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4 / 5
Precaution: so only some have measured viriles is corrected! (It is for this that a stars failure). It marks your own calculations partorisca find an equivalent correct woman. Then, if doubts among two measures, take a small plus a.

Usually spend the woman 8, have gone with a Male 7 to take female 8,5. It has been it bit it too big, but wants to him so much that I his maintenances like my winter that shoes of careers. Will have room for socks of extra wool. I have ordered the second a, the male 6 to have female 7,5. Update the few days!

UPDATE: I am peeerrrfect!!!😃
5 / 5
Has bought these for the travesía the City of Boss that knows will be to go to a beach and doing some hiking. I love a fact there is one all white option! They are extremely comfortable and a tip is adjustable so that although a measure is the bit was still can him spend. A cat of measure is quite attentive. I have followed so only a map and my accesses to measure perfectly. I spent him to a beach and rocks of trace in them any question. I spent him it has included all day for an excursion a day and is very comfortable. I spent him partorisca paragliding so only likes is to regulate sneakers. There is the decent thickness to cushion/insole the difference of other shoes to water so that it is totally comfortable spending shoes like this regular has some places and of the external activities to explore where literally has to that locate a mountain and cross a river.
A thing to be mindful, of then is the aim could litter easily so only like all the white shoes. Some muck taken to my shoes while it locates some rocks in a beach but I could easier washes him was when being in an ocean . They go in the zip plastic stock exchange, easy to pack and travesía. They are qualities really good and am expecting to buy other colours when have other travesías in a future!
5 / 5
My wine of white pair with economic aim fasteners in place of a black sturdier some... An access was well, but tried it on well with which has been rid and this has BROKEN IMMEDIATELY..... Without this part can lose a clasp this presiona a shoe for the better access lol idk what time this goes to last.
A cloth glued to a hule looks it can exit easily with wear.

Would return this element but I have planned on having this for my travesía of long weekend. Otherwise Would take the repayment. The guess will see how long until I lose a clasp. I am disappointed.

TIP: if a foot is main that another, measures down! Has the piece to them in all the chance, and usually the cloth develops when in of waters he. One of my feet is 7.5 and another east 8. It has taken one 7.5 and to the chair likes could have taken the 7 tbh.
5 / 5
Has bought these shoes because it has looked for the plus abordable soft/ very flexible have the habit of option partorisca shoe to spend while practising cyr wheel.. Dark hobby, knows.. But an only another has suggested soft to have the habit of the footwear has suggested was $100 shoes to write to box besides.. Prpers Having spent these twice now mine cyr class of wheel, is utmost, and to good sure give excellent grip and is very good and bendy like this one can use his toes for balance. As I have expected this in spite of, do not offer any a lot of ' protect' of one east of the toes , but then, neither $100 boxing shoes frankly, as I am very pleased in general with them.. Also, a quality like this far would say is very good. I have not seen any of-lamination anywhere with which two classes, and with all that twisting and moving and hopping in a doff a wheel, that goes is to good sure last in some shoes, so that it has said something sure.. An adjustment that the laces in a front is also quite good. There is to plot of capacity to regulate that snug wants the partorisca be and, included in his More the free, his still of the one who' to seat likes will slip your feet at all. They are VERY HAPPY with this compraventa atm. More.. It is like this good to find the pair of 'the half waters' that is not fking florescent.
5 / 5
The descriptions and the ad have said to buy your measure, are the 9 to the equal that have chosen some 9 men is, and is the little big, had bought the alike pair that says to order smaller to the equal that have ordered one 8.5 and were tight, but has not been available when I have been to king-order the different measure. Maintaining them reason am tired to try different shoes. They look the little economic compared to a first pair has taken, to to looks like will fall aside, will see.
Update. As I spent him to a beach and a hule at the head of big toe has begun to unglue in both. A lot of dissapointed, and has bought so only on 30 days in the so many will see to accept the turn.
4 / 5
Has ordered the pair of these (or a model slightly older) look it in fact years. I use him to walk mine doggo to and in a beach and to go swimming of ocean with sound. Alive in the famous place for oysters and like such has shells of oyster everywhere and these things can cut you up. These shoes have done utmost to maintain me the free blood while still that has quite hule to manage a heat tarmac in a way there (does not concern , doggo walks in a herb, I just fall in mine expensive when I ). That The grip Adds by means of foresty the zones when wetted also, in general the shoe adds for all the terrain doggo walks. But his packed was last winter and there is still to agree where. Finally I caved and has ordered so only the new pair. These do like this well, but a sizing looks to be the little different. I have bought to to a same measure likes to last pair, but this one has in a game of thumb in some toes, is not quite terrible to do me the turn, but enough partorisca remark. In general still utmost shoes.
4 / 5
Has spent this average 4-5 times has purchased of then. They look well, returned good but has fallen entirely averts included after worry for them every time were the shabby & places were. It was dissapointed as they liked him.
Has contacted a company & has answered but so only once. I am prendido then answer my emails. It would have been happy with trying another pair.
A lot usually write descriptions of product but in east felt it necessary. Poor quality , poor , poor. Any pics so it has not had my telephone with me at the same time his completly imploded.
Has has bought of another pair Goes Canadian.
5 / 5
Absolutely enamoured!! A prize was adds. A grip are adds. I have been he announces the straight hour in them today and my feet have not been never more comfortable!! It could feel each step. I suggest like the descriptions have indicated, to measure down. They are usually he 6 or still 6.5, but has ordered 5.5 and is PERFECTO !! Like the second spent of skin, but easy to take was still with sweaty feet. It could not be happier with this compraventa. If they do not owe that a lot the time would not import in that buys him again because a prize is the neighbourhood that would pay it for any one another average of the formation and a quality is as to any one. If you are in a fence in these shoes, to the left help me your alcohol up. It BUYS HIM.
5 / 5
Some shoes LOOK utmost, and is to good light insurance if ossia that is going paralizaciones. But I am a lot disappointed with a sizing. They are the women 9, and all some descriptions have said to measure down like this first has ordered one 8.5. They are returned in my feet but was A lot of snug and has known that with which so only the pocolos use, my toes would be poking holes in a material, as I sent them behind and animal-has ordered the measure 9. I am convinced enough so only send me behind one 8.5 and has changed a focus - a lot of concealed or this in fact is the measure 9 and his shoes are so only snug in general. I do not have a time or energy to return them AGAIN, but honradamente thinks that these are too many small also. They are comfortable, but tight in some toes (where a neoprene-like this material is) like six the few months go to be emailing with the photos of some average that objective where my toes have spent was some materials and has done holes. The desire had thought two times roughly ordering. They LOOK well, and it is otherwise exactly which follows to look for, but has to that it does not have to him return twice to find my measure.. Has think that measured of the shoe was to regulate.. Disappointing.
5 / 5
I amour these. I have bought it stirs it of different shoes of different providers on here and this a record adds. They are the measure 10 1/2 but have the pair of the toes broken that it is swollen and this returns this question. I have ordered the measure 11 because of him and he returns utmost. I spent him around a house that cleans yesterday. It likes that I can presionar of some atenga on also in a front. It has not been it could dip socks on with these he so that it is returned enough around an ankle. If it concealed it is not a chance I then will order another pair in the different colour and the main measure. It has not been it would go it to hike in these. A reality are does not go that it hikes period.

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5 / 5
Light and comfortable while walking, but is the approximations also narrow a toe. Literally I can see a swipe of toe of an external next front how is too tight. It goes atleast 0.5 main measures. It is glued, any stitched, like the durability is questionable. I will be partorisca return the and that takes the main measure this in spite of.
4 / 5
I like a creation of these shoes.
All is well except a thing.
Some parts of toe are too tight.
My feet are quite wide but these return a lot well.
But a height of some parts of toe is too down.
Does not think to go to have the big question with that but so only feels the little tight and uncomfortable.
5 / 5
My edges has has wanted to these for backsides to pupils sneakers. Ours first impression was that they are of good quality and look durable for even one more wintery month. My edges was very impressed for one looks and feel they. I will update a description with which spent them for several months. This in spite of ours first impression is very sneaks for the prize adds and has been rid faster that had expected!
4 / 5
These shoes are surprising. They are comfortable. Perfect record. Amur A colour. Fast nave. Amur A prize. To good sure would recommend by all the world. To good sure would buy again.
5 / 5
I looks is súper and comfortable truth. They are very satisfied Of cost of mine. I comprise Boy of Month to be in Amur with this mark.
4 / 5
Are fiez to the commentary of the as it has said that his Down the armour was done small , likes to take .5 More glorious. It has done good , he Source a lot well, very comfortable and a lot that feigns ( his rouge and black ).
5 / 5
Also disappointed...
Believed to receive Give black shoes with semelle white and lucida 'H' Or...
Has received to Give shoes lucidos 'H' Blanca 😞