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Top Customer Reviews: Balance - Liquid ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5 Hai
There is little in a world-wide material that resupply likes music in this ablum sanctuary. Inside this music there is a sense expressed of the definite line among a music, a physical world, and spiritual awareness. Simply place, leaves one to draw the line that separates a mundane secular experience of the like and that suffers an infinite life, intelligence, and the never present amour, but second looks always besides ours take. It is the true sanctuary for a hungered heart, those wishing the "place" of peace and serenity. I compare it to the far external locations special that treasure, which share glimpses of an absolute divine character inside everything. If you are looking for the half of unsurpassed tranquility for meditation, contemplation, or simply relax calm, there is not founding any better music that this. Also it listens his hangs it the usual day in my office, when travelling abroad, while reading and when I go to sleep. I expect that you enjoy this as much as I. I do not have tired never of him and he would enjoy to listen that they have found also that special "something" the interior is feathered flight that goes nowhere especially, but everywhere for real wants to be...
5 / 5 Desmond
My woman is a defender of music of new age . The usually run mine flavours the modern classical music. This in spite of, this only album is like this calming and relaxing like the descriptions indicate. An album still has the look labels any to listen while operating heavy cars!! I do in the big stress governmental work and find that it touches this music in my office a lot relieves a tension of my work and interact it with me. A step of Liquid Alcohol a music of Raphael or 2002 frantic look for comparison. To combine music that any " it goes anywhere" with quality of his add, this album is recommended highly.
4 / 5 Ona
Has bought this CD because have enjoyed ran of him that has listened on irradiate of internet. Sound partorisca relax, pleasing to some ears, this in spite of in interesting.
This in spite of, now that possesses a CD and game he in his entirety, looks to have appeal and stray interest for me. Perhaps it is yard has listened more -for-cut mixed in with another music, but can be monotonous has touched to start with to finalise no-stop.
Knows that the subjective sounds, but concealed is a more can explain like this to that raisin.
5 / 5 Lonnie
Has bought a CD that base in some descriptions. I received it hardly I have stuck he in a player and has listened his. And I bored me in a process.
Some that could find well for meditation, does not know . Personally I have no the found particularly relaxing. In fact, lame to annoy and has begun to run in my nerves. It likes, with which 20 of small, find you me saying, 'A lot of ossia enough! It take a picture !'
4 / 5 Aimee
This CD dipped to the wonderfully meditative been. Has no another environmental music that reads as well as this. Also it uses this during the group of the meditation driven and is extremely useful to dip another to the a lot relaxed state, also. It recommends this to any the one who is looking for music that will relax and enhance any activity that requires an extremely relaxed state for some optimum profits.

Top Customer Reviews: Temple In the ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Nadine
After listening to this and then going back and listening to both a Fripp & Eno register (Any Pussyfooting and Star of Evening) comprise where a Fripp & Eno the comparisons are coming from. It is Temple in some Clouds like good likes these? No, I do not think so . But then again, it does not think these two will not be surpassed never; they are some original classics of environmental. It is this interesting collaboration ? Yes, if you are to his environmental-sculptures that prints still a envelope bit it. While some four clues in a Temple in some Clouds do not have some calm, discipline near of academician and house of Any Pussyfooting or Star of Evening, some four clues in the temple in some Clouds is certainly mesmerizing, and surely like this well like any of a no-dance-the hardship has oriented this is to exit this year (excepts, perhaps, partorisca the things of the biósfera). An use of sequences of the tape of loop is a bit less evident that in Fripp register it sooner, sotterrato to the equal that are in washes of heavy keyboard. Titles like "Pillars of Hercules" and a clue of title, this in spite of, fantastically take a way of a piece.
A global way of this access of CD amiably with a Projekt catalogue, and is not hard to see reason Fayman & Fripp has been with Projekt in place of Fripp regulate outlets. No, this is not A lot Pussyfooting II or Star of Evening II, but is an intense, layered CD this belongs in to your collection likes of the yours environmental with the little touch of darkness.
5 / 5 Shawnta
Left to take legislation to a point: This CD sucks. It look forward to this emission of then a bit those that the descriptions have read roughly compares it to a Fripp & Eno emissions. It is not even near. That have here is 54 minutes of any loops of the his diverse that goes nowhere and oblige an auditor partorisca stun with boredom. It touches it likes Fripp the creative entrance was to pluck the pocola serious and the walk was, that leaves his car of his dron on and on. Be any riffs, any solo, any music, so only bland constipated noise incessantly has repeated. And then it has a deceptive liner notes for Fayman that converged roughly registering this crap in some ancient temple. Any true! These Soundscape the tapes are nine years old and Fripp has given (sold?) His His. All was partorisca add some chimes of wind and effects of the his of waves of ocean. A question has to that be asked: Reason has done Fripp leave this partorisca spend? These times do not have any response to this. So only I can expect it directs this point and clear that it has to that be the very embarrassing accident partorisca he.
4 / 5 Christine
Likes Robert Fripp and his mate Jeffrey Fayman his start in a Projekt focus, join an artist roster this comprises such spacey synthesists like you Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana. A Temple of four part in a CD of Clouds in fact accesses in enough well with some works of Roach and Obmana. Figure of four variac. In swirling, droning synthesized atmospherics with the few sounds of the character launched in (mainly waves of ocean). A more next reference is Fripp Soundscape serious, where his uses 'Frippertronics' fashion of the electrical guitar that touches to create abstract and electronic tones ound installations.' ( It sees also Fripp' collaborations with Brian Eno) Some four pieces in the temple is lovely, majestic, that goes to derives environmental subjects. If you are the defender of King Crimson electrical guitar, could be bit it postponed thus CD. If it likes him a Soundcapes, this in spite of, of you ought to give comes from it.
5 / 5 Patrick
Likes -join you soothing mercurial lines of electrical guitar in Fripp and Eno the side of Star of Late a, calm like this cd sure. At all new or spectacular, but really well for calm , relaxed to listen.
4 / 5 Dina
Was bit it disappointed for this emission; I have expected it it bit it more Fripp. A CD touch very a lot equally strong with one surrounds option of his on. But to compare this to a Fripp and Eno the registers is misleading; his as if so only small bits of Fripp the electrical guitar is used/looped. In general it is the pleasant listening experience.
4 / 5 Ying
Liked some of Fripp is other projects of loops of the sound, but this was like this boring could any the be. Better to take one of these records of his environmental of wave that clash in a beach. At least it has some rhythmical component to this. Music of new age in his worse.

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5 Jae
(...) It likes IDM, of experimental and odd material. I want to Throbbing Gristle of backside a day when llamas 'industrial'; they are the enormous defender of autechre, or-ziq, aphex the twin and one likes him like this when I have dipped this disk on has been expecting more than a same.
In my opinion, based to those I investigations in experimental music,ovalcommers is quite terrible (words keys: MI OPINION). They are sure some people can appreciate oval excuse for soyusic' and in fact 'take' his but has believed to be the pure sonic assault of noise. It touches as if any one has taken an electronic organ and has pressed down like a lot of tones like possible with his hands, stepped in his cat of pet and has touched the skipping CD all a same time. There is some structure and melody under a noise, but there is an absence of the percussion and I require some class of has beaten any @subject that warped or messed up is. Any necessarily to dance to but to join all some together elements. Some of some clues could be in fact be that it interest but look to the equal that have been missing something. I do not want to it has to that listen the soyusic' on and on again until finally I can choose was some class of discernable rhythm or melody inside a chaos. Ossia Too much work and when listening to the CD results the work of full time so only to look for out of a soyusic' then ossia a day I stop that listens the music. It can not expect take a disk behind to a tent of music and trade he in still a new aphex twin (the value that chooses on).
In no way are I dipping ovalcommers down. This in spite of, think that that it is quell'has bitten unfair to a uninitiated to read everything of a glowing revises other people have written in this emission. Calm perhaps can have taken but at all for me. I have not felt for it likes it it was transported to another realm, has not taken goosebumps of a sheer beauty of a music, there is not dipping my beans follow them on repeat. All has taken of of the this is the headache . Really it would like to know that they find this to be amazing music when, as, reason and where listens to this?
In general is been the quite disappointing year for me with electronic music: autechre was the left down; bjork bored; squarepusher was annoying (and annul his action answered); a orb was half and orbital is by train of the lose. As it was quite psyched that aphex the twin dipped out of the new emission that it is incredible and to good sure value a six attended of year. It thanks god for that.
5 / 5 Edward
With ovalcommers, Markus Popp has achieved the new level of intricately compound and overwhelmingly complex soundart. Where Some earlier emissions (oval94Diskont, systemische) has seen an adolescence of the his CD-skipping sources of his, ovalprocess and now ovalcommers is fully mature, the law of adult concealed achieves the tone of dizzying alienation. It is clear that Popp has the musical alcohol quite different of your half western composer, included that read in the alike gender, as that a defender of music of saint francisco has mentioned: autechre, kid606, and to the. I disagree With a claim that oval is in some sound-competition of sprain with these bands; his compositions are directed in of the different appearances of his electronic. Where kid606 And autechre still revolver around an axial ossia predominantly the rhythmical a, the iron of the oval is clearly textural--no based on rhythm or melody, but in of the discharges and simultaneity of chances of the his--popp does not shrink of disjoining a lot rhythmical or melodic cells of his tone or time, neither (as seen like this punctual likes systemische "oval office") treating with simultaneous cells that occupies disparate time or harmonic temperaments. Ossia His for the sake of the sound--do not comment it on more linear electronica, as extracted adds of a work of autechre ilk tends to be. This is not to say that one is better that another, is so only to signal out of fundamental aesthetic difference.
Like this to good sure recommends this to this exposure to oval--for defenders of alike music, the d recommends to begin with systemische, or oval94diskont and then taking ovalprocess or ovalcommers. Also control out of Nobukazu Takemura _spent_.
4 / 5 Carolann
Ovalcommers Is an amazing headphone experience. It have to that say that ossia one of mine the majority of beloved possesions. Ovalcommers Would not owe that be the writing was like this "terrorism of audio". Under a brutal scrapes and the explosions is good-looking texture that slither and whisp in and out of your canal of ear. Then once that little texture has done his drift to act far and has gone to find the sure port. I want oval
5 / 5 Allie
Ossia glitch grown up. Minimum digital repetitions of leading works (which want to and there is at all against) has been substituted of one all too scarce soyelody,' structure of traditional musical cup to the wall of the his digital. Ossia One of some better albums has bought this year. My first impressions were quite indifferent, so only another glitch album of beeps and bleeps, but to the equal that have listened further, has begun to the piece has jointed a underling melodies in my boss. Intertwined With a noise was the good-looking song while to be discovered. To this day I still can any out of the each note but I take in a music and listen the manager that concealed to ask it to me near that it is there and that is not , am sure his different for all the world. It is hard to explain without listening it, and unfortunately some fragment in any one the justice, but looking for you something the little different of a norm and calm is able to maintain an open alcohol thinks that that this album could be for you.
4 / 5 Reva
This album is pure beauty . Dense, layered, and noisy, is likes to take some parts of noisy electrical guitar of Valentine Bloody album and doing the new CD out of that for cutting-on some sounds and layering him. These results in an extremely good-looking audio experience and one of some better albums of a year. It listens to some samples of audio. If him him like that listens, buy a CD because to some sounds of whole album likes him concealed.

Top Customer Reviews: Chakra ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
5 / 5 Tama
Formed: Audio CD I active has used previously this music (originally released like this Continuazione of Spectre) and found the to be a lot of relaxing and useful to study. I have purchased this CD partorisca use with Curing of Cristal - balancing a Chakras, A music in this CD is a lot of 'Angelic' and peaceful which is as it has looked for. There are clues in this CD partorisca each one of a Chakras. I love my clients partorisca have the relaxing and peaceful experience. This CD to good sure will adapt a bill. To good sure recommend to any like this splits of his collection.

Will be partorisca purchase roughly of his another CD is also.
5 / 5 Lindy
Formed: Audio CD Good-looking pieces of crystalline music of a soul! Steven has the wonderful way to express amour and energy that will do your chakras sings!! Often it uses to to this CD likes him the background music when creating, writing or when the people are on, the look of people partorisca be much more calmer and relaxed when the tone.
5 / 5 Rita
Formed: Audio BEAUTIFUL CD and calming. They are not engreído that changes my life, but to good sure transmissions my way when I am listening his.

Has the number of Steven Halpern registers that it has been listening to still roughly two years. This one east my favourite interior a moment.
5 / 5 Eugenia
Formed: Audio CD has purchased them this cd after listening his on utube. A relaxing effect was like this powerful and has released them alot of emotional stress while listening. Highly I recommend this cd to any the one who has the hard time that relaxes. This cd will do a work.
5 / 5 Les
Formed: CD of Audio Ossia one of the mine favs partorisca vary my Chakra is can litrally dipped behind closing your eyes & celery each one Chakra the open row & feels entirely transforming ,, highly recommend
5 / 5 Twila
Formed: Audio CD This is to recommend highly! It clears chakras and has shouted your vibration!
4 / 5 Carley
Formed: CD of Audio Any one same to the equal that have listened to in a past. An original has has had options partorisca extend a time partorisca touch, and another. Found this copy partorisca be a lot of
Short and no like this relaxing. So only I can give this the just indication, so only any one the very good copy.
5 / 5 Cheyenne
Formed: Audio CD I arrivals partorisca listen to the portion of this cd and am sure he
each gain to assist in meditating.
5 / 5 Clemencia
Formed: Audio CD WONDERFUL CD partorisca Chakra clearing. I use it each one nigh tbefore that goes partorisca sleep.
With thank you,
4 / 5 Gracia
Lame helps with a daily grind... No my type of music this in spite of and some sounds of xylophone drive me given! But it is partorisca one very better lol
5 / 5 Alma
Finally, joins the music touches his chakras that does not fall me to the sud his nerves!
4 / 5 Joanna
Basically, a type touches his scales, in of the different tonalities. I can do one same. Any one annoying .
4 / 5 Kathryn
Uses this all a time, to the left is cruises entirely your Meditation, so better that going he on the quiet, at least think so. It tries it it will like.
4 / 5 Austin
I use he in nighttime and plant me partorisca sleep and the chair adds like this the supposition has to that be working! :-)
5 / 5 Belen
I tryed partorisca listen to this CD and result very tended and has nettled. A music, your, the sound is at all that has expected. Has not founding this emotionally usefull or useful at all. Save your money is one .
5 / 5 Louie
Has question remaining prpers has slept some nights, and has found recently that the sure types of music or sounds can dip me in the state relaxed. Steven Halpern "Chakra Continuazione" it is one of a better partorisca this purpose.
A chakra the continuazione is supposition partorisca have the habit of meditate in the each one like this of a seven chakras or centres of power of an organism. They are not one the one who meditates, in chakras or other things, but if you meditate, ossia supposition partorisca be the good help partorisca direct one this energy and concentration . A prevails in this CD is a "Continuazione of Spectre" and another prize, Sonic Satori thath is supposition partorisca use a power of sonic entrainment. The psycho-acoustic technology with an effect in brainwaves.unla The music involves notes with 8 cycles by second, which is said to synch a brain to the waves of brain relaxed, for example:
Alpha - 8-12 CPS (partner with relaxed, calm, and creative awake state)
Theta - 5-7 CPS (partner with sleeps, suggestive states, hypnagogic states)
Deltas - 1-4 CPS (partners with deep, dreamless sleep)
Anything an effect, finds partorisca touch one of the some continuazioni Likes them I lie reads, relaxes to a point where the falls was easily. Also it likes partorisca of the pause partorisca relax fast during the day stressful, long.
4 / 5 Gisele
Has the scientific principle has called entrainment. If two elements are vibrating side for side in of the different speeds then an element that vibrates in a lower speed will regulate partorisca vibrate in a same frequency like another object.

Examples of of the this is transmissions in the yard that is swinging out of sync and regulate. Also, in the calm clock store can remark some clocks of pendulum of a same measure that change behind and advances in unison.

Has applied partorisca touch your different chakras or the points of energy vibrate in of the different frequencies and commentaries partorisca vibrate in the concrete tax partorisca the prolonged period will cause your points of energy the reattune his, and spend your chakras backs partorisca balance, and promote the sense of well when being and peace.

This cd applies these principles that use swirling harmonics and overtones and the sounds notarises them good-looking like the chimes and the bowls that comprises a rhodes piano partorisca create an atmospheric sound.

Can feel some musical vibrations resonate thoroughout my organism, and certainly seat more relaxed still after the short listens.

This record has been estimated like groundbreaking for Voice of New Age.

I highly recommend it. If you were partorisca find this useful description, please click yes.
4 / 5 Ty
Has the plot of the question that the sleeps and ossia an excellent CD partorisca help me wind down. It acts 95 of a time. I seat sleepy after touching he partorisca roughly 20 minutes. I left it run while I am beginning to wind down and that spends for one 'partorisca bed' ritual and for a time am read, chair the bit groggy and usually fall asleep. Usually I almost finalising listens to a whole CD but ossia reason are his sensitive and require complete silence to sleep.
4 / 5 Audria
Everything of some 9 descriptions in this product say it everything; some vibrations in a music will help to balance your chakra the moment that promotes well when being and mental clarity.

Listens to this cd before sleep. Has the tone to soften that it can feel you he like this travesía by means of your organism. It is comforting, relaxing and is an excellent election for mediation. I have not been able to listen to an integer cd without falling has slept. When Awake on, seat rested and refreshed.

Would recommend this CD to any the one who directs the hectic life with small or any soye' time. This cd will give you the little piece of heaven that can look forward to you.
4 / 5 Theda
Has listened to very different "chakra balancing" CDs, but ossia an only register where has to that done clearly seats some sounds or pertinent chakras resonating some esatti chakra something - I could feel, without asking if anything is spending, a sound that vibrates in my legislation of the organism where is supposition to have an effect - so much thus purpose, ossia my favourite CD .
4 / 5 Petronila
Was skeptical at the beginning when I have ordered this, reason have had bad regime with diverse music of meditation CDs has purchased. They are happy to say that it was a lot pleasantly surprised with east a. I received it he roughly done the week. I used it the little time already, and am very pleased with him. His tones to soothe enable me the meditate and house in the each one chakra easily, without being there is distracted.
5 / 5 Joetta
Uses this for meditation frequently. It is absolutely wonderful. I can use he for the full meditation or the fast meditation. It is an experience that one has to that experience to comprise. It returns to the mine Reiki practical wonderfully and enhances he more than could imagine.
4 / 5 Tyron
Has received this a lot of faster music that has anticipated and found the to be calming and comforting. Help to direct in that I am doing and is surprising so only to relax to.
4 / 5 Lenita
Ossia The add blend of half scientist to enhance one balancing of a chakras and an artistic vision of one of some the majority of glorious musicians.
Recommend highly. Calm will not be disappointed.
4 / 5 Yvonne
While it cures of the fractured ankle, has touched this long the day. It was not accelerate my cure--I suspect done. I helped certainly it takes to relax and treat an inactivity. Continuous listen his still sheer like and relax and game he in a background a lot a time. You recommend Chakra Continuazione to almost any, to all the cost of musical preferences.
4 / 5 Marjorie
I want this CD, listen his newspaper partorisca balance my chakras! Still if any calm believe it in fact balances your chakras, is beautiful and relaxing partorisca listen to.
5 / 5 Yon
Touches a CD constantly and enjoy it all a time. It is interesting like this I did not hold for him. The same touches in a background as I am doing in mine portable and he help me maintain a house and productivity. A music is very peaceful and calming. Also it helps meditate.

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
This album is the collaboration of souls of kinship the one who are like this perfectly attuned to the each one like this another that his flows of music in an extraordinary, seamless @@@wellspring of harmonics east dazzles an auditor and open a heart with his luminous, transcendant beauty.
A music is highly visual and can release an alcohol partorisca see and experience these magic moments where have has agreed feelings partorisca want to enrich some senses and turn of thoughts to these more beloved moments and treasured. A music is sweet, delicately turned and luscious. Some melodies are clear still dimensional fines. One is invited to the deeply calm, that cures spaces inside a silence of the vast universe partorisca feel the sense of peace that expects further. A spatial liberty created for this feeling is as I sigh it that it has issued a tension of the interior and one is renewed.
Clue 8 "An Old Man" it is like this gorgeous is thrilling. It follows 10 "Egitto" it creates a sense of antiquity and timelessness that one thinks of when visualising an ancient earth of some pyramids.
This spellbinding the music takes an auditor in the fascinating travesía like wonderful and like this vast likes one is imagination can leave. "Visual" it is subtitled an environmental experience. It is the deeply emotional and spiritual some hips.
4 / 5
Has listened a CD my Saturday nap and has wanted to take some plus and give my friends. A music has been composed and registered like this well that really resplandores in the system of the his decent. My rear wall looked to the just movement has retreated the good 10 feet, my room looked main and spookier concealed forced me partorisca seat up in beds to ask that among there in another end of a room.
Is not never be the defender of music of New Age, but now I supposition are hooked. A Bridge is after but prefer this Visual CD.
5 / 5
A perfect remedy for this tension has has fill days in an office. Pop he in an automobile stereo and feel your cures found era. Ossia For real gorgeous music of an extreme to the another.
4 / 5
Fantastic!I so only cant explain my feelings when it has listened them he in a first moment !With which four years the have one same! There is not any word in the mine heads to to explain these sounds add!Thank you!
5 / 5
This song is hauntingly familar. Any one knows if this clue was in the film? The memory when being .

Top Customer Reviews: The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5 Tamisha
Formed: Audio CD Lovely voice of one very populate Has to that Premal. We practise to this CD in my classes of sweet yoga. Highly recommend to all those wishing the meditate or yoga of practice.
4 / 5 Lashell
Formed: Audio CD selection Adds partorisca use in the practice of yoga.
5 / 5 Millard
Formed: Audio CD CD ARRIVED inside the few days. I love a music.
4 / 5 Wilmer
Formed: CD of Audio Has to that Premal has the deeply soothing, penetrating voice that is perfect partorisca mantras. Has-liked me his voice and this CD so much that has ordered more.
4 / 5 Anette
Formed: CD of Audio In any tanne partorisca listen this good-looking voice... Formed
5 / 5 Isobel
recommended: CD of the audio Absolutely loves this powerful meditation. I highly recmmend the.
4 / 5 Colin
Formed: Audio CD I has the collection of BIG CD, comprising a lot, a lot of New Age-write CDs. Ossia One that goes back to, again and again, in the hundred different situations. I soothe me on the plan, wonderful background music for almost anything excepts housecleaning, and so only generally feel me well.
A diverse collection of people has listened this and has loved that, of the mine mother-in-law to boys closely. I touched it constantly when my grandmother ailed and dying, and while I am not sure to the equal that takes Grandma, all a caretakers and the members familiarised have said that he his amena the peace adds.
Am buying "the amour Is Spatial" today like the present for my mother, the one who also has loved "An Essence". If you are looking for something with beats he and the variety of tunes, look elsewhere, but yes master hauntingly music of good-looking curing that washed in calm in of the soft waves, then shabby Has to that Premal.
5 / 5 Cristen
Lovely voice of one very populate Has to that Premal. We practise to this CD in my classes of sweet yoga. Highly recommend to all those wishing the meditate or yoga of practice.
4 / 5 Sharita
Has to that Premal HAS the deeply soothing, penetrating voice that is perfect partorisca mantras. Has-liked me his voice and this CD so much that has ordered more.
4 / 5 Patrice
In any tanne partorisca listen this good-looking voice... Recommended
5 / 5 Nestor
absolutely love this powerful meditation. I highly recmmend the.
5 / 5 Angelita
Has the collection of BIG CD, comprising a lot, a lot of New Age-write CDs. Ossia One that goes back to, again and again, in the hundred different situations. I soothe me on the plan, wonderful background music partorisca almost anything excepts housecleaning, and so only generally feel me well.
A diverse collection of people has listened this and has loved that, of the mine mother-in-law to boys closely. I touched it constantly when my grandmother ailed and dying, and while I am not sure as it takes Grandma, all a caretakers and the members familiarised have said that he his amena the peace adds.
Am buying "the amour Is Spatial" today like the present for my mother, the one who also has loved "An Essence". If you are looking for something with beats he and the variety of tunes, look elsewhere, but yes master hauntingly music of good-looking curing that washed in calm in of the soft waves, then shabby Has to that Premal.
5 / 5 Deb
This music is for all the world-wide interested in the flange sworn. If you have not experienced yogic chanting ossia the CD adds to start with,
a lot of assesable. Owe The voice is lovely, each clue, or song, is soothing, easy to sing together with, and coming to a last song that feels more brilliant,and happier. A background music is light, perfect to leave Owe good-looking voice and pursuing flange to resist phase of centre. You will want to share this music to cure of the heart with has has wanted to some, is a better selling CD in my tent of Yoga! His second CD, the amour is Spatial is also highly recommended
5 / 5 Elliot
When I have walked to the local tent and has listened this music, there is prendido - almost frozen in my clues... Fearful That yes has breathed would lose something. Any on there is here writes "no like this ardent like the coverage suggests"? I can not believe any one would think that of this CD. It is a class of music that calm plough you on and spill yours and by means of you. Any @@subject that often listens his - I does not go never songs.
Has listened to have to that Premal visit American occasionally, and I slowly to be there yes comes by means of my city. :)
5 / 5 Cherri
This CD is delicate and pleasing. An instrumentation is light. It have to that Premal The voice is pure, flowed, and joyful, although no like this "ardent" it likes him the art of the coverage could suggest.
Clue 6 is the standout. It is mostly instrumental, with the light, jazzy texture, and partorisca Has to that it is evocative of the retreat of tropical forest she and his partner have answered. It is one of some sunnier pieces of music have listened the long time; so only it tries no those smiled while you are listening his. It follows 7 it is also delicious, the lovely African folk the song that celebrates a mother of all the ones of the. It follows 7 points have underlined a positive feminine energy that Owe projects during a CD.
For me, this CD has a eclectic, flavour of New Age, a class of CD Enya could register was the Brazilian that bolt in Danimarca. Still although some of some papers are flange sworn, a music does not look to be deeply rooted in a yogic traditions -- in contrast, dictate, to a music of Krishna Give and Jai Uttal. (I mentions these two artists in a lot of descriptions; I seat if ossia tedious to any one!) It was the little disappointed reason perceived to be the lack of spiritual passion, but nevertheless, this CD is in sure pleasant music good that will go down your pressure of blood and dip the smile in your face.
4 / 5 Sid
Has discovered this CD during the class of yoga in the retreat of meditation in a Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. A beauty of a music attacked immediately. I have interrupted a professor in a half of class to discover that it was this wonderful music . Bought a CD grieves takes house. This was two month ago. The maintaining the key and the touch and can not taking the touching. It is so only extremely soothing and does not tire me of him. My preferred is a classical Guyatri mantra. It is magic. It goes to buy this CD and some spiritual cure.
4 / 5 Sau
Touches this CD almost each day only. It finds his voice and some like this warm flange and enthralling, the pauses am gone in my heart opens wide.
Very spoken in Zade when being better. That is any comparison . This woman is inspired. It is not so only mouthing some words.
Wants to see in person and have the really sworn experience, see his in Rafael Santo in November 03.
5 / 5 Janel
Has listened this today in my class of the and/of the yoga and I think his music is so only good-looking. My monitor has left "Tumare Darsham" game repeatedly, and liked a song so much that has asked his for a name of an artist. Not to consider me never to be the defender of New Age at all (extra emphasis in a "at all") but a combination of his voice and some frames of the music for something thinks any true lover of music can appreciate.
4 / 5 Norbert
Has to that Premal Is blessed with the scarce vocal present that, in his purity, would be more enjoyable still without musical accompaniment. Immediately his voice has has sent colds on and down my plug. Has has felt wrapped in some arms of some divine, has drawn blissfully the tears and has begun takes to the transmission marks the rhythm to a music. Held true vowel that will cure your soul. Namaste, has had to Namaha!
5 / 5 Glynda
Have the collection of "new age" music, comprising chanting, chakra clearing, meditation and relax. This CD was like this more. Before it Have to that Premal has thought WAH! It was a plus when it avenges the chanting in the rhythmical, easy to listen the stairs. This CD is so much more. Calm only float together with a chanting. And I have answered of I remove it recent in Samasati - clue 6 - was the special prize. Although the wave differently, am sure is one take still. An extremely uplifting experience.
4 / 5 Jarod
A "Essence" CD is my prime minister exposed his music and voice. Any one only is his music wonderfully soothing, (and some beaten of drum hid sensually stirring), but his voice is a lot good-looking.
Uses this music, remained with sweet, wanting massage, while lying in front of a chimney, to soothe my lover wearniess after the longitude, the day of stress has fill. A music is a lot calming, a stress so only touches era. It is ethereal.
4 / 5 Lekisha
It was first presented to this amazing register in the for Jenni Fox and Paul Gould in the and/in the yoga-has denied holidays in Messico. Evey The time listens to take me behind to this good-looking beach. I have purchased of then on 50 copies of this album, all the world-wide the one who listens want it, and wants to know where for the cost. Thank you Amazon, for finally listing it.
5 / 5 Cynthia
This in spite of another wonderful cd for Has to that Premal. Some look of to songs to flow on likes me to them the silk coloreada scraves churning in a wind. They are fun, upbeat and dancy in some, soft, thoughtful, introspective in another. Sound the compilation adds concealed is simply beatiful. I can listen his on and on!
5 / 5 Sandee
This CD has touched softly in workshop I recently and a coordinator of music jotted a name down in a backside of the mine nametag. When it Take the house and he ordered it have not been prepared for a lush beauty and power of Has to that and Miten. I have it quell'has ordered of each only one of Has to that and Miten CDs and is ALL MAGNIFICANT. It have to that it is soothing the voice and some fantastic arrangements east a CD that surprised to touch while uploading a dishwasher, that cures the client, IN WORK or like the meditation he. Recently I and the group has used his beautiful Gayatri Mantra in the world-wide cure - and is like this powerful, was all that vibrates when we finalise. I can not say quite roughly that powerful this CD is, and Owe the music is in my life.
4 / 5 Edra
Ossia The very good album . I enjoyed it the plot. Still no a better for my money, this in spite of. A lot enough it listens to Zade new self the album has titled. Ossia That I art of call . Zade Is SURPRISING. It have to that it Is so only quite good. Ossia My opinion .
5 / 5 Dianna
Wishes this cd has had more songs! His voice is soothing, some songs are game this in mine living room and all the world-wide the one who has listened it like this loved it far.
4 / 5 Rheba
Has in the first place listened his voice in the bookshop and did not have it in stock. As I have ordered this one and the amour is Spatial. It is like this relaxing to touch law while doing. Has the wonderful messmerizing voice; a lot pursuing in some songs.
4 / 5 Yulanda
Ossia An absolutely beautiful CD of Hindu mantras. Have in the first place listened he in the class of yoga and has been captivated. If you are interested in this type of music, ossia the must has CD.
5 / 5 Lanie
DVD A lot in general, but a 'essence' does not come by means of.
Has to that Premal Finds more strongly in some video of Youtube.
5 / 5 Charlette
This CD is beautiful and relaxing. A music is lovely to listen to, would be wonderful for meditation.

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Adell
Calming, ethereal, spiritual, peaceful, serenáis; insiemi calm, sure atmosphere in my house; used with meditation, cure all the anger, resentment and desesperanza. Recommend a music of Has to that Premal together with Kimba Ploughed cure spiritual , mental precise and physicist.
5 / 5 Angelica
Beautiful, that shines CD. Soothing and meditative. A prayer. It have to that Premal HAS a voice of an angel.
5 / 5 Eneida
Of him long That Has to that Premal left of life of knots.
5 / 5 Pattie
It have to that premal And Mitem is around state partorisca quite some time and is is resulted staples of house. Mantras Is around be for millennia and also the part of life for a lot of.

Have diverse has to that premal albums so many are familiarised with his fashion and voice. I have bought this album for a second clue 'Om Namah Shivaya.' Have a lot another renditions of professionals and armatures but any one has to that owe quality.

Has received a more addition with number of clue seven 'Homage the Krishna'; this has his traditional mark and the excellent cold background music to a lot of film.

In a long career after the work of the day along and the house of long walk is good to coach down and any verge-was or take time to contemplate an ethereal. And the one who better to take you there that it have to that premal?
5 / 5 Lori
I have listened this CD in my class of Yoga and has asked my monitor partorisca a name. It likes-me all some songs in a CD and enjoy meditating to some of them.
Would purchase more than this type of music of this artist.
5 / 5 Petrina
The words can not express such beauty and delicacy like partorisca arouse such intense delight while listening to this CD!!
Yours the soul will hurt like this Has to that Premal calm advantages to a delighted heart of alcohol and amour.
5 / 5 Nila
Of does long That Has to that Premal left of life of knots.
4 / 5 Marjorie
Has to that premal And Mitem is around state partorisca quite some time and is is resulted staples of house. Mantras Is around be for millennia and also the part of life for a lot of.

Have diverse has to that premal albums so many are familiarised with his fashion and voice. I have bought this album for a second clue 'Om Namah Shivaya.' Have a lot another renditions of professionals and armatures but any one has to that owe quality.

Has received a more addition with number of clue seven 'Homage to Krishna'; this has his traditional mark and the excellent cold background music to a lot of film.

In a long career after the work of the day along and the house of long walk is good to coach down and any verge-was or take time to contemplate an ethereal. And the one who better to take you there that it have to that premal?
5 / 5 Yon
Has listened this CD in my class of Yoga and has asked my monitor for a name. It likes-me all some songs in a CD and enjoy meditating to some of them.
Would purchase more than this type of music of this artist.
5 / 5 Hermine
The words can not express such beauty and delicacy as to arouse such intense delight while listening to this CD!!
Yours the soul will hurt like this Has to that Premal calm advantages to a delighted heart of alcohol and amour.

Top Customer Reviews: Ambient 1: Music ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
4 / 5 Alejandrina
In spite of his monotonous connotation, Music partorisca Airports really so only celebrates the way. Some tones of repetitive environmental subjects is explored and one embryonic development of a microsoft has uploaded Windows startup touch it almost can be listened here.
4 / 5 Laurette
Has been fill holes in my university memories. Behind a day, the roommate has had this and had forgotten so only that it enjoy it. It have to that add flesh to some bones with another vintage Eno.
5 / 5 Cordie
Has bought this for my edges for Christmass. There is not any idea that Brian Eno was, but when I have said that liked the goodbye to Of Tongue for Daniel Lanois, then has the casualidad a lot he like this some hips. I have not been deceived!
4 / 5 Keesha
The music for Airports is the comfortable listening experience that would owe touch further of airports at least once the day.
4 / 5 Edmond
Brian Eno is soyusic For Airports' is an extraordinary piece of beauty that still resists on his initial emission 25 years ago. You are one very first album to labeled as 'environmental music' and is gone in to inspire numerous imitators. Included today, an album is used like this background music for therepeutic purpose in a lot of hospitals.
An album looks four long pieces that it is diplomado numerically. A prime minister, '1/1', is the softly simplistic piano piece with numerous bell like the tones that enhances a fund. A second piece, '2/1', figure of a angelic heart of voice whose harmonies have been created stricktly for casualidad. Each note has been registered to the separate piece of tape for Eno. Some tapes of some voices have been fixed so that each note ocurr at random like this creating harmonies of casualidades pure. A result of final is the beautiful tapestry to touch to those touch likes to of him was the throughly compound piece in place of another way around. '1/2' Once again it looks some loops of voices so only this time, is accompanied by acoustic piano. A fashion of this piece is a lot in a vetoes to populate instrumental pianist George Winston. A piece closely '2/2' has been treaty totally on synthesizer and is when calming soundscape of pleasant tones. This piece is resembled a work of only of Hans of the group-Joachim Roedelius.
Is easy to comprise reason soyusic For Airports' is such the pioneering album. It is the perfect piece of good-looking simplicity that has has not touched dated at all. This album was the project for a lot of today environmental and 'new age' music. Highly influential and the definite piece of work.
4 / 5 Margy
Brian Eno the music of good-looking environmental texture has begun with east. Originally It Was feigned to be used for exactly the one who his title involves, Music to be piped in intercoms in of the Airports.
Of course this utilitarian the use of a music involves sterility; backround music; music of elevator; grocery tents to touch George Benson tunes.
True this music could do fault this purpose and a simply could write was like such, this in spite of defy these critics to listen his more closely. It depends on a lot variable, an auditor mindset, an atmosphere in that is listened to and included a volume that is touched in.
Is these subtleties that marks this more the piece of art that simply the register of music of the pop.
To describe some real pieces a lot really a lot but will try. 1/1 - it Is centred around agreements of slow repeated piano, which are all calm initially listen to the prime minister that listens. If it look a calm volume more can do out of synth wrist and grave reverb drones that emphasis a piano fantastically. An use of spatial during some advantages of piece to a airyness and light feeling and a repetitive character, clears your alcohol is a lot relaxing. Ossia Thin Psychedelic music.
2/1 - Begin after the silent intro. A angelic synth female voice " it sings" the simple "aahh". It touches that bite New Agey, hokey at the beginning but again relax and so only listen evolves the numerous alike voices with slighty different tones overlapping each one which so another and a repetive character of a piece in time will do forget and not remarking that these are essentially human voices, abeit, has synchronised strongly. It boils Down to the his pure as it helps the engulf you.
1/2 And 2/2 I tin a lot really describe now still reason usually listens to this I so that it goes to sleep and are at least half concious for some time takes this remote his. I will say that they are more like this of the combinations of some first two clues and I beleive is more instumental and more synchronised and synth has oriented.
Definately Gives this listens like him to him the jazz, or the classical or calm music is having the question that sleeps.
4 / 5 Helena
Will not take too much to a whole idea and doing of Music For Airports, basically reasons was not all this a lot roughly the or Brian Eno. They are both class of enigmatic mine. They are quite sure this in spite of it ossia a prime minister conciously has done environmental music. Environmental no in a way very other types of the music today environmental llama, but in an original sense, in this he so only blends in with a half. And you are done to be touched in of the airports, although it does to be touched in any soiled in your house. There is at all the airport has related roughly the, in fact, has the hard time that imagines this be touch in Bradley International. Also I know that Eno has been influenced for Raymond Scott is Soothing Sounds For Baby, which I oddly quite bought a same time how is one .
All some clues are minimalist and likes Raymond Scott is a little noisy creature lullabies, some songs use the plot of repetition. So only 2 minutes to a first clue can listen a start of melody of the piano on where a clue has begun. And like all some clues, there is no rythym. Besides a piano in a clue there is some soothing synthesized noises that reads sometimes like this reverb of a piano or independently. It is a lot relaxing and has found that it is a music of perfect reading . A second clue is three female singer . Purportedly, Eno is by train to direct them in the so many is listening, although there is something in his voices that is not natural and has had to that very sure some effects of tape have used is. Also, there is not any melody at all in likes does in a first clue. It roams Around.
A third clue combines a piano with some three female voices. East times a melody of class of looks of the piano of sorrowful more than a contemplative melody in a first clue, and with the with the pocolos too many sudden starts and stops in a music, does not think these some leaves to erase to one background also. To Some sounds of final clue likes him is all synthesized of sounds, like the trumpets run by means of the computer, and again this lack of clue of the melody. It is relaxing and beautiful. Like this it wants to take some music to read for or something uninvasive to touch during dinnertime, or yes wants to listen some of some originals groundbreaking electronic music, ossia an album to buy .
4 / 5 Marlin
Can no Eno was. If for the behind some alternating external discharges of simplicities, complexities and glitz, is to some presents of core likes him minimalist like this of of his music? We any one can blame for his name given (Brian Peter George St. John He Baptiste of the Salt the Eno, incidentally) which perhaps looked for to hide a fact that was gone down three generations of factors. Sensibly Contracts this to a ultra-compress 'Eno', so only developing it the small to 'Brian Eno' to his start of Roxy Music.
A self-has confessed a lot-music, his formative functions have touched a generator of avant-garde of bands of signals forgotten for now. On phase with Roxy, looks to the crazed tugs telephonist, dressed in the bodice of velvet with good of feather and trick.
But in 1973 waste a world of silts and bimbos and has takes to do so only researching uncharted zones in some fringes of rock. Recovering of an accident of automobile, lying law, that looks for to listen to an album of music of harp on an emotion of rain in his window bread, is attacked by some possibilities of his environmental.
Soyusic For Airports' was his first experience in creating music that could an appearance of an atmosphere of the room. Like the product, can absorb 100 of your attention -- but does not demand it .
For me, 'Late of Thursday' is the more perfectly compatible fulfilment of an environmental aim. A vocal step on '2/1' and '1/2' quotes an album to a second half of a @@@1970s, like an album is not quite like this timeless likes one would want to. If '2/1' it is meant to conjure an atmosphere of an airport, then is spotlessly cleaned but also bleak and solitary experience.
5 / 5 Todd
Was 14 in 1984, and agree laugh when have in the first place seen a title to this lp- that it is the Music for Airport, in all the chance? (Such the bobo 14 year thought) But was intrigued for a concept, has seen one of my idols, Robert Wyatt, like the credit in a lp, and a lp has been used, like this for the simple .50, I ventured to a world of Brian Eno for a second time ( has loved his Roxy works of Music).
Of some shots of inaugural piano of Wyatt, was hooked. It can not listen to a lp enough. I have listened his in big volume,and in of the low volumes. At night; during a day; during rain; windy conditions; perfect calm. Any increasing. A music transcended all the conditions. I have been surprised. It was (and still they are) Erik enormous Satie defender, and Eno was a modern day Satie. Some concepts were fantastically simple and effective, this in spite of wreaked of sophisication. My friends in of the pupils listened to Ratt and another 80s bands of hair, and was to Eno. They did not take it. It was well. Eno Was mine.
Today, almost 16 years later, "Music for Airports" it is one of a cornerstones of my musical identity. I have listened his 1000 east of time (to the equal that with everything instrumental Eno lps), this in spite of am surprised by an absolute simplicity of him. While Eno has touched with environmental soundscapes before ("Discreet Music," Fripp and Eno 2 registers), any better encapsulated at the same time that strolls the best that this lp (in mine dress, "Environmental 4: On Tierra" better encapsulates environmental music).
Is lp is the gem of one big more external, and is the must in any reputable collection of music. A must has.
4 / 5 Molly
Ossia A prime minister of four album that Brian Eno has released in his focus 'Environmental' around an end of a @@@1970s. It is not , this in spite of, this first musical exploitation of this class that Eno engaged in. Partorisca Those, one would have to that turn to the his "Discreet Music" or his collaborations with Robert Fripp. Any directly there is anything partorisca do with his start of pop of a same period, also, although I ran of "Another World-wide Green" and "Before and With which Science" to good sure action some of this aesthetic territory with these compositions. Enough, ossia something that finds his parentage in both a soyusic of concepts of pieces of furniture of Erik Satie and technician of procedural music as used peels to diverse composers likes him to him John Gabbia, Steve Reich, and to the. These four works, very scarce and that evolves dulcemente, has been feigned to use like this pieces of installation for LaGuardia airport in NYC, and is feigned for Eno to be the calming, contemplative has although 'prepares an auditor for dead', in Eno' words. One takes an impression is perhaps very too enamoured with travesía of air? In all the chance, this music is good-looking, sublimate, and perhaps to this day some of an environmental music more the orders have not composed never. One that runs free tapeloop process that Eno devised to 'collage' some musical fragments to spare here together to his works have created the lens, it movement gradually, and organic atmosphere, a lot the difference of this successful for more recent the environmental musicians that use of MIDDAY and/or other methods to achieve a lot some same ends. The property of this would have to that be compulsory, quite honradamente, especially for any the one who has to treat stress in the routine base.
4 / 5 Kimberly
A four CD is of an Environmental series (one of them, a third, has not gone included officially a Eno CD-- was regulated-- to a main interpreter, hammer dulcimerist Laraaji) rest eminently listenable pieces of modern music, defying but relaxing, accessible but daring, and in no way that deserves an usually negative sentence "New Age." While a chamber, "On Tierra," it has taken some the majority of casualidad, a prime minister, "Music for Airports," you have taken you have joined the majority of good things. "1/1" they ARE quell'has attacked so only . His backbone is the Satie-like piano riff (writes for Eno partner Robert Wyatt of a Soft Car) this repeats, but does not repeat never enough a same way two times. "1/2" it Is, in my opinion, one follows a feebler of a together. Consisting only tapes of three female sol-fa voice overlapping time of transmission and models, touches enough for the pocolos small, but simply does not have a variety to surface that maintains some other pieces that interest. Some women is tapes of the voices have the habit of better effect in "2/1," a better clue in a CD. Here, they move in and out of silences of épico has done for Eno smaller-piano key, take a fading and dying notes of John Gabbia last glorious pieces. If this piece relax you, or defy you, depends in your personality and way--the thing that is sure is that it was absolutely fascinating to an open-has imported. "2/2," The piece of synthesizer of the alone, is almost like this well, that projects the warm beauty, natural and coming to an almost perfect end. Spent this CD, and buy the piano of Cage of John CD calm already are to him one .
4 / 5 Bruna
Well, like the title touches the little bobo, but a music in question here goes besides to such the simplistic description likes soyusic for airports.' It is simply one of some the majority of the universal environmental albums never produced and one of one a lot little are not me never tired to touch: ossia some of one the majority of pleasant, soothing the calm background noise am likely to listen. It is repetitive but any droning. Eno Commentary of plot of simple piano, vocal "aah"s, and ethereal white noise when grieving-there washed of sound.. Calming, serenáis and peaceful. It is the studio of 48 minutes in a misty zone among his and silence. (Nizza And poetic, eh?)
Volume two main uses out of this disk: the soundtrack to soothe when I require to relax, and the time-out of music 'normal' when I am feeling too burned was to think or paid a lot of attention to that am listening to. Heck, Has been doing and staring in the screen for one displaced few hours and I have not planned on writing anything like this right now, but this soundscape has the class of mentally rejuvenating effect. Touching this album has the way to clear my alcohol and in that help me think when I stun me. Your mileage can vary.. But you are looking for some pleasant aural wallpaper to do to or sleep to, would be hard-pressed to do very better that Eno. Test Late of the yes calm Thursday like this an already.
4 / 5 Annelle
Love this record, as they are the bit biased. It is an odd class of record and here is reason:
is not meant to in fact LISTEN to a record in a way would listen to burst songs or classical or jazz.
A better way to appreciate this very functional music is to touch like me the fund to anything is doing. It is the class of wallpaper, really. The notes of rich bass of an album and tinkly, subdued the piano and the hearts create the perfect fund to any class of sound. It is the feeling to to the the bit likes to be reincarnated or wake up after the dream time very diverse years. Your words look spoken to echo in the odd way, gilded and noises of traffic and normal house callejera resemble blend in perfectly with a record. It is for real material adds to relax with in that DOES not TAKE anything of you, so only gives. It likes-you touch me he during candlelit parties to dine or when having the long bath. They are sure that it was material wonderful to listen to in an airport also.
Ossia "Environmental" music in a sense that a music is drawn to build a half of the his all of its own. It is not simply "quite" the music like Celtic or acoustic music can be. This record has been created to blend in with any east spending and create his own "ambience". A music does not compete with other sounds, augments and enhances them.
4 / 5 Colette
Could Eno has had included a slightest creates of as powerful the piece of music composes, treating, and register? This quartet of simply complex (or complexly simple?) I pieces is a seminal work of Eno work, some definite in all that a New Age pressed of the music has tried to result. At all I (or any of another reviewers) can say would do it justice.
Some starts of disk were with a deceptively simple piano, hurting to repeat one same 6 agreements, but never quite fulfilling it. Shortly after a piece begins, is dulcemente, creepingly has accompanied of the lulling tomb backdrop. A piano of mix of subsequent pieces with synthesized sighs and another "Enossifications" this sweeten a travesía. A result is the tremendously pursuing travesía by means of the desire of the mathematical musicality would not finalise .
Has read revises concealed suggests to touch a disk during the sweet rainfall, or during the fierce rainstorm. My preference is to dip a music on when one lighting in a room is subdued, a company is sympathetic, a wine is light and fresco, and a volume is so only quite strong to arouse interest of some guests.
Eno Better of an Environmental series, fences in any one.
4 / 5 Darrick
Brian Eno is the master of the his, simply place. In "Music for Airports" (Environmental 1) there is crafted a soundtrack of inner peace.
This sculpture of sound was meant originally like the background setting for a terminal of airport. It is easy to close your eyes and imagine listening "1/1" tinkling mutedly like a electronica chime of wind that is stirred for a flow of the travellers that goes to and fro. It can resupply the centre to calm in that all a feeble and hurriedness mix. Also it imagines to listen likes to last traveller to leave an airport at night, likes stumble of ends of tired travellers of a last flight of a night by means of a emptied terminal to his cars.
Equally like this wonderful - listen the Environmental 1 the rainy day. Left quell'intermix with a sound of rains to fall in your windows.
Uses this CD to calm I, like an accompaniment to yoga, and used it to fall asleep. There is something in a sweet of still uneven rhythm of some tones that induces the state to relax deep. I have found it enhances my time of studio also.
The environmental music is meant to be touched likes the to fund to the normal activity. It thinks of him it likes him the fluent frame that surrounds the variety of daily activity. Also it does as well as the mask for daily noise, resulting the calming, half peaceful to guard of external intrusion so that we can turn inward to find our own peacefulness inner. Eno Has produced is when registering multifaceted jewel of quietness, inner rhythms, and soothing inner of shelter that can listen it and echo left by means of our souls his own special rhythm.
Highly recommends this beautiful work of art.
5 / 5 Jorge
Has considered for a lot to be a definite environmental album, the MUSIC FOR AIRPORTS is like this delicate, lovely, and aesthetically moving, that has been to know to give augment the feelings to fly, when being enfolded in of the warm coverages, or that looks the vision takes place in some heavens. If to these sounds likes him a overstatement, has not listened an album. A four part "it asks" treaty totally on synthesizer and piano, Eno the composition finds the referent more in abstract product (one visualises intrepid blockades by heart in warm boo) that in any musical gender. The commentaries of resonant synthesizer to resemble the bells or the voices are interwoven with bits of melody, overlapping each one which so another, and that turn in and out of an architectural silence. Essentially, it is a class of music one could listen in heaven, and Eno directs to present he without a prestress or cheese that typify the majority of the as he more late result "new age" music. MUSIC FOR stands of AIRPORTS against some prejudices likewise a staunchest critical of environmental music, partly because Eno he in the first place, but mostly reason this disk is genuine, pure, and achingly beautiful.
4 / 5 Samantha
To the simplicity in his own world is one the majority of beautiful of things. This work of art/of the music is not for all the world-wide and for some is a flavour has purchased . When I in the first place listened to this, marvels me that inane ossia, the piece of music? Any now this in spite of.
I first uses of clue so only 6 agreements and is like this fantastically pleasing auditory wise that I can say that it is one the next plus can come listen your own imagination. speckled raindrops, dunes Of sand.
This Cd is the kiss in a wind, the wave in some feet, whisper the innocence, ossia music in his better in the no known ways to many. Extraordinary and elegant,uncanny and sophisticated. It is splatter of stars in the clear night. Highly recommended for meditational purpose or relax deep. I wounded me recently quite bad and has been stuck with the wheelchair, an only thing that takes my alcohol of my present questions is this music. Powerful and pursuing. It have to that has .
4 / 5 Shavonda
Environmental 1 is one of a better, and in the way, one of some the majority of the good-looking albums have not released never.
In a past, a lot of people have looked for to listen to and the judge to this album likes a bit class to burst accomplishment-Environmental 1, and thus subject, Brian Eno the Environmental series is not meant to court in the level of pop. Some the Environmental works are meant to run in a background - like this calm really could consider this to be meditative music.

-1/1 Is simply that surprised - an of some compositions 'environmental' better never writings.
-2/1 Is the hauntingly ask good-looking that is driven by three voice.
-1/2 Is the combination of a diagram of original piano of 1/1, mixed with some voices to pursue of 1/2.
-2/2 Is a final clue, and presents another eerily wonderful diagram, this time with Brian so only that touches the synthesizer.
To the equal that listen to this album, clue for clue, will be able to see that of the marvel this album is.
4 / 5 Natisha
A partner of the mine there has been this in 1987, and finally has taken my own copy this year.
Usually associates the particular season with an album or type of music ( zydeco For the start of the summer, composer/of singer with acoustics of electrical guitar for prompt autumn, R&B for cradle, techno for winter, etc.) But these accesses of albums to any season. While it is twilight.
Is frozen half night of winter , the rainy autumn dawns, drowsy late of summer, wistful late of cradle. It seats less horrible when you are heartbroken. He smoothes down a hackles of your degradation. In place of severely that imposes his own way (as to plot of music ) draws out of your own feelings of calm. They are the therapist , and touches in my office.
Does not think the electronic music is not never state really able to improve in Eno, so as a technology there is anticipated.