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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
I add partorisca simple horse riding. A small sprocket in derailleur is plastic tho. It would assume the heavy /hard horse riding would result in the tooth or 2 if no a breaking of what whole

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
4 / 5
They are very impressed with a bicycle. One gathers was easy. An only thing I desire there has been was rays partorisca locate the cage partorisca bounce water, but ossia much smaller. My grandson dipped it to a test today. A bicycle is main then his no fat bicycle 20” which is well. It will last the pair more parco until it was grows it.
5 / 5
Some regulate partorisca do. His brakes I disks rubs of the sud lucidos disks meme after regulating and a pocola sail too long finds touches my edges of 5 years and means. His very hard speeds the transmission touches a young boy. In general c well Touches $300
5 / 5
A front chainring is too big. 40T is too big. You owe that spec the 22, 24 , or 26T reason ridibg in the snow or the sand is difficult partorisca girls.
4 / 5
A bicycle was really small, no like this big in person. When A bicycle has come, an assembly was good but a fork of bicycles was has deserted totally. It has taken that fijamente and has paid an extra $ 45. Quality very poor on everything.
4 / 5
Ossia The Chinese mark , the product done in Cina. It is probably a product of the small factory.
A quality of the production and the step and a process of assembly is rough. A number of train in a handlebar does not match a real train, and a rotation of some pedals and a rotation of some wheels are not partorisca soften. A headlights falls off after so only a walk.
4 / 5
Ossia The bicycle adds . I have purchased two, a partorisca the 6 old year, and a partorisca one 8 old year. Some descriptions of measure were something on to the equal that relates to a height of a boy. This bicycle is so only grieve too big partorisca my six old year the one who is roughly 44 big thumbs. It is in his toes of tip, but is experienced enough with bicycles that does not have any one subjects that it traces. One 8 old year is in an upper end of a map of measure and these accesses of bicycle like the glove.

The installation was the breeze , everything is to attach some bars of boss, pedals, reflectors, and advance of wheel and is trace. All some tools have required for the installation has come with a bicycle with an exception of the Phillips engine of ray of the boss for installation of reflector (the one who does not have one of these anyways?).

If they are so that it adds, reason 4 stars? Well, more than those other descriptions have said. Taking to first or according to the train is quell'has bitten hard for the kiddo. Any impossible, but chair like this the train will be used a lot of seldomly so only because of an endeavour to movement has required.

According to @subject, as another there is remarked also. Some brakes forward was massively out of alignment in both bicycles. A clearly shabby, but still walk-able. Another, a wheel forward has moved grieves. You will read some instructions and think that is to say easy, is a ray to regulate a piston, but quickly will discover a piston is already fully regulated and concealed is not a subject...

This fijamente can be daunt given a number of allen the rays in some brakes forward, but is in fact the SÚPER simple fijamente. There is two allen rays that aim to a backside of a bicycle in an assembly of brake, loosen these (does not take , so only the half turn has to that loosen his quite). I once free an assembly of brake will move left/well freely. I turn a wheel and dulcemente move an assembly until it moves freely. Then presionar some rays. This can take some error/of test, but calm will not have any brake that scrapes at all.

Done of the sure tests some brakes forward like this the process can do some callipers to brake bit it free. It follows some instructions for presionar down a piston in a brake the bit, or take some slack of a boss of brake. It tries some brakes until you take a wished prendiendo has beaten. Of these is the bicycles of girls have left some brakes forward slightly looser that some backsides deliberately. It does not love Him the panic that the brakes and that goes feet to head.

Recommends a bicycle, so only be prepared to do a bit regulating. It is not the big shot.
4 / 5
Has bought this bicycle for my grandson (11 years) and feel that it is the really the bicycle does well for a money. I have not had any questions that gathers a bicycle, some instructions are quite very written. I have had the question with a brake of disk of the front that tugs and has had to go in-line to find like this to do an adjustment partorisca east. A brake forward is not the strong likes brake of rear disk, this can require additional adjustment, but prefers that he not being like this strong (reason yes calms so only grab a brake forward accidentally, the forward the strong brake so only will launch you on some bars of sleeve.). A thing to consider is that it is the very weighed bicycle for his measure and can be too much for the girl the young plus. Also, it maintains to import that because of his weight and the width tires this is not the fast bicycle, but he outperform the regular bicycle offload.
4 / 5
This bicycle is a lot well, produced excellent. My subject is a fact that the bicycles of Fat Wheel am known typically to have 4'' rims with one 4.0 x 20'' wheel. This has a 4.0 wheel, but the rims are 3''. It has wanted to one 4'' rim like each another Fat Bicycle the bicycle of wheel has done. Maintaining a bicycle for my edges, but dissapointed in an element announced as 'Fat Bicycle'
4 / 5
Ossia the bicycle adds ! When finalising a rest of an assembly is like this easy!
5 / 5
Returning it was the hassle - of an original box was like this mangled has had to them create the frankenbox. It is interesting explaining to the 6 old year in christmas tomorrow 'here is yours is broken and is sold was and probably calms will not take one same a when you find another.' If it has arrived in a piece imagines it would have been a lot - concealed has said that it is Much bigger that another 20' bicycle of more the to paralizaciones like 8, 9, 10 of year olds.