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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
The cost has verified This element is very populate with our boys. We have it to us running all day, which takes partorisca annoy with a same music and the sentences that is repeated, but in general went it the swipe here.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
4 / 5
His not doing with mac version the suceden... But he qork with mine pc dress
4 / 5
has been teaching 'creation of information' in the University of entity partorisca a past 5 years, which mean insignia another it partorisca teach or instruct in diverse half comunicacionales. Before this, am spent 16 years that interface of draw of software of the computer, put of web, and instructional material, comprising dozens of national and international prizes partorisca my work. As such, am keenly conscious of both some theoretical and practical subjects and difficulties in drawing instructional games partorisca boys.
A better-known, more-respected, and more-the successful educators say quell'education partorisca girls (and partorisca adults, partorisca this @@subject) is more effective when it is fun, when it involves driven self-discovered, when he transparently and automatically rule a level of difficulty partorisca match the skills of a student, and when it gives immediate feedback, especially when an emphasis is in positive feedback to a possible discharge. Zoombinis excells In everything of these zones.
My edges of 9 years is results engrossed for a game, and now spends time that helps his sister of 6 years. They LOVE some pocolos waits bobos of a Zoombinis ('hip, hip, zoombini!!!'), And it is entirely unaware that is learning some quite complex logic and of the mathematical concepts. I have been surprised when I overheard my edges that explains his sister as to solve some puzzles of logic.
Has tried to touch the I, and expĂłsito that an animation and the characters are not annoying, cloy, or childish, but possess so only a right quantity of levity for the maintain interesting. I have found that with which so only the few hours of the touch, my edges is already faster that imagine out of some puzzles. Now it is doing he in an intuitive level, while I still owe that think he by means of any-for-no.
The difference of another software, which usually follows the quite simplistic, linear algorithm that is swipe easily for simple test-and-error (click all until he , then memorise a normalised right), a Zoombini the questions/of puzzle require one student to internalise generalizable, transferable methods that solves question.
Sad if these sounds like mumbo-jumbo. An inferior line is that ossia an exceptional educational product that teaches extraordinarily the skills of complexes have thought in boys while looking to be at all more than the really fun computer game. It buys it! You will be happy has done.
5 / 5
Has bought this element for my edges of mine young plus behind in 2004, and loved it absolutely. It was educational, while still when being entertaining. I am writing this description because I recently found this game and leave the daughter of mine others the edges touches it while it is remained with me for a weekend. It has loved that, included although it looks he bit it low resolution. Still it enjoys to touch the one of time in when to spend a time.
4 / 5
Has on grown touching A TravesĂ­a Logical of a Zoombinis, and when I have read some descriptions that the one of the fact run in of the Windows 8, has had to spend one &60; $ 10 to verify it was. A verdict: work (but a lot perfectly). A sound was the little odd in our computer, but was to good sure playable!

A premise of a game is that you have to that complete increasingly puzzle of difficult logic to save your group of Zoombinis and take in the wonderful new house. Of then I have been always the little has bitten logical, included like the girl, has done always some challenges like easy like possible to dip a maximum number of Zoombinis of the each type (2) in the each travesĂ­a, and then always would have everything of them is some same, but transmission some shoes, or change a nose, etc. This he also easy to maintain clue duquel Zoombinis has touched already reason a randomly has generated some do not take this count it, and touch a game stirs it, takes the moment to imagine out of those few calm types have not touched.

A lot so only done this game teachs boys as to solve puzzle of logic in the fun way, his just sĂșper pleasant. This game is an epitome of the fun to learn.

Obviously this game has been done the little fact of has bitten, like the map is not like this crazy awesome like this of the games that has been done lately, but a flesh of a game is like this orders that can look you has spent the. Besides - a prize is well! My sleep would be thus game to be king-released likes a iOS game, but until this raisin (probably never), at least is still playable!
4 / 5
Bought this originally for my PC so that my grandchildren would have something to touch when they have visited. Still although some requirements declare a game is for Windows XP and has Seen, has expected to use a Compatible Wizard would be able of the work in my computer. An installed game without the question and has touched a start of a game where is aimed likes a Zoomblinis has been done to slaves and to the equal that has escaped. But then when a game has begun,(the first level) a game has clashed. I have tried several times of uninstalling and reinstalling but a game so only clashed every time has taken to a first level. A map was beautiful and a line of history was utmost, if so only a game would have done.

Like this I finally uninstalled a game and decided for the give to mine 4 grandson of year adds old has had of then access to the computer with Windows XP. Any question with installing or that runs a game in a computer with Windows XP. But there is remarked 2 things in a game with which is has been installed. First of all, it has not aimed one first splits of a game where saws and has listened a reason that headed to a Zoombinis that has to that escape his slavery. But this was to COST reason my grandson adds was interested more touch a game that is to be interest in a reason for an evasion. A second defect there is remarked in a game was that it leaves of a game has not aimed--the part that has had some icons of paper. Of calm so only could see a flange of some icons, down in a fund of a right hand-held corner, has had to guess quell'icon to click on to take that it has loved it. My grandson of 4 years there has been the hard time that agrees that icon to press to take to a next level calm reason so only could see part of an icon--the a lot of times have maintained to go to a map in place of a next level.

My grandson loves this game, especially a level where do pizzas. We never took very remote to a game because of some questions with some icons--just has taken too much long to take to a next level with which constantly that presses a wrong icon.

My daughter in-the monitor of the law is not the monitor of wide screen, which is common very common now, like this perhaps ossia breakings of a question with an exposure not aiming a whole screen thus game. They are not the literate real computer when it comes to hardware of the computer and perhaps has the way to shrink a screen in his monitor so that it will aim some whole screens of a game. If any one would concern to comment in the solution on like this to do this exposure of game correctly in his monitor, would appreciate a suggestion because my grandson really loves this game.

Has given so only this game 3 stars been due to as it is showed in my daughter in-the monitor of the law, but for any the one who does not have this question I highly recommend a game because it looks to be the fun game, especially for boys.
4 / 5
Ossia One of a prime minister cd-roms concealed there is stumped my quite precocious daughter: taking fallido with him and does not spend of the hours clicking was in him. Paradoxically, I see this like the very good thing. In the majority of his another software to learn band, does not have any pity to guess, and he like this expert result to discover a model has required to move they on - is really swimming but examinations of the multiple election glorified - simple for clicking on everything. Sure, it can learn to plot of them, but saw it always like this leave to deceive also.
In this program, yes takes something wrong, loses one of his few types, which finally disallows partorisca move advance. Like any paid to guess - has to that think in that is well in the way sistémica to move advance. Neither it can retreat and something on. Instead, it has to go back to a start of a game, with the together new of questions.
Has impressed also with a portion of logic of this software. A player has to that recognise the one who characteristic of insiemi and subsets in several contexts. This means sistémico and abstract thought, but to to entertainment likes him the travesía of game of creatures a player creates in a start. Although my daughter is stumped for some of him now, really will have beaten the defiant puzzle when it takes it, perhaps with durable impact in his capacities to reason. Visually, While this is not like this snazzy likes some another cd-roms, is pleasing enough.
In general, one of a better learning cd-roms has seen still. Really challenge my boy, which is exactly that has looked for.
Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Salvation Everything,

Likes a lot another was having the question that installs Zoombinis in my PC that Windows of careers XP. Down it is the step to no around (quite basic) in that has done to take a game to do.

Spends 1: Take a program ->has has tried previously install a game, can love double control to do sure a game has been take, and beginning with the grandson slate. It goes to a paper to start with, poster of control, add/take programs, moves for down to an inferior and double control to do sure Zoombinis the travesĂ­a Logical is not installed. If some looks of game in a cast, click 'the transmission/takes', and click yes to uninstall a game.

Spends 2: it inserts/ it Inserts disk.. ->Insert a game to your walk of CD ROM

Spends 3: it installs DirectX ->You in the first place will require to install a DirectX the version required for a game. Click in a paper to start with, opens My Computer, double-click in a walk in that a disk of game is inserted in. Click in a 'Install' file, 'DX', 'DX8', then 'dxsetup' click 'He' in a punctual, then click on 'Install'.

Spends 4: Install a game ->Install a game WITHOUT a wizard of compatibility. To do so it goes back to my Computer, and double-click again in a walk a disk of game is in. Click in a esetup' icon and follow a tip to install a game.

Spends 5: it dips some settings that Maintain the compatibility will require you to locate where a game is installed, which is more probably a incumplimiento location in a c:walk. To take there open My Computer, C:Walk, Files of Program, A Company to Learn, Zoombinis TravesĂ­a Logical(T), A lot-click in a Zoombinis icon of TravesĂ­a Logical, click in of the Properties, then clicks in a tab of Compatibility in a cup. It controls a box for 'Run this program in way of stops of compatibility:' and in a drop down the paper selects 'Windows 98 / Windows Me . Last control a box for 'Disable visual subjects'. The click applies, and a game is ready to be touched.

Commentaries lateralmente: I have read also people that has to exit a game that use Ctrl + Atl + Deletes. Although a game has a paper of options, Ctrl+Q can be used like the shortcut to leave a game.

Expects that these helps was, and if any one has the questions please to feel free to answer and will do my best to go back with you.

Happy gaming!
5 / 5
Touched this game of computer like the boy and was kinda obsessed. Bought for my daughter to touch and no like this sure that they are like this enthusiastic roughly he maintaining.
Assuming a software of computer has updated is not able to produce a quality more orders in this game this old plus, so that it was the left down sure.
The game has not been like this enjoyable that it agrees them, easily can take by means of him without a lot of endeavour. The daughter has not looked like this pleased to the equal that had expected.
5 / 5
I originally experience of TravesĂ­a Logical partorisca my edges behind in 2001. As of now, two years later, we still have still partorisca save all 600+ Zoombinis of a wretched Bloats. It concealed it is not partorisca say that this game is boring. In a contrary, the no. has touched a game at the side with my boys and sometimes some puzzles stump me also. When A game of boys, is not never there is bored. My edges, those who is now 9, and my daughter, the one who is 5 game a together game.
A better thing in this game is that every time it touch, each puzzle is solved differently. For example, when coming you to some Allergic Mountains, has to enciphers out of the Zoombinis can cross the bridge. I have seen some mountains accept or waste Zoombinis has based in physical characteristics as well as gender.
A marked improvment has seen in my edges is his skills of mathematics . Originally I have bought a game because my edges has required partorisca learn to think logically. This was in skill that neither I neither his professors looked partorisca be able to instill in him. Zoombinis Has helped that. While I still need more practical in a skill, there is remarked that it is able to solve questions of word of the mathematics and questions of simple logic with ease.
5 / 5
A game there is rid the mine is new in a container, but has a lot of 'glitches' in that the skip or stagger while touching. Has question with an installation; every time I open it partorisca touch, has to type in a admin signal partorisca my computer, when it has to that so only game. This because of @@subject of installation or the fault of the user does not know .
5 / 5
Zoombinis The travesĂ­a logical is all this educational software would have to that be. It is entertaining, obliging and teaches unobtrusively. Your boy will learn mathematical and logical concepts while they are enjoying!
A Zoombinis is few creatures those who vary in 4 characteristic: hair, eyes, noses and feet. They have lived felizmente until some the bad types have come to his village, and now is that they try to do his way to Zoombiniville, the new place where can be happy again. To the long of a way will require to solve puzzle to advance to the long of a street. These puzzles are fun and involve that they determine that characteristic (hair, nose, eyes and feet) leaves sure Zoombinis to cross the bridge, for example. Or you can owe figure out of it toppngs need to go in the picky to pizza of the ogre. These tasks teach the question that solves, logical, theory closely, ordering, mapping, trying of hypothesis and has normalised comprehension. A narration is funny and you hve the good time that touches.
Has bought this for the 5-the old year, and while some tasks are generally too difficult for the preschooler, the together touch and some concepts are taking control. And, I have to admit , sometimes I maintain to touch for my account!
Possess in the titles of software of 60 boys, and some are extremely fond of, but could maintain so only a game, this that would be. Terrific!
5 / 5
We originally bought Zoombini is (v1) done of the years and installed the in the Windows 95 boys have loved that. Recently they have spoken roughly the and that agrees that the entertainment was and the request could that to him touch again. Well, we long of graduates of Windows 95 and is does the mix of Windows XP and 7 PC is in a house. I have looked for to install a Zoombini v1 disk without success, as it has bought an installed in ours XP PC with absolutely any question and some boys are back to save a Zoombini is (still although they are now adolescent still is having the explosion palying a game). I have not tried for the install on one of the ours Windows 7 (some Home, some Professionals) PC is but for some looks of some leading descriptions is possible, as we will follow some forwards reviewer is escipe' and see if the Win7 install works also. As the one who Zoombini is goes, is the fantastic game and a lot highly recommended.
4 / 5
Touch very adult and joint of girl and the on-line games and I am not conscious of the game that is more mentally stimulating while when be amused enough for the boy. My daughter has been touching the this has turned of then 4 and continuous ask these serious two years later. I am not sure that a precise has everything of some games of a series, of a lot of of some puzzles are based in a same type of logic, but chair that each girl would owe that possess the copy of one. Of an offer of puzzle four levels of difficulties, the majority of them would be to defy for a half adult. An add replay the value will help to augment the analytical skills of the girl to such an extent that many his fulfilled escoles the trivial result.
5 / 5
These products can be installed low Windows XP. This in spite of, requires a Compatability Wizard:

installing TravesĂ­a Logical of a ZoombinisÂź using a Wizard of Compatibility of the Program

The majority of programs has drawn for an earlier version of an operating systemÂź of Windows will install and run properly in of the WindowsÂź XP. In some chances, this in spite of, when trying install such the program, several subjects can arrive. An information and the procedure presented in this section will help you to install the program (drawn for the earliest versions of WindowsÂź) to use a Wizard of Compatibility of the Program.

REMARCE: WindowsÂź XP leaves different options to see graphic interface. A following procedure assumes that a incumplimiento WindowsÂź XP the frame of view is used, more than a View of Paper of Classical Start.

Uninstall A program that uses one Adds or Take Poster of Control of the Programs (Steps a-c down installing in of the WindowsÂź XP).
After taking a program, or if a program does not aim in an Add or Take Poster of Control of the Programs, continuous with a next step.
Verify some Requirements of Minimum System of a program that is to be installed. (This information will be required like the procedure down is completed.)
Turn and next programs to a desk.
Insert/Inserts a program (or installation) CD to a walk of CD ROM.

REMARCE: If the screen of installation of the looks to program to aim you to install a program, click a selection (, No, it annuls or Exit an Installation, etc.) That will annul an installation, and turn to a desk.
Start of click in some WindowsÂź taskbar.
Clicas All the Programs, choose Accessories and select Wizard of Compatibility of the Program. An icon looks the question mark (?). A Wizard of Compatibility of the Program the Welcome window will open.
Click Afterwards.
Click one ' wants to use a program in a walk of CD ROM' radio key.
Click Afterwards. A window that present some Ways of the compatibilityÂź of different Windows will open.
Click a radio key afterwards to a Way of the compatibility wished and click Afterwards. ( It consults some Requirements of Minimum System of a program that is to be installed [Step 1] for information of system.) A window that leaves of search a selection of 256 Colours and/or 640 X 480 Pixels Resolution of Screen.

REMARCE: These settings of the exposure is not available options in of the WindowsÂź XP. They are so only available when those ran programs it in Way of Compatibility of the Program. An only reason to choose any of these settings is is experiencing the difficulty that installs or that runs an older application has drawn to run in MS-DOSÂź, WindowsÂź 3.1 or WindowsÂź 95. If all the options remain unchecked, then some settings and current Colours of Resolution of the Screen will not be changed.

For incumplimiento, WindowsÂź XP uses visual subjects that can change an appearance or behaviour other programs, especially these games or educational programs that comprises animation and intense map. To prevent some visual subjects to affect these programs, the control Disables Visual Subjects.

Click Afterwards. A window that objective a start 'tries Your Settings of Compatibilities' will look. Besides, some settings that you selected will look.
Verifies that some settings are corrected.

REMARCE: If some settings are not to correct, clicks a Rear key to return to a leading screen (or screens) and some necessary transmissions.
With some settings corrected selected and aiming in a 'Yours Tries Settings of Window of Compatibility, click Afterwards. An installation of program will begin.
Follows a tip to install a program.
After an installation is complete, closing a program to return to a Wizard of Compatibility of the Program.

REMARCE: After a program is concluded, a window with one 'has Done a work to program correctly?' The question will reappear. One 'He. It dips this program to always use these settings of compatibilities' will be selected.
If a program has done properly that uses a way of compatibility that is to be select in At all 11 (on), click After-the window of Data of the compatibility of Program will open-and continue with At all 18.

REMARCE: If a program has not done correctly, uninstall a program (using an Add or Take Poster of Control of the Programs: At all 1) and repeat an on procedure, choosing settings of different compatibility.
In a window that opens, selects Yes or Any and click Afterwards. One Completing a window of Wizard of the compatibility of Program will look.
Arrived of click to close a window.
Launch and use a program.
For questions regarding a Wizard of Compatibility of the Program or WindowsÂź XP (or both), Microsoft of contactÂź or go to [...] For additional information.
4 / 5
There has been sucedido in taking this game to run. It requires to do the few calm things in planting to leave some varied programs he automatically.

In the first place, precise installs DirectX directly of a CD. Explore I contents of a CD for a DX file, and use a setup/installs program there to install a version of DirectX a program loves. It would not owe that take more pocolos second.

Then install a program WITHOUT a Wizard of Compatibility.

THEN plough a Wizard of Compatibility, signals it to a game/of career .exe Lima in a CD (which is necessary to run a program in all the chance) and dip the to Win 98 and No Visual Subjects (256 colours would not owe that be necessary).

Has changed also some normal visual settings in my desk to 16-has bitten colours, but has not been if this was necessary. To Experience likes .

The point is, doing an on takes DirectX installed, takes an installed program, and dips it to use some settings of necessary concrete compatibility without disturbing some permanent settings of your computer.
5 / 5
Consider computer savvy, but could not take this game to do.

A party of requirements of the system, has Windows XP. An installation has been completed without question, but a game would not touch . I have wanted really boys to use this game, some descriptions are like this positive; really it thinks that it is the shame .

Supports of Client of the software of a Company to Learn is almost non-existent, and in the then say to contact another company that has not been able to contact neither reason in a process to take the entrance of support of the client, his page of the registration would not leave me take spent a mailing field of allocution.

The one who the shame.
5 / 5
Has had some same questions with uploading this game that a lot another complains roughly. Has Windows XP. In an end of fixed mine was I, (1)has uploaded a game, (2)a lot of clicked in the icon of a game, (3)clicked in of the Properties, (4)clicked on tab of Compatibilities, (4)down the way of Compatibility has verified to Run this program in way of stops of compatibility: Windows 98/Windows M, clicked Well. Now some careers of good game. I have read that a game has been drawn for Windows 95. I have tried to run the low Windows 95, has not done. Thank you Again to Pentagrom description.
5 / 5
Has in the first place touched this game when it was in elementary school. I have wanted to it loved/ It To it then and, after touching it again with which like this years now, still loves it. Highly it would recommend for parents with young boys and for these nostalgic to to the adults like there. Some puzzles are excellent and grow more complex and difficult likes progress of game to maintain a player has defied. Besides, a map (while no longer very modern for 2008 levels) is easy in some eyes and some voices are clear and included quite entertaining in time (although, in a version there is now, a sound tends to skip from time to time). This in spite of, some explanations and the clues resupplied for a game for some puzzles are not always particularly useful, especially of a company apparently no longer does this game with a real manual has comprised. If it find questions in this consideration, would recommend Googling for an on-line walkthrough or FAQ in Zoombinis.

Unfortunately, with a version has bought of here, could a lot initially take it to touch with which installation. Although it could announce, you can still run that casualidad to find technical errors that glielo could surrender an essentially useless game. Felizmente, there are possible ways to fix this terrible dilemma, at least for Windows XP users (like this is a system I use; I'm sorry, but it has not been that it can be done for Mac users those who are finding question). You can run a Wizard of Compatibility of the Program, which the investigation of fast of Google will spend on information roughly and as to start with. Or, you can go to some links of the game in yours I Initiate ->paper of Programs, a lot-click in the, click in of the Properties, goes the Compatibility, and select a setting corrected down way of Compatibility. I dipped it/ I dipped It the Windows 95 thus game, and looks to do so only a lot now. But, be warned - these methods sadly can not solve each chance.

Zoombinis: The travesĂ­a logical is an excellent game , if it calms that can take that it runs. There are some errors that can find you, and a game is not like this spiffy dressed- or his-wise to the equal that of the summer of games newer in a tent leaves lateralmente these days. But the one who Zoombinis lacks in modern characteristics, on partorisca in charming puzzles, some interesting storyline, and quite adictiva game of game. It would advise some precaution in buying this yes calm game has not touched never or seen the prime or is not at least the little technically savvy or know any the one who is, like this calm potentially could remain down. Otherwise, Love this game and highly recommend he for this interested. Appearance these parents of helps of the description, professors, and another shoppers equally in his decision to purchase.
5 / 5
Ossia The wonderful game and will be partorisca buy some other two games partorisca our edges. This in spite of, APPLE UTENTI BEWARE. So only we are able to run this because has an old laptop with OSX the tiger powder concealed on has collected. If has the new plus probably no . I have not been able to find any applications or ways of the touch in my newer desktop computer.
4 / 5
The game is amused extremely, my amours familiarised. Precaution this in spite of... This no in the computer of new Apple. We finalise partorisca buy for $ 5 in Tent of Application. The disk has not gone entirely the loss can use for printables this goes with game.
4 / 5
My daughter there has been this like the girl and has loved that. It listed it on his cast of the desire and I was too happy to see concealed has not gone so only still available, but has been renewed partorisca run on today operating systems. It is still a wonderful game still has grown on fond and is once again available partorisca his to touch for the well of the nostalgia. New wine in container, exactly to the equal that has described. Thank you Partorisca Help to do his special anniversary with this element!
4 / 5
Has adored partorisca touch this game in elementary school and still enjoys to touch he in university :)

This game has done well in mine Windows 7 64-has bitten car: stuck a cd in and an installation has done perfectly. An only thing has had the question with has registered a game; so only skip concealed and some works of good game. A game are has agreed like this, entertainment this in spite of can be defy in some levels some hard plus. An only complaint has is had to probably to some limitations of mine portable own (paper of bad video): a game is prone to freeze for the seconds of pair during cheek of game.
5 / 5
My girls have fallen enamoured with this game in our local library. It thought it that it would be it it adds to touch in home, as I have bought a correct version for our pc. Unfortunately, a program would not install never. It could not take spent one ' wants to install' screen. Some freezings of program on & results unresponsive with which clicking 'he'. With which a lot of investigation, the time has squandered a lot that comes from several options, and that contacts a company of support for responses, at all has done. I see now a prize is drastically has reduced that has paid. Bummer
5 / 5
Has bought this for my edges when it was in third note. We love it to us. We each one that like this, a three of us, has had our own game has saved. It has taught as to think logically and a process of elimination. As you have taken more Zoombinis of Zoombini Isle and the security, some challenges have taken harder. A big question with east is that the computers have taken too powerful. I require to use an older laptop has to that touch a game. My new laptop and desk is incompatible. This sadden me reason have loved a game.
5 / 5
Another reviewers has warned this game could not be compatible with my PC of mine new plus. This in spite of a description and a packaging plainly the state is compatible for Windows XP. After installing a game, when we clicked in the to start with, my computer has frozen and has has had to that king-boot. I owe that it has installed it and a-installed this game 5 times a lot to mention all some time have has had to that totally closed down a system. It has given finally up. A lot disappointed. I have bought this for my granddaughter and had expected that would help to improve his skills of mathematics.
5 / 5
Unable to take this game to run in HP Flag a450n with Windows XP Or/S. It looks some folks has been able to do around a question with Windows XP to use a Wizard of Compatibility of the Program, but has had any one such regime. Be any 'fix' available of a vendor, like this TLC/Broderbund no longer sustains this product (his subbed that was to the company has called Sunburst, and is not really sustaining a product neither). BUYER BEWARE - you probably will have the question that takes this game to do is running Windows XP (or View thus @@subject).
5 / 5
Has used to touch this game All the time, but when we take the computer the new plus in a house, has discovered was no longer compatible. Well, the few investigations later and has found this! Zoombinis For the newest computers! I can save again these pocolos fellas of a fleens only like old time!
One a thing is that it does not think the majority of a BGMs has taken by means of, but is the small sacrifice to do when releasing an innocent Binis of slavery.
5 / 5
Ossia The game adds ! Any father would owe that be concerned roughly leaving his boy touches this entertainment, memorable, captivating, and defiant game. The boys will learn skills of logic without same @give the, as they direct some adorable zoombinis by means of the peril-fraught earth in his new house. This is not one of these games that is like this obvious that the parents will be boring before included they plough a box. A father in fact could enjoy help his boy comprises like this to touch some early levels. A game gradually takes harder with each mastered section, and the parents can find is that they have to that think twice in some levels some big plus!
5 / 5
This is wonderful product to teach boys deductive reasoning skills. It is it has amused even partorisca grown ups. Each travesĂ­a begins with 16 Zoombinis the one who has to survive treacherous cheats, win hamper and solve questions of increasing difficulty. An only caveat is that all 16 Zoombinis has to that survive each one that like this spend like this if the boy has completed a lot of levels and of the pasts in an hour in a game and then lose the Zoombini, has to begin throughout. This caused partorisca give 4 stars in place of 5. In general, the good investment.
5 / 5
Included Although Windows 10 has for behind compatability software that has not had any subject in a past using with other games of Company of the Learning one same or more old age on CD, this a no . Skip The.
4 / 5
This game is around state partorisca the long time and is finally up to date state partorisca some newer versions of windows. My girls touched it when they were young and now has to it that touch with his friends those who can not believe has not seen the never. The entertainment adds partorisca girls and of the adults equally. Helps with has thought partorisca accuse and identification, entertainment and educational.
4 / 5
My daughter of 8 years wants to this. And it likes, also, reason is teaching his reasoning roughly of logical in a still setting entertain.

Give 4 stars in place of 5 because of two small defects:
- can you not taking a game and save he in the each level, have
to take by means of the little. This the hardest fact to have his stop
when it is now of still put to bed / go the colegiala / etc. For a father
sake, please games of easy mark to save in any point.
- Taking all a zombini the prime is quell'has bitten repetitive. In a plus
side, this in spite of, this does sure really learns some lessons and
expert of results in solving some logical puzzles.

Games well!
4 / 5
Has bought this for my edges, those who is 6 years old . It was something has touched like the boy and has known would love it. It has done immediately in mine portable, is not sure state because it was like this old, if would have any questions. Sometimes an audio is quell'has bitten clippy, but a lot really affects gameplay.
5 / 5
A game would begin and then maintains prĂłjimo down. It was probably so only very compatible with any of our Operating systems - tried it we on the number of computer. It is possible a failure was also in a vendor. They can have sold the copy or the bad product, and has refused to take the behind. Anything a reason, has not been pleased.
4 / 5
Has had these years of diverse game and when I found it on the amazon has has had to that the take. This law of game adds, has an entertainment adds included has has agreed always. My little sister (8 years) loves this game. It is the game adds for a lot of age. It would recommend this game for any the one who is looking for the game to entertain his boys.
4 / 5
Has purchased this game for my six-year the old daughter that thinks it could be too hard. It is and it is not . It could a lot of he in his own, but is good entertainment for his and his parents. I think that that it is choosing arrive-new skills and is interesting for us to exit some questions with sound. It runs well in Mac YOU X. A video in a start is jumpy, but has not had other questions.
5 / 5
Amur These few blue types. Mina 5 old year goes around quoting some different phases ' is BLUUUUE' Do the desire there has been the version partorisca the youngest girls this in spite of him so that it could touch more in his own.
4 / 5
Has bought a program hopping would do partorisca me... Well He half of a time. My edges saw it when I in the first place installed and now that the doesnt the work maintains partorisca ask me partorisca he... The mamma fixes it please... Partorisca The while he wouldnt included read a disk, now that he , Im fearful to take he out of an engine because I of the that knows it will do again. That the shame.
5 / 5
Loves a game thanks sad for late response
Reason was the open disk and there is lined this in spite of? Idk Thank you!
4 / 5
Is resulted that the no in mine new HP pc wins 7 computer.. Stops Halfway... This in spite of a description of vendors warns of this possibility as it is not his/his failure.
4 / 5
My almost 7-the looks of old year to like a game a lot enough. Has abundance to time to grow his too much. It is the little there is disappointed that it is not able to finalise a game that feel it, but has explained that ossia exactly the one who a game is supposed to of the one of the east the puzzle that you readier like calm imagine it was dulcemente.

Has had the smallest question. Our copy that buys this month is of 1996! During installation, has been to the aim has loved to add Quicktime 2.1. Ossia An old program , has not known to require it to him to us, where for the take, etc., As we clicked 'any' prime ministers. ( Had mention it to look in a cast to see the one who the programs were necessary. Question, is, has seen any similar cast.) With which installation, a program no . I have decided to download and reload a program, this time so that it could click yes to take Quicktime 2.1. I have expected to blind that this program has been comprised in a CD-ROM, and that would solve it our question. Bingo! Works to program well, in ours XP spend. FYI For any in the alike situation.
4 / 5
This game are adds to develop the little mathematical alcohol. A lot of logic in fact! This and a lot that, this and that, any this but concealed. Those works? That will take a zoombinis to his fate? His until a boy to imagine was. Or in fact EUA! Have has wanted the touch the until we have lost a disk. Boo. It has to that buy another.
4 / 5
My boys have touched this and has had the wonderful time with him. Some characters are funny and entertainment (chim chim cheree) and he teaches logical in the fun way. But the learning has not been reason has touched this. It was so only too well.

Arrived punctually and well packaged
4 / 5
This was another wonderful game of infancy of mine and really enjoyed the, and am happy to be that it touches it again after all these years.
5 / 5
Has ordered this for my daughter and was soooo in the rest waiting for, but no in our computer. It has it newish the computer and I have run all some diagnostic and changed to to to some settings like to them has asked, but still would not upload a game to touch after instillation.
4 / 5
This does not install and run in current mac software. I am running you and when I have looked for to install received the 'PC to Be able to no longer constant' memo. Buyer Beware.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
The cost verified has not done at all in spite of an on-line information and in a box which has declared the law on has to that the turn.

Top Customer Reviews: Adventure Workshop ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
I have purchased this container done two years when my edges my old plus there was almost 4 years. He seldom touched with Bear Petit, has liked him an adventure of computer with Arthur, but the dr. Masters Seuss. This ROM of CD is so only state paid for on and on. Some characteristics that is adds for some boys very so only comprise some 7 zones of game (sequencing, measuring, matching, alphabet, spelling, grouping, and mathematician..... More other few things to do to the long of a way), but a capacity to change a level of difficulty inside the each zone. There are 3 levels of difficulties for each zone that leaves a boy to master the level then defies him to a next level to difficulty. It is easy to move up or down the level during a game.
Follows together with your boy as you know the one who bad when you say to you likes ' the Ventre of Estrella Sneeches' or 'the Cuba of Noise', and 'Truffula Fruits' some better. A Dr. Seuss The vernacular is another of these things that mark this only game.
Possesses roughly 15 childrens' CD-Roms and this one east for far a favourite. It is entertainment for some girls while some parents feel likes is in fact learning something. Ours our boy old plus is in a verge of out growning he (6 years), but our second boy, age 3, is there still to take his place.

Top Customer Reviews: Arthur's Reading ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
Good product but so only have a game partorisca touch. Mina like this far 5 yr old has used roughly 4hrs of game and thinks that them will touch perhaps 4 more first hours of tiring of repititious has contained. It is any less the good program and does the boys want to read more. In general I am satisfied with a compraventa.
5 / 5
Has bought this partorisca my boy and wants to touch it newspapers. Has the plot of fun with him and I highly recommend.

Top Customer Reviews: I Spy Fantasy (Ages ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
The cost has verified My edges there is enjoyed this game of disk of the PC, but spent once for a world-wide once is not the game would return to. Global interesting partorisca defenders of I spies.

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Rating: 1 out of 5 with 1 ratings
1 / 5
Rasga Was prize ,something would expect to see in a fund of the business 't run in any computer that Windows of careers 2000 or the newest operating system.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
The cost checked has Loved this game like the boy and decided to order he for our daughter also, is an original game this in spite of and pode any course in our computer, was so only able of the take to open in of the windows XP and is like this incredibly slow (any so only the bit) that you a lot included be able to effectively the touch.
4 / 5
The cost has verified I So that it adds that I still can take these

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
Formed: CD-ROM My boy is sper happy with him. I add, entertaining game. The works perfect. Too bad, there is not an up to date version partorisca the newest computers.
4 / 5
Formed: the product of CD ROM Adds ... It looks amused and educational ...

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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
My daughter the one who is 6 has finalised an integer cd and the mamma has said.."Now the one who the he all". Almost it seats bad that he wasnt more along reason do really hard to finalise.
In general touch the good product.