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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Dana
The cost has verified These certainly will not cut skin, hair, or dresses, but do not cut very much more.
Buys these partorisca my edges partorisca learn to use scissors without accidents. These are sure and does not take never hurt, but take a lot fallido that tries to cut with them. They have cut so only when situated correctly and if a paper is taken both sides , as it can not use these without help.
Was very partorisca learn in scissors, but maintaining scissors of loop of the use and wants to him.
5 / 5 Nancie
The cost has checked Orders to teach girls like partorisca use scissors! I give mine 3 old year these and some paper of the construction and he maintains busy partorisca enough the moment. Any short skin or hair ( has tried that to do sure, lol). It pinch The toe at most. Better quality and almost like this economic likes some in a tent of dollar. Highly recommend!
4 / 5 Alverta
The cost checked has RECEIVED SO ONLY this product (thank you Amazon partorisca the speedy book) and has liked it like this far. Tried each one to which likes the cutting paper and he surprisingly well and is to good sure insurance partorisca small hands. Some the different cutting fashions add the bit of has amused also. It is done fully of plastic sbut still feels quite durable with this alcohol.
5 / 5 Cristy
The cost has checked Good measure partorisca small hands and some 3 run different mark partorisca endless possibility when doing things with paper, the imagination is a limit . They are pleasant and colours. Perhaps it is why they are done with colored and the plsticoes transparent concealed them look as if no like this durable to the equal that would like, and here of again toddler the scissors do not require partorisca be like this sturdy so that the need to be of the adult. If the subjects arise with these I will update my description. Like this far like this well, in general the good product!
4 / 5 Marquis
The cost has verified My edges has turned so only 2 and can use these any question. It weaves it to them of crafting and always takes disturbed that I any one leave use some real scissors. I have been excited when it has found these partorisca he. They will not cut anything but paper and maintain busy partorisca quite some time while we the together work.
5 / 5 Cayla
The cost checked While it is difficult partorisca ours young girl to real control these in such the way as to the short paper effectively, she finally improved in him. It likes that I do not owe that of worry in our girl that takes cut with these, but a trade was is that a paper has to that be resisted firmly and some scissors have resisted perpendicular to a plan of a paper to in fact use them partorisca do the yard. Partorisca We these are utmost to take the young boy has begun, any necessarily partorisca boys those who poden already scissors of sleeve.
5 / 5 Ciara
The cost has verified partorisca find them to us terrible. Yes I am sure, but also useless. Because his no cut, as maximum tear. Even I like an adult has struggled partorisca use them, and has not been able to find a corner to in fact cut a paper. Like this of course the toddler found him frustrating when it do not take results and stray interest.
5 / 5 Hayden
The cost has checked Can a lot of cut by means of more then 3 spent (which try to do to do paper snowflakes), but scissors of practical sum partorisca mine 2 and 4 year olds. Sure, and several creations of yard.
4 / 5 Priscila
The cost has verified These scissors of security are quite terrible. Sure but almost impossible to properly learn to cut with. A lot frustrating paralizacin toddlers. You recommend to use scissors to draw regulate of boys of the metal and supervising his cutting activity with guidance of course. The free frustration that way.
4 / 5 Neda
The cost has checked scissors of Wonderful practice that it is sure partorisca your small some. His utmost so that it is has meant stops. If you are expecting scissors of big quality, this short acute and without failure every time... No shabby scissors of security ;)
5 / 5 Brook
These scissors of security are quite terrible. Sure but almost impossible to properly learn to cut with. A lot frustrating paralización toddlers. You recommend to use scissors to draw regulate of boys of the metal and supervising his cutting activity with guidance of course. The free frustration that way.
4 / 5 Oscar
Scissors Of wonderful practice that it is sure for your small some. His utmost so that it is has meant stops. If you are expecting scissors of big quality, this short acute and without failure every time... No shabby scissors of security ;)
4 / 5 Bradley
probably would owe that it has known concealed but a lot really think roughly that. My girls have small hands and can use these quite well. I do not owe that me the worry roughly sweats to hurt they when using them reasons are all plastic and impossible to cut skin.
5 / 5 Brianna
My three old year loves him, still is that they learn like this to use them. An only reason has given to 4 star is reason some scissors of straight flange are the few hard to use inclusos for me. As you owe that have a paper has taught so only does not bend with some scissors.
5 / 5 Kassie
Although they can not cut hair or skin, can take the good pinch come from quite hard, and yes, the toddler will try quite hard. Also, they do not cut well enough for small cutouts for crafting. These am a lot enough for practical cut, this in spite of.
5 / 5 Gaylene
Good Small scissors, a lot of boy sure reason , so only for 4 stars is sometimes he doesnt cut a paper, has to have some scissors there is lined on correctly in a paper to cut, could be harder if your boy is smaller or taking fallido easily
4 / 5 Kam
Bought this for mine 3 old year to practise using scissors and strengthen his skills of fine engine. Fight at the beginning but once take a hangs of him really enjoys to use the and was able to maintain occupy for the long time. Some the different forms he more interesting.
I amour that went in it the band of 3 and a prize was reasonable.
5 / 5 Katharyn
These are utmost first scissors. My edges has learnt to use them quite well, but wants to take a real creation to look, calm still will require a precision of adult. My edges take me to cut was papers really fun and creations. Really amused for everything.
5 / 5 Bobette
These are utmost judge of is exited scissors for small boys. Reason are plastic, little kids cant cut his toes, cloths, or hair! They look to be very durable (any active broken after being the heavy & use fallen)
4 / 5 Marleen
Unfortunately so only some the red scissors is doing, some see one would close on every time. A blue a 'nt courts even, my edges of 4 years would finalise to take fallido when it uses these scissors. I have it that has has looked for probably the better quality a. It DOES not RECOMMEND THESE FOR BOYS!!!
5 / 5 Barbar
It take this partorisca my university project. Any @subject as it tries to cut my papaer his WONT CUT. Because of this I has FAILED my university project and now are homeless and posting descriptions in a library.
5 / 5 Camelia
Thinks s sure. A lot sure. But he s a lot last to cut some papers. The adults can be able of the do. But for the youngest boys, his couldnt he. I guess you take security , hard to give you acuteness.
5 / 5 Lanell
Half perfect stuffer for toddlers learning to use scissors. Sure to use and some creations of different leaf the fun fact some time some. Hours and hours of the confetti that does entertainment!
5 / 5 Raylene
His very still scissors of plastic security. My edges looks for to use it but taking fallidos reason sometimes some courses of paper and sometime the no. has thinks that is so only be that learns like this to use the scissors but I have tried I and is the bit finicky to use.
5 / 5 Malka
You really any court. It has given a product two stars because they do as well as the tool to learn for toddlers. (As to resist, as to open and next). It thinks each yard of pair an or two times and this was an end of his cutting life. The girls he the young plus enjoys the function that touches with them and is quite sure for the leave (with supervision because they are pointed).
4 / 5 Lorenzo
Hard to use for 3yr old or boys with subjects of occupational therapy. For this any recommended still together prime minister of scissors. The note is 3 cutting creations different , any 3 identical scissors.
4 / 5 Kelsi
You a lot always cut. Especially a green and blue to the equal that are zigzag and wavy like my boy so only uses an orange directly some. They are well for one $ 4 seal of the prize but I would buy boy of metal the friendly scissors with which time
5 / 5 Georgiann
the scissors Are to learn to cut. So only they have cut papers and is very sure.
As I am not concerned in my daughter that cut his toys or hurting she.
Very economic also.
5 / 5 Sheron
Is plastic but the short paper in fact, the has not liked him that there is not any metal at the beginning, but has changed my a lot prompt alcohol, like this calm can not cut other things with them, calm does not have to that concern too much in yours toddler using these
5 / 5 Maia
takes that these are scissors of boys but mine 3 fight to cut paper sometimes. A paper has to that be resisted tense for them to do. They are in fact he spent for another.
4 / 5 Deeann
My pocolos some amours the scissors and these are perfect! Sure leaves , plastic, cut utmost. It is really the neighbour add with the zig zag and the wave and directly.
4 / 5 Tessie
Pleasant little near. One of concealed them has the model to them the better work that a legislation some. This in spite of are not acute and utmost partorisca the boys that learns partorisca cut.
5 / 5 Sadye
Very Partorisca my toddler partorisca learn like this partorisca cut but do not cut a lot well. It tries cutting paper with them but he so only crinkles and creases a paper. At least it was not able to cut the things is not partorisca suppose to cut with them.
5 / 5 Edythe
My daughter was very excited partorisca touch with these. It is the plot of fun to cut directly and sawtooth and waves. This in spite of, like him to him all other scissors of plastics, has cut bad and is diffifult partorisca use even partorisca adults.
4 / 5 Ursula
The product adds. Mina 3 uses of year he with ease.
Loves some pocolos give different form. It is harder that use in paper of regular printer. But more used in paper of fat work. But happy with this product
5 / 5 Estela
These rasgarán a paper in place of cutting. It is already I last for him toddler to manage scissors, these he a lot frustrating, but when they take some legislations of movement, he no cut.
4 / 5 Lorrie
These are good pocolas scissors of toy with grear quality of build. They move smoothly and mine 2 old years in fact can use then for arts and of the works. You love him.
4 / 5 Virginia
Would be good to cut game dough but at all more.
Can not cut paper or anything really.
Any value an endeavour or emotion to buy them.
5 / 5 Alvera
Has bought this for my daughter the one who is 1.5 the one who always wants scissors of mine. These are some scissors of perfect beginner reason any yard his little fingers. I have tried that cut my own hands so only to be sure and feels like the pocola pinch.
5 / 5 Tomika
Has has wanted to concealed is sure for mine toddler to use around a creature. A material are add, is acrylic but any one has left that fool you, map of cup with him. It has Had 3 different models and a toddler is happy. They are no longer concerned in faculty poked boys.
4 / 5 Lindsy
Mina 3 old year enjoys to use these when doing arts and works. Some scissors have plastic leaf that it is quite acute to cut by means of paper of construction but no by means of skin.
5 / 5 Elise
Is very well has drawn that they can cut papers easily although they do not have any leaves of metal
4 / 5 Rasheeda
With which a lot tries to cut paper, finally does not like that is to expect anymore.

Is this in spite of sure to be managed by boys, has the 3yr old using it and like this far like this good.

A lot like this still for cutting practice.
5 / 5 Nelson
Súper Amused and easy for begginers! My
the edges want that they can do
Different creations with them and will take the full quantity of time of game so only that short random
4 / 5 Tianna
My boys there is enjoyed material and cutting paper for works with these scissors. Has does not have to that me worry roughly taking them hurt also.
4 / 5 Darlene
Cutting engine and final the skills are like this of entities. These scissors are the sleep of parents . Calm does not have to that worry in your girl that hurts themself. Any acute leaf. One is all plastic, 3 different fashions and promote punctual that skills of court. It recommends these to all the parents of young boys.
5 / 5 Shelba
These scissors is security for use of boys, but so only the little a lot of shaped enough, has seen my boys use it very hard, a paper is not to cut was, looks more like this teared was.
4 / 5 Kerri
My kiddo has lost his alcohol when it see these and required to cut some paper ASAP feels like the big daughter that use his own scissors and law well without being acute.
5 / 5 Elane
These are utmost! Mina 2 old year loves him, resist a paper and she short band. Rasgan The little bit but for scissors without leaf theyre adds
5 / 5 Charles
Some scissors are hard to use for toddlers. Precise abit of technic to cut especially a wavy some. It is a lot so only for practice.

Top Customer Reviews: Play-Doh Case of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
3 / 5 Peggie
It was under an impression of a photo was game of full measure -doh is but is not is mini game-dohs as be the sample . The new mark in of the boxes, was them a lot of happy with a packaging and organisation hasbro had sent. A product like usual of game-doh surprised and some boys have loved that.
3 / 5 Chana
Good product, good and fresco, but no like this very the treat so it has thought. These are so only some very small containers, no a big plus some has been expecting. It have to that it has read it a description more closely.
3 / 5 Bonnie
Although they were a main container (has not known a measure of the big plus one was partorisca compare) , would not buy again partorisca a cost. It can take more economic in Walmart
2 / 5 Thea
Colours like pointed but some containers are sper small therefore of the the on paid way partorisca this product.
3 / 5 Chanelle
It is quite tiny that that has used them to touch with when it was them the girl. Lackluster Clay also. They have directed too much in a container in planting to do more clay to touch with.
5 / 5 Walter
Mina 20 me it. The old glorious daughter loves touch with east. It is not messy at all. Very easy for small hands to manipulate. It comes very easily it was anything . Even Carpet.
3 / 5 Carina
It has been expecting tubs of the full measure and these were much smaller. In general, still the shot adds.
4 / 5 Rosa
Game doh the mark is always good quality. That do not owe that give is which PETIT these containers are. They are roughly 1/2 measure of some regular containers, any that has expected.
3 / 5 Salina
Ah ! The paste the modeler of our infancy ! Ossia Of small Pots, but is very thankful partorisca do discover ours girls the famous paste the modeler, that has sent this in spite of a bit less the very odora that there was before !
5 / 5 Lorrine
It is playdough, any a lot of to say. The colours are brilliant and vibrant, amour of boys partorisca touch with him.
4 / 5 Tynisha
Any surprised here. Game of old confidence a lot of-doh. No really packaged partorisca the present. Ideal partorisca use of house.
4 / 5 Danelle
MI neighbour is sister the one who is 2 is having the ball. Calm can any gone bad with Game-Doh. The prize was a lot of and there is rid quickly.
5 / 5 Shelton
Games doh the mark is always good quality. That does not have @to @give is which PETIT these containers are. They are roughly 1/2 measure of some regular containers, any that has expected.
4 / 5 Monique
Has been expecting tubs of the full measure and these were much smaller. In general, still the shot adds.
4 / 5 Lyla
Containers Very small. It disappoint concealed is not clears in a description of element. A weight is given in a specification/of the description but he would be advantageous to have the reference of visual measure
4 / 5 Dallas
was so only that requires and without that has to that travel to a tent.
5 / 5 Heike
Can not say anything bad roughly Play-Doh.

The value adds. Utmost colours. A lot of entertainment has had.
5 / 5 Marci
My niece is two and Game of amours-Doh. A variety by heart is that I have looked for. Happy with cost of mine
4 / 5 Julius
One of some tubs of game dough was the hard rock when you arrive but a rest was adds.
5 / 5 Maryellen
Some containers are the smallest plot that has expected. A lot pricey partorisca a measure.
4 / 5 Leta
These products among the box of simple brown map, no a brilliant box and coloreada distinguished in some photos. Dud advertising and does not give-able at all.
4 / 5 Muriel
Is some small containers of game-doh, no a big some. It have to that be more concrete in a description. Also, cane in the box of simple map, no a playdoh one has listed.
4 / 5 Classie
Exactly that has expected. Good prize, good packaging. The grandson was very happy. :)
5 / 5 Sheba
Smaller that has thought, never has had bad
Read the description
4 / 5 Emerita
Thank you, enjoying a playdoh, doesnt looks partorisca dry was like this quickly as they have used to the years done!
5 / 5 Rodney
To the to Those who no likes him to him the game doh?! I love this material and my boys are soooo his too much. It can do like this material with him and he maintaining has is so many tools partorisca use to the as he the most fun fact partorisca boys and of the adults also!!!
4 / 5 Kevin
The smallest game-doh the cut has not seen never. Well partorisca creatures that does not know a difference. The prize adds.
5 / 5 Venus
Smaller that expected but perfect quantity partorisca our toddler

Top Customer Reviews: Crayola 10 59ml ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Luetta
Measure: it selects This toy was a present of Noel touches my granddaughter of 4 years. A month after Moel, and after having been has declared pair an expert, can give joins evaluation to the sud this toy. It adores lucido toy, raisin a lot the time touches it, put them damage questions, has give solutions : it Develops these senses and she amuse enormously. THANK YOU.

This toy was the present navideo partorisca my granddaughter of 4 years. A month after Moel, and after being tried by an expert, can give a recognition in this toy. It loves toys, spends the plot to time to touch, asks questions, tries solutions: it develops these senses and she has the plot of fun. THANK YOU
4 / 5 Fredericka
Measure: it selects Utmost measure partorisca my toddler need to paint. Ossia My second set as it had purchased them some colours of neon. These primary colours are vibrant and the consistency is perfect partorisca the toe that produced too much. Taken more with a longitude partorisca dry that it would like but know his been due to his water has based. Easily washable.
5 / 5 Lazaro
Measure: it selects Good but good element partorisca small and occasional activity with the quantity limited of girls. If has 1 or 2 boys could do a work. If not buying more. The containers are pleasant but a spillage is horrible and impossible to take all was. A bit of loss. Has transmission to a squeezable containers. Better value.
4 / 5 Duncan
Measure: it selects I like a quality of a product and lava well. My only complaint is that it is not partorisca bounce he of squeeze - this the fact the little onerous hurts it was to the mine toddler. He better partorisca a boy an old plus the one who could be trusted the only launch hand of some bounced in his or his own.
5 / 5 Candy
Measure: Select My girls love this product and like me he like this things of washes very easy. If it has left in clothes partorisca too long, can mark but add the bit of dishsoap in a product.... Lava out of everything
5 / 5 Alana
Measure: selections bounced very small, google a mililitre measures it and you will see, but his for mine 3 yr old the one who is well of more using mommys produced lol.. The desire was main but cant goes bad with a good opinion... A lot of produced partorisca a happy work
looks a lot of havent opened it so that it is partorisca say the xmas half stuffer
5 / 5 Melony
Measure: it selects Ossia the neighbour add produced. They are washable which is perfect and some colours are fantastic!! You buy multiple of these in the good price reason have had to quite awhile and is perfect some time some. Value a compraventa sure.
5 / 5 Chun
Measure: it selects produced adds. You bounced of value and good measure partorisca of the money. It is quite fat as it bite it rough to exit of a container but otherwise adds. I will be to purchase again. The colours are a lot vibrant.
4 / 5 Mirian
Measure: it selects Ossia our partorisca go-to paint for some boys. This product is sper rich in colour, but lava out of anything, comprising dresses, as you leave some boys drive mad and creative. Stock On when these go in partorisca 5 bucks or less!
The present adds paired with a Crayola paintbrushes partorisca paint!
5 / 5 Madelyn
Measure: it Selects it is well with a bit some touching with painting then ossia a product partorisca you. Extremely easy to clean. It exits a paving, table, hands and cloths.
5 / 5 Allen
These products are measured adds partorisca in home, projects of boy. All vibrant colours , a lot primary. A white product in ours was the little has bitten fatter that some another, almost like it has begun to dry was, but still usable. My daughter has done enough the disorder with them, comprising produced throughout she but these washes of any question. Highly recommend!! So only marked 4 stars because a one has dried was. In general, good value for money.
5 / 5 Sharmaine
Bounced a lot small, google a mililitre measures it and you will see, but his for mine 3 yr old the one who is well of more using mommys produced lol.. The desire was main but cant goes bad with a good opinion... A lot of produced for a happy work
looks a lot of havent opened it so that it is to say the xmas half stuffer
5 / 5 Queen
are adds excepts does not go the long way. The next time will buy bounced main. With which one painting session, some of some bounced to remain down in quantities to paint. They were the definite swipe this in spite of and the prize adds!
5 / 5 Arlinda
The product adds. You bounced of value and good measure for a money. It is quite fat as it bite it rough to exit of a container but otherwise adds. I will be to purchase again. The colours are a lot vibrant.
4 / 5 Magen
Ossia The neighbour adds produced. They are washable which is perfect and some colours are fantastic!! You buy multiple of these in the good prize reason have had to quite awhile and is perfect some time some. Value a compraventa sure.
5 / 5 Sophie
My amour of the boys to product has bought like this this product. One paints is not too fat,no too thin, correctly. The lava was easily without the trace. I love a selection by heart. Also it comprises black and white the doing versatile. I produce it adds. definately Buys again
5 / 5 Lance
has Bought these for my almost 3 yr old to use. They are utmost and easily the washes was. You love him. A smell is nostalgic for me because odora so only like my old elementary school lol
5 / 5 Jospeh
I amour that does works with my granddaughters but am not interested to do work on its own name when it comes to clean up. If it takes his cloths, can say, ' the lava was'! They are by train to send them Home with adding, individually the creative elements and my family appreciates that they are not wrecking his cloths!
5 / 5 Leilani
Ossia Ours to go-to paint for some girls. This product is súper rich in colour, but lava out of anything, comprising dresses, as you leave some boys drive mad and creative. Stock On when these go in for 5 bucks or less!
The present adds paired with a Crayola paintbrushes to paint!
4 / 5 Lasandra
Like produced with these enough bit it. Amur That is easy to clean. But a smell is quite potent. Also the daughter tried it and the hate. It has not licked of then.
4 / 5 Maura
The selection adds colours partorisca paint, with the generous quantity. The containers seal amiably. Easy to wash out of clothes and carpet, but take it was immediately. Has four insiemi of these and wants to him. It can not beat a prize.
4 / 5 Mellie
If you are well with a bit some touching with painting then ossia a product for you. Extremely easy to clean. It exits a paving, table, hands and cloths.
5 / 5 Victorina
My daughter wants to these , the good selection and a prize is reasonable . It was to 5 star has has had to that any to found them more economic to somewhere more
4 / 5 Kiana
was the little sceptic in a measure of some bounced to paint but is the very good measure. Súper Easy to clean. Utmost colours. My daughter the master!
4 / 5 Loren
Has been concerned these would not be easy to clean and was bad. They were like this easy to clean of cloths and other surfaces. Some bounced is small but there be not wanted to to bounce it enormous to paint. To good sure buy them again.
5 / 5 Rosalie
My granddaughter and I always have day of art the Fridays. It wants to paint! These products have lovely colours and is easy to the wash was mobile , wall, few hands and cloths. I will buy more when we have run it was!
5 / 5 Donnetta
Easy to clean on, easy to dip paintbrush in to paint. My amours of 3 years that painting and always asks those bounced tiny and is very vibrant
4 / 5 Maryalice
used it to Us the paper of the sud touches the instant and this declare very good. His continents are small. His colours are good-looking and the box was in a very good state.
5 / 5 Jo
The selection adds produced. You bounced small of the each one, the colours are very brilliant, any a lot of that careers like him the fact adds for some boys. Tried went him last night.
4 / 5 Portia
Odora Horrible. A quality is terrible. Used the once and has launched he in some rubbishes. Smell Like this horrible - the looks was toxic. One paints is not remained at all was extremely watery and useless.
4 / 5 Royal
Amur A worry free entertainment with my little some. And they love in that have there own products in all his favourite colours. A pocola tub partorisca paint to focus tight.
4 / 5 Neta
Was pleasantly surprised partorisca see the one who easy these products were partorisca clean - out of dresses, cloth of chair, everything!
4 / 5 Benito
Mina 2wants these colours. And lava out of all really well! Has the much smaller scent (any one sure like partorisca describe) but a lot we annoying at all. You think it that it mention in the yours the chance has it the sensitive nose.
4 / 5 Delsie
These have been like this entertainment , is not concerned in the disorder in of the hands, cloths, and mobile, and like this economic! I am ordering more.
5 / 5 Ula
Adds partorisca my toddler. A so only think is that this boat of product washable. There is remarked that it is a lot of washable of surfaces (I. And. Laminate Walk and loss of plastic table); this in spite of, have had the swipe of the difficulty that takes some darker colours out of cloths. So only it say partorisca spend an old, ratty mesh or the smock partorisca avert stains of cloths.
4 / 5 Janene
Has been impressed with a measure and quality partorisca paint for a point of prize. Def. rebuy When the circle was.
4 / 5 Arianna
Has bought to this element of here probably like 6 times. Among supplies escoles, presents of anniversaries, and stocks of house of work.
4 / 5 Demetrice
Master! You bounced small pleasant, produced fat good. Perfecto for mine 3 old year!! The variety adds colours and found it to them easy to wash hands
5 / 5 Princess
Another Crayola has produced that it does not disappoint . Some colours are vibrant, long is that they last, washable (which is enormous), and no-toxic.

A sleep of mammas!
5 / 5 Richie
Good product, no the a lot of noticeable scent. Easy to clean up. My amours of edges to use them on some days is feeling artistic.
4 / 5 Hilaria
Good and hard prize partorisca find in of the far zones ... I have ordered 3, but one has had harm to a box (the looks are grabbed and tossed the cause partorisca look the product of cube of the sale) ossia well gave it so only to a young plus ...
4 / 5 Glory
A very good prize partorisca these produced, is coming fast and without harms. They are extremely easy to clean on himself locate anything
4 / 5 Jovita
the quantity and the quality Add partorisca prize... Taking a lot of use of day 1 partorisca take for my daughter
5 / 5 Angelyn
has not been packed attentively ...
Any spill but the container was inner free

utmost colours
5 / 5 Kellee
Like this adorable, Lovely few pots partorisca paint :) Happy has bought these exit my toddlers the fast hands and is like this convenient little boat with a lot of colours!
5 / 5 Regina
Perfecto partorisca the creative boy. A lot of utmost colours and painting of good quality. Amur That is easy to clean!!
5 / 5 Shelby
Was exactly that has expected!! I can not expect for my girls partorisca use these products! They were packaged utmost also. To good sure will buy these again.
4 / 5 Chasidy
The product adds. Nizza Dyes vibrant.
Very easy to clean, the cloths has comprised.
Highly recommend.
4 / 5 Shirely
The inaugural container, there is remarked that has had has received so only 7 out of ten colours. It has been missing yellow, orange and magenta. It was the little disappointed reason have wanted to use yellow, but managed without it. The colours are in fact washable and dry quickly. The just desire has had everything of them!
5 / 5 Graham
Love a selection of colours in this band. My amours of 4 years that painting with these and loves the one who easy of spills them cleaned up.

Top Customer Reviews: Melissa & Doug ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Purchase Mina verified 3 et.ou. The edges instantly has fallen enamoured with him. It has been touching with him partorisca 3 straight days. We have not tried some Activities of the extension suggested but his abonos has it. There is given 5 stars but am taking was a star because like this beautiful, and well-crafted a toy is a box of the forest & comes with, a box is not a better storage partorisca some laces & of accounts so that it does not have the coverage or lid. Such the waste partorisca launch a box of forest but no functional to maintain. We are using the plastic container with the lid partorisca storage.
5 / 5
Shabby joint verified I Really adds. To Mine to 18 old month really likes to of edge some accounts by means of and is the tool adds partorisca develop fine engine, a pincer and concentration. Some series is really long and does not leave them never partorisca he partorisca touch in his own. The series is really dangerous partorisca girls (partorisca some reason each boy that goes in our house and of the games with this toy somehow tries to dip some serious on like the necklace) as be mindful of this when purchasing.
4 / 5
The cost has checked has Take a plastic wrapping partorisca discover an extra yellow account in place of the orange disappeared a (has not been visible when wrapped how has been covered for sticker). Ossia The hang-up that interferes with youngster some that learns the colour that order. It likes that of the majority of Melissa and toys of Doug goes in his own storage crates/boxes, but was more convenient that store, was instrumented also with lids. Respect that tries to maintain waste of packaging down and also use of limit of plastic while possible, but pensa in times the exceptions are of entities to a global functionality of these toys. And because of a lack of packaging, the returns by means of Amazon are the little more delicate, although I suppose in this chance can use will be to Wrap for the resist all near. Another that this hang-up of account, this looks the pleasant, produced of quality.
5 / 5
The spent the joint verified add partorisca skills of fine engine. Bought partorisca 2 year partorisca Navidad and although it can very felizmente dip accounts in serious so only still, likes dipped his on while I resist a series partorisca his. The accounts go in brilliant and vibrant colours partorisca involve boys. To to The Daughter also likes them the use these the stack and build with. It looks partorisca be good quality.
5 / 5
The cost verified has ordered several toys in a last pair of days partorisca my daughter partorisca be maintained for separate in the Tupperware in a cookery partorisca when has his meltdowns and tantrums. Had the sensory twistz, cube of stress, and has included the toy of buckle. This one has maintained his attention a plus along ( is 3 years ). I am contemplating it has to that maintain some other toys or return them partorisca something more. It grieve included looked in a sensory twistz.
4 / 5
The cost has checked measure of Good account, measure of good hole, good fat tips, Any chips or crack in a product. My only worry is that some holes are a lot rough/any sanded, and reason are quite big for little fingers, is very acute if your kiddo is a class to kid the one who would dip his toes in there... It has Had to file down some acute flanges that has stuck is gone in the pocolos something also. It controls your accounts.
4 / 5
The cost has checked is such the small thing but highly annoying partorisca my almost 2I. A series is (am guessing them acrylic) and because an interior of some accounts of the forests is not sanded smooth, a estring' the edges take to a forest splinters and he almost impossibly for an account to slide down amiably. I have had this product for almost the year and my boys has skills of incredible fine engine. Each month or I so that the maintenances try to take to explore but because of this small but uncomfortable snagging question, so only launches some accounts and taking has frustrated also. Sadly it was to give these was before it hates stringing altogether. :(
4 / 5
The cost has verified A content are adds; a packaging is stupid. Among the good of forest crate but does not have any lid. Like this once a shrink wrap is of one of forest crate is quite useless and will have to that find the tupperware for the maintain everything in.
5 / 5
The cost verified When I have bought this was under an impression that my daughter could do pseudo paste with him, while also using it as the tool to learn. I think an option to turn a tip to this activity has comprised in a box would be the ENORMOUS to sell for to the a lot likes me. How it is now, I can see his touching with him for the little while and that goes of him, is the good quality and some accounts look weighed to the equal that are done out of real forest. I create mainly I will use this to teach his colours, like opposed to rid-coordinamento of eye to the equal that seats could bore of that quickly.
5 / 5
Spent the toy has checked adds partorisca 18 month and up. Although it says 3 more some blockades are too many big to swallow and for 3 a boy can have grown out of a challenge and the entertainment is has meant stops. Mina 24-the old month loves him accounts. Produced of QUALITY always of Melissa and Doug. It has taken clash was why there is not any lid or coverage to maintain some accounts have organised.
5 / 5
A content are adds; a packaging is stupid. Among the good of forest crate but does not have any lid. Like this once a shrink wrap is of one of forest crate is quite useless and will have to that find the tupperware for the maintain everything in.
5 / 5
A worse part is some holes is not polished, my toddler dipped his toe inside a hole, a lot rough. Poor quality, any value of the money.

PS, opened it so that there is remarked a subject, has sent then behind, Amazon any repayment my money. Like this bad. MD would owe that take some products
5 / 5
I amour Melissa and Doug have produced the desires so only were the little more economic and then buy more for my daughters. These like a rest of his products is very done and colour. Easy for some daughters to manage and measures it that it does not concern me roughly his choking on. To good sure recommend this to other parents.
4 / 5
A bit some require help threading one of the accounts of forest how is well. They can wrap his hands around a brightly has painted beats of forest and included would beat his up. They can learn colours and to the equal that take to beat older categorize some accounts for colour or form. Once they can edge one beads them, can do the necklace to spend. An a lot of 'toy' versatile.
5 / 5
A product is quality adds , like this always with Melissa and Doug. My daughter there is enjoyed this for the bit but then a novelty has spent was. The desire avenges with the lid, like the accounts always would fall was when she grab he of a shelf. More to transfer the another container.
4 / 5
Mina 25 old month is not interested too much in this toy. I think that that it is the little too old for him. A toy is a lot of-fact, sturdy, and Is able to edge some tips. As it can be suitable for the youngster kiddo... So only any mine!
4 / 5
I games of excellent toy to develop the motricité well give girls. My daughter Of 2 years his fact with liking and has facilitated. It give necklaces with. Educational games to learn his colours and his pair of forms does included!
5 / 5
Has bought this together for my edges those who has required to practise his (2-rid) fines skills of engine like recommended for a OT. An account that the laces was the bit of the challenge at the beginning, but he maintaining there is mastered the and likes of the necklaces!
5 / 5
Mina 2 master this to do necklaces and crowns with these accounts. I am surprised in as focused taking when it is dipping some accounts in a series. Also the utilisation to teach some different colours. This are to add when it is patching to improve a vision in his lazy eye.
4 / 5
Present for 2-3/4 yr net old. The packaging Adds that it resupplies excellent storage when any into use. Shining, the colour of forest beads which are big and insurances. The value adds.
4 / 5
You appreciate different packing partorisca Mellisa & Doug has produced. .Active has PURCHASED SO ONLY this product and calm there is you remarked can not store some accounts in a box of forest so that it does not have any coverage. A lot of his products do not have the coverage like this usually uses plastic wraps partorisca maintain all some together part. . Probably not buying the product of them that goes forward like this often have the difficulty that tends some products in of the open boxes without coverage.
4 / 5
2yr Old has not been like this to the east. It is good quality this in spite of partorisca the boy to to which likes him the seat and do things, perhaps age very right partorisca east. It enjoys that they tug a series partorisca bead around moment but a lot stringing the she.
5 / 5
Entirely be in accordance with another, the desire would have the stock exchange of storage or box, has to use the ziplock stock exchange so only partorisca the tent. Otherwise Is the product of good quality partorisca do on concentration with your toddler
4 / 5
This toy is a perfect measure partorisca small hands that looks for to learn the most complex task. A measure of the hole is quite big, but quite small that takes the little work for the toddler to learn, which is perfect. Some series is like this fat shoelaces. I add little toy to learn dexterity.
4 / 5
I like a quality of a material and a thickness of a forest, is presented fantastically in a box of forest, some colours are vibrant. Im Take my daughter will love them.
5 / 5
The toy adds, some of a forest is not all smooth, like course your toes on all some bit before the ones of the to your boys
5 / 5
A classical toy that stands a test of time. Memory to touch with this so much the boy and my daughter enjoys them thoroughly. A beading are adds for skills of the fine engine and she is like this proud to aim all the world-wide a jewlery done. A better part is, while we can the to us maintain home of the neighbours will last for ever.
Always adds it compraventa.
4 / 5
I course my own dayhome and has thought this would be the addition adds to my toys.
Some boys love! An edge for colour, normalised, form, or rainbow. They are also utmost for stacking and doing turns.
5 / 5
A series takes to take in an interior of an account because it is not to soften enough. Almost you need to somehow be sanded inside a hole. Mina an old year has the hard time that takes some accounts was.
5 / 5
Very fun! My daughter loves touch with east. Doing paste, or so only stringing some accounts is the fun challenge for sound. Has 17 month and his sensory skills are next level because of this toy!
4 / 5
Mina 2 old year is retarding taking a hangs of of the this. His add that among his own little spending chance, and some accounts am returned in basically any way packs them in, which does to clean his on easy. Good quality.
5 / 5
The amour well Does to do the motricité Fines of my boy of 3 years as well as his concentration of or Mn the election touches this piece . Very a lot of thank you
4 / 5
A product is well, has to very sure roughly that. An only thing does not comprise with Melissa and dough the product is among the box of forest but without lids. Has stores him in Ziploc stock exchanges and can really stack him.
4 / 5
Good fact but I really the desires had comprised the lid to a box of forest! Otherwise Some fall of pieces was and when my girls spend it fall. He storage like this easier!
5 / 5
My glorious daughter loved them in some same colours then in different his occupied for the long while.
5 / 5
Unfortunate That a boz does not close somehow. Otherwise Very happy with quality
5 / 5
the practical Excellent game the motricité well give girls, his colours and his forms.
4 / 5
Loves some few accounts, that has not gone never a lot disappointed a box does not come with the upper to seal in some accounts when any into use. I have assumed you are the lid of clear slide . But it is so only a cup of open box.
4 / 5
Amur That everything of his toys come with boxes of storage to maintain all has organised. Very good!
5 / 5
The quality adds and my edges have loved that. We join one of a ball some on one finalises so that they do not fall never. My edges has the explosion that touches with them. I guess help that a daycare there is a bit also.
4 / 5
Experience partorisca my grandson. Tool partorisca learn adds. Any need of battery is one of some better parts
5 / 5
Really liked this activity partorisca my daughter. Produced & of Doug of Melissa is quality adds .
5 / 5
Excellent quality and a lot of entertainment! It comes with more than some serious - mine 3 old year loves it!
4 / 5
Has bought to maintain mine 2 old year busy and servants his good purpose!
4 / 5
Has used for the toddler to try his skills of engine. It enjoy an a lot of fulfilled. They liked him some paints and a final result has given for the feign animal to touch with.
4 / 5
The toy adds for all the world! My amours of two years to use them to count and order by heart and then spending a do one. But it gave it to them four stars because there is not any lid for a box of forest. Maintaining has to that go to Law Fences in to do a lid.....
4 / 5
The daughter wants to this, swipe with east for the long time
5 / 5
Jai has bought games to give in presents my daughter of 2 quality and grosseur
5 / 5
My girls want to these! The toy adds that it also does on the skills of engine.
5 / 5
Adds for mine 20 old month for coordinamento hand-held of the eye. It has amused lacing some accounts. The present adds for the little a.

Top Customer Reviews: Melissa & Doug ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
4 / 5 Abe
Fun work but desire some produced was more washable.
4 / 5 Karan
My girls want to these. They are perfect partorisca toddlers (that Excludes a portion of adhesive - has has had to that that partorisca his). Highly recommend.
4 / 5 Alva
It can any gone bad with M&D products the quality adds like this always
5 / 5 Wynona
It touches present of natal boy of 4 years . At all it transports younger the lines to paint a bit. Quality a lot well
5 / 5 Samual
Bought partorisca the anniversary of the mine hijade 4 years. It enjoy it paint the and dipping it near.
4 / 5 Niki
A boy has loved that and everything is has comprised.
5 / 5 Hilary
My boys want to these. They are perfect partorisca toddlers (that Excludes a portion of adhesive - has has had to that that partorisca his). Highly recommend.
5 / 5 Thomasine
Can not complain in this product, as it was exactly that has expected.
4 / 5 Kamala
Can any gone bad with M&D products the quality adds like this always
5 / 5 Renata
present of Game of natal boy of 4 years . At all it transports younger the lines to paint a bit. Quality very good
5 / 5 Bernadine
My edges will be like this happy when it opens this Day navideño!
5 / 5 Jed
Has bought partorisca the anniversary of the mine hijade 4 years. It enjoy it paint the and dipping it near.
4 / 5 Andre
Purchased these partorisca my daughters loot stock exchanges, the girls have WANTED TO HIM! Because annoy with the value of the tent of dollar craps when it can take a product of quality that surprised like this in such the prize adds!
5 / 5 Stasia
The product is not your typical acrylic watercolour. Not to wash it was and in spite of having daily down, there is ruined our table. Big thumbs down partorisca the element of boys
4 / 5 Leandra
quite cheaply has done. Usually Doug and Melisa is the quality of main has bitten. But the would not owe that be surprised because of a prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Melissa & Doug ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
3 / 5 Kassie
It has not been well partorisca my boys(his didnt the like 4&5). Sound the very small butterflies that comes with 4 small product containers (my girls wasnt able to paint butterflies amiably, 2nd pair has done with bookmarks/marcadors - which would have to that coming with bookmarks/marcadors and any produced). Also inclides 10 small stickers that neither has stuck. All this among small open box of forest. So only 1 more they stick to a refrigerator.
5 / 5 Gaylene
Mina 4 and granddaughters of 6 years quickly and has decorated easily some butterflies. Sturdy Fond that really stuck to a refrigerator.
5 / 5 Kam
My younger niece and my “too fresh for the niece of 9 years” escoles has loved so much this! The row of age adds and the a lot of thought out of small box
5 / 5 Katharyn
My daughters have loved to decorate these. They are 3 and 5 and there is no to found them to hard to do.
5 / 5 Bobette
They Like him to him Melissa and Doug, of this product is good quality and my daughter has loved that. Be careful this in spite of, some produced is not washable.
4 / 5 Marleen
His girls have loved. His truth of paste of the magnets well and Simple to decorate. Pair Against, his decorations in the paste/of brilliants takes time a lot a lot of to dry
5 / 5 Renna
quality has has wanted to these. They took for Natal and has jumped well to do them.
5 / 5 Rose
Pleasant entertainment to do except some magnets are really feeble and hardly stick to metal. It can not you stick paper dipped I behind the
3 / 5 Maia
I have bought two and his two the products were droughts and No usable
5 / 5 Bart
the granddaughters have has wanted to these. They took partorisca Natal and has jumped well partorisca do them.
5 / 5 Faustina
Pleasant entertainment partorisca do except some magnets are really feeble and hardly stick to metal. It can not you stick paper dipped for behind his
5 / 5 Aracelis
has ordered three insiemi of these maintaining; a just prime minister partorisca my daughter and some second two insiemi like each boy in his party of anniversary (age 6) could paint one. Good quality (especially partorisca a prize). Some magnets are not súper strong but work well and some boys there be enjoyed to do the. A dry painting quite quickly, but a glitter the glue for some jewels takes 8-10 hours of course like this calm the master do for the party and send them home in an end, neither substitute the different glue (perhaps points of glue?) Or be prepared to blow to dry them for enough the moment!
4 / 5 Ji
Like this entertainment for my daughter of 4 years!! Some colours are good-looking and love a fact that can now proudly show them on a refrigerator. I add to buy for a prize!

Top Customer Reviews: Water Beads Rainbow ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Lady
The cost has verified My girls are two and four and wants to these. Like this amused to touch with. It feels refreshing/calming to touch. We use one of some three whole containers in the big, superficial Rubbermaid cube. We touch with them in a table of cookery but has maintained partorisca bounce around and of a table and walk it as it has moved he in a living room and so only extended out of the coverage in an earth with a cube up. (I save to pursue them around a paving of cookery).
4 / 5 Melina
The cost has verified My daughter keept bugging me partorisca take some of these, and has not had any idea that speaks roughly. As we have done and all I pictured when they are looked was these few tiny accounts that takes touched during a paving that causes the grandchildren on nightmare. But it can prevent it partorisca spend and plant them in of waters he (is not economic taste the so only dipped the pinches of pair in in a start, dipped in thousands of pair) a product has finalised is quite interesting, and my boy will spend an hour the time so only that runs his hands by means of an aspic that feels balls. Like the table of the inner sand amused without a disorder and powder of sand.
4 / 5 Aliza
The cost has verified These things are quite fresh, and the little goes the long ways. It has dipped roughly 2 tsp of accounts to the 4L pitcher of water. Later that day (roughly 5 hours), has had the pitcher of accounts of water! They are amused to touch with and some boys have loved to stick his hands and of the arms in just to feel them. An only negative roughly is that they stink! Any one annoy some boys at all, and have it remarked so only when you touch with them, but have the quite gluey smell when they are so only in front of you.

Everywhere, a lot of entertainment for the little bucks!
4 / 5 Anna
The cost has verified has taken everywhere but my boys enjoyed them. Still we have 20000 you leave it. I am thinking of gifting his to the cousins like his parents can clean him on partorisca days also.
4 / 5 Thad
The cost has verified My daughter of three years has the explosion with these few bubbles. So much so that it prefers these in his ipad, and ossia quite something. They are amused to touch and game with, any in a bath or in his kitchenette. It is day 3 and these bubbles are still moist in spite of seating in an air. They fall to the pieces yes express quite hard. So only appearance this bubble is compostable or biodegradable. It suck Yes we contaminate a planet with gazillions of bubbles.
5 / 5 Cindi
The cost checked - has Grown in of waters he inside an hour
-a sale done the good quantity partorisca my girls partorisca touch with . The semi-detached photo of the accounts of water is one packs
-is not gone in the Branded packaging of logo or with instructions
4 / 5 Kasha
The cost has verified These have results really good. I have been surprised in a transmission partorisca paint after absorbing water, but has not looked for the concrete colour like any increasing. They have taken roughly 6 hours partorisca take full measure. A better price partorisca a quantity that could. To good sure buy again.
5 / 5 Leo
The cost has verified These have arrived punctually. They are gone in packaging without English instructions. It waters addition so only and look partorisca be that they grow after so only the hours of pair, other descriptions have said partorisca leave them for prejudices he so that it do that. It is true that some colours am not very brilliant at all and is mostly clear with the faint clues by heart, although first of the his the dipped in a water is a lot of coloreada. In general, I am sure my boys goes partorisca drive mad partorisca his to all the cost.
5 / 5 Taina
The cost has checked has been ailed initially with a fact that a product comes labeled in the foreign tongue, without english instructions partorisca be had. This be has said, was able the Google some easily.
5 water of cups to 1 containers of accounts, give you plots partorisca touch with. They have not developed partorisca be like this big to the equal that have imagined, but is a perfect measure partorisca hands of 3 years.
Another there is complained in colour poor, but the mine is quite vibrant. Perhaps it has to that do with a quantity of water has used? At any rate, for a price am satisfied enough with a product.
4 / 5 Tonda
The cost verified has bought this partorisca some sensory game partorisca my toddler. Among only the plastic stock exchange that has contained 3 plastic stock exchanges have separated of accounts. It classifies of odd in a lack of real packaging. I have used 1 whole container in the superficial Rubbermaid container of type. He the quantity adds to touch with. We add in some few plastic toys to touch with. We touch outsides with his too the little time. They bounce the plot. It do not have to that worry in the animals that takes partorisca ail to eat them or anything. Any toxic of all could find on the and disintegrate finally so that it does not have to that go choosing until everything to some pieces likes him to of them with balls of water. This has it also do adds to add to the table of external water to touch with. Ours is lasted the month or like this before they have begun to take the bit grimy and classifies developed of the odd smell. As we tossed the in this point. Another person the one who used them said has developed the smell after being covered on, like this perhaps would last longer without the lid in a container. Still have 2 more stock exchanges for next time. Value a price for a quantity takes.
5 / 5 Lawrence
Packed Very well and is coming punctually. They have taken to a water very well and has grown quickly. The planned colours turn the small but some boys have not concerned in that. I have been small when we leave him to us in a group partorisca the few days that I expósito odd. Take has been is then big state again with the bit of water. I left him out of the water and has gone back partorisca begin measure partorisca save for another time! Reusable Sure. His didnt pause or bust so only when forced. In general my boys were happy with them and they have had load of fun with them in a group.
5 / 5 Bambi
Is coming a lot of packaged, 3 small containers with a Orbeez. I have used these partorisca Stock exchanges of Bounced/Sensory partorisca my placing escole (Toddler Room) and a toddlers LOOOOOVED the and has done like this some other educators! :D
will warn against underestimating some accounts..... I have used 2 stock exchanges that thinks that so only would be quite - I finishing with 4 extra, he @saláis the FULL enormous bowl of some accounts.
Prime: If you have dipped some accounts am gone in of the trays to dry - will shrink behind down to tiny and can king stock exchange the and animal-use them in the date the late plus.
5 / 5 Chelsey
Has bought these for my boys (4 and 6) and absolutely wants to him! So that we far have so only has used one of some containers (comes with 3) and does to plot! Any odora, his no the stain and his do not leave residue in of the hands. Highly recommend! Some pictures are accounts before and after drenching for 3 hours.
4 / 5 Ariel
This container has fill the 5 chevron buck full.
To do hard longer without gone gross has added the bit to rub the alcohol and he have done well. 3 weeks later were still fresh and touched utmost. Finally it has been ready it to take touched of of them and expósitos that can in fact dipped the in your gardens to flower to help an earth retains moisture. I will leave it is the year if this was the good idea or no.
5 / 5 Elisabeth
Wasnt Really PLEASED with this at all among 3 containers a lot like this aimed in a picture. It is not to like go them to count everything to do sure have them everything. But there is remarked when I dipped him in the vase and fill he with the waters are not a same measure NEITHER is some paints anywhere prójimos to the objective in a picture. It is a lot of faint in real life. One first delivery has been to lose and will say honour he and send me the new container to do up for one disappeared a. As I gave him to 3 star for this reason.
4 / 5 France
Does not result also fat that expected (less than 1 cm). You think it it can fill Join small swimming pool with 30 000 but this was true very enough.. Of the hours to like to collect everywhere was.. He And in the plenary that has dried in the sunlight and redevenue tiny and every time that rains, his regonflent..
5 / 5 Hai
Master, is a lot quite and amused to touch with as it stress reliever. This in spite of, the mine has not grown very big. Not liking an of some images suggests. They are slightly main that bb pellets of the gun and I left seating in watering at night. You leave him then seating in watering again the whole day to see yes changes anything. As He no. To all the cost, taste to him has said, is still entertainment to touch with and wants to him.
5 / 5 Desmond
I work with girls with the inabilities and love sensory time with me. Ossia The add to find he so that it has to that it weaves in this container. A lot of entertainment and will maintain the busy boys. The adults owe that supervise like this calm of any one your boy to dip he in his mouth and swallow it. I add to buy for quantity!
5 / 5 Ona
Way too small! I expected him to be bit it main (the measure of the marble regulates). Pause easily. Otherwise A quality is good (all a same measure) and is a lot of packaged.
4 / 5 Lonnie
These are like this entertainment ! I am surprised in that has grown it quickly! As that satisfies and amused to touch with. Some accounts are gone in 3 few bands, use a band and he have fill to tub of whole creature abput 1/3 of a way up. Mina toddler and 6 year has been entertained for the hours of pair.
4 / 5 Nicole
This was the entertainment compraventa, my daughter touched in the tub of hule in a living room fill with to the like to them the swimming pool. I have used he in the variety of ways, and so only because I am moving that I have had to that take touched of of them. His of the that shrinks behind and one some concealed done the disorder.
4 / 5 Felton
Like this far like this good. It is coming the prompt day . A container does not have any English instructions, as I have used another commenters suggestion of 4L to water to 2Tbsp of accounts. These pics is taken inner one has turned of 10 mins. I am guessing for at night that the bowl will be fill.
4 / 5 Karri
Some boys have loved this product. They have decided to use the all in a crack, has fill the basket of dirty clothes with these and touched for days. They have begun once to break avert and do the enormous disorder, has been launched was. Probably we will not buy again but we are the fun experience .
5 / 5 Jamika
I Mine touched in watering at night expecting them to develop (the cause concealed is that it is suppositions to do ), but at all is spent. I have been to read some instructions, assuming the something wrong, but was all in chinese. But the bad hey, at least take 3000... :/
4 / 5 Mertie
Mina 6yr the old daughter looked them literally grow and then touched with them for 4 hrs directly! Water, sieves, plans, $ has not spent never!
5 / 5 Rodrigo
Strongly a lot recommended. Smaller that describes. The colours are very light, has purchased for my boy to identify some colours, very small. It is the no any compraventa, unless it is used by other purposes
5 / 5 Delena
My boys love these orbeez accounts. An amour to look them grows in a water. They spend of the hours that touch with them, sticking his feet to a big container. A tablespoon gone back to stirs it whole of balls! More to touch with them so only alfresco.
4 / 5 Sharla
Is that it is, the boys love. They will be everywhere in your house.

5 / 5 Terrilyn
These are like this fresh! I bought him like the activity of sensory game for mine toddler. It can not take engaged of them! It gives him on it prejudices to take to full measure. The his maintenances in the container and is lasting the long time.
5 / 5 Rebeca
Bad smell , a lot has broken so only to touch even squeezing has fallen so only averts like this disorder of aspic when it has been for the choose up 😕. There is disappointed the boys a lot they was took to game
5 / 5 Aiko
So that it announce. Among plastic of spatial wraps, any logo or instructions. Desire among the resealable stock exchange or container, but decent value closing for a number of accounts takes.
5 / 5 Estefana
This container arrived with English zero on that! It is everything in Chinese! Any English instruction! Any English opinion! Absolutely any clue like the utilisations?! What waters?! That time?! The look the look was paralización or maintain an eye on?!
4 / 5 Fredia
Chico of month has has adored, take give fat bols and the game gives hours with these bulles! His friends envy Them, car in them not having ôt go to have to that small new clients.
5 / 5 Frankie
I boys and the adults equally enjoy to touch with these. A lot of entertainment, havent dried him was still to see like this resists up for animal use, but is quite utmost like this far any way.
5 / 5 Nidia
These hydrogel the accounts are distracts little some for hours!Mina 4 et.ou. And his friends love it. Transmission few animal plastics etc and is the new pensa in them)So only look them,how is amused for the try or to dip the account in the nose or as)
4 / 5 Shayne
has done. The ones of the that knows if these were a better prize or the no. came Bad packaged, but law. Also it pack it it was in Chinese writing like this I couldnt read that is to do of. Hopefully A lot toxic!
5 / 5 Danille
Bought him for my anniversary of the daughters and I have expected then in the container any one the vaccumed stock exchange. A product are ADD l has used lukewarm water to do it faster, 1packis the one who l has used.
4 / 5 Elizebeth
These accounts were amused really for some girls to touch with. The container has come with alot of accounts. It have to that coming with instructions in which you count vs. Waters
5 / 5 Arden
An element arrived but of a picture a look of balls to be in a measure of the pea. Instead they are more like measure of the boss of pin ! A lot disappointing
4 / 5 Karol
has Given 4 stars because cleanup with which the loss was the giant ache !!! Some boys have loved to touch with these this in spite of. Has has resupplied hours of entertainment.
5 / 5 Tamatha
Accounts of water (Orbeez) was perfect partorisca entertainment of state. Any subject with this compraventa. Shopping again. The prize adds without the doubt!
5 / 5 Kelsie
Like this accounts of water. I expected him partorisca go in the container but is gone in 3 containers.. And wow they take the main way then has thought.
4 / 5 Morgan
Well! So only that asks if his really didnt grow a lot of but his all fine my boy loves him.. I so only the wait has good packaging with a prize I supposition has expected. lol
4 / 5 Ambrose
Estimativas So only for a quantity that comes. So only like another reviewers has mentioned has wished was more brilliant. But unless calm specifically the require to be brilliant is not to treat it big.
5 / 5 Rosanne
A little stock exchange has been drilled when it is gone in a topmast . When I have opened an on and flipped he to the rovescio to empty the, has taken thousands of these microscopic accounts in a paving. It is been the weeks of the pair took him, and still finds the daily hundreds

On some produced, he exactly that it is supposes to do... So that a lot of
4 / 5 Leatha
there is drenched Once on a water loses his colours, any recommended. Overpriced. You do not buy again.
4 / 5 Ellan
Some accounts go in three small stock exchanges. There is the tonne of them... Interior in an hour in warm is in full measure. Squishy And amused to touch with taking all the ages!
5 / 5 Whitney
These have grown grieves. We went him to knots expecting result at least measured of marble, but after being in of waters he for 3 days was so only a measure of peas very tiny. A lot disappointed kiddos.
4 / 5 Bari
Very good. I dip water to the boat with some bands of accounts of water. Next day, he s utmost measure to touch with. Value enough.
5 / 5 Marth
Mina 2.5 old year loves these! It has taken roughly 3 hours to fully develop. I have maintained so only add water until they were has developed fully. You would owe that use warm or hot water to develop these. As declared in Orbeez put.

Top Customer Reviews: Melissa & Doug ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 34 ratings
5 / 5 Marian
Small measured Well partorisca maintain in mine purse partorisca maintain our 3.5 old year that distracts in of the restaurants and in a car. Inside a book is black pages and in a side is the one of the forest chooses that it use partorisca line art to some pages. Some pages are all separated by white papers partorisca maintain to be has lined. A black material is like a material in lines & partorisca win entrances, and can line partorisca develop any one the money holographic creation or the rainbow down. Each page is alone use , but a lot of entertainment and looks quite fresh. A black flecks done the small disorder, how is good to have something to dip under a book while into use. We will buy this again.
2 / 5 Delicia
As it has described. Quite small (roughly 6inches for 6inches) and no for the youngest girls those who breeze by means of them quickly. My little one has done this in spite of as an idea of this the plot and inspired me partorisca take DIY with some pencil, the tooth and the blacks of products chooses.

Melissa And Doug have some utmost toys and inspiring works like these so many while these were the little lack luster, highly recommends his products.
5 / 5 Anissa
These were present navideño FANTASTIC add-ons for my glorious boys have aged 6-10.
( Was the little there is disappointed that has had the maximum of 3 has left to be purchased in fact, as it can no to give them to everything of them. Felizmente A young plus there is not remarked.)
In all the chance, with all some toys have taken, THIS was that it has maintained his entertained on day navideño! They have wanted to him.
And some adolescents have there has wanted to take loaned and try them was.

Has paid $ for them, but the looks is trace the dollar.
3 / 5 Yukiko
Bought this for mine 5 old year for his anniversary. It is the quite fresh and calm idea would be likely to do a bit few really good illustrations with him. Really it enjoy to use the. An only real negative is that there is so only 16 pages and I think interior perhaps 3 days of the take already has streaky and scribbled on everything of them. A present was a lot of reason was happy of the take, but a boy an old plus could appreciate it more.
2 / 5 Cary
I have been disappointed in this product. The majority of some pages has had already some level to line and/or chipping of an arrival - this in spite of, has not looked as if any one has had deliberately there is him lined. It is very small for a prize.
In my opinion, does not fulfil an usual big level of products & of Doug of Melissa.
4 / 5 Constance
Pencil and small fascicle to rascar inner. Experience of pair, recommends to give 1 page at the same time entirely-small, if no less than 10 minutes, each page is lined of one or two shots and results inintéressante it rascar later. Lucido The fascicle is finalised. Beautiful and small.
Fascicle and strong Pages in goleada solid
3 / 5 Galen
Very small for a prize.
Has read a page qty and measure of pages but not having @@give how was to like in person and see more value in a some sold for Michaels for the little more dollars that is fatter and more substantial.
5 / 5 Sanford
Paper of good quality that any rasga when it lines it a surface. I have undone some half artists imports to see things in another way and use new technicians. Also very amused for boys and of the adults so only touching around with him :)
5 / 5 Skye
Some boys (4 and 6) loooved this doodle tampon, is the swipe during some holidays navideñas. A boy of 6 years liked line a whole page so that it was covered totally with some good-looking models under a black surface. Shabby more!
3 / 5 Temple
When I have received this element, is wrapped, but some of some pages in an interior have directed the already be lined the little has bitten. Had also flecks to aim on some pages. My sister loves it, but annoy like this no among perfect condition.
5 / 5 Georgine
It is very small but pleasant. You are the present in one 8 old year. It writes in him immediately and masters that. Shopping the big more a next time
4 / 5 Jackie
Has bought partorisca the thought of 4 years this would be main book . Way to small partorisca the young boy.
5 / 5 Majorie
This was the very small work partorisca some boys, the entertainment and has liked him really he alot. It buys it again or something alike. It was the good compraventa
5 / 5 Christen
When I have received this element, is wrapped, but some of some pages in an interior have directed the already be lined the little has bitten. Had also flecks partorisca aim on some pages. My sister loves it, but annoy like this no among perfect condition.
5 / 5 Audie
Pleasant and small measure book. Access easily in the purse. My art of scratch of amours of daughter.
5 / 5 Dominick
Has bought for the present and my niece has loved that!! I add for a car or activity of travesía
5 / 5 Adena
is the smallest plot that has expected calm so much can any one the plot to draw, but is the very little doodle/tampon of note and is entertainment for all the ages.
5 / 5 Jaimee
My grandkids has loved this little tampon. All has been comprised, arrived in timing
5 / 5 Winford
has produced Adds, the law adds and load of fun for grandchildren.
5 / 5 Ria
Some boys have struggled on has to that the way that has had to that take the little more!
5 / 5 Lavada
My daughter has loved that and fill up with his drawings in two days!
5 / 5 Melody
Perfects partorisca take with calm in the restaurant or in a street. It maintains my daughter entertained for the moment.
5 / 5 Iris
Any a lot of pages but toddler has loved that while he by means of him.
4 / 5 Erlinda
The product adds my daughter has loved that . Draw any stop. You love it so much we buy more .
5 / 5 Karma
Has come the prompt day, did not try it still, how is the present . But it is much smaller has then expected partorisca a prize
5 / 5 Marcene
has taken this partorisca my daughter but has finalised partorisca use the I to plot also. It is amused like this and takes your creative juices that flow. I have reduced he for a star this in spite of as it looks expensive partorisca those that the discharges take.
4 / 5 Sirena
My daughter of seven years loves it, smaller that expected but different. Perfecto for some lovers of art.
5 / 5 Jimmy
My edges WANT TO this. It is it adds for mine 9 old year, 6 year, 3 year has amused using he with them!
4 / 5 Dominga
Some boys love a paper of @@@sparkle when a semence he
4 / 5 Emerson
the net loves it. I add for travesías in a car, or has gone to dine.
4 / 5 Tania
This book is really pleasant but is VERY SMALL! More like a measure of a palmera of your hand. It was very partorisca travel it car.
4 / 5 Nia
The book is smaller that has expected but is the present adds partorisca my grandson
4 / 5 Leon
A lot of overpriced partorisca an element ! Súper Petit, so only 16 pages, no those impressive !
5 / 5 Jenae
My granddaughters of 12 years really as well as the present. It likes that it comes with of a pencil.

Top Customer Reviews: Play-Doh Sparkle ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5 Helaine
The cost checked While we have loved some colours and some sparkle, a measure of some containers has very left to be wished!

There is disappointed with as small some containers were for a price has paid. You do not buy again.
5 / 5 Ma
The cost has checked I supposition has expected some sparkle would not take each one which where, but do although it is not an end of a world. Calm so only has to that verify your boys and a zone and use the wipe partorisca take them up. I will not be in that buy them again.
4 / 5 Kathey
The cost has checked That was thought when I has bought this? It is quite hard to clean the game regulates-doh out of a table, but this there is glitter in him. Very difficult to leave of your boys and pieces of furniture. It chooses glitter of the hair of my edges for days because adivinos to take some in his hair. Ugh.
5 / 5 Lashaunda
The cost has verified A bit one wants to this and is entertained for hours. Mark sure to expect and take in the good price. In an end is just game -doh, any precise to be spending more than precise to.
5 / 5 Mattie
The cost has verified A sparkle adds amused to a game-doh, but a measure of some containers is smaller that has expected. Game-doh has small containers that it is the different form and way, so only has to that give these would be copies of miniature of a container of full measure.
4 / 5 Mimi
The cost has verified My daughter wants to these. Now maintain the imports are not containers of full measure, is a lot of sparkly and last for the moment (days) out of a container. It has felt to like it has taken the bit rasg was for a measure
5 / 5 Joanne
The cost has checked Good meso stuffer that the glorious daughter will enjoy. So only the note to another .... Containers Of game of sparkle doh is roughly 1/2 a measure of game regulates doh.
4 / 5 Van
The cost has checked Commanded 1 week before Navidad. Nave SPER effective, transports received partorisca time! Bestdeal Also; it was less expensive of in his tents in the moment of the compraventa.
Pastes the modeler Brilliant in small Formats. The faithful description to the element has received.
4 / 5 Crystal
The cost has verified partorisca spend for alot of PlayDoh in my house and these bands are my 'gone-to. Excellent price and love a resupplied of colours. To good sure recommend.
5 / 5 Hilde
The cost has verified My niece has loved that. Calm can any never gone bad with touching doh one some have received has not been dried out of that is the plus in my book has bought of then some of a dollarstore and was entirely useless
4 / 5 Lorelei
Game of @@@Sparkle doh is like this enough. Amur To touch with him I still although it is for my boy. Everything exits of a very soft box. Marcos the good-looking colours when mixed together.
5 / 5 Sharleen
Some containers am a lot small but for my three old year that does not have any game-doh this in spite of this was the I adds little judge of boxes is exited. It was happy to give the variety of colours and some cutters of cookie for $ 6. The @@@Sparkle has been the no-issue like this far.
4 / 5 Josiah
5 year was súper excited to take sparkly game doh. Same texture like regular material and good colours. Shopping again.
5 / 5 Roma
The girls have loved a glitter immediately. It remains in a game doh, as any left behind disorder. It remarks these are not to calm bounced of regular measure, but smaller.
4 / 5 Latoria
Is playdough. That more are I that goes to say. They touch with him. You love it and mix all some together colours.
5 / 5 Brandie
Good-looking colours and so only enough to have entertainment with. The small containers do to take his with calm for any reason, more manageable
4 / 5 Katelynn
to to the My net likes-him the touch with Game-Doh. They want to this a reason he @@@sparkle. Material adds.
4 / 5 Lory
Like this soft! My three old year loves it. Smaller that has thought but entirely happy with a product. Thank you!
5 / 5 January
The smallest containers then that has thought, but master that some @@@sparkle does not come to your hands. Soft playdough.
5 / 5 Shira
That can say. Game doh is always the swipe with some glorious daughters. They want a bit @@@sparkle
4 / 5 Sook
Playdoh Was the little smaller then expected but another while it was adds. Wonderful colours with good-looking glitter.
4 / 5 Freeman
My daughter of 3 years loves a @@@sparkle in a Game-Doh! A butterfly and the forms of heart are also among his favourites because it loves lived and has ascended.
4 / 5 Remona
My daughter of 4 years loves this has thought that that it was a big plus playdough but is some small containers
4 / 5 Ceola
to the to Those who does not like playdoh?! M, those who calm clean can any gone bad of the give like the present in any boy
4 / 5 Lizette
My daughter has has wanted to which sparkly ossia! Some @look of @@sparkle to remain in a game doh which are adds!
4 / 5 Mack
My Game of amours of the edges-Doh has the plot of fun with Game-Doh
4 / 5 Rosalia
Play-Doh always fun. Be mindful that ossia smaller that has expected the containers are tiny good value still
4 / 5 Newton
Really well, amour some @@@sparkle.

A bit small but good for a prize.
5 / 5 Lucienne
Has bought this has thought was some main tubs , theyre any
4 / 5 Kaitlyn
the daughter has loved that, this in spite of lacking that glitter regime of him. A lot messier that another rule playdough
4 / 5 Sybil
Bought to to these like to add the on element. Good value. The daughter wants that they are sparkly
5 / 5 Nikki
has Bought for my niece for Navidad. It likes him the touch with game-doh and loves a @@@sparkle
5 / 5 Gerry
My neice want a bit @the @@sparkle and the good small measures appreciates to like this
5 / 5 Keena
My girls have taken really. It can any gone bad with east !
4 / 5 Solange
So only some game regulates doh. The grandson there be enjoyed to touch with him.
5 / 5 Ossie
Has taken this for my edges loves game doh and has thought some
With the @@@sparkle would be excellent . It is coming punctually packaged properly. In general very happy with cost of mine
4 / 5 Fallon
Very minimum glitter has left in of the surfaces after touching, which is appreciated!
5 / 5 Sindy
Game dough done a flow of imagination where some girls and the adults can have hours of arts and work.
5 / 5 Venus
My daughter maintains partorisca speak roughly likes awesome this game of @@@sparkle doh the colours are his favourite things NEVER. It was the enormous swipe in our house.
5 / 5 Tambra
Has 3 two year olds the one who want to playdough but ossia like this sticky. In his toes. In a table. Any good to do with.
5 / 5 Deane
My niece there is wanted absolutely these, especially some @@@sparkle!
4 / 5 Alfredia
Game of @@@Sparkle-doh entertainment! Nizza Dyes vibrant and together frescos.
5 / 5 Grant
Stay of @@@Sparkle in a playdoh ! Which is the hige prevails
5 / 5 Franklin
has Loved a prize of these, always looking for drops of prizes
4 / 5 Lore
A game-doh are to add but a @@@sparkle has added the fact the titch harder the mussel that a game regulates doh.