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5 / 5
These works of good product as it announces. My fish loves it and choose in him while they take hungry and maintains him fed when they are was. My only question with this product is dirties on a really fast and easy water as it recommend dipped he in something when feeding a fish like peices braking out of does not contaminate a tank.
4 / 5
Bought it before the volume is gone in the travesΓ­a of street. A plan was my neighbour would spend for two times the week and dip the pyramid in a tank. I have done to try go before taking was. It has dipped a pill, does not dissolve , adds another the little bit but the fish did not eat it. I require to give them his regular lunch.
4 / 5
The fish did not touch it. I have been concerned of not being enough for the long weekend was but was entirely untouched with which four days were. Entirely useless.
4 / 5
A way says that it does. It does not leave a water cloudy like other feeders of the fish retarded sometimes do.