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Top Customer Reviews: NORTIV 8 Men's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Basically I live in Ontario Canada where is gel and nieva 4-6 month of a year directly. Has expensive timberland boots of winter and some Skechers has fallen that it was around $ 80. Any one imports the one who does to the rinse went him a salt eats him up and take horrible white stains on him. As I have loved the pair of boots of strong winter with the rubberized has the habit of. Neither I want to paid more than $ 80 reason these are taking spent in icy walks to a grocery tent especially partorisca wade by means of salty brown slush and diverse cradle/of winter gunk.

So that it has taken these have fallen to say was tent of plastic discount specials was very behind the Amazon. Felizmente Can inform look exactly like a photo and look a lot done the specs of frames that sells for twice and three times a prize. These are not economic sub-walmart the boots of discounts are timberland/sorel qualities on examination. I add to buy is Canadian but clearly say fact in Cina, sad. Hey Takes cold there too much.

MODIFICATION: big snowstorm today so that it has taken my first casualidad to spend some boots - a lot of @@subject, any waterproof look too many bulky, comfy and warm. Shaping On very that considers like another has said. Any updates of entities will leave is
4 / 5
Apt perfectly, very comfortable. It does not plan in those walk immediately but once broken in these is excellent hikers, excellent value.
Update, after spending them the work for the winter dipped him by means of snow, vase, puddles and the variety of surfaces. Some boots remain incredibly comfortable and warm and aim any sign to spend at all. I am surprised in as rugged is for a money. To good sure will be to buy these again. But for now one once have still looking feels like new.
5 / 5
Reason to Buy These Boots of Winter? INFORMATIVE FLASHES, HE SNOW to CANADA!!! (At least in Ontario). And a law , requires to walk in and out of the plot. So to good sure my expectations is something concealed maintains my warm feet, dry and comfortable for daily use.

Hanging Past Years, has bought Kicks of Winter of some Tents of Usual Big Box, and Tents of External Speciality. Because of a Pandemic, ossia a a year where has bought of Amazon. My Last 2 Winter bounces has had was of Cougar $ 149 and Sketchers Winters to Hike $ 100. My disappointment, some Cougars were one the majority of expensive, was weighed and no like this comfortable, and his so only less than 1 first winter of an only fall averts. Tried that goes to the tent of reparation of the shoe for the take fixed, but 2 more month, has fallen averts again.

A Sketcher is (my last pair) faired very better. I am lasted 2 Winters, very comfortable and hanged light, but is not like this warm and no like this waterproof to the equal that has expected.

This year has bought these NORTIV 8 of Amazon for $ 75, as I have seen a lot of description but the skeptical closing of then has not listened never of this mark. That my impression? It has Surpassed To good sure the majority of my Expectations.

- I measure of wear 8.5 and the access perfectly still with socks of fat winter
- Seat a lot of Sturdy
- These Have fallen maintained my dry feet and animate down 15 deep cm of snow and 2 hours alfresco.
- The support of Ankle adds
- the traction Adds in Gel and Nieve

- Some Tips of Shoe Maintains to Slip avert
- A bit in a Side a Heavy plus
- When going back inner, be more careful of the paving of tile surfaces some have the habit to touch extremely slippery in some surfaces to tile when wet. Which is not a lot when the characteristic of a boot is ( esel Resistant lip')

In general, would say any bad for $ 75 data a fact has not tried before I buy. Included this in spite of, are not to close unexpectedly dunk perfect, had treated adequately in this point of prize. The only thing finds it odd to the equal that has snow of traction and amazing winter of gel but once enter for behind indoors, some boots feels more slippery in surface of normal tile.
5 / 5
Luz and warm, quite flexible same when the cold was. One has the habit of there is well grip. The ankle is snug down down. They want to chafe a backside of heel and ankle if no his invernaderos up in a cup. Nizza Warm brown colour and hard lacings. After the winter and use of cradle, his still looks and the law adds.

Update: they have begun to break after less than a year and I do not spend for 5 months of a warm time, like this really so only has taken 6 use of month and is done! Comfortable closing still although a liner in a heel of one has failed also this fall. Found eat them treat he of Black Friday today Nov 27/2020 and wants to warn another. It sends him behind while podes.
5 / 5
Thought to buy A low product to vary to these Games of just prize to finalise the winter, but these boots are of better quality that the precedents of months bounce has bought duplicated of the prize in tent. It will maintain surement A winter besides.
He semelle Embezzle quite flexible the cold Glorious pair and the offer joins a lot of adherencia.
Would repurchase His same without doubting.
5 / 5
Has had always tendency to buy His kick his less dispendieuse in giving tents like Yellow. But it has had to that the difficulty to do 1 an automobile the average is not lasted . It joins the pair of good boots drops in Yellow costs roughly $85 . It has decided like this to try these Car boots are less still expensive ($65 ) and that his commentaries were a lot. And well I can That these boots is of the quality. They are Comfortable, the magnitude was perfect and does not show any sign to spend to date. I recommend him strongly. It touches my part, I his games of door rascar the snow of my yard the winter, games to walk and touch me give to the work.
4 / 5
Has tried the very expensive ($ 250+) pair of Columbia bounces that any returned well and has tried these in desparation. My surprise is more comfortable, waterproof and aesthetically that pleases that I never expected - especially partorisca ca. $ 60 CDN!
I usually spend the 14 2.ºt But these have not been available in extra-wide, which is another reason was happy for some 'free returns' option but has thought would try them based in descriptions that has said was extra roomy. I can vouch that they are. Oh He, a point of plus, is very light and comfortable for still kick of snow.
Has been spending these nieva and cold - with light merino socks of wool - for a last month and am very pleased (can say?).
4 / 5
Has been spending them walking to do and back this winter(7kms/5 days) for a past 2 month or so much. They are good boots but the few hard in some feet to break in the the principle.
Today has taken them the blister and to look in an interior on the one hand backside of a boot the @@give a cloth there has been the hole and there is not CUSHIONING IN THE BACKSIDE of a boot for a heel at all!! Also some tips have fallen averts but some resupplied new some with some boots.
Is very waterproof, has stepped in 6 puddles of thumb. The new external looks still besides a normal pause in indents to bend in a front.
4 / 5
As well as I have had these boots for 2 days like this this can be premature has note the few things that directed me partorisca think that is the better quality that originally has expected. In the first place, to the left say me that look like this very like this of the photos. Certainly they look to be entirely waterproof and is in light weight good insurance., Comfortable and the perfect record. I had it it has fallen with Thinsulate before and any state impressed, how was skeptical. I am spent today is gone in -20 to -24C and there is remarked that my feet were no longer comfortable with which less than 2 hours. I expect that these will treat well in the little less hard winter conditions of time. Has a bitch. Some tips have distributed to look to be coated with something to do them waterproof. This coating the too slick to remain joined. A remedy, of course, is the double knot, but east retards down a process of scrolling. I think that that I will change him it was with some skate tips. Otherwise Excellent value in this point of prize.
5 / 5
These boots are priced well and look good quality. A subject has is with a cup of a boot. Of a cup of a foot on a material of boot is very rigid and does not bend a lot easily. After a first walk with them felt the pinching in a cup of an outside of both legs on some ankles, roughly 7' on a fund of some boots. It seats it likes me that has had it sliver in socks of mine. When it has taken home it has verified it and a skin had been abraded in an outside of both legs, and small scabs has developed. Had the red mark also, matches it a curve of a cup of boot.
Has continued to spend his, while a zone of skin takes toughened. No more run, but a scabs is still there and a skin is reddish. Probably it would owe that it has gone it for still kick lower.

Top Customer Reviews: Merrell Men's Moab ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought these boots partorisca hike because they were partorisca suppose to be waterproof, I walk in herb in the regular base, with falling here, a herb in a morning is wetted really.
Guesses that raisin, my feet after an hour to walk was weet.
These boots declare some following 'GORE-TEX waterproof membrane, exceptional breathability and waterproof action'
These is a reason has bought these, is comfortable partorisca the walk along but is not Waterproof.
5 / 5
A very good pair of boots! Comfortable and waterproof. It has run by means of 3 days of intense milsim without subjects. It does not expect good action in stony terrains this in spite of. I need something more pertinent and heavy-has to that partorisca that.
4 / 5
Some boots are comfortable out of a box, any pause has required. They are light support , good and easy to clean up.
Ossia My second pair of Merrell boots.
Recommends this product.
5 / 5
Ossia A third pair of this model has purchased in a past 10 years. A boot is comfortable, run, resupplies support partorisca the wide row partorisca hike and is quite simply a better light hiker has has not possessed never. I maintain to go back his reason is of confidence.
5 / 5
Really like my new Moab 2 Mid Gortex boot to hike. I have had a Moab 2 ventilator but has loved the waterproof boot and something with bit it more support of ankle. Like this far these have been utmost maintaining my dry feet, with the good support and is still the good light boot.
4 / 5
With which 3 month of winter to walk weighed daily, these are a half better hiking some have bought still.
Has required my own insoles but another that that, súper comfy.
Is quite warm so that it is. Goretex Is surprising.
Covers he of toe rasgó after 2 month but is still waterproof!
5 / 5
These boots are a lot well for my wide feet. The two that travel of hikes in them and my feet felt a lot comfy. They take the place, but is shoes of solid hiking .
5 / 5
Has used some kicks on a (1) 25km dayhike in easy terrain. While some boots are very comfortable and read one of a boot aims clear signs of disintegration. Although some boots am not resulted to wet a vulcanizing/the glue of a front has begun to come averts.
Has contacted a costruttore. Here‘s an answered w/or commentary: „it researches It further, it looks that your footwear has not been purchased of one of ours has authorised retail. ... Been due to of the this, is unable to assist.“

Conclusion: quality of support and produced Poor of mediocre consumer. It can not recommend!
4 / 5
Is very comfortable. I have been that takes this series for years

Top Customer Reviews: NORTIV 8 Men's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Taken these have fallen yesterday, so only partorisca regular use and something any like this heavy partorisca spend to and of work. It is -40 here in Edmonton right now (without windchill, the coldest place in the now same earth). I spent him last night partorisca try them was while shovelling snow in a cold extreme.

Are completly impacted to the equal that to the the soul these have fallen east! The feet am remained dry and animate for the plenary 30 minutes in a cold extreme. The grips were well in a gel also.

Was bit it more weighed that has expected and a measure was slightly was. I have ordered the measure 10.5 and some boots are slightly big (I usually wear 10.5 in all another footwear). Well you want to spend the fattest socks in a winter. Partorisca The perfect access, can wants to consider the measure 10. But further that, quite impressed, the value adds for a prize!
4 / 5
Was a lot of anxious to take these boots, looked good and has had rave descriptions and the good prize uppon arrived has been deceived at the beginning for a sense-like cloth as it will drench on the salty puddle waters this winter, and then for one has the habit of small has compared to a lot of another of my shoes or boots, then for a fact that my wide feet were tight-ish included in of the socks of summer and finally after spending them 2 days are spent for the rainy day and anything for on on the one hand of hule isnt waterproof at all.
Takes that paid partorisca after all!
Hey, at least is comfortable.
take first ours snow , -5degC roughly 2 thumbs of snow. It has been walking of light trail with one and cold feet with which 15 minutes.
Does not recommend these boots!
5 / 5
Is state to add for on 2 years now! A subject only was in a start, looked to ship an ankle has been bent to cause for terrible discomfort when walking the longest distances. This in spite of, after finding it, I so only stuck some map in there for the few days and he have fixed a subject.

These boots are of sound! I am lasted by means of -50 Canadian winters, and ridiculous storms. Highly recommend
5 / 5
Some boots locate your ankle/calf and a material is like this rigid all is to rub against your skin, has no flex at all to leave you to walk in, any totally sure reason has like this 4/5 launches descriptions, perhaps is shipping different products the different people reasons the pictures also aim different products, perhaps these people so only use some boots for 10 minutes once the year, reason are like this uncomfortable to use, is also very waterproof at all, neither is the height of ankle is much bigger. Produced of rubbish and lies during a description.
5 / 5
To take a sizing out of a way, my feet are exactly 11' long and 3 1/2' wide and measures it 11 access perfectly. They are material facts of qualities and any slide easily in geles. I have taken out of a foam liners and to the wool of agnello installed inserts/to insert and has maintained my feet animate in -8 Celcius. I think an original liners would do the quite good work but has loved an extra heat. Still with adding a wool liners, a prize was very good. Some boots have arrived a lot of packaged and a lot quickly with Cousins of Amazon. It would recommend this vendor.
4 / 5
Has read the on has measured descriptions and has taken an idea to go for the 10 (my shoes of dress are the 9.5 ). They were too big to the equal that am returned and has taken the 9.5. Included those looked bit it big, as it has taken the 9 . They return utmost. Felizmente I returns are súper easy. Any need to grow. Start with your measure of regular shoe, or take 2 with one when being the half measure smaller. My third pair (and all the measures) has finalised to cost in $ 12 more this in spite of. Perhaps the coincidence, perhaps reason have bought 3 pairs in an allocution of same IP. Anyways. Happy with a pair there is now. I did not use him external still this in spite of. Still while the snow.
4 / 5
An access was perfect. I have ordered a measure up for fat socks. A lot of room of toe that need. Nizza And width. My slide of feet in easily. It comes with the together of black tips. It would prefer a lining of inner be bit it fatter and warmer and some treads be bit it deeper although I am sure that would augment a prize. In general, I am pleased with cost of mine.
5 / 5
Has ordered the elder of half measure reason has the wide feet and they return fantastically. They are warm and comfortable. There that has not been to plot to reason to spend them up to now, but am spent the little time that he his door around and really likes them to of me like this far. Lacing the boots is not mine favourite hobby, but the supposition will take used his.
5 / 5
Has loved so only he 3/4 big boot for a slush, and light snow.
These were perfect and warm grip and adds in a has the habit of.
Although I have ordered 1 main measures and that the way has added the fat pair of insoles also
to the equal that has spent to the fat average like them some feet is not cramped in there. More comfortable in this way.
This is exited perfect!!!
4 / 5
Returns perfectly for my fiancé, to good sure last to find good shoes that apt properly with his big feet. So only downside is to isolate and is the ache to locate and is gone in aprisa. But they maintain his feet animate. It did not try him in súper the cold time like this the winter has been sweet but the suspect will be quite warm for our colds manitoba winters.