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Top Customer Reviews: The Bellydance ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
A description of product looked fabulous. I have loved this DVD! The disk was broken like this the created in half an hour of work of computer, with me that tries to extract a DVD of a player.

Has bought at least this of Amazon and now am returning this for free. It appreciates the police of easy turn of the amazon, complete with impression-out of focus for free nave.
4 / 5
Had impressed really of Rhythms of Dance of the Ventre. The neon is an excellent monitor , and has the real passion for an art. Continuous do With a prime minister workout segment, and find this is defying enough. Rhythms of the dance of the belly is generally the toning workout with an emphasis in some also and midsection(which is wonderful for my needs.) Also it finds some movements some easy plus to follow that some another dance of belly workouts, as I am able to direct in a workout, any mastering some movements. Ossia One that looks forward to. And, really I enjoyed some beaten/of music to move to. A compraventa adds!

Top Customer Reviews: Saidi Dance: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
Amur This dvd! (Although, calm can any gone bad with instruction of New York of World-wide Dance dvd.) Claro, concise and easy to follow, is the plot of fun!
4 / 5
Another excellent and very useful practice DVD of Vanessa.
4 / 5
The disk broken with which used it 3 times. As there is disappointed.

Top Customer Reviews: EARTHLIGHT - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
The with is mad about ordered 'Earthlight' and has bought included 2 copies. It THANKS GOD bought them for the half reward of Warehouse of Amazon!!!
This together of overflight the seen is extremely repetitve. If it have done a DVD, would not be at all proud of him. It is just clouds , clouds, more clouds, the minutes of pair of desert, behind the clouds, clouds, clouds, clouds ..... It can do the good-looking video of 15 minutes. In 85 minutes, is the joke .
Likes Example, one 3 overflights of Brasile takes almost 15 minutes so only and some the calm whole times hardly can see the characteristic of alone earth. Just clouds. And clouds, and clouds ... For 15 minutes!
Perhaps yes see this there is lapped, some dress dipped the music quite well would be entrancing. But I have not been lapped and my brain of normal speed has maintained to ask when in fact it take to see something!
Perhaps ossia the one who a view discovers really is. Probably. But it has been expecting a lot, much more. With modern telephoto photographers the satellite of spy can see you mailbox of spatial. It has had no real telephoto work of camera here. A bit those that zooms like the amateur videographer could do with economic crew. Ossia Everything .
Bummer. Any ad crosscountry the flight is more interesting.
PS - After writing an on, has had the transmission of heart.
1) has begun finally look in a screensavers. They are among one has seen more. They Like him to of me everything. These visas is so only exactly that it had expected it of a video of 85 minutes. They are perhaps value a prize of a DVD, this in spite of quite a lot of pricey.
2) Also, a view of an earth, this in spite of like this declared in my main description like boring and requiring enormous modifying, is this in spite of instructive. Ossia: We maintain to base of the planet of water with the very thin envelope of habitable space. It is the view all the precise world comprises viscerally. Perhaps it was the good idea to see a whole series of overflights, but preferably lapped or somehow in the deep meditative state. Once.
4 / 5
Seeing tis glorious Atlantis launch and listening he in roaring 5.1 dolby is so only value a prize of a dvd. Read, Takes many , a lot of shots of our good-looking planet, crisply videotaped of some missions of space shuttle. You take to see the majority of part of one of the sud emisphere of earth, together with EUA at night, more Asia and Arabia and Amsterdam Of the sud. Subtitles Further of 10 tongues owe that the to the left know that it is looking in, and an ethereal music, spatial really leave go in a way to look, meditating or simply enjoying some pictures. Of those who has LEFT raisin.
5 / 5
When you are ailing and tired of these filthy life on earth,
can turn to this astonishingly secluded world of 'earthlihgt'.
Some critique for his long coverage of water or oceans,
but is a way a world exists. I need to know more things of a real world?!
The one who the wonderful world!
Require a lot of addtion, any disguise, any sprain and no documentary images.
Like this east ...
An earth is so only simple, clear, brilliant and fresco...
Would have heart of mercy in your fellow humankind.
Looking down of a heaven,
can see any person immeasurable sorrow, agony and bitter revenge,
but his ephemeral achevement and transitory joy...

Like me recommend the.
4 / 5
Has bought Earthlight: Special Edition with a lot of anticipation, as it was billed like appearance of space shuttle of earth. I have been disappointed in some segments of video. While it is true that 70 of an earth is water , there is the limit to an interest has generated to aim formations of cloud in waters. 70 of some segments of video are on some Atlantic or Pacific ocean without landing in sight. Inside these segments there are the little where can see you the earth that approximations and thats' where some finals of segment of the video. It is like them it has asked NASA, "That is one the majority of uninteresting the segments of video there is on all yours shuttle missions. We want to do the DVD out of them.". This be has said, some the still photographs have is wonderful. They are all the earth or of the shots of island. A software of the saver of the screen will upload him on your HD. Has additional stills available in a place of web that can be unlocked of a DVD with which are has paid stops. Attentive for Earthlight: An Edition of Tierra, if yours interested in this class of what.
5 / 5
This is not exciting or awe-inspiring. Some pictures are repetitive this in spite of has photographed well. A music is mundane and boring. There is far better examples of s[irons and combinations of music. A IMAX 'A Sleep is Alive' is far upper, although there is narration.
4 / 5
Unfortunately, some people in INTERNATIONAL DVD is fond to aim shots of water in small screen, while these material cries were for shots of earth in widescreen.

Top Customer Reviews: Umm Kulthum: A ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The fabulous video partorisca raqs sharqi dancer, defenders of Umm Kulthum, or any any one the music adds. My only complaint is that it does not go in with more than detailing partorisca always! :-)