is USB C. I have imagined these some am cost a punt so only in these specs .

Like this happy took him! A quality of his absolutely blows a redmis out of a water, this some serious grave band some better Ive has had on any in ear earphones but also the upper final really a lot of has balanced this mine at least really does not touch partorisca like estimativa earphones at all and judging of a sound would not be impacted had been said this cost folds a prize. A ANC acts quite well, entirely cut out of a buzzing noise of the defender of office and when I tried it against the television that the strong touches in a background turning in a ANC yard out of the big volume of a sound muting and muffling the majority of him was. Really I can not compare this to another ANC to to devices like him to him these is some premiers have used but was that it impresses this in spite of. An only downside has had was with some tips of silicone, thinks that are to somewhere among a half and a big of one some concealed is gone in a box, but was fixed easily to the equal that have had one some in a redmi some I so only swapped on.

The photo is the comparison to measure vs a redmi some these are to bend a prize but also in another joins Yes is considering among one 2 would say to spend an extra and take a Aukey
4 / 5
-Ricarica fast type C
-Easy gives to dip
-Dope reward it manual connection, dopes connect autĂłnomamente sufficed that dip directly he auricular to the ear without owing passage another, here dipped roughly 5 second and dope will feel 'connected' same cabbage of sewing another receiver
-lasted battery

-only receiver works right only cabbage
-light latenza look video
- dip has given gommini has given greatness also slightly more grown or long a lot close well he cover
-a lot of himself can regulate volume of the headphones

Quality audio 3.5/5
Low 4/5
Volume 4/5
Quality Audio called 4/5

I use he to listen audiolibri especially, sdraiati he bed a lot fall
4 / 5

quality of Microphone. This was one the majority of characteristic of entity for me. It has not had a lot it revises roughly I have taken it like this to bet. The people have spoken to in a telephone there is not complained and has had long conversations also.

Quality of his good east, swimming that surprised but he certainly done a work.

Returns really well. I prefer a measure an elder, has some decent weight to them like this stay in some better ears.

A sensibility and place of some keys in a buds is perfect. Calm can touch him to move them roughly without causing an action. My old pair has used to call a leading recognition that it was the ache. These, if calm press them for incident, so only will touch/to take that is looking/listening to.

A black colour Kills certainly looks better that an aim... Less pod to air wnker.


Slightly fiddly to exit of a chance.
4 / 5
Has taken these for my partner for Christmas to the equal that has loved the pair of wireless earphones for Christmas to be able to go skating with.

Has read some descriptions and was very impressed and has thought would try him was to do sure has done.

Was very easy to connect. I so only looked for in Bluetooth and a device is coming on immediately! In a Bluetooth the frame can dip to audio and/or calls (showed for screenshot: Samsung S10 more) to the equal that to good sure does in devices of android.

A quality of his this a lot of clear in a device and I usually prefer in receiver of ear like this usually ear buds fall out of my ear, but also give pours of different ear to do sure can find a right access for you!

Comes with the boss of USB that atasquemos to a fund of a chance to touch up. An indicator FOCUSED of for life of the battery is useful to know when you are running out of juice and require the load up.

A product in general feels really durable and I like a black finishing kills in a chance.

A prize is a lot too like this some of an official telephone branded some are to bend a prize! How it is the really good shot .

More probably take the second pair on its own name for with which Navidad :D
5 / 5
possesses the pair of expensive Samsung Galaxy Buds (Gene.1). I have been taken for amazing like this concentrated to stand up to a Galaxy buds and beat them included in a department of music.

The packaging is the joy . Simple and has recycled material. PartidĂĄrio Big.
Has the USB-C load, S, M, & L pair of tips of ear and a buds his inside a container. Aukey Has launched in 2 years to guarantee which is phenomenal.

Measured-wise, a chance & earphones is quite one same likes apple earpods. The chance is crazy the black and have the feeling it will take the easy lines has dipped he in your pocket with tones etc.
The pairing was directly advances like me one would expect it to be.

The music is the joy to listen to. A quality of audio taken b has surprised. It beats a Galaxy Bugds delivery down. Any comparison there at all. Still with a ready application Samsung offered of telephones, fight to listen punchy lows on galaxy buds. These are the totally different history . Wow!! There is annulment of active noise also, which calm to give you audio cues to interpret if his on or era. It does not expect anything breathes it that it takes here, but work. They are still for the take was for the noisy london walk of tube, like the stay dipped ready for this update.

Bluetooth The connection is strong and does not fall off. Controls of music and google/siri the call of assistant is baked to some surfaces to touch in any earphones. The only thing that loses for me is a control of voice . It would have added the action to attack to spend that in- if some designers of product are listening :)

In general, can any gone bad with east a. Like the user of galaxy buds, confidently can recommend these in another. You will save enough to plot of money in a process also.
4 / 5
If the partner ask to recommend the pair of estimativa ANC earbuds, ossia a a . I have very tried. I trust.

To That likes:
ANC law (any as well as AirPods Pro but still quite very). Quality of his well. Comfortable. USB-C. Decent MIC. Life of good battery. Good row. Low latency.

To That that does not like : Crazy sweat of frames of black surface and grease more visible. The coverage of chance feels the little flimsy. If it has to that to to fat toes like to them the mine could be difficult for you to pull a buds out of a chance. The control to touch is the little too sensitive.

My first pair of ANC earbuds was a AirPods Pro. It was a worse experience has not had never with a product of Apple. After returning them twice, has decided also could me save a bit money and give an economic plus some try it. I have tried Boltune BH023, TicPods ANC, MPOW X3, and a lot. A lot they are absolute rubbishes (still youtubers still rent them WTF?), But there is the few gems that has found. Ossia One of some gems.
5 / 5
I at present possess Xiaomi Airdots ($ 25), Aukey ($ with which $ 10 was coupon), and Jabra Sport of Elite ($ 170 retail estimate). Here it is reason I thinks Aukey want among a three.

All three has quality of builds a lot looked and way of slender drawing. Personally it thinks Aukey there is more an Apple Airpods tongue of alternative drawing in him.

1. Aukey Life resupplied of the longest battery and his chance to touch is Type C compatible .
Xiaomi 15 hrs = 4 hrs + 11 hrs (If) (micro USB that spend of touch)
Aukey 35 (32) hrs = 7 hrs (4 w/ANC) + 28 hr (if) (Type C)
Jabra 13.5 hrs = 4.5 hr + 13.5 hr (if) (micro USB that spend of touch)

Besides, Aukey and Xiaomi has has drawn magnets to ensured a earbuds in some chances to touch (Jabra has not thought roughly security...). For Aukey, is very easy to slide out of a earbuds to take a cup. But for Xiaomi, has to literally toe a chance and the swipe in a backside to take them was (the creation sure is also that in fact risk to cause to fall them...).

Besides, Aukey and Xiaomi both has transport- was when calm returns him behind to a chance. But for Jabra, has to close close a chance for active a car was...

2. Multifunction Control
Xiaomi - a fund of push in the each one earbud, so only does on/was or the answered/annuls/calls or pause/of game. ( You will require some chinese reading skills because Xiaomi so only resupplies manual in has simplified chinese...)

Aukey - Touch-assistance of voice + of sensitive poster + ANC
has tried Aukey in my PC and was able to control Youtube (Chrome), music of Youtube (Chrome), Netflix (Application of Windows) and VLC player(the program regulates).

Jabra - Four physical funds (two in the each one), resupplies on/was and +/-, fold the tap directs more functions (strongly trust his APPLICATION) + assistance of voice (dumb-tongue)

3. Quality of his
listening the music so much Aukey and Jabra has quality of his better that Xiaomi. Aukey Offered more crisp sound and ANC. A Jabra looks to direct on base to plot. To be used alfresco, especially in of the metres for commute, Aukey certainly underlines with his ANC.

4. It holds to water
Xiaomi - IP4
Aukey - IP5
Jabra - IP67 (waterproof)

A lot does not plan to swim with any of them, while they can survive the little rainy day or my sweat of gymnasium. I am satisfied.

Conclusion, here is some four appearances thinks the majority of some potential buyers there would concern roughly. If you are in a phase for the estimativa ture wireless earbuds with ANC and down $ 60. Calm recommend you to give it shot it!

Feels free to ask questions!
4 / 5
has had Airpods and Samsung galaxy buds.
A airpods was fresh and enjoyable but my form of the ear simply is not the ones of agreement with . Ossia Reason has done one changes to a galaxy buds.

A galaxy buds is quite decent excepts that a microphone is not really good and is better in choosing all more this is spending around you another that yours voice.

These headphones have the utmost ergonomic form - at least for my ears - and qualities of sound. A microphone is clear and some characteristic of annulment of the noise in fact laws. It is surprising to see that they are better that more expensive and the big frames have established. A life of battery is impressive also.

In general am impressed really and would recommend him to any in a phase for the pair of confidence well of headphones.

I usually descriptions of update after the few months in chances something goes bad so if there is not any update that means that there is not any complaint!
5 / 5
Sincere in-description of depth

will do the description of earbuds with updates, any stimulating or anything. The experience of the pure owner...

Has bought Aukey N5 together with Mpow X3 in December 2020 for around 40 books each like this found the partorisca be good earbuds for a buck and my woman has required the pair. Seen revises both and a form of them is different, as it has loved to give the election and return another. Finishing in now Aukeys on its own name.

Day 1 Virdict - my first pair of TWEB with ANC and is surprising (for me)

Forms - Aukey has the form of big cup that leaves your ear to resist situate better, stays in situating amiably. Mpow HAS the profile he small plus and is returned the ear of my better woman to the equal that has stuck with them, as it uses tips of silicone to measure smaller in all the chance (the the use it big plus to focus better). After spending Aukey for roughly 20 minutes felt them the light ache when it takes he of my sinister ear, grooves on a hole of ear has been pressed to a earbud for an inferior part of an ear. But after spending still in an hour, has taken them has used his. As my together - whose only cost Aukey like the pair, the form can be too big for your ears. Touching the chance is slender small and compact.

Touch - the controls do amiably 1 tap for a song/youtube video and double taps skips right or has left to depend the one who earbud tones. Mpow Is better to the respect so that the and control of leaves of volume with touching so only and of the double taps to take etc. Aukey Is very sensitive to touch when any in some ears or upload. It has tried each earbuds and while listening to Mpow has chosen on a aukey earbud and his instantly connected by means of bluetooth without inclusos when being in some ears.

His - Aukey is surprising. You take a noise of low bass (20-30 hz) and clear mids and highs. The bass is not that it overwhelms and your brain does not jump in the each one has beaten in big volume. I listen to Melodic dubstep and grave heavy songs, and has has wanted to Aukeys. Mpow HAS the tomb has augmented, as it sacrifices clarity of mids and highs. Sure a sound of songs boomier and deep in the each one has beaten, but mids and highs start cupped, likes to resist your hand around your ear - phase of his more tightened and hollower.

ANC - Works, but feeble. To kettle that boils and other noises have reduced for roughly 30-40 which is resembled Mpow. Enabling ANC Adds the light white noise hiss to some speakers. It has not expected any a lot of but anything, any few helps of has bitten, needs more testing.

Battery - Any commentary in a life of battery still as I did not use him for quite long to annoy (was 80 load out of a box)

Day 20?

Supports of the client of the vendor is surprising. Had some questions and they have been answered quickly.

Upload Marie: it bit it uncomfortable to take a earbuds was. Nope The chance has the better hinge like your toes do not take in a lid.

The life of battery is sum and last for ever especially without ANC.
Quality of his exceptional east, still has impressed that well sound.
Controls of music lag for in the second
Seldom video of Youtube desyncs with touching so only the tiny bit and has the 0.1 dry retard which is not that bad and almost imperceivable, sometimes a sound takes up.

Out of a chance has to that use right earbud master. BUT, if you take a earbuds out of a chance, leave them to go to standby, and one takes a left an only and the turn on for the longitude that presses a sensor, will turn on without a legislation a. How it is the workaround he prefers the use so only has left earbud.

In general happy with a pair and would recommend him to any one is returned.
4 / 5
Has bought these for my woman to the equal that has required some new earphones and the few years have bought a Aukey Bluetooth speaker and was impressed really with him. These go in a unassuming box of map but when I opened it and has seen a headphone the chance was pleased really so it is tiny and looks very expensive with a green LEDs in a front. Some headphones seats a lot of snugly in a chance and is resisted in amiably for some magnets. A earphones is quite lustrous and easily hide under the hair of my woman how has been pleased roughly. A quality of his this very grave very deep with clear mods and highs. An active noise that annuls is revelation in this prize this in spite of - with boys blaring TV on in a fund can listen at all. In general, highly recommended.
5 / 5
It is my wireless prime minister earphones that has not possessed never or has used. Headset Is very packed and presented in the small compact box. Earphones Box-upload is highly pocketable ,finalised in crazy black like a earphones also. They are in fact smaller that has expected. Quality of his this a lot decent to the long of all the spectre. I have been surprised by the deep bass that come from such the tiny buds. Paring Is quite sincere like another product without any hassle. Once it is paired in any turns of device on instantly when I take him out of a box.

Could not take used to some gestures to touch a lot I so that it used him seldom yes at all. A thing would owe that take the account that is noise annulling. To dip it has seen simply this characteristic actuated in the better way. If it trust so only in this technology I joint you partorisca look elsewhere. Bluetooth Connection to the equal that for OEM claim. Inside the room or included is gone in a prĂłjimo proximity has not had a lot @@subject whatsover. Iv'And Also tried to go the paving down has been then the cut was.

No sure all earbuds in the industry based in a same principle but a battery in fact exhausts of earphones if it do not use them and maintain out of a box. As it Effects a product? Well, it means the battery is in constant recharging cycle until it is full and a plus recharging the cycles spends for a sooner deteriorates.

Recommends this product? Yes I .
5 / 5
Has bought these with which Amazon bots recommended the mine. Originally it had ordered a OnePlus Buds, but that has read mixed descriptions for a Buds and inform of sound for these I decided to take the casualidad and go with a Aukey. They are not disappointed! When I rceieved the I of the transmissions of what of not taking a focuses plastic in a microphone and touching put you in the each piece of ear, that thinks that does not want to take packaging unless it decides to maintain them. It could any one for a life of me comprises reason they a lot of pair and reason a microphone no đŸ€Š. Like this first it does not take a plastic of the each piece of ear and calm then can him use.

Quality of his - I has compared these my woman airpod pros and although they are not like this strong, would say that a quality of his this 75 also likes airpod pros.

Commentaries to annul - has to that be enmedio really noisy to try this. When I enable Them I do not seat any a lot of the difference among ANC be on or era.

Control - Some real negative in these is that it calms can not control a volume in some pieces of ear they. This has to that be fact in a device is connected to.

Life of battery - A have the life of long battery. Have has not had to that touch them a lot purchased him of then.
5 / 5
The sound is the better plot that expected, could not justify spending hundreds of books in Jabra and to the like but of these certainly touch utmost mine and am not sure a quality of sound could be very better really! There is abundance of low and glass his clear. They can go quite strong also.

A microphone is clear, has resisted the little conference calls like this far with the clear audio and all the world comprised me to us well.

Life of the battery so much is far excellent state and taste that is of the USB -C boss of type for a base.

The chance is good and feels sturdy, a earphones space in amiably and is magnetic in a subordinated to the equal that can be sure they is in properly.

Some controls to touch in a side of a earphones is easy to use and some instructions that come with them are clear and concise.

The pairing with my computer was effortless and taste that turn on and connect punctual to the equal that are taken out of a chance to the equal that are ready to use for some calm time dipped him in your ears.

Comes with bit of hule of different measure for some pieces of ear. Some half returns my good ears and does not fall out of easy.

24 guarantee of month is a lot reassuring also.
4 / 5
Has to wireless loved truth in the estimativa, and ossia that have taken. In an age of all when being far too expensive, has not had any way would fall one ÂŁ100-200 in Airpods, Buds or to the like, particularly partorisca of products that finally has not taken amazing audio and is so only the name of mark.

A AUKEY earpods gave all a functionality I need: for real wireless, the long load remained with a chance (typically can go weeks in my use), annuls it noise and decent audio.

The audio is well, included like my incumplimiento iPhone old some, but any one any like this as well as my Studio of altos Beaten. Ossia Well, clearly can listen and habladurĂ­a the people in the call - handsfree - and when it listens the music and audiobooks am contained with a quality.

Annuls it the noise is not a better in a world, but does not require to be. In my chance, uses him in a gymnasium and is sufficient to cut was all white noise with only the few people of evasions that shout it or that speak around me.

A subject only has had is one of some indicators of cariche in a earpods has not done never, this in spite of, has done in all other capacities for this have not annoyed never to take the substitution.
4 / 5
These headphones are excellent value for money. I have used the little different compact Bluetooth auricular with his varied idiosyncrasies and I know some things look for and wants to see.

Way - these headphones are a lot good to look in. The prize that material of looks, the a lot of amiably presented snaps enclosed touching chance and minimum, packaging of echo of map.

His - with the good snug access, give his add, the decent bass and an annulment of active noise acts a lot well. It will not block out of the jet of passenger after your but local chitchat would owe that be disdained was amiably.

Material - some headphones they and a chance to touch feel a lot of sturdy and well has done.

Facilitated of use - easy to the pair that follows some instructions resupplied, the little simple key sequences for controls. They turn it was and the load when concluded in a chance and turn on and the pair when calm ploughs it and take. Easy.

Consuelo - with a lot of headphones of this type, is like this bulky that his protrude of an ear. With these some this in spite of, is profile like this down that in fact it can him spend with my boss lying in mine pillow comfortably. As it likes to listen the music to the equal that sleep, ossia the marvel . No more walking on wrapped in of the bosses!

These headphones are brilliant, highly recommended and well value that is it cost.
5 / 5
In the first place, will say when I bought him, has not had big expectations. I know aukey the products are good but was skeptical of the his ANC. Ossia One first marks of headphones that has seen ANC thus low prize.

A quality of his east amazing, no too overpowering and is well has balanced. A life of battery is really well too and a chance of hard battery the few days of heavy use.

A ANC is not a better, but thus calm prize can not expect compared to a XM3 or airpod pros but does really well and beside an annulment of passive noise to the plot of noise is annulled was and has not had the questions that listens the same music in a train.

Global 9/10. For a prize, is perfect, ANC is decent, but want better calm then needs to spend around ÂŁ100 more
4 / 5
has Bought these helmets Aukey like offered of anniversary for a familiar, decant me for his reason already had bought produced of the mark previously and with everything was satisfied enough to date of today.
He able state to try them and he to say that edges geniales, the quality of the materials is palpable, the sound is good and a lot easy to use. Has technology Bluetooth v.5, Microphone and upload by means of an USB gone in characterises C, that is fantastic reason the majority of the mobiles already upload with the entrance said and fence in you the same carrier for the helmets also.
Liked a lot the ease of pairing, takes, split with your device and use. Besides it has tactile Detector and will be able to control the reproduction of our music with several very simple gestures with a simple swipe in the headphones. We will be able to depend a call, pausar a song, spend the the following or for the contrary gone follows it to him leading, etc. Comes all a lot very explained in the manual of user.
Come several measures for the hule, so that you can change the the short that better avenges your listened.
5 / 5
Has bought these that has used AUKEY produced previously, and has loved a law of way and operate. It was to say need of some decent headphones, especially some with the noise that annuls, but has come wireless, this was perfect. I have found these and was suprised - look Airpods, the annulment of the noise of the offered likes , and also offer changeable earbud of measures. As I have taken one submerges (in the neighbourhood of a prize of Airpod Pros), and bought him.
Was surprised like this in these earbuds. They are I N C R And D I B L And. Some bass of these units are amazing - has not experienced earbuds this produces this level of low before, and offering the very strong level of annulment of noise. Theyre comfy, Law like this announced and better, and theyre a lot well has manufactured. They look to surprise also, lustrous crazy black - not liking another alike 'Airpod clone' that have tacky lustrous arrivals, and feel that theyre that goes to break anytime.
I reccommend this to any wholehearted to any those who is in a phase for big final, quality and upper action earbuds, in the decent prize.
4 / 5
Have bought these headphones For the function of the active cancellation of the external noise, seen also that the one who of the remarce the mark has given Cupertino cost a botto.
Speak now Of the Sound and of the consolation:
He touch is clear and limpido the cancellation of the noise is fantastic in fact no this is not even need has the data has raised like this he volume, the basses do he parrot have to.
Regarding the optimum call listen was to give part of the ricevente was for the speaker.
He auricular Touch of sleep and with has given simple touch if it attains a:
-A touch
Answer/close the telephoned
Refuse call
pause/of Game
-Foreseen touch
subsequent Song/ song precedent
-three touch.
The battery is fantastic was For him auricular was for the guard, respects the description has given 35 has spent , in fact sn attained the upload them for five goes back.
Only lunar perhaps is He Consuelo, any that stanchino during the day because however very light dream mine pressano a bit, being of the headphones in ear here can be.
Ps Speak For the form of the crumb ears.

Together purchase It also a bit esoso respect The tantĂ­simos auricular , the mine has the active cancellation of the noise and any valley for real the pity.
4 / 5
Aukey Bluetooth The headphones are excellent, ANC is a lot good.
Has used with my TV has connected has seen RHA Bluetooth Adapter.

Touches the quality is excellent, has had initially doubts regarding ANC but after using them are a lot happy that no the external noise can disturb while listing to the music that/TV of looks.

One the full load can last for 4+ hours and like the backup a chance in that has it inbuilt the battery where can touch you some few headphones.

Some keys to touch are a lot sensitive, has had initially subject(touching wrong key) but calm once use to them then all good. Both (right and accident) EarPods is the sensitive touch. These are waterproof any one has had the occasion/of occasion to use under rainy conditions.

Included a quality of call is a lot a lot any complains in another side of a call. It looks he has two microphones more.

In general are by train of the master... Listing of happy Music and the voice that speaks.

Top Customer Reviews: AUKEY True Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 34 ratings
4 / 5
I have tried a lot of different closings of bluetooth airbuds on some years, but this pair takes a crown according to which the creation and the access goes. Some discharges of silicon concealed come with them resupply a lot so only the way adds partorisca reduce environmental noise, but also does sure that remains in your ears while you are by train partorisca use them. A creation of chance is also a lot as well as it protects a airbuds while you are by train partorisca spend them and resupplies 3+ cariche full. It is also usb-c, that means that I can use my telephone uploads covers it he so they are by train partorisca use them. A quality of his east also very decent partorisca the pair of $60 airbuds. It is the bass of has bitten -heavy, but using a right bow will fix concealed and is to good sure a lot enough for music and podcasts well out of a box. I produce it adds in general.
5 / 5
A lot so only has has had good experiences with my AUKEY produced in some pasts comprising chargers and bosses, but has has had also the service of client adds with them, which really me comfortable buying more than his products. Ossia Reason has decided to try out of his take on wireless earbuds. I have tried it stirs it of these in a past, but more has found recently has has wanted to upgrade to the pair of bluetooth 5 earbuds so it could do a bit to the orderly material likes the support different audio codecs in my telephone of android and pair with multiple devices. These earbuds the fantastic sound and last the good while, and when I need to recharge his so only can the launcher in his chance to touch that can it recharge his first diverse time of having to that be recharged he. Has the USB that the port touches which are always the defender of, as I can begin movement out of all these microusb bosses and only use some same bosses for everything. An also comprise the width variaty of the ear touches like this these can basically is returned any type of ear. Like this far I havent has had a lot of questions with these, and is like this more economic that airpods, as I definitly reccomend trying them was!
4 / 5
I own three pairs of Aukey earbuds now, and this space in amiably like my new “every day” earbuds. They are very light (only 5g/, which is included lighter that a 3x more expensive Jabra 75t). They are like this light I grieves included remark them, and a consolation is in fact quite unmatched. A incumplimiento the tips of ear match my ears well, and a wing of hook exerts/small in a cup of a earbuds the frames sure remain dipped (again, a incumplimiento measures it returned sum). The quality of audio is appropriate thus point of the no attended — prize of the miracles, but is so only well.

A chance is the small portable puck that included sustains wireless touching, which is excellent in this point of prize. It has done perfectly in mine Bonlion upload.

Some controls to touch law well and a earbuds is “quite fat the grip in the way that you a lot accidentally actuate some characteristic to touch while inserting or take.

A Bluetooth the row of connection is impressive — has left my telephone in a room, warehouse in another room 30 feet was, and my music has maintained streaming included this in spite of multiple wall.

Presupposed adds buds!
5 / 5
Ossia Like this well with dynamic engine and graphene the diaphragms add extra depth to a plenary and crisp sound.

Waters-the control means does a lot of need to dread a rain. Wireless touching & USB one spends the chance can be touched invernadero USB or touching wirelessly extend one 7-now playtime to 28 hours

A side of both earbuds is touch-sensitive and can be touched or pressed to regulate a volume, transmission a clue, game or pause, or access the assistant of your telephone (p. p.ej. Siri).

Isolation of noise, SĂșper-light earbuds with three measures of tips of ear. Some magnets to resist a earbuds in a chance is very strong, has any worry anything in a buds falling out of a chance, like this far is the piece adds of Earbuds.👍
4 / 5
Law to surprise. My husband has required new ear buds for work and there is prendido to do so that it has not loved to spend so much again on ear buds again. This law the surprise can listen perfect well with them during conference and of the calls of zoom. I will suggest for any to take the pair. They are utmost and likes and is hard to please too
4 / 5
Of A quality of his excellent east, especially for a prize. A chance for a earbuds is a lot lustrous, how is a earbuds they. Quality of his east well. Highs And lows is in good level. The pairing is sĂșper simple. Amur This and strongly recommend.
5 / 5
Earbuds Is very comfortable. I had it on for the long time and was in ease. They are stylish with to plot of control in the push of key. The quality of sound was orders also. Really like a packaging how was environmentally friendly.
4 / 5
These are exactly that has loved. It is it is returned my ears perfectly and stay in. It is like this very any to have agreements. And I want to that they touch in a chance. A lot compact.
4 / 5
When it has taken these products were surprised really with his same creation his quality of his this surprisingly excellent. Really I want this earbuds. Has the life of good battery and has backup to be able to well. Very easy to pair him. Creation a lot compact, light and hanged easy of the spend external. Quality of upper microphone. Really like them.
4 / 5
A chance for a earbuds is a lot lustrous, how is a earbuds they. Quality of his utmost east and was easy to connect to my telephone, which often has the hard time that does. It would say sĂșper the big value so that I have taken! They are like this happy has found these!
4 / 5
It loves him! Elegant, lustrous black creation.. Quality of his better, the looks of battery to be that I last also, good product on the dot of decent prize
4 / 5
ear Very attractive buds and chance! Amur An ease of use and perfect access in my ears. 28 Battery of life of now and touching in a chance is a icing on a better earbuds there is the long time. Awesome!
5 / 5
Draws quite lustrous and wireless touching is the good characteristic.
Comfortably access in the ear and does not feel free. It comes with 24 guarantee of month also!
5 / 5
Quality earbuds, the rectification of Voice is the low bit that another but in general is the good product
4 / 5
the product Adds, able to regulate a volume, Bluetooth the connectivity is easy and the sound is clear. The absolutely perfect work đŸ‘ŒđŸŸ.
4 / 5
Been looking for some very wireless earbuds for the moment! A Aukey some have Fast nave, the sound adds, waterproof, really adds to exit or otherwise!
4 / 5
A sound is clear with the good base and the microphone adds the one who the majority of lack of headphones.
A chance the touch is quite small the fin in your pocket also.
4 / 5
These look the good value for a money ,the life of battery is well for long careers and biking.
5 / 5
Quality of his well, Very attractive touching chance. Perfect access in my ears. More than 25 Battery of life of hours an of some better earbuds there is the long time.
5 / 5
A lot of product a lot well With the quality of sound adds
Very attractive easy way to return in my ear, the to good sure will suggest this to my fellow
4 / 5
These earbuds has quality of his add. A chance the touch is very easy to use. A product is solid with characteristic of isolation of the noise. Simply it loves that :)
5 / 5
buys this product. It is clarity of his well is perfect
4 / 5
Ossia my second Aukey earbuds, and my prime minister never a lot AirPods way.
Found him there is look of prize and feel.

‱ A chance looks different and fresco, but main that another, and no an easy plus to take a earbuds of, but have wireless touching characteristic,and the USB C port
‱ comfort it wise, some tips of silicone are very comfortable, and the work adds maintains a earbuds in of the ears during movement
‱ liked really of a control of sensitive touch, can do all has included the controls of volume how is adds.
‱ IPX5 Waters to Resist is the plus .
‱ Bluetooth 5 Are adds also for easy connection and vary wider, has found a life of battery adds, but I a lot usually hours of account.
‱ Quality of his, really well, has wanted to like sound, is clear, has Bass very generous, in general all the experience of music is sum.
‱Quality to call any bad at all, and found any latency while looking Youtube or Netflix.

Finally thinks this earbuds is good election in the prize of estimativa.
5 / 5
- Microphone and his excellent.
Quality of his comparable east the AirPods. No too strong down. Clear treble. It liked enough it bit it.
Had impressed especially with an entrance of microphone. A lot clear and no white noise.

- Compact house
Probably 35-40 smaller that PowerBeats Pro for volume.

- Pairing Very quickly
W1 the on produced chip of Apple is really well, but these are almost like this fast to pair when you plough up.

In general, the very solid cost.
4 / 5
A quality of this receiver is as to any one. One touching is surprising and is like this easy to connect with Bluetooth and a quality of sounds is a more can never possibly be. It is a better shot like this far on Amazon. A laptop that touches the chance is a lot handy to touch some headphones well in some gone. It is more especially when you are the busy person taste.
4 / 5
One of a better touching earbuds thus prize .. Tried a lot of still all has touched well but almost everything there has been a @@subject to shoot for a solid east . It remains where loves it to us to remain and sounds to surprise. State buying more aukey produced lately.. Never disappointed still.
5 / 5
Opportunely sized And comfortable to spend, these headphones have been a mine of excellent addition workout routine. A quality of microphone is impressive for his measure, and a quality of his excellent east, especially for a prize. They are resistant to water which is a lot when you are doing on the sweat, and a convenient on-controls of ear he easy to access your assistant or music of transmission without too much hassle.
4 / 5
I really liked a earbuds. If & a earbuds is a lot of stylish. Quality of his utmost east. Usually his hard to connect new devices but aukey earbuds is easy to connect. It would say sĂșper the big value so that I have taken! They are like this happy has found these! Defunding Recommends to buy this product.
4 / 5
Bought it of then last week and I m like this happy with sounds the quality is like this good. Good-looking and elegant creation is impressive.
Love his inaugural fashion. I am IMPRESSED. To good sure recommends this. Also touch the perfect present for any
4 / 5
has used so only the week like this far like this well, and a good thing is very easy and fast connection, the sound is clear, the time of battery is also well, owesome container
4 / 5
Using this product partorisca 4 days now, Any question with anything. Also, long durable battery 🔋.
5 / 5
Has connected inner little second and was comfortable to spend in .The quality of voice is good calm can trust these some partorisca the backup of battery of 5 hours .Nizza That the looks have produced also .
5 / 5
Am impressed. It is my second pair of aukey is and is like this comfy and the sound adds. I have had the question and a service of client was flawless.
4 / 5
Has bought this partorisca add my collection of auricular as really it enjoys the big quality that devices of sounds. These frames partorisca the backup adds and a life of the battery really helps me partorisca listen the music partorisca long periods of time.