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1 Canon PIXMA TR4527 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier & Fax, Black Canon PIXMA TR4527 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier & Fax, Black Canon
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2 TECBOSS 3D Pen, SL300 Intelligent 3D Printing Pen with LED Display,USB Charging, 8 Speed Printing&Temperature Control, Simple Handled 3D Printer Pen for Your Kids Toys, Interesting Gifts for All Age(Black) TECBOSS 3D Pen, SL300 Intelligent 3D Printing Pen with LED Display,USB Charging, 8 Speed Printing&Temperature Control, Simple Handled 3D Printer Pen for Your Kids Toys, Interesting Gifts for All Age(Black) TECBOSS
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3 ELEGOO Mars UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer with 3.5'' Smart Touch Color Screen Off-line Print 4.53'(L) x 2.56'(W) x 5.9'(H) Printing Size-Black Version ELEGOO Mars UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer with 3.5'' Smart Touch Color Screen Off-line Print 4.53'(L) x 2.56'(W) x 5.9'(H) Printing Size-Black Version ELEGOO
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4 Official Creality 3D Ender 3 Pro Upgraded 3D Printer with Removable Magnetic Bed 220 x 220 x 250mm Official Creality 3D Ender 3 Pro Upgraded 3D Printer with Removable Magnetic Bed 220 x 220 x 250mm Creality 3D
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5 Brother MFCL3710CW Wireless Color Printer with Scanner, Copier & Fax Brother MFCL3710CW Wireless Color Printer with Scanner, Copier & Fax Brother
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6 ANYCUBIC MEGA-S Upgraded FDM 3D Printer with Patented Heat Bed and Free 1kg PLA Filament, Works with TPU/PLA/ABS/Hips/Wood etc. ANYCUBIC MEGA-S Upgraded FDM 3D Printer with Patented Heat Bed and Free 1kg PLA Filament, Works with TPU/PLA/ABS/Hips/Wood etc. ANYCUBIC
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7 Creality 3D Printer Upgrade Kit with Capricorn Premium XS Bowden Tubing, Upgraded Metal Feeder Extruder Frame,Pneumatic Couplers and Bed-level Spring for for Ender 3/3 Pro/5 CR-10 Series/10S/20/20 Pro Creality 3D Printer Upgrade Kit with Capricorn Premium XS Bowden Tubing, Upgraded Metal Feeder Extruder Frame,Pneumatic Couplers and Bed-level Spring for for Ender 3/3 Pro/5 CR-10 Series/10S/20/20 Pro Comgrow
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8 Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer with Glass Plate Upgrade Cmagnet Build Surface Plate and UL Certified MeanWell Power Supply Build Volume 220x220x250mm Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer with Glass Plate Upgrade Cmagnet Build Surface Plate and UL Certified MeanWell Power Supply Build Volume 220x220x250mm Comgrow
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9 ELEGOO 5PCS FEP Release Film for ELEGOO Mars LCD 3D Printer 140 * 200 MM 0.127mm Thickness ELEGOO 5PCS FEP Release Film for ELEGOO Mars LCD 3D Printer 140 * 200 MM 0.127mm Thickness ELEGOO
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10 Comgrow Creality Ender 3 3D Printer with Tempered Glass Plate and Five Free Nozzles Build Volume 220x220x250mm Comgrow Creality Ender 3 3D Printer with Tempered Glass Plate and Five Free Nozzles Build Volume 220x220x250mm Comgrow
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Top Customer Reviews: Canon PIXMA TR4527 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Fashionable name: Printer A printer comes with 243-black and Cannon of 244 cartridges of dye. It does not try partorisca buy these references when precise change! Instead, neither buy 245-black and cartridges of 246 colours, or yes press no too little, chooses 245XL-black and 246cartridges of XL colours!

Better still: use refilled cartridges! These cartridges embed some bosses partorisca print, like this in the chance there is the question with printing bosses, so only buy marks new cartridges!

Even Better still: it exchanges some calm cartridges! This requires partorisca drill holes in some cartridges, and using to syringe the poor ink. Attended take your hands (and perhaps your office and your cloths) stained! As you protect and your half working. But that the way can finalise with the very a lot of very economic solution partorisca daily press.

My favourite characteristic is that he duplex for him. I have had previously he MX492 (basically one same without duplex), and partorisca do duplex manually has finalised jamming a printer, and for unjamming the, I kinda destroyed it...
4 / 5
Fashionable name: to the Printer likes that they are of able to print directly of my smartphone (I sees that some people have had subjects with that, but the calm only need covers it a printer your box of internet with a cord that looks the cord of telephone, then easily can connect to a printer with your telephone or computer wirelessly using bluetooth). Some impressions exit amiably and do quite well. My subject only is that it costs more to substitute some cartridges of ink that does to so only buy the whole new printer. And of some cartridges of the ink so only has had to me the month, that has to that , substitute a whole printer each month? Or pay ten dollars more than a price of a whole printer with ink has comprised so only to substitute an ink? He no very very felt to do neither. Masters this printer if it was not for an absurd price for his ink. Fifty for a printer that contains the XL cartridges of ink or sixty paralizaciones so only some two XL dyes cartridges so only. No the defender of that.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: the printer can not take a wireless connection to my computer. I have followed some instructions four times, manually has connected a printer to a wifi coverage this in spite of does not relieve a printer on installation. The must now tries to connect using the usb cord that has not been resupplied in a box, as I will have it that cost. Terrible process.
5 / 5
Fashionable name: the printer has no such worse printer that this. Scanned once and would not scan again never. I have connected a printer has seen an internet, could print of a laptop and will not print of a the subject in fact, impression when it likes and any when it did not like. Very seldom that it impress, and then with which 20 or 40 minutes with which give up finds a press of printer in his own. A lot unreliable printer. Needless Partorisca Say is returned. I complain a time am spent partorisca order this printer and taking it partorisca do. Now I am looking to the printer (yes, reason this was any printer , any scanner, swimming).
5 / 5
Fashionable name: the printer has bought this one specifically because my computer does not have wifi (league directly partorisca issue for boss), but supposition whats any comprised in a box? A usb cord. But hey, give the thank you partorisca comprise the cord of telephone instead... Quality of the page of the test was a lot down, likes two stars partorisca that and a fact I now has to that spend extra money in the boss so only partorisca print.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Press of Printer of Worse printer anything without constantly restarting my computer.. Also the paper that takes stuck and sending me the message that has run he out of the papers when there they are papers in a paving. .
Has used a lot of printers and has not had never of the complaints. This printer is really any one the value that buys

the amazon of Esperanza helps !!
5 / 5
Fashionable name: Printer Ossia for far a better everything in a car has has not possessed never. While I can very enough it enciphers out of a wireless part of things, is easy to use and there is awesome quality of impression. I have purchased it is a reason another two that possesses will not scan 8 1/2' x 14' the pages and ossia a majority that need to scan.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Printer Partorisca the economic printer, he a work. Law perfectly partorisca any the one who need to drink to use one. A wireless functionality is very difficult to dip on, and a printer roughly-the time is discoverable saws coverage.

A quality of impression is very partorisca a price, but is not sper good.

In general, his the economic way sum partorisca print things. But no a better of quality.

The nave was fast and punctually like this for usual with to the amazon has has fulfilled vendors.
5 / 5
Fashionable name: the printer are like this disappointed in this printer. I have bought he in spite of some other negative critics, and the desire that finalises partorisca go the Wal Mart or Staples instead and has bought a there. They are the student and require the printer of confidence and does not have the spare money that dips around partorisca buy the new a. It is complicated like this partorisca dip up. I had it once dipped on on some last two months no press , would not scan and connect and disconnect so the please. It have to that king-download a software in my computer partorisca try and take anything partorisca do.... It outrage this was partorisca maintain the using reason have not had extra money partorisca buy the new a like this the sucked on although it was extremely inconvenient. Now a no same printer impression or recognise a cartridge of black ink! I have bought new some partorisca install the thought was a cartridge , but thta has not done. It take an original refilled - still does not act. I took it it was and it go partorisca print in colour But does not print colour with out a black an installed. Now I owe cough on a money does not have during midterms when I need my printer a plus! Any only is this an inconvenience and waste of money, but some subjects this printer has caused now is affecting my education. The desire could return it, but are unfortunately has spent a date of turn. ( I have purchased in April 2019 and has not begun the using until September 2019 when I have gone back in university.)
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Printer a month after having bought this printer, no more than the the reduced. 3h play partorisca print 2 leaves... And it Joins average of 8 pair of leaves cartouche of ink. Yes, well it has read it, it has spent 2 cartouches A month.... Pathtique. It does not recommend the person,

Top Customer Reviews: TECBOSS 3D Pen, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
4 / 5
It has Had he partorisca quite awhile now this in spite of can do not imagining was. It exits in the very thin line ( the little too quickly) and does not stick near ( his?) All have been able to the mark is the mass of thin lines.
Are sure is probably so only , and imagine it to him to us was and is able to build something, will change to 5 stars.
5 / 5
Absolutely fabulous, very impressed with a quality and a global aesthetics. A pen is very drawn partorisca return in of the hands of both legislations and to the left has to that rid people.

Comes with multiple colored filaments, so that it is really good. Fact partorisca pair of hours and has had a lot of @@subject that like this never. Also a fact that objective the temperature and the material in an exposure focused is a lot well of calm does not have to that guess when partorisca begin drawing..

Would recommend partorisca the hips concealed the adults is in creation and development of tangible elements, in fact partorisca some researchers also..

In all the chance, my experience has been order like this far with this little piece of technology. Used the, likes and of here recommend it. It enjoys.
5 / 5
MODIFICATION: MODIFICATION: MODIFICATION: According to one is broken and has used it so only two times. After using it some second times there is remarked has not been spitting out of a filament again. I have looked for to animate the on but does not feed properly again. I imagined it it can be one something with a real filament (perhaps ape of curve or something) and has had no alternative. It has been partorisca use it the third time and a filament have had clogged a tip. Heating it on at all. Now a filament comes warm, but enough instantly dry And is súper thickness. Two times with this product, will not be squandering any one is time for the third. Responsive Service of client, bad product.

MODIFICATION: MODIFICATION: they have answered quickly my feedback with the new substitution. Any question like this far. Awesome Service of client!

MODIFICATION: has has had so only he for the few days and is broken already. A filament there is prendido to feed have believed so it has been clogged. It revokes and spit out of a new edge of the filament but he a lot in fact appeal in. Thinking it was clogged, have gone the snake he, so only to have a tip of a nozzle @@@crumble. When I have burst of the discharges was, an interior looked the little buckled. Any sure if ossia normal.

That gives?

Works of pen effectively and efficiently. They are new to this hobby as it do not know like this to compare to other products. Any clogging subject like this far!

Some questions faces like this far: regulating to keys for upper' and 'go' because utilisation my sinister hand and he is not easy to press some legislations a with a side of your toe like six penning.
- Doing these darn the things eats by means of more filament that has expected. They are happy has bought the spool. Some colours of sample comes with hardly give you enough to do anything 3D with them, unless a project has in the alcohol is incredibly small of course...

Knows says that the girls can use it but would not trust him to. Some burns of tip, man. A plastic takes hot. Calm could not take blisters but is enough to do me that wants to fall every time.
4 / 5
Like simple this toy can be, done my daughter of 6 years that creates for hours, totally has absorbed he so that it is the real success here! The instructions are clear and a pen is ready in the pocolos small. The vendor was a lot of gain with my question, service a lot of thank you !
5 / 5
This 3D pen is easy to use for beginners. A material could run out of a port when smoothly. An annex is well to try. Only need to spend little time to fact to commission a speed. It have to that be better is much more coloreado.
4 / 5
These 3D pens are the plot of fun! It take this for the 7th Anniversary of my daughter. A product has done well initially, but stray sensibility dulcemente of one feeds key. Now no longer it gives any tactile feedback and works intermittently. This does to use the a lot of frustrating calm so much can very always stop or the begin when you want to. Sending it behind and taking the different a. To good sure recommend the 3D pen for any to to which like him to him the things, but no east a. A quality so only does not look to be there...
4 / 5
My edges has bought this and he loves a lot of interesting things good value.
4 / 5
Update: it has dipped roughly 2 kg of pla by means of this pen in 5 month, any clog or issues like this far.
Original: Although a pen has defects (placing of key and function for example), as they everything. Very happy with a compraventa and a support of client, although it bite it dulcemente, is excellent. So only be patient and will take you well. A stand of the cup of the suction is useless like this (when calm take it to stick you can not trust what time rests ), but the a prompt project ( has used some advantage has saldado of a circle like hanged and has attached he with the widest base that use a pen, the work adds. It has Wrapped a solder in foil of aluminium this in spite of, the advantage sucks)
4 / 5
has had he for enough awhile now this in spite of can do not imagining was. It exits in the very thin line ( the little too quickly) and does not stick near ( his?) All have been able to the mark is the mass of thin lines.
Are sure is probably so only , and imagine it to him to us was and is able to build something, will change to 5 stars.
4 / 5
My daughter has saved his money for this thing. We order it to us and he arrives USED! There it is melted filament during a tip and exited of a tip. It has attached also the photo has aimed some contents of a box and that would owe that be in a box. He a lot included come with a cord to touch and adapter to be able to so you can very included use a thing has used that has arrived so only. A disappointment of entity. It save a question!

Top Customer Reviews: ELEGOO Mars UV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Colour: the black has to that say, has had some question with a model of prime minister was, but has been surprised by a quality of this product. A quality of impression is surprising, and can begin to print out of a box. It covers so only, it adds resin and game of the press and you can look magic comming the life.

A company also is listening to the client of him bases more then any company has not seen never. If has the question, the support is always here (still hard has some delay because of timezone) and if the question looks the brew, likes the ship undertaken the one who has directed to break an upper coverage in spite of a packaging of Foam, then listen and substitute an Acrylic coverage with Polycarbonate instead!

You can not take the better printer for this measure and price!
4 / 5
Colour: Printer of Money of Glorious resin. It was partorisca treat my Photon that the pated two times some stops of cash. Levelling Is easier, the parts and the materials of substitution are more economic, better UI/screen partorisca touch. The car adds partorisca a price has paid.

Subject Only has had them was a screen partorisca touch shipped with the protective screen, when it has been them partorisca the take the small piece has taken stuck and he wasnt leaving me partorisca use a screen partorisca touch. Has has had to that apend 5 minutes that takes 5 rays partorisca take a piece of film of a screen and then was a lot. Subject minor, probably so only of me rasgndolo is gone in excitment :p
5 / 5
Colour: the money has Bought this with a lot of emotion. A partner has been raving in a quality and as beaten some hands of Photon down. It avenges up in date of mine of turn limits like this finally decided partorisca open and take press. Unfortunately, a printer has been broken as has has had to that the turn. A 2k LCD screen was dislodged of a recess under a tray of resin when it has taken he out of a box, but reseating does not help to like LCD was harm. It was lucky to be able to still turn he the difference of a Photon has opened yesterday concealed maintains to restart on me. Spent a date of turn in that a so I am stuck in support of client. They are in no way not recommending a COURSE to the equal that am buying another to try, but so only learn of my experience and take a thing out of a box and calm tried grieves can.
5 / 5
Colour: Black This printer has come with a tray liner lined (and oddly no in a direction partorisca travel so that it mean is not partorisca try). Given a delicate character of this film am surprised does not have any transmission in a box partorisca when an user the semence to them ( would have to that have?). A glass on a LCD is lined also of one of a lock down rays a lot when being pas has closed down and bounce around in a tray during shipping. Has thinks that that a glass there would have been the removable plastic film protective to ensure that any of a powder of metal that looks partorisca be everywhere in a product taken among a glass and a tray like grit. If this element is in fact new and any returned with which any one has used it already, these two omissions look the sure way to reduce a tax of returns and the forget enormous in a part of costruttrici. I am looking forward to using it but has to that attended for a substitution to come. Like this sad.
4 / 5
Colour: Black of Better bang partorisca a buck. Mina Apresamiento and his summer that the strong footprints of a day took it to them. 150 hours in and the sound that objective any sign partorisca leave up. Elegoo Service of client this in spite of hard to take the control of this wonderful. We walk me to us by means of the subject smaller was them having when it took it to them in the first place and treated enough. An on-line community is where touch in with this printer. The joint adds, discussion of table of good round and awesome troubleshooting owes the question arises. Habladura Of people of a longevity of a LCD alot. I have not had any subject with mine like this far but I tweak my settings to leave for more than pauses to leave a unit to cool. I also upgraded my partidrio inner to ensure the time of cupboard remains fresher. Feps Is easily available, the resins are everywhere, utmost little car to eat free time.
5 / 5
Colour: Money Partorisca that asks would have to that go for the Course or the photon, take a Course! Partorisca A price, this printer has not beaten can be. Initial setup is fast and simple. You will be partorisca print in of the minutes. Some details this printer can produce is incredible. A printer is very built and a touch UI is intuitive. A slicing works of the good software and the helps take one the majority of out the boat of resin. It has been it has surprised in fact that it could exit it of 500boat of g.

If the a lot of questions or of the subjects, Elegoo resupplies fantastic support. Any question has asked has been answered promptly. There is also the group of Facebook partorisca proprietary of a printer that contains abundance of tricks and utmost tips partorisca take one the majority of out a printer.

Partorisca Those looking partorisca take the press of resin, maintains partorisca import this resin is messy and can have the strong smell, this in spite of Elegoo the resin is surprisingly low smell has compared to other frames.

Finally, has recommended this printer to friends and will buy another decides that I require the second.
5 / 5
Colour: Money Amazing Printer partorisca a price. Probably a better and user friendly printer in this row.
A printer is almost covers it and unit of impression, opens a box, level a bed, the resin dipped in a vat and is ready to print (any hassle has compared to my Photon and D7).
A community of users is growing strong, thanks to an amazing support that Elegoo offered.

The service of client is really fast to answer in chance of question and is invested really in resupplying you a better service.

A Elegoo works of resin well, is VOC free and with almost any smell !
5 / 5
Colour: Black My first printer is partorisca come the fraction and the support has said that they would substitute it after trying the new on Cina. I have expected 2 weeks and they send me to us the part of reparation. When I have said that it want him partorisca substitute a car to the equal that have said that that has said turn he by means of Amazon and his 'try' and match my original price. No very happy
4 / 5
Colour: Black A printer is easy to use and some results are surprising! I clean up it is more than a FDM but no bad once take used his and value he partorisca a quality. A company is also lovely praise; I have received a printer with the less than the perfect lid but a company was punctual to answer to my messages and has sent the substitution (the creation has improved also) immediately and in any cost of mine. They are very happy with a printer. An only thing would change would be partorisca have the resin vat with some class of hard plastic in place of a fep film to the equal that require partorisca be substituted from time to time and the filters once begin partorisca spend. Probably something concealed will be exited in of the latest versions the hope. Again, sound an excellent value and the printer adds, loves it to them!
5 / 5
Colour: Black Then , ossia my description partorisca a Elegoo Run UV printer.

This printer is surprising partorisca a price, like Z-axial is very precise, and a XY the iron is fixed as it is using a translucent 1440p LCD screen partorisca mask some discharges. Because of this class of 'LCD' technology, would be able to take utmost results for the low price.

SEES mine 3D impressions with a Elegoo the course in a photo has attached.

A 3D torture of the tests of impression has been done using Elegoo UV curing Yellow Resin.
The majority of some impressions of test is resulted well in a prime minister tries. And an accuracy of impression is surprising, as it was able to shrink a cube of lattice has twisted down to 20 (), and still form well with crisp lines.
Some lines of discharge are very good (adjustable street ChituBox still Z-height of discharge).
Some of these lines of discharge are visually visible, but is smooth to a touch.
Yes paints/first your 3D impressions, then the thin discharge of prime minister will result in the 'plastic of level of mould of smoothness.

Some of some subjects have with my particular printer was the a bit defective impression program. A subject has had was after the pair of impressions, a boss of ball of the program of impression would come free, and need to be animal-has presionado.
I already contacted Elegoo in of the considerations to this, and will be to receive the program of impression of the substitution .
Is not the subject big, so only the bit troublesome.

Averts of that, this printer Z-axial is more attentive that mine old Anycubic Photon, and some impressions results a bit smoother also. Not To Take me bad, a Photon is also the printer adds, but a Course is slightly better in quality of impression.

Some critiques have for a Elegoo Mars is a plastic spatula is quite useless, and please do your self the favour and take the spatula of metal!!! Your life sooo much easier when that tries to take an impression of a program of build.

A thing I desire Elegoo would be able to do in a future version of a Course (Mars II?) It is to use the full variety UV has DIRECTED to cure backlight more than a 'bulb' current fashion UV backlight. I mean, not to take me bad, a 'bulb' current fashion UV backlight is very still DIY substitutions of user, but a plenary UV variety backlight would do to cure more same, especially to some flanges.

So that it has been using FDM/FFF printers that loves the printer of resin of the estimativa that does not break a bank, as of mid-2019, a Elegoo Mars is that printer!


Of course, in a world of 3D press, that takes an attentive and smooth impression is not that easy. As with any UV printer of resin, has the little messy that accuses estaca after an impression.
The TIP does not leave your impression that hangs in a form of flat build for more than 6 hours, and it taking was a program will be more than the cry.
With which takes your impression of a program, need a bath of alcohol, and bath of water, and then time of extra cure.
A cost can add on like this rubbing alcohol 99 is not economic.
Regarding a time of extra cure, could leave it down a sun during a day, or take the device to cure of the nail (although he the snot big quite).
In my chance, has done my own UV chamber of boxes of the cure of my days of Photon, with foil of aluminium and big powered 405mm UV LEDs trace in the plastic box.

Top Customer Reviews: Official Creality ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia A second E3 the printer has commanded as it was very impressed with my prime minister an I decided partorisca purchase another, this one was at all like a prime minister one one drives of roller of the centre there has been deformities in an aluminium to the equal that have taken he to me partorisca take one drives was and toe he on and see the one who reads precise , after requiring to drill and tap 2 holes partorisca a sensor and I dipped it behind near. Partorisca Arrive to this point has decided to verify all better sure then what sad and good has done has like this expósito that a bed adjusters 2 out of 4 has been broken has like this form some to substitute them all, like this now I beginning partorisca see that some dice and the rays are distant a lot of partorisca be tight and some wheels of the clue is not installed properly . I seat like more the people dipped it so only behind in a box and sent it behind lol, has seen likes the challenge. So with which 5 1/2 hours have run a first impression with which aforar a bed and extruder . An impression was good but has had the small turn in has printed halfway up. But after verifying and readjusting and is doing adds. Like this if any like him to them to the surprises could like him the spent a fully gathered but yours that goes to pay way more . I have PURCHASED THIS PRINTER FOR $ NO THAT is TRYING to SELL THIS SAME PRINTER PARTORISCA IN $ LOOK AROUND And FIND A BETTER SHOT.
5 / 5
I the fair has bitten to research first to order an official Creality Ender 3; I knew it it take the printer of level of the estimativa, with enough the few possible subjects. I have experienced any of them. Less than two weeks have dipped on 100 hours to print by means of a car and some results have spoken absolutely for them. With which roughly 20 minutes of assembly and five minutes of the initial bed that level I (a lot nervously) has printed my first object, it chess piece of labourer only scaled down for 75, to verify on detail and the not using too much of my small sample of filament; A piece is flawless start in a prime minister looks for to use a CR-10 incumplimiento settings in a later version of Priest likes mine slicer.

Has chosen Hatchbox like filament of mine of election for my first order of 3 different colours, and like this far a two of these I has used has been excellent (again in incumplimiento settings).

Has printed the few parts to do one printing smoother comprising the small spacer for a bowden tube to do retraction the little smoother and drives of filament to reduce wear in a crowbar of plastic extruder, but has been mostly taking on highly of technical impressions of Thingiverse and so many has paste far a lot of snags, comprising of the footprints to the equal that has taken 44+ hours in his own. My printed so only has failed was an only time I the impression of significant measure without levelling a bed, and I spotted an interior of question very first pocolos covers like this little of the times and the material have lost.

While your experience can vary, the mine has been he at all but that surprises like this far! At present they are that it prints the selection of toys for the average of the girl stuffers, filling a buildplate with 6 the time for 12+ impressions of now.
4 / 5
Sturdy, Prints wide row of materials, has everything of some characteristic of some equivalents Prusa, but in 60 of a prize and any 3D-has printed separates, is all the aluminium X-canal. It can be easily upgraded, as built of the crazy skills.

No really the WITH, more than the quibble: dipping it near is quite involving, but result to be the father adds-and-project of edges an evening. It can be the little too much for any young plus or less train-has begun-users.

WITH - A lot of entity, and reason an indication is not 5
A Z-axial 0 transmission of limit, as for some instructions is to be spaced 32mm of a surface a Ender 3 be east on (tabletop to a fund of a groups a transmission is trace on). When I this, a tip of some houses of nozzle to zero roughly 1/4' down a level of a surface of bed, far too down to compensate still with some rays of adjustment of a bed. So much, any that gives this has looked for to print a dog of test, and a nozzle gouged a surface of a foreigner of plastic bed. I guess it was lucky that has not had glass on there.

Creality: I need to fix this in some instructions, and would not import that it takes to foreigner of the bed of the substitution likes risarcimento.
5 / 5
Informs of clue (6/29/2019)
to the amazon has done everything in his can to solve my initial worries on some have shipped Creality Ender-5, installed with an old creation Main Joint, last April. His recently resupplied me with a later version Main Joint, with Silent 2208 Engine. Thank you.

Can testify that with which installation of a Upgraded Neighbouring Main, a Ender-5 action is to be aim and avert; to the equal that have bred my Indication to 4/5. This deficit of 5/5 is reason an Average announced-loader and Thermal Runaway the protect was sadly very installed in a substitution Upgrade Joint. While there was enough sustains 'on-line' to actuate this of entity look; this endeavour is a lot of technician to treat. Creality Can do better.

Abril initial 2019 Description..
My main disappointment, with a rid Ender 5, was a joint of the Main control installed. While the main joint of my unit has been Version has labelled ; you are confirmed for Creality to not being a Main Joint later, sold likes one 'Upgrade', for Creality. For his Prize, well on a Ender 3, has been expecting my new Ender 5 to have a Main Control obviously available Near upgrade, with has improved engine; boot-loader; and Thermal Runaway functionality of Amparo.

If mine Ender 5 has had a Main Joint later Installed, this would have been to 5 description of Estrella . With guarantees that my installation of a Upgrade near a lot void my guarantee; with a lot I like him install it.
4 / 5
Incredible printer! If takings lucido time to locate it correctly, gives incredible results of the impression of première. They are One debuting and are the pair has surprised totally this device. A bit You Trace difficult, but he and the a lot of resorted to the sud play it of internet of the of the sud his consultor regulates final.
5 / 5
A model has received wine with the clip for a bowden tubes and quite all has required to take this dips up and that goes. It has required some adjustments for optimum the access but this is to expect in these has gathered partially builds.

- A bit noisier that a MP Selects Mini V2

Things to know
- is the partially gathered box , attended take the few hours that gathers it and fiddling with some levels and tweaking the he any one the the never does before
- would be necessary look You in each part to ensure is dipped properly

- is Coming with extra fittings
- HAS all precise of the build
- the quality of Impression is orders once dialled in (the better way that a MP Select Mini V2)
- Súper stable and easy to take going
5 / 5
Originally has given this a star because I have had filament filtering @@subject and has tried all could find on-line to fix a subject without success. This in spite of creality the touch gone in with me in the timely way and sent was parts of substitution and the circle of filament to substitute a one this is to be use in plenary that tries to take the impression of successful test.

The hot end has been substituted and installed and works astonishingly now. Looking forward to doing all some small bits I needs for my future projects.

Highly the service & adds recommended!
5 / 5
Is the time to première that approximated joined schemes 3d the printer and I does not complain my compraventa. The delivery to flawless summer and included joins day before the planned date. The diagram is not simple to locate but thanks to all his Youtube of video of the sud this results simple. The Impression of première remains surprised and has wanted to see do this car of car the quality is genial. As it Touches lucido the prize recommends he without any retained.
4 / 5
The container has been packed well and neatly. The assembly was relatively easy for any to the to this likes to tinker and has to that a bit patience. The instructions could be improved on slightly but am a lot of external sources to take additional information of.

Was having subject with mine together prime minister of impressions. Tried to print a dog but he have maintained to hang roughly 15 minutes to an impression. A resupplied SD the paper was a failure there. I substituted it and to the press headed something more and the start adds.

The magnetic bed would be good a dish of build was flat. I have substituted he with glass after struggling the bit to take main form to have first good discharges. Enormous improvement with glass.

All this says afterwards levels properly with a bed of glass, upgraded jumps also, my impressions are exiting of the sums and am pleased extremely with some results for a prize have paid especially of then have a lot of dabbled aforar an extruder still of then thinks that my impressions are a lot quite for now.

A thing will mention is that it prints so only when they are house and awake. There are known subjects with some connectors to be able to that cause to fires likes him another has mentioned probably in his descriptions. I do not have this @@subject and believe solved quell'on this model but I am not sure. I am looking the ways to control an impression and control a printer remotely so much can print included when they are not home.

The hobby really adds to take to still me so that it goes to draw something for the footprint the same day is a lot rewarding.
4 / 5
That can say in a New Creality Ender 3, well build easy to gather and two easy times to use. It buys a Ender 3 street and arrive inside the pair of days. It was very easy to gather and all some parts where excellent form ( any bent or has broken part), will say Creality done the good work in packaging his products. The assembly has been like this for his directions without transmissions to some manuals have compared to a unit has shipped. It covers a power in and was has been, printing element with which element without any questions, has paste me then a bed has not moved a way has to that be? There is remarked one in some rollers was free to ship and with the fast turn of a wrench all has been to turn on clue and printing well. It suggest to any concealed has not gathered never he 3d the printer before it gives this one tries it, simple and easy to follow directions. Has a Cr-10S also and a Ender 3 can maintain on past with him without questions, a main difference is a measure of a bed of impression and with a difference to measure smaller would go for a Ender 3. This will save you the few dollars in your pocket this in spite of being able to print a majority of elements. CREALITY Do to you again.

Top Customer Reviews: Brother MFCL3710CW ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
Fashionable name: MFC9330CDW Brother MFC-9330CDW Wireless All-In-A has possessed he partorisca the month there is it scanned now and has printed roughly 500 pages. This printer is in the coverage with the static ip allocution, installs some pertinent engine on everything of some computers (5) some running windows 7 and some running windows 10. Scanning, press, copying works perfectly all the computers. Press and scanning works a lot of telephones and the pills that use 'Brother iPrint and scanner'. Has no hooked this printer directly to the computer that use a usb option but the can not imagine like this could be the question . He fax need like this included communicates with a Flintstones (or Ontario Government) can do that. The quality of impression is good (in fact a lot a lot) any one enough in pair with our $ 4000 laser but for 1/10th a his prize adds. It covers in the walk of thumb and has printed directly of him, any preview of a picture to the equal that was necessary does names of file. Never treat plugged nozzles of jet of the ink again. For a money ossia the printer adds ... Like this always IMHO. It gives the graces to read.
5 / 5
Fashionable name: MFC9340CDW has thought at the beginning that they are Spent he -and-car of Game for my Window 10; look any to be a chance.
A printer has maintained to aim 'off-line' periodically and a scanner has not done with my legislation of laptop out of a box. You all look for to be fixed for prime ministers uninstalling my printer of old Brothers while it uploads down and installing some engine for this printer of web of Place of Brothers. So you are running to a same question to the equal that has, can love that first. ( It was like this near when returning, but has imagined that some tone of computer-the shots is the plot less work that that it has to king boxes this heavy thing, then that it has to that spend the wherever for the turn. They are happy has tried that first... For now).
Retreated to be the happy-camp now. Five stars for this printer until further orders.
So only another note after the few months to use east: another thing can wants to try if a printer goes off-line with which restarts your laptop: this printer is connected to the wifi like this he raisins to have the dual to issue 5G and like my chance, can require change your laptop wifi to connect the while precise impression; otherwise, tip the off-line printer... (I so only has spent the stumble to this when has restart my laptop. Of then it was like this near of one issues then, my laptop has decided to connect to a 5G in place of has aimed like this a printer was off-line. So only for disconnecting a 5G and king-connecting to a , all was a lot again). Hope These helps.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: MFC9130CW loves this printer! I bought it to substitute the black and white laser printer that has possessed of a same mark (Brother), but this a swipe he out of a water for the mile. This one can print in colour, which is an obvious upgrade, but also does better in the another way also. I have not had any question at all it taking to connect wirelessly my Internet, which another could any one . Also it has the a lot of handy touchscreen that founds a lot easy to use. A system of whole press is a lot intuitive and easy to imagine was. A quality of impression is wonderful. My old printer often would leave frames and smudges down a flange of a paper, and this one there is still to do anything annoying like that. It is also a lot calm, and still although it remains on all a time, dips to the way of deep sleep that it is the star of the energy has estimated, and there is not remarked the jump in my bill of electricity. This thing is not small, likes account for that when purchasing will require it the quite big space to seat. Has mine in a paving and this does so only well, like the ventilations are in a side. I have used this the plot and there is not requiring substitutes a toner still, as it looks very effective and economic. To good sure recommend this printer to any that requires to print colour/and pages of black aims quickly and affordably!
4 / 5
Fashionable name: MFC9330CDW Excellent for a prize
Take the boss of printer to update firmware. Ossia The must . Updating a car has to that be done to have a lot working wireless. And sure mark yours issue has a lot of raisin has opened. Wireless has broken down in the diverse time. But that change to issue and updating firmware fixed qué.yo Also printed of my telephone with his up.
Have it that wins 10 pc and the Mac Press you of system.
More my telephone of Android.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: MFC9330CDW The one who the printer adds this has been to substitute our old HP colour inkjet this has maintained to give @@subject/of ink of the printer..

This printer is the beast . Has the manual feeds, walk of paper of good measure, fast press, that the scanner adds, and wifi/ethernet networking. A better course roughly the laser is an ink will not dry era! The available trace for $ 291 imposed and the nave have comprised.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: MFC9340CDW does not think has remarked properly some dimensions of this behemoth and some photos are the pocolos misleading. It was a lot of (a lot) deeper and the little wider that has expected. It goes to be obviously big to the equal that houses four cartridges of toner, the tray of paper, and to the scanner of layer has fed, but jeez. Brother also helpfully comprises the diagram embossed in a plastic for some bosses that inform that has the be spend for two people. It is so only 50 pounds - I will not judge you .

The majority of a printer feels substantial. A tray of paper has the empty thunk when you insert /to insert and for far a flimsiest piece of plastic in a whole device is a toe -down coverage for a paper bypass. Calm will not be the using a lot like this probably does not import .

Wifi setup Is easy, and a touchscreen works. It is the little slow and a corner to see is more a printer is lower that is, and while a prime minister is forgivable reason is so only the printer, was a lot of if a screen could be angled for those of knots without collars of ostrich.

Once has connected my coverage has been surprised to find that each device (both computers and telephones) was able to see and has printed his immediately. Perhaps ossia pair for a course now, but with which like this years of printers with annoying quirks is good to have something does immediately. The scanning is less immediate as it looks has to that install the software to scan of the brother directly to the computer. Calm felizmente can scan neither to a port of USB in a front of a printer or poke to a paper of internet and scanner and send to email.

One prints him look well, but an only real complaint has with a printer is that image the pages have weighed often will show visible lines unless you dip quality of impression the big. They are unsure if these just results in time of the longest impression or use of extra toner (or both). The colours look mostly attentive (if the little darker), with the photocopies by heart to exit virtually identical to an original.

A printer was easy to dip up and so much has fulfilled far my expectations. Third toner of looks of party to be more amply available for printers of Brother, which has influenced to good sure my decision, and still although it does not plan on using it a lot of thickness, damn has loved it duplex scanning. I think it that it can it fax also, which will appeal to this interested in of the relics of technology.
5 / 5
Fashionable name: Digital Colour All-in-A Multifunction the centres does not sustain borderless press, printing with bleed, etc. An accuracy by heart is terrible. Tried to print a copy of the ad and some colours were like this the turn was, and impressions with the lines that career by means of a whole image. An ink also smudged to toes.

Is doing The office regulates-printing, like some documents (any image any), then this printer is excellent. But thus prize, recommends something more economic.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: MFC9340CDW Slowness in the work that sends the printer... Taken 2min to send the page with some text so only.

When Printing photo, can see lines vertically snd horizontally, like an impression was has grille, less his milimiter in thickness... I ran it it was the ache . Especially in the action of coverage.
Scanner to send to PC does not act.
Well speak with support of technology and if this stain still there will return it.
5 / 5
Fashionable name: MFC9340CDW He love the printer for the small office, or in home then ossia the election adds .
Would not recommend it yes slowly only calm on using it on wifi of some engine of the software does not look to do a lot well. Work a lot well in the LAN or connection of USB directed.
And, am really happy in a speed of both press and scanning.
5 / 5
Fashionable name: MFC9330CDW are roughly to return a printer. It is almost impossible to scan by means of email (he setup never works). Trying street of the impression resulted of USB in of the dozens of the pages with one line of gibberish printed in the each one like this of them. And have WiFi subject of connectivities with both PCs and Macs, and when it operates is extremely slow. It invest the extra of has bitten in the functional car.

Top Customer Reviews: ANYCUBIC MEGA-S ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
I possess the Lulzbot Mini and is been printing reliably partorisca 2 years now. It is the horse of real work partorisca my office but I have required partorisca buy the second printer partorisca maintain up with prototype and of the careers of small production. I have thought roughly buying another Lulzbot but is expensive. It has seen this printer here on Amazon and has thought would take the casualidad has based in good descriptions. Sadly, it can not take a bed to level properly is returned like this and the amazon has had to ship me the substitution. This one does well and was able to create and running immediately.
Really take the plot for such the small quantity of money. Everything is comprised and some instructions were easy to follow. A costruttore really thought of everything, well down to an intricate packaging.
A global creation of a unit is excellent and is incredibly strong and sturdy. A screen the touch is utmost and extremely easy cruise it. It can also printed of anywhere without being tethered to the computer - material adds!
The filament is the breeze to upload and a bed and hotend hot on a lot quickly.
A quality of impression is a lot good and rivals my Lulzbot in some ways. It is to good sure a lot like this quickly like my Lulzobt, but ossia to be expected in this prize. I have it quell'has printed so only PLA like this far and will require to try ALSO and ABS shortly.
In general, am surprised enough so the hope far so only can continue impression reliably in the regular base.
4 / 5
UPDATE - 28 July 2019

Anycubic the support of client contacted and helped with immediately. It liked Really of a way was supported by a @@subject and this will do me recommend to mine fellow or has included upgrade to the better printer in a future .
Thanks Iris for a help rendered. I appreciate. It maintains on a good work.

Hey Types ,

Ossia mine according to 3d printer . I chose it up with a deal of first good day .
The assembly was easy and tool me 15 mins.
Took an hour or like this to take some beds levelled and has printed correctly .

Like any that bad .
A screen the touch is good and sum to use
the Good impressions and I have not had any question iwth harchbox pla filament

the element is coming with scratches everywhere in a structure .

Took on a weekend and I has had to print some stuff urgently have gathered like this and dip the on

Now can has to that send behind been due to some scratches
5 / 5
Ossia my prime minister 3D printer and was hesitant to do the movement. I have researched, has read pieces, has looked descriptions in youtube. For my estimativa, a Ender 3 appearance to be the good election. But in a the last now, has seen an up to date version of a I3 Mega, a Mega-S. Any description, any video, confidence my instincts and go for him.
Maintains import ossia my first experience with the 3d printer, as they are in any place to compare. Also any experience in calibration and settings.

Has taken the moment to take it well, but has known was more in my final with knowledge, that a printer not cooperating . It have failed to print it has after failed impressions. Once the taken the aforado and has taken a first good impression (keychain), was clear this was the good printer . Some results so only is stunning mine, and im using resolution of discharge with 20 plenary. A lot impressive.
Has done the full project with has printed separates and arduino near (hard pic), was able to do my own parts for the assembly and this was one feeling more orders of everything.

So only downside the now, spool the headline is too big for another mark (AMZ3D) among another. As I have done an I. (3rd pic)

went It the week now, and will maintain this description has updates like this the wait a bit of the cycle of decent life, has continued results and the support has required .
4 / 5
Ossia Prime minister of mine 3d printer. After doing the good quantity of the investigation was clear that a Anycubic i3 was a better bang for your buck in a i3 category.

Has received a printer with the good note roughly where to go for support of the client and they have sent included an email to leave me knows was there has had any one questions. The assembly was extremely sincere asthe the product is quite has gathered fully.

During my prompt use and trying there is remarked that the corner of a glass in a bed has heated was slightly detached. Have @@give This has caused some subjects for me when that tries to level a bed. I have contacted Anycubic and immediately send me the substitution. While it take the bit for a new bed to arrive of Cina a printer was still mostly usable in a moment. After installing a new bed has not had any question with levelling and some impressions have been excellent.

I precaution in the few things. Substituting a bed has heated would not be an easy task for any the one who any one hips be comfortable installing his parts of OWN PC, but a lot much more difficult concealed it. Neither it has it has had instructions with a part, but has not been hard to imagine was so that it has not had a lot of connections.

Also will critique a sample PLA avenges with. It has been he at all but questions. No press as well as a Hatchbox or AMZ3D PLA has bought of then and is extremely bad to wound the resulted in a spool taking like this he unwinds which can starve a printer of filament and finally destroys an impression. This has said that it is so only the sample spool, but was well to comprise the better quality spool for new users.

A pair of very liked comes with the hot substitution-end and the pocolas other parts. It is a lot very drawn and based in my learnings Anycubic is consistently be that improves this creation. A bit those that the recommendations would do for a crew:

- Change to controllers of engine of any one calmer. All the world has said that this does the big difference and I have ordered any TMC2208s I
- Consider the calmest defenders

Another that that I can a lot really say anything bad in of the this. I produce it adds!
5 / 5
This was the present navideño community to my boys: two adolescents and the pre-adolescents. A last quickly learnt to use a free TinkerCAD and software of Priest, operates it concealed of tower seamlessly with a Anycubic Mega-S. One the young plus has created the little figure of robot, pictured, any time, and in a second try, does not exit any question. ( Note to newbies taste, selects Of Adhesion of Dish of the Build when printing objects with him smallish basic.) I am taking at the head of me, this in spite of. A printer has taken less than an hour to gather and a small manual is decent with pictures to follow. A manual was put also very useful on a crucial levelling. (With which 20-30 hours of use, has had to touch on one levelling, but looks to be holding.) A dish of base is really well to resist works of impression, and easy to take them afterwards. A printer has come with the boss of spare impression, stirs it of nibs of different extruder, cutters of good quality and tweezers, samples by heart of filament more the full kilo of filament. Also it avenges with SD paper and reader of the paper to transfer files the printer. Literally I have not had to buy anything another that has the computer to start with. A paper of printer is easy to use. Essentially, my girls (GOOD, and I) has been that runs that printer every day of opened the. Mina the old plus is building it composite creation of the files expósitas in an internet that requires to print several pieces and setting. It is too shy to leave me estaca the picture, but is the quite complex piece that has required to cut was elements of support. (Another note to newbies. It selects it Generates Support when printing complex or fragile pieces. The majority of the pieces of cut of the support was easily, but some the character of complex pieces has required the a lot of chisel and hammer to persuade.)

In general, the very positive experience. We are almost by means of our first kilo of filament, and a printer has lived really until to plot of use. You look in of the smallest printers with enclosures, but am really happy has chosen is one. In the very reasonable prize point, has given on an elegant chance and instead has taken the zone of big work that pieces of leaves of good measure to be printed.

Can not expect try using other materials. All our press was with plastic like this far. It has it spool of ABS to try after, and this model apparently prints forest, also! Looking forward to that it tries that also. If you are looking to print metal, this in spite of, does not create this unit will do it. But for a prize, is an excellent model to start with in 3D press, quite easy to use for a whole family (calm , this in spite of, profit to take free on-line tutorials in TinkerCAD or your preferred CAD container), and like the family of random users, take the moment to surpass the capacity of this printer. (GOOD, was entertainment having the printer with two extruders so much can print the project with two colours or using two different materials simultaneously, but come on, thus prize, is the solid product .)
5 / 5
Ossia The partial description and 2 stars for now.....

This 3D printer is my first an and I have very based my decision that buys this printer of some descriptions other people that has bought this printer in Amazon. A main reason that has bought this printer is, in a premise that will be he out of a box and ready to go, and is. All precise is to dip 8 rays and discharges in 3 bosses, follow an instruction written in a manual and is ready to print some programs of sample concealed comes with a printer. A container also comes with each tools that you need to gather and run a printer and a unit is a lot has done. Partidário The little has bitten strong during the operation but all more is a lot unless you run to the to to question so only likes the do. Honradamente Think that that this printer is good but thinks them has taken them the lemon out of a batch.
Now here is my question, has taken the unit where a bed of impression is warped and can not be levelled properly to take the good impression. My initial finding is that a bed of impression is warped. I have been to look for a coverage in a printer and has had like this concealed is having a subject same to the equal that has. Then the furthest investigation says that ossia is not a bed of impression but one 2 and- cane of axial steel that drive a bed behind and advance or a house of final in both ends that control some canes. I have followed simple test to try if some canes are bent but find them well. So much it has done them a next thing to verify if a bed is warped and has found that one And-axial that goes to a front of a printer is lower for roughly 5mm. I know that in all calm a first time, there there is always the curve to learn empinada that spends for but ossia too much for me to take on the printer has expected can use out of a box. I have contacted anycubic support and the taken so only 1 response of email in some last 2 days so that it has not helped also.
Does not want to return a printer still reason the like this printer and I wan to do do. Hopefully Improves support of product fron Anycubic punctual.
Will update this description with which listen more than Anycubic support of client.

Update Nov 27, 2018

After the bit of while to sustain ( was dulcemente of the support was in Cina. A corresponce for day of the the supposition is sleeping there while im wake here and vice versa) the decided to return a printer but has ordered the new one and mark even also. Be of the reason is that I really like a printer and I dipped it already on well with a Cure of software and and Meshmixer. I already mastered an interface of a printer and the familiar I with a printer like the whole. I will clash my indication to 3 stars and hopefully some new one will give me the reason for the estimate 5 stars. You update again a lot prompt.

November of update 30

Finally has taken a new a like this packed an old one and returned to canada estaca. Unpacked A new a, gathered it quickly and level a bed of impression. East times a levelness of a bed is perfect, has regulated so only a height of one corners and everything ready to go. I have printed a sty and he exit really good. It has then dipped a printer in the good test to augment a sty to 4x is original measure and run a printer for 11hrs and the result was really adds. A defender is still strong but east times a black filament that is coming with a container is of good quality also. As I have said in a same start when has the questions with first unit have taken, the always believe this printer is a lot the stops to beginners like to of them. I will recommend to any to buy this printer and I am thinking to buy another next year. Hopefully This printer will last for the long time.
4 / 5
Has been that uses a car for the month. Well it is beginning unit.
Pros: Easy setup and better work that has expected. Temperature of controls of the unit in bylines(both nozzle and table). It can use any material of filament while under a max nozzle temp to melt it. Form PLA and TPU flexible parts with good results. Job Sticks hard to a table, sometimes good wipe with first alcohol to print maintains adhesion of strong table. It is easy to take a press. The car has come with stirs of handy tools and spare parts, already to the nozzle to spare has used.
Gilipollas: Long my initiation has been bad and it paste of nozzle a table, lining it. More to look first minute of a press for subjects. There is Reset and function to House that can be used first to print to minimise these subjects.
5 / 5
Has expected 4 months to leave the description to the equal that can be like this thorough like possible. I have it quell'has printed probably 400 value of hours to stuff up to now.

Out of a box, taking roughly 20 minutes to dip it up. All was easy to dip commanded and clearly explained in some instructions. A subject only has has had to that listens is a bit common is that one of one and-the group of axial cane is has gone down slightly. This creates the subject small with beds to level where after levelling some 4 corners, a centre is always the tiny has bitten too big. To correct still east, have fallen so only some corners down the tiny bit and print big elements with to raft to ensure good adhesion.

Is really be happy with everything of my impressions. One has failed the impressions have been due to common 3d subject of printer or slicer settings, really can not complain he so that it is the hobby that requires to plot of tinkering to take all some settings dialed in. This has said, take the few impressions to take some settings correctly and has has used of then 4 or 5 frames of PLA and has modified some settings slightly for each calm so that it require to still any printer.

For a prize, is a lot the value that chooses on, improve impressions that the majority of 3d printers that is more expensive.
4 / 5
Solid build and excellent reliability. After levelling a bed has had the z/the zero subject to print. Look, sure mark any to have a boss TOO down or calm more will line a surface of bed. This has not had any effect in my impressions, but disturbs ocd. Of one a lot first print it has been doing perfectly. Well it remarks that ossia prime minister of mine 3d printer also.

Debated among east and a ender3 and has finalised to choose a anycubic because of a solid build, and the reliability remarked of on-line descriptions. It dips up it was the breeze and an interface of the screen of the touch is a lot the friendly user. Like this far all of my impressions have been in PLA, with a last be a Pi hoards of thingiverse. This impression really exhibits a capacity of a printer. You recommend this printer to any one looking for the 3d printer like the tool of confidence in place of the interior of project he.
5 / 5
Has been using a Monoprice Mini v2 for prójimo the year and decided to take the surfaces of main impression so that it can print the main elements, I some controls and decided in a Anycubic I3 Mega, some descriptions were quite good and a zone of the impression of the surface would be quite big for my needs (for now) .

A box comes with the micro sd, SD adapter, reader of paper of the USB, the transmission has heated hotend, pliers, scraper, allen tones, gloves of nitrile, the circle of filament and title. It was pleasantly surprised at all that the be has comprised. The the quickly calibation of a stuffs with a piece of paper has used to protect he transport slope and has printed some impressions of the test of the sty has comprised in a micro sd. Result quite well, almost dialed in immediately a bat, a Ultrabase the tampon acts like this announced, to the left cool the bit and some explosions of impression were without endeavour.

A so only negatives like this far is that a faceplate to the sticker avenges with has suffered harm in a corner.. Purely cosmetic but the'll probably so only print any for the substitute. Some the defenders inclusos is strong.. But it is not hard according to on-line sources to the yours he down with some better substitutions

This is coming with firmware how is an old plus 8bit joint, has ordered partidários new and a TMC2208 controllers to calm this down bit it. Also when I opened it to verify the measures of defender there is remarked a focuses in a supply to be able to has been rasgado.. As any one sure was so only the subject of manufacture or that..

Top Customer Reviews: Creality 3D Printer ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
Produced Of excellent quality.
Pair Against, the robustness gives ressorts can slightly surélevé he plateau. Avenant That yours regulate the results too many have sawed, millimetri of trace your sensor Z (to the consultor gives two has seen that retains) in planting to force his roulettes partorisca regulate (of those who joins control excessive risk of user, included deteriorate prématurément your ressorts and his adjacent pieces.
5 / 5
An excellent upgrade to the your Ender 3 Pro. Súper Happy roughly that.
Has taken the pocolos small to installed but saved hours of bad press troubleshooting !!!!
5 / 5
Brutal to dip joint. Pictograph The instructions of assembly are worse then ikea
5 / 5
Takes at the head of the subject known with a piece of plastic extruder that cracks. Parts of metal and upgraded Bowden Tubing frames your Ender 3/Pro tries of ball.

Top Customer Reviews: Creality Ender 3 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It is my printer of première 3D and impression of 2 days without difficulties. It touches the instant, am very satisfied of this Ender 3 Pro. I appreciate I that comes with 2 beds, one in glass and a magnetic. His Filaments adhere well without fixatif or another. Only bémol Touches the instant is the mother of map that does a small noise of video game when it prints partorisca give curves.
4 / 5
Partorisca Of the money, ossia the fantastic printer . Mark sure revises some video of first assembly of calm dipped the neighbouring. Taking tension and pertinent alignment in of the parts all a difference.
4 / 5
Ossia A prime minister 3d the printer has bought like this are new is. A ender 3 pro was easy to build in spite of only pictures partorisca go of (a lot youtube video that help). A sum of laws of the printer, plot partorisca learn to do excepts has the plot of the files in fact list there concealed the easy fact partorisca do impressions. Partorisca A prize and all a upgrades a pro comes with would say partorisca buy a pro sure, calm will not be disappointed! Some works kill flexible awesome and a printer is quite calm also. It recommends this printer for any one beginning was how is easy to use.
4 / 5
Has bought this a same time like my prime minister 3d shabby of printer (Ender 3 Pro). They are happy I , reason ossia a substitution of excellent quality for the plastic part. It comprises extra rays and fittings that has not required, but something small could easily rodeo under a labour bank and be stray, like these extras are appreciated.
4 / 5
-UPDATE 29/10/2019-
has Been contacted by support of client and has been offered another extruder. So that true like another has said, Comgrow looks to have the quite good client support that will fix your question.


Has come with a wrong train and has has had to that the substitute. Still with a correct train some tolerances were was, that causes underextrusion and snagging.
4 / 5
A plastic one this comes stock with a ender 3 apparently pauses after the short time. I have ordered this substitution and used it when it has built them a printer. After seeing the one who flimsy a stock course has been are 100 insurance that ossia an essential upgrade.
5 / 5
Was a perfect start to mine 3D prints experience.

Has thought is adds to buy with an additional happy bed and the extra nozzles but I have not received any extra nozzles.

Has not tried a bed of glass still but has done the few impressions in some magnetic a.

The new toy adds, there is disappointed so only that some nozzles have not been in a container.
5 / 5
Pictorial and/or the instruction would have been a lot has resupplied of then all the classes of pieces and additional parts. Otherwise The work adds and is the plot sturdier that a plastic one which is coming level in a printer.
4 / 5
Has surpassed my expectations for such one economic printer. The instructions were quite clear and an identification of packaging of easy done part.
4 / 5
A lot happy with this service. Law of the glass and the multiple nozzles is really the good .
Ender 3 pro is the good 3d printer. More to start with in a world of 3d.

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5 / 5
The Car is good truth , @fare to read a lot to the games of documentation partorisca line him a lot lucida film of the cuve !
And buy Of the résine Car him the the defect only is that any sample is not inclu !

Printer really well, so only has to that read a manual of user partorisca avert scratch on screen of tank!
And does not forget partorisca buy resin because it does not have any sample :(
5 / 5
A lot of stretchable on window with hot and scews acts a lot of a lot of

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
Measure: Ender 3 Partorisca a price can has not beaten the. I have opted partorisca buy of Amazon because I have not wanted hassles in if something has been wrong or yes there where questions. I found it more economic elsewhere, but have descriptions of service of poor client. What good. I have imagined the calm build has not been to go perfectly. A tiny piece, of the discharges for a x-axial has been missing. Originally I emailed a costruttore, and has said basically to speak to a box. I comfort it it was to add, we emailed the picture of a missing piece, and his mailed a piece was. All well.

A printer is for mine 15 old year. They build with my supervision (in theory, so that the parts would not go disappeared - have enough do League to know), and there is the number of youtube video. So only with which have been to do, finds has detailed instructions in a SD paper. It is to good sure easier that the big ties project. We take 2 of a allen yours, and has been missing one that requires. No the big shot. We have had the little left in rays that concerned, but has gone back on all some instructions and they were extra so only.

Press the number of different pieces, and feigned him friends that has been doing 3D press for awhile. One has a same printer and has said to improve the results that has, and another was very impressed for a quality.

In general, am happy with a printer, and Comgrow and his support.
5 / 5
Measure: Ender 3 While any necessarily partorisca beginners, because of a character advanced to gather a box and the calibration have required, this printer is for far a better bang for your buck. I am taking amazing results already and there are still things to regulate. A packaging was a lot of cushioned and all the elements have arrived in new condition. Also the value that the commentaries is that a PSU has distributed has had the pertinent plastic coverage more than a 3D has printed a typically looked in of the descriptions of Youtube. Highly you recommend this box. So only agree, ossia the sub $ 500 printer, no the $ 3000+ unit, attended do the small of the take well. I can not expect take another to add mine floats.
5 / 5
Measure: Ender 5 With which a lot of hours partorisca research on 3d printers , I finally decided partorisca order this Ender 5 3d printer of Comgrow. It is the Creality produced and suitable my desires entirely. I took roughly an hour partorisca gather has read like this a manual entirely before beginning and has maintained partorisca inform his all by means of a process of assembly. It is the very solid car when complete and has printed my first project 5 minutes after levelling a dish of build. A circle of aim of sample PLA has printed the pair of figit spinners , a benchy , part of a dog of a sd paper and the burner of incense of the dragon with for the half a circle although you remain. A lot of sample PLA has left. Ossia Fantastic partorisca this company. The ones of way that am spent far a lot of hours learning a process and find that it CURES is quite easy to do with. Some only questions with impressions to exit less than perfect looks to be my inability to leave a stl files so only. Changing speed and infills a lot always do a better. It is quite the curve to learn thus old (69yrs) type. Like this far the a lot of pleasurable experience. To good sure recommend this to another.
4 / 5
Measure: Ender 3 I am surprised with an action of of the this. If you tweak all properly and modifications read this will adapt more the needs of the people. A thing has has had to that it was feet partorisca mark to go down vibrations of noise in my table and add the Z axial stabilizer so that it does not have any support in a cup. It has added also the guard partorisca a defender of main joint partorisca maintain filament of the possibility that fallen in.

Modification: after using a printer partorisca the weeks of pair, has taken a message of error . A nossle any prendera heating on and has caused a wrapping around a nossle partorisca burn. I create a mosfet in a main joint fracasado and there at all prenda a power to achieve some components like this of the defenders where all full speed also included in 0. I will be partorisca return this partorisca the substitution hopefully this was so only the uselessness. A vendor was a lot of gain to the equal that am gone through a progress partorisca take the substitution.
4 / 5
Measure: Ender 3 MODIFICATION: second car has arrived and do like this expected (maintains the imports is one of some options some available economic plus). This a there is had a z-given tensionned properly. Some jams of extruder have been caused by the faulty the compression that returns in a hotend which has mark to slide a bowden tubes all a way to an extruder. Still it has the warped read and flattened/gouged wheels. It has had to that install bootloader and flash the marlin vanilla to enable read of manual point that level and thermal runaway protect (arduino required). After the week of tweaking, finally begins to produce good quality printa with care. Still it has the question with oozing in a seam but a rest of an impression is well. I have been offered the 40 $ rebate for comgrow to delete this description (was originally 1 star). Sound the I adds little printer for a price but do a lot of deception, this is not the loan to use car. It requires the fair has bitten of tinkering to do properly (produces attentive impressions , cleaned with bridging). The assembly is sincere but be prepared to sink some his time in order for him to do well.

Forgets to install engine dampers, a pullys is pressed to some axes of engine. It does quite noise to be that it distracts is in a same room.

Has come with the warped read, z axial die that jammed until loosened, and an extruder that skipped any while a nozzle of impression was in midair and could them manually filament to press although an extruder/hotend/nozzle.

With which assembly and verification of a free movement of everything axial, there are them remarked the majority of a bearings has had the gouges or the pavings in a contact surfaces concealed there is joined up when that tries to move one and iron. This in spite of look some engines would be able to power by means of like this of the homed a car and has levelled a bed afterwards. Then it has to them that give is warped to form the something big in a centre. Oh Well, you Go to go down so only a table the little more then. Once done, has begun them then a preheating and the filament fed by means of an extruder to a nozzle. Once a nozzle was until temperature, has pressed them the little filament by means of an extruder until roughly 1cm of plastic was exited a nozzle. Then it has begun them to print a demo file that is gone in a sd the paper has comprised with a car (the dog). A schemes king-homed he then a z axial skipped any while a nozzle has moved a bed. A z the iron has then pressed a nozzle to a bed while it runs over his transmissions of limit to the equal that has destroyed enough one kills while the prendi an impression. I king-homed a car, king-has levelled a bed and king-has begun an impression after verifying that a z the iron has not been joined up. He then taken to do although a discharge looked quite thin. I have left you go for the moment until a x and and the iron has begun skipping the no. there is prendido an impression has verified then that has spent. A printer wasnt press, rubs a nozzle against a bed until him snagged in a now blistered surface. Once again there is bypassed a z quotes of house except this time the hadnt has listened when a z axial skiped no. After the investigation of fast internet, has learnt them that a z axial leadswrew the die has had to that be loosened to prevent snagging. Cela Fixed a subject. It was now ready to print on masking tape. So much it has begun them the new impression, so only to discover that an extruder could no longer filament of push by means of. A train of the extruder slipped without feeding a filament. I have then tried one that follows without success: cleared a jam in a heat-final, has tried another filament, nozzle of transmission, has created a temperature of hot final to a max (260deg), king-has seated a tube of the diet and the pressure dipped in an arm of extruder. While a last has left some plastic by means of, an extruder was skipping any wile doing so much. Everything of ths has been done wile a car form in midair. While it has looked for them press fimament by means of with my toes, he eould extrude without subjects, which governed out of the jam and of the subjects of temperature. To arrive to this point had had them enough and has been for the repayment.

Will order another and see was them so only a victim of some guarantee of low quality quality or if some subjects are systemic. Description of update afterwards.
5 / 5
Measure: Ender 3 As because has given to 4 description partorisca star to the product that has decided to return? Well The history the scarce is that when using the printer a lot of mass ready profile in CURING east has beaten of printer and produced extremely good results (very first print aimed in a photo). In fact it say that some results are like this well like some impressions have seen of much more of expensive printers. A subject with this printer is a control of the quality is to good sure does not add . A unit has received has had the warped read of heating (very difficult to level), a dial of adjustment in a backside to the left was to good sure faulty (capacity very small to regulate, thinks that was a die of compression), a bar of the upper cross there is not wanted never direct chair to travs, and clogging the subjects have developed quickly. Everything of course is something concealed could be fact around, but has not had a patience for the treat. If has a patience to maintain a printer that the laws will be very happy with some results.
5 / 5
Measure: Ender 3 My first printer was the Monoprice Selects Mini V2 and has looked for a upgrade in volume partorisca build while in a price abordable. A Ender 3 to good sure paste these frames and then-any one have to him like this do fault quite well like this far had it once on and that careers. There is the curve to learn with this 3D printer especially if ossia your prime minister an or calm has minimum experience with 3d ran of printer, this in spite of, Comgrow surely will assist that has any subjects to the equal that look to answer the questions have related to this printer here on Amazon. Also it recommends to go in Youtube and looking Ender 3 video to familiarise you with installation and mods, some desquels can be printed in a Ender 3 (with the files have located in Thingiverse.) Down it is any pro is and with east of a Ender 3:

Pro is:
- A price is surprising for this volume of build.
- Has compared the printers of boxes, gathering some parts is easier.
- Some parts are qualities adds , the tools have comprised also.
- The on-line community sum and the support yes has required.

- the assembly can be defiant if any familiar with part and operation.
- The printer will require calibration and dipping ready for impressions of the main quality.
- I beds to level can be annoying.
- The surface of flexible build looks low quality.
5 / 5
Measure: Ender 3 On-line descriptions often state that a Ender 3 is the printer adds partorisca low $ 200 USD. Unfortunately, it looks that there is not any a lot of competition under $ 200.

Quality of the impression is not that it adds, and will be to return mine and saving up for the better alternative. After the plot of calibration, the bed of glass, and different PLA, a quality of the impression so only is not a lot enough. If you are doing to give rough small form for the board game, can fulfil your needs. For anything more, is better spent more money.
4 / 5
Measure: Ender 3 This printer is quite incredible. Press PLA really well out of a box without modifications has required. A surface of removable impression is the big plus and is quite easy to gather.

Has had the subject small where my surface of removable impression was glued together raven. A surface to footprint is done two part, this has to that be glued near and was slightly out of alignment. After contacting a vendor, quickly send me the surface to print of the substitution in any cost.

Have to that order another printer, to good sure would buy again of this vendor.
5 / 5
With which a lot of hours partorisca research on 3d printers , I finally decided partorisca order this Ender 5 3d printer of Comgrow. It is the Creality produced and suitable my desires entirely. I took roughly an hour partorisca gather has read like this a manual entirely before beginning and has maintained partorisca inform his all by means of a process of assembly. It is the very solid car when complete and has printed my first project 5 minutes after levelling a dish of build. A circle of aim of sample PLA has printed the pair of figit spinners , a benchy , part of a dog of a sd paper and the burner of incense of the dragon with for the half a circle although you remain. A lot of sample PLA has left. Ossia Fantastic partorisca this company. The ones of way that am spent far a lot of hours learning a process and find that it CURES is quite easy to do with. Some only questions with impressions to exit less than perfect looks to be my inability to leave a stl files so only. Changing speed and infills a lot always do a better. It is quite the curve to learn thus old (69yrs) type. Like this far the a lot of pleasurable experience. To good sure recommend this to another.