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5 / 5
Die Liquitex flüssige Professional Acrylfarbe hat eine schöne Leuchtkraft, lässt sich sehr the gut dipped dem Pinsel auftragen und has dipped anderen Acrylfarben mischen.
4 / 5
Any sure he has received the bad batch but of some 6 inks in a box so only 3 is announced like this, 2 is partorisca deceive and Pepto-Bismal is gone in blue a 'Cerulean Blue Boo' would be the dead ringer! Yuck!

A 'Turquoise Deep' and a 'Turquoise' is a composition of SAME/ink. So much you bounced partorisca have some pigments was, in a same concentration!
PB15:3 • PG7

A 'Cerulean Blue Boo' is chalky and thickness, reminiscent of the blue-hued boat of Pepto.

Caveat emptor!