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Top Customer Reviews: Resident Evil: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
Any defender of some games would appreciate this film partorisca adapt an on-the-upper action in of the latest games to the logics CGI films that looks partorisca maintain an alive action like some games delve behind to his roots!

Has arrived punctually without any harms, perfects partorisca time partorisca the night of film had planned!
4 / 5
Probably a better in a bad serious animate resident. I want like this it is entirely different of any of some games and uses some characters in the calm way in fact would see them in there be of real life.
5 / 5
The element corresponds to the description of the ad and rid quickly .
5 / 5
Was happy has done in my player of DVD and form of film of tower of video game
5 / 5
the delivery surprised but a second characteristic damnation was the better plot.

Top Customer Reviews: Perfect Blue - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
That can say, this blue-the ray is a better presentation of this film partorisca date. It is not partorisca perfect, but that considers a Video of old Boss DVD emission was no-anamorphic and windowboxed while ossia anamorphic widescreen and in some HD audio, without cutting with the clean acute image - there there is simply another way to enjoy an impact of this film properly. Ossia Read them ADDS , and can not appeal to all the audiences. It is surreal, darkness, and sometimes confusing, purposefully. Warrants Has Repeated partorisca see to choose up in some subtleties inside a film early on. Literally they did not take anymore - or partorisca this subject has retreated then, is the -of-one-cinematic experience bondadoso that need to be savored and Ossia an edition partorisca give you that experience.
5 / 5
Would have been very partorisca Amazon partorisca leave is ossia the region bluray disk when I pre ordered this! It has not been until a date of emission that has been he has declared that calms can not touch this in north Amsterdam
5 / 5
All has shipped safely and a film is the thriller adds !
4 / 5
A coffret the collector in edition has limited absolutely splendid and a lot he expensive that is to give the quality and lucida the cures have contributed to the emballage so much that to the content: Coffret'travesía tease' to the érotisme sure when it takes to feign that the one of the sud-étui seeds-transparent and that on fulfilled to nude the coffret that contains a storyboard complete of the film etun a lot that feigns notebook that reagrupa give images of aprovechamiento, gives sketch and investigations, together he of art gives decorations and joins soyaster class': proposition of course in three night of the sud lucida film.
Lucido DVD and he blue ray (glorious !) Of the Film incluent - further of one registering a lot of anecdótica of the 'tube' pop of the film - he Japanese trailer and two interviews, the with Junko Iwao (star of pop and actora that has duplicated lucida film) and the another with lucido realizador Satoshi Kon. The All the Games less than €38, frankly, no of foutage of expensive of the sud this edition there !
Takes that lucida the film is excellent truth lucida also.
But this, His defenders knows already...
5 / 5
The singer Mima that touched in a group 'Popstars',decides to change and result actora and of the day the next day his homicides are enchaînés besides violent,lucido spectator to of the harm to do the difference among the reality and twist it Mima continue to one of his followers to kill Mima,the colgante is in edges paroxysme ,Mima goes exits?That is this twist Mima?Quell'Audio of quality and the video of the sud lucido DVD and he Blue- Ray, am very contained.....
4 / 5
Absolutely aventajado In all the Points. Included When being already acquéreur of the DVD, am loved to have this edition has cured also well in him fond that in the form. His Prize, he storyboard : it is mine joined of or and joins definite edition. All And is... A compraventa animadamente recommended this is not almost compulsory to Touch all defender of Perfecto Blue and of Satoshi Kon.
5 / 5
Thanks to Satoshi Kon Games this boss of œuvre timeless and to Kaze games this coffret incredible. Storyboard And artbook to the Format A4 games to appreciate fully his sketch, illustrations, creation... The big class
5 / 5
the genial packaging, artbook and storyboard included while these last folds of slope of the coffret to Giappone.
Kazé The fact one súper the work touches this boss-of work of Satoshi Kon.
4 / 5
Of the sud lucida Film in him same, at all to say, is a boss of œuvre.
Of the sud the object, his fragility has added to the condition of source of expedition that sweat 2 times where have received he coffret has arrived in a regrettable state.

Top Customer Reviews: Perfect Blue ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
Quality of image in this blue-the ray is the definite and significant improvement on DVD but no like this pristine likes Disney or Studio Ghibli remarsters. A soundtrack has an English version as well as to 5.1 Japanese version and an original Japanese version Pleasant (with English subtitles). In general, I have been pleased with a quality of this product.
5 / 5
Good plot, a lot-paced thriller. Strong statement roughly afamada that the closing applies today. An animate way, this in spite of, is beginning partorisca aim his age, especially in Blue-ray. Value the clock enjoys 80s/90s fashionable thrillers. Probably not to look it the second time.
4 / 5
Awesome Film, if you have not seen goes partorisca the buy calm so that that can look now, if has: it goes partorisca buy a Blue prime minister-emission of ray in IN The!! Finally! The quality of image is sum, has been that looks my VHS copies partorisca the years of an emission of DVD was very difficult to find. A classical psychological thriller partorisca those with diverse flavour.
5 / 5
If you are the defender of psychological horror, this one is the good clock . Has some gratuitous to to the moments like more than horrors , but in all I really enjoyed the.
4 / 5
Is not an animate defender if it do not look this. An absolute must so that they love the little has thought more dipped to his animate histories. Everything of Satoshi Kons the films are incredible
4 / 5
Ossia the history has twisted on celebrity and of the half comunicacionales social. Highly recommended. Partorisca Mature audiences so only: no partorisca your grandson lol.
4 / 5
A travesía psychological amazing, as it has announced.
5 / 5
Partorisca One first half of 'Perfecto Blue' asked me reason this 1999 film, based in a novel for Yoshikazu Takeuchi, has had to that be a soul. Mina to look the manager Satoshi Kon simply tried to aim that anything the esal' the picture of motion could do could be fact for soul. After all, 'Perfecto Blue' is devoid of mythical creatures or futuristic settings, like reasons annoying to use animation to say a history? But for an end was taken too much on trying imagine out of that was really that goes in to import, and when you are speaking in the psychological thriller that the like this consideration more than entity that if a film is photographed or has drawn. Although a history is quite conventional for animate levels, Kon explodes a half to say a history with artistic fashion.
A basic history of 'Perfecto Blue' is at all new in his heart, but ossia hardly the worry. Mima Kirigoe (voiced In a version of Japanese tongue for Junko Iwao and in English for Ruby Marlow) decides to give on when being the idol of plastic pop to be it actora serious in the work of television police in the murderous of serial (although a writer does not have any clue the one who a murderous is to arrive to this point). This transmission of the career of entity dips two things in motion for our hero: In the first place, it has to try to accept a new Mima, the one who has to give sustain the scene of rape in a show and that shoots the nude creation for advertising. As, has the defender (Uchida in Japanese, but Gentleman A lot-Bosses in English) to the to those who no likes him to him a radical transmission in an aim of his obsession. Some links among a two at the beginning is soyima Room,' the web of place has the place concealed develops far more in his that any one would have to that know. But then they share something even more disturbing in common: Mima an idol of pop begins 'to visit' the both and while Mima is degraded by his past self to having sunk like this down, his defender is said a new Mima is for the feign the one who need to be take of a picture.
That spends then is the collapse of reality, both of a psychological perspective of Mima and a perspective to see of an audience. People those who have hurt Mima in some start of the way that died of looks and some lines among the reality and to the fantasy is resulted totally obliterated. A result is not so only disorienting, but also totally obliging. I have seen a lot of film like this where are supposition to dip in some shoes of a main character like such reality and to the fantasy is result indistinguishable, but little to have sucedidos as well as a last law of 'Perfecto Blue.' There is the point where Mima marvels if perhaps it was obtained by the truck averts in some signals in a history because it no longer can agree a last moment in his life knows to be real. A paranoia of both Mima and an audience results complete.
An animation is quite simplistic, but still resupplies a stylized realism of has detailed drawings that the frames animate visually obliging. Kon Explodes a half during a film in of the ways that would not have arrived never to a manager of the esgular' film. There is also sure scenes, as when a Gentleman of stalker M-to the mania listens his beloved aim Mima habladuría his so much tongue of each picture of sound there is plastered in his wall, that certainly do to to the better plot likes them the animation. A revelation of a truth during a climatic scene is in fact does like this subtly that almost I did not take it.
To return my original question to the equal that to reason 'Perfecto Blue' has been done likes a soul, has to ask me there is some class of taboo regarding nudity in of the Japanese films. I do not have any idea. But I know that in some hands of the western manager this history could has gone down easily to a level of a film of aprovechamiento. An end results something anticlimactic, but given a torturous web that is to be build doubt any final could be totally fulfilling. Besides, there is something to be said for an ironic commentary of Mima goodbye.
A DVD comprises the clip of a esal' CHAM the trio that agrees his song in a studio and access to the dud Mima put of web of the Room. There is also clips of brief interview with some of a vocal talent in both sides of an ocean and the quite disappointing cat with manager Kon, the one who unable looks to offer any ideas to this production. 'Perfecto Blue' is an ambitious animates concealed has sucedido well quite in a second meso to forgive any failures in a prime minister. Thanks to Marc Rubí for some bosses up is one.
4 / 5
Perfecto Blue is the a lot of the psychological adult puzzler in Mima, the pop stars the one who leaves his popular group to result a actora. A function of soap opera is offered, but Mima the character is less clean yard that has wished. To all the cost, agrees to to take a part and the chances take the turn for a worse. Early, Mima the sense of reality begins to slip. It discovers his identical twin, the image of mirror of concealed has not given up singing. It is real, or part of his imagination? Before long, put of look of internets to describe each intimate detail of Mima life and the mysterious figure stalks sound of some shadows. His friends and associates is threatened, and killed, likes Mima down in the dangerous world of paranoid delusion. It dreads for his life and has to that untangle fact of illusion to remain alive.
These all the mark for the surprisingly tended, suspenseful nailbiter ossia gripping to start with to finalise. 'Perfecto Blue' is not a typical animate and ossia that marks like this special. Ghosts, cyborgs, and the mythical creatures are nowhere to be seen, instead, is some players in the game of wry psychological alcohol. Some last 30 minutes constantly maintain you guessing like filmmakers maintain bombarding with brilliant transfer with which turns. You owe repeatedly it questions that it is real and like him no, the difficult but enjoyable fulfilled that calm require you to be in your toes to maintain up. The attention adds has to that be paid to detail reason any all felt the first view , the perfect excuse for multiple viewings of this masterpiece. A music of @@subject is quite eerie and totally appropriate for a tone of scenes keys like Mima starts his downward torsion. It add it creepiness to a film, giving it the appearance of terrific horror that the frames perfect to see at night late.
'Perfecto Blue' is to good sure any for all the world, and some could be disappointed, especially because of all a hype. But for partidários of the true Hitchcockian thriller, ossia the must . It is an excellent film in general and it thriller of prime minister of class. If Walt Disney and Hitchcock has collaborated in the film, is something has taken.
5 / 5
"Teeny-bop Called of leaves of princess! It goes all a way partorisca result the actora serious! It is too far?"
With Mariah, Launch, Britney and Mandy all that does his best to move idols of celebrated pop to a big screen, his adventures of the real life so only will add to feed your imagination as you look this wonderful characteristic soul. Like centrical Character, Mima, the emphases were in his "adult" decisions partorisca result the serious star, his wall among sleeps, the reality and his career begin to break down.
Has some stunning and generous violence helpings of female nudity has involved, but neither looks out of place for a seriousness of this thriller. The cringed in a gore and I winced like this the daughter has the data was his innocence . An end there have gone on a flange of my chair. This history is like this thrilling and disturbing like this "Psycho," "Seven" or "Attractive Fatal."
A better part is, has an end. Quite different "Akira" (which is fantastic, but calm leave you that asks that calm so only assisted), or "Ghost in a Shell" (which is splendid, but an end leaves one saying "Like this while raisin?"), Or "Princess Mononoke" (which is beautiful, but a mythology is so only too darn hard to relate to).... It thanks advantage, for once, everything is explained and solved with some series of climactic chances.
Any one has said sooner in this forum that an animation has not been "real" enough. One, Can signal was that ossia hand drawn and wonderfully so much. If some situations and acting and visuals here was like this engrossing that an only thing that resists that it presents to a 3-D flesh-n-world-wide of the blood was a number of frames by second, then a animators has achieved surely his aim. If Disney is cooking on the piece of art like this to somewhere, the give the reception to, but are not roughly to resist my I breathe while to them to take spent his boys-factory of only entertainment.
Like this, is fishing for critiques, would have to say that it was so only a murkiness of Mima has confused alcohol that frustrated. Well, a lot -- perhaps it is collected quite obvious on that the pair of bodyguard will avert an unavoidable. But they mention that Mima is supposition to be an on-annd-coming star and, apparently ignored his and his managment, is to be developing some obsessive defenders.
5 / 5
Attended calm does not have the virgin alcohol reason goes to take raped. Ossia One of a more brilliantly the together films dipped never. Perfecto Blue is quite the travesía of alcohol and will have to that it guesses a whole way by means of. And that it is better, calm of then is taking a DVD, takings to see a Manager is Cut that it imagine of the never has aimed characteristic in of the theatres. But each DVD has is ups and downs.
A lot
volume the together good of extra here comprising glimpsed with one baptises launched, he "doing of" documentary, and registering sessions.
An animation in this film is quite choppy and dry. He loves the lotion dipped on that. More in a tradition of Entertainment of Sleeve, takings the load of trailers partorisca to plot of animated probably does not concern you roughly, and the no-animorphic scrolling. It is like this to ask a animorphic scrolling, huh Sleeve?! Also it has been a lot they have comprised an original 2 mix of canal for a Japanese version.(This really is not the question this in spite of)
active also likes to see some originals of Japanese credits in place of this horrible that look iMovie looking rule some of this amour of American companies to launch in instead.
Reguardless Of everything of of the this, is still values to take so only for a film.
4 / 5
A stylish, and sometimes quite quirky film, in that the idol partorisca pop it actora the turns loses so that it takes on a function of a sister of the killed model in the history of type of the soap opera. Cela, basically, without going too deep to this animate film, is a subject main of this history. Some transfers and turns a history takes frames of basic plot for one involving, has thought to cause, and sometimes line your boss in film has thought.
Mima Kirigoe Is an idol partorisca pop actora turn whose function like models twins younger, turns his world-wide to the rovescio, as his original a function of towers to line to something far more, threatens it his life in a process. After doing the scene of rape in a TV the series is in, the reality and to the fantasy begins interweaves his life until it can not say a fantasy of a reality. If subsequent, likes pose the nude for the famous photographer collapses his deep plus in this world of fantasy.
Like this Mima slips more in a world of fantasy, begins to see like two people, a actora is resulting, but also sees his forward self, an idol of pop, the one who taunts the, say is an illusion . A brutal murder of a writer of a TV the show is on, and a photographer the one who has taken some nude photos of his overlaps he paranoid delusions, blending by means of so that neither she, neither in the eat audience, is quite sure that it is really spending, and that is imagining.
To add to a confusion, he crazed fan the one who has hundreds of pictures of an idol of pop Mima in his room, constantly is that it follow, and logging to Mima put web, which llama Mima room. In this website is the personal newspaper of Mima, details it some things is doing and has thought, but Mima is not a a those who is by train for the write. Confusing, is not the? Until almost an end of a film, is not much clearer ours, and some transfers and the towers are very executed, leaving you to believe a thing, and then aiming you another.
Will not give was some surprises of a film, but will say that some frames of the final commentary once calms finally take his. Really so only I have a real complaint in a film he, and ossia is psychology . We are to aim an advance of Mima to to the paranoia likes them the chance unfolds, to where can not separate reality of fantasy she, but then, in an end, after a mystery is solved, bam, is so only a lot now. I do not think that really it has been able to recover like this quickly likes that, no without some class of psychiatric help. It is true that some the past was caused, but there was also the things that goes in inside his own alcohol, which believes, as one alternating the images see of his in a mirror. These were the chance of the real psychological delusion, any so only the mark believes reality. This averts, there is enjoyed this psychological thriller, and think you also.
5 / 5
Is a "adult" it thriller but has not contained too much of adult, the rape with brief nudity and some snap shots of the photoshoot.
Ossia The good film , added it my cast after the recommendation of animated the defender (to to the one who did not like Escaflowne). This film is the psycho thriller that emphasis of places in that is real, that is not , that is the sleep . A main character Mima is the pop-idol, until fact the transmission of enormous career and result it actora of small time. Later it lands the big function in the series. This movement disturbs some people. Also it results conscious of the website has called Mima Soiled that loans out of his daily chances, such things like this of the use of feet to go in a bathtub and a milk compraventa, some words has said during a day. This web page results the house like Mima visits it day with which day, but early a Mima in some anger of web page . Mima Starts of pops of personalities of the idol to pursue, calling his soiled or contaminated, that alleges that Mima a actora is not a real Mima at all... Early Mima starts to believe all this. Some starts of history to take the transfers like this of the killers burst on, the mysterious figure maintains objective and flashings among fantasy and a real world-wide result more frequent and lose a capacity to determine which is that so the scenes are repeated slightly different.
Is dive he of good film to an alcohol of Mima, in that aim his fight to allege to his identity likes a actora, the person the one who is mature with his own aims and of the streets of for life.
Have come up with the better end, well that the plus has twisted a ossia, this could have turned he of more than the end to surprise that he psycho well of thriller. If you want to know, it shows a film and then email me and the'll says already.
5 / 5
Has to that say that when I have seen a name 'Katushiro Otomo' to somewhere in some credits, has been excited to see this film. I love his work both in of the comics and animation (especially my favourite soul of all-the time, one 'Akira' renowned). So when I have taken loaned the copy of this film of my fellow better, has not known that to expect. I have been he has surprised. I owe that say that never first have I seen an animate film that capture a reality of tormented the better human emotion that this. 'Perfecto Blue' for real accounts among one of some better films in a gender of psychological mysteries. It is necessary will disagree with me, and ossia a lot of then can see some defects in this film and reason the people would say it has not been like this as well as eye to be saying. Probably it is not , but have flavours and of the big levels, and for them to be fulfilled is not easy (so only ask my friends), like this the film is something his at least looks once if at all more. Hitchcock Would have been proud. There is masterful managing of character of advantage Mima desglosa, beginning of the simple voice in the reflection, to a paranoia that builds of a realisation that any one is by train to follow. An immediate recognition of a stalker (the one who, has to admit, has has had to that So only look hideously deformed and die one the majority of annoying less in a version has baptised English, which an excellent work) was quite welcome, and gives an immediate impression that has had more than of the east a simple madman (the one who is name is included bit it hokey, but he still of some law of way) for behind the. There is also some elements to a history that was brilliant so only. A constant rear-and-advance reveries Mima had (awake on, and then wake up and supposition that bolt of the past pocolos small on in his alcohol...), coupled With a repetition of a line 'the excuse is?,' it Was the moment of originality. And a reflection in a mirror in a scene of persecution of the end, aiming the blood of the his stalker-crazed vision in a reflection but aim paranoid dual personality in era so only a eerie and method very effective to build on a confusion. Included a music was eerie, varying of the simple piano of a remarks line to the harmony of swirling heart vocals (any different Ligeti is 'Lux Aeterna' used in '2001: A Spatial Odyssey). In the technical level, an animation is very a lot of fact. Some meticulously drawn dips and a motion of some characters and his means is a lot of slick, almost to a point of realism. Defects with this film? Well, there is the pair. One is an immediate impression that it is to give to Mima manager, Rumi. Of a start, constantly is pressing paralizaciones Mima to maintain singing in planting to change to acting. Such obssession can direct a spectator suspect it, which finally would tend for the manifest reason leave expensive a fact that a spectator undoubtedly thinks more than some characters in a do one. Another is that in a signal, there is an indication that Mima could be his own stalker, and that his own demons are by train to direct the laws of murder. This in spite of, while some psychological effects in his is tilled certainly, a global possibility and suspicion that is a murderous is data little or any attention. It can be be consider cliche (and especially would not have been unexpected while looking a film), but has come there the point where he so only equally necessary to at least explore a possibility. Still, you look to die a lot quickly. In spite of, with defects and everything, this film is undoubtedly triumph it for animation around a world-wide to grow besides a limit of his limitations drawn and to the very serious gender. Alfred Hitchcock would be proud of this film thinks, and a film does not take never has held. Shining is an only word can think sheer brilliance.
'The excuse is?'
5 / 5
Quell'Has seen handful of animate Japanese and ossia a prime minister one has seen concealed is the thriller of colgante . It is not to like anything has seen before, and is well is right own . An animation is not one has seen more, but a history is interesting. It is based in the star partorisca pop it actora the turns has appointed Mima. It was the singer in the group has called Cham this there has been defenders, but was feeble in his popularity according to some maps of music. When it Decides to be a actora, this is to be establish punctual in a film, begins to see images of his like the pop stars to the equal that in turning taunts the and in the way tries to force behind his career of flange with Cham. It was not dipped in functions that does more established like this when being it actora serious, as it decides, out of desperation, to be remarked, to have the nude pictures took of his published in the magazine of porn and before it conceal, agrees to to do the scene with his be raped in the club of band. It is also stalked for the hard data fanatic of his image of idol of the pop the one who follows around and writes in his in his place of web. Taking paranoid and scared when it discovers his place of web and finally begins partorisca remark him in a crowd. I will not develop a conclusion in calm chance, a reader, loves to verify this film was, but has the quite amazing end of the that a real threat to Mima really is. I want to warn that this film is sexually and violently graphic, so that the girls would not owe that be looking east.
4 / 5
Has seen enough the few animate films and the majority of them is one same like this has to them that say that this film was breathe he of fresh air. I have been to see he in the emission limited and after the see has thought them" Whoa!". A plot concerns the star of young pop has appointed Mima the one who is leaving his trio of flange has appointed Cham to pursue acting. When it Is given the function in the soap opera is given the scene to do in him where has to that be violently raped (thinks Jodie Adoptive rape in the ACCUSED) and shortly after that is menaced for an obsessed fan the one who is angered for a way is trashing his wholesome image. Shortly after that begins to go down to the psychological state where can not say that it is real or unreal and a lot of some people around his east violently has murdered. Typically in a film animated a dubbing is poor but a dubbing here are adds. A direction is a lot of stylish and really has to that attention to arrest reason a manager really dips calm to Mima alcohol so that shortly after that the can not say that it is real or no. An animation is upper notch and a colgante in this film is constant and calm maintain you on embroiders. This film is not to like a film animated at all, could easily deception for the alive action film. Ossia One of a bit those that film where when it declares that it is the results of psychological thriller to be concealed. A violence is a lot of startling, although it is animated. It recommends this to any any one the good psychological mystery. Low expecting besides animate films of this class.
5 / 5
Go, when I see Animated usually am moved reason sees onscreen. A question with this film is, has not been moved. I have been excited after reading the few descriptions that say the one who thrilling and that thrills this film was, and like an end was in a realm of Club of Fight and Sixth Sense. The step of a film was quite well, some characters were well, but nothing special. I have taken partorisca tense the little time, and alot of the scenes so only confuse me, but hey has not imported cause thats a point of the mysteries already know? As I have expected out of a confusion for the "wam-bang that you mam" final of surprise. It was not so like this "WOW" or "WHOA" so to the equal that was "That a heck?" I guess sound a same reaction some have has had to that an End of Cry 2 and 3 (any mine, has loved some finals) suffers the few moments that is not explained, likes in Club of Fight, but the club of fight was like this awesome could forgive these moments like this easily. Perfecto Blue has not done an interesting wait, there is enjoyed a way his life and a TV the show resembled intertwine, heck has taken like this lost has not known if it was awake, asleep, doing a show, or has been all real. They are in accordance with another reviewer, Hire he First. It go almost shabby but now was his any value multiple Viewing. Instead it suggests Ghost in a Shell , Tenchi Muyo enamoured, or a Spawn animate series.
5 / 5
NOTE: Ossia the description in the yard of a Manager / NR version that possesses.
Has seen this prime minister for me because my brother rid it mine. I looked it, and be finalising creeped was for several hours, always looking in me in a mirror and the waiting for wink and hop was. Well, perhaps a lot the extreme, but sound well! _Or
The sum on a history, Mima is the young adult, grieves in his own, the one who decides to leave his bubblegum-trio partorisca pop to result a actora, but early finds is harder that can any never has thought. Beginning so that the-liner, early finds a main appeal of a show because of a perverted the whims of some means has has aged managers. After the series to humiliate the things is forced to do, sweats sanity slips and she torsions to self doubt and hallucinations. (I will not go much more there reason ruins a history.)
Gilipollas: In a NR version, a scene of long rape has taken the good 2 or 3 minutes, and really does not have to that no a lot of meaning. Slightly I last to decipher storyline, but a lot necessarily think that is the bad thing. A lot of violence but the bondadoso of works in, and perhaps of the dipped ready down the version is not like this bloody. The end has not gone too fantastic.
Pros: Psychological thriller ossia to plot of fun to look; a lot of scary. Good-looking animation. Voice quite well that read. Baptising Quite good. 100 only storyline. Music of pleasant pop. Twisty And turny plotline concealed maintain you guessing.
Analysis: the value that shabby, but does not leave your little prime or the report takes it loaned like this probably scares to amuse them. =P
4 / 5
Perfecto Blue is the film with the reputation. That I bad is that every time I have asked a lot roughly the, the majority of wom had listened but never seen, a imediate the response was that it was uploaded with nudity. Any that he disorders with a brain or that it is chilling, that is to upload with nudity. Well he , further of zones of a female anatomy that the majority animates. But any to a plenary overblown displaced that the majority takes it to. With east says here is a plot.
Mine Is the idol partorisca pop aka likes Britney Spears or some Daughters of Spice. Master out of this field this in spite of to pursue the career in acting. Partorisca Shatter one looks of the idol of the touches of Pops to a lot of function of adult in the a lot of soap of television of the adult. To the long of a way calm also put in some a lot of pictures of adult for some defenders, everything in a tentativa partorisca shatter a stigma of Idol of the Pop. This in spite of the partidário sure does not appreciate My new. It thinks that My new is the no longer an innocent little daughter falls enamoured with and is now the soiled vagrant, and is doing his hell of life.
In general ossia the very impressive piece to do this will go to a catagory of a cult. It is one of some better pieces of work have seen and definetlty one of a cup 10 psycho thrillers. So only it does not leave a reputation behind calms of attractive in. A film speaks for him.
5 / 5
Perfecto Blue is the perfect psychological thriller that wonderfully situates a spectator firmly to an alcohol of a protagonist, Mima Kirigoe. Like the idol of Japanese pop that tries to spill his image of idol partorisca result a actora, a crisis of identity that quickly envelopes his east also animadamente felt by a spectator. Furthernore, A triple selection - among sleep, Mima before function in a television thriller "Double Bows," and a real-world-wide chance of Mima the life that surrounds his turn to an acting career - is like this misty that a spectator results like this confused like this Mima, which is the glorious and refreshing facet of a film.
That now know Japanese is is not habituated to look film with subtitles would owe that see a version has baptised in the first place, like necessity of literally "reading" the film detract of a global experience been due to a spectator wavering attention among a subtitles and an almost a lot-take on-action of screen. Perfecto Blue is, in my opinion, the perfect film (excepts that some characters - all Japanese - look to be "aim") - or like this near of the perfection how is possible in animation.
This in spite of, the MINORS would not OWE THAT SEE THIS FILM Been due to some highly scenes of adult. Even more the adults will find these scenes to be extremely troubling.
5 / 5
Perfecto Blue is the odd and wonderful film, and this DVD really does it justice. Some papers are good-looking and return a film perfectly, and some extras are refreshingly well. In fact we take glimpsed with some three main actors and actoras those who has contributed his talents to a (beautiful good) English baptises; it is beautiful and class of odd to listen them speak in the normal conversational tone in a film and his meanings. Some interviews with manager Satoshi Kon and actora of Japanese voice Junko Iwao is not like this well, but at least is there. All more is well for an animate emission of DVD, and a film... Well, it calms that has to that see and mark on your own alcohol. A lot of people hate it and another (taste) thinks are adds; all the world will adapt, this in spite of, that is confusing like this hell in time thanks to some crazy modifying. A film tries a psyche of the crazy person, and thus film that means not knowing that it is real and that is not . Calm really lose clue of reality, reason a screenplay maintains to turn an old "An awake character arrives and is all the sleep " cliche on he. After the while it forget is the sleep or no, and begin the sympathize with a insanity of some diverse characters. It is the powerful and unusual film , one of these maintenances of films think roughly are months after looking it, and think that all the world would owe that experience his lunacy.
5 / 5
Ossia Without the doubt one of some better thrillers in some have spent few years, no. or alive action Be warned this in spite of (to this new to animate or so only learning distinctions inside a gender), is also one of one the majority of adult-oriented mainstream the films animated there. Has a unrated DVD, and he quite handily win at least a R the indication has based on violence and nudity, so much duquel has negative and disturbing impact in Mima, a main character.
Ossia The primary example of like this Japanese soul among a lot of forms and is aimed in a lot of demographics, like this alive-action film in general. Ossia Equivalent to the violent, Hollywood that the causes thought has estimated-R thriller and is related in no way to the that simple mainstream Amsterdam thinks in of the general terms of like this "animate" (Pokemon, Escaflowne, G-Force perhaps).
Only complaints in a presentation: some actors of English voices touch utmost but read by means of some iffy translations. This in spite of when in native tongue, find me that it likes them a better female voice English! Hey, can not win 'in everything, but in general, Perfecto Blue will do an excellent addition to a lot an adult DVD COLLECTION.
5 / 5
Meer The words can not even when being to describe a brilliance of this film. Mima Is the pop stars the one who has decided to enough his band to persue the career in acting. This in spite of some people a lot loves enough and will go the deadly ways to see this sees comprises this. A film Mima is staring is the psychological thriller where touches the woman that is to be rape and forms the personality to break that it is homicidal. Still so that the production begins Mima learns of the place of web that record each thought and movement. Like this Mima changes his image more and more peole start to die in the violent way. Punctual Mima finds that it break the imaginary version of his that mocks his to having changed his career. Like this Mima begins to question his own sanity a film has entered a climatic final ten minutes. Admitted this film is not for all the world, especially boys under an age of 17. For those of you the one who is looking for the pyschological thriller in a footsteps of "Silence of some Agnelli" or "Club to Struggle" this film will impact and dazzle you. No respecto the one who are some last ten minutes of this film will scare you the death.
4 / 5
Has seen very animated in a past, but has to that say that Perfecto Blue is probably one of some films of better Japanese animation have has not had never a privilege to look. Certainly, one of a reviewers in Squads of New York the Daily description was corrected in quoting that Alfred Hitchock and Walt Disney has taken near to do the thiller, would have created Perfecto Blue.
Ossia The modern film with the modern setting, and a filmmakers active has balanced effectively the plausible and realistic fund with a surreal images of Mima delirium. An animation is upper notch -fluent, detailed, and a lot cinematic. There is no cyborgs or boys of magic/daughters here, folks. The place of just pure surrealism in a heart of Tokyo, Giappone, among a tumultuous culture partorisca pop that is part of one the Giappone real. Some blurred transitions among realities, sleeps, and one a lot crafted film-inner-a-film (also the thriller, inspired by Silence of some Agnelli) leaves a spectator that suppositions until a final scene. I have maintained to take one that feels that a manager was the defender adds of Jodie Adoptive film. Behind everything of of the this resides Mima character- a which can empathize with hanging a film. Ossia The masterfully read them focused.
This soul is to good sure the keeper and attacked adds for Japanese animation. I have not thought Never a lot another animates could approach to Ghost in a Shell, but the suppositions was bad. Buy a DVD, is in good sure values he.
-Michelle Harris
5 / 5
Geez, with all a reviewers raving in east animated has anticipated an original thriller that would leave me with colds. Enough, this film leave with the chilly reception.
Some hallucinations and the losses by heart have experienced for Mima, a protaganist, is fact partorisca mask an end and do like this, several scenes are inexplicable and disjointed. To this end, for a time of the arrivals of history, is anti-climatic and left with the big "Huh??". Anything a manager has looked for to achieve with a spectator was lost totally on me. Not To Take me bad, loves unusual and only films (which soul the gender leaves like this of course) but Perfecto Blue was so only simple odd with free series.
For any the one who only is dipping his toes to animate, would not recommend this. There is so only too many other utmost titles there. It tries Cowboy Bebop for juezas of start, or any of Miyazaki work.
Finally yes is looking for the psychological thriller, control out of Psycho - his hokey for todays levels but at least will take the good laugh out of him. For I add it mindtrip, tries Dark City, Usual Suspects, or A Coverage.
4 / 5
Has to that regulate a film for the good start, but a lot much more concealed it. Have enjoyed like a start of a calm film quickly drawings to a main character. It begins with Mima transitioning of the shy pop-idol (with the law of a lot so only, for a way) to the lackluster actora in the second-show of television of the tax. A film the work adds to do Mima feel real, class of like this he disheartened daughter-next-door. I have continued to enjoy a film by means of an initial stalking and killers, although it can do not saying has been done with a lot of finesse.
Of then on, the things go downhill to of which considers to be the implementation fracasada of a second half. When Mima begins to lose a distinction among reality and his work, a film deliberately goes schizophrenic. While it is of entity to a concept of a film to mislead an audience in that is really spending, some segments were too many courts to effectively do like this, which results partorisca distract discontinuity more than smoothly that directs an audience to believe Mima delusions (and then shatters it that perception). Also, Mima is not fazed for his delusions, which causes his character to lose credibility. It looks almost detached that it is spending to his sanity. This can look bit it picky for a Soul, but agree an idea for behind this one was to create the entirely enveloping experience that suspends disbelief of frame 1 -- the concept that is raped, for example, when a film portrays Mima is transmissions egos like which jumps daughter-on-his-alcohol of toes in a fashion of Urusei Yatsura. It causes a film to lose credibility, and he so only a lot of record a gender.
Well, as it is not the Miyazaki film. They have had the concept adds and the good start, but is bad polished and an end was the disappoinment. I want like this film, I really do. But I left so only feeling like my money could have been has spent better.
If any quantity the be has adapted that ossia a soul concealed is trying a lot to be, calms that could enjoy. If not to impose you your sense of the continuity that is dipped to a blender, calms that could enjoy. If it likes you results lost in a history, with small has thought his implementation, does not buy this (the sample on more is to say me, perhaps).
5 / 5
Animate I film are not of the cartoons. To rephrase that has said so only. Himself Some soul is to to cartoons likes him to him the moon of Marino and Ball of Dragon Z. Perfecto Blue this in spite of is the film and the a lot of disturbing film in that. Some centres of films around Mima the idol of pop in the little group of flange has called CHAM, this in spite of, loves to develop his career and thinks that has not been able to do that while it is the idol of pop . A lot not to create it conceal is the ready movement . They want to Mima to maintain the pure maiden image of the young helium voiced idol of pop. Mima Done of the nude scenes and included the very graphic rape scene for his acting career, and some of his data the partidários hard is not happy. A writer and a photographer are both brutally killed. That this film is cheifly roughly is an obsession of a otaku, before the take jumped on for animate otaku, otaku means obsession with anything and Perfecto Blue that the thing is Mima. An a lot of that frights the film the controls was. Well partorisca to that the does not like him fine colored of hair and big eyed animate also. Perhaps very a lot so that so only it likes him this type of soul.
5 / 5
Know the types are all that goes to complain of me partorisca east, but has seated by means of Perfecto Blue, which mine roomate rented in dvd (excellent 5.1 sound for a way) and here is my two cents
has spoken with him buddy of mine another day and tried to come up with the cast of pictures of Motion that would do adds soul, if an audio is remained one same (same actors, effects of the his, ) is in fact the subject good of discussion for the edge of forum in fact. In a cup of my cast was club of fight. Now, you are listing when writing the one who is a lot the serious Work and no an action flick buff neither. I respect Creativity (if the be in acting, modifying, or screenplay)
is a lot hard to the hammer is gone in this flick without giving was also; to the left be me a prime minister to say that too many people have seen this and has loved that. My opinions owe does not deter any to verify this one was.
Would not say Silence of some Agnelli. It says more like club of fight. The So it is! Minus An underground struggling yadda yadda.
This spends to be a prime minister Animates the not having never of doensn't revolver around Giant Robot, or Fantasy RPG characters, and ossia a reason has been them interested in him.
I only sense is the little slow. Perfecto the look of Blue mine was schlocky Horror/to Do flick. It is a lot he, but some indications has seen them has all Excellent summer.
Perhaps am them reading this too closley. An art was excellent and an audio was adds. A Dubbing in a version (the managers have cut DVD) has looked them was very good.
I only sense is the little slow, and the light has bitten in a predictable side.
5 / 5
Perfecto Blue is in the daughter the one who has used to be the idol of pop but has done it coureer transmission to result an actor. With which changes the professions finds when being stalked. Well. One. yeah. :: It tries to agree another material:: wooo, has looked so only this film like the few hours does and am beginning to forget a complete history! Perhaps his reason my brain has begun so only melt with which have looked some premiers 30 minutes! Yes. It is that confusing. In fact a small very when some credits have begun to go my brain so only EXPLODED and could not think of anything at all. Thats Like this Confusing was Blue Perfecta. A whole thing is basically straightened is gone in an end, but still, this prime minister 30-40 minutes is the work of real alcohol .
Well, in all the chance, now that has taken that by means of, a film has a lot of animation of quality very good. One baptises is in fact quite a lot of aswell.
A history is in fact quite well, you quite edgy.
To the left say me this: Ossia an only pyschological the thriller concealed me drive mad. In some measure.
5 / 5
A film I like this question some limits of our own consciousness. It leaves partorisca explore in the spatial no our own, some endless possibilities and some demons lurking inner some humans psyche - and alert to a reality that are does not know . It would be necessary scare that it is able of, any partorisca mention to celebrate our potential. One of some good things in animate is that some looks of simulation less real, of then is in this spatial 'invented'. I am not trying the downplay an effect - like this chairs that an impact in a spectator is any less real - just simply that declares an observation. To the left this any fool you, are not that naïve - anything in cinema is the simulation, sometimes the simulacra, of reality. This in spite of, in spite of an impact that is like this real, some images - a lot of @@subject that explicitly sexual or graphically violent - is not to like esal' as in of the pictures of motion. I more certainly no attended too much to buy he-in in this last commentary. This in spite of, the images look more sanitized and does not require to spend so much of a estimativa in of the scenes and a potential for well is astronomical. I guess it conceal it is reason I lumbers with this gender. I have confused like this in a sexuality and the violence likes them any one. A Jody Fosteresque scene of traumatic rape (wing An Accused) flanges in a exploitive. Perfecto blue flirts further soul the bordering time in hentai.
A history is the simple one but an execution is not . Mima Kigiroe Is the artist to struggle with the bevy of partidários loyal. It begins his career like the singer and transitions to the career in acting. His entrance in this world is the serious has called Duplicates to Join - duquel a subtlety has not been lost on me. Like this yes, of the second looks disjointed the history evolves, Mima (as well as some spectators) the reality begins to block. I owe that admit, have been lost several times while looking a film, in that was reality and that it was fantasy, as if a writer purposefully has wanted to me, a spectator to emulate a sense of utter confusion that Mima has spent stops. It has been achieved? Absolutely! In all the chance, coupled with some never the present updates in the web of place have called Mima Room - is to present with (to the equal that Mima is) with several apparitions. Mima Is forced the utter (during epiphany) that any sure knows. For a resolution (or lack of the same) will require to look a calm film.
That is really 'fresh' on Perfecto the Blue character soul is that it does not return to one of some a lot of popular categories of animated already there. Neither it access to a estaca-apocalyptic strata of Akira or Ghost in a Shell neither is romantic (in a Byronian sense) to the equal that say something exiting of Hayao Miyazaki. It runs Blue perfect new earth. Japanese has, for the long time, the state interested in psycho-thrillers and a history of good detective. That with a popularity of writers likes Matsumoto Seicho (Points and Lines - also available on ) as well as Sogo Ishii (Powder of Ángel - also available on ) is the positive test of a popularity of mystery and colgante. It marks any deception is an adult psycho thriller. Prpers Having said all concealed, am alentadora that this film is not representative of Giappone modern. Like the critique of some excesses of voyeurism as well as a sadistic and misogynistic exceeded of some boss, boss of Blue stands Perfecta and shoulders especially an another animates characteristic. It is reflective of culture of Japanese pop? In that earth and down that answer, that still has to that be further has explored. Any to belabor a point, for a resolution (or lack of the same) will require to look a calm film.
Miguel Piange
5 / 5
This was a period of the real characteristic prime minister Alma has seen a lot of years and have the deep effect on me. I have bought of countless DVD is with animate and this a closing underlines like this one of a better.
Has CONTAINED: A film is really special. For this I bad: Any 2 people will take enough a same experience out of the look. It is so only for all the world. Memory to spend for several emotional phases as it look it. By means of a prime minister 30 mins. It was entirely uninterested. A history in the idol of pop? BOOORING. Those times expect to look this? Then so that the things have begun to spend a prójimo 30 mins. It have confused totally but now at least a bit it has interested. That a heck is gone in? A last 20 mins. Or he so that it was totally hooked. Any dared to blink dreading could lose something those imports. As it Was this history not going never to finalise? It seats? It CAN never felt of mark?
In an end he , and the rewatching he again and again has found concealed no the second only of this film is the waste of time. Obviously it does not have the estimativa enormous, and aims in a big screen, but a framing, colouring, lighting, movement of camera, storyboarding, timing, animation and modifying is absolutely perfect. They have used that has little had avalable and has done a better possible film.
And a english baptises in fact is not half bad. No a better but certainly any one a worse. (A contend for worse possible baptises does not have to that never be "X a film". The fine film but one baptise - yeech!)
DVD: extras Very fresh. You interview with manager. Trailers And such. And brief thoughts of a english launch to the equal that for a way comprises Rubí Marlowe likes Mima. Also he a voice of LAIN. An action that was for real one gives a perfection any further. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Has lived always with an opinion that the film of good thriller would have to that adhere to one of two principles of neighbours. Rule one: the plot that calm maintain you guessing to an a lot of well with the multitute of transfers of plot, complimented with the climax that brotas all leading perception to powder(Taking Cry for example). Rule two: the plot that is simple in a surface, still has a when finalising that it adds moves it a lot previously remarked(Like a Sixth Sense or Psycho). Perfecto Blue is an example of a first principle. A history surrounds the singer of pop (Mima Kirigoe) that does the transition of music to do in the world has commercialised. To the long of a way suffers scrutiny for his election of career of defenders, fear to be stalked, and dillusions of his actions and a lot of identities when beginning of things to take violent. Visuals And the use repeated of the sure scenes help examplify a confusion that Mima is experiencing, coupled with the pop and that pursues to mark that it maintains some spectators so many in the to darkness likes Mima is and guessing each of minute. An end is the worthy tribute to one of Hitchcock classical films, but does not go you to say that. An upper film.
5 / 5
In fact possesses this films that thinks that that it go to be the good film. The synopsis of a video has touched I so that it has thought like this. This film is in fact one of some worse decisions have not thought never to spend my money on. This one is really bad and of the that buys it. Of the one who Lame has comprised bad a film and that tries to do except my God ossia horrible. Wow I has any clue the one who these reviers has seen in this film but ossia junk. A plot was totally predictable. Really this film is not original at all. That is roughly he is really the actora woman the one who is stalked for any and in some results of same time paranoid in his image especially when a public material writing in his in a for example an internet and he like this advance. Already It Sees my point... Ossia Rubbishes . Already you want to look any boring soul, test Ángel of Battle, León Black, Hunter of Vampire 1 and 2. Those are some abonos some immediately a cup of my boss.
5 / 5
Perfecto Blue is the decent film, but has a lot another mature animate is gone in a phase that is far upper. Some ideas are obliging; an execution is disappointing
A subject integer of the functions of Japanese gender is taking was and has examined... No very uplifting, of then reinforces an idea that the women are estimated simply for his phycial attributes -- for this an older woman wants to result a young plus a. Also, the "pleasant" the singer of pop is estimated more than the talented actora with some depth.
A concept to see things by means of some eyes of any that spends for the disorder of personality/of desglosa nervous is interesting, but a lot terribly original. This in spite of, some illustrations is excellent. Also, a lot they will find a repetitive film like the scenes are repeated for the importance added and several images are blatantly regurgitated.
A good film to rent, but the collector would do well to think two first times of the cost.
4 / 5
Imagines that Alfred Hitchcock could have done in a field of animation. Ossia That Perfecto Blue is, an animate thriller in a Hitchcock-ian way. Singer of idol of the pop Mima Kirigoe decides to leave his career like the singer and result the actora serious. Has a talent the sucede, but require to leave Cham, his group of flange, as well as all his defenders. This comes from dangerous, for some followers does not want to go , and paralizaciones in at all to spend behind, although it mean has to that kill for the do. A same time, Mima is pursued by the vision of his like the idol of pop, and an apparition does not want to leave . This film is very wry. It is surreal to the point where that looks for to guess the one who a murderous is the almost impossible results. An animation is not excellent, but is good to look in sometimes. A music is not bad. A real advantage of a film is is history. Ossia definately For adults. A defect a big plus with a DVD is that calm promise that a lot of figure and he so only book in the little. You owe that find ways to open another characteristic ( has had the hell of the time that tries to find a Boss 2000 trailer - that quell'was the disapointment when I opened it finally.) Perhaps it is so only my DVD, does not know . Take this film enjoys Silence and Wicked City of some Agnelli. PS. No a show(?) Mima Is doing on look an a lot of likes Silence of some Agnelli?
4 / 5
This film is a more than thriller of frights/of worthy mystery of Alfred Hitchcock he! A history is scaring in of the different levels. Calm in the first place see Mima, the one who is not very sure of the his like the person and a celebrity presented. It is it has had to that to sacrifice the paste a big to time like directing his to several situations, comprising that they film the rape to disturb scene for the film (or the series of television, according to a dress of version). Dulcemente And no like this surely, sees of the games of the industry was pieces of Mima, which sticks to. This takes really bad to the equal that begins to see a "another Mima."
Then some killers take place. One for some people around Mima is brutally and bloodily has murdered. A climax and the end is spectacular like the mystery begins to untangle, and the different minor has thought out of film, everything perfects felt during a madness and of the killers!
4 / 5
Does not look some commentaries or another extra first of a film to the equal that give was points of tone of plot - specifically an end. It goes to an official dotcom put web of a same name for information on one doing of a film. An official place says that this is to be mean to be the alive action film but the production has been interrupted for a Kobi the earthquake and has been decided for the transmission to a soul. There is mentions he of an earthquake in a fund of the scene in the together television.
Am revising a version has seen, an emission of AUSTRALIAN DVD for Madman to the Entertainment likes licensee for Entertainment of Of Sleeve. It is unusually Region Coded 1,2 and 4 (the zones of EUA and Canada, Europe and Giappone and Amsterdam Of the sud also). This in spite of, figure in format of MATE and except Europe, this use of country NTSC, the different playback formed. Like the general point, sure mark your player of DVD has MATE playback first to buy any disk to MATE although a disk is your code of region or region zero (any code of region) otherwise any swipe behind properly or at all. Also it can it has to that it differentiate him among this disk and other versions of region like this control the one who extra taking.
Does not like Me looking of the alive action films baptised but am perfectly happy with a version has baptised English in this disk that is a lot of fact. One follows of Japanese tongue with or without subtitles is also available. Well look one looking a Japanese subtitled version. It gives the different feels to a film. Some dialogue takes the different emphasis . Also it looks an error in an English baptise in 1 now 1 small and 32 seconds. Mima Would owe that it has said 'Rika Takakura' any soyima Kirigoe'. This is to confirm for a clue of Japanese and accompanying tongue subtitles. Ossia That imports so it clears on some confusion that could be created in this scene like the result.
Mima Kirigoe Is the singer to pop the one who is quitting his group 'Cham' to take on upper of acting. Quickly we learn this longevity in a subject of music can be short in Giappone. Start in level of earth in a half @@subject acting does not have any election but to do scenes that is the worlds averts of the his wholesome image of pop. Any one begins stalking the and sending threatening papers. One explodes to wound his manager. Even more disturbingly, finds the web of place (called soyima Room) this has details of his life that so only can know. The things take really scary when it begins to use the she to discover that it is to be until as his emotional state deteriorates.
The killers of people have involved with his acting race start that spends. It can be be spicy and terrorised for his person of leading pop that objects to some the indecent things has to that the law was. Mima In fact can be that it hallucinates some threats and that is stalked. Also it can be that it hallucinates some killers. In fact it can be commit some killers . In fact, still it can be that it hallucinates his whole career but committing some killers - or the no. Or he can be simply be by train of has assigned. I create when I say that anything is possible in this film.
Some last 30 minutes constantly maintain you guessing that filmmakers maintains to move an earth under the feet of a spectator. You owe repeatedly it questions that it is real and like him no, the difficult but enjoyable the fulfilled and you have to that especially be in your toes to maintain up. That has been that goes looks to be conclusively solved, for more reason that there is at all that follows an end to contradict a final scene. A music of @@subject is quite eerie and totally appropriate for a tone of scenes keys in a film to the equal that Mima starts his torsion for down. There is also the frenetic bookmark that perfectly returns an intensity of some killers (or is soyurders'?).
Ossia An excellent film and the thriller of prime minister of class. Inner some premiers pocolos small, still have forgotten that looked an animate film . This film has the end of transfer adds, to final of murderous of now half and he streamlined plot in the compact in common time. 3 things the recent emission and totally very joined soyinority Inform' has not had and has required desperately.
Some extra DVD is very good. A screen has said that that is connecting soyima Room' and uses the rovescio of an attractive was shot of Mima window to walk in a film for zooming to his paving, past Mima and then shows it the paper for some extras. Commentary of three of some actors of main English voice is a lot informative and has thought to cause roughly to the equal that has interpreted a film and decided to touch his functions like the result. Also it is that it interests to compare Mima actor of the English voice to the his equivalent Japanese is to take on a function. Ossia A manager Satoshi Kon first characteristic animate and he the work adds.
Has the setting of photo that mark of uses of a film and text that detail some chances keys of a film. Also, some images of studio of some actors of Japanese voices that sings the Cham song and a separate English equivalent (the only sound) is an option. There is also some images of a animators acting in a film in a screen of inaugural paper, has been a lot if the small characteristic there was the state added to aim one doing of a film also.
Surprisingly (and felizmente) this film is not still state optioned for Hollywood for the remake. This would not be the popular suggestion but YES among a current plot of Britney Spears, and to the of Moore of Mandy, one of them has looked in the remake of this film and has stuck like this closely like this possible to this film and IF they the good work, to good sure adds the dimension to his acting careers. There is obvious parallels as they also are all moving his house of his music the acting, which is a subject of this film, especially a downside of this transition and that of fame in general. This in spite of, ossia the plot of 'is and probably far too many to give adds odds successful. All the things have considered is probably in the a lot of felizmente has been saved a threat of the remake.
A film adds and the disk adds. It goes to see it, buy it if any one calms that can rent.
5 / 5
The launches was all never thought calm in film of psychological horror and prepare to have you the alcohol has twisted recognition further and you it the organism leaves a room and cower in the corner while doing squeaking noises.
This film is fence any of a freakiest, more-wry and down right terrifying the films have not seen never. It is quite literally some main characters downward torsion of sanity to the complete lack of the same. And it does not forget diverse grisly murderous and the plot of extremely disturbing material. But for some reason it everything comes near brilliantly and can really ray with your brain. A manager done a film that comes near and turns a whole experience to something lives by means of a character, the scarce feat in fact.
Dares in importing that although highly it recommends this film, he AT ALL FOR BOYS! There is a lot extremely the graphic scenes and this film is an only film to have habida never sucedido in scaring me to sleep.
I desire has had more to say on to that liked him to me this film, or the aghast me.
But yes wants to see an absolutely amazing piece of work, then look this.
4 / 5
Perfecto Blue is not to like another Jap animate which is typical with monsters, devils, destructions and martial arts. It is colgante of psychological/ thriller with absolutely of remarkable script. A history, an art, a music, everything returns to be categorized like the colgante. You could say Perfect Blue is in fact an animate Basic Instinct.
Has a Prize of Academy for Animated then am sure that this film Oscar has won for Better Film, Better Screenwriter, More modifying, Better and same Manager Actora Better in general Function! Yes, some creators have done Mima (main character) so only like the real human with expression and of the emotions so only like the normal film. Any a lot of soul can drawn the charactre like you Mima.
Is looking for An extraordinary soul, which is not the typical soul, calm then has to that see Perfect Blue.
5 / 5
Of a start, look so only like any one another common animates film roughly singing and of course he all goes downhill of there that! And that he rollercoaster the walk is! Thrilling and emotional, odd and impressive - this film dips calm interior an east of main character [Mima] to to alcohol likes him fight partorisca discover that it is real and that is not ! And a repetitive " I excuse me to me, the one who is?" Line thoroughout a film so only amena his even more hauntingly more afterwards to that it could spend it in mainstream hollywood/life.
The audio/of video looks perfect - unusual but good soundtrack. Paper of DVD well, has included better for behind a look of scenes and another extra. To good sure value the look!!! But this is not partorisca a film is strictly "R" estimated!
5 / 5
Is the vocal songs will leave your feet taping for the hours and is the line of history will maintain you thinking for days. Perfecto Blue is for real an amazing piece of soul.
Mima Is the singer to pop that decides to result a actora. The sure people there think that she better do fault of the public rests the singer and is has had to that to kill and some people around his if she no.
When His new associates to begin to die in startling, "eye-poping" killers, can not help but the marvel is a murderous real. Like the film approaches a climax, can not help but marvel if really it is.
Perfecto Blue contains nudity and extremely graphic volience. If you are turned has gone by these or have young boys in home, thinks two first times to buy this video; but yes calm purchases it, calm will not be disappointed.
4 / 5
Ossia An amazing history . Although it is not yours typical soul, is for far quite interesting. A history follows Mima, the star of pop, any one does a transition to a actora. An only question is that has the part in the serious television violent. A lot of defenders are not pleased too much this in spite of, that considers that this can ruin "pop of good daughter" image. This film takes to plot of transfers and is moving among different is blending to does not know how is well is up. Calm a lot neither. Ossia A beauty of a film. You maintain guessing until an end. You have looked once this film, calm to good sure will want to look again of the different perspective. At least I know I have done. Ossia An excellent addition my collection to grow of soul.
5 / 5
Perfecto Blue is an excellent example of the like raisin when you mix the history adds that it says with animation. Pop and culture of partidários TV , obsessive, sycophants, perverted writers and the killers of serial. Calm will find them everything in this history.
Perfecto Blue said the wry history of the like raisin to Mima, the idol of pop of the band of daughter, the one who decides to result a actora. That is interesting in this film, is that you see some reactions of the inner an industry, (his agent, some other members of his band, some veteran actors in a series to do etc) to the along lateralmente some reactions of his defenders (so much that takes in his stride and that take it bad).
A film felizmente transmits the one who difficult can be he for any famous the one who there is excelled in a zone to obtain acceptance of his contemporaries and defenders when trying something new.
Like the progress of film sees to press of touch she besides his own personal limitations, to a point where agrees to to do the scene of the rape for a series is in. A far plus out of his insurance, sweet, the image of pop goes, a far plus to insanity looks to fall.
Has has added complications to one re-creating of his image is some hallucinations of his like me idol of pop, a blurring of reality and fiction (which intensify after a scene of rape), troubling the messages that is printed under his name in Mima room (a room of cat in a Web), and some killers of laws of people with in his new TVs serious.
This film is a lot ready and stylish but a same time distubingly real for animation. A scene to rape particularly is disturbing, but has managed well thinks, in a context of a history.
Ossia The ready history for adults, to good sure any of your course of a boss of looks of mill that that so only can rid on violence. It was wonderful to see soul to produce more histories that appeal to the majority of mature audience by means of an art of the history adds that it says.
A definite has to that see for any any one sees the really good film, reason ossia that Perfecto this Blue.
5 / 5
Well, where Has to that I start. If it likes-you yours soul to defy you the one of attention done of paralización, compraventa is one. I couldnt follow the one who the looked a first time has looked them this film. This in spite of, all has fallen to situate when it saw it to them the second time a night with which visionada of mine of prime minister. A second time has done all the stray fall or any comprised to some something that has required he be. To confuse???? If it look this film without taking attention, calm can find you in the state confused to import afterwards. I have walked out of the mine that sees dazed and has confused. I give it 3 stars for colgante enormous, and unpredictability the has not seen until these hips the give three stars for poor if half animation, and one confusing plot of history.
4 / 5
This has to that be one of a More adds them the films animated never. A history is thrilling and deep. Some characters are utmost, and a dubbing is upper of a line (listens for a voice of Miaka of Fushigii Yugi). This can be add animate, but is very mature. I have seen a one-the version has modified, and to say is the extreme the time is a understatment. There are scenes of extremes gore ( sees the man that is stabbed with a gel chooses in a croch). More, there is some sex has has related scenes ( there is the rape in a show of television). With all quell'avert think that that this film has more does then alot of American has done films. If it can manage a subject @@@subject sees it!
5 / 5
Recently actuate Perfecto looked blue has found that some critics were partly well say that Hitchcock has done the film with Disney would result it like this.unvosotros Centre of film in the idol of leading pop actora turned the one who begins to think that is losing his alcohol. A plot is very diverse in that tries to aim like that the stardom deeply can affect a mental state of a person in a spotlight. It entertains Well with the odd mix of brutal violence and reflected calm. It is downfall comes from/comes from a fact that is to the plot has some holes that is noticible when I finalise to look a film. It is still the compraventa recommended how is different to the majority of some emissions of boss that is big on violence but down on weaves.
5 / 5
This film is visually stunning, aggressive, inspiring, strangely familiar, real, surreal, innovative, fines layered. To achieve all these qualities simultaneously, precise be animate. It is animate, to achieve effects, any possible with actors and insiemi world-wide real. So only an animate characteristic can go to derives like this seamlessly among sleep and reality, visions of an inner eye and out of world-wide perception. This films all this a lot, a lot well. Some characters are drawn in the way that leaves a spectator to accept them personality of life like this real, still quite ambiguous to leave a spectator to forget a psychological distance among a spectator and a seen. A psychological identification with a main character, is possible and because of a character of a film, especially intimate. We can forget in timing that it is looking an animate characteristic. And then it has these has composed perfectly throw, like this brutally perfect, like this incredibly very built, like this intricately composed in his frame, that so only could be created with a process of slow motion of animation of classical cell. If you are looking for the film that is the very big quality animate characteristic, with intricate characters , complexes, and he fine layered the lines of history to the equal that goes further some monochrome characters of many characteristic western, then to good sure would have to that look 'Perfecto Blue.' (And reason is quite complex and really very done, calms that will want to look again, as that buying could be the really good idea). If you are looking for an action has packed visual distraction, then this could not be a legislation one for you. There is action on screen, but is not there to resupply any pleasure to a spectator. Servants like another element to hurt to a protagonist and for like this to a spectator. A film contains nudity, which feels quite uncomfortable to a protagonist and for like this to a spectator. Ossia To good sure the experience of mature film, for the mature spectator, interested to the to the one who would like to take the look to an alcohol of the character that no quite know the one who next is in schizophrenia, and yes is lucido really at all.
5 / 5
Perfecto Blue, a these pocolos animate that in fact it touches well in English or Japanese with English subtitles. It likes him he says in a coverage of a box, if Alfred Hitchcock and Walt Disney has done the together film, this that would be. Perfecto Blue is surprising in a fact that is one of these films that thinks that knows that it is going in, but has such movement he in a plot that calm no.
Plot: 4 1/2 stars. This in spite of in a glorious diagram of film of thriller, is not that new of the plot is still very deep and full of transfers. If you are the person the one who has taken lost of some plots of some films likes him "Cry", "A Matrix", or "Club to Struggle", stop! The press has retreated on is browser and does not buy this film. Ossia The film has to that attention to arrest to a plot or calm will be lost. I have been lost when look it in the first place half way by means of a film, but has paid the most next attention and all the questions have been answered in a last 1/3 of a film.
Animation: 3 stars. This is not the robots that hearts of tear out of people, like an animation is average, but, in another hand, any precise to be out of this world-wide reason a history any one require it .
Music: 4 stars. The music usually returns some scenes. He sometimes among a way of some scenes, but a lot usually (Cela has thought is really until your opinion).
The voice that Read: 5 stars. As it has declared before, roll to a lot of few films animated where a dialogue touches like this well in English as in Japanese. With an American Dragonball Z there and the terrible voice that read, am a lot picky roughly taking the mine animates in original of Japanese dialogue, but these attractive of films of both sides of a Pacific well.
Inferior line: have has wanted a "Cry" or Alfred Hitchcock films more soul? You will want to this!
4 / 5
A favourite of mine.
An animation is a lot of crisp, the difference of the plot of another animate
(and has seen abundance my time), Perfecto Blue has the fact a
does very exceptional to take like movement of people. One a lot
first concert with his dance rountine is test of that.
A tent is very a lot of fact, directing more in psychological
questions that ensue with them the images have built for calm.
Perfecto Blue has the very wide row of subjects that could do
an interesting conversational material.
Recommends to look he more than a swipe. There is to plot of
things that I personally a lot quite take until that looks it
the second time around. Also it recommends that be it looked
subtitled w/ japanese voice so that it can be enjoyed it
way that has been feigned to be enjoyed (taste with any
of another Soul with an exception of Hunter of Vampire D 2 and
Blood a Last Vampire, but those are both special chances ).

Top Customer Reviews: Child's Play (1988) ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
A lot disappointed took it partorisca always partorisca receive in topmast and on does not touch in Xbox.

Very convenient that owes topmast he behind partorisca take repayment.
4 / 5
Absolutely WANTS much more material that marks this validates that shabby. I have LOVED a commentary of audios and characteristic special, especially a backside-the-images of scenes and interviews. A commentary of Brad Dourif be in character for Chucky was so only entirely amusing! Big Chucky the defenders will take has fallen he out of this sure. So much part to be of the value of a Chucky collection.
5 / 5
The game of the boy has begun a Chucky franchise that still is going strong 30 years later with the remake of some originals exiting in 2019
5 / 5
An original 1988 Dvd the emission comprises Booklet of cast of the chapter also. Also it is the mark copies new that the looks and the touch adds!!.
A lot Thanks Vendor....
4 / 5
Looks fantastic, I any pre-order a lot of blurays but the game of the boy is one of mine favourite. Any one characteristic raisin on some DVDES emissions and has included some new material!
4 / 5
Ossia The classical, love this film. This will not take never boring and will look it the time of thousand on.
Recommend by all the world... ANY COMPLAINT!
4 / 5
Adds to have for the game of Boy/Chucky Collection. Has all some films now and has wanted to look his first Halloween and in Halloween night.
5 / 5
Chucky For Navidad? The condition adds, another gem to add our collection!

Top Customer Reviews: Paprika [Blu-ray] ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia The very only history , mirroring Christopher Nolan Inception. It can not be ignored that Paprika is exited first of Inception but Paprika is based in the book of 1993(?). It would say Paprika is the combination of Ghost in a Shell & Inception with some alike wild animation Akira.

Like the film mentions, the sleep is a last place of evasion partorisca a humankind. Reason one still tries to share the thoughts/of sleep? It is the scary the place does not love other people the peek to; neither have desire to look to the his.
5 / 5
A masterpiece of animation and one of the mine favourite Kon film (the best for me when being Perfect Blue). There is not any word that coming to my alcohol to explain like transitions of the scene of the character is and the one who attack all seat like his in logic of sleep. It forgets Inception here, this film really comprises the one who read of sleeps and directs to aim you an amorous, terrifying, disorienting, mystifying spectacle that knows no equal. For real an original product that distinguishes that it is available there.
4 / 5
Some could say these inspired a film 'Inception' but concealed would not be giving all a credit this soul deserves. Filled with uncomfortable and destabilizing moments like only REM the sleep usually can resupply, Paprika is the wild walk that follows the logic that so only a human alcohol fully awake can appreciate his fuller. But even more that that, has the dialogues of the poetic quality like calm seldom will find elsewhere.
Likes -you the film to take calm for surprise and leave you reflecting in an implication of him is subject, then this one is in good sure value a rodeo.
5 / 5
One gives Film his lacking plus that has seen xD But he any and the time are died no a lot of and class of the normal. The history is little be difficult to extreme continuation of pair, but the animation is very a lot of fact!
4 / 5
An excellent animation: a Japanese response to psychedelia. It sees it have has wanted the knowledge like drug to take was like, without taking drugs. One instruments the scientists looks for to help of the mental patient for peering to his sleeps, but there is unfortunate 'feedbacks' in some scientists they.
5 / 5
An absolutely wonderful experience, Paprika is intelligent, complicated, visually stunning and pleasing, and interesting.
A plot mixes around a flight of the device that people of leaves to enter the sleeps of the people and help them the psychological mark breakthroughs. A thief begins to use a device to plant sleeps to the alcohols of the people, driving them to the suicidal frenzy. It is an interesting thiller/mystery.

One Blue-Ray looks fantastic, with the picture he acute plus(although calm warn you his very immediately noticeable, the cartoons are not drawn necessarily partorisca Blue-Ray). A sound is fantastic, especially a melody to pursue of 'Parade'. A paper is no-intrusive, leaving you to change tongues/subtitles/scenes without requiring to go back to a paper of root. Really it is the fantastically the disk has programmed well. An additional content is unimpressive, an usual docs and dvd commentaries, so he is stickler still extra content, will be disappointed in a mostly empty blue-disk of ray.
5 / 5
This film is really very animate, darkness, wry, and exactly that would expect of Satoshi Kon. The desire was still around doing these classes of films.
5 / 5
Has taken for mine lil the sister for Navidad was really happy.
4 / 5
Has taken this reason has inspired Inception. I like this more than taste Inception
4 / 5
Any looks to film gorgeous in HD, and some colours are vibrant. My only real nitpick is that I have wished has had more special feautres.

Top Customer Reviews: Resident Evil: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
The excellent film cut in four episodes am exited in the first place of the sud Netflix! Master a lot and this in spite of, thinks that has lost Joins good-looking the occasion touches this Blue version-Ray partorisca create the option partorisca gather in a so only film them four episodes and without coupure. It would have preferred of the total period equivale to a Film. But good.
5 / 5
Is the defender of the Bad enormous Resident likes, of this one is the MASSIVE disappointment !!! It is right slow and bored of a start, and some characters are not even in interesting. Leon And Clara are not same in him enough, and a plot is confusing and volume.

Skip The And stick to one 3 Give Resident CGI the films and you will be much happier!

I tax this a 5 yawns out of 5!