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Top Customer Reviews: The Language of ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Nigel
Alison Lurie has written the book, 'A Tongue of Houses',in the @@@subject that almost all the world has an opinion roughly - a way sees both architecture 'personal' (ours house) and 'public' architecture (the others the edifices find in our lives). It is an interesting, if no the bit of bland, look in architecture.

I really think all have the reactions to some spaces are in - a lot temporarily (a public edifice or the house of another person) or more along (ours own houses). Mostly these feelings are transitory - neither like them and feel of comfortable in a space is no. And if we no, often try leave like this collected to the equal that was possible. This was one of entity 'jumping was signal ' for me when I have begun this book, and has read a whole book without receiving a lot in a way of that, in spite of a book subtitle: 'As the edifices Speak ours'.

Tops Lurie done an excellent work in looking in a history of edifices and how is built. It covers ways to house so it has evolved half of room the modern houses with the room for all the world in a family. But it does not say any one a lot roughly like these houses affect some families that alive interior. They are the compulsive spectator of plans of house and amour to consider like this can use a house like the house, while also thinking roughly like another that could use. Lurie Writes bit it on like a modern house has moved to be fill with smallish rooms the creations with to plot of open spaces - a cookery of country, a second walk that opens up in a first paving, etc. also examines edifices that the audience has evolved.

Well, a thing the decent reviewer of the book has to that it is not to bemoan the one who an author does not comprise in his book. And ossia that am doing here. It have loved it takes more opinions of Lady Lurie; have has loved any espice'. It would have liked him it has liked his flay these architects (and some committees those who has agreed his creations) the stops to edifices likes him Daniel Libeskind Hebrew Museum in Berlino which is the entirely unusable house for the museum. Now, again, ossia MINA - VIOLENT - OPINION. A lot of people love quell'edifice.

Like Alison Lurie has written the very good book in this history of our edifices. It is interesting reading and sincerely can recommend to a reader that loves some pocolos done without some opinions.

Top Customer Reviews: Delirious New York: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
Some presents of author in concise way his own version of the history urban developer of City of New York.

One beats or can not be convinced for his thesis that has the City of concrete New York psyche this is to reflect over time in the wide variety of constructions.

But a so only can be enthralled for his intimate knowledge of a City and of the projects that diverse of Coney the island to an Empire Declares partorisca Build to a 1964 World-wide Fair.

An amazing and in timing the odd illustrations add to an incredibly rich text. They comprise partorisca chances the photograph of vintage of famous architects in fact costumed creations that own: an Edifice a Full plus, a Waldorf-Astoria, a Squibb Edifice, a Chrysler Edifice, etc.

Writes on done 30 years and like this also the reflection of one 1970 east, this work is to good sure the classical a lot the value that reads today partorisca any one has interested New York or in of the cities in general.
4 / 5
Has taken pound 3 copies more than 1 with which while to 3 months...
5 / 5
An easily digestible read filled with delicious facts in a big apple. This book can change a way one sees New York partorisca always. Be he of the level callejero, or of an intellectual level. "Delirious New York" helps to rediscover Manhattan, and help partorisca discover an idea of Manhattan in of the places far out of "A City".
This publication is the point of perfect start partorisca any exploitation to a past or a future of urbanism, architecture, and of course City of New York and some people those who has helped partorisca form this a lot that grows never marvels.
One has to that read, and the perfect present partorisca any the one who is included remotely touched for New York.
4 / 5
Ossia For far Koolhaas the majority of accessible work, as it is rooted like this clearly in detail of the past of a city. Further, a book is simply brilliant. His take on the urban history is to Jane Jacobs that Socrates is in common sense. New York is the special chance of modernism that has jumped of the special constellation of poltiical and technological forces that in neighbours create the cultural "big-bang" in a turn of a century. Read the. Swipe your alcohol.
5 / 5
A romp by means of New York is sometimes jaded history with the view to uncover some roots of a modern metropolis and a singular element devised for architects partorisca inspire (amuses?) Some masses - a Skyscraper. Some looks of book in Coney to the Island likes to try the earth of a Skyscaper, Manhatten likes exploitation further of a Skyscaper which is trialed in a name of symbols of the propserous future, economic rationale and pressing a envelope to his limits and of the arrivals with Office of Metropolitian the own experimental projects of the architecture in New York. An a lot of obliging history of the complex city.
4 / 5
koolhaas Is quell'has bitten on-the-upper partorisca me, but this thinks is is better work. Well verify was yes so only partorisca a history of coney island. Calm once past volume blisteringly to pretentious sentences likes them "coney the island is the fetal manhattan", calm will find it gloriously entertaining like both operates it narrative and theoretical.

Top Customer Reviews: The House of ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Jane
A terrific historical the plot. Fascinating Writing and investigation.
5 / 5 Drema
A book adds although a price is incomprehensible. As it Can he Kindle costs of version $ ?
5 / 5 Susana
A book adds although a prize is incomprehensible. As it Can he Kindle costs of version $ ?

Top Customer Reviews: The Ghosts of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Dallas
A historical narrative of Berlino that comprises his Prussian the history is thrilling!

Some origins of a Hohenzollern dynasty as of the rulers of Prussia and Berlino is critical knowledge that my students has to that result familiar with as well as a Napoleonic connection in a 1800 east. Brian Ladd the book has been invaluable to present this narrative.
4 / 5 Heike
This book has been ready a short of texts my studio of culture/of German tongue abroad the course has required. As the one who an architectural culture has been, this book was all has required partorisca try an essence of a capital. It was better that any book partorisca drive there, especially relating a tulmultuous has spent with that has seen with your own eyes like an urban landscape.
Berlino Is complex, historically and culturally - of his imperialist days the Hitler main to a scarred the city has divided so only now seaming near. Germania Is a embodiment of ambiguity - how is done abundantly evident for his a lot of structures during a wide city. Brian Ladd the photograph is discreet and tasteful, illustrating his thoroughly researched work. It compares an old photograph to a taken recently for him partorisca study, in a signal, like this without transmissions some parts of a city have been in a midst of constants upheaval a last century.
Has to that individual that entertaining a book is, as well as his vitality in his examination of Berlino. It is, enough simply, such the like to read. Some Ghosts of Berlino takes in a big picture, of the country that joins, political ideologies - past and present, and an importance of massive structures - when being and there is ruined. Also it comprises details in extraordinary ordinariness, likes corner callejeras, tents of department, and public transport. All this that is to say in a fashion to appeal that it is accessible (to the equal that calms does not need any fund in Germania or Berlino), but no too random (Ladd is informed and comprehensible).
4 / 5 Marci
This book has been reading required for my form of university geography "Geographies of a European City". I thought it that it was long, it dulls and confusing. It was very wrong! It is one of some first academic books that the so only could not dip down!
Intresing, The alcohol that opens and detailed, still written in the simple and accessible way. I have learnt a lot so only the plot in a history of Germania and Europe and a Second world-wide War but also roughly likes to see city, how is formed and his function in a world-wide today.

Top Customer Reviews: Buildings across ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Neal
Amado a program, easy access to read

Top Customer Reviews: Introducing ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5 Monty
Formed: Paperback does not have any idea like the power will speak of this book, but me, like the curious reader with interests in all some subjects roughly the art and the literature find it the really fascinating book!
Partorisca Begin with, are the foreigner , like an elegant English is in him the beauty and value partorisca me. And then, with some happy that has spent so much in western history, culture, literature & art, there there is still a clue partorisca run that it takes all the together parts. A authers has treated like this graciously such the fulfilled intimidating and develop such the deep, beautiful and enlightening world of mine.
In the word, is an entertainment partorisca read a book ( like the whole, although some part of him looks mine too much redundent with academic-like details)
5 / 5 Nola
Formed: Paperback Very possibly one of a better intros to a subject of the romanticism never writing. Full of info, and idea, a book covers a big and lows of a movement that has influenced Napoleon, Beethoven, Kant, etc. Sweeping thru several countries, and forms of numerous art, comprising music, literature, and theatre. One is presented to a tension of big boss of a Romantic, partorisca always captured among an Unreal (primal character) and a Real (Civilisation).