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4 / 5
Has abundance of súper clamps already but was intrigued for this different creation. It opens wider that traditional clamps that was the big selling point for me. A receptacle of pin was also another selling point that interested. In the typical súper clamp has to that press down down in the key partorisca have a pin snaps in place. In a barracuda all have to that do is push a pin and and snaps in place. A mechanism partorisca presionar is quite fresh and easy to use. An only down the side is that it can be bit it obtrusive in small has limited describes. It is announced to better maintain his better tension that the súper clamp, can not try that he , has been solid of rock for me like this far. A clamp also looks 1/4' and 3/8' ray in the points for that attaches accessories. It is the tad overpriced in my opinion, perhaps $ could be the point of the justest prize as I am not convinced his value two times a tax to go of traditional súper is in an eye of a beholder. It is the amiably engineered and well has thought was produced that would recommend is looking for a characteristic of this clamp offered.
5 / 5
Has done well, has to weighed and extracted like this has to that. Calm will not be disappointed. The good money spent for me.

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5 / 5