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Top Customer Reviews: The Adventures Of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
4 / 5
Laugh while podes pleasant boy.
A classical cult finally has the free quality a scrolling and the audio are glorious. A mould is fantastic, an aesthetic is for real so only and a serial creates partorisca film turned has been so only better fact in Raiders.
Partorisca Defenders, a novelization (for sreenwriter Conde Mac Rauch) is highly recomended like fleshes out of a mythos in of the ready and intriguing ways.
In my heart Buckaroo Banzai still is struggling a World-wide Cr
4 / 5
This film is surprising! I want it like this. I gave it 4 stars this in spite of reasons has thinks that that this was the Blue SCRAPE DVD combo with a film in both disks. Instead a DVD so only contains material of prize. At all wrong outside of that. My complaint is insignificant - but partorisca those buying that they think that is taking the copy of DVD also, be warned. It is still an exceptional film and Cry! It manufactures it rid (as always) some material of prize adds (the 2 documentary of now is the clock of must ).
4 / 5
Has arrived a time has expected. This in spite of, use the projector with Blue-player of ray. A video is sent to a projector via hdmi and a sound is plugged to our system of sound. In this Blue-ray, a main paper and the trailers touch his sound by means of our external system. This in spite of, when we touch a film a sound is listened so only by means of a projector. Any ideal. Any suggestions like partorisca change to the settings likes him the sound will be headed to a system of sound?
5 / 5
Adds of a classical wall ski-fi film. There is enjoyed really this film and well that moved it on the Blue-ray.
5 / 5
Action, comedy, the mould adds. It can not ask more. It is the little odd this in spite of...
4 / 5
Is the Blue Ray, is the book of steel . It buys it! It is economic prize and the big quality demands it.
5 / 5
No the film so that it is lactose intolerant. But yours masters '80s cheese, is like this as well as the memory. Well value a clock.
4 / 5
Classical SciFi Blue film-Scrape the better same fact.
5 / 5
This film is surprising, A gem forgotten of one 80 is concealed well verify was. The mould adds the plot adds and the film adds global the control was
5 / 5
As remarked by other buyers, this Blue_the sports of chances of the ray the Region 2 symbol but works perfectly in my Region 1 player.
4 / 5
Fantastic film and a documentary in some characteristic special is surprising!
5 / 5
Loves a film. But this version has no subtitles (I follows deaf).
5 / 5
The film adds, print excellent, John Lithgow in his better
4 / 5
has two types of people in a world: that like a film, and these people that does not have any sense of humour. It is add partorisca have it on Bluray. While a DVD of Special Edition was a lot well, a quality of his in a Bluray is upper. Some the new extras are almost value a prize is one of several products of Factory of the Cry that possesses, and have all state adds. It is the must has.
4 / 5
Gimme To 2 band of of the this and Megaforce and then will pay almost $ 40

Top Customer Reviews: Fast & Furious ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Before buying this together, was familiarised with some first four films but the interest had have lost of a chamber, and no really cured in F F until Hobbs and Shaw is exited. Absoutely Wanting to that twist- has decided was the retry a series of core. For his prize, this neighbour is a better value although you possess one or two of some other films.

In general, liked the majority of film in a series, has loved the little. It has not had the alone film there is not enjoyed, but was easier that follow an absurd advance of bullies callejero to international black-ops crew for any in that has delay of years among chapters. But seriously, I looked him all and I still tin a lot quite wrap my boss around like the alone film roughly street racers hijacking the trucks have evolved to these same characters that the paralización nuclear armageddon to drive expensive cars to helicopters of attack. But it is entertainment in his stupidity, like reason a hell any one?

To any new to a franchise, film 3 (Drift of Tokyo), is out of sequence. You can look all eight for order of emission, or a pertinent order of 1-6, 3, 7-8.
5 / 5
Excellent coffret. Excellent films that in any epuise to listen still this in spite of. A lot of First available. English and French tongue. It prevails down-it has launched it in French. So only The Boîtier is of the mediocre quality has joined, his dvd does not maintain of solid way in him boîtier in general. It embezzles it is perfect and is identical to the Description. Three satisfied!
5 / 5
The film is súper, in Blue-the ray is perfect! But that is not said, is That his digital versions are so only in English. I have bought the game can look him to the sud not ascending that program. My woman so only speaks he francais, likes turn to the Blue version-ray so only. It is pocket of not giving lucida the election touches numerical also.
5 / 5
Never gone bad with them like this far, delivery very fast and any surprised of restriction of the zone. Happy some will add in the description when there it is the restriction of zone. Just prize also. If it has them more dvd is to buy will look for them this first provider.
4 / 5
8 film. With French English clues and Spanish. Good-looking quality Of Image, boitier simple to order. It joins Collection that has to that absolutely look !
4 / 5
The husband was elated to receive like the present. It loves a together integer and to be able to take everything in one was convenient and awesome. It does not know it is looked a lot still to the equal that touch for free all a time in a TV but to the equal that has announced.
5 / 5
Has looked by means of all some film and while the majority of them has done perfectly has had a scene is particular in Fast Five this would cause a video to take. An only way to then finalise a film was for me to jump advance for enough the bit and boxes of rewind so only after a frame that prendería a playback for him to then continue
5 / 5
All a Fast and Raging is exactly that,...Fast and bellowing the …. Rick
5 / 5
has Required the new container for this collection because my together old has taken lined on really bad. The collection is surprising for people that loves to possess this series. More like the film buff recommends a blue collection of ray in a 4K collection
4 / 5
the film all well excepts 1 would touch well maintains to freeze 🥶.

Top Customer Reviews: Zero Boys, The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
It can not ask the compraventa better he enamoured for some eighties. Thumbs on partorisca Video of Arrow and Mastorakis' catalogue that gender of curves.
4 / 5
A film/of suspended of the action ossia like this entertaining now like this when I in the first place seen the fact of the years!
5 / 5
A plot is like this tired likes any in that the group of friends goes was to a half of nowhere partorisca have some entertainment. Once there they spend in an empty house and decide impose in a hospitality of a erstwhile resident. So only a big question is is not so only mwah!

Now this begins was I quite volume how is full of male centric twaddle and some ladies owe hair of attitude and big eighties etc. In looks to time so only like the really bad MTV video of a time especially in an on sequence of long street. This in spite of, like the things take more than interesting a start to group the behave in the much more believable way and then some transfers begin to come and is in fact quite inventive – and ossia where attractive he behind.

An acting is everything well without one doing the new space in his cupboard of prize but his all direct to convince. If it love the no brainer then could do the worse plot that this and some frames of the quality of picture has restored looks like this very like this new. If you want to something big brow then steer a lot clear but for some big haired frights then this very the gone.
4 / 5
"Some Boys of Zeros" it was one of a creative plus slasher the films of one 80 east. A trio of players of Ball of the Product and his promises are pursued for sinister forces in a house of isolated forest. It looks any one is state that use a house like the chamber of the torture and our heroes do not feign on when being some next victims.
The one who spouses "Some Boys of Zeros" it averts of an endless supply of 80 slasher the films is that some protagonists a lot so only expect around to be killed. They are armed strongly and no fearful to unleash his firepower. Ossia Apparently where Nico Mastorakis pays homage to(or flies of, of like this which that sees) a never populate Rambo film. In timing this resembles the film of war, but a main house of "Some Boys of Zeros" it is to be the film of horror.
This in spite of far of perfect, there has like this to recommend in this film. A manager excels tension to build once a Paintballers arrive in a house. Once some starts of horror, is not never sure that the direction goes to go. A villians' the motives are not explained never, but that in fact works in the favour of a film. They find like this sportive in a game to torture to counter a heroic Paintballers. To good sure value the look.
5 / 5
Ossia Another DVD Nico Mastorakis there is "remastered" and place in his "2003 Collection." An image and quality of his east well. Another has mentioned different versions. A new plus(and more?) There is "2003 Collection" near of a title in a coverage. One doing in this film is generally bad with exceptions. One a history is generally well with exceptions. An end suprise me.
Mastorakis modus operandi Is to do film that is not of the rubbishes but he are not adds. A last caveat. This DVD is not to value a prize of Amazon. You can choose this on other vendors for 2/3 a prize.
5 / 5
A group of friends those who enjoy to compete in of the games of survival go was beside a wilderness for a weekend to have some entertainment, but his amused early results the nightmare when they are hunted by the maniacs and has to that dip his skills of expert survival to a test in the fight of real life to a death...

This film is all calm to expect it to be for the classical 80 action-horror of survival, a history of film is quite decent and a lot paced was with abundance of the things that goes in, sweats the tad more original that more film of a time to the equal that adds something slightly different of your usual slow slasher film, a mould is all a lot very which also the helps spend a film well, Kelli Maroney especially was the a lot of sexy looking actora youngster behind in a 80 east, is probably one the majority of recognisable the actor in a film in that has been he in another classics like Chopping Shopping centre and Night of a Comet. A film has the quota that the looks that dip, a violence in a film is swimming that imports, a description in a backside of a chance exaggerates the small to say gruesome sequences, has the frescos kills yes but does not expect it to be gory of too violent, a film in general is so only the fun piece really well of classical 80 east, orders of soundtrack also, well the value that the controls was now has a awesome Blue-ray of Arrow.

The look of picture adds in HD (Light grain in a black in time)
the characteristic is good comprising the new commentary (Kelli Maroney) Interview with Kelli Maroney 8-mins, Interview with Nicole Laugh 8-mins, Nico Mastorakis interviews roughly doing a film 27-mins, video of music (both bookmarks/marcadors of a film) trailer, gallery.
The Blue Free region-ray and DVD ABC,0, 89-mins, 1986.
Reversible sleeve with original art, also take the mini booklet of 20 inner pages.
English tongue, English subtitles SDH
4 / 5
Title: The BOYS of ZEROS (1986)
Tranfer stops: the ARROW Films
Proportion of Appearance: : 1 (?)

Some Thoughts In a Film:
I BOYS of ZEROS is when diverting little film that action of mangroves with elements of films of the horror (backwood slashers). This mix does quite decent, allthough thinks that could have it done more consistently directly. Can feel it it bit it empty and deked (history, characters but hips laws of cameras and modifying). But has his intense moments and has included the little bit of tension and atmosphere. Composition of the frame and the lightning can be a lot well in time. It could have far more his but hey, sound he Mastorakis film. As it does not expect too much depth in history or development of character and shooting technical. Dispite Everything of of the this, I BOYS of the z/of the ZEROS really is entertaining and amused to look in the sure level and finally can look really a lot sometimes.

Any Creature of Grain, Any Profit / A Scrolling:
A BD the scrolling has been done of 4K scanner of a negative original elemets. A source is in conditioning very good. There is a structure of intact grain and the decent level of detail. A grain is not constant during a presentation. It can be quite heavy (dark plus segemnts) sometimes and in the segments he the brilliant plus there is not left any a lot of him. Although this was originally scanned in 4K a grain looks quite digital. In general I spotted slightly enhancement of the flange and this could be a reason for an appeal of digital grain. Bummer! There is much more potential for the more film-likes look BD picture. Sometimes he also lack of grip and texture. The colours are good and stable of stay and how is some ashes of level . A film is shot with a lot of same light in of the dark scenes. Be any run over in of the blacks neither. They are to see-sawed with a technical appearance of a scrolling.

Yard and Course:
Ossia the integral version of a complete source. ANY noticeable inserts/inserts the different sources have been applied. It finds this more than entity for the fluent visual experience. A film is managed without to cut for a BBFC.

Final thoughts:
Defenders, collectors and people with the projectors or the big screens have beaten is spent his money . But I have to that say that he 4K that the scanner could resupply the much more resulted fashion film. An use to stress the calm filter so much can do was enhancement of the flange unfortunately hurts a scrolling.

Likes Estimativas / That tax:
My indications inform exclusively to technical appearances of BD conjoint. A more film-like this he HD looks of scrolling and feels via the projection, a big-class a source is scanned and digitally treated after, a big more my indications will be. To to I digital Phenomena likes him-him it enhancement of flange, noise of blockade, digital appealing grain, swarming noise / of grain behavoir and DNR filtering directly resulted in of the lowest indications.
Does not estimate film at all. In a part of introduction I so only offer my opinion, has based on flavour, the preferences and the knowledge roughly photographs /to film in general. The films are artificial constructions where a lot of endeavours have been taken (comprising complex postproduction) to fulfil the vision of any class. Any film done for the never shot cinema has won to 1 star that estimativas on AMAZON or to 1 indication of point in IMDB. I have studied a lot of publications roughly doing films, his psychological impact, and a subject @of violence on film. They are the photographer of the hobby that knows a lot roughly compositions of frame, colour and light effects and different fashions. They are also the musician of hobby and designer of the his for my own private joy. It could estimate the his/ film soundrack, but reason has to that I? The things are that it is and at all enough. It likes to think further the alcohol has built designates of good and bad. Like this called 'objectivity' the quickly has diluted results by preferences that resulted in of the commentaries of personal flavour. These commentaries are well but go without any value to base to create the indication-stairs-out of them. The technical appearances are the different class of @@subject. DNR, enhancement Of flange, noise of the blockade and such things are obvious included in of the small screens and perhaps can speak more than objectivity and measurability in this zone. I think that that we would have to be informed in a quality of the product.

Everything in Ev(m)and:
are the collector of film for 27 Years, own in films (would be far more, but the mandate dipped often scrollings I to of to those who likes him) and look in the house-of soiled of cinema via bigscreen projection. They are also the musician of hobby and photographer with some camera to scan of the experience negatives in of the big definitions. They are fascinated for films (to reel) of then are the girl and is spent of the hours for hours in of the cinemas and visiting festivals of cinemas.
4 / 5
Has loved this ridiculous film and has had my own copy in VHS back in some eighties.
Says a history of the group to paint to champion ballers the one who go was to a forest with his promises for the weekend of fun (the sound familiarised like this far?) And discover the house deserted in a half of nowhere.
Like the majority of people would do, pause in and it beginning that it does in home, there is of the a lot of beer in a refrigerator and he severed boss in a freezer in chance any hungry taking.
Results a property is possessed for the band of sado enthusiastic to film the one who have turned a barn to the chamber of torture, but does not concern , our thirty - ish looking the adolescents are packing Uzi machine guns and pistols (reasons are painting ?).
Will not go much more there reason concealed quell'would spoil but has been pleased to remark that ossia the longest version that an old VHS has had and this when quell'being bluray emission a quality of picture was far upper, was so only in some segments plus very dark of some of some scenes that a picture was the little grainy but with some any material of bad prize this disk was a lot of value he.
5 / 5
Was under an impression this would be the film of video of bad type.
This in spite of a product has finalised entertained but relatively underwhelming, any one a lot of gore, annoying obnoxious hero .
Finally a baddies resembled a class of duchebag peasant secondary the one who takes killed by a monster of alien.
To all the cost is entertaining and 1986 was the golden year for these types of films.