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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5

Linux Ubuntu LTS Desktop computer (kernel )
Core i7-860 CPU
Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD4 motherboard (so only has USB 2.0)
My camera: Nikon D750 or Olympus EM10mk2 so that it has produced 1080p/60fps HDMI signal.

Has been surprised a MiraBox-HSV321 works with my desktop computer of Linux of 2011 which so only there is USB2.0 And any USB3.0 At all. It has done well out of a box and any engine partorisca install.

How is this same possible when USB2= while HDMI_1080p30= />
using the program called 'usbtop', was able to determine some taxes of scrolling:

ExternalHD USB3.1 it read it: 31MBytes/dry (My motherboard real-world-wide maximum USB2.0 throughput)
Logitech C200 (640x480/30fps) webcam: 31 MBytes/dry (Imposed Constant, to all the cost of content of video)
MiraBox-HSV321 HDMI (1920x1080/30fps): (the tax is lower when the video has less motion)

compression of Obvious use and by means of this USB2.0 connection (which more have discovered late has been encoded like MJPEG), could take 1920x1080p feeds partorisca come from my Olympus EM10mk2 or Nikon D750 camera. Using OBS Studio, has measured so only 21fps (any 30fps), which has been done partorisca register the video of the clock of stop, that examines a file and each frame a-for-a (1.0 dry comprises there has been so only 21only frames). I have measured also the round-latency of travesía for having a register comprises both stopwatch and a OBS screen of preview of the Studio. This lag can cause minor of audio sync subject; partorisca fix this, uses the audio of microphone of my camera, streamed like HDMI audio, and not using audio of the headset directly attached to a computer.


In the ZenBook UX391UA with USB3.0 Running Windows10, a MiraBox could take a plenary 60fps also in 1920x1080. Examining frame-for-frame, has had do not mark duplicated and all 60interior of frames 1.0 dry was so only. In this chance, the latency was down to . (A same experience tip my Elgato-HD60S with lag.)

Reason MiraBox laws like the webcam (USB V4L2 device on Linux), power other applications can use like Skype, Zoom Teleconference, Of Coverage Centrical Meetings, everything in any Windows10 or Linux Ubuntu. (My Elgato-HD60S is so only available in of the Windows and of the works with Zoom and RingCentral but any Skype.)


While both Raspberry Pi 3b and Pi4b can take likes 1080of p-25fps MJPEG saving the SDcard with less than 1 CPU, that encodes animal to this only usable with a Pi4b hardware encoder. A MiraBox will drain enough the bit of power of your Raspberry Pi. For me, + supply to be able to has attached to the mine Pi was sufficient.


A MiraBox the container has come with the 55cm/23.ºn USB-A male to USB-A boss viril (any common), a MiraBox he and the manual which recommend to install 'PotPlayer' for Windows. This in spite of, does not come with any HDMI bosses.
5 / 5
Has compared a start of video of this device with the HDMI box of capture of Magewell (two times a prize). I have found it paints to be oversaturated when using a Mirabox has compared to a Magewell, but again, is the averages a prize. If you are using a Mirabox with OBS can do you a little correction by heart.

Averts to paint any realistic rendering, another thing any volume with these no-mark 'of the frames' is any support of technology. I have been to look for the web of place to see of a costruttore has had any firmware updates. But there is not any web of place of costruttore. If this class of what is of yours entity, would have to consider buy an expensive plus ElGato or Magewell boxes that in fact there is it aftermarket support.

Are not the defender of a no-regulate USB3 write A port. Reason not using the micro B spend female (how is in the each portable USB hard walk)?

In the Mac this device is recognised like both the video and a source of audio. Using OBS, sometimes has to that deselect and then reselect connects it to him with which a computer has begun already up. No really a subject, so only something to be conscious of.

Also tried with Zoom, which recognises a device without any subjects.

Has seen one revises concealed has said he overheated and failed, as I have left east a powered on, with the gopro the camera has connected, connected to the computer that careers OBS, for the days of pair. It takes warm, but like this far continuous do well. To good sure leave some space of air around the, and does not dip anything on that. If you go to run he for long periods of time, or is using he in the room concealed is not a lot of-airy, would not be the bad idea to stick the tank of passive heat to a chance for the maintain fresher.
4 / 5
Is looking to use this to record or livestream your game, would advise that you just clave with buying a Elgato or AverMedia devices of Capture. It will save you headaches to try to imagine was like a software that comes with work or imagining was like your computer is not relieving a device of capture or syncing your video/of audio because of a latency/lag these presents of device to your camera.

There there is also one $ 30-$ 40 capture of paper of USB that is going around - I has has tried concealed and work with less latency/lag that this device!
5 / 5
Resembled it not doing at the beginning the variety of plugging and repowering both computers and the device have looked for the work and have @the subject has included occasionally, but very thick. In an always done end work,
am flowed enough in Linux but unsure reason the mine CAN The To you sees sometimes but a lot another.
Finally will try another mark, but this has been a lot so that I need he partorisca and can treat one odd reboot and replugging necessary.
5 / 5
Has done well a first time, has loved then transmission of ps4 to change. A device was long and tedious to dip on again. After the week or 2, there has been crackling and that bursts the noises that comes from/comes from streaming device, has tried a lot of things, and in fact was really so only a Mirabox that no correctly anymore. For some times have had to try a lot of things could a lot of resend the so much. Ossia, stuck with the capture of video that pode any his operates ;/

would suggest the people to buy devices of the main quality at least he no that past mine. One of some things that would have helped, would be could change a incumplimiento prices of sample in of the bits that a Mirabox taken, but can not touch this part, like this once is does a question, is stuck with him :)
5 / 5
begins well on grieving I discharges an USB; I did not give never it fuss!
(Camera: GoPro 6; YOU: Ubuntu Focal Hoyo; use: service of call of the Video and OBS)

An only bad thing roughly is that he squished my image the little bit (returning the 16:9 resolution to 4:3)
5 / 5
can not allege that I have analysed to a lot a quality of the video but I found it doing that I have expected to do. Door a signal of video of the mine Sony camcorder to my computer to record or current with OBS. I used it several hours without subjects. They are happy with a compraventa.
5 / 5
Use the current my transmission of Nintendo in twitch is very good! Perhaps any one a better but man I so only begun twitch so that it does not love is spent too much, this paper of capture is very a lot of
5 / 5
Produces any last 1 year. First to invest the money in this product asks calm wants to spend this money again in small month. Better raisin bit it more now for the product that will last and have the better longevity or guarantee.

Top Customer Reviews: AVerMedia Live ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
4 / 5
Not being able to revises there, but has found the little on Tube partorisca compare this against one is TRACE . As it has bitten a ball and bought it. Well built mic, and are by train partorisca attach it to the mine Sony a6400 and register. Sounds awesome as it registers acoustics of electrical guitar with vocals. Register with Roland Amp and also complete acoustic. They are a lot happy with some results. They like him some pocolos accessories, a stand, some two bosses of connection, and a dead-cat :-)
5 / 5
uses an outside soundcard with the headset and could not find any way to have a gaming the audio of PC sees to a paper of capture and my headset a same time. There is virtually any support partorisca this @@subject anywhere neither.
5 / 5
Any support partorisca Windows 8.1 but has done. USB Of starts Mpeg4 to computer.
5 / 5
Touches the good mic! L ;ittle calms at the beginning but fixed a question!
4 / 5
My current freezings all a time, the does not know reason is has taken.
4 / 5
The capturadora is quite economic and very simple to use, has used he with OBS in a MACBook Pro and recognises it the mayor of complication sinned. It had read a Description that the audio any one registered it, ossia dud so much the audio like the
the edges of Video have registered, the video with maximo a quality of 1080p 60 FPS.
4 / 5
Some negative critiques me think long and hard if to go for Avermedia alive gamer mini or stick to a mainstream Elgato HD60s. But my dresses to estimate Avermedia better as I have been for him in all the chance and is pleasantly has surprised that is doing very different the one who some negative critiques have said. My current is smooth and the quality is well. Any lag and im streaming in the laptop! A shipment of EUA was quickly too much! It has taken roughly 4-5 business days.
5 / 5
Update. The freezings of product despues of 3 or 4 minutes in current, has achieved to solve he with avermefia, using a firmware official that any one has in his page, takes something answers, if they require it mandenme message.

Produced excellent, Economic prize for amazon, good vendor, has arrived a lot ahead of time, produces imported but with a lot of good quality
4 / 5
Is ideal to do streamings pure (sin overlays). In chance that require to add overlays, he encoder that comprises does not go to leave record he neither streamearlo. In all the chance requeríras a encoder additional (graphic map, cpu, etc). One have-has wanted me, good prize.
5 / 5
Ossia Enough an annoying product - whilst has his add when your mouth is directly in the, calm literally has to that be right on he for another person to listen. I have bought this together with a Avermedia 2+ and his summer the nightmare for the take all working. I have finalised to give up and selling a microphone and a paper of the capture and that takes another mark!

Top Customer Reviews: Wireless Controller ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
5 / 5
Bought these partorisca substitute two 8bitdo controllers I use partorisca my Raspberry Pi / Retropie. One of this working decree, another has been fallen and one of some keys of shoulder has broken.

These SNES the fashionable controllers have taken so only the pair of small partorisca dip up and has been doing well like this far. The quality of build is well, the battery is well, with only an occasional glitch after several hours partorisca touch several games. It looks a Pi has decided a controller is player 1 and another player 2, as it can not be able to easily rotate by means of them when a battery in the scarce down but ossia well.

Will update this description the few weeks there is any questions. Like this far quite happy with a compraventa and would recommend.
4 / 5
One of these controllers is looked fraction, but a vendor fixed a question with 50 repayment. A a controller that does the work is easy to use and entertainment!!!
4 / 5
Does well , solid and incredibly look a real snes controllers.
5 / 5
His utmost and one hard load partorisca always!! Happy some girls do not owe that chair 2 feet out of a TV anymore :)
5 / 5
Quite some answered esatte of SNES controllers, this pair of controllers can be used in SNES/NES console of Classical Edition, desk PCs, mobile devices, and Raspberry Pi systems. I have been using these with my mobile phone mostly.

A container comprises two controllers, two touching bosses (micros USB), two wireless dongles, two dongles for Mini SNES and NES consoles, and a book of instruction.

A quality of some controllers is quite good. Some keys utmost celery and a controller feels solid. It say that it is a lot near of the that an official SNES the controller would be to like.

The pairing is easy, but with taking he - has to that it uses a dongle for a controller, his a lot of pair to a dongle likes him with Bluetooth. This can be weighed, especially is using two in the alone mobile device ( will require the hub). This process done also of the things the pocolos more confusing, reasons will owe that use a dongle you paired with a controller you paired he with (his seal or something).

Trying several games, these controllers are quite responsible, although there is the light has bitten of lag has compared to when I use Xbox Some controllers have seen bluetooth. Some games, has included some facts for controllers, does not look to recognise one es@tart' or 'behind' key, included when used in combination with each another like the instructions suggests. This does to take the impossible or difficult games. Another look of games to do so only well.

Uses an emulator or can king-bow-tones, then calms would not owe that have any question with these.

These controllers look inner battery that is touched using a comprised Micro bosses of USB (any adapter is comprised). One hard load until 100 hours, although not having to that run these that long among load.

In general, ossia the quota little container that offered the nostalgic feel with some modern consolations. Desire that could multiple controllers with the suns dongle to simplify things, but can not win all the battles.
5 / 5
Has taken these to hook until the Win10 car to use in emulators. Man, was difficult to imagine was. Some instructions was able to find was unclear, and take the moment for me to take them has connected properly. In an end, touched them, has had to resist down the start+selects+up and once a red has DIRECTED begun to blink has has had to that then discharges in a receiver (interior 10 second). This was after enough the moment to try the one of fact takes him setup and working.

Can not speak to the that easy is the setup in a (S)NES Classical, but some keys for me celery has bitten it ticky', especially a L/R some. Celery he likes taking enough the bit of pressure to use. Originally I have had this description written in 1 beginning of then was so only entirely unable to take them doing in my PC. I have found finally the way and moved it to 3 stars to the equal that treat WELL, but so only taking them has connected was the ache.
4 / 5
These wireless controllers do perfectly with my little mini SNES. They were very easy the setup for following some instructions in a container. A SNES recognised him immediately. There is no noticeable delay in entrance. It is so only he likes touch with a corded controllers, attentive is not tethered to a car anymore.

Some controllers celery the lighter of has bitten and a lot also built like original controllers. His flex the bit and feel the little flimsy. We are quite sweet with our material, as they are not also has concerned. This in spite of, if you or your boys are rough in controllers, these could not survive too long.
4 / 5
Loves this wireless SNES controllers. The pairing was sincere and easy. No quite on it leaves with OEM controllers of Nintendo, but that 3rd party is? Found a quality to build to be quite well for me, with good tactile feels to some keys and prójimos to perfect mimicking of a classical SNES aesthetic. It was particularly please with as complete a container is - comprising the USB and Classical SNES/NES adapter for Each controller together with touching bosses for each ones hips. Paired With my PC of Windows easily and has had the explosion that touches some retro games.

In general to good sure would recommend this!
4 / 5
These wireless controllers do well with our Mini SNES fix - and when being wireless, does not mean any boss in a way!

A quality of some controllers is resembled an original controller, and a connection among a NES and the controller has been enough in pair - the little glitches, but to be expected with the wireless controller.

A controller easily recharges has seen the boss of USB, and does not take more than an hour or he like this the paralizaciones full that touch.

So much for the 2-band, is the quite decent value and quality.
4 / 5
This was súper nostalgic to be receiving these I have had the súper Nintendo that grows up and was the plot of fun to touch. Some controllers his entirely mimic some original controllers that is coming with a system. A better part is these is in fact wireless and can be touched among uses. It is the add upgrade of some original controllers. These were utmost in some normal súper Nintendo or in some versions of the smallest emulation that it is there now.

Top Customer Reviews: Nintendo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 22 ratings
4 / 5
The cost has verified So only like a console of original of Nintendo in a 1980 east, a NES Classical comes with only a controller. Of then there is it enough the little swipe of frames; I am happy to say this in any one the swipe was. It is a controller of mark of the Nintendo and the work adds.
4 / 5
The cost has checked Works a lot well, like the manette original! The failure Joins I games of extension partorisca touch in everything comfort it, to less than wanting to be paste to the sud the TV...
5 / 5
The cost has checked Manette of cause of the mini nes. In a good-looking small boite with all his focus of cause ! Three satisfied !
5 / 5
The cost has verified Exactly as it has described! A genuine piece! Shipped much faster that has announced. Calm know you can save money on buying a aftermarket controller but to the left is partorisca be sincere; because it calms it does not spend an extra $ 10-$ 15 partorisca have the product of Nintendo genuine.
4 / 5
The cost has checked glorious souvenire nostálgica of Lancien Nintendo NES like this of the emballage and the caliter of the manette identical the loriginal of that 1985. Any negative Point.
5 / 5
The cost has checked Looks a price closely, but otherwise is a Nintendo official NES Classical controller.
4 / 5
The cost has checked Perfecta! I have required the second controller and a tent has been sold was. This one is exactly one same.
5 / 5
The cost has checked Awesome! Works perfectly with my Wii, his just likes touch with an original controller of backside a day!
5 / 5
The cost has checked Orders, súper expensive, but still adds.
5 / 5
The cost has verified This is coming exactly like this expected and described by a vendor! Of Germania partorisca kick! Highly you recommend this product and of this vendor. They are very satisfied with cost of mine!