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These are quite bad built but like clichΓ©s goes ' to take that paid partorisca'; like tiresome and overused like this the sentence is would say these hooks are a better example to validate a feeling.

To be a lot so only, this together of six side that an only 'name of mark' / the quality has built the alike hook would cost of your tent of local hardware. So that it calm so only it is in pending bicycles of girls, or something light likes tools of garden (p. p.ej. Rakes, altarpieces, etc.) Then these will do well. This in spite of, for anything with substantial weight I shy out of these.

There is effectively two questions with these hooks:

1. A ray in an end is machined terribly. So only it do not bite any material in of his own. Some the ancore resupplied with some hooks are complete junk. Calm mean could do him the work but he is so only any value he. Felizmente, are the bit of the rat of band when it comes to hardware to the equal that has the plethora of these dipping roughly. Instead, according to a build out of your wall him him the stud or the solid dish can try to his ray directly in afterwards drill pierce it pilot and in theory forgo a need for one still. It maintains to import this in spite of, and to repeat me a bit, a bit in an end is machined terribly. It is like a person the one who setup a car to do is had seen the ray but really has not known that is to mean to do.

2. Some second subject is that they are not really long enough to do like this hooks of bicycle. A period is like this cut that is planning in hooking on the bicycle to the wall has finalised some bars of sleeve are going to nick a wall takes. An only way around that it would be it I supposition has used these in the pillar or an external corner but this would be odd. Would have your class of bicycle of just jutting was around a estaca or corner.

Like all of that averts, calm takes to a wall and to the left is hypothetically says there is compraventa on something solid. Under these circumstances are quite sturdy but yes was to give them the good wrench (and are really any one the big type) they the warp / snaps. As to finalise where was sooner in this rambling adventure ... To good sure for lighter that objects so only.

Thinks versions like this decorative of real hooks and if this will do for your purpose grab these and save stirs it of cash. Instead, you find quality any on sale or have the use in importing that force the needs averts these.
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And do really a lot so much the bought more. We use him to knots to hang in ceiling of forest for all -chainsaws, leaf blower, bicycles, skis of rackets & of the snow. Shoots to plot of room by other engines I screwed he in the little more to maintain them sturdy ...Any still
5 / 5
You that is to suppose to. It has taken 2 min to install and any subject of
4 / 5
these hooks were exactly the one who has looked for them. We build the new nave and has loved to store bicycles. Ossia That is coming up with. Works perfectly
5 / 5
Enough the misleading description of product. This is not to have that has weighed IMO.

Has that has weighed
a) be fatter in diameter to armour plate
B) has the edge the long plus to resupply the even more deep to a forest

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Amorous no quite strong ; it does not maintain That that is not heavy Transports quite small