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Top Customer Reviews: The Adventures Of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
4 / 5
Laugh while podes pleasant boy.
A classical cult finally has the free quality a scrolling and the audio are glorious. A mould is fantastic, an aesthetic is for real so only and a serial creates partorisca film turned has been so only better fact in Raiders.
Partorisca Defenders, a novelization (for sreenwriter Conde Mac Rauch) is highly recomended like fleshes out of a mythos in of the ready and intriguing ways.
In my heart Buckaroo Banzai still is struggling a World-wide Cr
4 / 5
This film is surprising! I want it like this. I gave it 4 stars this in spite of reasons has thinks that that this was the Blue SCRAPE DVD combo with a film in both disks. Instead a DVD so only contains material of prize. At all wrong outside of that. My complaint is insignificant - but partorisca those buying that they think that is taking the copy of DVD also, be warned. It is still an exceptional film and Cry! It manufactures it rid (as always) some material of prize adds (the 2 documentary of now is the clock of must ).
4 / 5
Has arrived a time has expected. This in spite of, use the projector with Blue-player of ray. A video is sent to a projector via hdmi and a sound is plugged to our system of sound. In this Blue-ray, a main paper and the trailers touch his sound by means of our external system. This in spite of, when we touch a film a sound is listened so only by means of a projector. Any ideal. Any suggestions like partorisca change to the settings likes him the sound will be headed to a system of sound?
5 / 5
Adds of a classical wall ski-fi film. There is enjoyed really this film and well that moved it on the Blue-ray.
5 / 5
Action, comedy, the mould adds. It can not ask more. It is the little odd this in spite of...
4 / 5
Is the Blue Ray, is the book of steel . It buys it! It is economic prize and the big quality demands it.
5 / 5
No the film so that it is lactose intolerant. But yours masters '80s cheese, is like this as well as the memory. Well value a clock.
4 / 5
Classical SciFi Blue film-Scrape the better same fact.
5 / 5
This film is surprising, A gem forgotten of one 80 is concealed well verify was. The mould adds the plot adds and the film adds global the control was
5 / 5
As remarked by other buyers, this Blue_the sports of chances of the ray the Region 2 symbol but works perfectly in my Region 1 player.
4 / 5
Fantastic film and a documentary in some characteristic special is surprising!
5 / 5
Loves a film. But this version has no subtitles (I follows deaf).
5 / 5
The film adds, print excellent, John Lithgow in his better
4 / 5
has two types of people in a world: that like a film, and these people that does not have any sense of humour. It is add partorisca have it on Bluray. While a DVD of Special Edition was a lot well, a quality of his in a Bluray is upper. Some the new extras are almost value a prize is one of several products of Factory of the Cry that possesses, and have all state adds. It is the must has.
4 / 5
Gimme To 2 band of of the this and Megaforce and then will pay almost $ 40

Top Customer Reviews: Shaolin Wheel of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought a VHS tape of Shaolin Goes of the roughly done life 10 years. Now the finally the have on DVD. A DVD has contained of extra prize that a VHS tape doesnt has. Also a DVD there is widescreen and better picture qualty vs a the VHS tape.
4 / 5
Justo awesome , something can look again and would want to see it alive , touch he in my screen of projector and is a next better thing , tries something the little different , is the game but with real shaolin the fray that aim different fashions of Kung was .....
4 / 5
Is the must sees DVD! Very interesting to see a history of Shaolins, as it begins and where is now, has to see these boys of 5 years be like this very like this young
5 / 5
is any exaggeration partorisca say that some secrets of one Of is - the majority of specifically, some stunning physical feats of a mystical _kung-was_ - has taken control of recent mass-exited of means comunicacionales and, for extension, a mass-the audience do lacking/placates. Extremely successful cinema like Crouching Tiger, the dragon has hid, and a Matrix franchise there is melded some ambiguous philosophies of Taoism/of Buddhism with abundance of stylistic [tricks]: and in hindsight, is not that it surprises that this graceful, violence-like this-instinct of the dance the reinforcement was, partorisca the period, like this with thrilling embraced by explosion-jaded spectators. Unfortunately, a cycle of aprovechamiento there is almost come full circle, with Asian of fashionable action like this thoroughly replicated in subsequent substandard has produced that the 'boss-was' backlash has begun among moviegoers. Really we require to see abject bastardization the the Fray Antibala, deep Basses, Jackie later Chan 'vehicle'? (. . . oh As One is very fallen. . .!) This in spite of, in spite of a esimulacra frames,' an enormous quantity of history, the culture and the spiritual power resides in a wushu, and an a lot of difficulty of him - an austere commitment, a devotion has required the meditative philosophy, and sheer physical hardship - practically guarantees that a form 'pure' will remain and thrive, in a consecrated little, while trendshapers movement on and exploit elsewhere, until a cycle is mature once again for king examination and some profits to be reaped therein. . . (. . .Pause to breathe mental. . .). Felizmente, some _true_ appearances of this refined Asian aesthetic is faithfully state registered and expounded to for stanch enthusiastic, he sterling the example when being this DVD here.
Although kung was has been developed long first of a Shaolin the temple has come the existence (roughly 495 AD), his teachings were, until this point, mainly used for martial advance: upper coaching more often equaled unsurpassed victory. With an arrival of Shaolin, this in spite of, the majority of the utmost depth and the spirituality was infused in shape basic, to found fray Bodhidharma has defended the meditative manacles like primary aim. In Chinese philosophy, the extreme tranquility generates dynamic energy; an expression of the physical/emission of such energy can be dress animadamente is, Shaolin: it Goes of Life, a prime minister and representation of half comunicacionales so only of a theory/to form to be fully sustained for a Temple he.
And the one who the representation is! Crafted For the artífices entirely poured in resupplying the core-true entertaining experience, Shaolin: the wheel of Life combines historical tragedy, melodrama, hardcore wushu formation (arms and empty hands), and superhuman endurance feats, all presented in the class of lunar-formed of Chinese Work (traditional instruments in modern music-valuing; traditional wushu form in modern choreography). Like the session of practice of martial art, a tension and emission of some builds of action in a course of an hour+ DVD, until peaking with the together of exercises that for real is that they surprise the behold, although it is street the second-meso of chair (this DVD has been registered during a recognition). A potential of advance and human concentration - of both some physicists and some mental, for a one sustains another - this explicitly developed in this last ten to fifteen minutes; like the practitioner of Shantung forms of Black Tiger, has felt to compete feelings of sympathetic pride, the artistic jealousies and the sublime satisfaction see this fray, a culmination and pinnacle of _boundless_ human tarpaulin.
Like the reviewer has declared down, this is not a representation 'anticipated' of order of martial art - that the class of capacity is maintained out of barbaric eyes, are fearful - but is an excellent start for any curious to continue further some recent cinematic excursions as popularised for Ang Law and a Wachowski Bros. I estimate Shaolin: it Goes of Life four stars been due to a fact that the pair of some sections of work, notably a climax, cross a delicate flavour-embroiders of melodrama/badly well, and result quite tiresome repeat viewings; also, it feels that, in time, some Fray are resisted behind in his capacity, limited by a choreographed necessity of the production of theatre. Still, ossia an excellent DVD for defender and novice equally. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Is so that it is result habituado to the martial arts when being the sport here
United States that included the random description of some Fray
DVD will develop significant differences. In Cina, is the way
of life. Of youth by means of adult of age, an immersed east in the
formation, respites and alive an art. Neuromuscular control,
mental discipline, and that absorbs a philosophy of martial arts
is paramount. So only under this lifelong formation and half
one achieves perfection. A Shaolin epitomizes this for-
fection in each sense.
If one is interested at all in some differences in fashion and
formation among a Western world-wide versus that of a the Chinese,
the minutes of diverse premiers will leave you has daunted. You will be
has left spellbound in an order of an art, some variac.-On-
a-@@subject of some Chinese martial arts. You will remain stunned.
When you looked It everything, you replay he for these movements
too fleeting to take a first time around.
A better only thing is to look them in person. You
floating out of one .
5 / 5
Was to look so only 5 minutes of this DVD, and consecrate more time for him later, but how is result, could not taking looking. I wound on those looks a whole thing. A "actors" it is real students of Shaolin. The wheel of Life is a Chinese equivalent of an Irish "Riverdance." A history is in the group of fray of Shaolin the one who helps some barbarians of defeat of Chinese king, so only later to be betrayed for him for his unwillingness to remain guard like this imperial. All an action is done in a phase, and has been quite filmed well. Calm sometimes see audience' perspective, calm sometimes takes a prójimo extreme-up. An action stunned. An acrobatic and gymastic the skills of some actors have done so only my drop of jaw. I found it a lot looked to look the Circus of Alone show, more than anything. If you are the serious kung-was afficionado likes a reviewer down, will be disappointed, but for a general audience, thinks that will find this DVD highly entertaining, and probably sees again and again.
4 / 5
My gosh! Man these types are well! This show is like this good! This show takes these Shaolin fray in his better in the theatrical action! For those of you the one who any really knows the one who this film is roughly, is the video of big quality of the action of Shaolin: it Goes of Life, the show dipped on in a West end of Londra in 2000 I believes. Some producers of a show is in fact state to the Shaolin Temple in Cina and recruited 25 Shaolin fray to treat in this show, with a permission of a abby. Then they come from to dip in this full spectacular show of martial arts in his better work, theatrical sum, and tricks that the people would consider impossible. Absolutely that surprised ossia. I can it does not recommend enough.
4 / 5
In the first place had discovered in this dvd on-line done several months in his web of place... Had the video of sample and a lot of information in this fray. A show is the exposure adds of traditional Shaolin Kung Was together with feats by force mental and physical sum. Any anxiety concealed more comprising of a Shaolin fray, or the spectacle of the order of martial arts will take it on this dvd.
5 / 5
A force and discipline so only of some adults and the girls in this program are alcohols boggling. A music and pageantry so only add to some the amazing feats have treated. The steel and the cement am broken in the organism of this fray, together with the youths that balance his organism in some sides of the narrow poles that they are so only in his tip. Seeing this show in any one would be a better only thing.

Top Customer Reviews: X-Men (Bilingual) ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Simple to do add partorisca look good familiarised entertainment
5 / 5
A prime minister in the sreies partorisca see add partorisca a whole family. Line of good history and a lot of action. Utmost actors also. A blue the version of ray is the good compraventa .

Top Customer Reviews: The Man From ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
Before buying sure mark that your player of DVD can touch region 2. Excellent Bluray scrolling of adds it A Western. The extras comprise the good documentary in westerns more an informative booklet.
5 / 5
Two a lot of westerns with known actors of one was partorisca the prize adds....
4 / 5
Like this happy to have this film adds in Blue-ray!!....The work adds Twilight Time!
5 / 5
Columbia Undertaken of present pictures 'The MAN OF LARAMIE' (1955) (104 min/Colour) (has RESTORED Fully/Dolby Digitally Remastered) --Win Lockhart (James Stewart) is obsessed with finding a man the one who has sold automatic rifles to some Apaches, the resulted in a death of his brother --- has entered a city of Topped, NM, governed for a invidente and ageing patriarch Alec Waggoman (Donald Crisp) --- Unaware that is going in without permission in Waggoman earth, finds faced for Alec psychopathic edges, Dave (Alex Nicol), those who brutally beaten and is ready partorisca kill --- But is succoured in a last now for Waggoman is has adopted edges, Vic Hansbro (Arthur Kennedy) --- finds that Waggoman is increasingly result concerned on the one who will inherit his vast empire.

A Western psychological brilliant reminiscent of the king of Shakespeare Lear.

James Stewart & Anthony Mann: his 5 westerns near of 1950 to 1955, redrafted a history of cowboy partorisca a his big - east screen was hard, psychological this in spite of lyric masterpieces of western cinema - fantastically photographed and expertly the histories written with intriguing characters and realistic action - the project partorisca westerns of a 50s (and embraced for Budd Boetticher & Randolph Scott in his excellent collaborations in some late @@@1950s - see a Randolph Scott section of this website)

This, A Man Of Laramie (1955) was a fifth and last of this quintet of Stewart / Mann westerns - preceded for Winchester '73 (1950), Curve of a River (1952), A Spur In of the skins (1954) & A Far Country (1954).
Down some personnel of production of:
Anthony Mann [Manager]
Philip Yordan [Screenwriter]
Frank Burt [Screenwriter]
Thomas T. Flynn [History of Estaca of Evening of Saturday]
William Goetz [Producing]
George Duning [Music of Original Film]
Talks Lang [Cinematographer]
William A. Lione [Editor of film]

1. Anthony Mann [aka: Emil Anton Bundesmann] - [Manager]
Date of Birth: 30 June 1906 - San Diego, California
Date of death: 29 April 1967 - Berlino, Germania

2. James Stewart
Quotes of Birth: 20 May 1908 - Hindú, Pennsylvania
Date of death: 2 July 1997 - Los Angeles, California

the mould comprises:
James Stewart - Win Lockhart
Arthur Kennedy - Vic Hansbro
Donald Crisp - Alec Waggoman
Cathy O'Donnell - Barbara Waggoman
Alex Nicol - Dave Waggoman
Aline MacMahon - Kate Canady
Wallace Ford - Charley O'Leary
Jack Elam - Chris Boldt
Aigle of War of John - Franco Darrah

the indications of Gentleman Jim:
Quality of his & of Picture: 5 Stars
Action: 5 Stars
History & Screenplay: 5 Stars
In general: 5 Stars [Original Music, Film & of Cinematography that Modifies]

Total Time: 104 min on DVD - Sony Pictures - (02/15/2000)
5 / 5
Manager Anthony Mann is The MAN OF LARAMIE is the sleep of the lover of film. It is the western shot in some good-looking deserts again Messico with enough of action to maintain your busy alcohol while your eyes roam by means of some landscapes. James Stewart, Arthur Kennedy and Donald Crisp is in his better and a rest of a mould gives the action adds.
Some of a reviewers has there is remarked already a shakespearian flavour of a history to the equal that are quite that goes to underline other evident references. WELL ! So many, in the MAN OF LARAMIE, has an old man with the recurrent sleep, the sleep that announces that the stranger will come and murder his edges. When Alec announces in Vic that is resulting invidente, can not have any doubts more : we are assisting another variac. Of a myth of Oedipus. Of this moment on, goes to have the thin pleasure to read The MAN OF LARAMIE with the pair of freudian glasses ! To the left it is to remark these brothers ( Vic HansBRO ) fight for an amour of his old father, to the left is to cry a disappearance of the woman of Alec the one who has created the monster out of his edges to hurt his male husband, etc..
Images and his (stereo) is exceptional. For once, the company of production has forgotten some usual economic laws and explodes some real possibilities of the DVD to present 4 or five different subtitles. Thank you Columbia !
A DVD for your library.
4 / 5
This has to that be one of some better western plots have not filmed never. Different so that another in a gender, "A Man Of Laramie" has the complex and interesting conflict like his centre. A lot they compared it to "King Lear" and a line of main history resembles a subplot of Gloucester and his two edges. If one Shakespeare connection is intentional or no, work extremely well.
Partly responsible for the success of a film is his stars: James Stewart is a lot like this usual, while Arthur Kennedy, Donald Crisp and Aline McMahon really underline in his characterisations. Anthony Mann is directing is tight and uncompromising. A picture never lags once and has a lot strongly dramatic moments, some included the bit to impact for 1955.
A film has been photographed with art, and a subject of DVD the justice. Several scenes are balanced fantastically and dramatically expressive. There is the wonderful wide-screen, panoramic look that finds quite well. A real surprise is an audio . This 1955 film has the plenary-bodied stereo soundtrack! A musical bookmark can not be a one all-time greats, but is often very effective, and in this disk fill one spatial to see with emotion. Highly recommended, included the Western no-defenders.
For extra: so only an original trailer and the original poster very bad has presented.
4 / 5
James Stewart and Mann invented a " adult" western with film like " Winchester 73" and another. Ossia Also the fine film that benefit of the fine actions for Donald Crisp, Aline McMahon, Alex Nicol and one of a better ...Arthur Kennedy.
A plot of this film resembles" Duel in Alone" Two Brothers, Big is the fact to the aim was (fake) the absurd cowboy viriles special effects of this junk is required to see reason these "NEW" the films have trite managers those who think that that they are a second majority of John Ford and One. blaring Bookmarks/Marcadors of films of big decibel....
All this mayhen is required today to cover on a fact that this NEW pure junk..."A Man Of Laramie" it will cost to see decades of todays be relegated to Gilligan,s Island...