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Top Customer Reviews: Pictionary Air ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
5 / 5 Astrid
loves that. It is not easy to draw with him but ossia in fact that he the fun fact!
5 / 5 Vanessa
So much entertainment, his always play it partorisca guess, and partorisca see that any one thinks that is drawing is priceless, but when touching sure mark all the world is a same corner lol, had it hooked until multiple telephones (any one an idea a more loan how were different corners ) and each picture looked different in the each telephone. But to all the cost concealed has been when being lazy.. Súper Entertainment and has to that have
4 / 5 Leisha
is the fun concept and the swipe for the crowd. A time to imagine out of a logistics of where a screen, iPad etc is the drawer and his crew. Behind it lights sprains of cause and interfere with one drawing so much, again, the fast technical career by means of wins the smoothest things. There is a box of interior that is smaller and resists a wand and of the papers that is good and compact.
5 / 5 Carlee
Want. It is not easy to draw with him but ossia in fact that he the fun fact!
5 / 5 Betsey
This game was a lot of entertainment and no only for some boys! We touch with ages of boys 9 and 13 and tin to good sure touched so only with adults also! A lot of laughs! Once we take a hangs of a pen and where to signal a device was the explosion ! I need the telephone or to the device likes a ipad to touch!
5 / 5 Bethann
Has taken this for some entertainment on Day before navideña, but is a lot last to use and some directions have not been very clear, took it to knots to do except only in my TV was hard to see where drawn. It is it creates it add for fun, if it calms can images was.
5 / 5 Emanuel
Has bought this for mine 8-year the old niece and she have loved that! Touched with an integer fam in timing navideño, and project all some have amused up in a TV. Application in the easy to use too much.

Will say that this me the worse artist that already are.
5 / 5 Art
Has bought he for my grandson of 8 years and he have loved that! They do not possess the loans TVs, but was able to use he with his table without subjects. Easy to dip on, to the entertainment adds for a whole family!
5 / 5 Lamar
This was the only way to touch pictionary, interacting with your drawing is a big plus perk
5 / 5 John
This element among quickly. It is fun but hard to draw with. Some ads look much easier then is, takes the moment to take a hangs of him. Fun element for a night of game familiarised
5 / 5 Issac
My boys have has wanted to really this, based in some ads in TVs. They look really easy, but is not . When Drawing with a pen, taking retarded in a TV when you project it, and then our pen so only randomly material to design that that had not drawn. He he really difficult to use, and finally has given so only on and has used a good ol pen and version of paper. Save your money.
4 / 5 Sharlene
The hate. He no a calm way loves it to do. You owe that look one lighting and need the pill to mirror your TV. So that the a lot of frustrating when we try the use. Wants to ship it behind. So only it feels there
5 / 5 Minda
love this game! A lot of entertainment. The desire would give you the better box to maintain some pieces of game in, a a resupplied is flimsy.
4 / 5 Dante
But to plot harder that do that a normal pictionary, has to do sure you keey your telephone/of pill still when a person is drawing. His hard drawing in an air to take that it situates a lot of
4 / 5 Alissa
has Done with telephones but no in TVs, the family is spent an hour that tries sync with loaning TV that is that it expect paralizaciones. As we could all look a drawing .
4 / 5 Imelda
Takes the little work to imagine was where to centre your drawing of air, but this game there has been my three family of generation in stitches for several hours in Christmass.
4 / 5 Jenni
Very fun and interesting transfer in the familiar friendly game classical. I add for big meetings.
4 / 5 Rena
The girls have loved that, has believed to be enough to draw in an air and he would look in a TV.
4 / 5 Frieda
Has had the explosion in xmas with east.
Laws more with ipad. The telephone is the little too small.
5 / 5 Nona
It was the present . The familiar has had the explosion that he the tone. They have said to be easy to use and is up.
5 / 5 Jerrod
Has had the tonne of fun touching this on Navidad. Easy to use and good partorisca all the ages.
4 / 5 Merrill
A version of big technology of an old favourite. Good entertainment partorisca girls and of the adults equally.
5 / 5 Mandy
The present familiarised adds. We touch this in of the New Years Eve, has had a lot of laughs. I add partorisca some girls and of the adults!
5 / 5 Kathy
This game was extremely hard. You would draw the straight line and a line would look the roller coaster. Not to recommend it to any one.
4 / 5 Leslie
4 / 5 Carman
Has been touching this game like the familiar of then take for Christmass! Included my punctual to be play of 7 years he with us! It is in fact the most creative plot that some adults! :)
4 / 5 Shanon
Fun game partorisca touch with a familiar or so only partorisca leave some boys touch around with. It does not signal a camera of device in a TV scribble throughout!! We have had a lot of entertainment touching!!!!
4 / 5 Kallie
Fast delivery! A game is súper entertainment! You owe that read some principles!! You cant uses he having to that a television reason a TV will draw too much! Sound the game familiarised adds! Amur He
4 / 5 Pricilla
The concept adds but is very a lot last to draw. It is “meh”
5 / 5 Kathaleen
Was the idea adds and there be enjoyed to touch but has taken the long time partorisca dip on iPad to my TV of loan. The fact adds in mine iPad but was really choppy streaming the to a TV.
4 / 5 Marcellus
Some boys have had the shot adds of fun of this game.
4 / 5 Loreen
A whole family loves it!!! The girls want to touch the!!!!
5 / 5 Stephaine
Any value of the money. Stick to an old one instead. My boys have not been the defender. Touched once and the place was.
4 / 5 Lakeisha
We love a game familiarised, once dipped up in the pill is very easy to use.
4 / 5 Ladonna
Is too difficult to draw without being able to see the one who calm in fact is drawing. Amused at the beginning but early results partorisca frustrate . It dips up it can be delicate if that tries to dip application. In punctual TV
4 / 5 Miranda
has purchased these partorisca Xmas present partorisca some whole families of my girls. So many, does not know if his 'does' still.
4 / 5 Jacelyn
Is Like this entertainment ! It is it likes to spend in the little bit of VR to the your living room! Highly I am recommending this game to everything of my friends and family.
5 / 5 Shantae
Awesome Game, a whole family has loved that. Adults and boys!
5 / 5 Kenny
Has bought this partorisca ours family of five partorisca touch near. It is like this entertainment and easy to use. Row of age of girls 12 - 20 years, his all has loved that. The element of present adds!

Top Customer Reviews: Buffalo Games - Up ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5 Melody
A picture is clear and precise; there are a lot of tiny details partorisca maintain the things that interest. Some pieces are a lot of-cut and returns well. Some the brilliant colours are both the help and the distraction.
4 / 5 Iris
Was loosing patience with 1000 puzzles of piece. The fast satisfaction that dips near the puzzle without of like this pieces.
5 / 5 Erlinda
A very small puzzle. Good colours and global quality.
4 / 5 Karma
Very arrived partorisca time and According to the Description.

Top Customer Reviews: Playskool Mr. ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 22 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought the pair of these partorisca mine 3 year-old boys. They love it and it arrives in good condition. My only complaint is that some of some pieces are quell'has bitten too snug and my boys can not attach the little of some arms to a boss of potato.
4 / 5
My little one has loved this toy. We use it to us daily, and his helped learn some separates of organism and in fact his tongue also. Has entertainment with an imaginative appearance of a toy, and always creates something different. We spend it to us everywhere.
5 / 5
Toy very fun and among adding it hard plastic spending if that is prevails adds! It maintains all some separates to disappear.
4 / 5
Door for behind an entertainment agrees having like the girl when I touch with my glorious daughters!
5 / 5
Absolutely it loves all some accessories & a fact that among the chance to spend for easy storage !
5 / 5
3 year enjoys it. Some pieces a lot always apt together amiably but work.
4 / 5
So much entertainment and accesorias utmost by other Bosses of Potato of the Gentleman.
5 / 5
This was awesome! Both ours kiddos has loved that! Age almost 2 and 3.5. Our edges has the sensory subjects and he has been suggested tries to do in of the skills of the fine engine and he is the tool adds!
5 / 5
A chance among him are adds for an easy ordered and take to the long of toy :)
4 / 5
Perfecto to the equal that describes and rid that before that planned wow thank you!!!
4 / 5
Perfecto as it describes and rid that before that planned wow thank you!!!
5 / 5
Has taken this for the 3rd anniversary of my grandson and loves that. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Mina 17 old months loves it!! His touch favourite toy to touch with! Good quality !
4 / 5
The daughter loves it. A lot of variety and add to learn names of part of organism. 10/10 it would recommend it he for a toddler in your life.
4 / 5
Our daughter requires our help that takes some diverse part in but is taking easier. Partorisca Be expected this in spite of I supposition.
4 / 5
Several elements that accesses in ours 3 other bosses of potato, the girls love it!
5 / 5
A lot of options and my edges loves it. Perfecto and pleasant spending if also
4 / 5
such entertainment for girls. Want to one spends the chance avenges it like this some bits do not take lost!!
5 / 5
I produce it adds! It wins how it is packaged in his own spending chance.
4 / 5
Has taken this partorisca our two old year and is his preferred and the better toy even comes with the chance partorisca spend
5 / 5
am disappointed, is much smaller then had anticipated.
4 / 5
Grandkids Has has wanted to ot. It comes with the chance of storage partorisca maintain all near!

Top Customer Reviews: Prextex Realistic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings
5 / 5 Princess
Awesome Dino Toys! Amur A selection coloreada and really enjoy an educational book avenges with too much. My edges loves these so many has had to that buy the second box of them he so that it can have the dinosaur everywhere in a house. Also it likes that they are of quite small that calms does not see some places where some moulds have been together places likes Dino main is has bought.
4 / 5 Richie
Utmost toys, good quality. Any exactly esalistic' been due to some colours, but is exactly like this described, and as it looks in of the vendors' pictures.
Mina 5 old year loves him, and of a quality is well, and is not too small - a 2 old year can touch with them, also.
The value adds for money and to good sure recomended
4 / 5 Hilaria
the presentation Adds of product.

A good variety of different dinosaurs, with vibrant colours.

Very light and standalone, thinks that is the wise alike quality to some has purchased in a tent of dollar for $ 1-$ 2 each one that like this so I am not sure roughly value for money. This in spite of some boys are happy!

Is the measures adds , no too big and no too pocolos.

(The helmet can in a picture for comparison of measure)
4 / 5 Glory
toys Really good but odd colours for the dinosaur (orange T-Rex??). For lovers of dinosaur, be conscious. In general, has all some the popular dinosaurs and my edges loves him.
4 / 5 Jerrold
These dinosaurs are priced well, this in spite of the majority is not to approach 7”. A bit those that is not they so that it was useless for his use has feigned.
4 / 5 Tarah
Has bought these for my hijode 3 years that loves dinossaurs. They have arrived interior 2 days of compraventas and look pictured/has described. Very happy with compraventa!
5 / 5 Gonzalo
Bought him for the anniversary of my edges and enjoy them. They are a right measure for his toddler hands to resist one the hand and game. Certainly, I have found some of them to be class of the odd colours but he there is not remarked or cure. An accompanying book in dinosaurs was very received and is the good touch.
4 / 5 Valencia
Some of some colours am not very realistic (was although it is so only the supposition with Dino is). Has the terribly strong chemists plasticy smell. I washed him, it have him drenched, his airy was like this more could this in spite of has this smell.
4 / 5 Ted
Has bought for my edges of friends 3rd anniversary. It enjoys them and it is aimed like this.
5 / 5 Curtis
My almost 2 year of year the old edges loves these dinosaurs. Another reviewers has mentioned that some colours are not realistic, but does not concern roughly that, enough likes some brilliant colours. Good value for money.
5 / 5 April
Present of anniversary partorisca the daughter of 3 years. Absolutely it wins the
5 / 5 Kiley
These figures of dinosaurs are very partorisca boys partorisca touch with, my edges regularly games with them.
5 / 5 Carlos
Was partorisca my grandchildren and has wanted to him. So only a right and easy measure partorisca touch with.
5 / 5 Trina
These were utmost. The dinosaurs are the perfect measure and well has done. Wine with the good book with facts and of the utmost pictures. Mina 3 1/2 year the old edges absolutely loves him.
5 / 5 Alena
I boys have wanted to him, an accompanying book was useful. The colours to product is quite terrible.
5 / 5 Evelynn
Grandkids Has wanted to him. Well he he. Amur A book that is coming with them
5 / 5 Nanette
My little dinosaur so only loves these!! Taken the. For his 2nd anniversary and there is not the day that spends of longitude that has not touched with them. It is been the month !! Amur These!!
5 / 5 Genie
Flimsy Basic but paste he on to map or styrofoam .
Otherwise Good value
4 / 5 Katina
the measure Adds and a book has accompanied was awesome. Some of some colours were the bit of mine of mine 5 year the grandson has has wanted the
5 / 5 Donnette
Bought these dinosaurs partorisca my grandson, am pleased with a compraventa, a quality and a prize
4 / 5 Autumn
Utmost measure partorisca a prize :) and a book that comes with some dinosaurs is quite fresh my boys love it.
5 / 5 Randi
I colours are quell'has bitten odd, but good looks, the time will say.
4 / 5 Wilma
The toy adds. My edges loves a book that is coming with them!
5 / 5 Marceline
Has an autistic grandson the one who is obsessed with the dinosaurs and loves this element
4 / 5 Ileana
is a perfect measure for small hands to touch with. A book is fantastic.
5 / 5 Vito
These are utmost! Quality really good and amazing prize. My edges absolutely loves him.

Top Customer Reviews: Disney/Pixar Toy ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Chrissy
Ordered partorisca my edges in Christmass. He still games with him and at all has has broken. A prize of of the this and a toy takes is enough in pair (light weight and any very second the one who noises or lights or anything). Rex The atasca does not remain closed in this toy. But it does not think it is supposed to. In a film always has his open mouth. And in a toy there is any key or that the dial or anything concealed would help it has opened was to be enclosed. Like this just FYI. If it buy this. A atasca is not broken.
5 / 5 Scarlett
Utmost measure . Prize very good! At all negative to say!!!
4 / 5 Judy
Has bought this for the anniversary of my edges, and loves it so much. It arrives exactly like this pictured and is the fact of good toy .
5 / 5 Contessa
Recu L the date prevu in mint condition and identical the and description

Top Customer Reviews: TRANSFORMERS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Emilia
The desire can not choose any star. For real disapointed, has not taken that has ordered. This was one of my edges bday presents and when it opens a box of amazon takes the toy that has not ordered. Worse, I cant returns it why opens a container that in fact looks the turn. It is for this that was able to easily open a container. Totally disappointed with east. My rescue of amours of the edges bots, as it was well with east but asks in his Rescue of Dino of Chase Bot :(
4 / 5 German
Ossia the a lot of entertainment dino bot partorisca my edges partorisca touch with. You love it. It is sturdy and easy to transform for even a young plus toddler.
5 / 5 Juli
A Playschool Transformative of the hero is some better some! They have been built partorisca game!
5 / 5 Starr
Pleasant toy, to to the my edges liked, but be of four breaks it quite quickly while 'transforming' he. Any reccomend to buy he for the boy the one who will be rough with him at all.
4 / 5 Trudie
This mark is done for the youngest defenders of the transformers and is surprisingly easy for these little fingers to follow some steps. A grandkids loves him.
4 / 5 Margarete
A box that resists a transformer is coming entirely has broken. Already it has been it patched up with tape, and then envoy, and looked entirely unacceptable. It is meant to be the present, can not give he in this condition.
5 / 5 Myung
Some plastic notches that closes in the place bends too easy. Legs of way of the dinosaur a lot always lock, take my edges the little has frustrated.
5 / 5 Lorretta
Looks a one sells it tent . Packaging of same toy included
5 / 5 Darron
Very easy to transform of robot to dinosaur. Good and material measure durable. Mina 3 old year loves it.
4 / 5 Jack
6 year loves it. The product is durable and easy to use for a boy of 6 years.

Top Customer Reviews: UBANTE Sunset ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
4 / 5 Valery
I add judge of the puzzle exited partorisca my boys/ There are many varied paint which leave partorisca direct in of the sure zones.

The press of quality adds and material, some pieces of puzzle are sturdy and apt together amiably without coming averts. The majority of some puzzles buys partorisca have several pieces have stuck joint in a box that has to that you pry averts calm., Ossia one of my pet peeves. It was surprised enough when each piece only has been separated in a box. The control of quality adds!

Has the different focus (papers) in a backside of the each piece takings has lost.

There there is also the poster of prize has comprised in a box that can hang you in a wall, or can solve a puzzle on him.
5 / 5 Adelaida
Gives navideño excellent!

The value adds for like this awesome puzzle.

My grandson really loves the spatial things and I believe his will enjoy to plot your present navideño.

Pode Hours of image of fun.
4 / 5 Lisa
This puzzle is really fresh! An image is printed a lot of crisp and clear, and some pieces of puzzle are returned joint perfectly. There are papers in a backside of the each piece, thinks to help organise where each piece goes. Also it comes with the big poster of an image of puzzle, so that it was to to good prize like him really like this of a picture. Very good and looks the very big quality puzzle.
4 / 5 Michel
This jigsaw the puzzle are adds. It contains the pieces of thousand that some can find defiant. This in spite of, in a backside of some pieces are labelled with one of some four papers that section of help of some pieces of puzzle. Of here doing this pastime activity the easiest plot to solve inside just the few hours.
Involves rigid concentration to achieve a result of final to see the glorious and intergalactic image of spatial. It is for real something special to add in any house.
4 / 5 Krystin
This puzzle is visually stunning and like this amused to do. This maintained and my boys (ages 8 and 5) has occupied for hours. My edges has asked included that do a picture to the cake for his anniversary that was like this happy to do. Finally we complete a puzzle and could not be happier. Slowly to have it framed and place in his room. I produce it adds, the prize adds!
4 / 5 Hiroko
Has bought these pauses-the boss Touches my good-looking-mother lucida the decoration is truth a lot that feigns is the spatial and in and would believe. He these for-boss with Grandson of Edges of 8 years to two and I and arrive well. It break it the boss is obviously of quality a lot well is some pas expensive am very happy of cost of mine and I recommends.
5 / 5 Leeann
With 8 glorious-the boys and a lot of family take-togethers, has the enormous collection of puzzle for girls and grow-ups. Door a familiar together while we visit. This puzzle is the definite addition my collection of puzzle. Some colours are brilliant, a picture is like this pleasant to do with and some pieces are very cut. This puzzle underlines like this one of ours favourite. Hours of fun and with a help of a grown-ups, some boys some young plus was able to the help was.
4 / 5 Beatrice
Ossia The defiant puzzle , which have loved. Ossia A prime minister 1,000 puzzles of the piece has not done never. I so only recently taken the puzzle and when I have seen this one has known that to good sure love a subject of a puzzle! Well you touch it. It was to buy again!
4 / 5 Alia
Súper Puzzle with a rapport to feign reward of quality! His pieces are very cut, his colours are good-looking. The setting and simple and guinda of the sud lucido twisted the a short poster reels of the serendipities definite ! I want it a lot.
5 / 5 Dione
1000 Is pieces really a lot of. My puzzles of amour of the boy and he have been for competition of puzzle last year and this year. It is like this happy to take this. Materials abonos, just measure. It goes to have the plot of fun with him!
5 / 5 Kristal
Amazing! Like this fun. Me And a conference of lady and fact is and is the good transmission of Mario usual Kart :) the entertainment adds.. Going partorisca order more the puzzle now there is
5 / 5 Emery
has Loved these puzzles. Puzzle Of quality, a lot of fact and both fun and frustrating. Looking forward to when finalising this puzzle during some months some cold plus in place of all television, film, or books.
4 / 5 Laure
Portrait of extra of big puzzle with enormous number of pieces of puzzle, is too entertainment for everything of my family spends alot to time to collaborate like the crew for the arrival,
4 / 5 Courtney
the element of quality Adds. The pieces are solid, any economic or flimsy. The quality of picture is so only like pointed. My niece has has wanted to this like this splits of his present of anniversary.
5 / 5 Darla
Beautiful puzzle! A puzzle is coming perfectly in the sturdy, the plastic box has wrapped. An art looked to add and was big quality. To good sure recommend
5 / 5 Kittie
Sad, still does not begin still this has has another to start with before .Thank you, has the good day.
4 / 5 Else
Agrees of Almalfi cost. Arrived in shape well. It likes like this it avenges with a soyissing-guaranteeed of of support of the piece'.
5 / 5 Johnathan
This puzzle is done of sturdy, pieces of good quality. Some illustrations is really enough, a lot of vibrant colours.
4 / 5 Allena
All the pieces accounted easy & quality to dip joint....

Top Customer Reviews: Bakugan Starter ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Eric
A blue a does not remain closed. The guest was one same partorisca each one after the moment. No the big defender!
5 / 5 Eustolia
5 / 5 Seema
Punctually and priced well
4 / 5 Bernard
My boy loves these things. Well he
4 / 5 Wayne

Top Customer Reviews: TEMI Dinosaur Toy ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5 Brook
Everything in of the this are adds. My little boy is obsessed with these dinosaurs. It avenges with you kill it and 9 different class of dinosaurs that was big that has expected. It is add partorisca practise each one that like this of some names of dinosaurs and learn roughly him. It is the wonderful interactive toy ! Finally, having a container partorisca dip all is adds!
5 / 5 Oscar
This the places of utmost dinosaurs partorisca partorisca sustain my boys that learns and exploring world of dinosaurs. Some details, I bad quality of texture anf the characteristic is quite good. The girls have involved to look for dinosaurs' husbands in a map and one of his hips said, soyy the dinosaur has wins.' In general, my childen has had so much when learning in dinosaurs.
5 / 5 Bradley
It is a lot of playful. My daughter is excited like this partorisca see these dinosaurs. It chooses out of the preferred an and close a rest was. They are happy to see his enjoying touching with these dinosaurs. Also it comes with the box like this when my boy has finalised partorisca beat to touch ordered his up.
5 / 5 Brianna
Dino pleasant near partorisca the anniversary of the little boy. It likes to of him the plot. With a pocola foreign, enjoys to treat feigns game. Dino looks very done of smell and any plastic. It comes with the storage boxes which can maintain him everything in a situate.
5 / 5 Kassie
Ossia The present very well partorisca my little boy. It is 3yrs, and crazy roughly dinosaur. This together of the game of the dinosaur comes with dinosaurs and foreign. It is like this it adds partorisca touch with other pocolos fellow. It is like this happy of the have. Thank you!
5 / 5 Gaylene
Awesome! This together of the game of the dinosaur is worth it. To to I My edges like of a lot. A neighbour has the inner map kills. There is also some toys of dinosaur and interior of trees. The boys can seat in a kill to touch.
5 / 5 Kam
Awesome Toys of dinosaur! A box inside a container. You are the present adds also. Has all the classes of dinosaurs. My daughter the master, and the'll saves a map when it is older.
5 / 5 Katharyn
My edges is the entertainment of dinosaurs, very happy has found this toy partorisca he.
These fugures is well has done.
Is the pleasure partorisca see that touches with his favourite dinosaurs.
5 / 5 Bobette
Near partorisca add for a price. It is not so only the toy adds, but also the good decoration partorisca my girls' bookshelf, love this together and take to the each daily dinosaurs. Totally it validates he.
5 / 5 Marleen
The toy adds partorisca some boys,easy to use , is partorisca the present of anniversary partorisca my grandson of 6 years,am them sure have hours of fun how is game of Dinosaur
5 / 5 Celine
Am satisfied with this toy His unexpected, am surprised with a measure of his no small his correctly partorisca measure to touch with. My edges loves it. It is also educational toy. It can be fun touching also can learn on he on different names of dinosaur. Learning while having entertainment.
5 / 5 Lashawnda
This together of the toy of the dinosaur looks very real, has 9 different dinosaurs, and some trees, a quality of map is also a lot well , any easy to break, to to the boys like to them dipped some different toys in the , and touch near, has the entertainment of plot.👍
4 / 5 Paul
Are súper disappointed in this compraventa, and now is too late to order something more. You would be better was that it buys Melissa and foreign of dinosaur of Doug, and so only buy some dinosaurs in a side. :(
Notes lateralmente: he also smells to the equal that resuma chemical!
Only positive: some dinosaurs is pleasant. But that the ruin kills a compraventa whole.
5 / 5 Laticia
Dino pleasant near for the anniversary of the little boy. It likes to of him to plot. With a pocola foreign, enjoys to treat feigns game. Dino looks very done of smell and any plastic. It comes with the storage boxes which can maintain him everything in a situate.
5 / 5 Suzi
Ossia The present a lot well for my little boy. It is 3yrs, and crazy roughly dinosaur. This together of the game of the dinosaur comes with dinosaurs and foreign. It is like this it adds to touch with other pocolos fellow. It is like this happy of the have. Thank you!
5 / 5 Cleora
Has bought these toys for my daughters .This together of the toys of the dinosaur is good quality , there are 9 different dinosaurs, and some trees . A quality of map is well , can washable. To to The My daughters likes them-touch together with him. They are amour he like this!
5 / 5 Clementine
Ours present has been wanted for our little darling in Michigan and his parents have appreciated a present on like this levels; any battery, educational, entertainment, and has tent easily. You are the paste all the round.
4 / 5 Tona
Before it buys this toy my edges so only kown little dinosaur. With which buys a toy of dinosaur he kown to the plot was. And have the map can dip a dinosaur in a map. Also have some pictures in a map can dip right dinosaur in a map. Now it touches to plot these toys.
5 / 5 Floy
It is the together a lot of fresco of the dinosaurs dipped partorisca the boys have interested in of the animals of ancient history. The figures give look more real that the each classes. A map partorisca touch on. The box is there partorisca easy net ups.
5 / 5 Josefa
Has received so only this and opened it. It founds GLASS in a 'carpet' sew that it comes with this together. It was very impacted. My distinguished boy went it. It thanks advantage, can have swallowed some tiny pieces of glass or the hurt with him. A box I recieved also the looks was opened before and used (could be the element returned).
5 / 5 Brinda
My edges is the entertainment of dinosaurs, very happy has found this toy for him.
These fugures is well has done.
Is the pleasure to see that touches with his favourite dinosaurs.
5 / 5 Dean
Together adds for a prize. It is not so only the toy adds, but also the good decoration for my girls' bookshelf, love this together and take to the each daily dinosaurs. Totally currency he.
5 / 5 Herma
Marks sure has read a discription (measure) some boys in a picture owe that be a small plus could find. Neither you consider this kills it but the map of cloth. Extremely in disappointing.
5 / 5 Maud
The toy adds for some boys,easy to use , is for the present of anniversary for my grandson of 6 years,am them sure have hours of fun how is game of Dinosaur
5 / 5 Myong
has several dinosaurs in the together, the value adds! Opened a container without plastic flavour, a quality is not bad, very realistic.
4 / 5 Silvana
A box of container is sum, is easy to dip all the toy to some edges has excited in a dinosaur. It has included he the acuesta, requires to spend them.
4 / 5 Ardelia
Has bought for my edges. It wins the a lot! Good quality. Reasonable prize. Convenient to spend when that goes to the travesía. Value to try.
4 / 5 Lavonda
Very happy in this compraventa. Rings the dinosaur dipped partorisca my edges partorisca Natal, this was to good sure an only one has found to be entirely cost he! I have verified outbother tents and looked on-line elsewhere was very excited partorisca see this. It arrives and I verified it all was before I wrapped it up and am very thrilled.
5 / 5 Danyel
Hours of fun partorisca lovers of small dinosaur inside a box. A real product corresponds his description and is a lot of fact and packaged.
5 / 5 Lynette
To to I My boys like to of him. Like this dinosaus. Big quality. deliveried Quickly. They touch like this happy. Present very partorisca chiidren. Big recommended.
5 / 5 Jan
Dinosaurs and good-looking presentation Of good Dimensions. It favours The creativity to desire. Small chance Of rangement practical truth.
4 / 5 Veronika
Toys very small and Extremely triple like my boy can not touch with him. A carpet is very small as it can not be used for two. It is not of the sure toys. Perhaps for 12+ but no for boys
5 / 5 Karleen
is nothing special. Has has spent dinosaurs of better quality in a tent of dollar for $ 3. Having the chance to dip them is a lot of - but again swimming of individual. At all bad really with a product. But totally overpriced!
5 / 5 Sterling
There is disappointed. The semence of the paving has expected to be the landscape of dinosaur. Instead it is the carnival of dinosaur. Any a lot of learning the value is.
4 / 5 Bernie
Any bad toy, and my boy is to like. Colour, map, and quality of the tree has not been bad.
Recommends for boys.
4 / 5 Syreeta
My daughter is the defender of dinosaur , and all the things in dinosaurs are to like. It is a lot of fascinated thus toy, and is not has had to that leave to go included when it sleeps.
5 / 5 Frederica
Prices too many big for this- the pieces grieve returned in a plastic container- need be it tetris expert.... Look Further- this one is the a lot of gone.
5 / 5 Soon
We purchase the collection of dinosaur partorisca the dino-estacione sandbox believes partorisca a grandkids this foreigner of the game done the place adds partorisca touch with a very like this on all some pieces of furniture and stairswell of course ;)
4 / 5 Zenia
looks well, is partorisca my Anniversary of Grandson adds and am sure to want to it
4 / 5 Beryl
near of dinosaur of Good quality.. The quality is good and comes with the box partorisca store them.
5 / 5 Sharice
These dinosaurs are a perfect measure partorisca boys, together adds and decent quality.
5 / 5 Kayleen
One Say is a lot this in spite of a tress will not stand up in a kill like him his useless fact unless they are dipped walk .

I slit a calm to insert some trees so that it is. Mina 3/1/2 year old stray interest quite quickly.
5 / 5 Ling
I dinosaurs and the utmost material are the perfect measure was the christmas give my godson has has wanted to he
4 / 5 Jason
A bit smaller that has expected but ossia well. Everything looks to be of the quality adds. It is the present navideño for my edges to the equal that am sure he will love it. Amur That has the chance to spend.
5 / 5 Velda
Is smaller that has expected, but am sure my edges will love for Christmass :)
5 / 5 Luther
Some of some figures of the dinosaur and all the trees would not be to kill. It disappoint for my granddaughter. Not to recommend it

Top Customer Reviews: Disney/Pixar Toy ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
5 / 5 Cher
I will begin partorisca say so much mine 4 old year and amour of 1 year this toy. This in spite of a work to product is terrible. There are black frames in Woody @@@cofre, so much his eyes and the hair have produced on duty, or the products are missing.
4 / 5 Jamel
Extremely pleasant and looks partorisca be good quality. Perfecto partorisca small boys.
5 / 5 Rolande
Really awesome toy, my edges of 2.5 years want to this!
5 / 5 Denisha
Bought partorisca the anniversary of my edges and master the so much. I complete his little near.
5 / 5 Jacinda
the has not resisted the interest of the boy of 5 years for longitude.
5 / 5 Jayne
It was more than satisfied. I have received he súper quickly and was exactly like announced
4 / 5 Katherin
It can not expect for a grandkids partorisca see a new toy lol. Bought the on sale, the prize was well, good quality and the good measure and does sounds.
4 / 5 Tanner
Will begin partorisca say so much mine 4 old year and amour of 1 year this toy. This in spite of a work to product is terrible. There are black frames in Woody @@@cofre, so much his eyes and the hair have produced on duty, or the products are missing.
5 / 5 Phuong
A toy looks bad engineered and fact partorisca be broken. FAST. There it looks partorisca be the small neighbour plastic that resists some together pieces but can not sustain any playtime with the boy. Pause, trust. He simply snapped appart after a prime minister 10min of game.

Has used partorisca have one of these figurine like the boy when a first film is start and a quality was better way at the same time. This a toy is comparable to this tent of dollar the fragile plastic toys have done in Cina that called 'the launch was toys '. Deceptive to say a less.
5 / 5 Christinia
Good toy with numerous sayings.

The to good sure would have to that have wings and the coverage of helmet as they are enormous part of a character of film.

5 / 5 China
Mina 2.5 old year loves it! It take a definite buzz for Christmas also and has been that it wants to touching with a two of his neighbours. Also, it loves that a regime of hat. I gave it 4/5 stars as it would have liked him to say of sentences more general like the plot is concrete to a film and like this general of the touches of mark bit it harder. P.ej. The history of woody toy says “to take some stars” (or something to this effect) and this one has to that a bit to to sayings like that, but more like this quotes of a film and of the scenes of him specifically. This in spite of, @give conceals is a lot of picky and in fact am sure some people would prefer it a way is.

The toy adds global!
4 / 5 Kendrick
Ossia The toy of the figure adds for my grandson. It is 2 and calm want to you history. It have taken all some figurines for the Christmas and wants to him all and is very durable!
5 / 5 Sanda
Looks like this far to be that it stands up against mine 4 old year. The works add! Really it loves his Buzz! The sounds have done build immediately well. Highly recommend for some defenders of History of the Toy there.
5 / 5 Joyce
Has given this that present he in mine 1 1/2 year old grandson any History of Toy. That wins and a lot was intriuged for his key and like tongue.
4 / 5 Wai
The quality adds. Happy that this one is done of rigid material so that it was able to be. Ordered for our edges partorisca Xmas. It was excited!
5 / 5 Yuette
My edges a lot Of the touched with that joins week and already lucido toy in fact more than edges... I have tried to change his Battery that thinks that has been rushed already but this any some facts. Disappointing!