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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Not buying this product, goes partorisca be disappointed, has included His pieces that buys the desires of the sud are of better quality and to feeble cost.
The quality is mediocre, has the impression of footwear of the goleada :(

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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
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A insole was hard how is done the hard to use he more than 30 minutes.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
In a last number of decades, has had to that spend CSA-boots of work estada in a lot of still consonance of some do any in. In that then, has had an occasion to learn the few things. Based in these experiences, would not say these are some better, but is near of a cup of my cast. It is also good to sustain the Canadian company!
○ ○ Have some necessary green CSA to the seal has required to locate the labour place that requires shod of security.

Look well. Of course, ossia so only while they remain out of any class of manufacture has facilitated. My feet are comfortable all day; there it is not rubbing or chaffing. It finds that they are very dipped together, some discharge of toe is lined on properly, and has not had any subjects with my big toes that rubs against some discharge; this can not look a lot, but when some discharge is not lined on properly, well have blisters in a past...

Finds an only to be in this something sweet where is quite rigid to resupply traction and maintain to go some ankles when walking in of the pavings or of the uneven pavings with cracks but still there is a bit give when walking uphill, for chance. A sale to go is not aggressive, but included cimienta wet, has the decent grip. I have not had a need/of occasion to try that well protect me to us when giving an in of the things like the nails that estaca out of joints. A documentation mentions that some have the habit of is not fact of the steel liner but some materials that offered the big terracing of control of puncture.

Has has walked probably the total of 30 miles in them like this far this in spite of finds him comfortable. While spend the whole day for work, I also his door when it is now of to take a creature was for the walk. Has Have the little @@@stretching, but at all that I can any on partorisca with some tips.
While they slip on quite easy, would be well a tongue was the averages a thumb a plus along, which would do it easier that take the grip on.

Has two no-like this-good things that requires:
○ has ordered one 11 1/2 measures like this is that typically gone back more. With these, easily could have ordered a measure 11. Has more than room of the usual toe in one covers.
○ Some tips are the real ache . They are fatter that anything More there are them never has used. This his difficult fact for presionar like this really rub and bow against a eyelets.

While they are longer that the pertinent access, a width is well. They are the wide show but how is my feet , and appreciate that they are done so that the extra socks can be scraped and not having the bow of things.

Based in the well is returned and, a protect resupply, a prize sells in, and that is Canadian -done in planting to be imported, these are the good shot .
5 / 5
These shoes are pleasing to an eye and look to be very a lot of-has done. Of a stitching to a work of the glue in a has the habit of, a workmanship the looks notch upper. Sadly, I have found a creation was the bit was.

Have big feet and usually has to that it weaves of questions with pertinent width by means of a heel and midfoot, but these were mostly good (and certainly better that more the shoes have tried on Amazon). These 13s in fact is returned a period of my foot more as he 14. Some questions have had the root of one covers of toe and an only/insole.

Some discharge of toe is formed in a corner and I have found some outsides of my big toes constantly rubbed against him. This was very uncomfortable, but that it is worse has been has pressed my big toe to some another and sandwiched him. Although a midsole is quite spongy, is hard in some balls of some feet, and a insole offered almost not cushioning at all. They look and feel almost like shoes of dress. I spent him while I have been grocery the shabby and I to good sure felt some effects when it has taken home. They could be VERY partorisca mowing a gram, but is not the shoes would want to spend the whole day.

Finally, although a Nubuck the strong material looks, has found already three nicks in some toes of some shoes after just the few hours to use very light. Like this, a skin already is that shiny taking in something in a flange a low plus of some discharge of toe. These very initially look to like would have subject of durability, but concealed marvel me bit it.

-Pleasing to an eye
-material of Quality and workmanship
-long/feet Apt widths quite a lot of (averts toes)

-that Annoying
-discharges he of Toe rubs outside of sandwiches and big toe the together toes
-Only is hard, insole offers little cushioning
-A lot of nicks in a skin after just the few hours of light use

Although these shoes of look of qualities, find me that asks the bit in a durability of some materials. This has said, the doubt will not spend him never long enough to discover reason are like this uncomfortable in my feet. Apt is the subjective thing this in spite of. The offers of amazon of the free returns on “some measures and colours” of this model, as it could be the good idea to do sure is available in a some are ordering.

My indication: 3 stars
5 / 5
This description values one “Or-018 CSA Console Estada in consonance Oxford the shoes of Security” have done for KPR.

A product has been shipped without wasteful or excessive packaging. That is in a box: one (1) pair of Men CSA-comfort it agreed Oxford shoes of security.

First impressions: work Very done average. One has the habit of shoes is slip-resistant and resupplies the good grip, stable in of the multiple surfaces. A cup of a shoe is done of the durable and breathable material. A insoles is resilient, and supportive and has formed support of arch. It has had no hule material or excessive smell of a factory. They are 5'-11”, 235 lbs with measure 11-12EEE feet. I have ordered Measure 12 (I always order the measure 12 in of the boots of work) and is returned true to measure. They are light and very comfortable. After doing in them for the pair of hours, your feet do not feel clammy or moist of sweat. Some boots are CSA states in consonance this in spite of are not recommended for use in “some zones of potential electrical download”.

Efficiency of side and value: I am very satisfied with some shoes of work; they look well, it feels well, and it is warm and dry. In the current prize of $ , the chair is a lot competitively compared to alike products and is very lovely.

@In rodeo: one “Or-018 CSA Console Estada in consonance Oxford the shoes of Security” have done for KPR well of look, feels well, and is warm and dry. Light and comfortable, these shoes of security are ideal for the means of light work or around your yard. It would recommend this product.

Pros 👍:
✔ Done with good materials.
✔ The true accesses to measure (footwear of EUA sizing).
✔ Sturdy And well gripping have the habit of more drops.
✔ Material durable and breathable is used in an upper shoe.
✔ Resilient insoles With built in the support of arch has reinforced.
✔ Luz and comfortable to spend.
✔ CSA Agreed “Green-Patch”.
✔ Competitively a lot priced And lovely.


✘ Any one!
4 / 5
A KPR Or-018 Security of Series the shoes are a lot of-done, light and shoes of comfortable work. A genuine material out of Nubuck peel (in a brown pair) that the good looks and would have to that be quite durable. A GRAZED/has the habit of/of the hule is no-slip, the oil and the resistant abrasion. They are not rigid and resupply some flexibility, doing some shoes plus very comfortable to spend compared to do shoes with having the habit of more rigid. A insole has the light arch and fact of the material of cloth that feels durable but also bit it rigid. This in spite of, some shoes are comfortable to spend but taste to add the gel insole partorisca of the addition that cushions and consolation. A gel insole also helps with records like these shoes of work returns big. It would give the half measure down. These shoes of security am returned without-of discharge of toe of the metal that feels rigid and would have to that offer some protect light. These are not the still substitution armour plate toed boots, but is suitable for some half half of work and footwear like this normal. Of then I have wide feet, prefer an additional width resupplied with these shoes. Some ankles are down, as it would not owe that rub against your ankles, doing these comfortable shoes to spend for has has extended periods.
4 / 5
The husband loves him! My husband has feet very flat and so the shoes of security are seldom comfortable for him to spend more few hours. These have the flexible so only that the much more comfortable for him. Has a symbol of official of green security on the and look really good. Note: these are some covers hard and no a toe of steel writes as also the much lighter that a toe to armour plate some. If you are under construction weighed could not be sufficient. But for the shoe of security with protecting is doing in a half industrial is perfect. Protect your toes while still when being light and comfortable. They are very very built with the really a lot anti-slip only fund. One brown some are the class of nubuck type of suede of upper. It is a lot that goes in wide, and these are Canadian has done. It will update in a durability once is spent the partorisca several months.
5 / 5
In the first place was, so only has to that say that mine hubby usually has questions that finds a shoe of right measure but typically takes the measure 9. It has tried these on and is at least the averages measures it to the full measure too big for him. Any mediates look to be a lot of build, a steel toed the portion is the little has bitten shorter that the earth sees. I can not speak to a quality of a soul or some grips, but looks is the type quite regulate soul that will find you in yours mid-tent of shoe of the row. They do not look to be a type of souls that is well for the half to walk wet, but can not say sure.
5 / 5
These shoes are surprisingly comfortable to spend. A sizing is quite attentive. It says wide and some shoes are in fact for wide feet. Some material looks to be durable moment when being light weighted. A logo in some average the looks bit it ugly in my opinion. It spends these shoes in random setting so that it is not the big question. A lot comfy in general.
5 / 5
One 'KPR the women of the men' Or-018 CSA Consoles Estada in consonance Oxford Slip of Shoe of the Resistant Security' apt smaller that has expected, but well is looking shoes, while when being a bit protective of toes (any ankle). These would not have been in consonance in mine worksite reason do not protect ankles and is not estimated partorisca electrical download.
4 / 5
Very good and the good quality has done average. They are Streal toe that are to add and is smooth and soft to some hard, is comfortable and is returned a good foot.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
An access is well. There is so only the available wide measures how was slightly roomier. It is very for now (there are them still partorisca spend them while working). Take your measure of usual shoe.

Some shoes have the low cup; a lot go down that earth partorisca working shoes. It maintains that import when purchasing.

There is still traces of adhesive and some nicks(?) To the equal that can see in an outside. It concealed to good sure is in disappointing. This feels likes to buy has has used shoes but in prójimos partorisca condition of mint.

Is not the bad option if you are tight in the estimativa but would save bit it more and take the better pair.

Update 1:

Nope, no in his now no. My feet is been hurting while in a work with these. It is it likes the 10K run and that feels an ache he day afterwards. I have bought the pair of insoles but was in fact some average concealed is pinching near of my toes.
4 / 5
A work of office that requires partorisca walk in of the zones that requires CSA the agreed footwear - these are perfect partorisca that. A sizing is class of out this in spite of. It spends the men of measure 7 in the each type of footwear imaginable, and have for more than 25 years. I have ordered one 7 is , and was way too big - they the clown looked almost shoes.
I reordered, measure 6 and turn well. Returning a 7 is was easy, and has taken my money behind less than the week.
Has three different sizing maps that class of confuses things also.
4 / 5
At the beginning there was so only one revises for a product was doubtful but resulted some better shoes I never purchased for my subject alimentary. Good quality and reasonable prize.
4 / 5
Has bought these shoes for my husband and is happy with an access. The only complaint is that it is difficult to dip a orthotics like inner fold. It has taken the main measure for a purpose of orthotics but still very able to return his. Otherwise Is satisfied with a global access and consolation.
4 / 5
These shoes are not of the utmost shoes at all, hurt my really bad feet. I have had to leave early work and buy new shoes. No the comfortable shoes at all has been disappointed really 😓😓😓
5 / 5
has Taken tooo long to rid so it could no to try them on and attended for measure of substitution. It would not recommend based in is. These are shoes of work and calm improvement taken a right measure a first time! A lot of dissatisfaction! Very uncomfortable!
5 / 5
Very weighed at all which is well. True to measure. Happy with a product
4 / 5
A skin is not like this well for a prize I only wear he once for roughly 4 hours in my work and this are has spent does not think it will do with me for more than half the month.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
Really it appreciates that some accesses of product to the tee, is neighbouring place a lot and is comfortable and mostly is the classical shoe that will last me partorisca quite the moment
5 / 5
Some shoes are really well, but a measure is bad. I usually wear 9 or 9.5. I have had to take one 11. It has taken for ever to rid.
5 / 5
Loves this shoe.
Bought him for work. It will change a insole to give it the little more cushion.... But fabulous shoe.
4 / 5
Has produced of amazing big quality. Too small for my feet like this will send them behind and take the main measure. A lot very he he half!
4 / 5
Has been concerned would not return because of the majority of some descriptions, but was true to measure for me.
5 / 5
So only want these Gorgeous and returns fantastic Also very comfortable will buy another pair

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
These shoes are exactly like this described and súper comfortable moment when being stylish.